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RE: Happijac new vs old?

I bought a replacement motor from Etrailer. To rebuild and replace one at a time as I found the time. And have an extra just in case. They were back ordered for about three months. It finally showed up. I had canceled another order after waiting for months the year before from another company. I don't have a very high opinion of Lippert so far. You may be stuck ordering and waiting. It seems just about everything is out of stock now. Or grossly overpriced. I guess welcome to 2022.:(
Dodgemahal 01/29/22 01:17am Truck Campers
RE: New polar cub Mach 8 AC and the Honda eu2000i question

The round run / off dial selector when turned to the off position shuts off the fuel supply. How? The device is described as a switch. To cut off fuel, one needs a valve. Is it both? The round run/off dial when turned to off, shuts off the fuel supply and shorts out the spark plug lead. So adding the remote kill switch allows it to run out of fuel. You don't even need to use the switch. Just let it run out of fuel. Approx 2-3 minutes. On a side note. I am reading some posts from many years ago that state that there is some fuel left in the carb bowl after running the gen to stall. I may have a look on mine.
Dodgemahal 12/16/21 11:49pm Truck Campers
RE: New polar cub Mach 8 AC and the Honda eu2000i question

I'm confused. How can an electrical switch cut off the fuel? Is there an existing solenoid valve in the fuel line? Thanks. On edit: Is the OEM fuel pump electric? The fuel pump is mechanical. Like many small engines, It has a line connected to the crank case that uses the vacuum/pressure impulses created from the piston running up and down to activate the fuel pump. The round run / off dial selector when turned to the off position shuts off the fuel supply. It also kills the engine at that same time. That leaves the carb full of fuel. So by adding the remote kill switch for the engine, (which you don't use unless you need to stop the generator right now), it allows the engine to run out of fuel by itself instead of being shut off when the dial is turned to the off position. The Hutch Mountain add on only changes how the engine is shut off. By running out of fuel. Again the kill switch they include is not used unless you need an immediate engine off shut down for what ever reason. Honestly for twenty something bucks, it is a fantastic mod. My eu2000i took about two minutes to run out. Sitting three days and demonstrating for a neighbor, it started in 4 pulls. As for the hard to start problem the gent from NY mentioned. I would check the impulse rubber lines that make the fuel pump work and make sure they are intact, no leaks, cracks, poor connections ect. Then I would just for the heck of it remove and clean the carb with carb cleaner and compressed air. Not just a rinse, but take out the brass jet rod. Really clean it out. I suspect it is a fuel delivery problem and not a run ability issue that a carb would cause. Cleaning the carb will only help things. You could remove the fuel line to the carb, hose barb it to a little bit longer hose that goes into a cup. And pull the cord to see if you are getting fuel when trying to start it. It should pulse fuel into the cup. You might have a weak or bad fuel pump. It starts easy after running because there is fuel in the carb bowel already. It sounds like a fuel delivery problem. You are to far away to stop by and help. :)
Dodgemahal 12/16/21 11:33am Truck Campers
RE: New polar cub Mach 8 AC and the Honda eu2000i question

I have had to take my eu2000i carb off once to clean it out. Owned about 10 years now. Not putting a fuel shut off is a bad choice by any generator maker. They by nature will sit until needed. The Hutch mountain fuel shut off is the best thing. Actually not a fuel shut off, but putting in a remote kill switch and letting the gen run out of fuel on it's own. The new switch it comes with is to kill it right now if needed. I wrote this for future readers maybe wanting to do this mod. It is a great solution to a great generator with a small flaw. I get what the gentleman said above. Who wants to have to fix something when all you want to do is use it. My used like new eu2200i companion is in transit. I hope UPS is kind to it. Just today I received a new companion connecting cable set and an adapter for the round 30 amp companion plug to my Bigfoot RV plug. It came with it. Also from Hutch Mountain. I also just talked with my neighbor today about helping me lift the AC unit up on top on my Bigfoot this spring. I would like to do it now but it is in a carport and it's 20 degrees out. I also sewed up a generator cover for my eu2000i made out of modern convertible top material. Now I need to make another one. Is it summer yet? EDIT: By the way, I use PRI-G fuel stabilizer. G for gas, PRI-D for diesel. The stuff is way better than stabil. It will even bring back old gas. I have used it for years and I living in the middle of nowhere with 21 power outages last year, store fuel for my home generators. It is a good product.
Dodgemahal 12/15/21 07:19pm Truck Campers
RE: New polar cub Mach 8 AC and the Honda eu2000i question

There was or is a eu3000i Handi in Utah. But driving down in these winter conditions did not seem like a good idea. Plus I think having two very stowable units with more capacity would suit my needs better. I would only bring the second gen on the hot trips where I knew I would run the AC. I am confident these two Honda's will be more quiet than the westinghouse I currently have. I just paid for a eu2200i companion and it is a pre CO minder used unit. The companion offers the 30 amp outlet. That on a hot day paired with my eu2000i will give 3400 running watts at 28.3 amps and 4200 surge watts at 35 amps. My eu2000i serial number falls in the range to pair with the eu2200i. Perfect. I installed the Hutch Mountain fuel cut off for my eu2000i yesterday. I really like it. It takes a few minutes to run it out of fuel. But my carb is now empty of fuel. Great solution there. For the poster asking about how my Polar cub cools the camper, I have not installed it yet. I intended to but my wife and I kept going camping and that with some critical home repairs last summer. I never got to it. Now that she has passed I will catch up on some of these projects this spring. I read it is very effective. I ordered the heat strip too. The camper does not fit into my shop. I will get to it this spring. I am getting the project all set up now. Staying busy.
Dodgemahal 12/10/21 01:05pm Truck Campers
RE: New polar cub Mach 8 AC and the Honda eu2000i question

I believe I have my solution. I spent a LOT of time wandering through Craigslist, marketplace and a few other sites looking for what was out there. Some people are asking higher than MSRP for their used beat up generator. Crazy... I found one eu3000i handi near me but I don't want to spend 2500 bucks on it. I know what my wife would say there. So I have a eu2000i in excellent condition. Yes it may run the AC but like previously mentioned, the charger could put it in overload. Worse case I could turn off the charger if I need to but would prefer to charge while running. So I found out you can pair up an eu2200i with some specific model eu2000i generators. Within a specific serial number range. I looked and my eu2000i is in the range! Look here to see. So what I want to do is find a used nice eu2200i that does not have the CO minder and has the 12 VDC 8 amp charging station. Then use that as a primary out in the boondocks. And on the few trips where it is blazing hot, ( only two trips this last summer) put the eu2000i on the trailer as a companion and use both generators to cool the camper and charge. With that combination I would have 3400 watts at 28.3 amps running, and 4200 watts and 35 amps for start up. Same weight as the westinghouse headache I already have. But more reliability and choices on how much weight I want to lug around depending on what I need for that outing. Another bonus I found was a fuel shut off for the earlier eu2000i. From Hutch mountain. I will install it and do a different thread for exposure to other eu2000i owners. Hopefully it is a good solution to shutting down the generator and not leaving fuel in the carb bowl. Thanks for all the feedback on getting me to a decision here. It was almost painful...JK:)
Dodgemahal 12/08/21 07:14pm Truck Campers
RE: New polar cub Mach 8 AC and the Honda eu2000i question

. . . I see dozens of cheap generators on the market. I bought one and I hate it. So anything with a Honda motor is a possibility. But back to my question on output. I need something bigger than the eu2200i correct? I am not into turning breakers off to run my AC on a small generator. I am wondering how people are running the mach 8 on a 2K output . . . . Oh I forgot to mention I am getting a soft start from micro air no matter what generator I end up with. As a lot of folks have already mentioned, the Honda EU2200 should easily run your Mach 8 with the Micro Air Easy Start installed. However, if you power the a/c with the EU2200 while your batteries are significantly discharged, odds are the EU2200 will go into overload. You'll need at least a 3000 watt generator if you want the ability to charge discharged batteries while also powering the a/c. You mentioned a preference for Honda. If you decide to go with a larger Honda, note there's a significant difference in portability between the EU2200 (~55 lbs.w/fuel) and the EU3000iS (~150 lbs. w/fuel). Honda does make a lighter, more portable 3000w generator called the Honda EU3000i "Handi" (100 lbs. w/fuel). Honda used to rate the Handi at 57-65db, but now rates it 52-58db. The EU3000iS has a long-held reputation for being extremely quiet with a 50-57db rating. I've heard a number of Handi's under full load over the years--they're much louder than the EU3000iS. Unless Honda has made some significant changes to the Handi exhaust system recently, I don't see how the current 52-58db rating could be even remotely accurate. Thanks for posting that. I am going to go have a look. I can appreciate a little overkill. Having some extra watts left over would not hurt a thing. Well except my wallet. ;) BTW, my westinghouse generator claims noise levels in the 50's. It is way louder than that. Even in the metal vented box I made. It is loud.
Dodgemahal 12/07/21 08:10pm Truck Campers
RE: New polar cub Mach 8 AC and the Honda eu2000i question

Switch off the onboard converter-charger at the breaker - Honda cant handle both loads simultaneously… 3 tons Inverter/charger should automatically switch to battery power when generator voltage drops. Some of them also can be programmed to max W draw from the shore power, what will be even better. You program 2000W max draw and inverter/charger does the rest. OP never mentioned an inverter-charger… 3 tons I had to go back to my first post to see what I wrote. As far as I know I don't have any selectable choices with this unit. But this is what I put in. I did not buy it from Battle Born. When I installed it, I moved the batteries to the basement under the floor. Plus changed all the 10 GA wiring to 4 GA. I had fun there.
Dodgemahal 12/07/21 08:03pm Truck Campers
RE: New polar cub Mach 8 AC and the Honda eu2000i question

If your convertor is putting out 55A at 12V, that's 660W on the DC side. If the AC side is 950W, that's a low efficiency of 69.5%. I question the 950 number. Did you see this in a spec sheet? Measure it? The 290W difference would be dissipated as heat if the efficiency is really so low. If I set the stat too low, my Polar Cub will ice up and stop cooling. Glad I bookmarked it. The 950 was from the Progressive Dynamics website. Here is a link to it. It says efficiency >80% The PD4655LIV for lithium batteries puts out 14.6 and not what the chart says. And the Honda eu3000i weighs in at 130 pounds. I would like to also know if there is a lighter version. And thanks for the comments about my wife. This is going to be a long winter of solitude. I miss her more than anything. I ordered the Micro-air easy start this morning. Looks like a really good product. I wish I could go camping and sit and enjoy a stout cup of coffee in the Bigfoot. We really enjoyed it this summer.
Dodgemahal 12/06/21 09:48pm Truck Campers
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