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RE: Are my A/C's working correctly?

3. Since you have ducted ceiling units a common failure by the maker is to NOT install the hot intake and cold exhaust separator in the roof mount plenum. This allows cold air to be drawn and lost back into the intake and will drastically lower cooling capacity. Doug Definitely check this. The A/C's may very well be working correctly, but if not installed correctly, they will suffer in their ability to cool the RV.
DownTheAvenue 09/04/19 02:49pm Tech Issues
RE: Route 212 over Bear Tooth Pass.

It is possible and I have driven that route and seen RV's in tow, as well as motorhomes. It would not be something I would do, and bet the people doing it said they would not do that again!
DownTheAvenue 09/03/19 07:35am Roads and Routes
RE: Travel Trailer not using Chinese Tires

The price point might be a problem in the American market, but I think there would at least be a demand for an RV like this.
DownTheAvenue 09/03/19 07:30am Travel Trailers
RE: Buying a New 2016 trailer in 2019. What’s it worth?

I have no idea what the Canadian laws are, but you would be very wise to get in writing from the manufacturer whatever warranty they will honor. Speaking as a consumer and not an attorney, I would put a lot of focus on the tires. Sitting for 4 years may have put them at the end of their life.
DownTheAvenue 09/02/19 07:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: Furnace blowing cold air only

First understand how a RV furnace works which is very different from a residential furnace: 1. Thermostat calls for heat 2. Blower motor turns on and blows cold air out of the vents 3. Blower motor continues to run for several minutes 4. Burner ignites and gradually warms the heat exchanger 5. Air blowing out the vents gradually warms as the heat exchanger warms 6. Thermostat is satisfied and turns off the burner 7. Heat exchanger gradually cools 8. Air blowing out the vents gradually cools as the heat exchanger cools 9. Blower motor shuts off It may take several cycles of the blower motor coming on and the burner trying to ignite until it finally ignites if the RV has been sitting or you changed a propane tank. If the burner does not ignite after a very short time, then the blower motor will turn off. If you turn down the thermostat before the burner ignition cycle starts, the blower motor will turn off. There are several safety devices built into the furnace that can prevent the burner from igniting. They can be doing their job correctly, or they could be faulty.
DownTheAvenue 09/02/19 02:38pm Travel Trailers
RE: Let's talk generators - again.

A thought for shot stops in the heat with pets. Ours stay in the vehicle/pick up with the air on. Plenty of cold air. I bought one of those high idle things that are marketed for emergency vehicles that plugs into the OBD port. It can be set for whatever rpm you want when you flip the switch for high idle. My gasser runs at 900 - not a problem. Anyway, a lot of good info on this thread. This is my recommendation as well. The RV, closed up and in the sun for hours while traveling, will be very hot inside. It will take some time for it to begin to cool down, and before that happens, the animals will be subjected to very high heat.
DownTheAvenue 09/02/19 07:37am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Subaru as dinghy

Why would you invest a lot of money to set up car to tow that the manufacturer says not to tow? Do you think that somehow you will be immune from any expensive mechanical damage caused by doing something the manufacturer says not to do? With all due respect, you are foolish to go down this road. Buy a vehicle that the manufacturer says can be towed and set that vehicle to tow.
DownTheAvenue 09/01/19 05:43am Dinghy Towing
RE: Again, Admin Opening Tongass National Forest...

Another green joke? This is a National Forrest we're talking about. Remember...The Land Of Many Uses. Not a National Park, Not a Wildlife Preserve, Not a National Monument. Anyone out there ever actually camped (RV'd) in a logged over national forest? I have in a logged over area (the Tongas)in Alaska and it was wonderful. The logging companies maintained the roads, put in campsites (they were free), and furnished free firewood. We watched a bald eagle nest hatch 3 eggs while we were there. The slope was so great we looked DOWN into the nest. But there was NO erosion. Until the tree huggers started trying to protect every tree, the logging industry in Alaska thrived. Yes, there were abuses, but those have ceased and the current management practices work well. It's a balance, trees grow and die, streams erode with or without logging, wildlife locate to the best area for them, be it virgin forest or cut over land renewing itself with planted trees. Lets start to get real folks. Go camp there, THEN start to see what's really happening. Watch a grizzly use the Alaska Pipeline as a super highway for travel because it's easier than traveling the tundra, watch Musk Oxen using a 1 acre field surrounded by oil pipes at Prudhoe Bay as a refuge while their calves nursed and cavorted, and watch the horses and cattle grazing within 50' of producing oil wells in the Texas Permian Basin. The vast majority of the **** you read is some die hard tree hugger who was never there, feeding stories to gullible news writers who are looking for a headline about anything. Wake Up and SEE IT then start a reasonable conversation. This is absolutely correct! A National Forest is about using the resources responsibly.
DownTheAvenue 08/30/19 03:47pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Sugarloaf Key Koa

Why don't you just call and ask if they need any work campers? Seems like that would get much more information than posting here!
DownTheAvenue 08/26/19 07:27pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Relocation / Temp living in RV

Temporary living in a RV has hidden costs you have not mentioned. Lot rent will be $500 plus depending on the location and quality of the park. You will pay for electricity on monthly lot rents, which will be $60 to $200 monthly. Trying to keep a RV comfortably cool in the summer in Florida may be a challenge. Feeding quarters into a coin laundry can add up quickly- expect about $10.00 weekly! Unexpected repairs and maintenance issues on a very used RV can also add up quickly. You may be lucky and have nothing. An over burdened A/C unit that fails will be $800 to $1000. The same for the refrigerator and water heater. Before you commit to a RV for temporary living, you should check with apartments, corporate housing, and other temporary housing options. You may find pets do not pose that much of an obstacle.
DownTheAvenue 08/25/19 01:02pm Full-time RVing
RE: Yet another "Is this generator a good one" thread

I appreciate the thoughtful comments about a cheap generator as opposed to a Honda. For many, the price of the Honda is out of reach. So, they buy a cheap brand and are forced to discard it when it breaks with no parts or service available. That is the risk when the cheap product is purchased. Using real poverty as an example, a reason people cannot rise from poverty is they are, because of price, trapped into buying inferior products that don't last only to prematurely replace that inferior product with another to repeat the cycle. Buying a quality product with a higher initial price is ultimately cheaper than buying multiple cheaper inferior products. I wonder if the premium generator brands may ultimately be a cheaper investment.
DownTheAvenue 08/24/19 09:32am Tech Issues
RE: Yet another "Is this generator a good one" thread

It is an off brand Chinese import that will have no customer support, service, or parts availability. Whenever any small problem develops, you will have to fix it yourself. Whenever any big problem develops that you cannot fix yourself, you will just have to throw this one in the trash. "The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten."
DownTheAvenue 08/23/19 08:28pm Tech Issues
RE: Looking for dog breed the travels well while Rving

While certain breeds have a predisposition to certain behaviors, every dog is an individual. More critical than the breed is the dog's socialization very early in life to different situations. A dog who only wet in the car to the vet every 6 months may learn the car equals a bad experience, but a dog that went everywhere in the car and always had a good experience will probably like the car. Adopting an older dog from a quality rescue will tell you more about a dog, especially if you foster to adopt.
DownTheAvenue 08/23/19 07:13pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Traveling through Canada with Dogs

I always travel with my dog's complete medical history, as it proved invaluable when my 8 year golden succumbed to a terminal ruptured tumor 500 miles from home. That being said, I have crossed back and forth many times with different dogs over many years and only once was I asked about a rabies inoculation. I showed the Canadian Officer the rabies tag and he was satisfied. I can tell you the Canadians are so much more pleasant than the Americans at the border.
DownTheAvenue 08/22/19 09:21pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: New Grey Wolf, freezer working fridge isn't

Be sure your are reasonable level, as the refrigerator will not function well off level and will eventually fail. It does take at leats 6 to 8 hours for the refrigerator section to cool down; less time for the freezer section. Do not put anything not already frozen or chilled into the freezer or refrigerator while you are getting it to cool down. That just takes longer.
DownTheAvenue 08/17/19 08:43am Tech Issues
RE: Yipping little dogs!! Ugh!!

"I had to laugh at this. How in the world could you possibly know what the campground rules are where the OP is camped?" Seriously? :h Having never been to any campground where barking/yappy dogs were permitted I assume it was not permitted where the OP was. :S Jees! Lighten up! It was a play on words. And if had read the rest of my post you would realize I was in complete agreement with the poster. Maybe a size larger underwear could help, too!
DownTheAvenue 08/15/19 06:36am RV Pet Stop
RE: Yipping little dogs!! Ugh!!

There is no need to speak with the person as I'm sure they know fully well their yappy dogs are an annoyance. Go right to whomever is incharge and complain. Let's be real here, does anyone really think the owners don't know or haven't been told before their dogs are a nuisance? Odds are they just don't care! Of course they know their dogs are barking. And they probably don't care. But the first step is to have a friendly chat. You may hear, " I am so sorry I did not realize they were bothering you. I will keep them quieter." Or you may hear, "I rented this site and really don't care if they bother you. If you don't like it move to another site." What is wrong with being friendly?
DownTheAvenue 08/14/19 11:00am RV Pet Stop
RE: Nash 17k

I owned a 2007 Nash 29V. It was solid and very well insulated. But it was heavy.
DownTheAvenue 08/14/19 09:37am Travel Trailers
RE: Theft from dealership

That reflects poorly on the individuals but not on the company they worked for.
DownTheAvenue 08/14/19 09:35am General RVing Issues
RE: Yipping little dogs!! Ugh!!

Contact the CG hosts or Rangers. Yapping dogs are not allowed.... I had to laugh at this. How in the world could you possibly know what the campground rules are where the OP is camped? However, your point is well taken and correct! Regardless of whatever the rules are any disruptive behavior should not have to tollerated by others. A nice, friendly chat with the neighbors should be first, then a complaint to the management. However, sometimes it is just better to live and let live if the annoyance is not worth the potential confrontation.
DownTheAvenue 08/14/19 09:29am RV Pet Stop
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