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RE: Coffee Survey

I just bought an ex-hotel single cup coffee maker, the type that takes the 2" flat round filter pods, from a local thrift store for $.25. I don't drink coffee myself, as I personally find the flavor quite revolting; this is just so I can offer it to the occasional house or dinner guest. Hence, as to a brand or type of coffee, I cannot offer any advice at all, but hope to pick out some variety that's halfway usable based on blind luck.It shouldn't really matter that much, since you don't drink coffee, visitors won't expect you to offer them the best there is. :) But just out of consideration to their taste buds, rotate out the opened coffee regularly. Opened ground coffee will get pretty tasteless over time. What you do have, store in an airtight opaque container. It will last longer that way. Thanks for the kind words and suggestions! One nice advantage of the floppy pods (for me, at least) is that many of them come in individually sealed little packets, which should help with the freshness to some extent.
DrewE 05/18/21 02:55pm Around the Campfire
RE: Louisville, KY to Bangor Maine

I'd probably either take I-80/I-84 or go up to I-86/I-88 across the southern part of New York state. It's nearly impossible, or at least rather impractical, to avoid all tolls on this trip if you're sticking to expressways. If you have the time, you can take various secondary roads instead, such as NY7 to VT/NH 9 rather than I-90 across Massachusetts, or maybe heading up to US2 and then east, etc. I-90 is the New York Thruway, and is a long stretch of toll road (and the tolls add up to a substantial sum by the time you get across). I-76 is the Pennsylvania Turnpike, and similarly rather spendy. Be aware that the Google map directions have you going on routes that are not permitted for RVs on its the southern route option. Any "parkway" in New York and Connecticut, with only one or two minor exceptions that don't apply here at all, is restricted. (The Garden State Parkway in New Jersey is okay for RVs, but it's also not on the way for this trip.) It looks like it also has you going through NYC a little, which is not my idea of pleasant driving (and perhaps even less fun once you adjust it to avoid parkways).
DrewE 05/18/21 02:52pm Roads and Routes
RE: Coffee Survey

I just bought an ex-hotel single cup coffee maker, the type that takes the 2" flat round filter pods, from a local thrift store for $.25. I don't drink coffee myself, as I personally find the flavor quite revolting; this is just so I can offer it to the occasional house or dinner guest. Hence, as to a brand or type of coffee, I cannot offer any advice at all, but hope to pick out some variety that's halfway usable based on blind luck.
DrewE 05/17/21 09:29pm Around the Campfire
RE: Pleated shades, should I tow with them up or down?

I doubt it makes much difference if any in the longevity of the strings. Things wear out and break down with use and time, and that of course includes twine used for shades. I have a motorhome and generally drive with them up because I like to be able to see out the windows when driving; it's occasionally helpful for maneuvering in tight corners and such. I do have one that tends to work its way down with vibration and bounces, so even though it starts in the up position it's usually at least partly down when I arrive. Such is life.
DrewE 05/17/21 07:14pm General RVing Issues
RE: Battery Indicator Lights

The device is just the monitor panel itself; it is showing you the 12V system voltage (at a very, very coarse resolution). All the circuitry required is in the monitor panel circuit board itself. Basically, the bottom LED illuminates whenever the check switch is pressed and gives you absolutely no useful information other than perhaps that you do indeed have 12V power. The remaining three lights illuminate when the system is over some preset voltage, as detected by a simple comparator circuit in the display unit. I have not sketched out a schematic of mine to see what it uses as a reference voltage--maybe there's a zener diode or something similar, or maybe even the forward voltage of the always illuminated bottommost LED. There's no purpose-built ADC or microcontroller or anything at all sophisticated in most of these sorts of panels...though, these days, a little microcontroller would probably be cheaper if one were designing the system anew from scratch. Something like an ATTiny404, currently available for $.55 in single quantities from DigiKey, could easily run one of these monitor panels with four or so things monitored with minimal external components (a voltage regulator, some resistors and LEDs, a switch).
DrewE 05/17/21 02:01pm Tech Issues
RE: Gas Vs Diesel Yah-Yah-Yah!

The same can be said with tow vehicles, the new gas engines do a great job, and have really closed the gap with diesels. and for about $10k less. Great job??? 475 torque compared to 1050... you’re dreaming on closing the gap and it’s more the 10 speed tranny than the gas engine. what engine rpm range? Engine power across its operating range is a far more useful metric for guessing at performance. (If you put a 2.2:1 gear reduction on the gas engine, the torque numbers would be basically identical.)
DrewE 05/17/21 07:47am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Yellowstone Next Week - Freezing Temps Concern

Dipping down to 30 for a couple hours shouldn't cause problems. How much do you trust the forecast to be accurate? The water and stuff in the tanks probably wouldn't cause any problems even if it were to freeze; the tanks are somewhat flexible, and there's generally room for the water to expand upwards when it freezes. The water trapped in the plumbing between the tanks and the dump valve is far more likely to cause trouble if it freezes, possibly breaking that pipe. Under the conditions you describe, though, I doubt it would be at all likely to freeze hard at all. Rock salt is one inexpensive way to help prevent freezing in the gray and black water tanks. It's probably not ideal for septic systems in large quantities, but at a developed campground dump station that would not concern me in the least (partly because it will get diluted a lot in short order). Obviously, salt water in the fresh water tank is not a great idea, even if it eliminates one step when cooking pasta.
DrewE 05/14/21 11:47pm General RVing Issues
RE: Adding travel time to Google maps

I've found the Google maps estimates to be not too far off for me in my motorhome, for just driving time (not including fuel stops, lunch stops, detours when trying to get back on the route after a fuel or lunch stop, and such like)--at least close enough for rough planning purposes. Driving a motorhome isn't exactly like towing, of course. I do tend to cruise around the speed limit most of the time, at least here in the Northeast where we don't have super high limits.
DrewE 05/14/21 09:58am Roads and Routes
RE: First Time

That sounds like a wonderful vacation! Etiquette is far less complicated than it sometimes appears here. Basically, if you act respectfully towards the other campers, you'll be doing very well...which means such things as avoiding loud noises during quiet hours, not walking through other occupied sites, driving at reasonable (slow) speeds through the campground, and those sorts of common-sense things. There's nothing wrong at all with taking the motorhome to leave and drive around for awhile. Setting up and tearing down camp can be a bit of a hassle, lessened by not setting up more than you need. (It's things like clearing off the counters and stowing junk properly that I find the most annoying in these sorts of situations; if you try to keep unnecessary odds and ends to a minimum, and put things away when you're done using them, it'll help.) I recommend putting together some sort of a checklist for breaking camp to be sure you don't forget to do something. When you discover something that you forget to do, add it to the checklist for the next times.
DrewE 05/14/21 09:49am Beginning RVing
RE: Electricty and RFI ib body

Disconnecting the router would have no physiological reason to stop the music she's hearing, though it might help in a psychological sense if she thinks that's the source. The wires between the router and TV do not emit much RF radiation in any case. If she sleeps better and more comfortably when you do disconnect them, that in itself makes it very well worth doing. From what you've written, I suspect what she hears is "manufactured," if you will, by the nervous system, rather than being a response to some external stimulus. That doesn't make it unreal in the sense of something that she hears as much as anything in the world; but it's a phantom sort of perception, coming from within the body itself. I've heard that people who have had limbs amputated sometimes feel itches and such coming from the missing parts of their body, which would have a similar origin. Radio reception in fillings would presumably be due to forming a sort of diode detector, similar to a crystal radio set. Those radio stations would have to be powerful (and/or nearby) AM stations. TV signals could not be "tuned" in as they have much more complex modulation that requires far more complex circuitry to demodulate...particularly with digital television broadcasts.
DrewE 05/14/21 09:37am Around the Campfire
RE: No power to backup lights

All this is a pain because it’s reverse and so to keep from being run over someone has to be in the driver’s seat in reverse but on the brake with the emergency on. Any hints will be appreciated. I don't know that I have much to offer on the electrical problem (other than the usual things to check)...but you could safely test the backup light by putting the key in the run position without starting the engine, setting the emergency brake, and shifting the transmission into reverse. Unless you're on a pretty steep hill, the RV definitely won't move. Put down some chocks to be doubly certain if you wish.
DrewE 05/13/21 08:38am Tech Issues
RE: Running Inverter Generator Safely From Pickup

CO is heavier than air..... Maybe "mr_andyj" is thinking of propane? :@ . More likely is that they've confused CO (carbon monoxide) and CO2 (carbon dioxide). CO2 is a bit heavier than air, sufficiently so that accumulation in an area, especially one with with poor ventilation, can be very dangerous indeed. Accumulation of CO2 in silos and mines, for instance, has at times proven deadly to workers.
DrewE 05/12/21 08:47am General RVing Issues
RE: I-90 Through Cleveland

I think staying on I-90 is about all I've ever done in that situation as well, and I don't recall ever having any particular difficulties. It's not on my list of cities to avoid driving straight through if at all possible.
DrewE 05/11/21 10:38am Roads and Routes
RE: 1987 Champion LaSalle Wiring Diagram

The chance of getting a wiring diagram for a particular RV is usually quite slim, even if it's a current model. There are a couple manufacturers that are better about that than others, but most don't have them available, at least to the general public. However, things are pretty standardized as far as how most things are done, so getting general information is likely to apply fairly closely to your unit. It sounds like perhaps the house battery disconnect relay (which is separate from the emergency start solenoid) is switched or stuck off. There should be a momentary two-way switch somewhere to activate it--one direction to switch it on, the other to switch it off. If the converter is original, it would be worthwhile to replace it even if it's working perfectly as modern converters are significantly improved over most old models (in terms of efficiency, electrically clean output, charging profiles, and such like). That is, of course, assuming it is worth your while to put any money into the RV; if it has any significant water or frame damage, I would think long and hard before spending much on it.
DrewE 05/05/21 01:43pm Tech Issues
RE: Hwy 442 Gatlinburg

If you have never done mountain driving don't go through the park on 441. It is steep and very curvy. I see RV's with burned up brakes nearly every time I go through there. Stay on I-40 and save yourself the stress. This is perfectly reasonable advice. However, the poster is from Northern Idaho, so I suspect they have a decent amount of mountain driving experience.
DrewE 05/04/21 02:29pm Roads and Routes
RE: Hwy 442 Gatlinburg

There is easily sufficient clearance for an RV along the road; no tunnel issues in that regard. I've taken my 32' class C over it without trouble. It is a curvy and decidedly not flat route, and so not a quick drive by any means. That said, in my opinion it's neither RV unfriendly nor especially troublesome. Other routes may be better options, though, if you are solely looking to get from point A to point B.
DrewE 05/04/21 12:46am Roads and Routes
RE: rear right turn signal won't work 2001 diplomat LE

Since both the trailer and the motorhome lights aren't working, it's probably something in common with both, which would rule out the bulb and likely the ground connection. Either the wire for that light is broken somewhere, or a fuse is blown. (I'm assuming the front turn signal works fine, which means the turn signal switch and flasher are OK. I'm also assuming the lights don't work properly when braking either.)
DrewE 04/30/21 08:58pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Rubber Roof help

Check to see if the GFCI is tripped. Sometimes the fridge outlet is on the GFCI circuit (since it's partly exposed to the outside).
DrewE 04/29/21 11:30pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: 12v to 6v review?

I went from a worn-out 12V battery to a pair of GC2s. No complaints at all. Their performance is a whole lot better, but naturally that's partly due to the worn-out part for the old battery. I did have to modify the battery holder (under the entry steps on my class C) to have sufficient height above the batteries since the GC2s were a little taller.
DrewE 04/28/21 09:36pm Tech Issues
RE: 2002 Winnebago Class C with 2, 6 volt batteries

Disconnecting the battery may also result in the engine computer forgetting settings it's learned over time, so it would have to relearn them. That's not really a problem (it won't harm anything) but it might result in not quite so good performance for a little bit. If you have a state motor vehicle or emissions inspection, it probably won't pass immediately after being reconnected because some of the OBD2 checks will probably show "not ready" and the state doesn't like that. Driving around a little, maybe an hour or so, will usually be enough to eliminate the not ready states. In short: there's no real problem in disconnecting the battery, but possibly a few quite minor annoyances.
DrewE 04/27/21 12:12pm Tech Issues
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