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RE: Air Conditioning how many do not use it.

I bought my trailer new in 2005. I think in the last 15 years I've probably turned my AC on a total of 5 times. And three of those times was just curiosity to see it it still turned on. Is there anybody else on here that never uses their AC? Your "home" indicates San Diego. If you camp in that area - you don't need it. However, if you go to the Colorado River (AZ) or Lake Havasu in the summer you will need all the A/C you can get....and then some!! .
Dtank 06/27/20 02:02am General RVing Issues
RE: Why 30 amp and not 50 amp

Some popular places have no power. Why even have 30 amp? Good question! Why even have the AC wiring?? Rip it out, sell the copper (unless it's aluminum), and be a happy camper doin' it your way !! :)..:C..:B
Dtank 06/20/20 10:19pm General RVing Issues
RE: The Magnum Fire...

Glad you decided to get the heck out of the way and not become another statistic. Ask any private (airplane) pilot the most difficult maneuver (for some) to execute. If he/she doesn't say a "180" - find someone else to fly with. :W .
Dtank 06/20/20 01:44pm General RVing Issues
RE: The Magnum Fire...

Too early in the season for this size fire. Tell that to the many folks who resided in Paradise, CA...:S It's only "too early" if it's raining.....continuously! .
Dtank 06/20/20 01:39pm General RVing Issues
RE: Why 30 amp and not 50 amp

Many don’t need 50 amp service including me. As already noted - why don't RV mfgrs just install 50amp in ALL RVs? Easy ans: "Bean counters" - the mfgr & some buyers! Even if you don't need 50amp - or seldom use 50amp - two good reasons to have it: Besides being an inexpensive option (if not standard) from the factory.... 1. Re-sale value. I wouldn't have an RV without 50 amp. Kinda like ordering a car with roll-up windows to save a buck (yes there is still one brand where it's possible). 2. The 30amp receptacles at many parks have loose connections due to years of use & abuse - and need replacement. If you have 50amp (and the park does also) you can connect to the 50amp receptacle. (see next) - BTW - *If* you only have 30amp - be sure to carry a 50 to 30 adapter for that reason! I have been to parks/campgrounds that charge extra for 50amp, but never had a problem if I said I don't need/want it. Put me on the 50 yard line (ahhh... 50 amp line) LOL. :) .
Dtank 06/20/20 01:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: Astoria

Is that a 5th wheel? Good question !! The OP asked if anyone had experience with THE Adtoria. Replies related to Astoria - A DESTINATION....:h...:h Maybe "THE Adtoria" is a new brand !! :?
Dtank 06/18/20 12:00am Fifth-Wheels
RE: First Aid Kit Contents

A first aid kit would would not do me any good because I don't know any first aid ! I keep a few simple things on hand like: band aids, triple antibiotic ointment, ibuprofen,and things like that. Bigredcav1 - followed by the ret doc covered things well. What do you mean by, "I don't know any first aid !".....:R C'mon, Charlie. Do you know how to stop (serious) bleeding? Do you know CPR? How about breathing - choking? Splint a broken bone? Any of these things could apply to *YOU* or someone else. You don't need to be a trained "professional", or take classes to render (or use) first aid practices. Many can be performed without a "real" first aid kit - just some basic knowledge of what to do in an emergency. The "simple things" you listed are just that....simple, and usually not requiring immediate action. They're most likely already in/on a shelf somewhere in your cave. Call Fred Flintstone at your local Red Cross chapter or Fire Dept., find out when (free!) CPR classes are offered. The other stuff can be found in basic first aid books/pamphlets. .
Dtank 06/17/20 01:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: Best Wheel Chocks

Those mechanical wheel chocks are a lawsuit waiting to happen. Use a rock or wood chocks. Use whatever works. A chunk of 4 x 6 does a fine job, and the price is right...:C If you like wood work - put a bevel on one edge. (see "IMO" below) BTW - When both Perl & her husband (the Roto mfgrs & suppliers) passed away, apparently no family members were interested in continuing the business. IMO - (the woodworking) - shouldn't be a big deal to modify the Roto's you have. Well worth the effort - *nothing* compares to Rotos! .
Dtank 06/16/20 02:57pm General RVing Issues
RE: White hose

.If you happen to have a green hose handy, I wouldn't worry about it. You aren't going to die a horrible death drinking from it (not that you even plan to drink from it. Are you sure? A friend of my cousin was told by his girlfriend who read on the internet that someone drank from a green hose. They immediately solidified and crumbled into dust. :B Verified! Your cousin's friend - was actually my uncle's second father-in-law (he's on his third marriage) - it was the FIL's co-worker's supervisor at a GM Assembly plant (2nd shift). IIRC - the "girlfriend" might have been my uncle's 2nd wife. The moral of the story was it's OK to use green, but don't be evergreen. .
Dtank 06/16/20 02:50pm General RVing Issues
RE: Buying tires? Check the DOT codes...

Surprised anyone doesn't know how to decipher tire codes - or where to find them on a tire! Google it - or check YouTube! Lastly - buyer beware (that means - be sure to check!!) ~
Dtank 06/13/20 11:13am General RVing Issues
RE: vented box for Honda 2200 generator

Horsedoc - Exploding fumes. The city where I was employed as a F/F for 30 years had a bulk plant. One evening, a trucker was fueling his double tanker with gasoline. Went to chat with the security guard in the guard shack. The overflow protection failed, major spill on the ground. He had left the engine running on his (diesel) tractor. The engine began to "run away" when it picked up the fumes. He made a futile (and fatal) attempt to run back and shut off the engine. It went "boom" big time. Second big time boom when the second tank of the double failed. F/F was on a (foam) deck monitor for the 2nd one - said he left "claw marks" in the diamond plate on top of the apparatus due to the heat wave. The tank/s failure: It's called a "BLEVE" - Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosion. AFFF did it's job - but not fast enough to stop the 2nd explosion. No structures nearby. .
Dtank 05/25/20 11:18am Tech Issues
RE: What should getting wheel bearings packed cost?

"Insist on quality US Made seals or the above can happen!!!" Or could happen regardless. Anything can happen! Start out right and you will be far ahead!!! People had Oil bath systems removed from DRV's because they leaked, YEP cheap Chinese Seals. I did the opposite, I changed to Oil bath on mine at $25 per seal. I used QUALITY National True Oil Bath seals and QUALITY "O" rings on my caps. Trip from NW WA to SoCal and back not a sign of a leak, 2,600 miles. Doesn't help the OP, he's disabled...:S (Your) "changeover" will skyrocket the cost -he's already worried about- when done at a shop. .
Dtank 05/25/20 11:00am Tech Issues
RE: Anyone have a favorite RV wax ???

Lots of good suggestions here, pick one and go with it! :B Dan Good advice! .
Dtank 04/13/20 04:10pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Money from government

Since most or all of us on this Forum are due to get a check from the government to tide us over the pandemic it would be interesting to learn how long it is taking for us to get paid. I checked yesterday and mine was not at the bank yet. Did you get yours? It might be tough to find a location for a "campfire" now, but RV Net (Open Roads Forums) still has one..... ....thread should be in "Around The Campfire" forum....:S .
Dtank 04/13/20 12:08pm Around the Campfire
RE: And Texas Caves In

The last bastion of sanity has jumped on the "stay at home" bandwagon. They just sent me an email that they have closed all state parks to save the 1% who may die from the dreaded super virus. Texas was once a great state. Hey - find a couple of friends, give each a big Texas handshake, grab a six pack of Lone Star - and tip 'em to the one percenters !!..:R .
Dtank 04/13/20 12:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: Register M/H in Calif

OP started this on 3-7. By now he should have completed purchase - or not. However - LOTS of poor -to bad- information. Often -and usually- by folks in states other than CA, posting how it's done where they live. Homework assignment - CA: Correct - the Diesel MH does not need a smog check. Registration fees - CA.....the BIG HURT is the sales tax. Depending on the county, it is right at ten (10%) percent of the purchase price! Claiming you bought it "cheap" - won't help with newer RV - the DMV will use Blue Book fore valuation and tax. CA *resident* Registering in AZ - or other state: CA wants the revenue! It is a violation of the law to do so - resulting in more grief than you can imagine! That includes Montana LLCs !! A MH with a MT plate in CA - is flying a flag for the CHP, which says "stop me" for any probable cause. Better have a MT Driver's License in the operator's name - NOT an LLC. However - there is an easy LEGAL solution (which may de too late for the OP now): If a CA resident purchases a vehicle out of state, and keeps (USES) that vehicle out of state for one year (used to be 90 days), he/she can legally avoid paying sales tax. Franchise tax board will require receipts to prove same. (hint - Be creative for "work-arounds"). The CA resident *will* eventually pay registration fees - but not sales tax. CA may require verification of VIN to register for verification (in CA). Any PD should be able to do that. Look up CA "90 day rule" on CA dot Gov - applies to vehicles, vessels (boats), aircraft. During that "one year" the owner will need to register it somewhere. Suggest South Dakota - or AZ since it's already there - whichever "price is right". (Check with Americas Mailbox, Box Elder, SD.) No need for you or the vehicle to be "physically" in SD to do same. Maybe this may help some CA residents - and folks posting to "investigate" to possibilities. BTW - BIL has had a smog test facility for years. Two CA neighbors with new MHs - now registered in CA - pd zero sales tax. .
Dtank 04/12/20 01:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: CDC and the government may be loosening the lockdown

If we all had billions of N95 masks then yes, more of the country could be opened. But lack thereof is a part of the inept federal response. You are referring to the previous admin who depleted the emergency stockpile during the H1N1 epidemic, but then, despite being informed 5 times by his own task force over the years, failed to restock the supplies used. Or maybe the prominent TV personality governor from a big NE state who was told multiple times, by his own task force, to restock supplies but bought 500 respirators instead of the recommended 10,000? Or maybe the large western coastal state's preceding governor, who actually sold off emergency supplies at auction? One of those certainly or more likely all of them. One problem with stocking vast numbers of this stuff is that the masks and paper gowns have a actual shelf live that means something. They get pinhole leaks. So if you had a billion masks in stock you would be landfilling a billion masks down the road. I believe the hoses and such in the respirators also go bad. Far better would be to make sure we have the production capacity in this country's borders to produce these materials. Not US companies, 3M for example, production capacity in China or any other country. In the event of a global emergency any country will take control of production in it's own borders to supply itself first. One of Barr's boys? You sir are terribly mis-informed -or- (politely) no matter how *YOU* choose to slice it, you're full of baloney! ("Balogna" if you prefer) As well as the other RV forums you post on..:R Unfortunately, you are what & who you are - and welcome to your jaded opinions...:( .
Dtank 04/09/20 02:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: Fire tools

In an activity where a fire is such a large part of why we do it how come finding simple fire tools is near impossible? How many use nothing but a stick that they have found? Oh sure you can go into a speciality store & find really nice (expensive) sets of fireplace tools but to find a simple poker, a long handled wood gripper or a bellows is impossible. I have both. The poker I stole from the house. The wood gripper I found in a Canadian Tire store for $15. You would think that every RV supplies retailer would have these things. Thread started 2-1-2014 ........only SIX years old on 2-1-2020..:S Great topic for the *Around the Campfire* forum! (Pun intended) Maybe this should be a poll...... "How many use nothing but a stick"....etc.?...:R I prefer the fire dance - get in there and kick the wood around. Keeps your feet warm....:W .
Dtank 04/04/20 01:29pm General RVing Issues
RE: Well, They gone and done it

DW used to groom and show poodles. Haven't been to a barber shop in the last 2o-30- years. .....Does she give you a treat when she's done?.... :B
Dtank 03/26/20 11:50pm General RVing Issues
RE: Hand Sanitizer

The markets are as much to blame for the empty shelf's in the stores. They should have limited the number of the same idem. News "idem"..... The markets and Costco is So. CA have been limiting quantities for several days now. .
Dtank 03/19/20 02:17am Around the Campfire
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