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RE: Question for TEXANS- Class A non CDL

Contact the Texas DPS and get the correct and official answer. BEST answer yet. X-2 (or 3 or 4) :B BTW - ask on the Escapees Forum. Many/most licensed in TX, towing 5ths, etc. HQ'd in Livingston, TX - again many/most use the TX DMV there - and know the "ropes" !! ~
Dtank 04/02/23 10:50am General RVing Issues
RE: stairs

To each there own. Ours has the fold out steps and both DW and I love them. Much more stable than the fold out kind. I am never so rushed I can't spend a few minutes adjusting the steps or cleaning them off when packing up. If you don't like 'em don't get 'em. In our case, when the 5th wheel is home we don't have the room to use them. It's not a matter of "to each his own, adjusting, etc." -..:S As the poster states above: "when the fifth wheel is home we don't have the room to use them" (whether we like the design or not). House on one side - block wall on the other side. Approx 36" avail on each side. Even with the 3-step fold out - bottom step is about one to two inches from side of house or block wall. ~
Dtank 03/07/23 05:10pm Tech Issues
RE: Residency and voters rights in South Dakota

Easy solution (answers): Call Americas Mailbox in Box Elder. They built their own campground from "scratch" - Spent big $ on same. They should be very tuned in to the "situation" & your concerns! Nice, well informed & helpful folks. :C
Dtank 02/23/23 12:25pm General RVing Issues
RE: where to find replacement trailer furniture?

Almost all backs come off recliners. Thats how they're shipped. Takes up less room that way. As mentioned stay away from RV furniture and go to your local furniture store. Where did you get your home furniture? Ditto the above. EVERY recliner I have ever purchased for home or RV was in the two parts described above (including "wall-huggers"). Shop at a furniture store that specializes in recliners - or even COSTCO. As far as the sofa - the backs (futon style - or hide-a-bed) backs are also removable. For hide-a-bed remove the mattress also due to the weight. An assistant helps for those. Have taken all of the above in/out of standard RV entry doors. :C .
Dtank 02/19/23 01:49pm General RVing Issues
RE: RV Wholesalers - reviews/opinions wanted

RV Wholesalers? First of all, they are not a wholesaler at all. They offer discounted pricing to draw people in from all over the country, and then you MUST finance with their people to get the "deal". Things may have changed since I dealt with them over 10 years ago, but the one thing I would say is never ever special order a unit from them. Our experience was disappointing to say the least - wrong cabinet wood, no PDI to speak of, wrong interior color scheme, many interior quality issues. After waiting months for this particular unit & travelling over 5 hours to get there, I did not stand my ground like I should have and took the TT home. The lack of communication between the salesmen there and us led to most of our issues - they could have been dealt with much sooner over the phone or via text/email. I know others have had a much better experience with them, but as for me and my family, never again! I was about to travel to RV Wholesalers.....but then I learned ANY dealer can be a "wholesaler" - IF the dealer chooses to do so. Soooo.... I "shopped" numerous dealers (no distance limitations) for the best deal on EXACTLY what I wanted. When you find the price/dealer who wants your must decide is it worth the savings to travel -or- not?? Now - "re-shop" your local dealers. Will the local dealer meet or beat your "benchmark" price? Or come close to it? I'm in CA and my experience is opposite of quadcab's post. I traveled to Montana to complete the purchase once I had a contract in hand. Minimal deposit. The dealer used a mobile RV service for the PDI, which was very thorough. The DW and I spent two nights on the dealers lot - then a week at a local campground. I did call the mobile RV once during that time - which was simply something (mechanical) which I didn't understand. My bad! Prompt response -no charge- all well. At that time Jayco had a 2-year factory warranty, which I never needed. Would I do the same again - You Bet !! Caveat: The above applies if you are ORDERING the RV you want. If you must "have it now" - a unit on the dealers lot, you are in direct competition with everyone/anyone who also may wish to "negotiate" for that unit. Sometimes that may work out OK (to your satisfaction) - but you probably will pay more. Happy hunting. :B ..:B.. ~
Dtank 01/18/23 11:38pm General RVing Issues
RE: Directv ??? what are they doing???

"Direct TV?? What are they doing??? Easy! DTV is doing heir best to - "direct" you to some other service. It worked for me! :W .
Dtank 01/07/23 06:16pm Technology Corner
RE: Towing with lifted truck; need assistance

you wanna tow? put the truck back on the ground. your headed for trouble jacked up. :S X-2 .
Dtank 01/05/23 11:33am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Battery

“I will be be relying on it heavily for use” - “I am usually connected to shore power“ To me, those two statements are contrary to each other, it should be one or the other. After reading the OP's post - I was wondering the same. (???) Maybe he left out *not* connected to shore power.:h .
Dtank 01/05/23 11:25am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Feedback on $50 Onan carbs on Amazon?

Buck up and buy the real deal. Bet the "real deal" is Chinese also!!...:S .
Dtank 01/05/23 11:20am General RVing Issues
RE: lithium batteries

Has anyone converted either engine or carriage batteries or both from lead acid to lithium ion? "carriage batteries".......the thread starter is Amish, LOL. :B .
Dtank 01/05/23 11:18am General RVing Issues
RE: Fun Town dealership

They are the largest towable dealer in Texas and Oklahoma. I do not work for them. Doug CONGRATS !! Unlike "The Cad" :R you actually answered the OP's question!! ~
Dtank 12/15/22 05:48pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: SPAM from a new “member”.

Was I the lucky winner or did others also receive a PM from member “wee5” who shows as a 1 day member named “Jay Nkem”. The message said “ Hey I love the forum and wanted to help the community out by sharing a free pdf that helped me, what is your name and email to receive it.”. These spammers / scammers are clever, always finding new ways to get their **** out there. "pdf" here means - "Post Deleted First" :W...
Dtank 12/02/22 02:27pm General RVing Issues
RE: Montana LLC to save on sales tax

We are getting ready to buy a new RV we’re wondering if any of you have experience forming a Montana LLC to avoid sales tax. We live in Texas and we understand the state of Texas is not clamping down on such restrictions whereas states like California pretty much will not allow you to do it. My question is how hard is it to do? How long did it take you to get it ready? And is it worth the expense and trouble? Thanks for the help! At one time LLCs were a common means to avoid sales tax. HOWEVER - states want their revenue, and began to (legally) pursue folks who were not paying sales tax to the state where they resided. YES - it was often litigated. Do your homework. Honest MT law firms will tell you two things: 1. They will *not* represent you in a state other than Montana. 2. They will suggest you become a legal resident of a state with less (or no) sales tax than where you currently reside - (no LLC necessary). Of course they will set up an LLC for you....for a fee. When stopped by an LEO, expect to explain why your DL is from a different state than the plates on your RV. Why isn't the owner of the LLC a resident? (Good luck!). Suggest you look into South Dakota - plan to have both your DL and RV registration from SD......and SD *does* charge sales tax. Bottom line: There's no free lunch! :R ~
Dtank 11/24/22 05:37pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Locked Out...Sorta

Best lock cleaner you can get is called "Houdini". We used that stuff where padlocks were subjected to dusty and freezing conditions and never had an issue. Learn something new every day!...:C Google: "Houdini Lock Lube" - - supposedly the locksmith's friend for over 40 years! (reasonably priced)
Dtank 11/24/22 05:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: Pulled to the left when being passed by Big Rigs

I was taught this back about 1960. When a large vehicle is about to pass, maintain a steady speed while gently and manually applying the trailer brakes. This pulls your rig into a straight line and greatly reduces trailer sway. Towed TTs for many years. Simple anti sway bar helped a lot (Hensley was not for me) - AND - I also always did the above....and/or a moment of acceleration to pull your rig into a straight line. Keep track (reg glances in the mirror) to see what is approaching in the adjoining lane to accomplish the above....timing is everything - but not difficult. :W .
Dtank 11/04/22 11:08pm General RVing Issues
RE: Theft at a State park.......

Who in the world would want someone else's SEWER HOSE? Woke up yesterday morning at Chain-O-lakes state park in northern Indiana (park was full) and walked around to the rear of the RV. Bumper plug on the ground and stinky slinky GONE....... I carry a couple in the bumper and the other one was still there...... Stupid is all I can think to say........ Wow!! Great RVing issue to debate!!...:R...:@ Obviously - somebody lost theirs (the highway "thing") or theirs was damaged. Theft prevention: carry it inside your RV...:B Guess I should have gone past the first two replies, but I'll pass. ~
Dtank 10/27/22 04:04pm General RVing Issues
RE: How do you sell a relatively new rv and downsize/moneywise?

No comment on your lack of success, however - ...... best way to sell *ANYTHING*: Place ad in Craigslist. *NO* e-mail. Leave the VM number (see next). Get an automated voice mail phone number. (about $8 per month). Give complete description of what you have for sale, and price. (The one I use will allow 5 minute outgoing message - I usually only need about one minute). Advise callers to leave THEIR phone number if interested -AND- you will return calls in order received. This eliminates bogus calls & calls during all hours of day & night. Use a Tracfone (or other cheap cell phone) to return calls. Only give your *real* phone number to obviously serious callers. You will know if the price is "right" almost immediately! Worked for me.... Sold a TT and a Boat in less than 24 hours. The TT: Placed ad about at midnight. I looked at my calls received list (total of 95!!) at 5PM, the same day. First call had been at 2AM. When returned = the buyer. TT was a done deal the same evening! Even had calls offering more than asking price (I honored my word as to price I advertised). Fishing boat: had (only!) 7 calls, same day. - Again, first caller bought it. BTW - when sold - change outgoing message....To "sold". :C .
Dtank 10/24/22 12:05pm General RVing Issues
RE: 2010 Cougar Fifth Wheel RV

A knowledgeable neighbor or friend may be able to help, if not call a mobile RV tech. It shouldn't cost much. Go with the "if not". You should be able to get a "ballpark" fee quoted from a phone call to an RV tech (Mobile RV service). Try more than one! :W .
Dtank 10/19/22 05:34pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: My Coach Net experience tonight.

We had a bad experience years ago with just one flat tire on our 40' Phaeton. Eventually we got someone to come out and slap a used tire on it as we had no spare. We drove 22 miles to a Boulevard Tire dealer in Florida and boondocked in their parking lot. They fixed our tire in the morning. They said they do not do business with Coach Net and it has to do with the way CN pays those vendors. I am not sure what they require but the way it goes, they are frequently left waiting on their money. They had previously dealt with them but no longer. They said they would have dispatched a truck to us immediately and it would have taken maybe 45 minutes and cost $75. As it was the bill was well over $300, plus the $75 we paid out of pocket the next morning to have the necessary repair done. So it isn't always that there is no service available, it's that there may not be a service willing to jump through the hoops with CN. ******************************** REPLY TO POSTS - (sorry about being "inserted" in the middle) of same! :B...:R Many/most tow operators (the folks the "Motor Clubs" contract with), have contracts with several of the "Motor Clubs". Unfortunately, the above is true. When "we" could visit the tow operators forum (without "affiliation"), this was a common complaint. Soooo - if you are a tow operator and have other service contracts with businesses who pay their bills promptly - who gets the best response? How about a local police agency - who wants a road opened quickly? Suggest anyone who wants an Emergency Road Service that performs well, contact US Rider. Yes - it's intended for equestrians - BUT you do *NOT* have to own a "hay burner" -or- be towing/driving a horse trailer. It's the only ERS that will tow a trailer with live animals! Only caveat is the ERS subscriber must be with the vehicle/s requiring the service -and- they do not provide service for commercial horse transporters. I found that out when I questioned their services, as explained in their brochure. I received both a US Mail reply, an e-mail, and an invitation to speak (by phone) with the director of the service. Can you do the same with your ERS provider? Dtank.. ******************************************************** Dale Exactly, When I finally got towed ( a company that was no longer on the coach net call list) , I talked with the driver. He said the same thing. Coach net uses the lowest cost providers and then jerks them around with payments. So you get the bottom of the barrel if they happen to show up
Dtank 10/12/22 11:59am General RVing Issues
RE: Not enough room

I've had a Diesel since 2005 and have yet to find a nozzle that wouldn't fit. Now if you have a Diesel Passenger Car, that's a different story. "Ditto" to post/s by Ford Truck guy -and- Michelle.S: First diesel truck was a 1985 Ford (1T, crew) - drove it all over the US a couple of times Towing a TT. NEVER had a problem with a nozzle that wouldn't fit...:h Same for/with the Ram/Cummins I have now & 34' 5ht wheel. Yes - had to "plan ahead" once in a while for station & pump locations - no big deal, Google Earth back in 1985 !!...:W ~
Dtank 10/04/22 07:17pm General RVing Issues
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