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RE: ONAN 5500 @ high elevations

My wife and I will be heading west in September. Overnighting around 9000'. What do I need to address to insure optimum performance. We currently live around 1,500'. Thanks for the help. Gasoline powered generators do have a carburetor altitude adjustment,,,if you have a gasser.... Effects Of High Altitude And Extreme Temperatures If you travel at high altitudes or in extreme temperatures, your generator can lose power. In such lower-density air conditions, you can’t operate as many electrical devices as you could under normal operating conditions. Power decreases 3.5% for each 1,000 feet above an altitude of 500 feet. For example, to operate at 4,500 feet (4,000 feet above rated generator altitude) multiply 3.5% x 4 (4,000 ft) = 14% power loss. Then multiply .14 x your generator’s power rating: 4,000 watts x .14 = a loss of 560 watts at that altitude. Power decreases in extreme temperatures by 1% for each 10° F (5.5° C) above 85° F (29.4°C). NOTE: The carburetor on a non-EFI gasoline generator may require adjustment at high altitudes. (See your Operator’s Manual or your Cummins Onan Authorized RV Service and Parts Dealer.)
Ed_Gee 01/02/20 07:40pm Tech Issues
RE: Coach battery size/model

Looking to replace the 2 coach batteries in our Winnebago Vista. How can I find out what size/model to buy? The specifications on the Winnebago web site say two deep cycle marine Group 24 size batteries. Now might be a good time to get AGM batteries instead of the factory supplied wet cell more checking water levels, no more leaking or corrosion......
Ed_Gee 12/29/19 12:26pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 12v batteries reading 14.18v

modern chargers will charge a low battery at a Bulk rate, then at a Absorb rate - both which will exceed 14. Volts.....BUT they are supposed to drop down to 13.5 volts Float level when the battery reaches full charge. It the battery remains at 14.1 for more than a day you either have a bad battery or a bad charger, IMHO.
Ed_Gee 12/28/19 03:22pm Tech Issues
RE: weight of MH

Modern day 22 footers are 11,500 pounds. My 2018 Winnebago 25' long on A Ford diesel Transit chassis gross max. Weight is 10,350. I'd think a shorter 40 year old RV would be less.....
Ed_Gee 12/28/19 03:08pm Tech Issues
RE: weight of MH

1979 Dodge Sportsman RV Owners manual
Ed_Gee 12/28/19 03:04pm Tech Issues
RE: Can you tow a 2019 Honda Civic Sadan manual trans 4 down?

I found the definitive word from Honda in their 2019 6 speed Jan 2019 Owners Manual: ....and it wasn't easy ! ..... Honda Towing Behind A Motorhome Models with continuously variable transmission Your vehicle is not designed to be towed behind a motorhome. If your vehicle needs to be towed in an emergency, refer to Emergency Towing. Improper towing such as towing behind a motorhome or other motor vehicle can damage the transmission. Models with manual transmission Your vehicle can be towed behind a motorhome. Perform the following procedure before towing your vehicle: Shift to Neutral. Release the parking brake. Turn the ignition switch (or power mode) to ACCESSORY. Make sure the steering wheel does not lock. Turn off all electrical devices. Do not use any accessory power sockets. This can prevent the battery from running down.
Ed_Gee 12/27/19 03:26pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Can you tow a 2019 Honda Civic Sadan manual trans 4 down?

What does the owner's manual say? Page 431 says no recreational towing. 2019 Owner's manual That is not the manual for the 6 speed turbo manual transmission.....
Ed_Gee 12/27/19 02:58pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Can you tow a 2019 Honda Civic Sadan manual trans 4 down?

According to the Good Sam tow guide, yes.Good Sam 2019 dinghy tow guide
Ed_Gee 12/27/19 11:45am Dinghy Towing
RE: Winnebago Fuse

The Fuse was ugly and didn't sell well. Where I work we couldn't give them away. Interesting...... your compatriots to the north in the greater Phoenix area certainly had little problem moving their Fuses when they had them in past years...... Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.....
Ed_Gee 12/26/19 10:58am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Winnebago Fuse

Apparently Ford has redesigned the 2020 Transit chassis so Winnebago stopped production on the 2020 Fuse.....hopefully to redesign the house body for the new chassis. Not one seems to know if Winnebago going to bring the Fuse back to word from them so far... AS far as problems with the .fuse.....the vast majority of owners love their Fuses. Admittedly Winnebago did address some issues on the early low rear clearance. You will find the most useful information on the Fuse on the Winnebago Fuse Owners Facebook group.
Ed_Gee 12/25/19 01:30pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Time to reorder some LED bulbs

Ed_Gee 12/24/19 01:03pm Tech Issues
RE: Outlook Contacts and Tasks

GOOGLE seems to provide answers to your problem. What you want to do is simply merge all your PST files into one. There is software available to do this quickly, or you can do it manually. I found how to instructions here: And here
Ed_Gee 12/22/19 12:48pm Technology Corner
RE: Solar while the RV is in Storage

I believe most RV solar charging systems are wired directly to the battery bank, by-passing the disconnect switch.
Ed_Gee 12/20/19 07:03pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Flip Phone

Tracfone shows two flip phones on their website. The Alcatel runs on ATT and I believe the ZTE flip phone runs on Verizon.
Ed_Gee 12/13/19 01:00pm Technology Corner
RE: How much water to ad to black tank when starting out.?

I usually use the tank sprayer after dumping so after a few minutes of rinsing, I close the black tank valve but leave the sprayer going long enough add at least a gallon or two.
Ed_Gee 12/13/19 12:43pm Beginning RVing
RE: Need Good Sources for Quality Bulk Solar Cable

Recommend this place for high quality solar materials: AM Solar x2. Thanks. Nice looking wire, but two problems with it -- that is 10 gauge -- I'm looking for 8 gauge as mentioned in my last post. And even at that, this 10 gauge roof wire is pricey at $3 a foot plus shipping! OK, but in your original post you said you were looking for 10 ga.UV protected wire, which is what my link took you to. P
Ed_Gee 12/06/19 12:07pm Tech Issues
RE: Need Good Sources for Quality Bulk Solar Cable

Recommend this place for high quality solar materials: AM Solar
Ed_Gee 12/06/19 09:03am Tech Issues
RE: 15 Amp Service

We are going to visit family this Christmas & will be parking in their yard & they said we can plug into their house system...but it is only 15 amp...what do we need to NOT turn on with this low amp service? You can get by on 15A if you adhere to what others have suggested.....but you may want to take a look at their house breaker for the garage wall outlets. Often garages are wired for can make a difference. Also suggest using 12gage extension cord instead of lesser 14 or worse 16 gage cord.
Ed_Gee 12/02/19 06:15pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Thinking a Battery Monitor.............

1) the shunt is the sensor that measures all current into and out of the battery. It should be installed in the negative battery cable going to chassis ground. It does not need to be readily accessible. The best quality battery monitors do NOT use bluetooth....the sensor connects to the display monitor by wire cable. 2) a battery monitor will work with any charge controller. 3)no comment....I prefer hard wired display - no bluetooth. 5) shunt type sensors are extremely accurate .....Not sure how accurate Hall sensor types are in comparison. Bluetooth is bad? That's a bold assertion. My Victron with Bluetooth works great. For the record, I did NOT say Bluetooth was bad; I merely stated my preference. I will grant, perhaps my comment is out of date now, with the proliferation of Bluetooth in everything.....
Ed_Gee 11/22/19 06:41pm Tech Issues
RE: Anyone gone on a Cruise?

Original Poster - suggest you find and spend some time reading posts on the forum, " Cruise Critic ". It is a wealth of inside information from those who cruise frequently.
Ed_Gee 11/22/19 09:23am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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