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RE: Rv locks install

Good idea. I wondered how to use the fob. Does anyone know why it has two button sets to program?
EMD360 07/28/21 02:35pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
Rv locks install

The door on our Minnie was hard to close and we could not get the keys to work the lock without a lot of fiddling. There was a nice sale at so I ordered a digital code replacement. It was relatively easy to install but I had to cut out some of the door to line it up with the metal cutouts on the side of the door. I used a multi tool to trim the excess The lock has wires that snap together on each side. Then it is screwed on similar to the existing lock. The lock did leave a gap on the outside top edge in the corner. So I caulked it with almond window and door sealant. The decal edge is a little rough where I washed off excess caulk. I had to adjust the strike plate slightly for the new lock but the catches on the new lock are slightly smaller so they lock into the strike plate with less force. I reset the code and programmed the one included remote. I didn’t quite understand the two sets of buttons on the remote though. At first I thought one for each key insert but I think more likely it is for a second lock if you have one. I think we will enjoy the new lock and how easy it will be to leave without having to carry keys.
EMD360 07/27/21 10:32pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Project complete: 500w solar install, plus 2000w inverter

Thanks for the specific information. I have a 250 watt used solar panel but it’s rather large for the RV roof. I’m looking at buying newer smaller panels for about $200 each. I’m very hesitant to drill the hikes in the fiberglass roof though. I read about 3m tape and have used it for other tasks but you are right I would not really want to rely on it alone. I’ve been wondering if I can attach a framework to the vents like the lids attach. Still working on that plan. I added batteries to the dinette bench in my previous RV and used the same plastic pipe with steel wool and sealing foam to close it. I haven’t wrapped my new wires yet but I did zip tie several original wires when I was installing a new charger and inverter.
EMD360 07/27/21 09:57pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Samlex Inverter Power Draw Question

A combination inverter charger converter may have been a better choice. It took me awhile to figure out the three separate devices, the charger and DC to Dc were first decisions then I decided to add an inverter. I considered the Renogy but decided the appliance is most likely to run is the microwave. Late night warm milk helps me sleep. It’s hard to tell what surge this inverter could take for 5 min. Kind of a problem with the specs. I saw several combination devices but I had just upgraded the others. We were camping this week but on 30 amp electric and everything works even at the same time! I may have to upgrade to a 30 amp outlet at home. I used the inverter in the boat launch parking lot to inflate our Intex boat. Nice to have it onboard. Next is solar right?
EMD360 07/23/21 07:15am Tech Issues
RE: Samlex Inverter Power Draw Question

Probably right on power sucking! But it’s so convenient to reheat our coffee and cook hot dogs for the grandkids. About all they will eat besides chicken nuggets. I am disappointed that the charger draws so much more power that the old WFCO did. Especially when it’s hot. It’s a 60 amp instead of a 55. Micro ran ok on inverter just not on shore power 20 amps. Charger on shore power and the rest on inverter is a very interesting idea! The charger plug is in a difficult position but I might try this. Thanks.
EMD360 07/19/21 03:09pm Tech Issues
RE: Samlex Inverter Power Draw Question

Yesterday at above 95 degrees while we were at a day park the generator would not start. I used the inverter instead just long enough to run the air compressor for tubing. Today, another hot one at about 95°, I tried running the microwave while plugged into our outdoor extension cord on a 20 amp circuit. It blew the circuit. The PD charger was running hot with the fan on constantly. So I unplugged it and ran the microwave and again the time remaining dropped fast to 23 minutes and 13.3 volts. It appeared to bounce back to 25 min just running the fridge and any additional loads. I was surprised the micro circuit was tripping with the charger running in the heat. The Samlex peaks at 6000 amps for 8ms. I’m not going to try to run the air from the inverter. I am waiting for morning when it’s cooler to see if there is a problem with the generator. We will have electric hookups this week so won’t need either the inverter or the generator until next week.
EMD360 07/18/21 10:11pm Tech Issues
RE: Thoughts on a weird/unique way to empty holding tanks.

I do the lift method at home and dump into our outdoor clean out. But a pit toilet is dry waste. I would think unless it is very seldom used it would not be an appropriate type of waste. Taking advantage of park facilities in ways not designed for is misuse. Wouldn’t want to be guilty of that. Not sure how 2 week boondocking folks handle more waste than fits in the black tank. Are the secondary tanks big enough? Where are they stored? I’m guessing they are too heavy to lift when filled.
EMD360 07/14/21 08:04am Tech Issues
RE: Max Air Vent Cover Maintenance

I use eternabond tape. It lasts at least a decade. Probably longer.
EMD360 07/14/21 07:55am Tech Issues
RE: Samlex Inverter Power Draw Question

Both the inverter and the BMS have an auto shutoff at 10v. Can’t change either one. The inverter is +- .01v. I believe it set the Victron at 10.4v for depletion. Have not set up an alarm yet though.
EMD360 07/14/21 07:49am Tech Issues
RE: Samlex Inverter Power Draw Question

So it does not damage the AC compressor to have the inverter just shut down without turning the AC off first? I’m always leery of running the air on just an extension cord even with a 20 amp fuse.
EMD360 07/14/21 07:32am Tech Issues
RE: Mystery Switch

Our 2003 had the same switch for heated mirrors. Don’t want it on by accident. My grandkids love switches! I sure miss power windows on our newer RV!
EMD360 07/14/21 07:21am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Up grading my Class C

I did the same thing. Sold our well loved no issues that I knew of with some rear body damage that I waterproofed. It was a 2003 Itasca Spirit 22e with 55000 miles. I had used eternabond on all the roof seams and around all the light openings and the tape was still in good shape 10 years later. Our reasoning was getting a larger unit with more sleeping space. We love to take our grandkids and their parents with us. We did find a 2018 former rental with just over 50000 miles in your price range. Bought it in late March listed near us on RV Trader. It’s a 25b and I don’t see any decline in coach quality. Nice hardwood cabinet fronts same stove, toilet quality, a bit nicer faucets than ours had and had replaced. Bigger tv of course and a rear bed with space for another tv. I plan to keep this one at least another decade. Maybe we were just really lucky.
EMD360 07/14/21 06:49am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Samlex Inverter Power Draw Question

I’m not as knowledgeable as many of you. Because the MW was on a 20 amp breaker by itself I assumed it needed up to 20 amps. The specs of the 2000 watt inverters I saw were up to 15 amps. I assume that more expensive units might have larger capacity. The Samlex is considered a mid-level quality inverter as I understand the recommendations. I was leery if the cheapest because there are many comments about them not lasting. This one was $860 on Amazon Prime. I like getting the item relatively quickly. I’m not using the plug ins on the inverter itself. I have it hard wired to the transfer switch that is only operational when the shore power and charger are off. I don’t have to remember to turn off the charger. The Samlex has an optional hard wired remote that allows me to turn it on and off and reads the stats such as voltage and amp draw. SOC is on the Victron monitor. I have not had a chance to test running the inverter longer with a high draw heater. I’m curious if the fully charged battery can take more inverter load.
EMD360 07/12/21 10:58am Tech Issues
RE: Looking for end all be all air pump

Mr_andyj: How do you attach a hair dryer to the air input?
EMD360 07/10/21 03:09pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Samlex Inverter Power Draw Question

Great discussion. I looked for a Panasonic inverter micro and they are all more than 900 watts. Smallest was 1000. Might still draw less but I didn’t keep looking for specs. The Battleborn have come down in price and the LION went up. I got them at Costco on sale in May for $799 each when two were purchased. They were quickly sold out. The Battleborn are 12.76 × 6.86 × 8.95 in and I was limited to under 12” in the battery box. The LION are 10.2" L X 6.6" W X 8.8" H (9.8" H to top of post) so I could fit two with some insulation in my under step space. The box was deep enough to fit the DC to DC charger on top of the batteries. It is on a 1/8” piece of scrap plywood that is fitted around the battery posts.
EMD360 07/10/21 03:02pm Tech Issues
RE: Samlex Inverter Power Draw Question

Itinerant1 that is a lot of battery power! Love the spreadsheet I’m going to look at it more closely. What device do you have that records that info? I rechecked the BMS on the LIoN Safari batteries and it does shut them down when outside the temperature range. It was in the question and answer info I didn’t see it in the specs. “The Safari UT already has an internal Battery Management System (BMS) that acts as a safety net to shut down the battery if it is out of parameters. This prevents the battery from overcharging or discharging as well as operating outside of the temperature range.”
EMD360 07/09/21 10:23am Tech Issues
RE: Looking for end all be all air pump

I’ve had this problem with inflators for our boat. I bought a rechargeable Intex pump for the Intex boat and it stopped delivering air within a year. I have a small Semco compressor in the RV but it is lousy at low pressure air delivery. The one gallon tank does not hold enough air. I tried a small rechargeable battery driven pump but it was very noisy and got hot and could not work at the low pressure the boat needed despite the description. Now I thought I’d try one of the cheap pumps from Amazon. If it breaks in a few months I’m not as unhappy. However it occurred to me I might try a vacuum cleaner. My RV one does not connect to a blower but another model might. Or that battery powered inflator might work better. I don’t have a spare.
EMD360 07/09/21 07:28am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Samlex Inverter Power Draw Question

The inability to charge them below freezing is a problem. 32° is not that cold in CO. I’ll have to remember to turn off the charger at night or unplug in colder weather while we are still using the RV. I’m considering a seat warmer for the battery compartment. I used them on my old RV as tank warmers. I think part of the complexity is getting good specs. A reliable BMS from the manufacturer is based mostly on company reputation. It remains to be seen if I get more value from these batteries than from my rocky history with SLA and AGM’s The idea of replacing the micro with a low draw is interesting. The one I have is rated at 900 watts (1.35 kw power consumption) but from the inverter it drew much more. I could try it at 50%. I like the idea of running a more disposable appliance like one of my small heaters. Cheap and disposable if it breaks. Thanks.
EMD360 07/08/21 11:33pm Tech Issues
RE: Samlex Inverter Power Draw Question

GC batteries are too large for my space anyway. I had more room in the old RV and could fit two group 27 batteries. But I ended up using only one group 29 because I burned them out too quickly. I tried Walmart SLA batteries and they didn’t last more than a season or two. I tried Autozone marine and kept losing one cell. Finally went back to Interstate and sold the rig with one group 29 rather new inside. I even tried used agm batteries and a double battery bank with a blue sea switch but they only lasted a season or two. Thus my willingness to invest in lithium batteries.
EMD360 07/08/21 08:42am Tech Issues
RE: Samlex Inverter Power Draw Question

I knew I could count on the big 3 to help me out. Not many people have this level of knowledge! I was just shocked to see that quick decline but I really understand 3tons explanation. And BFL13 also stated it in a clear way. The meter was just racing to keep up with the high demand. The bigger test would be to somehow continue a high load until the battery charge shuts off the inverter. Maybe the air conditioner. Waiting to hear from pianotuna though I know he’s not a lithium convert. But thank you to the rest who gave advice too. I have the new version of the PD charger/converter. So the bulk charge at 14.6 does drop to a maintenance charge. I know I don’t have quite enough battery power for the inverter. But to run the microwave I needed 20 amp capability. 2000 watt inverters are only 15 amps. For lithium batteries apparently you can throw away all you know about depletion for lead acids. That’s one reason I invested in them for the new RV. That’s why the other equipment is best replaced too. And I added the Renogy DC to DC charger for the alternator charging. Although I’m not convinced it is necessary. So it’s rather an expensive investment for just 210 ah rating. I’m counting on the 10 years some folks give it. I did a test for my trolling motor battery box that I equipped with 3 20 amp lithiums. The batteries lasted over 19 hours with a 300 watt inverter, an electric clock, and a 75 watt light bulb. I tested the load and 60 amp hours should have lasted 24 hours. So there was a limit of about 80% depletion but we have not moved that battery meter below 100% with over an hour scooting around a lake. I didn’t watch the meter on the battery box so I’m not sure how fast the voltage dropped. It of course doesn’t have the time left reading. As far as Peukert’s law I’m not sure it’s something I will ever understand. (See above my muddled state on charging). Start with those formulas and I’m lost. Luckily the Victron has a long explanation of how their meter accounts for it. So let the electronics handle it! I have the meter set to most of the recommendations in the manual. I downgraded the battery capacity a little to 200 amps and increased the depletion level a bit. I think at 11 volts. The upshot seems to be that I could use more battery power. The manual suggests 3 100 ah batteries as a minimum, 4 would be better. But I have limited room in the battery box. As it was I had to search for 100 ah batteries that would fit the small space. I have yet to test this with solar attached. I have a 200 watt portable panel. I’m thinking of adding a more permanent solar system to the roof. I’m not against using the generator of course. I just wanted a silent system for my warm milk at night etc. Finally there is the issue of ventilation. I did crowd the box in the dinette seat. I’m thinking if it goes over temp I can add a grate to the side of dinette back. I added a grate under the fridge for the charger. Thanks for the help. I need to not get so concerned about the time left and run it heavily until my batteries deplete to 11 volts. At least I can find out what the air conditioner draws. I had no intention of running the air conditioner with it of course. By the way the Samlex is more expensive than the Renogy 3000 but It was recommended by experts that I respect and so I paid about double the cost of the Renogy. This is the place to learn how to do complicated upgrades and check their operation that is for sure.
EMD360 07/08/21 08:28am Tech Issues
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