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Black Tanks Won’t Flush

I have two black tanks that discharge out one outlet. I have two unmarked black tank connections in the water compartment. Connecting to one, no water flows, when connected to the other, water discharges out the other. I tried a Y connection with no luck. I checked the only one way valve in the shower and it appears to be plumbed correctly. I cannot find another. Any suggestions?? Thanks David
ENG2242 11/22/20 12:47pm Tech Issues
RE: Considering Travel Nursing

Go to your search engine and search "traveling nurse forums". There are several to choose from. The participants comment on recruiters. It was on a different post. Are usually don’t let things bother me, just been a bit crabby lately. My apologies.
ENG2242 05/10/20 08:32pm Full-time RVing
St Louis to Elkhart Indiana

I looked up directions on Google and it’s giving me a few different routes to take from St. Louis to Elkhart Indiana. I’ll be hauling my fifth wheel and was wondering if anyone had any preferences on which way to go as far as which of the three different options is better highway.
ENG2242 05/10/20 08:29pm Roads and Routes
Cities in Florida Due to FT Job Opportunities.

I have several potential cities in Florida to move to due to job opportunities and live in my RV full time: The only city I'm familiar with is Panama City Beach and really like it there. Here are some inquiries and need input with. Last Ill post the locations. Considerations: I wish to be reasonable close to the beach. Esp. the Gulf side. Over all appeal- I don't like a dense city atmosphere. Traffic Tourist dwelling/ seasonal over population. Nice/Safe/Comfortable area Geographic beauty. City Options: (Wewahitchka} (Chipley) (Bonifay) (De Funiak Springs) (Wewahitchka} (Chipley) (Bonifay) Full Time RV Park suggestions based on city proximity. Hell we all know what type of private FT parks we are looking for. Im single/mello and all the kiddos are grown and out on their own. Just looking for a cool area, that provides near-by beauty. Thanks for all your help. This is a lot to ask for. Respectfully David B Hartmann
ENG2242 05/08/20 06:08pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Tabletop LPG Barbecue Grilles Anything To Be Wary About?

Purchased my Nexgrill at Costco for $139. Love it. perfect for Rv. Nexgrill Cast Aluminum Table Top Gas BBQ 4.6 out of 5 stars. Read reviews for Nexgrill Cast Aluminum Table Top Gas BBQ 4.6 (34) Item 1902307 I purchased a grill plate cover that goes right in top of the gill plates, and prevent the grease drippings from dropping on the e burners and still leaves a nice grill mark. Works great!!
ENG2242 05/04/20 02:45pm Tech Issues
RE: Considering Travel Nursing

ENG, who’s comment or answer with a question do you consider stupid? "why post about traveling Rn's in this category"? I have posted inquiries in other categories, and received some ridiculous responses. The Moderator and other members have agreed. I appreciate all the pertinent input, jus stick to the topic!!
ENG2242 05/04/20 11:03am Full-time RVing
RE: Gray tank valve

Look for a plastic access door on the driver-side, lower skirting of the rig (similar to an outside shower compartment access). If you don't have a plastic access door. Climb under and look behind the skirting on the driver side, it's usually attached along the frame or on the underside. It's there, you may have to climb just under the rig on the right side and find it.
ENG2242 05/03/20 02:33pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Water Hearter Source For Full-Time

Electric is cheaper for those that care. Ele is free in campgrounds if you paid already. The gas will create more exhaust heat than the electric element. The ele element is in the water so is closer to 100% efficency where the gas loses a lot of heat to exhaust fumes. The heat in the flu or chimney could cause acceleration of rusting or degradation of material. Unlike a refrigerator, the boiler has a very short run to the outside for the gas exhaust. With gas you are heating the outside of the container (outside of the water) and you hear creaking and cracking. You hear less cracking with the electric. So, less metal expansion is happening, less metal fatigue overall with ele since the element is in the water and nothing gets over 180 degrees in the entire ele process. Thank you: That is exactly the information I was looking for. I see it more and more on this forum: "misinterpret what the question is, instead of reading the black part"!! Think about this in relative terms, not stringent scientific terms as I know people will want to argue as if this were a scientific journal...
ENG2242 05/02/20 03:38pm Tech Issues
RE: Considering Travel Nursing

Moderator: What in the heck has happened to RV.NET? It was once a great resource, with answers either directly related to the question, or people stayed with-in their realm of knowledge or subject inquired. I understand if more information is required and asked for. However, these replies are non-related, answering a question with a question or just plain stupid. If one a question reply was not related, we used to PM the individual. I still receive some rock solid advice from experienced people. Darn it, either respond with a suggestion or input that your familiar with or shut the heck up!!
ENG2242 05/02/20 03:08pm Full-time RVing
Considering Travel Nursing

I've paid my dues in pre-hospital(Paramedic)/ER/ Max Prison Medicine and Drug and Alcohol treatment as an RN. I've committed to never working another night shift, and alternate avenues of medicine. I would love to travel, or be located close to the Gulf. If anyone has experienced similar to the aforementioned please PM me or respond. I am also looking for a Travel RN agency that is reputable. Thanks David
ENG2242 05/02/20 11:14am Full-time RVing
RE: Daytona Beach Fl.

Thank you all for your input!!
ENG2242 05/02/20 11:02am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Daytona Beach Fl.

Being an RN, I'm sure you would have plenty of opportunities wherever you decide to go. Daytona is decent, although the beach area is definitely showing its age. Before moving to the gulf coast of Alabama (to be closer to family, without giving up the beach lifestyle) we most recently lived in northeast Florida, right on the ocean, and if you're not committed to the job in Daytona, I think you'll find that from St. Augustine Beach south through Ormond Beach are all beautiful areas. Food for thought. Yes, the cost of living definitely will be higher in FL than in MO, but after all, it's Florida, not Missouri. Nuff said :) As for 'storms' .... I'd need to have someone show me a state that was free of weather issues. I haven't found it yet. Of course, in my book, very cold weather and any snow at all are unacceptable. And, if a hurricane came along, it sounds like whatever you're going to be living in will have wheels under it -- so you just get out of there for a few days. Remember, hurricanes give you MUCH more advance notice than tornadoes. Best of luck in your new venture. Thank you so much. I wil PM you to further discuss. David
ENG2242 05/02/20 10:47am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: H2O Connection Replacement

Thanks for your help guys, I really appreciate it. David
ENG2242 05/01/20 07:07pm Tech Issues
RE: Inverter Battery Charger?

The image did not load.. Hold on.... Follow link Post a photo here and copy URL to your post From what I read, it is not a charger. My next question is, when connected to electric, should I shut off the battery switches?
ENG2242 05/01/20 08:17am Tech Issues
H2O Connection Replacement

I need to replace the red supply to the faucet connections.I assume it's 1/2" by 1/2" female. Suggestion's?
ENG2242 05/01/20 08:03am Tech Issues
RE: Inverter Battery Charger?

The image did not load.. Hold on.... Follow link Post a photo here and copy URL to your post
ENG2242 05/01/20 07:45am Tech Issues
RE: Inverter Battery Charger?

Well something must be charging it... Engine alternator or a converter or perhpas the inverter is an inverter/charger. You did not give us anywhere near enough info. what is the make/model of the inverter???? Inv 1
ENG2242 04/30/20 09:00am Tech Issues
RE: Inverter Battery Charger?

What I do is to measure across the Battery terminal with my DC VOLT METER and read the Battery DC Voltage. It usually reads 12.5-6VDC... Then I connect my Trailer 30A Cable to either a shore power 120VAC Connection or my 2KW Generator set 120VAC connection. The reading on my battery terminals will jump up to 14.4VDC telling me the battery is demanding a charge from the converter charging setup... When I am camping I do this every morning... When parked at home base I will do this test at least once a week... When my battery terminal DC Voltage reading gets down to the 12.0VDC reading which is approximately the 50% Charge state then I will do a full 100 percent charge procedure... My on-board converter PD9260C charger goes thru the smart mode charging modes being 14.4VDC, 13.6VDC and 13.2VDC and can provide up to 60AMPS DC charging demands. My original Converter Charger would only produce 13.6VDC at 30AMPS DC Current which did not do well keeping my Trailer batteries properly charged. Also having the original DC Converter 13.6VDC on-line for long times would also boil out my battery fluids. I lost one of my 12VDC Batteries not catching this in time... That was when I changed out the original ELIXIR Industries ELX-30 converter/Charger for the Progressive Dynamics PD9260C 60AMP Model converter/charger, Never had a Battery issue with my three installed 12VDC Batteries after doing that... Roy Ken height=45 Thanks Roy!!
ENG2242 04/30/20 07:39am Tech Issues
RE: Inverter Battery Charger?

Well something must be charging it... Engine alternator or a converter or perhpas the inverter is an inverter/charger. You did not give us anywhere near enough info. what is the make/model of the inverter???? Good point as usual John. I will find this info out.
ENG2242 04/30/20 07:37am Tech Issues
Daytona Beach Fl.

I am considering a FT job as an RN in Daytona Beach. Does anyone have any suggestions as to a full time RV park with in 50 miles? Additionally, what is the cost of living, compared to Missouri? Trying to figure out if this is a prudent move based on change of scenery, love for the ocean, and annual climate. Any input, what so ever, good and bad, would be of great help. I am in the infancy of this consideration, so I plead ignorance. Thank you for your guidance.
ENG2242 04/30/20 07:31am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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