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RE: Traveling with Propane on

We shut off any appliances using propane in our motorhome when refueling to prevent the ignition sequences from possibly igniting gasoline fumes, but not the tank itself. With a trailer, the distance from the fuel fill point pretty much negates any danger risk. We no longer have an absorption fridge, so no propane needed there, but we do run our two propane furnaces as needed when traveling in cold weather. We also use the stove at rest stops to make lunch sometimes.
Dutch_12078 06/29/22 06:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: Best cell phone provider?

About the cheapest service out there is Visible. It is owned by Verizon thus it uses Verizon towers. If you join their Party Pay plan the total cost is $25/month for unlimited everything including hotspot use. Their cheapest phone is $50. You may be able to use your present phone. But is Visible's service, like all 3rd party resellers, deprioritized? The other problem with most MVNOs is that they don't do roaming off the host network. If you sign up for AT&T, Verizon or T-Mobile you do pay a bit more, but they'll roam onto competitor services. My cell phone supports multiple SIMs, so what I did was sign up with AT&T which mainly works most places I go. Then because I have Comcast internet at home I was eligible to get Comcast phone service for about $15/mo which runs on Verizon and put that in my phone as a second SIM service. Now I \have both AT&T and Verizon service on the same phone and it uses whichever service provides the best connection. Verizon actually has very few roaming agreements still in use since they've been building out towers and coverage for their 5G expansion. The Visible service is deprioritized on heavily congested towers, but I haven't seen any more effect from that than the slow downs we've always seen on heavy use towers. Even streaming has been pretty much unaffected. I have my Visible SIM installed in a Novatel 7730L hotspot that eliminates the single connection restriction. I also have a grandfathered $23.49/mo AT&T unlimited 4G/LTE data plan installed on another hotspot, and I've yet to land anywhere that one or the other hasen't worked, and usually both with one better than the other.
Dutch_12078 06/28/22 10:43am Technology Corner
RE: Looking at class c questions on maintenance

The Ford dealer near our lakeside cottage in upstate NY not only services RV's, they have a separate building specifically for RV service and body work. That said, we've found truck shops to be much better choices for our chassis work needs. I still do my own oil changes and chassis lube though.
Dutch_12078 06/28/22 10:06am Class C Motorhomes
RE: 96 Georgie Boy Water Tank

It looks like it holds 82 Gallons. If you can access the tank, measure the height, width, and depth to calculate the cubic footage of the tank. A cubic foot of water is 7.48 gallons. Realistically, there's always a small air space even when the tank is "full", but the measurements will get it pretty close.
Dutch_12078 06/28/22 09:57am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 96 Georgie Boy Water Tank

It looks like it holds 82 Gallons. A lot of specs could have changed between 1996 and 2008...
Dutch_12078 06/28/22 09:53am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Credit Cards For Fuel Discounts

X3 on the PenFed Visa cash rewards card and the 5% rebate. Combined with my GS Swipe and Save card that saves me 5 cents a gallon at Pilot/Flying J stations, it all adds up to about 24 cents a gallon off at the $5/gallon gas price in our current area.
Dutch_12078 06/26/22 04:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: Empty parks with no open sites.

Don't know about the OP's particular circumstances, but I've been told in FL state parks, and in retail parks, once the reservation is made they cannot book someone else in it. I've seen sites empty for a week at a time, yet the park shows no vacancy. It's very frustrating. You've heard wrong regarding FL state parks: "No Shows" "Park staff will hold reserved campsites or cabins until the applicable check-out time, one day after the scheduled arrival date. In the event that campers do not arrive for their reservation and the camper does not call the park directly to cancel, the remainder of the reservation will be canceled as a no-show. The remaining balance of the reservation, if any, will be refunded." RESERVATION INFORMATION
Dutch_12078 06/23/22 06:40pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: New bathroom sink replacement bead sealer

RV manufacturers often use the same butyl putty tape to install sinks that they use to install doors, windows, vents, etc. LLPT Butyl Seal Putty Tape White 1 Inch Thanks, I have a roll on hand. That's good then. If you've used the putty before, then you're probably aware that i may squeeze out for a time, calling for retightening until it settles down. That's the same as using plumbers putty. Over the years I've used the two pretty much interchangeably depending on which I had on hand when needed.
Dutch_12078 06/22/22 07:40am Tech Issues
RE: Whirlpool refrigerator 11.6

Any residential refrigerator will have these VERY specific dimensions for each model. Click on "download dimension guide" and you will get the PDF. Nope. Not "ALL" residential fridges have that. Try again, look up APARTMENT SIZE fridges (10-13 CuFt).. I have a 10.1 CuFt Haier brand and no such dimension guide was available. I also have a 30 yr old 21 CuFt Sears fridge in my sticks and bricks and once again no dimensions diagram was with it or available.. Perhaps as in your example with a much more expensive double French door design I can see that perhaps but not ALL fridge manufacturers give that level of detail. It is far, far better to simply go to a physical store and measure it for yourself.. On edit.. To make this easy for you HERE is a link to the manual for my 10 CuFt apartment size Haier residential fridge.. Perhaps you can point to the exact page that gives a drawing and dimensions as I must be blind and missed it out of 18 pages.. Before we bought our Haier 10.1 cu ft fridge (different model) from Lowes, I found all the dimensions I needed, including the critical to us depth with the door open on their website listed under "Dimensions".
Dutch_12078 06/22/22 07:19am Tech Issues
RE: New bathroom sink replacement bead sealer

RV manufacturers often use the same butyl putty tape to install sinks that they use to install doors, windows, vents, etc. LLPT Butyl Seal Putty Tape White 1 Inch
Dutch_12078 06/22/22 06:52am Tech Issues
RE: dinghy towing question

On edit: Oops, I see Y-Guy posted the same thing, so I'll just leave mine as a second vote... If you always put the pins in from the outside in, try reversing them. I found the pins on our tow bar always drifted outwards, so installing them from the inside always keeps the safety clips away from the tow bar. It's so consistent in keeping the clip away from the bar that I suspect I could leave the clips off and nothing would happen. I have no plans to test that theory though ;)
Dutch_12078 06/20/22 05:45pm Dinghy Towing
RE: The man who invented the Motorhome

The Conklin motorhome was built in 1915, but claiming it as the first is pretty dubious. A Packard truck based motorhome was built in 1910 that was 28 feet long, 6.5 feet wide, and it could sleep 11 people, which was impressive considering how early it was made! It also boasted an ice box, a toilet, and a “salon,” making it the very first bonafide “motorhome.” And others preceded that one that came pretty close. What is the Oldest Motorhome?
Dutch_12078 06/18/22 12:04pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Residential refrigerator outside temperature below 40°

When it gets down to 40, or roughly the temp set point of the fridge area, the fridge wont run enough to keep stuff in the freezer section frozen. I don't think the fridge "shuts down" but it has no reason to run at those temperatures. The inside of the fridge temp is the controlling factor regardless of the outside temp. A residential refrigerator installed in an RV has three sides exposed to the inside temps, with only the back having some exposure to outside temps. Our fridge has worked fine with outside temps down to -4 deg.F and just the lower vents blocked off. LP/electric absorption fridges are much more effected by outside temps, both unusually high or low.
Dutch_12078 06/14/22 06:40am Tech Issues
RE: Residential refrigerator outside temperature below 40°

" But, the T stat in a fridge is located in the fridge compartment.. " It very possible there is also a thermoset in the compressor area. Our fridge very clearly does not have a thermostat in the compressor area, nor would one be needed since the compressor is controlled by the temperature inside the fridge, not outside of it.
Dutch_12078 06/14/22 06:32am Tech Issues
RE: Residential refrigerator outside temperature below 40°

I did block the lower fridge vents when I installed our residential fridge, but added no additional insulation. We've seen little difference in the fridge/freezer temps with outside temps ranging from the 90's down to -4 F.
Dutch_12078 06/13/22 04:44pm Tech Issues
RE: RV retail sales drop 31% April year over year.

A friend of mine is an RV transporter, mostly Class A's. He told me he's up to his neck in work, and his boss is paying current drivers a recruiting bonus for bringing in new drivers that also get a signing bonus after 90 days. Are you inferring that is due to increased sales of RV's? There is a labor shortage due to a host of reasons in the US with the main one being paying people to not work. Transporting RVs has never been a lucrative deal, the drivers are the low man on the totem pole and the RV Industry has not had enough transport drivers forever. The job sucks. 7-11 is paying bonuses for employees too, but it's not due to selling more Slurpees. His employer normally has about 30 drivers on the roster, but currently has about 40 and is looking for another 10 or 15. His job is to move RV's from the manufacturers to dealers. Some are customer special orders while others are inventory replenishment. As inventories catch up to demand he expects the need to move them will start to taper off.
Dutch_12078 06/13/22 11:45am General RVing Issues
RE: RV retail sales drop 31% April year over year.

A friend of mine is an RV transporter, mostly Class A's. He told me he's up to his neck in work, and his boss is paying current drivers a recruiting bonus for bringing in new drivers that also get a signing bonus after 90 days.
Dutch_12078 06/12/22 07:14pm General RVing Issues
RE: Power Insertr

The power inserter for your home dish powers the LNB and any associated switches you may have. The power inserter for the G3 has to supply power to the internal drive motor(s) and electronics including the LNB. The two inserters likely have different output current capacities as well as possibly different output voltages.
Dutch_12078 06/06/22 06:23pm Technology Corner
RE: Puzzling Plumbing Problem

We have still not heard from the OP about the use of the water heater. If you heat cold water, the pressure will increase greatly. In fact, when I do this, I turn off the pump and open a faucet, so the pressure does not build as the water heats. The water heater maintains an air pocket that compresses as the water expands. There's no reason to turn off the pump or open a faucet. RV's that are equipped with an accumulator tank have even more capacity for expansion. Oh, and water heated from 70 deg.F to 212 deg.F only expands 4% or about 2/3 of an ounce per gallon before it vaporizes.
Dutch_12078 06/06/22 06:13pm Tech Issues
RE: Puzzling Plumbing Problem

I'm with Doug on the gauge being suspect. The water heater should have little effect on the pressure since the normal air bubble should handle it for the most part. In many years of RV'ing, including about 15 with a pressure gauge on the water system, I've never seen the pressure vary by much more than 4-5 PSI while underway with the pump on. I can't speak for other brands, but the common Shurflo pumps used in many RV's do not use magnets for the pump action. It's purely the mechanical function of a motor driven eccentric cam pressing against several small diaphragms in conjunction with check valves that creates the pumping action. There's no possible way for road vibration to cause the pump to raise the pressure in any meaningful way. Bouncing contacts in a weak pressure switch could conceivably cause the pump to operate momentarily, but in the OP's case, the pump was replaced with no change. Again, the suspicion goes back the gauge.
Dutch_12078 06/06/22 11:06am Tech Issues
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