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RE: stopping point/overnight camp between Ohio & Fort Wilderness

We've stayed at that same KOA a few times in transit from Indiana to Florida. It was a good stopping point for us. We'd go there again, no problems. For an overnight, it worked great for us. I recommend. Some folks just don't like KOA's, we've never had issues with them, especially since we use them mostly for over night stops and on the road again next morning. Very seldom do we even unhitch unless the campsite pad is unlevel, which are very rare.
DutchmenSport 11/12/19 07:25am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions

I quit using the 1 pound Coleman disposable tanks a long, long time ago. I keep a couple around for my blow torch, but as far as using on my Coleman Gas stove, I use a standard propane tank. In year past, I've used 20 pound tanks. Since getting RV's with 30 pound tank, I started carrying an extra (3rd) thirty pound tank for a reserve in the event I run out, I can simply switch one out for the reserve tank. I have found the "reserve" tank works just as well as those 1 pound tanks, and the 20 or 30 pound tanks are refillable. All you need is hose attachment, sold almost everywhere: like this one. And if you have multiple devices you want to run on propane, like more than one griddle, campstove, or lantern, then you can always add a propane tree: Like here. One 20 or 30 pound tank will last you for years before needing a refil.
DutchmenSport 11/11/19 05:17pm Tent Camping
RE: Florida panhandle reservations

Book now if you want an April reservation. We've done the Florida Pan Handle several times, and we booked 9 or 10 months out. And that was for the week of Christmas or the 2nd week of March (Spring break)... and um.... don't try to get a campsite at Panama City during March-April Spring break season. You'll be surrounded by some wild "energy". Go farther inland, and things will be much more calm. Then drive into Panama City for a day trip and experience the craziness!
DutchmenSport 11/11/19 04:05pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Today is Veterans Day and Remembrance Day

I'm not sure why, but it seems many of the members of my extended family have served in the US military over several generations. I'm not sure why, it's just kind of strange. I served in the US Army (1982-1988 - Granada was the big event then) My dad served in the US Army, WW2 and the Korean war My daughter served in the US Navy during the Gulf War crisis on the USS Eisenhower. My daughter's husband also served during that time in the Navy on the USS Eisenhower. That's how they met. My father had 5 brothers and 2 sisters. Of the 6 boys, 5 of them served in the Navy and US Army (WW2) Of the 2 sisters (my aunts), both of their husbands served, one in the Air Force, the other in the Army, (WW2) My sister served in the US Army (Vietnam era) and also married in the Army to another US Army soldier (Vietnam era) (my brother-in-law). My other sister's (significant "other") is a US Army Vietnam vet. I have first cousins on my dads side that served in the Air Force, Navy, and Army. On my wife's side of the family, well ... she married me and both our children were born at DeWitt Army Hospital on Fort Belvoir, Virginia. My wife's dad was a US Marine (Vietnam era). My wife's oldest brother was US Navy. Her younger brother was US Coast Guard. She has a niece and her husband that is currently Air Force. And I'd like to add a couple more "honorable mentions," my mother's brother. My mother is first generation German, married my dad after WW2 ended. Her brother served in the German Army during WW2 but was wounded by a mortar shell. Fortunately, there was a tree blocking his body, but his arm and leg were in front of the tree when the mortar went off, blasting him unconscious. When he woke up, he was a Prisoner of War, caught by the US Army. He was given medical treatment and then shipped to the US where he spent the duration of WW2 as a prisoner of war at Camp Chase, near Columbus, Ohio: More info, click here. He learned to speak English and when the war was over, returned to Germany. He married, eventually had a son, and lived a peaceful and quiet life, and finally retired in pharmaceuticals. (Borg Warner). He died in the late 1980's. Also, My mother's sister (who was first generation German also), married a friend of my Dad. He was Polish, serving as an aleye to the US in the Polish Army serving beside my dad. My mother's sister and husband eventually migrated to Warren, Ohio and became US citizens. Koodos to all of them. As far as I know, no one in my family, close family members or somewhat distant, died while serving. Everyone returned to civilian life eventually.
DutchmenSport 11/11/19 03:53pm RV Lifestyle

Previous 3 travel trailers all had wall-to-wall carpet. Thought we were doing a good job keeping them vacuumed all the time. We now have a 5er with no carpeting, except the small amount in slide outs. Every time we break camp, or prepare to move, we always sweep, and often mop the floor in the 5er. This way, once home, all we have to do is remove dirty laundry and we're done. As we use the camper at home all the time too, we always sweep the floor before pulling in slides and heading out for a new trip. In other words, the floor gets swept a lot, just like when we had the travel trailers. We've had the 5er with no carpeting for a year now. From the very first time we swept the floor, I've been amazed how much "stuff" there is on the floor, regardless of how many times it's been swept in the past. It seems some locations are worse than other for dragging in the dirt. At home, the camper sits on asphalt. It's concrete and asphalt from the door of the house to the door of the camper. Still, dirt gets drug in. I'm glad now for not having carpet. It's much easier to keep clean. However, I am also scratching my head in unbelief at how MUCH dirt gets drug in, over and over and over, and even the best of vacuum cleaners cannot extract everything from carpeting. I suppose that's why after about 5 to 7 years folks replace carpeting in their homes, it just gets too nasty. I think back on our Springdale TT we had for 8 years. We traded the camper with the original carpet. It still looked good. It got vacuumed all the time, and we went through 2 or 3 carpet shampoo-ers over the years. But still, the thought of all that dirt trapped in that carpet... yuck! Makes me glad we don't have carpet now. FYI, it took 8 years remodeling our house, one room at a time and all the carpet was removed from it too. It blows me away ever time we sweep how much get's swept up! Where does all this dirt come from? Feeling glad now we don't have carpeting! :C
DutchmenSport 11/11/19 02:25pm General RVing Issues
RE: Propane Tank Gauge,recomendations please

... These are large/ heavy tanks, back inside a pull out tray on the side of the 5th wheel. ... What size are these tanks? I have always run only one tank at a time, even with the automatic cross over system. One tank valve is always closed tight. When the first tank run empty, I switch over to the second tank and close off the first tank. Then, absolute first chance I get, take the empty tank for a fill up and keep repeating. I've never run out of propane doing it this way .... except! This last week-end. I don't know how I miss calculated, but both tanks were empty. Furnace went out and I've been scratching my head ever since wondering when the first tank ran out and switched over and then did not get the tank refilled immediately. Wife says it was last week-end and due to things going on, we couldn't take in it for an immediate refill. I switched over and another week past. I simply don't remember. We use our camper every day, and we are going through about 1 thirty pound tank a week right now, running the furnace. During the Summer months, we went 6 months on 1 tank.
DutchmenSport 11/11/19 02:06pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Signing a power of attorney for bank when selling your RV

I would not do it. I've been taken to the cleaners over unscrupulous deals in the past. Never again. Give me the cash, I'll give you the signed title in front of a notary with signatures and dates and receipts. And be sure to remove the license plate from the RV before handing them the keys and keep the state registration papers that goes with the plate number. Cash for title, nothing else. Otherwise, go take a hike! Once you've been burned, you don't care about sob-sob stories any more. It's easy to tell people to take a leap if they snagglepuss around! Your gut feeling is telling you this does not sound right otherwise you would have never posted your question here. Follow your gut and don't get burned!
DutchmenSport 11/11/19 12:52pm General RVing Issues
RE: I Need a little Tank help ...

Look for traces of redish-pink color stains around the sink drain, shower drain, or in the bottom of the toilet. If you see any traces of red liquid stuff that might have dried up, that would be RV antifreeze, which means your line have been winterized. You can also turn the on-board water pump on (with fresh water tank empty). If the lines have been winterized with RV antifreeze, there is probably still enough in the lines that the pump will push a little air and you should see some pink fluid, kind of spit or drip from the faucet. If so, it's definitely been winterized. Basically, look over the faucets, outlets and such and see if there are any traces of the pink-stuff. About the tanks. All you can do is drain them, or dump them. Once empty, you are pretty much done with the back, grey, and fresh water tanks. Also, if you see any redish or pink stuff flow from the grey or back tank, that's a really good indicator the lines are winterized. Check your water heater. Remove the drain plug (some are just a plug, and some are anode rods), either way, remove it and make sure the tank is empty. If it is empty, that's another good indicator it's been winterized.
DutchmenSport 11/11/19 08:57am Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: Leave slide out?

I think it really is a matter of your own personal preference and comfort level what you do. I don't think leaving the slides in, or leaving them out makes any difference. As stated above, birds, wind, UV damage, falling debris from trees, acid rain, excessive weather conditions, sand blowing in the wind if you are in a sandy area, of course, all of these things are good reasons to pull the slides in, especially if you are not physically not with the camper for an extended period of time. Personally, when actually using the camper, the slides are out. When not actually using the camper, the slides are in. I finished my "winterizing" on my 5er just this morning. The water lines and refrigerator were all done Saturday. This morning I removed all the food items and everything that was wet. We still use the camper through out winter at home. We will continue to sleep in it every night for quite a while. But not tonight. This morning, after getting all the liquids out of the camper, I pulled the slides in. Why? Because we expecting snow to start in just a few hours and run till after midnight tonight. Why the slides? Well, I don't want an inch or a foot of snow on top of the open slides, eventually turning into ice. In the event I need to pull the slides in, like... bug out in a hurry, I know the slides are clean, ready to go. Once the snow passes, I'll extend them again, and will be sleeping in it again. And an fyi, last winter was the first winter we had with our new 5er. Ours has the Lippert 6 point leveling system. Last winter we were preparing for our winter Christmas trek to South Carolina and the jacks were so frozen, they all went into "error" and I could never get them out. In the Spring, I took the 5er back to my dealership and they had to physically, with a wrench, retract 2 of the jacks that errored because they were jammed up with ice earlier and screwed up. So, while the snow and ice are falling, my 5er jacks are all retracted. yea, it looks funny with the nose all the way down, but it will just be over night and then leveled again. In Florida you may not have these kinds of issues, but only you know the weather conditions and environmental threats that may cause unwanted damage if the slides are left out. It takes only a few minutes to clear the path the slides take to retract, and takes only a few seconds to push the button. I don't see why you wouldn't retract them and have peace of mind everything is buttoned up while you are not there.
DutchmenSport 11/11/19 08:44am Fifth-Wheels
RE: How to winterize residential refrigerator??

If you live in it, and still want to use the "pink stuff", as stated above, then simply turn off the shut-off valve that runs to the refrigerator and disconnect the line running running to the refrigerator and let gravity drain it. Then bleed the water that runs to the shut off valve until it turns pink. When unwinterizing, run clear water to the shut off valve until there is no more foam or after taste. Once clear, reconnect the line to the shut off valve and and run normally again.
DutchmenSport 11/10/19 05:20pm Tech Issues
Just curious?

Everyone knows there are "entry level" RV's and then the scale goes upward to true luxury. I've been watching a lot of YouTube videos, specifically Big Truck-Big RV channel which show houses new models of RV's of all sorts. It's actually become one of my favorite channels on Youtube. Well, I've stumbled in a group of videos show casing VanLeigh Beacon 5er's from Tiffin which comes in around the $135,000 price tag. Then there is the Grand Design Momentum which comes in around the $110,000. And how about Riverstone Legacy, high end, $100,000. My Montana High Country listed at $77,000. It's a good camper (now) since I've done several self-improvements and fixes to it. But, even at $77,000, as it came from the factory, (in my opinion) falls far short of what one expect for $77,000. So those 5er's with a price tag over $100,000??? True!!... the "glitch" is really nice! They are absolutely beautiful gorgeous "campers". The electronics, the technology, the outside paint jobs, all the unique ways they've utilized space for storage, all those things that are appealing to the eye, are way over the top! Beautiful. But in the real world, traveling with them, cross country trips, bouncing down the road, parking at campgrounds, interstate driving with bridges that have those horrid expansion joints and when you hit them you swear you've just flattened all the tires on your vehicles, rail road tracks that are rough as washboards, turning, twisting, uneven roads, backing up, skidding tires, normal wear and tear, real world use??? ... how do they hold up? Are they really worth the $100,000 and upward price tag? Are they really better built? Or is that $100,000 and upward price tag to cover all the "glitz" and modern technology in them? If you have one of these over $100,000 5er's, how has it held up over the course of time? I have no plans to sell or trade my Montana. It's perfect for us (and completely paid for)! I'm keeping it for a long time! But still, when I see these videos, it makes my jaw drop and I think to myself, "Wow!" Thoughts?
DutchmenSport 11/09/19 06:29pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Full time storage, but far away from home - possible?

I don't have a built in generator on my 5er, but I've had a stand alone generator for over 15 years. I try to run it monthly as it primarily used for power outages at the house. However, there has been many times when I've got for several months between start ups and it's always run very well. It almost always starts the 2nd or 3rd pull of the cord. I keep Sta-Bill in the gasoline fuel tank and when shutting down, I always turn the petcock to the off position and let the carburetor run dry and the engine shuts itself off. When starting it back up, after sitting a month, or two, or three, I simply flip the gas flow valve again, wait about 5 minutes, put it on choke and about 2 pulls of the rope, it starts. The only exception is when the temperatures are zero degrees, which has happened in the winter months in the past. Then, I had to pull, and pull, and pull, but eventually it would start. We have 2 garages, the big one not attached to the house and not heated where the trucks are kept, the other a one car garage attached to the house I use for a wood working shop. The last couple winters, I've been storing the generator inside the smaller heated attached garage. When we had a power failure last winter, the generator started right up. So, it's now permanently stored in the smaller garage attached to the house, as it's always slightly heated and the generator will still start easily, even if it's zero degrees outside. This is my experience with my generator. But from my limited experience, I wouldn't stress leaving the generator unattended to for 3 months.
DutchmenSport 11/09/19 05:14pm General RVing Issues
RE: Paint job done

Very nice! Now when you attempt to go to a 10 year rule campground, you can honestly say, "it's brand new!" (just don't specify "what" is brand new!). Congrats! Happy camping!
DutchmenSport 11/09/19 04:32pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: How to winterize residential refrigerator??

I have a Samsung residential refrigerator in my 5er. I winterized it 2 days ago. The last item I winterized was the ice maker in the refrigerator. So, here's how my resources and a bit of compromise on my part did it. First, I winterized everything with the RV antifreeze Pink Stuff and waited to do the ice maker last. On my Montana High Country 375FL, the refrigerator is in one of the slides. There is a small water line that runs under the slide (outside) from the inside underbelly of the camper. At that junction there is a connection. With Antifreeze still under pressure from the water pump and the tube in the gallon jug, I loosened that junction and let the clear water spew until it turned pink. Then I tightened the connection back up. Inside the camper, where that small line comes through the floor, there is an on-off valve with a connection for an even smaller line that actually runs to the refrigerator. I turned that valve off and then unhooked the smaller line that ran to the refrigerator. With a cup, I put the cup under the open end and turned the valve back on slowly, and after a cup of clear water, the pink stuff appeared. I let just a bit more flow and then closed off the valve and reconnected the line going to the refrigerator. Now I knew the clear water had only about 5 feet of tubing before it was filled with antifreeze pink stuff. Following directions from YouTube and my manual I found on line, on the bottom side of the ice maker is a small reset, or recycle button. When pushing this button, the tray dumps, turns back upright, and then fills with water. I pushed the button about 10 times, repeating over and over, catching the dumped water in the ice tray. After about the 10th time, good pink antifreeze started filling the small ice try. It was then I turned that on-off valve (inside the camper) to the off position so no more antifreeze would feed into the ice maker. I then pushed the button one more time to dump the final bit of antifreeze into that ice bucket and because the valve was off, no more antifreeze could flow into the ice maker. We are still using the refrigerator, but the water pump is off, the fresh water tank is empty, the system is winterized with pink stuff, and ice maker is now winterized and the water line going to it is off. When I un-winterize, I'll do the same thing again. I'll unwinterize everything and do that line to the ice maker last. I'll bleed the antifreeze at those two connection points again, and then just keep feeding clear water through the ice maker by pressing that button over and over again until it's flushed good. It took longer to do the ice maker than running the antifreeze through everything else combined on my 5er. It's something you simply cannot rush. Find the manual trigger button on your ice maker and just keep pushing it, until the pink stuff starts flowing.
DutchmenSport 11/09/19 01:06pm Tech Issues
RE: diesel rebate

None I know of or ever heard about.
DutchmenSport 11/08/19 10:53am Tow Vehicles
RE: Selling my RV advice

If you are selling just to get rid of it, any dealership will take it. Of course, you won't get much for it either. That's the trade-off, get rid of it immediately at a low-ball offer. Or sell through some other venue with a higher price and it may never sell or you may be waiting for a long time. By the time the unit actually sells, and your 3rd party intermediary gets their commission cut, you might have been better off just selling to your dealership and been done with it. If you are upside-down on a loan, you'll never get the price you need to pay the loan off, from anywhere.
DutchmenSport 11/08/19 10:49am General RVing Issues
RE: How to Disconnected Fridge Beeper

Have you tried shutting the refrigerator completely off and then turning it back on again to see if it stops beeping? You may need to unplug from shore power, flip your on-board battery kill switch to off to truly shut off the refrigerator. But it might stop the beeping when you power everything back up. Well, it's just a suggestion and doesn't cost anything or require anything be dismantled (yet).
DutchmenSport 11/08/19 08:33am Tech Issues
RE: winterizing black tank flush with air

I've done it that way on my previous TT. Never had a problem. On my current 5er, I simply hook up the outside water faucet (sprayer, shower, blue coiled hose, hot and cold faucet) in my wet bay, to my black tank flusher (in my wet bay) then pump the pink RV antifreeze and watch for "pink stuff" to flow out the black tank outlet. Once it flows "pink" out the black tank drain, I know both the outside faucet and the black tank flusher line is winterized. And by the way, I do this when camping too, so I don't have any dependency to hook up a garden hose to the black tank flusher.
DutchmenSport 11/08/19 08:27am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Lightweight RL trailer

177LHS Hideout Remove the chairs and replace with your own couch: HIDEOUT 24LHSWE Maybe too long for what you are wanting: OUTBACK ULTRA-LITE 252URS Maybe these will get you started.
DutchmenSport 11/08/19 08:00am Travel Trailers
RE: Having a SENIOR moment

Reminds me of the fellow that said, " I've never had an accident, but there have been quite few of them really close to me." HHMMMMMMM Actually, this is quite an interesting comment you made here. I vividly remember in drivers education class (Summer of 1970) when our instructor made a comment very similar. He said, "YOU may never be in an accident yourself. But if experience other drivers having accidents near you, it's time to reevaluate YOUR driving style." I never forgot that. I must be doing something right, I've witnessed only 1 accident happening at an intersection in 45 years of driving, when sitting at a red light and someone ran the light and T-boned the other car. We were about the 4th or 5th car back from the stop. That was more than 20 years ago. I've never had an accident involving another car in 45 years of driving. But, that doesn't mean I haven't backed into a telephone pole, I've hit a deer, I ran into a tree laying across the road at night during a black-out thunderstorm though. ;)
DutchmenSport 11/08/19 07:33am General RVing Issues
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