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RE: 2020 Chevy 2500/3500 trucks

I've probably read every magazine and website review on those trucks out there. A lot of conflicting and inconsistent info, much of it is wrong based on what I have observed at the dealer. (Don't ask the salesman, they are worse!) I think the writer got confused as to what is upgraded from previous years vs what is upgraded between a 2500/3500 for 2020. Minimal difference between a SRW 2500 or 3500, (springs and ratings) and as mentioned the dually gets a larger rear gear. Watch some of the videos from the truck announcement last winter or at the media drive event last June where they had engineers out talking about the trucks.
ExxWhy 02/08/20 06:50am Tow Vehicles
RE: Pick up truck remembrance !

My brother still has our dad's 1972 GMC 2500 he bought new. I was 11 at the time. 350 and 4 spd manual, loaded with power steering, power brakes and an AM radio. It's rusty and crusty, but still more or less trusty. That one came with 16.5's, but has 16's now.
ExxWhy 02/05/20 04:53pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ohio's New Online Reservation System!

k. As to why they do it, things are much more straightforward for them if everyone is in the system with their sites. The rangers then can walk or drive around and readily compare the physically occupied sites to the ones that are known to be reserved and see if anyone is camping without paying, or in the wrong site, or whatever. It also should help avoid problems with more than one party claiming the same site, whether done accidentally or maliciously. I have never seen or even heard of an issue with people in the wrong sites. Maybe it happens, but it has to be rare. Not so sure this is all that more effective, usually if something is wrong, it's the computer. I personally see no reason for rangers or whoever to be that particular about who is where as long as everyone is happy. As to the new website, wow is it SLOW!!!!! I wrote my letter.
ExxWhy 02/05/20 04:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: how do dey do dat ?

The trailer camera is hard wired. For it to work, it has to be mounted in a specific spot about 4 " above the level of the tailgate camera. Might work on a door if there is space with it folded down. Flatbed or a boat you would need to rig up some sort of removable mount.
ExxWhy 02/04/20 04:02pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2020 Ford 7.3L Ike Gauntlet

Ford put down a stomping with the 7.3, impressive performance. GM could have made a much better showing with one of 3 things and preferably them all. 1) Better transmission tuning, it should have downshifted on the IKE test. 2) 10 spd trans 3) 4.10 axle. I suspect we will see them all by '22 at the latest. I think from a marketing standpoint, GM figures if you are going to tow 16,000 lbs on a regular basis, buy a diesel. That was true before this 7.3 came along, maybe it still is. On the other hand, Ford has a huge market already to put this new engine into with the various chassis cab and medium duty trucks. If GM ever wants to compete in that market, they better build the rumored 8.X engine. The truck competition is fierce at the moment, they are all very nice trucks!
ExxWhy 02/02/20 04:44pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Oil headed for 70 bucks s barrel. Here we go.

Accurate data and facts.......or propaganda and "adjusted" data? Long term economic stability? Remind me where socialism has worked in the history of civilization? Just to stay on topic, this is not the first time there has been unrest in the middle east. It will pass, until the next crisis. Meanwhile, I am glad we have an ample supply of oil right here in N America thanks to new technology being put to use.
ExxWhy 01/05/20 08:18pm General RVing Issues
RE: I expect a 10 cent price increase in diesel

No worries here about fuel prices. The world is ending in 12 years errr 11 now. Has to be right, a 16 yr old told me and I am sure some geniuses from the internet will be along shortly to confirm it.
ExxWhy 01/04/20 01:39pm General RVing Issues
RE: The TFL guys bought a 7.3L

I thought this was a thread about TFL getting a 7.3 truck. Instead, it seems to have morphed into the same nonsense as every other thread in here by the same nitwits as usual. Shaking head........ On another note, Koons is offering 8-12K off sticker on 2020's, so deals can be found if one isn't in a big hurry. Seems like TFL should have planned ahead a bit, but maybe it was a spur of the moment thing.
ExxWhy 01/03/20 06:40pm Tow Vehicles
RE: GAS 6.6 GM

Here's one video. link
ExxWhy 12/25/19 08:26pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Purchasing First RV- would like some advice...

Which V6 do you have in that truck? If it is the base non turbo, you don't have that high of a tow rating.
ExxWhy 12/25/19 07:42am Travel Trailers
RE: 2020 Powerstroke stock dyno numbers

5 Star also ran a 2019 on the same dyno this week for comparison. Best numbers for that was 388 and 866. The 2020 has a healthy gain.
ExxWhy 12/21/19 09:34pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Homeless migration to RVs creating problems

There are a billion variables we can all be born into. Not everyone gets the easy road, but we all get a road. It's not that hard to be a reasonably productive member of society, the vast majority of people manage to do it. No matter how bad your problems are, someone else has had it worse and succeeded. Saying no opportunity is available is just not trying hard enough except for a tiny few.
ExxWhy 11/21/19 05:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: Homeless migration to RVs creating problems

Is it more humane to the mentally ill to just leave them fend for themselves on the street or put them someplace they will have food and shelter and some medical care? Is it better for the children (victims of their parents poor skills) to be left on the street or to be taken in? Is it better for society to have people living in tents on the sidewalks and using the street as a latrine or perhaps someplace else?
ExxWhy 11/20/19 12:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: Homeless migration to RVs creating problems

Still no solutions. I have a nice practical solution few would like, but here ya go. Camps/compounds with free food, free housing, and even free drugs. Very compassionate and caring of these poor downtrodden, they don't go hungry and have a roof over their heads. They can come and go as they please but they cannot go hang out on the street and be the typical homeless menace. Repeat offenders of violating that rule go to different camps where gravel is produced from large rocks using large hammers. If these people want to drop out of life, then so be it. Don't ruin it for everyone else. It would be MUCH MUCH cheaper to run these camps than to deal with the blight and crime that we as a society are currently dealing with. Those that want to "graduate" and rejoin the working world can do so much easier from the camp than from the freeway underpass.
ExxWhy 11/20/19 07:57am General RVing Issues
RE: $600K Of Marijuana Seized in MH Near Joliet, IL

Law enforcement likes to greatly inflate the "street value", no way 190 lbs is worth 600K. Makes it sound so much more important. This cop is really pulling people over for no headlights on? I feel so much safer on the road........ gaaaaaaggggggghhhhhh
ExxWhy 11/20/19 07:31am General RVing Issues
RE: Where do you search for parks?

I use google maps and look for little green patches in the area I want to go. That usually will find most all the state and local parks. For a national forest, I go to the forest website. Doesn't help find rv parks, but we almost never stay in them.
ExxWhy 08/30/19 07:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: Ford 7.3L gas power numbers

90%? More like 99.9% when certain people get involved........ I guess we will know more about the 7.3/10 spd combo in December or so when they let the media types drive them around the block.
ExxWhy 08/08/19 09:08am Tow Vehicles
RE: A little more on the New ford trickeling out

Apparently the numbers are coming out at 6 AM tomorrow on the 7.3 and 6.7.
ExxWhy 07/31/19 08:58pm Tow Vehicles
RE: A little more on the New ford trickeling out

This is the article from the same source written after Ford announced the engine back in Feb. He is sticking to 450/500 ish on the numbers. Nothing official and really nothing new.
ExxWhy 07/30/19 12:37pm Tow Vehicles
RE: A little more on the New ford trickeling out

That story has been out for over a year, but made me look. :)
ExxWhy 07/30/19 06:31am Tow Vehicles
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