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RE: BlueTooth Brake Controller

How do you manually activate it to do a brake test?
Ductape 09/12/19 10:30am Technology Corner
RE: Onan Generator Cranking Amps

I expect it’s a lot more than that. Cummins spec for starting batteries: 475 amps down to 0° F (?17° C) 650 amps down to ?20° F (?29° C).
Ductape 09/10/19 06:38pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Best wax for lazy people?

Meguiars Ultimate Fast Finish. It an aerosol. This stuff is literally wipe on, wipe off.
Ductape 09/07/19 10:19am General RVing Issues
RE: Traveling with glass

We carry the same foods in the MH as we use at home. Pack items tightly in spaces so they can’t move. Especially fragile items pack interspersed with softer items or towels, cardboard items etc. You can use plastic bins in the fridge or pantry to contain items. Taller items best stored laying down.
Ductape 09/06/19 08:49am General RVing Issues
RE: Late check out

I would have told her to take it up with the office. You were reasonable and considerate.
Ductape 09/03/19 01:27pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Refill fresh water from when no gravity fill exists

It’s not uncommon in older fill stations to find faucets with no threads or hoses with no male ends. I have on occasion used a hose with the female connector cut off to slip over a smooth faucet and fastened it temporarily with electrical tape to fill. For an alternative, I’d use a portable submersible pump in a bucket. Let the source water run in the bucket and pump it up to the motor home. I’d have no interest at all in installing an old style gravity fill. We have a 100 gallon tank, there’s no way I’m carrying that many cans of water!
Ductape 09/03/19 09:26am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Parking motor home on pavers

There are variations in quality, some pavers are cheap and easily crack. Get some rated for vehicle use, not just walkway cheap stuff from the home improvement store. Biggest is the underlying foundation plenty of gravel and rock dust well compacted is called for. The right preparation depends a lot on local soil conditions, I’d seek out some professionals and get quotes and recommendations on the job. Measure twice, cut once. You don’t want to do this job over.
Ductape 08/30/19 11:10am General RVing Issues
RE: Kiplinger: 13 Reasons You'll Regret An RV In Retirement

I’ve learned to never read an article on the web with numbers in the title. Invariably it’s clickbait, not well researched original content that you may benefit from reading.
Ductape 08/28/19 10:37am General RVing Issues
RE: Jetpack vs MiFi vs Hotspot

It is very rarely the hardware that determines the throughput or bandwidth you’ll receive today. With any reasonably modern modem, be it phone or a dedicated hotspot, the limitation will be how much speed you are allocated by the carrier tower. Which is a function of what plan you have (priority), and how many other users are competing for the resource (congestion). And then there’s throttling, which is a hard speed limit built into the fine print on many plans.
Ductape 08/26/19 09:49am Technology Corner
RE: Phone numbers on important things

And on the door of the RV, in case some issue arises while we’re away from it.
Ductape 08/25/19 08:38am General RVing Issues
RE: Taking the Boat and SUV along

Ductape 08/24/19 08:48am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Internet RV is 300 feet from home -- WIFI /??/

If you use a travel router AKA WiFi repeater such as the WiFi Ranger or similar with a rooftop antenna you’ll have no problem picking up a signal from 300 feet.
Ductape 08/07/19 09:42pm Technology Corner
RE: Don't let them steal your phone number

Where’s a citation with evidence it’s a growing crime. Just because something gets press attention means nothing; every day it’s another chicken little story. I haven’t known of a wireless carrier that didn’t use PIN numbers on accounts in 20 years.
Ductape 08/07/19 09:39pm Technology Corner
RE: Without Thinking Buy New and Don't Even Consider Repairing

Not to worry. Cali will pass some more laws and fix it all.
Ductape 08/06/19 05:13pm Tech Issues
RE: For you truck campers--slow down heh

Ran off and left his rescuers in the dust after loading? You can’t fix stupid. It used to be I would help anyone and everyone off roading. But after encountering too many drunks and stupids sometimes I just drive on by.
Ductape 08/01/19 09:16pm Truck Campers
RE: Current Road Conditions for the Dalton Highway

It can't be much worse than what we had on the TOK cutoff to Valdez. You think so? :B You do realize you’re asking about the condition of a dirt road in the summertime? Most likely it will alternate between mud and dust depending on when and where it last rained. Any report more than a day old, the conditions have changed. This month we drove through dust, mud, and best of all, fresh tar on the road. Which signifies nothing, because it’s all changed since then. You can be assured the road is passable, because it’s in daily use. And it’s filthy, wet or dry. And you’ll encounter more potholes than you wish to see. The asphalt is almost always worse than the dirt or gravel for that reason.
Ductape 07/28/19 08:38pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Who really cares about what forum a thread is in?

Are you one of those who couldn’t care less about spelling and grammar as well?
Ductape 07/28/19 10:58am General RVing Issues
RE: Bicyclist/RV Death

There’s no excuse for running down a cyclist in your lane traveling the same direction. Vehicular homicide open and shut case. really? RV coming around a right-hand curve at or below the posted limit and sees a biker 20-ft in front of them as they round the apex of the curve. the driver does a panic stop but physics am physics and the biker loses. what's the RV driver or other motorist to do... assume there is a bike, pedestrian or water buffalo in front of them and slow to a crawl and peek around the curve or move over into the oncoming lane and hope to God there are no vehicles in that lane? I do slow down around those types of curves as I imagine the RV driver involved did but not to a crawl. yes, bikers have the same right to the roadway but just as a driver of a motor vehicle must use caution and common sense so does a bike rider and that means assuming that a motor vehicle may not see them in time to stop or safely pass. on a 2-lane country road in Texas a few years ago we encountered an organized group ride, may 100-bikes or so. most of the group was strung out for at least a half mile but we were down to a crawl as many of the groups were riding 4-6 abreast across both lanes. irresponsible. Sounds like you’re in the habit of out driving your sight distance if you’re only aware of someone 20’ ahead at highway speeds. If you cannot stop in the space you can see then eventually a crash is inevitable. Defensive driving 101. And it’ll be a crash, not an accident.
Ductape 07/26/19 07:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: Bicyclist/RV Death

There’s no excuse for running down a cyclist in your lane traveling the same direction. Vehicular homicide open and shut case. The cyclist was hit by the side mirror of the RV and crashed. Should we forget that nonsense about being 'innocent until proven guilty' and send the RVer to prison without a trial? This could happen to any one of us. It’s not going to happen to me because I’m not going to attempt to share a lane with another vehicle while driving something nine feet wide at high speed. If it happens to you, then you’re a careless driver.
Ductape 07/26/19 07:09pm General RVing Issues
RE: Bicyclist/RV Death

There’s no excuse for running down a cyclist in your lane traveling the same direction. Vehicular homicide open and shut case.
Ductape 07/26/19 02:04pm General RVing Issues
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