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RE: Small Family hauler- HELP!

That is true as long as you adjust speed and distance for what you wish to tow. If you want tow the space shuttle, you can do it at reduced speeds. Yep!
Dirtclods 08/15/19 12:28pm Toy Haulers
RE: Small Family hauler- HELP!

You can tow anything with anything?
Dirtclods 08/14/19 09:30pm Toy Haulers
RE: Small Family hauler- HELP!

My I suggust before you go buy anything, do you know anyone with a Toy Hauler you can hook up and pull it around town first that would include up a grade and down one. What it ~ (say's) you can tow is not always true. Anyone else feel free to chime in.
Dirtclods 08/11/19 11:24pm Toy Haulers
RE: Small Family hauler- HELP!

You really need to check your tow ratings on your Jeep Grand Cherokee before you think about buying a Towhauler, then decide.
Dirtclods 08/11/19 11:35am Toy Haulers
RE: Any Romeo Riders ?

Intresting my off road riding buddy has this thing to ride for food. So that's our new adventures now.
Dirtclods 08/08/19 11:41pm Toy Haulers
RE: Time to pick your brains about anti sway bars ...

Your truck will pull it just fine. The anti sway bar/hitch is a good safety measure if and when you come across windy areas and you will.
Dirtclods 08/04/19 06:16pm Toy Haulers
RE: Help!! Awning collapsed

Holly Molly! Well..... it could of been worse.
Dirtclods 08/04/19 06:06pm Toy Haulers
RE: Running 1 ac unit on 20 amp shore power,

You'll be fine I'm plugged in at home on a 20 amp as you said you Have your ~ 30 amp extension cord with an adapter to 20 amp . And if you worried about a fuse you can just use a power strip it'll do the same thing.
Dirtclods 07/21/19 06:49pm Tech Issues
RE: toy haulers stop at weigh stations?

joebedford ~ one-truck is registered as COMMERCIAL 2nd that! ( confusing ) and in CA we MUST buy "commercial" plates for our pickups, even if not used commercially. ,Also if your using you pick up ~ (For Hire) You'll need a M.C.P. ? Yep Motor Carrier Permit in CA
Dirtclods 07/20/19 01:51pm Toy Haulers
RE: toy haulers stop at weigh stations?

joebedford ~ one-truck is registered as COMMERCIAL 2nd that! ( confusing )
Dirtclods 07/19/19 12:18am Toy Haulers
RE: Expedition w/Toy Hauler and 2 SeaDoo's

We have a 2016 Expedition 3.5l Ecoboost. 9000 lbs of towing. We have a double SeaDoo trailer. Each SeaDoo without gas weighs 790lbs (about 90lbs more if full of gas). My wife has been asking if we can get an RV so when we go SeaDooing we can camp at lakes/rivers. I told her that it's kinda tricky because we have SeaDoo's so a motorhome would be an option but she doesn't really want a motorhome. So I'm wondering if anyone has ever successfully been able to put 2 SeaDoos in a Toy Hauler trailer and what that looks like in terms of weight, pulling it with our Expedition, etc. My thoughts were get some of those PWC carts to put each SeaDoo on (See first pic) and strap them down inside the trailer. Then also get a sand PWC dolly to transfer them to in order to launch them into the lake (see second pic). YouTube video of launching Anyone have any thoughts who's more adversed in the weights and stuff of these trailers and towing. My third option is doing double tow (see 3rd pic) but I'm not sure if my Expedition will be able to do this. width=640 width=640 width=640 Mod Edit: Adjusted photo width to conform with forum guidelines. Please set photo width to a maximum of 800 pixels wide, 640 is ideal. Anything wider skews the forum making it hard to read on some smaller screens. Wench
Dirtclods 06/20/19 09:16am Toy Haulers
RE: Expedition w/Toy Hauler and 2 SeaDoo's

2016 Expedition 3.5l Ecoboost. 9000 lbs of towing It's say's it can tow ~ 9000 lbs Just wait till you go up a grade! It'll take the whole little 3.51 floored to get up any small grade like the Cajon Pass or Summit it's a 6% grade.
Dirtclods 06/14/19 02:28pm Toy Haulers
RE: When does a TH become too big??

I'm about 1 1/2 years out from buying a TH for a combination of using it to 1) hit some off road sites and 2) general travel to visit the United States. Most of my travels will be 2-4 weeks solo with the wife on a few trips. She is not really into the RV'ing lifestyle. My off road toy will be a Honda Rincon (7 Ft) or Can AM Maverick (11 Ft) and maybe a KTM Enduro bike. My intentions all along have been to keep the TH foot print to a Min so I'm not always worried about where I'm going to park or dragging 38 Ft plus **** behind me. I have been looking hard at the Sundowner TH market and have come to the conclusion that to have what I want (or I think what I want) this will be a special order TH. I'm thinking a 10 FT living quarters package (10' floor + 8'bed over gooseneck) with a 12 Ft garage. This still puts me at 30 Ft overall but I don't see how I can do anything any smaller and still keep the forward livings quarters I want. Anyway, guess what I'm asking is when you guys and gals go out for your "off roading" trips do you find it difficult finding off road type RV sites that fit your rig? Thanks Dennis Maybe this?
Dirtclods 06/10/19 09:29am Toy Haulers
RE: Rear door frame separating from walls

Separating ~ my buddies Warrior did the same thing they fixed his even though theirs's no warranty on that! "They" didn't want a bad name in the industry.
Dirtclods 05/05/19 11:40am Toy Haulers
RE: New Toy Hauler Help

New Toy Hauler Help ~ ashleyneves TV = Tow vehicle that's what Lwiddis was asking you. It helps us to help you determine what you can tow safely. I own a little 19'ft Attitude I beat that thing up taken off roading almost 100 % of the time. It's still holding up.
Dirtclods 05/01/19 07:42pm Toy Haulers
RE: Fresh water tanks....Can they be Black in Color?

Because most people are either going to use all that water or they are going to waste the cost of hauling all that water. If they use it, the water has to go someplace. Assuming the owner is going to be someplace that has hook ups, then fine, but the hook ups include water too, so why an over sized fresh tank? More likely, and I see this ALL THE TIME, gray water allowed to flow onto the ground in order to make more room for it. With Toy Haulers, there is an assumption that some of the fresh water will be used (wash down) on the "toys" being hauled in the toy hauler. Thanks! Now that makes sense! :) Funny... I have yet to see anyone washing toys with their hauler. Sounds like a sales guy came up with that one. Its all about boondocking folks... I have a quick disconnect with a garden hose spray nozzle on my rig. I use it after I come back from surfing to rinse off me and wet suit, but I could wash my dirt bikes.
Dirtclods 04/17/19 04:42pm Toy Haulers
RE: Fresh water tanks....Can they be Black in Color?

On my Toy hauler both of my tanks are black.
Dirtclods 04/16/19 05:13pm Toy Haulers
RE: Fresh water tanks....Can they be Black in Color?

It's not a problem unless you drink from the wrong black tank. ;) 2nd that!
Dirtclods 04/16/19 05:12pm Toy Haulers
RE: Battery charging

One more item, check all of your battery terimals and water levels .
Dirtclods 04/10/19 10:37pm Toy Haulers
RE: Harley Battery Drains When Traveling

Here ya go: Have you ever trailered your Harley-Davidson® a long distance, only to discover that- somehow- your battery died on you? Believe it or not, it actually happens more often than you'd think- and here's why: If you've got a Harley-Davidson equipped with a security system, your motorcycle's motion sensors are going to trigger the alarm when it senses that it's being moved. After 600 miles or so in the back of that trailer, all those blinking lights will have run your battery dry. Luckily, there's a solution. Your Harley has a feature called Transport Mode, which disables the motion detection sensors linked to your motorcycle's alarm system. This way, your bike won't sense that it's moving and, therefor, won't panic when it thinks it's being kidnapped. Remember that- although you've disabled your motion sensors- your security system is still active. So other activity, such as attempting to start the engine with your fob out of range will still trigger your alarm. So, let's get right down to it. Here's how to put your Harley-Davidson in transport mode so your bike will be ready to ride when you are. 2014 models and newer: With an assigned fob within range, turn the ignition switch to IGNITION. Before the security system lamp goes out, turn the ignition switch to OFF. Within three seconds, simultaneously press both the left and the right turn signal switches. The turn signals will flash once, and the system enters transport mode. Remove the fob- your motorcycle can now be moved without triggering the alarm. To exit transport mode, make sure your assigned fob is within range, and turn your bike’s ignition switch back to IGNITION. Now you're ready to ride. *Note that activating transport mode on CVO models and models 2013 and older will be a little different. Check out the video tutorials below for step-by-step instructions. CVO models-2014 and newer: *This information is accurate for Harley-Davidson CVO Models 2014-2018 2013 models and older: If you have any additional questions regarding transport mode and your particular Harley-Davidson model, refer to your owners manual.
Dirtclods 04/10/19 10:32pm Toy Haulers
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