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RE: Member status--how does this change?

I'm a senior member but don't recall giving them my age. It's 200.....meaning posts. I may be a senior....but there is still some frivolity here.
Durb 06/01/20 09:55pm Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: Member status--how does this change?

I'm a senior member but don't recall giving them my age. Maybe they can tell I'm a senior due to my grammar. Doesn't matter, I never received an extra discount because of it.
Durb 06/01/20 08:33pm Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: Lightest slider hitch?

Consider the Blue Ox Super Ride hitch. It does not slide, instead it hinges fore and aft when needed. If your desire for lightness is based on easy install/removal, the Super Ride breaks down into three pieces. It also has a unique wrap-around jaw and an imbedded lube plate. Unlike the B&W and Andersen hitches touted, the Super Ride also offers a cushioned ride with pocketed air springs.
Durb 05/31/20 12:54pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: fifth wheel backing trouble

PopUp brand 10" pin box extension.
Durb 05/29/20 09:04pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: F-250 Needs New Shoes

I have a friend with the sailun Terramax tires from Les Schwab except the ATs. Her only comment was they drove fine and were inexpensive. I'll give them a look when I'm in the market next year. Their trailer tires have a good reputation. I recall a post from a man that had 40k on his and he was pleased.
Durb 05/27/20 11:30pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Family of 4, looking for smaller trailer

At 6'-3", you will hate sleeping in a short RV queen size bed. Try to find one with a full 80" long bed. We took our granddaughters with us for years in our 25' trailer (22' box) with no slides with excellent results. The girls slept on the dinette bed. This worked good until the oldest was 10, then not enough room. An upgrade was necessary. Kids your age will fondly remember the camping adventures no matter where they sleep. Ensure the wife is comfortable.
Durb 05/17/20 10:51am Travel Trailers
RE: Stainless steel screws

Stainless into aluminum is certainly better than zinc on aluminum. Realize that zinc plating is micro-thin and will corrode away in less than a year. Stainless into aluminum are both solids so have mass. Electrolysis also needs an electrolyte (water); keep the contact point dry and you won't have a problem. I've replaced all the screws holding the moldings onto my trailer with stainless (over 600). Never a problem.
Durb 05/16/20 08:19pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Opinion: best value HD truck under 20k?

Value is determined by what it costs you now compared to what you could sell it for later which would be net cost of ownership. 03-07 Ram with the 5.9 Cummins, they just don't like to depreciate. And, in my experience, are reliable and easy to maintain. Stay away from lifted, oversized tires, and tuned rigs.
Durb 04/30/20 09:13am Tow Vehicles
RE: Michigan state parks extend closures

Faulty logic. Joe can't go camping anyhow; the parks are closed! Joe doesn't have a Class A motorhome, I guess we should close all the Class A only RV parks. Joe can't tent camp in some parks in Yellowstone; better close the entire park to everyone. Joe has five kids, what about those with only 3 kids; better close down all the campgrounds to everyone.
Durb 04/30/20 09:01am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Hitch and Pin Box Replacement

I wouldn't worry arout the kingpin groove, just make sure there aren't any burrs. The hitch you are considering will have 1" thick jaws and will wrap right around that groove.
Durb 04/28/20 09:32am Fifth-Wheels
RE: New Truck 4x4 or 4x2 ??

If you were buying used, I would go for the 2WD due to the fact that you will get a better deal. Buying new, I would opt for the 4WD. You get some inclement weather where you live. With the current economic climate, you could probably get a smoking deal on an inventory truck which would most likely be 4WD. I purchased a used 2WD truck used and have zero regrets. You are correct, they are easier to live with in terms of getting in and out, plus bed access is easy. My truck also fits my trailer which a 4WD wouldn't. My truck is not a daily driver and we have an AWD SUV for when the weather is bad. We limit our camping to the pleasant months and have never had the need for 4WD. The fear of not being able to sell your 2WD truck is overblown. I could sell mine in a heartbeat. If you opt for 2WD, make sure you get a limited slip rear end if not standard.
Durb 04/27/20 11:40am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Been waiting a long time on this post!

What is it with folks and white trucks?? LMAO! I know. When I purchased my used 04.5 Ram Dually Laramie with 62k miles, I asked why it hadn't sold yet. The seller said one man wanted it in the worst way but declined because it was silver instead of white. I have a friend who will only purchase white vehicles and has a hard time riding in other vehicles that aren't white. OP, nice truck and trailer.
Durb 04/21/20 10:26am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Propane tank age out, refurbish or replace?

One thing to keep in mind on the recert, if you are going to Canada, they do not accept our recert. Also new tanks need to be recerted after 10 years now. I have only seen two places that have a 30 lb. exchange. One was at an RV park in Bullhead City, AZ. and at the convenience store at Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park. And last July, the c-store 30's had disappeared and only 20's were available. I'm sure there is more around but few and far between. Also, the "Blue Rhino" exchange tanks are filled to less than 80%, so keep that in mind when deciding on exchange or recert. Thanks for that information regarding Canada. I live in the Northwest and Canada is a possibility in the near future. My tanks are made in USA, Feb. 07.
Durb 04/12/20 10:19am General RVing Issues
Propane tank age out, refurbish or replace?

My 30# tanks have aged out and my dealer won't refill them. Should I just have them re-certified or replaced? Any estimates on the cost of having them up graded (12 years old). If I elect to buy new ones, will I have trouble recycling the old tanks? Thanks
Durb 04/11/20 09:57pm General RVing Issues
RE: Raising my 5th wheel

Going to 16 inch wheels will allow you to get a taller tire. You will need to look at the 235/80/16, 235/85/16 or the 255/85/16 based on your existing tire size they are 28.3 inches in diameter the 235/80/16 are 30.8 gain 1.25" the 235/85/16 are 31.7 gain 1.7" the 255/85/16 are 33.1 gain 2.4" the height gain will be half the difference of the diameter difference ie 30.8-28.3= 2.5/2=1.25 inch added height you will need to check your axle spacing center of axle to center of axle and decide for yourself what is enough tire spacing between the tires. My trailer has 33 inch axle spacing so I could no way use the 255/85/16 tires as they would touch each other but the other two sizes would work. You also want to check the clearance between the top of the tire and the underneath side of the trailer, take that measurement and for the sake of discussion lets say it is 6 inches now minus the increased height 6-1.25= 4.75 inches. If that is enough space for the trailer suspension to cycle without the tires hitting the underside of the trailer you are good. Trailer suspensions don't move too much only a few inches I believe but that will depend on the trailer and type of suspension used. Very informative post.
Durb 04/07/20 09:21am Fifth-Wheels
RE: What manufacturers will this recession bring down?

A manufacturer can remain idle for a short period of time, just have to cover their fixed costs. I wonder who will eat the flooring costs of all the new rigs on the lots; manufacturers, dealers, or the banks. As I understood it, manufacturers shouldered the burden of maintaining inventory at the dealers in '08, which was a major cause of their demise. I hope this doesn't last long.
Durb 04/04/20 10:14am Around the Campfire
RE: Front Tire alignment failure

I bought my truck used; the previous owner had new tires installed and a front end alignment. The truck needed constant correction to keep from steering right. I took it in to Les Schwab and had it aligned again to factory specs, same problem, no change. Took it back, the alignment specialist knew what he was doing and made some corrections on his own. Truck tracks straight as an arrow and has done so for seven years. Tire wear is normal. He told me what he did but I can't remember the details. My guess there is an alignment specialist somewhere that can make your rig right.
Durb 04/01/20 02:41pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Wheel Lugs

I check mine maybe twice a season. I'm surprised at how many have loosened some. I take a lot of trips but don't tow a lot of miles.
Durb 03/24/20 08:36pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Electric black tank dump valve. Worth it?

Electric dump valves were standard on my twelve year old fifth Wheel. They are outstanding when they work, not so good otherwise. They can be overridden with a 1/8" hex key which requires crawling under the trailer. Not the most fun at a dump station.
Durb 03/24/20 08:30pm General RVing Issues
RE: Cleaning NL (fiberglass) shell

I had a Bigfoot fiberglass trailer and I sprayed Wet and Forget on the roof with good results. It keeps mold and mildew away for extended periods. Not intended to be soap; use after washing.
Durb 03/24/20 08:23pm Truck Campers
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