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RE: Question for those who have replaced rv frig w/ residential

I partially blocked the vents to minimize heat loss in cold weather, but since there is still some heat given off at the back of our fridge, I didn't want to completely block them for better efficiency in warm weather.
Dutch_12078 06/22/21 08:06pm Tech Issues
RE: Wi-Fi / Cell-phone Signal Boosters

We've mostly abandoned our Maximum Signal Max Amp cell booster in favor of a directional dual Yagi antenna MIMO pair mounted on top of our Winegard Sensar OTA antenna. width=450
Dutch_12078 06/20/21 08:57pm Technology Corner
RE: Check in/out timing...

Last week we were doing the "site shuffle" at a NY state park. At the initial check in, we were told we could move to the next site as soon as it was available, but the crew might not be around to clean it for awhile. After we moved, I went to the office to sign in on the new site and pick up our new car pass. I told the clerk the only cleaning the site needed was some trash in the fire pit, and I had already taken care of it. Seemed like little enough to do given all the good memories we've made there.
Dutch_12078 06/20/21 08:37pm General RVing Issues
RE: Original Mobley Obsolete?

I've had the Netgear 815S that uses my Mobley SIM set to "4G and LTE only" since the first of the year and haven't had any connection problems even when on busy towers where speeds noticeably slowed down. My only concern with the 3G drop will be whether AT&T could use it as an opportunity to drop the Connected Car plan entirely. It does appear that AT&T is using the same Connected Car plan for the current "Harman Spark" OBDII device they used for the Mobley, so I expect our Mobley devices/SIMs will continue to work.
Dutch_12078 06/20/21 11:25am Technology Corner
RE: Watts needed

I think "too much solar" and "too much battery" are in the same category as "too much truck". The only time anyone complains about it is when they're paying the bill to buy it... ;)
Dutch_12078 06/20/21 10:33am Tech Issues
RE: I hate roundabouts -- but maybe I am wrong

I've noticed near our upstate NY family cottage that a couple of new roundabouts have almost 'S' bend entries that pretty much force a slowdown before reaching the circle itself. The entry curbing/shoulders are tapered like the center, so large trucks and trailers are easily accommodated.
Dutch_12078 06/19/21 08:06am Roads and Routes
RE: Roadside Assistance

No. Think if you had saved the thirtythree years of premiums. All you would have to do is call any tow company you want yourself and pay cash. Problem solved. I understand the OP has had poor service from Good Sam/Allstate this time, but I've had tows that would have cost me more than 5-6 years of Good Sam or Coach-Net service fees. Now I'm using the service our Progressive insurance provides at $22/year and our one tow bill so far would have been $850 out of my pocket. That's ~38 years of ERS payments covered with just one event. And just one phone number to call for assistance...
Dutch_12078 06/17/21 06:25pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Chicken Before Egg?

I ordered a chicken and an egg from Amazon. I'll let you know...
Dutch_12078 06/17/21 05:40pm Around the Campfire
RE: Running the generator all night

@Dutch I was mistaken. But there’s no chance of the AC inhaling exhaust then I suppose. Not unless there's something radically amiss with the sealing between the inside and outside air passages.
Dutch_12078 06/16/21 11:50am General RVing Issues
RE: Batwing vs.BatMan vs. Jack: The Results.. finally (LONG)

King Jack has improved/redesigned their King Jack in the last couple years. Time for a new shoot out. Unless they've done a radical redesign that isn't obvious in the photos, it still sucks at low-VHF reception.
Dutch_12078 06/15/21 06:24pm Technology Corner
RE: Running the generator all night

and its been hot, i don't know why, but I am apprehensive about letting the generator run all night. should I be? Will you run it all day? 4 hours? 2 hours? Are you afraid to run the generator at all if you're in the camper? Do you vent the camper after evacuating every time you turn on the generator? What's the actual difference? See where I'm going here? Think about it logically. Now, snarky comments aside, yes CO detector = mandatory equipment IMO, but presume by the nature of your post you're talking running a built in generator to run the air conditioning at night. 1. Intake for RV AC is on the roof of 99% of RVs. 2. Generator exhaust is pointing down and nowhere near the AC. (And if it was a real and present concern, I doubt there would be millions of built in RV generators produced and in use for the last however many decades). 3. Running AC = windows closed (save for maybe 1 or 2 cracked a little to promote ventilation). And the AC is blowing in high volume of air into a closed box, therefor the "box" has positive pressure which would keep errant exhaust fumes from just sneaking in. Unless the wind and climate was "just right" to direct the exhaust from it's far away location up and right to the AC on the roof, without dilution. 4. If it's a LP fired genny, it puts off about half the CO of a gasoline model. 5. Have never owned a built in genny camper until this year and have only left the ole Honda chained to a tree and plugged in to the old campers without issue. 6. Even if a whiff of exhaust gets sucked into the camper, how is that worse than sitting in a traffic jam 4 lanes wide bumper to bumper on a freeway? The rooftop A/C recirculates interior air only, with no outside air drawn in. Outside air is recirculated on the outside only. Even with a Gen-Turi installed that releases the generator exhaust at roof level, there is no path for the A/C to draw in the fumes to the inside.
Dutch_12078 06/15/21 06:08pm General RVing Issues
RE: Running the generator all night

While waiting out storm damage power line repairs, we've run our onboard generator as long as 7 days non stop without setting off our CO detector. We did have our Gen-Turi hooked up though...
Dutch_12078 06/15/21 06:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: Roadside Assistance

I've had good service from Coach-Net over the years, and recently tried the service that Progressive Insurance provides, also with good results. When a previous Class A blew a rear wheel bearing, the tow operator had no problem hooking up from the rear and strapping the steering wheel down to tow it to the service shop. Good Sam contracts out their roadside service plan, currently to Allstate Motor Club as I recall. Some of their previous contractors haven't been very well rated, but Allstate gets pretty good marks from the towing industry.
Dutch_12078 06/15/21 07:55am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Which is best? Dish Tailgater Pro or Dish Playmaker Dual

Which Dish receiver do you have?
Dutch_12078 06/12/21 05:33pm Tech Issues
RE: Looking for TPMS Recommendation

Has anyone got any opinions on the Tuson system? I like the idea of the internal sensors - no dirt/water to cause issues and no extra weight on the end of the valve stems. The tire stem sensors are sealed to prevent dirt/water intrusion, and at ~1/2 oz per cap sensor (TST 507), the weight on the end of the stems doesn't cause any problems. TST does recommend metal valve stems though. My ten TST 507 cap sensors have been in constant service for about 8 years now, without a single failure.
Dutch_12078 06/10/21 07:49am General RVing Issues
RE: stay pluged in or not

We're fulltime RV'ers, and the only time we're not plugged in to shorepower is when we're underway between campsites. Even then we often have the generator running to power the A/C units and/or my wife's medical equipment. We used to boondock fairly often, but my wife's medical issues pretty much ended that except for one spot where we can keep the generator running 24/7 if needed without annoying anyone.
Dutch_12078 06/08/21 07:34pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Level

I have a pair of levels calibrated in inches with one attached to the dash and the other to the driver's side panel. They let me know quickly if I'll need any supplemental blocking under my automatic jacks and how much. I leveled manually using a carpenters level before attaching them. RV Designer E401, Stick-On Level, 2 Per Pack
Dutch_12078 06/08/21 04:49pm General RVing Issues
RE: Quiet series generator 9500 watts!!!

How would you know if a ranger is checking sound levels in response to a complaint? Sound level meters are readily available as smartphone apps. I'd know because in 30+ years I've never seen nor heard about any NPS personel checking generators or anything else with a db meter. They might say "it's too loud" based on what they hear, but come on man, a dB meter? That's just forum drama. In that case if it ever did happen, it had better be a certified, calibrated meter, and not some phone app. What if someone is cited and shows up at the hearing to dispute the charge. More drama. I make no claim to have visited every NPS camping facility, so I certainly wouldn't base any claims on what happens at the locations I haven't been to or when I'm not there. My point was simply that the NPS does have a 60 dB(A) sound level regulation, and the mentioned generator doesn't come close to meeting that requirement. Just how they might measure the level is irrelevant, since I don't recall NPS personnel routinely carrying tape measures to check the 50 foot measurement requirement either.
Dutch_12078 06/06/21 03:12pm Tech Issues
RE: Quiet series generator 9500 watts!!!

For sound level reference, the National Park Service requirement is 60 dB(A) or less at 50 feet for motorized equipment including generators. I have yet to see a ranger at a NP or anywhere else going around with a decibel meter. 67 decibels would tend to piss off quite a lot of folks in a campground. The scale is not linear. How would you know if a ranger is checking sound levels in response to a complaint? Sound level meters are readily available as smartphone apps. I have known rangers to warn people with noisy generators, although I don't think they needed a meter to tell they were too loud...
Dutch_12078 06/06/21 07:52am Tech Issues
RE: Quiet series generator 9500 watts!!!

For sound level reference, the National Park Service requirement is 60 dB(A) or less at 50 feet for motorized equipment including generators.
Dutch_12078 06/06/21 07:26am Tech Issues
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