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RE: Email Address Under Contact Not Working

It is forum related. If someone could provide a working email for administration that would be very much appreciated.
FULLTIMEWANABE 10/25/20 08:11pm Forum Posting Help and Support
Email Address Under Contact Not Working

I tried to send an email to the address under your Contact tab and it's bounced back as follows. Please advise a working email address. Thanks. The original message was received at Sun, 25 Oct 2020 15:33:28 -0500 from ----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors ----- [email protected] (reason: 550 5.7.1 Unable to relay)
FULLTIMEWANABE 10/25/20 02:49pm Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: Etiquette and Courtesy for Tourists & Visitors

FULLTIMEWANABE 10/24/20 12:10pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Any one else giving up snow birding due to the covid

FULLTIMEWANABE 10/24/20 11:49am Snowbirds
RE: Etiquette and Courtesy for Tourists & Visitors

FULLTIMEWANABE 10/23/20 12:10pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Road Trip Kananaskis Alberta

FULLTIMEWANABE 10/21/20 08:28pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Etiquette and Courtesy for Tourists & Visitors

FULLTIMEWANABE 10/21/20 03:10pm RV Lifestyle
RE: I'm hooked!

Deleting in process after over 15 years here of deleting membership. Appalled at how things have changed personally.
FULLTIMEWANABE 10/21/20 02:15am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Another month in border closures.

Deleted, as after 15 years for the most part enjoyed this forum but time to move on now
FULLTIMEWANABE 10/19/20 03:06pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: no Can/US border opening for a long time

FULLTIMEWANABE 10/16/20 10:29am Snowbirds
RE: How many Canadian Snowbirds are there?

Unfortunately Gemsworld, as I said moved goal posts after the fact exponentially on Non-Resident owners. Alas not being American, we don't have the luxury of bucking the system by changing our homestead to Florida as many of our friends have done that still own properties in places like Ohio spending considerable time there and only part time in Florida. Hence they are able to benefit that way. As foreigners we can't do that. I'm just frustrated at how we were encouraged with open arms plus facts and figures based in 2008 then having goal posts moved exponentially once things improved for the country. I have no issue with general inflation but crazy high movements I do. Seriously is it really necessary to be charging a non-resident owner all of a sudden 4 times (we didn't have a pool so lower value somewhat) what a homesteader pays? That increase to us became pure greed. Also withholding 10% off the top on a sale, with zero consideration of "if" (we didn't fortunately) that person had a mortgage paying interest on it and couldn't claim back the tax until the following year and not immediately upon a sale. Like I said there were numerous reasons, and I speak to a lot of Canadians that own property in the "sunbelt states" that have either already or are considering selling them, based on the wake up call with this virus, not being able to use and what it's costing them on many counts today compared to a few years ago. We truly do love the USA and our dear dear friends we have there, but just like our own governments at not only federal but provincial and municipality levels that we have stupidity issues with, I'm sure you have issues with yours. Canadians compared to our minuscule population by comparison, have certainly been contributing a ton of tourism money and taxes as Jax demonstrated over the years into the USA. I sure wish we could take our RV down there and be contributing this year a little to individual businesses, but alas it is what it is.
FULLTIMEWANABE 10/15/20 11:57pm Snowbirds
RE: Winter in Vancouver Island

FULLTIMEWANABE 10/15/20 11:32pm Snowbirds
RE: How many Canadian Snowbirds are there?

FULLTIMEWANABE 10/15/20 02:35pm Snowbirds
RE: Fridge/Freezer door opening while driving

Deleted due to leaving Forum after 15 years based on how treated lately.
FULLTIMEWANABE 10/12/20 10:25pm Tech Issues
RE: Later and Later Check-in times

From what I have seen traveling on business some areas of the country go overboard with the covid foolishness and some don't. Strange how the areas not going overboard appear to have lower case and death numbers. Saddens many of us deeply when we see folks talking about COVID-19 as foolishness. We're all tired of it but it's real!! I hope you never experience the serious side of what this virus can do either personally by losing limbs or needing a transplant due to it's affects, or even losing someone close to you!!! As for those not going "overboard" as you say, I'm sure there's a lot more dynamics to those areas as a direct comparison! Population, density and more ... That aside, part of the ongoing changes, stricter and often silly rulings, rudeness sometimes and just inconvenience of booking in and out is why we boondock/dry camp all but when there's no option to in areas we want to be in. We arrive what time we want and leave what time we want and change our days even on a whim, sharing with others limit aside if applicable (ie; 14 days). Rightly or wrongly with CGs,I also look at it that I'm paying for 24hrs a day, yet on the arrival day and leaving day I don't get that? Fair enough couple hours difference for quick sweep through on gator/golf cart (most sites need nothing doing to ready them), but really more than that shouldn't be necessary for the most part. To each their own but as others have said, if you don't like it don't patronise it, or if you do, accept it is what it is. Vote with your dollars.
FULLTIMEWANABE 10/10/20 02:39pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Would You Take A Vaccine COVID-19

Absolutely I'd take it. I don't see it as cutting corners-I see it as it's quite possible that it shouldn't need to take 8-15 years to get a vaccine to market. The adverse reactions to the virus have been minimal. It may be blind trust but if it's a chance to get back to a more real normal I am willing to do it. Absolutely I for one respect everyone's take on all this and am finding it very interesting and looking to a lot more responses to gauge just what percentage would, versus wouldn't in due course and under what reasonings.. With regards to the above in bold, what are your thoughts, on the fact that AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine study put on hold due to suspected serous side effect in participant in the U.K this month I believe this was at Phase 3. Upon resuming green light given a lot of Spanish participants backed out of the trial. Thanks to all for sharing considerate thoughts and being respectful of everyone's personal opinion on this subject as it progresses. To me there's no wrong or right answer in all this and probably won't be for a very long time to come. Thanks to all that participate here.
FULLTIMEWANABE 09/30/20 06:07pm Around the Campfire
Would You Take A Vaccine COVID-19

With 290 medical staff in just one of our hospitals all in isolation here, the subject of vaccine is coming up more and more. I read here about some saying "we'll get the vaccine first or second". Some are saying a two shot deal and so on and so forth. Seems there's a lot of folks considering having this the minute it's available. I'm just purely curious why and how many folks would be willing to take this vaccine if it came out soon, when it hasn't undergone the rigorous testing for side effects and issues that most drugs do before coming to market? Some of these drugs can take 8 to 15 years and more going through trials and testing before approval, so what are the risks with a vaccine that's being produced so rapidly. I appreciate the pandemic situation but ..........????? Would you be first in line when available to have this vaccine. I for one wouldn't due to fear of too many unknowns, but to each their own. Thanks for enlightening me in "street level" terminology as to why you would or wouldn't take the vaccine when there's so many unknowns when it first comes out (or if it ever does?).
FULLTIMEWANABE 09/30/20 12:56pm Around the Campfire
RE: Solution to Trash Left Behind!

Absolutely not making any excuses for those that litter, but half the problems today are that we rarely if ever see garbage cans any more even in Walmart/Big Box Store parking lots. Folks generally as a whole always look for the easiest solution to their problem, so will drop or dump if no recepticals available to dispose of properly within close proximity. Part and parcel of the problem, well at least in our neighbourhoods is that local city's have started charging through the roof to businesses and homeowners to dispose, and restricting how much garbage they can dispose of per week/bi-weekly. As well recycling fines, if not put in the correct bins, applied through no fault of the business owner when drop bys drop their garbage in cans. It's all fine and dandy these governing bodies of various levels coming up with ideas to reduce and taxations/fines etc but indirectly they rarely if ever consider the knock on effect of doing so. This has been our experience with many things in life over the past few decades of changes implemented. It's like all the closures over the years of Rest areas in certain states, many one after the other shut down due to cost of maintaining = surely saving lives from tired driving is priceless?
FULLTIMEWANABE 09/26/20 12:52pm Truck Campers
RE: Border closings

I think the part most people are missing in all of this ‘flying’ discussion is the quarantine part. A quarantine is very easy to do and enforce when you fly directly into a destination city. When the destination is a 3, 4, 5 or more day drive from the border it’s not nearly so easy to do or enforce. That's more or less what we've been told Jaxdad. As I for one couldn't get my head around why mixed bubble air flights versus own self contained car/rv bubble, but it made somewhat a little more sense when explained to us as follows by CBA official. It is far easier for them to control air travellers and check up that they are quarantining than it is to control several auto border crossings back and forth especially with so many that would be crossing for just a day or two back and forth shopping etc, and those travelling over several days stopping and starting from a tracking perspective of virus. Seeing what's happening in the UK/France numbers right now and a looming second lockdown if the public don't start adhering to COVID protocols, and just generally rising numbers in several countries it would make sense for them to keep the border closed as well implement more stiffer penalties for those not adhering to STAY SAFE TO STAY OPEN mandates. Believe me I don't like this any more than the next person, but it's got this bad purely because too many aren't adhering to the suggested way of handling oneself today. FWIW: I visited with a prospective client yesterday and asked what his take was with COVID-19, as he would potentially be exposed moreso if we did business, he said "it's all political, doesn't worry me in the slightest" :S. So therein lies what's helping to contribute to higher spread rates again.
FULLTIMEWANABE 09/22/20 04:26pm Snowbirds
RE: Food!

Well as always to each their own but ........ we are homebody type folks that cook almost all of our meals from scratch (don't care for anything that comes in a cardboard box so to speak). Always have lots of homebaked goodies in the freezer/cupboard to pull on for a quick afternoon tea. We love rich heavy fruit cakes, rock cakes, scones, Victoria Sandwiches (Jam/Cream or Coffee), Various Fruit Crumbles/Pies, Lemon Meringue, Mousse, Cheesecakes, Trifles. Anything in moderation doesn't kill most of us! For meals: Cottage/Shepherds Pie (one is beef other lamb) - English Style Roast Chicken/Pork/Beef/Lamb Yorkshire Puddings with Homemade Sausage & Onion stuffing, mashed Rutabaga/Swede, Carrots other veggies of choice. Chicken or Beef Stew with Suet Dumplings or Casserole with savory biscuits, Quiche Lorraine, Egg & Bacon Pies, Chicken & Mushroom Pot Pie, Restuffed Baked Potatoes, 3 hour to cook our baby back ribs with homemade coleslaw. Stuffed crust pizza, due to arthritis now use bread maker to make dough loaded to the rafters. Traditional Cornish Pasties, Fish cakes (so easy to make from scratch), Cod in homemade beer batter. Stir Fry, and at least 3 days of the week full english breakfast. Various quick type pasta dishes with meat/alfredo homemade sauces, sometimes baked. Can't beat homemade thick soups in the winter. We rarely ever eat out and on the odd times we have we've typically been quite disappointed with the overall quality versus price versus service in past couple decades. What used to be a treat to us in the 80's early 90's turned to disappointment so we generally stopped with the exception of a local good Chinese about twice a year and a great East Indian take away with Keema Naan and Onion Bajees. Seriously start with a one pot meal and start cooking from scratch at home, you'll be surprised just how good it all tastes by comparison to eating out or ready made type meals. Also once you get started and it becomes a habit, it'll all be like second nature especially if spouses do it together as we do now older.
FULLTIMEWANABE 09/20/20 10:44pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
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