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RE: Need to Haul Cargo with a Truck registered as an RV (CA)

It is quite easy to tell if the vehicle has a commercial plate vs. being registered as a motorhome. California commercial plates follow a letter/number format similar to #####_# (5 numbers, a letter, a number) where as the motorhome-registered vehicle will have a passenger-car style plate number #___### (Number, three letters, three numbers) This is in most cases. As to whether or not you get stopped, that is another question. Not to knock law enforcement officials, but I bet most city officers would not notice/understand the violation unless they were assigned to a traffic unit. The CHP on the other hand would spot it in an instant. The penalty for misuse can also cause the vehicle to be re-registered and you could have to back-pay the registration for having it improperly registered. I would think that your chances of being stopped are very slim, however you would be in violation. By having your vehicle registered as the motorhome, you have agreed to use it as such and know that it can't be used to haul items in the bed. For a one-time need, I'd go with the trailer as previously suggested.
Fishbreath 06/02/21 08:49am Truck Campers
RE: Happijacs, what will happen if.........

What is with all of the nasty comments to a new member? Here is a person asking a legitimate question and some old timers feel it is necessary to berate him. Mt-Ed, please do not let these negative comments deter you from seeking advice on this forum. There are a lot of knowledgeable people here. Just remember that it is advice from the Internet and some of it will be speculation, conjecture, hallucinations and just plain BS. After you sift through the comments, you might just be able to come up with the correct answer. If you feel that comments to your questions are not accurately answered, I would suggest contacting the manufacture for answers. Good luck and welcome to the Forum
Fishbreath 05/21/21 08:21am Truck Campers
RE: satellite radio and gps antenna

Here is a post I did adding an XM/Sirius antenna to the hood. It is magnetic and I can move it from the windshield area to the front of the hood if I need to. (It is on a 2019 GMC, but the idea should work for any truck)
Fishbreath 04/02/21 08:00am Truck Campers
RE: Checking voltage on LED power supply ?

Your transformer indicates that the output is AC (Alternating Current), and I believe that the 5050's require DC (Direct Current). I would guess that, since your landscape lights work with the transformer, that they are AC bulbs. Bill
Fishbreath 01/14/21 11:06am Tech Issues
RE: Does anyone use an aftermarket Tire pressure system?

I put a TST system on my Class A. It was a very finicky system. The sensors screwed onto the valve stem of each tire and the fronts stuck out enough that they could be knocked off if you brushed a curb. I did brush a curb with my system and the sensor got knocked off and the tire began to deflate. In a most ironic fashion, the monitor never set off an alarm! You would thing that a sensor disconnect would at least tell you that it lost contact between the monitor and the sensor. TST told me that a "lost signal" will just continue to display the "last known value". I literally was parked on the side of the road with a completely flat tire and the monitor still said that the tire had 75 psi. The sensors were a "flow through" design, meaning that you could fill the tire up with the sensor on the valve stem. Unfortunately, the sensors dramatically decreased the volume of air that you could put in the tire. Adding a few PSI could take several minutes. Each time you started up the system it could take up to ten minutes for the monitor to read all of the tires and display their pressure and temperature. I think there are better solutions out there than the TST brand.
Fishbreath 12/03/20 07:21am Truck Campers
RE: Adding XM antenna to avoid camper overhang

Nice. Just a reminder that steel is needed for magnets to work; late model Fords will not work so well. Also, I understand the Ford factory shark fin antenna is dual duty for Sirius and GPS. Can you use 3M 2 sided tape? I love the 3m VHB tapes. It will hold anything. Getting it off, though, might be another story!
Fishbreath 11/11/20 09:54am Truck Campers
RE: 2002 Lance 811 Rebuild: Rig is Ready!

Glad you are happy with your set up! In your third picture, it appears that the floor is coming apart on the left side. I would question your use of just two 2x6's instead of supporting the camper floor evenly (Thinking plywood platform or rubber horse mat)
Fishbreath 10/05/20 09:35am Truck Campers
RE: Truck Campers and Boating?

I have a Northstar pop up and trailer my boat quite often. The only downside to what you propose is that you will need to secure everything in the camper each morning before driving to the ramp. I have seen people driving in the campground with the pop up in the "up" position while towing the boat to the ramp. If you keep your gear organized and put away inside of the camper, the hassle should be minimal.
Fishbreath 09/22/20 08:10am Truck Campers
RE: butyly tape for solar panel install question

I used 3m VHB tape between my panel legs and the roof. No screws. 5 years and still holding. Nice! Just outta curiosity: What's your roof made of? What type of enviro exposure is your camper seeing when out? How's it stored? Open/tarp/shed roof/full enclosed garage? I haven't seen the double sided Eternabond. Have you ever seen it? And if so, is it different then the 3M VHB? If it or the E-Bond tape holds up that well, certainly worth it if it avoids putting anymore holes then necessary in a roof. Bert I have used it on two rigs. One was a fiberglass-roofed Winnebego Class A and the other is a pop up Northstar camper. The Northstar has a painted dimpled metal roof. Both sat outside in the Nevada sun with no issues. I don't know about Eternabonds products but I swear by the 3m stuff. I put some down and then tried to take it off.It didn't budge. Good stuff
Fishbreath 09/16/20 02:42pm Truck Campers
RE: butyly tape for solar panel install question

I used 3m VHB tape between my panel legs and the roof. No screws. 5 years and still holding.
Fishbreath 09/15/20 01:12pm Truck Campers
RE: 4x4 roll over and recovery

In California Nancy says, "people are gonna do what people are gonna do". She was referring to ignoring the crime in her town and ignoring the rioting, looting and killing, but I guess applies to dumb drivers too? Why the hate? These people made a mistake and paid a price for it. They are obviously experienced boondockers and something went wrong. Period. They were humble enough to post their experience for all of us. There are many 4x4 communities across the country that respond to "mistakes" like this on a routine basis. It is wonderful that they were able to facilitate the recovery.
Fishbreath 09/07/20 04:52pm Truck Campers
RE: Is a Gas 3/4 Truck and Pop-up Camper Safe in Colorado?

I have a Northstar 850SC that weighs about 2600 wet. I had it on a 2013 6.0 GMC 3500 long bed crew cab. It drove and handled perfectly. I upgraded to a 2019 6.0 GMC long bed crew cab. The camper does not even activate the overload/bump stop. The truck handles fine. It has plenty of power and does everything that I could ask of it. High elevation does not seem to affect it. Sure, a dually would give you a margain of error with the rear tires, but it also adds to the expense and a much rougher ride. Keep good tires on the SRW and you should be good to go.
Fishbreath 09/07/20 08:02am Truck Campers
Adding XM antenna to avoid camper overhang

I thought that I would share an easy way to add an XM/Sirius radio antenna to a 2019 GMC 3500 that is not blocked by an overhanging cab over camper. For my application I need two parts. 1 XM Satellite Radio Antenna and 1 FAKRA adapter for SMB antennas The first step was to remove the bezel surrounding the radio screen and controls. The bezel is held in place by 8 clips and it is necessary to pry the bezel away from the dash. I used plastic pry bars and started in the four corners of the bezel as indicated by the arrows in this picture After you have pried away the bezel you will find that the radio screen is held in place by four 7mm screws. Remove the screws and then pull the screen away from the dash. There are two retaining clips that will offer a little resistance, but it will pull away. You can now see the multiple radio components in the dash. The satellite antenna cable is located in the upper right corner. It is a yellow, square connector. You can now route your magnetic mount antenna cable from the hood area and into the dash. Once you get the cable to the dash, you can attach the antenna cable to the FAKRA connector Once connected, insert the cable/FAKRA adapter into the location previously occupied by the OEM antenna connection. I taped up the old antenna lead to keep it from rattling. I elected to put the magnetic mount antenna on the hood of the truck, near the windshield. I tucked several feet of extra cable under the hood and behind the hood insulation. This way I can move the antenna forward on the hood if there is some blockage of signal from the cab over. I bought both parts via the Internet for a total cost of $35.62 The entire process took 30 minutes and I believe that anyone can do this.
Fishbreath 08/29/20 04:00pm Truck Campers
RE: Back fire and power loss

How many miles and do you know the maintenance history? I do agree that getting it on an scope will help to determine the problems. The 454 with high mileage (over 100k) had some issues with the timing chain jumping a tooth.
Fishbreath 08/12/20 06:13pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: MOTORHOME sales questions.

I just sold my Class A last week after several weeks on the market. Craigslist only generated a couple of responses and they now charge a fee to list vehicles. I posted on RVTrader using their basic plan. (4 pictures and a narrative). I got a couple of hits but no reasonable offers. I upped the RVTrader listing to a higher cost plan that allowed me to post more pictures and video. This seemed to do the trick and I sold the RV with several other people waiting in line in case the deal fell through. I did get a price range through NADA and priced it fairly. The people that bought it told me that they thought it was priced too low. Good luck with the process and watch out for the lowballers.
Fishbreath 08/12/20 06:06pm Class A Motorhomes
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