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RE: lino cracked after cold spell

Also had it happen in our last 5er on main level. First time it was covered under warranty...then the bathroom cracked weeks before I sold it so I discounted it to the buyer. Sadly there was a period where the flooring was of poor quality and susceptible to thermal shock and tearing. Fully gluing it down would help but of course costs mfg more. Hopefully you find a suitable replacement and take care of the repair. Imagine how many new units sat on the lot and had their floors do this?
FLY 4 FUN 01/21/20 02:11pm Tech Issues
RE: Where are you guys/gals getting your battery cables?

Any auto supply store will have "starter" cables. Just pick the ends you want, and of course the gauge. Also many shops that sell rv batteries will also make interconnects that can be sized for such a task.
FLY 4 FUN 01/07/20 02:20am Tech Issues
RE: fresh water tank overflow syphoning tank dry

I find this thread interesting. Our fifth wheel also has a pressure fill and valves to determine city water/system use/winterize etc. Last year I started noticing that when I fill the tank to capacity it would drain WAY longer than it used to when tap shut off at house. I would get to campsite and notice my "idiot light" was showing 2/3 tank. Not trusting it I ignored it. Now I show up at a campsite and find I can add 1 or 2 6 gallon jerry cans to what I believed was a full tank. In addition our family following us on road trips notes that we lose water on left turns and not just a little...looked like smoke coming off the tires. The last time I topped off the tank I noted water coming out overflow but when I got under the rig there is actually two red "overflow" tubes with one coming out hard/fast and the other trickling out. I wonder why there is two tubes? Is one an overflow and the other the breather tube? I would really like to understand them and may have to pull the coroplast to see whats changed as it used to just drain off a gallon or two as the tank was full and somewhat pressurized.
FLY 4 FUN 09/12/19 01:41pm Tech Issues
RE: solar update

Is yours the 100W NOMA solar kit from Canadian Tire?
FLY 4 FUN 09/04/19 11:47pm General RVing Issues
RE: using wifi while camping

Perfect time for a Deltran battery tender. They come with quick connect ends that can be installed on the battery and then just plug in as needed. I bet even a 1.5A trickle charge would keep up...or bring up the battery after it gets used for a few hours.
FLY 4 FUN 08/11/19 04:47pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Inverter Use

Any time we have full sun and im headed down the road on longer trips I use my fridge on AC off the inverter. I have 400W of solar plus the small trickle charge from the truck so I save a small amount of LP.
FLY 4 FUN 08/01/19 11:03pm Travel Trailers
RE: Convert Reese Slider to Fixed

If the cost of changing to a fixed base was reasonable I would also consider doing it on my Reese 16k. There is inherent movement in the slider mechanism, and now that I have a rounded cap there is no chance I will ever use the slider. I stopped lubing the mechanism years ago so I bet it wouldn't even slide without a massive jolt now.
FLY 4 FUN 07/23/19 05:42pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Replacement radio completely off

I would just install a simple 12v switch inline to the unit. Allows you to shut off power any time you have no use for it. Depending on the unit you may lose any programming (stations) when you turn the switch off. Daryll
FLY 4 FUN 06/25/19 02:43pm Tech Issues
RE: Charging battery with Honda 2000

Your onboard converter will "demand" as many amps as it needs to charge your batteries. Should you be on eco mode it may ramp up the Honda if the converter pulls a lot of amps initially. Once the battery begins to get a decent charge it will spool down again so no harm done.
FLY 4 FUN 06/24/19 06:05pm Tech Issues
RE: What to use to brighten rv?

depending on how old the unit is there might be oxidation that is tarnishing the finish. In that case you may need to use an rv polish, then wax the rig to bring up the shine. The elements are not kind to our toys!
FLY 4 FUN 06/04/19 04:42pm General RVing Issues
RE: Fold up stairs blocking door

your exact situation is the one large downside to these steps. I do LOVE the rigidity of them, but when in storage I rarely have the room to deploy/use this great upgrade. I hope that industry comes up with a work around for those of us that end up in narrow spaces occasionally.
FLY 4 FUN 05/27/19 08:12pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Costco battery?

I use the Marine/rv group 24 in a cargo trailer and am happy with it. For an rv I would for sure try for the larger group 27 batt they sell for a few dollars more.
FLY 4 FUN 05/23/19 07:24pm Tech Issues
RE: Power Inverters

double post
FLY 4 FUN 04/29/19 12:33am Travel Trailers
RE: Power Inverters

As Ed says, rv furnaces run off 12V so you must be missing a step somewhere. Is your LP on and purged? Is there a fuse out on your furnace circuit? Being as its brand new did the furnace get demonstrated to you during the walkthrough? Let us know
FLY 4 FUN 04/29/19 12:30am Travel Trailers
RE: Vinyl flooring cracked. How to fix?

Yep a pretty common occurrence on rigs of that era. The flooring is perimeter glued and with swings in day/night temps the "vinyl" just splits from stem to stern. Only thing I can suggest is complete replacement and glue all of it down. There are also plank vinyl products that are quite nice. You did nothing wrong, this stuff was meant for homes that don't see the extremes of rv's. I think products the last few years is better and fully glued down because the warranty claims were getting out of hand.
FLY 4 FUN 04/27/19 08:41pm Tech Issues
RE: minimum amount of solar

If I was going to go to the trouble to mount a panel, run the wire to a charge controller and batteries...then best to get the largest single panel you can. I would suggest a single grid tie panel around 200W. Yes you will require a slightly more $ MPPT charge controller, but at least you will have a more robust system up there if you decide to do more dry camping.
FLY 4 FUN 04/09/19 01:31pm Tech Issues
RE: How do you store/ keep it clean ?

Right off the bat forget EVER using a tarp. They do not fit snugly and will rub and chafe and destroy things in a real hurry. If you get a lot of debris and stuff on the roof then a quality cover that is fit to your rig is the way to go. For sure using quality wash and wax products will help keep your rig looking good. Pay attention to the decals as they tend to deteriorate with UV. I use a product 303 aerospace on decals/tires/trim as its like "sunblock" for those areas. For inside be sure to prop ur fridge/freezer open between trips when its shut down. Clean with lysol wipes and air the rig out after trips as the outdoors smells nasty once you bring it home! Otherwise I say treat it like your car, dont leave garbage inside more than a day or so, vacuum carpets often and wash lino. Keep toilet valve seal in water so fumes dont come back into rig. Dont wash food bits down sinks as they will smell very bad! enjoy
FLY 4 FUN 03/31/19 07:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: Polishing diamond plate

once you confirm that its actually metal then you can get one of those rim "balls" that go onto a drill and use metal polish to bring back some of the shine
FLY 4 FUN 03/31/19 05:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: Exterior rear wall feels spongy

I know those walls are typically of a "hung" variety, but I don't think they should be any different firmness than the side walls! I may be wrong, but I would suspect a small amount of water intrusion from the window or roof has made it spongy. Other potential issue is the wall materials have delaminated due to glue/adhesive failure. Not sure I would proceed much further without an independant inspection. Buying an rv with a leak or delamination puts your investment in jeopardy.
FLY 4 FUN 03/28/19 11:04pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Television storage and cold temperatures

yep, they get shipped in unheated trucks to places where it cold enough that mercury freezes! All that's required is to ensure the tv gets to room temperature well before its plugged in and powered up. As noted the worry is condensation being present when power is applied...
FLY 4 FUN 03/26/19 08:45pm Tech Issues
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