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RE: Battery monitor that connects to wifi

I have the Cerbo. It’s not difficult to install. I added WiFi to the RV as an additional line in my t-mobile account and bought their WiFi device on the payment plan. If I had bought other Victron equipment I would have more information. But I didn’t realize that adding on a little at a time. I have the battery monitor and the MPPT controller.
EMD360 01/17/22 01:09pm Tech Issues
RE: What kind of quality lifepo4 do you get for $300 review

I keep the power on in the RV. So the converter is charging the batteries no matter how cold it gets. That means a BMA with auto shutoff at 35° is pretty important. I’m running WiFi to keep tabs on solar production and temps.
EMD360 01/14/22 07:13pm Tech Issues
RE: Sea Foam stabilizer

So I don’t need the sea foam at all unless I wanted to clean the generator. We are leaving Feb 12th. I have no idea how to draw sea foam into just the generator. Thanks for the tip but that will take way more study. Guess I’ll just keep the sea foam for next year. And buy two more cans then. And put it in before I fill up. Good advice.
EMD360 01/11/22 11:51am Class C Motorhomes
RE: New RV USB plugs, what amperage are they?

Probably an inaccurate way of guessing but I installed a couple of extra USB/12 volt ports and they are rated for 2.1 amps. I have not noticed that these charge faster than the installed USB ports. They are advertised as “fast charging” USB ports.
EMD360 01/10/22 08:50am Tech Issues
RE: Setting Amp Hours In Battery Monitor

Interesting. I switched to lithium with the new Victron battery monitor and read that a little under full was a good “safety measure” so I started with 100 ah instead of 110. At some point I changed to 110 because I was getting confused. And the reset to full can happen when they are not as full as other full readings. But I seldom get the batteries down below 50% because the solar at least trickle charges them. (360 watts on roof) at that level the voltts are still above 12 because lithium’s keep up voltage until they are closer to exhausted. I have cut off set at 80%. It does have a peukart setting but for lithium’s it is set low although I don’t remember exactly. I also found the exact settings for the Lion batteries on their website which removed guesswork. One great side effect is really not having to pay too close attention when boondocking.
EMD360 01/10/22 08:35am Tech Issues
RE: Surge Suppressor Buzzing

I’m actually not confused just not specific enough thanks. I installed a new PD converter/charger under the refrigerator and utilized the old space for the PI. And it is an EMS that I just called a surge suppressor which was inaccurate but installed for that main purpose and it showed no error codes or under voltage etc. It flashes between its readouts which is kind of annoying. I drilled a hole in the grille so I can read the codes but not notice the flashes as much. We have a foldable stool there to help get into bed. It is confirmed by wy8yxm that it may be the solenoid so if it continues to happen PI will cover it. That’s what I read elsewhere. It lost the buzz as soon as I unplugged it and plugged it back in. So probably a temporary fix. Or it won’t happen again. Who knows? Thanks for the input and sorry about the half explanation. I knew what I meant to say ha ha.
EMD360 01/10/22 08:16am Tech Issues
RE: Sea Foam stabilizer

I like the post that says use half. Nice to get enough advice to pick and choose huh? :-) For years I have believed the old wives tale to not let the gas tank sit below full. As it is I didn’t quite fill it due to a gas limit because I use a grocery store discount. In Colorado regular has had more ethanol. Something about the elevation. It’s reading full which is good enough. I have not replaced the fuel filters in this almost one year of ownership RV. I’ve had it in to a mechanic who did not add it to the list of small things that needed to be done including cleaning off the battery and replacing a broken lamp cover that I had not noticed. So it seemed the check up was pretty thorough. We did not use the generator much in the decade we owned the 22e. I serviced it once. I had the carb replaced and it was serviced then. I bought a spark plug but could not figure out how to change it. Now I will change the oil in this new generator when we get to warm weather. I have been exercising the generator and I usually did the old one if not every month. But we usually only use it for air conditioning on the road. Or briefly in the morning for coffee. Now that I have an inverter and solar I didn’t even use it for that last time we were without hookups. But it was fall and no need for air conditioning. So I will use what I bought. Drive around and try to get some in the generator at half concentration. It will only sit about a month now before our next trip. So probably over thinking anyway. I just really like hearing what you all have to say. I’m still learning. Thanks.
EMD360 01/10/22 08:01am Class C Motorhomes
Surge Suppressor Buzzing

Today I heard a loud buzzing sound inside that I traced to the hard wired Progressive Industries surge suppressor. This is installed in place of the old WFCO converter. I purchased it in May. The RV is plugged in with a 20 amp 14ga extension cord but I’m not running extra electric just the converter and 12 volt idle loads. There are no fault conditions displayed for the electrical line. I looked this up. No posts on but found a few that mentioned a possible solenoid issue in the device. Has this happened to any of you? I haven’t taken the device out of the enclosure yet. It was “fixed” when I unplugged it and plugged it back in.
EMD360 01/08/22 06:01pm Tech Issues
Sea Foam stabilizer

I thought I’d try sea foam for winter. I had read general accounts-fill up and add a can then run long enough with the generator running to get the treated gas through the system. I bought two cans to try but the directions are confusing me. Calls for one ounce for every gallon of gas. 55 oz? Really? Then directions are to add to a low tank of gas for a higher concentration as it runs through the engine. Can’t do that I filled it for the winter already. Is one can enough for storage? Do you really add 4 or more cans when storing your RV?
EMD360 01/08/22 05:32pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: New suspension upgrades

Thanks for the input. I only got the front sway bar. My shop said they don’t install rears. I especially wonder about the addition of the Sumo springs. Our mechanic works on motor homes but only in good weather because their garage is not large enough. I’ve not yet weighed the rig. Thought I’d be fine at recommended pressure for now. Should do that as soon as the weather clears. We have a cat scale not too far away. I downloaded a weight chart for Michelin’s. Here are the weight limits for our e350. So it looks like lower pressure in back. 65 in front and maybe 55 in back. Seems really low if door label recommends 68. GVWR (Lbs): 11500 GCWR — 18,500 GAWR front—4600-2300 GAWR back—7200-3600 LBS SINGLE 60-2190 65-2335 70-2440 75-2560 80-2680 DUAL 50-3530 55-3750 60-3990 65-4300 70-4440 75-4660 80-4940
EMD360 01/06/22 12:34am Class C Motorhomes
RE: New suspension upgrades

I read your report Ron. I wish I had the skills to upgrade the suspension myself. I wonder if the new Koni’s have a better grommet system. They originally ordered Bilstein shocks but they didn’t get stocked for almost three months so they cancelled that order and got the Koni shocks. I really preferred them due to my reading about the FSD technology. I’ve read about the superiority of the Safe t steer but steering does not seem to be an issue. It’s the rougher ride that I would like to smooth out. This coach is so much closer to the ground than our 22’ Itasca. It does not have electric steps. Just the built in well. I wonder if that makes the ride rougher.
EMD360 01/05/22 08:46am Class C Motorhomes
RE: New suspension upgrades

I think the tires are over-inflated. They are higher than the door recommendation which is 68. Two are at 80 and the rest are about 75. But it’s cold outside now so I’ll check. I’m not fully loaded so have not weighed yet. Maybe it’s the Koni shocks that have contributed to what feels like a more stable ride in high winds. I had only read that the Sumo reduced harshness. Nice to get input here. This 26’ rig feels bumpier than our 22’. Feel rattled around when riding in back especially on smaller highways. I don’t know if that has improved.
EMD360 01/05/22 08:09am Class C Motorhomes
RE: New suspension upgrades

Thinking of adding Sumo springs. Maybe they would do more to smooth out the ride.
EMD360 01/04/22 05:48pm Class C Motorhomes
New suspension upgrades

Picked up the RV from the shop today. Got the Koni FSD shocks installed front and back. Didn’t notice a huge difference in bumpiness on the potholes on the way home. The new Hellwig sway bar looks thicker but only by maybe 1/4”. But I drove into the gusting winds to the gas station and I didn’t feel any sway at all. Seemed much more stable on the road. That may be the best and least expensive upgrade. Hellwig Ford OEM Without getting too much under the rig in the cold. This is one of the new shocks.
EMD360 01/04/22 05:42pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Differential Service

Picked up the RV today. There was no rear axle alignment in the description of service. They sent it out for a regular alignment as they don’t do those in the shop. Didn’t get the exact alignment specs but they set the toe in from zero. Between 1/16th and 1/8” They just checked the alignment of the front to the rear tires and it was spot on. The differential service appeared to be the result of observing bad hub oil during the rear brake job. It was just serviced no other issues.
EMD360 01/04/22 05:39pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Barker sewage tank mounted

Gray is 26 gal. Black is 21. So 45 gallon made the most sense but I could not handle it myself.
EMD360 12/31/21 01:51pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Tire Pressure Monitor System (TPMS) --- Great add-on

I bought a similar TPMS through Amazon. The only thing I noticed is that the numbers on the caps don’t match the setup. But I’ve had good luck with the readings being accurate. I had a nail in a rear tire but both duallies on that side were worn out from running so low. I had not driven it anywhere but the tires had flattened more than once it appears the weight of the coach damaged the tires. I bought two new tires and set up the TPMS again now it’s in the shop. Getting Koni shocks and a helliwig sway bar and new rear brakes. And an alignment that seems to causing the shop issues. But having the TPMS is another step in the right direction.
EMD360 12/28/21 06:13pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Barker sewage tank mounted

At 47 pounds dry plus the rack on your rear bumper and without reinforcement, I’d be concerned. I had to return the 47 lb tank. I could not lift it! I bought the 32 gallon size that weighs 37 lbs. The bumper is custom. The PO told me when they replaced it the shop told them it was better and cheaper if they built a steel one. It is very heavy duty and bolted on securely. So I’m not concerned. Except I need to get weighed for our trip. I don’t want to overload the chassis. It’s probably easy to do with the huge basement in this rig.
EMD360 12/23/21 07:04pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Differential Service

Recommended differential service is between 50,000 and 60,000 miles. So it was time. They just replaced the gasket and the fluid. Because it was just service the warranty does not cover it. Didn’t hurt to ask. I still don’t have the RV though because they were not happy with the alignment so sending it back for a rear axle alignment. These look like they are relatively uncommon. But if the steering wheel is off center or there is pull one way or the other I guess it’s possible the rear axle can be adjusted. Can’t find much on it on Google. So the shop that does alignment for them can’t get to it until next week. It’s drivable they say but I didn’t want to experience a problem after all the work I’ve had done so I won’t get it until 2022!
EMD360 12/23/21 06:52pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Another LFP Converter Choice

Interesting. I purchased the 60 amp PD9160AL and it was not an exact replacement. I ended up installing a Progressive Industries surge suppresser in the electric box and the new charger under the refrigerator. height=480 width=640
EMD360 12/22/21 04:13pm Tech Issues
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