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RE: Bigfoot owners, Does your camper have this bottom panel ?

These replies are very interesting. I am surprised to read about other campers with so much debris and stuff like dropped screws that were never picked up etc. One thing I found while doing my lithium upgrade and peeking everywhere with a mirror and a flashlight, I found two wires pinched between the short stub wall that supported the raised bottom of the dinette seat. I used a prybar on a block to gently lift the seat compartment bottom and push the wires out with a long stick into free air. Thankfully there were no staples or screws to remove near the end of that little wall. I was able to push the wires out. Nothing to short to like metal but eventually they could have been cut. I just chalked it up to being built on a Friday. So maybe these Bigfoots are over rated. :) There was a 2008 for 29,900 and a 2021 for 51K recently on FB marketplace. Insanely overpriced I thought. Small dealers though. I guess we will just appreciate our camper and try to take care of the interior for sale value later. And yes, I too had the 1 inch styrofoam bottom sheets. I put them back before closing it all up. I did not use any sealant because I did not find any. I know water will not pool in there or migrate else where. The one good thing about no sealant is if you have a water leak, you will sure see it. I don't think water intrusion would be an issue. It does not need to float thankfully. ;) I am still stunned by the carelessness of the cuts. A simple line to cut would have left a really nice end result. That and a 1/2 sanding drum to radius the inside corners of the cuts would even have the benefit of greatly reducing the potential for fiberglass cracks later. I am kind of a perfectionist with that kind of stuff. I do metal work on cars so I like the little details. I appreciate the replies that are being posted. Hopefully we will be camping very soon. So much to do.
Dodgemahal 05/01/21 10:53am Truck Campers
RE: Are lithium batteries worth the cost?

Not putting a DC to DC charger in the system carries the risk of two things. Discharged lithiums can pull max current from your (non smart) alternator which will burn it up and possibly cause a fire. Ending up on the side of the road is a big possibility. Lets clear this one up before it starts spreading as fact. The only way this is going to happen is is some one took the fuse out of your charging line for your 7 way. Or if some person who didnt have a clue installed there own because it want a factory option and didnt put a fuse in. I think most of this stems from the youtub video of a guy hooking a li pack directly to an altnator with large wires and started it up using an electric motor. no fuse now voltage loss and yes it did start stuf burning. having said that I still would encourage the use of a LFP compatable DC to DC charger and proper wiring to provide the LFP battery its best charging. Steve Steve Well you just reiterated what I was mentioning. The proper way to charge Lithiums (with the truck charging system)is with a DC to DC charger and not unregulated with a smart or dumb alternator. Because the lithium battery will absorb a lot of amps if you offer it up. Not sure what you cleared up though. Facts are what we both stated. So thank you. :)
Dodgemahal 04/27/21 08:45pm Truck Campers
RE: Bigfoot owners, Does your camper have this bottom panel ?

Interesting and I am not surprised on the screws. I found a half dozen screws holding things like wire run clips only half way in. Sawdust, dropped screws, plastic shavings, all kinds of debris that would have taken ten minutes to vacuum up. All in areas that were not readily visible. Like behind the power center. The fit and finish inside the interior is beautiful. As to be expected. However comma If you look closely at the cut on mine, it is terrible and wanders all over digging into the framing and drifts back out into open air see sawing back and forth. Look at the outside corner on the basement there and you can see a big fiberglass flag missed by the saw. The cut was done so poorly I wondered if it was a factory feature. Actually that is one of the reasons for this thread. At first I feared a breakage and a repair. Glad to hear this is a standard thing. A simple grease pencil line would have done wonders. I was not impressed. Bigfoots are indeed great campers, but they too have issues I see. Maybe it was a finished on a Friday.;)
Dodgemahal 04/27/21 08:31pm Truck Campers
Bigfoot owners, Does your camper have this bottom panel ?

I just completed a lithium upgrade. Having access to the underside was great. But I am wondering if this is on all bigfoots. The bottom of our 9.6 is cut out and a white plastic sheet was screwed to the hull. There are two panels, a front one and a back one. Interesting to find the 50 gallon water tank suspended by seatbelts. Able to be rocked to and fro a little. The manual claims structural damage by filling to fast. I did that once and feared the worst. Seeing the suspension system was a relief. There are no structural members to fracture. I do not believe the tank has been removed or replaced. The webbing screws are on top of the tank impossible to reach. That is a LOT of weight to hang from straps. Anyway, just wondering if other Bigfoots have this cut out and white covers.
Dodgemahal 04/27/21 12:53am Truck Campers
RE: Are lithium batteries worth the cost?

I just finished converting to lithium. Two 100 AH battle borns moved to the basement storage in our Bigfoot. I also put a 40 amp Renogy DC to DC charger to charge off the truck. Monitoring is with a Victron 702. Also a Progressive Dynamics 55 amp lower power center conversion to a lithium compatible charger. All new 4 GA cables. I used a hybrid vehicle high amp connector to penetrate the camper hull. Over kill yes but the lack of resistance and the smaller hole to drill made it worth the extra costs. It was an expensive conversion. I could not keep our wet cell deep cycles charged. We only boon dock. No hook ups for us. I only need to run the 4 GA from the truck battery to the fuse, relay and back to the bed to the pollack 200 amp bed side connector. That is all that is left to do. We will head out soon after. Was it worth it? Absolutely it was. No longer will I be carrying a fluke meter around while I should be relaxing by the fire. My old batteries were a pain. I also found some issues while studying all this. The Renogy will pull up to 60 amps while making 40 amps to charge your batteries. Even with the current limiting switch activated for the 20 amp, the unit will still draw up to 60 amps. More expensive DC to DC chargers don't draw so much to create the power they are rated for. Not putting a DC to DC charger in the system carries the risk of two things. Discharged lithiums can pull max current from your (non smart) alternator which will burn it up and possibly cause a fire. Ending up on the side of the road is a big possibility. Also the nature of lithium power and wet cell batteries in your truck, leaving home with charged up lithiums has the potential to back drain into your trucks battery system. Either through the 7 way plug or if directly hooked to the charging system. I am disconnecting the power lead in the 7 way plug. Smart alternators will back off the charge current and lithiums loose energy to the truck system. This is not discussed much but it can be found if you search long enough. It provided interesting reading. I also discovered using 4GA battery cables from meant getting very high quality high purity copper cables.... but, trying to run heavy jacket cables in the power converter compartment was difficult. Using regular sheathed 4GA would be less of a wrestling match. Using the battery cables to run down the dodge frame and also on the entire wiring system of the renogy DC to DC system was fine. I had hoped to post several pictures. But I am having issues with a new security feature the site has that stalls out while I am trying to post. EDIT: just posted a pic with no issues. I will try to post up some of the lithium upgrade. Anyway.. I can't wait to hit the trail. I don't wonder if it will be worth it. I already know it totally is.
Dodgemahal 04/27/21 12:20am Truck Campers
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