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RE: Big black bugs crawling across road

Armaggedon? Bugs From OUTER SPACE !!! Sounds like a 1950's B movie. "THEM" (1954) = Giant ants - eventually migrating from the CA desert & hiding in the Los Angeles flood control underground tunnels. Impressive cast - including James Arness, Fess Parker, etc. Good quote from a man in hospital with DTs, with a window looking down on the open part of one of the channels - in reply to an Army officer asking, "What do you see down there?" Ans: "Ants! BIG ones!" (also) repeated a few times... "Make me a Sergeant and charge the booze!" Would be xlnt for a Black Flag commercial !!..:B ~
Dtank 08/21/21 12:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: Towing a 42 footer… What do you think?

Hi samsontdog, I hear what you’re saying but for us 34’ does not give us the space we need. I can get our 40’ motorhome most anyplace I want to go and the same should be true for a 42’ fifth wheel. My consern is more about Drive ability? The same is *NOT* true for a 42' 5th wheel as with your 40'MH. For a 5th wheel you must include the Tow Vehicle in the overall length. The campground (or?) site is *not* the problem...combined length limitations in the various states is!! (often 65' max - under that & you're good to go!). Check the length req's for states where you will travel...:W ~
Dtank 08/17/21 10:40pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Wheel chair lift or similar

Lifts - of all types: Google "Burr Lift". The Burr lifts (and others) lift a person from the ground to the height of the RV - normally attached to the side of the RV by the steps. Lifts for a handicapped scooters (etc.) you have seen... there are many options (12V operated), so no physical lifting req'd. The Newmar MH mentioned by a poster is expensive! If you can afford it, it's specifically designed for wheelchair use. (IIRC) there is at least one other mfgr of same. If you want an *inexpensive* travel trailer - look at toy haulers - which have a ramp. At least one mfgr has a side (rather than rear) ramp.
Dtank 08/17/21 10:25pm RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Escapees worth joining?

To all you old folks out there like me; what's your option on Escapees RV Club? Is it worth joining? Do your homework. Research what the benefits are to/for YOU. Comparison to GS - only fair to compare which features matter to YOU. Caveat: *If* you join GS (even if you don't continue membership) you will receive mail "solicitations" for years, and years, & years..:( Forums? Same thing - what sub-forums ring YOUR chimes - or apply to YOU. Just remember, you aren't the Engineer on either train...:B And, of course, you don't have to "join" either to "participate" on the forums. ~
Dtank 08/15/21 04:04pm General RVing Issues
RE: Oregon State Parks Fire/open flame ban!

We just got an update from our pear Ranger! Be advised Starting Thursday July 22nd 2021. There is now a full fire ban in all Oregon State Parks and State managed forest land EAST of Interstate 5. This includes Charcoal fires, cooking fires, warming fires, charcoal briquettes, Candles, Tiki torches and other devices that flames or embers. Portable cooking stoves using liquefied or bottle fuels are allowed, though propane fire pits are NOT allowed! So why the thread?..:h You go to the campground (if it's open) - and play by the rules that ARE the rules at the time. Obviously they may change.....and you aren't going to say but, but.... "rhagfo" said -or didn't say- THAT !! If the pear ranger says oranges and apples are OK - but no pears - you do without the pears..:R Right after that - he says, who the %*&#@ is Rhagfo?? ~
Dtank 08/15/21 03:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: Vanlifers are parting ways with their vans after Covid

Who wants your dirty van that is amateurishly built? I wonder how cheap they have to be sold to get rid of them. I see a lot of bad builds with some ugly carpentry. Pet peve is the thick flooring planks screwed into the walls and ceiling. IDK how much 100's of lbs that adds, but if not done right looks hacked anyway, if done right looks nice but adds so much weight. 2x4's is my next pet peeve. Those are for houses, not little campers. What one man is willing to compromise on might not fit what a buyer wants to lack.. You have a lot of "peeves"...:W Why look at the "amateurishly built"?...:S LOTS of *quality* van conversions.....even (gasp!) built by women! Unlike the lengthy (why bother?) SNL link - YouTube has LOTS of top notch van conversions, with quality craftsmanship and "appropriate" materials other than 2 x 4s....ROTFLMAO. Ditto the Ambulance conversions! Check out the original construction of *any* ambulance "box" and you may catch on. Don't have either - but (IMO) plenty are VERY well done! :W .
Dtank 08/04/21 04:49pm General RVing Issues
RE: Where to find toads for sale

Escapees RV Club has a For Sale section that list some RV Network To answer the OP's *question*..... As above try the various RV forums (like SKPs) that allow "for sale". Only other alternative is to search CraigsList, AutoTrader, Ebay, etc. You might try a "wanted" post on the above. Suggest you get a phone service for incoming calls only (about $8. per month). Saves a lot of calls at 2AM, 6AM, 11Pm, & obvious "junk" calls. Most allow a pretty lengthy "outgoing" message - to describe exactly what you are looking for. Good luck. :C .
Dtank 08/04/21 04:34pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Can I rent your RV?

I'd think insurance alone would be enough of a reason. If they "borrow" it for free, they *might* be covered under your policy (which means any insurance claims will be against your policy, even if it's their fault). Not to be nit-picky, but if they rent it (signed contract + rental payment), then it will be covered under the renter's liability policy just like a rental car. It's a scenario that most people don't understand, but typical liability policies cover rentals. The renter's liability policy covers damage to the trailer as well as damage to any other parties (property damage and/or bodily injury) according to the renter's policy limits. Having said that, renting out an RV sounds like a horrible idea to me. Not all car insurance will cover a rental car, and may provide less or no coverage for an RV. And unlike a rental company that has an air-tight contract spelling out their liability, someone renting an RV to a friend has no such contract. If there's a catastrophic accident, I'd still expect the renter to come after the owner and his insurance. "....the renter's liability policy." You will never know *for sure* if the renter has insurance!! IMO - renting to someone you know - is worse than someone you don't know....great way to make an enemy of a (former) friend when "things" go South..:S Just say (a polite) "NO". .
Dtank 08/03/21 11:47am General RVing Issues
RE: Towing My Boat Behind My Fiver'

Obviously(!) requirements vary by state. Ex: California. Double tow is OK (length limit applies) if: The tow vehicle is 1T, & you have a Class A license. At the time I double towed, there was *not* a Non-Commercial class A, but would guess the Non-Com would (now) be OK. IMO your dice to roll. No matter where you travel, lots of LEOs have better things to do on the freeways/expressways, etc. - many others do not. Expensive if you are the "recipient" of the ones who do not! :W Good luck !!
Dtank 08/02/21 05:57pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Has anyone noticed

Must be a left coast thing having just completed 6 weeks in CO, WY, UT, and the N Rim… less busy than last summer and as usual, I’m the only big rig in the CG dry camping on the dirt. The Left Coast: Note the OP says he was at the Central Oregon COAST, then down 101 to a "no frills" park on the COAST. The Oregon COAST is great in the summer! Whole different environment in the winter. ("Horizontal" rain due to wind, & "normal" rain also). *If* you're in CA - anywhere *not* close to the COAST - it's HOT !!.:( Some inland locales are both hot due to the temperature AND due to fires. Also in CA - "pre-pandemic" - reservations at State campground along the COAST have always been sold out the day after you can make reservations (6 mo in advance). Better make reservations well in advance for private campgrounds along the COAST as well. Sooooo if you don't have reservations, you take what you can get...if you can "get"...anything! - no matter what type of RV. Nothing new! :W .
Dtank 08/01/21 05:13pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Waste/Sewage System

I'm pretty sure he just wants to bootleg a system....not for permanent use. jdc1 - *If* your nephew - the HS dropout - is in also in CA, the "bootleg" system could result in hefty $$ fines for disposing of Bio-Hazards - as well as removal of waste by a Haz-mat vacuum truck -AND- contaminated soil. (Violation/s of state and county codes). OP - do serious research on your plan - as well as consideration (and cost) of the consequences if you proceed - where ever you are !! :(..:( .
Dtank 07/30/21 09:39pm Tech Issues
RE: Electrical layout in fifthwheel

I was playing around with my breakers and using a treble light to see which breaker fed which circuit. I was slightly confused by one circuit named 6FT…but apparently it runs most of the outdoor plugs and kitchen plugs. I counted 6 receptacles on this circuit. Another circuit named Slide has 7 on it total. Which were scattered throughout the trailer . Lastly I had one circuit called Bedroom. And it only had one plug on it which was for a wall mounted TV. The plug was beside the cable connection. The bedroom actually has 3 other plugs in there all wired to Slide circuit.. My questions are, what does 6FT mean? And who the hell at Heartland RV wired this trailer so oddly? Everything works but it’s just bizarre the way they ran the wires in my opinion. Anyone else gave issues like this? They could’ve spread the power out a little better Sounds as if the wiring job overlapped shift change… 3 tons Not shift change.....Electrical by.....skilled *Amish* "craftsmen"!! :W .
Dtank 07/30/21 09:27pm Tech Issues
RE: What's a decent battery charger?

Wow - "Harvey51" in Alberta !! Quantum Leap (by you), your post from... 10-31-16 To next - dated..... 7-28-21 !! :B .
Dtank 07/30/21 09:18pm Tech Issues
RE: Chinese RV tires... holding up!

"GY has suspended production of the Endurance and they are out of stock nearly everywhere." That's a shame for those who want a quality US Made tire. When GY moves production of Endurance tires to China....will they no longer be a *quality* tire? :h..:S .
Dtank 07/22/21 07:42pm General RVing Issues
RE: Roadside Assistance

Ditto with posters! You needed a mobile mechanic -or- a tow to a repair facility! "RA" is a bad term for what is *normally* referred to as "ERS": Emergency Road Service. "Digest" those three words!..:W As others have said, carefully READ & STUDY your policy for what is covered - and what is not .
Dtank 07/09/21 09:44pm General RVing Issues
RE: Wen 2000w Inverter Gen on woot for $380 today

Yamaha knock-offs. Can't be too bad. Until you need parts. Oh that Cummins!! ALWAYS the nay-sayer!..:( .
Dtank 07/09/21 09:33pm General RVing Issues
RE: Looking for ideas on how to Roll up/store 50 amp cord

Don't anyone think that simply buying a 12V cord reel to put your existing cord on will work. Reason is standard cords are too stiff. Which is too stiff? (Which is "standard"?) My factory supplied "Anaconda" is very stiff - it would require a reel twice the size of the replacement cord (which is better quality, much more flexible cord). IMO - the "standard"(?) factory cord is result of low bid by the mfgr's bean counters...kinda like tires, LOL. BTW: A factory rep at an RV show admitted same, in re: the bean counters. :W
Dtank 07/08/21 08:33pm General RVing Issues
RE: Looking for ideas on how to Roll up/store 50 amp cord

Wrestling - The ANACONDA ! : You can do bins and baskets, and shorter cords, etc., etc. However (IMO) the best investment I ever made for the Anaconda, is to replace it with a 12V powered cord reel (and cord) - mounted in a compartment. Pull out the amount you need - push button to retract cord. The supplied cord is MUCH more flexible than the mfgr supplied cord. (It's 25 ft.long. I have yet to need -after 10 years- the 15' extension I carry.) Also, I have the option of re-connecting to the factory wiring to the Marinco connection at the rear of my 5th whenever I wish.....including when/if I sell my RV. The cord & reel can stay with me, for whatever might be next. Simply un-plug the powered cord & reel and connect the "pig-tail" from the power panel. NO way to connect (the male plug) to more than one (female) option! My factory supplied "Anaconda" sleeps peacefully in a cardboard box in the garage. :C..:)..;) On edit: My bad! The cord reel cord is 25' long, not 36'.. Maybe It's the factory Anaconda that's 36' - but not going to drag him out to check. .
Dtank 07/07/21 05:38pm General RVing Issues
RE: Chinese RV tires... holding up!

Put on a set of GY ENDURANCE and be assured you won't be changing a tire in 88 weather unless road hazard. "......unless road hazard." = right out of the GY playbook! GY: "The tires failed due to a road hazard or were underinflated". The court didn't buy it, "Goodyear Kept Tire Problems Quiet" as published by the SP Times. The settlement revolved around (no pun) several types of GY tires, including Marathons. But - how can a *current* buyer "be assured"?..:h Easy! - "Cummins12V98" said so in a post on an internet forum! Well, all right! - OK!..:C If GY won't cover replacement, any damages, and down time... maybe Cummins will!...:W Whatever you "roll on" - choose wisely & do your homework. .
Dtank 07/06/21 07:21pm General RVing Issues
RE: Chinese RV tires... holding up!

After having 3 trailer tire totally come apart, not just go flat. I don't buy off brand tires any more. One of those was a GY Marathon, and 2 were Tow Masters. Yes in my opinion GY Marathons were Off brand. Now the only tires that go on my TT are Maxxis. Yes some are made in Thailand. But they have the best reputation in the ST tire industry. AND I change them out at the beginning of their 4th year not matter what. Sitting on the side of the interstate changing tire will do that for ya. And yes. The tires that blew were aired to max cold specs. They were aired before each trip, and checked during the trip. so that ain't the key. The MAXXIS have been good but there are reported failures. Next time get a set of ENDURANCE with a stellar record. Any tire brand can have failures. But, please state the circumstances of the failures you reference and where the info can be found. It should be noted, that failures which are adjudicated (in court) in the plaintiff's favor will be sealed by the mfgr as part of the settlement. Only law firms will reference the results of same - you won't see it on forums or via Google....with one major exception which ran in the SP Times. Also - GY took care of (most) of the Marathon failures by replacing the tires with (only) new *GY* tires, but no compensation for damage to owner's trailers caused by the tire/s. You can find lots of old threads, right here on RV Net. You obviously are a big fan of GY Endurance! - Your prerogative!..:C BTW - the Endurance Tires haven't been around long enough to rate a long term "stellar record"! Kinda reminiscent of RV Net poster "Fast Eagle" who was a dyed in the wool ST tire fan - he even (accidentally) alluded to having no less than 22 ST tires on his trailer over a couple of years. He even had a tire engineering background to back up *his* "stellar" claims, LOL. .
Dtank 06/29/21 01:37pm General RVing Issues
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