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RE: Help!!!! Travel Trailer Back in

Natural to feel pressured those first few seasons of backing a rig. For sure get somewhere open and practice with your spotter. I insist on radios or phone contact so theres no yelling/gesturing etc. Back in the day if we got really out of shape I did a "lap" of the campground and then started over. This gave me cool down time and cleared all the folks behind me out. Its all part of the lifestyle.
FLY 4 FUN 02/25/21 08:05pm Travel Trailers
RE: Just a word of praise for gopower solar

I'm not going to blame the salesman fully as the nature of solar systems depends on the install. There are some rigs that still have phantom loads when battery disconnect is off, whereas others that it kills all 12v items. I know my solar setup continues to charge my twin 6v batts even with the disconnect off but that's because I wired it that way. I don't know of any rv's that come standard with solar so its up to the selling dealer how they wire the system. That includes fuses, charge controllers mounts, wires etc. There are many calibers of systems and also skillset of installers doing the work. Before I took the word of someone who is selling the rig I would research the system to ensure it met my needs. Solar is awesome, I wish it was standard or at least properly pre-wired on all rigs.
FLY 4 FUN 02/24/21 09:48pm Tech Issues
RE: Bathroom heater vent not blowing

Is the bathroom area visible from below in the 5er basement? If so you should be able to trace the paper thin dryer vent "slinky" that runs from the furnace to the floor vent. Following it from source to opening should show you if theres any reason its lacking flow.
FLY 4 FUN 01/31/21 08:34pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Honda 2000i tips and tricks for changing oil.

I elevate mine on a small stool and insert the aftermarket aluminum funnel (threaded) and then tip it on its side so oil can run out into a drain pan. Once done, add the 400ml oil as recommended and clean up any drips. Should be good to go. Doing it on a scrap of cardboard is also a good precaution.
FLY 4 FUN 01/15/21 07:20pm Beginning RVing
RE: Quiet heater that doesn’t drain batteries ?

Different take on things, Im a fan of 2x6v or 4x6v batts plus solar and genset. Yes the factory furnace is loud but after a few trips its just white noise. Dry camping has real challenges in cool weather. We run Honda before bed so batts are topped off as well as a 110v mattress heater. Once genset is off its warm blankets and furnace to a comfortable temp for us. In the morning honda goes on and solar assists getting batteries topped off. We try to conserve power or save big loads for when Honda is running.
FLY 4 FUN 11/30/20 08:22pm General RVing Issues
RE: Rving coming to an end

Best wishes to your wife and you. Its hard to say what the best thing to do is other than what you believe to be right. Take care, and I hope that this is not truly the end of rv'ing for your family.
FLY 4 FUN 11/04/20 07:54pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: shower door handles

Do your handles have a small hex head bolt that snugs down through or onto the surface of the glass? If not perhaps seek newer ones that do that as then you have some mechanical force. In addition some double sided tape may help. I had the same issue as you until I got the bolts that snug onto the glass with rubber gasket also installed
FLY 4 FUN 10/27/20 08:41pm Tech Issues
RE: 2- 6 volts batteries

If your air compressor has alligator clips you attach pos to pos of one batt and neg to neg of other battery. You made a 12v battery bank by putting twin 6v into series.
FLY 4 FUN 10/19/20 09:02pm Tech Issues
RE: Out the door....

Even the snowy pics of Waterton are awesome. Sorry you had to head west early, hope it was a good visit.
FLY 4 FUN 10/15/20 06:11pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Do RV Batteries Freeze in the Winter?

Specific question to FLY 4 FUN, so you just let the batteries sit in your RV for the winter after charging and disconnecting? FYI ours are AGM, sealed batteries. I put my twin golf cart batts in my basement for the winter. I do it more out of concern for theft than care of the batteries. If I was in a milder climate and stored at my property I would leave them on and let my solar keep them safely charged.
FLY 4 FUN 10/15/20 06:06pm Tech Issues
RE: Do RV Batteries Freeze in the Winter?

Ensure they are fully charged, then disconnect the terminals (mark first) and you will be fine. Also be sure to check the fluid levels in the cells before charging them up.
FLY 4 FUN 10/15/20 10:10am Tech Issues
RE: Battery storage with solar

Here's my take. Being from Alberta your panels will see snow starting soon...and it will be on your roof quite often. Unless your prepared to keep them free of the white stuff you cant rely on solar to keep batteries from going dead. This assumes you are leaving parasitic loads connected. If you keep the rv "live" and panels are obstructed then they will drain/freeze/toast! Because of that I remove batts to garage/maintainer and pull the fuse on solar system.
FLY 4 FUN 10/10/20 10:56pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Pandemic issues affecting RV'ing?

Almost impossible to say where we will be by next spring. Perhaps numbers drop and camping goes back "to normal" or numbers soar and places are closed! I would say keep planning your trip but be prepared with a plan b or c as the time to book approaches.
FLY 4 FUN 09/24/20 11:24am Full-time RVing
RE: Out the door....

Should be a lovely trip. With classes back in and cooler temps at night places should be much quieter. Enjoy for the rest of us...and post some pics as able.
FLY 4 FUN 09/15/20 02:54pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Ice Maker

I keep the doors propped open so that small bit of remaining water will evaporate in a few days.
FLY 4 FUN 09/15/20 11:47am General RVing Issues
RE: Will honda 2000 start a 15k BTU air conditioner?

I have a 15k a/c and it will start and run it for a few seconds (honda EU2000i) then go into overload. Thats with genset all warmed up, not in eco mode.... Even if yours does run it, I doubt it will last the first cooling cycle before it kicks off.
FLY 4 FUN 08/27/20 04:01pm Tech Issues
RE: How often and how to clean black tank

Yep, nobody wants to be stuck behind a fellow rv'er that wants their black as clean as their fresh tank. I figure every few trips when I dump and the place is deserted I backflush for 3-4 mins and then im on my way. The idea of a few gallons of fresh water in an empty black tank is SMART. Use whatever chemicals floats your boat but as mentioned its a storage tank not a septic system. Ive had great luck with my sensors adding water softener to "grease" the sides of the holding tank.
FLY 4 FUN 08/27/20 03:57pm Beginning RVing
RE: Water refill when dry camping

Your trailer has a pump, make some minor changes to the plumbing and use it. On mine, I had a winterizing hose that I connected to the hose behind the city water inlet with a tee, if necessary add a similar hose. I gutted the check valve out of the city water inlet and added an inline check valve inboard of the added tee. I bought an 8 gallon Hydroller portable tank with wheels that I modified with a dip tube, but any tank will work. No lifting, funnels, wires, switches or battery connections. I can't understand why folks won't use a pump that is already there. A check valve, clamps and a tee were the only purchased items. This exactly! If you don't already have a winterizing hose then add it and leave the 6gal jug on the ground and suck the water into the rv. My 5er can only be filled by a city water hose so as needed I bring a jug nearby...flip valves to "winterize" and pull the water onboard as needed. Other method is a cheap harbor freight 12v pump and attach an rv end using the 12v from your tow vehicle. Leave jugs in bed of vehicle and transfer it to your gravity fill..
FLY 4 FUN 08/27/20 12:23am General RVing Issues
RE: 6.7L Cummins Engine Brake

I use EB 100% of the time and tow/haul when I have any trailer in tow. I did hear it will prevent maintenance issues from "daily driving" and mine is a mixed tow vs daily driver. 2012 with 70,000km as of this week so just broken in.
FLY 4 FUN 08/25/20 10:51am Tow Vehicles
RE: eu2200 with eu2000

For sure would be keen to hear your thoughts. I also bought a custom aluminum spout back in the day. Would be sad if it didn't work on the 2200 also
FLY 4 FUN 07/13/20 03:14pm Tech Issues
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