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RE: banks

City where I worked - a guy and his wife are both coming home from work at the same time. On entering their home, they discover a guy burglarizing it. So they just extended their PD shift a bit. Bank might have been a better choice. ,
Dtank 09/20/20 06:59pm Around the Campfire
RE: How to remove/prevent standing water at campsite???

I am not installing/using a sump pump. If I lived there permanently, that course of action might be more feasible. From where I sit you have limited options; 1)Witch about it. 2)Move 3)Divert the water before it drains to your site 4)Fill area to raise grade. 5)Install a gravity flow drainage system 6)Pump water out of area. 1 is what you want to stop. 2&4 You don't want to do. 3&5 a lot of work, and much in areas you don't control. 6, once the bucket is in place, and water collects rent a 2 inch trash pump for a couple of hours. Your feet get wet on the way to get pump, and while you put suction hose in, but water is soon gone. 7) If all the suggestions for a solution are "non starters" - just call it *Mission Impossible* - and try your best to enjoy your lake! .
Dtank 09/20/20 06:43pm General RVing Issues
RE: Sleeping on air mattress equipped sofa bed ??????

Quality air mattress WITH air chambers work well Another vote for the above. *If* you want to use two twin air mattresses - make sure they will both fit on the sofa bed. The mattresses in a box - are way more expensive than air mattresses - and as a poster said, real PITA to move around!!- in a word, DON'T. .
Dtank 09/20/20 06:33pm General RVing Issues
RE: How to remove/prevent standing water at campsite???

Many great suggestions. If the owner doesn't agree with the one(s) you like, do the raised (wood) walkway in "movable / portable" sections that can be stacked somewhere for "next time". Meanwhile - stock it for fishing - and/or get an inflatable kayak. .
Dtank 09/16/20 12:27pm General RVing Issues
RE: Anyone pulling over 12K with new Ford 7.3 Gasser?

Yeah. I have a PacBrake on my 2004.5 Ram (there was no OEM option for an exhaust brake). With trailer in tow, I just descended a 7 degree grade at 60mph without touching the brakes once. I won't tow again with a diesel without an exhaust brake. I don't even know if you can buy a new diesel from the big 3 that doesn't have an EB. I would still like to see a side by side comparison of engine braking, same displacement gas/diesel exhaust brake. I know the diesel without the add-on has almost nothing, so it would be the difference restricting the air in compare to restricting air out. Gas = downshift. You will still need to use brakes on and off to maintain speed. Diesel = You need to take a test drive! "Back when" with my 1985 Ferd diesel - there was no compression braking. A downshift to a lower gear was necessary. Exhaust brakes were optional on RAM trucks with manual transmissions in 2005. With automatic trans in 2006. After that, like the poster says - standard equipment. No need to use the (hydraulic) brakes on a downhill - except for a complete stop. BTW - HDTs (Heavy Duty Trucks) have had "Jake Brakes" for years - including 3 stage. Yes - a Jake Brake (HDT) and an EB (LDT) -some mfg by "Jacobs"- are two different animals that achieve the same excellent results. ~
Dtank 09/16/20 10:45am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Question about exiting in an emergency

Yeah ... and I've always wondered about your "RV's go from on fire to fully engulfed very quickly" comment ... that seems to be true. "SEEMS" to be true??? - You can "make book" on that! As another poster already sated - NO sheetrock (or drywall) on the interior for structural fire protection. Same for Mobile Homes. Ask any firefighter that has responded to either one. If response time is approx 3 minutes or more - it's a goner...:S .
Dtank 09/10/20 06:38pm General RVing Issues
RE: Goodyear Marathon tires- Ever get reimbursed?

Common practice for GY to replace Marathon failures. Unfortunately, with another set to the same. Sometimes even covered damage to the trlr. But - no compensation for down time. These forums (and others) are full of Marathon tales of woe. Try a search in the archives! Give someone a cut rate "deal" on the replacements - purchase a different brand - with a better success story. Or...."history" is bound to repeat itself. .
Dtank 09/10/20 06:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: My new Travel Trailer tires are not from China !

It's a completely different thread without all the garbage from the Cummins sisters. My word. You delete info that is pertinent to all - regardless of what Mr. Cummins posts. Totally wrong when you delete good info - for no apparent reason (except your own prejudices). AMF !
Dtank 07/18/20 04:21pm General RVing Issues
RE: We're Baaaacccckkkkk!

Wow it's been quite some time since we've posted here. We are fond of remote camping and primitive state parks and hope to expand our travels from the western states to the entire nation. Lovely to see is still here. Karen & Marcel The..."primitive state parks" - must be *very* primitive - & remote if you've just found out " is still here"...:@ .
Dtank 07/13/20 11:37pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Do you use glare wax

Scrolling thru their web site: "Watch for the next Iron Classics Car Show - Feb 25, 2012" !! Think it requires a flux capacitor !! :( .
Dtank 07/13/20 11:22pm General RVing Issues
RE: A very good reason Not to scrimp on surge protectors.

Seems like I am not quite up on these things. I have read quite a bit of these posts about electrical issues and such. As an owner of a 30AMP RV, do I need one of these? Should I be as concerned about surge and low power? I do have a couple different meters and could measure the outlet before plugging in. I also do not have any delicate electronics, just typical fridge, A/C, TV, lights. I haven't seen a problem yet, knock on wood... Thanks Here's another - *VERY*- good reason not to scrimp on surge protectors !! (Preferably a PI) "......measuring the voltage at the 30 amp pedestal". Note the "typical" items (in your post) that *were* damaged...:( (LOTS of "reasons" by LOTS of RV owners!!) THE ELECTRICIAN SAID... "OOPS" :W .
Dtank 07/11/20 03:51pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Apple's cooperation with Chinese officials

I know I am wandering way off topic and would understand killing this thread. This is hitting close to home. Just go back to Apple with three p's - and you're good to go to..... "Sweet Home Alabalama" - and call you "The Wandderer" !! :W .
Dtank 07/10/20 01:33am Technology Corner
RE: Cable Maintenance for Dump valves

I have 3 dump valves operated by cables. I've tried searching for how to maintain and lubricate them but haven't found much information. What should I be doing to maintain them and what products should I be using? The pull handles are accessed through the front drivers side compartment below my Nautilus P1 water controls. Thanks! Dave Years ago, trailer dump valves used to be mounted "externally" somewhere on the drain pipe/s - no cables. Easy access, easy to replace. A cable means it's under the RV - not a fun job to replace! However, *usually* the cable is the problem - not the valve. The mfgrs do a poor (lousy!) job of routing the cables! After years of use - pushing & pulling the handle/s, the cable (inside the sheath) may develop "slack" and/or a kink. Lube won't fix that. Follow the cable from the handle to the valve. Look for excessive bends, etc. Is it binding? Have someone operate the pull handle for you. Watch the valve open and close - and how the cable "reacts". The valve *may* be bad - solution = replace it, but it can be a real "PITA" (been there done that). Skip the lube efforts! Try replacing *just* the cable before doing the valve - it's *not* expensive! Check Valterra (on Amazon) for parts. If that solves the problem, you have saved yourself a LOT of grief! BTW - (on edit) - Valterra makes an "twist-on" valve to attach to the end of the 3" drain. About $15. Handy temp fix when the "main" valve fails (hopefully in the open position). Good luck! .
Dtank 07/10/20 12:26am Tech Issues
RE: Check your bolts!!

Lost a engine mount bolt so went to pull the nut off the mate to make sure I got the right size.... Took it off not with a wrench but my fingers.. Put it back with locktite. Appears the OP could add - Check your nuts!! - to the thread title? :W
Dtank 07/09/20 08:26pm General RVing Issues
RE: People sure are getting petty with their park reviews

I thumbed through the recent reviews at and noticed that several of the 1 star reviews were pretty dang petty. One was upset because they left their handgun in a cabin when they checked out and the park owner wasn't thrilled to have an unattended, loaded, firearm laying around. The poster went on to rant about they had a concealed carry permit and how the park's website didn't put they prohibited firearms in bold print, instead it was but one of a number of rules on their rule page. I don't know what having a carry permit has to do with leaving a weapon laying around since by definition it isn't being carried, but what do I know. In another review, the reviewer was upset because they were asked to move their car off the grass. The reviewer went so far as to claim they measured how much they were on the grass and that amount was one inch. They neglected to post how much on the grass they felt was OK. Both of those parks otherwise had consistent excellent reviews. Is it just me or does it feel like people are becoming more self centered on a daily basis. A "rant review" of - campground reviews -AND- the reviewer/s...:R..:R All are a waste of time - been camping in RVs since 1975. Before that in tents. Sure - found campgrounds I liked and didn't like. Some that were better than others - even outstanding! Good, bad, or ugly.....the two folks that looked at "reviews" - probably went somewhere else anyway. And/or (G-B-U rated) new ownership might rate a "vice-versa". *If* it's an area you regularly frequent.....YOU will know what's good and what's not. Return....or don't. Sooooo there ya go. That's my review, ROTFL. :W
Dtank 07/09/20 04:25pm General RVing Issues
RE: Hey Michigan people, title and registration question

Congrats on getting the trailer. Getting it Titled and Registered in MI. NOTE the Thing may say "Foreign" on the Title or reg (forget which).. (means you bought it out of state). Or perhaps only folks like me see that (Retired police dispatcher 18 years retired). I can tell you some days dealing with SOS has been... Interesting.. For the odds of them getting it 100% right ... not all that good. I've had bad VINs and bad address (I have that right now on my motor home and will till October) and more... Tons of fun getting them to do it right. The California DMV can top ANY State's "goofy" (clueless) Vehicle Registration / Driver's Licenses (etc.) office in the USA!! And....the CHP and the DMV speak different languages to each other! (NO translators available). Best I've ever encountered was South Dakota - for a DL transfer (one state to another) and new vehicle registrations. Ten minutes total! No exaggeration. .
Dtank 07/06/20 02:57pm General RVing Issues
RE: Do ice cubes in the black tank really work?

Forget the black tank. Put the ice in a glass of margarita ! Guy X - 2,000 !! -....:B Google "The GEO Method" and read while you sip...:W Just another "Gee Whiz" solution (no pun intended) that may or may not work. .
Dtank 07/06/20 02:39pm General RVing Issues
RE: 5.9 Cummins Diesel Towing capacity

We are looking very seriously at a 5vr that total GVWR is 15,000 pounds. My dodge dually is 2001 dually. JUst had the tranny completely rebuilt and it has been chipped. Not sure about being able to pull such a load over a mountain pass. Please advise asap??? Thanks so much You might consider the *Tow Vehicles* forum (here). Of course, many "brand loyal" posters there. Soooooo..... Next - go to the many forums for diesel pickups - for/of the specific brand/s you are interested in. (forum names via Google) Check the "help" (etc) sections to see what kind/s of problems *owners* are encountering (if any). Roll on! .
Dtank 07/04/20 11:06am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Home made 50 amp power cord.

you arn't gonna find any. There are no right angle twist-locks. You ain't correct...:S As in - You be wrong!..:B Google "Marinco Park Power 1RPC50RV" - for several suppliers. Walmart appears to be the best price, although most pretty close. Note: The Camping World $44 item is *not* 50 amp ( = 30 amp). .
Dtank 07/04/20 10:58am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Roadside Assistance Companies

AAA also offers RV plans. Major differences with GS is 100 mile tow to anywhere you want versus the nearest facility. GS offers no limit to number of tows and AAA is 4. Buyer beware: At one time AAA did *NOT* have reciprocity for ERS plans in some parts of the country. (The AAA plan from *your* state was not honored). Verify very thoroughly!...:@ .
Dtank 07/03/20 05:49pm General RVing Issues
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