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RE: Which models have factory dog or wolf logo on camper?

Forest River Grey Wolf
DutchmenSport 09/22/19 07:54pm Travel Trailers
RE: Electrical

Does your battery system have a kill switch? If so, check to make sure you didn't flip it to disconnect the battery from the rest of the "house". Microwave runs on 120 v AC. Lights run on 12 v DC (battery). Sounds like you flipped your kill switch and thus ... no battery.
DutchmenSport 09/21/19 12:12pm Truck Campers
RE: New gadget

Some of the Amazon reviews aren't very encouraging for that brand at least... Yea, we read some of them too. I think mostly the negative reviews are because folks buy them and don't know how to take care of them, or not willing to attend to them. Far too many seem to want to put them up and expect them to be stout as a brick house with a steel roof. We have 2 quick shades, a screened in tent sitting outside and keeping bugs out, and a portable pop-up port-a-potty/shower. Just like with the awning of your camper, when it gets windy, you need to take it down. When it rains, they pool with water. If you are atune to them, like you are atune to your awning, they work very well. I think most of those complaints are because of their own negligence, not because the product is faulty. Edit: The only problem I seemed to have with it was setting it up the very first time. I thought the canopy was too small. But I forced stretched until it fit over the horizontal rods. After that, it was easier to set up. This being the 5th time setting up, the fabric is now stretched enough it hooks over those bars much easier now. Not a problem any more.
DutchmenSport 09/21/19 12:01pm RV Lifestyle
RE: New gadget

How big is it when packed? 3 foot long bag about 8 inches round. The cross members are 3 sections, like tent rods with the elastic rope in the middle holding them together. When they are together, it's 9 feet long. And because the cross members slide in holes in the "trusses" the uprights can be as close or as far apart from each other, accomidating any picnic table size. Ours at home are 4 feet. We have 2 of them. Last week we had a 5 foot table at the campsite, this week, a 6 foot. It works well on any of them.
DutchmenSport 09/21/19 11:54am RV Lifestyle
New gadget

This is the 3rd time setting it up and so far .... so good! No complaints. Seems to work OK. We do take the cover off if it gets windy or if we leave the campsite. It's not difficult to put together after I did it the first time (at home where I could take my time.) I'm not associated with this company in any way, but did find out we really do like this thing. About 4 weeks ago we saw another camper that had one and it really grabbed our attention. I was able to go up to it and she showed us how it all fit together. That was IT. We were sold. Next day we found one on-line. The wife ordered it, and in 2 days it was in our living room We've been looking at these, or similar items for several years now, so maybe the time was right. Can I live without it? Absolutely yes. But now that I've got, I'm enjoying it. Here's a link to one web site that sells them. I'm not sure where my wife ordered it from: Click here. It might not be for everyone, but its now part of our camping arsonal. So far, we've really enjoyed it and using it. Just thought I'd pass this one along. Maybe it will peak someone else's interest. Happy Camping ... That campsite is Chain-o-Lakes State Park Indiana, taking today. We are at site 137.
DutchmenSport 09/21/19 11:36am RV Lifestyle
RE: closing of a complaints post

This entire saga has been an interesting ride. Most inreresting.
DutchmenSport 09/21/19 10:41am Truck Campers
RE: Hellllllllllllllllllllpp fixing hole in roof

Well, if it were mine, I'd probably cut the rubber back a little. I'm make sure the inside of the roof was good and dry. I'd make sure the rest of the ceiling is dry, the walls are OK, and nothing is damaged by water intrusion. I'd then get a couple cans of Foam Stuff and pump as much as I could inside that hole, which will adhere the ceiling to the foamy Stuff also, as well as the underside of the roof. But it would seal it all. Then I'd lay a sheet of tin a bit bigger than the hole between the roof and the rubber with some Liquid Nails between to seal it down. Then lay the rubber back over the tin sheet and then use Eternabond tap to seal the seams of the rubber, and last, logs of RV caulking on top of that. Then ... never step on that spot again. It will last forever. Edit? I'm assuming the hole went clear through to the inside, after re-reading your post? If the hole went all the way through the inside ceiling, do the same thing on the inside. Before pumping in the Foamy Stuff, simply find a decorative ceiling "pretty", like a medallion used for lights or ceiling fans. Anything that looks pretty. You can get a nice decorative covering and simply glue it to the ceiling over the hole inside. You may need to use a few fine screws or a staple gun to hold it in place. Liquid Nails is great for stuff like this. Then when the glue dries, or Liquid Nails dries the covering over the hole, do the outside of the roof and "pump the stuff" full!
DutchmenSport 09/20/19 12:25pm Travel Trailers
RE: 2019 Keystone 330RL Wall Damage

Maybe it's a pareidolia of Jesus?
DutchmenSport 09/20/19 12:07pm Travel Trailers
RE: Newer RVs....ugh

New 2019 Montana High Country purchased September 2018 ... I've had to fix something every week since we've had it or it went back to the shop for warranty work. I'm talking broken shelves, broken doors, outside underskirting, brakes, stuff like that. Small stuff I fixed myself, I rebuilt the bedroom closet with a wall inside the wall to support the shelf and clothes rack better. I've tightend, adjusted, and fixed until I thought there simply could not be anything left. Well, the last 4 week-end trips out, we've returned with nothing to fix. Maybe it's a good camper now! But ... it's 100% paid for! So, I'm keeping it.
DutchmenSport 09/20/19 11:51am General RVing Issues
RE: mysterious disapearing topic

lawyer was mentioned. If people started giving legal advice then you could expect it to be deleted. I get a chuckle out of every time someone makes a post and say, "get a lawyer." A few years ago I had a legal battle (it was a long story) and we had to get a lawyer. Way back then, we had to put a $2000 retainer down to even talk to him. Then the firm charged $200 and hour. Every Email received was 1/4 hour. Every email returned was 1/4 hour. When we finally went to court, we were charged from the second our lawyer left the office to the time he returned to the office. There were multiple continuances from the opposition. Well, it took almost a year and we won. And for what it's worth, our opponent never paid us a penny. And we had shelled out over $12,000 JUST in lawyer fees. So, everytime someone blows off the cuff "get a lawyer"... well ... I laugh my A$$ off at them!
DutchmenSport 09/20/19 11:43am Truck Campers
RE: Privacy Awning Pros, Cons

I've known a couple folks who bought the screened fabric and such that hangs from the awning. After they used it once, they never used it again. They (all) said it was too much work to put on and take off. And you do not want to roll them up with the awning. You remove them. Anyway, that's what they said.
DutchmenSport 09/20/19 09:28am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: mysterious disapearing topic

I'm pretty sure I posted on that thread too. I can't imagine the entire thread being deleted simply because of the brand of RV though and if Camping World sells that brand. It had to be something else. Keystone gets pretty beat up on these forums, and I know Camping World sells multiple brands of Keystone RV's and those posts don't get deleted. So, that's not the reason. The thread must have turned ugly and somehow violated the forum rules.
DutchmenSport 09/20/19 09:19am Truck Campers
RE: Will fifth wheel front hit truck back window?

The very first thing I did when taking delivery of my current 5er, and all of my previous 3 TT's, was to pull forward, hitched, and make a right and left turn as sharp as the truck would go and then notice now close (all my) trailer would come to making contact with the truck. Moving in a forward direction, I found out immediately, I could turn the steering wheel all the way, make a complete circle and (all) my trailers would not make contact or jack knife. Now... backing up??? ... absolutely possible to both jack knife and make contact with TT's and 5ers. Now ... if the tail gait is down on the truck and I attempt to make a turn with the 5er... um.... NO! It will hit without making much of a turn. Watch those open tail gaits when re-positioning into a campsite and hitching at an angle. I almost did that a couple times, but stopped right before contact occurred. THAT shook me up a bit!
DutchmenSport 09/19/19 12:38pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Cleaning out a DIY septic tank

Without a leaching field, the solids will just sit there and continue to pile up while liquids flowed away. What you probably have in those barrels is a gigantic block of solidly compacted mess! Chances are, it won't even pump out. Nothing is going to get pushed through any holes with any kind of pressure. I think, if you can get away with it, your best option is to simply cover the old barrels up, seal them off, and dig out a new one. stated above, add some leaching lines, and use Rid-X often to keep those solids broken down and in a liquid state.
DutchmenSport 09/19/19 07:16am Tech Issues
RE: Why was this thread closed?

Probably because the Admin could not reproduce the error and stated he had nothing to pass on to the IT folks. Nothing more could be done by the Admin except follow posts where folks would grumble and complain and it appeared the thread was beginning to travel down a slippery road. At least the entire thread was not "deleted". It was just closed. For what it's worth, I've not experienced problems lately, but I'm using the GoodSam portal. STILL does not work well for me, my home computer or my computer at work. But it seems to always work well with my Samsung Galexy
DutchmenSport 09/19/19 06:22am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Towing with my new Honda Ridgeline

Glad you are happy with your rig combination. Really, that's all that really matters. We get slammed for our RVs when folks say we are not really camping unless you sleep naked in the desert on the ground with a rattle snake under your feet and a broken cactus for a pillow eating dried beef jerky and water in a canteen. No need to justify what what you like and what works for you. Just enjoy and be happy.
DutchmenSport 09/18/19 07:42pm Tow Vehicles
RE: wood weight

A lot! I split my own wood at home as we use firewood in the house as a primary heat, so I have an ample supply stocked up aging and seasoning for 2 to 3 years rotation all the time. When camping, I'll take the oldest, because the bark has fallen off or peals off very easy. And in Indiana, you can bring your own wood into the State Parks again, if it's been debarked. With that said, I have 3 Army duffle bags I use to carry my camping firewood. Believe it or not, one is from my daughter when she was in the Navy - her original duffle bag (2005). I have my original duffle bag when I was in the Army (1982). And I have my Dad's original duffle bag from when he was in the Army, (1950 Korean war). Those suckers are indestructible! I fill them with 15-24 pieces of wood, depending on how fine they are split. But when the bag is full, it's probably 50-60 pounds. And if the pieces are split bigger, or smaller, regardless of the number, the weight is about the same. These bags are about 3.5 feet long and maybe 5 feet in circumference. An entire "cord" you are probably talking a thousand pounds or more. EDIT: Good info there Campfire Time! Thanks!
DutchmenSport 09/18/19 06:47am Travel Trailers
RE: front passenger side sagging when connected to truck

Does your camper have slides, or more slides on one side than the other. If the trailer weighs more on one side than the other, this could the frame to appear to be leaning. In the past, there were many posts on these forums about TT and 5ers that were parked level, but when the slides came out, the trailer leaned. The reason was because of the weight of the slides being greater on one side than the other, causing the lean. The solutions were many, but the simplest was to just measure the difference in the height when the slides were out (remember, they were level when slides were retracted). Then when parking, put that much lumber (thickness) under the tires on the low side when unhitching. Then when the slides were retracted, the weight would cause that side to sag down, but the end was a level floor. Then the stabilizer jacks were deployed and everything was fine. The other solution was to add an extra leaf spring on the side that would be low to make it more stout on that side. But when traveling then, one side would be softer, the other side more stout, causing some strange performance on the road. My suspicion in your case is, the trailer simply weighs heavier on one side, causing the lean. What kid of toys do you have in the garage that might not be evenly weight distributed?
DutchmenSport 09/17/19 05:58pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Lippert ground clearance issue

Mine are the same way (6 point system). One of our first trips I pulled into a mo-dock gas station off the beaten path for fuel. The ground was beaten-up hilly asphalt. The rear jack ended up dragging...dragging...dragging. I got over that spot and on my way. Next stop I checked everything out and the jack pad was gone! I know exactly where it came off, but that was 200 miles ago. Well, we replaced the jack pad at the tune of $50. Ordered it from Lippert, had it in my hands 3 days later. Ever since then, I take the time to remove all the jack feet after I get hitched up. And put them back on right before unhitching. By removing the feet, it gives me about another inch and 1/2 clearance. Never drug one again, and I am keenly aware of the ground surface now too. However, this last week-end, I had to back into a campsite by cutting the corner through the grass backing in. The asphalt was higher on the road and the campsite area. The grass dipped down. The tires went down and when backing up, the rear jack stopped me at the asphalt. I was backing up so slow nothing got hurt or anything, the jack just stopped me from going farther. HOWEVER! the inside of the jack shaft tube was filled with about 4 inches of packed dirt! I had to use a screwdriver and dig out that dirt before I could put the pin back in to reattach the foot. BUT! I've not lost any more feet this way! And I'm NOT looking forward to shelling out another $50 to replace another one. So, I just take the time to remove the feet. It' helps all the way around.
DutchmenSport 09/17/19 05:42pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: They're back ! --- Love Bugs

Maybe your Love Bugs will find our Stink bugs and together they can just make stinkin' love, now wouldn't that be a horrible mess.
DutchmenSport 09/17/19 10:43am General RVing Issues
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