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RE: Shower skylight in Coachmen Chaparral 360IBL

I'd suggest taking measurements from inside the shower to get the size of the opening in the ceiling. It won't be the exact rough-in measurement, but it should be close enough to get you to a replacement.
FootSoldier 06/26/21 05:36pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Understanding towing weights?

Ok, first, big thanks to JIMNLIN! He pointed me to the 2021 GM Online Order Guide where I could find all the detailed info I could not find in other brochures or sources. All right there together. Thanks to everyone for your help and advice. I had to get to this spot understanding the how and why, now I feel like I'm there. I won't go all into our trailer choice, but suffice it to say, it's way over anything I thought we'd ever do. 34'3", 12,995 GVWR. The truck need list; fit into our garage, safely/legally tow our trailer, and not be a PITA to drive when not towing. My preference was 3/4 ton diesel because I knew (from owning my old 1500HD 6.0L for 20 yrs) would fit in the garage and be enjoyable to drive. The towing capability part? That I didn't know at all. After your help and JIMNLIN's, now I can list my choices and understand them. Our new truck will be a 3500HD 4x4 diesel SB SRW GMC. Compared to the 2500HD; curb weight +128, RR GAWR +650, max trailer weight +2800, payload +622, and cost MSRP +$1200. The 3500 will easily check all the boxes on my list and give us a little extra wiggle room for the safety/confidence factor, for almost no difference in $$. A truck with DRW LB would require extensive remodel or a new garage. All that, and we got it done in less that 4 pages! LOL! I really do appreciate everyone's willingness to help us. Safe travels! Steve
FootSoldier 06/20/21 03:01pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Understanding towing weights?

I haven't seen any 3/4 ton diesel CC 4x4 with a payload of 3563, unless this a new offering from whatever brand. If you want higher payload limits, and no what if's, more stable towing, just get a 1 ton drw. I haven't tried to figure out how new, but it appears that it's fairly new. Maybe since 2019, but that's a guess. Page 1, of the 2021 GMC 2500HD Ordering Guide for the 4WD SB crew cab list 3563 payload for the L5P on 18-20" wheels. I get the suggestions to build in growing room, but this truck won't be a full-time tow rig and has to fit into our garage. That, and the fact that we won't be full timing in the trailer, and I am willing to take the risk that we won't be going bigger on the trailer, all lead me to the 3/4 ton. Hey, if something big were to change, it's not a problem that couldn't be fixed.
FootSoldier 06/19/21 06:17pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Understanding towing weights?

have you scalled your truck yet? the 3553 payload is an aproximation and realy only a number for estimation, what is thw most accurate is to get it scalled with a full talk of gas to get your seperat axel weights. then you know how much weight you can add to the axel. so you think you might have 3553 of payload available but depening on your options on the truck and such you might only have 3000 or maybe 3800. only axtualy scaling th truck will tell you exactly. if you normaly have your wife and dog with you when you travel you could even have all of them with the full tank of gas and that gives you the weight you can add related to the trailer and hitch. Steve I am trying to get to this point in the process, but I don't have a truck yet. Right now, I'm trying to get educated to the point where I can walk onto the lot and know the general class of truck I need and buy the tool that will do the job and fit our other preferences as well. Then I'll be able to stop approximating and start working with black/white hard numbers. Then we'll confirm the trailer choice. And I will for sure, before it is ever loaded for it's first trip, fill the truck with fuel and head to our first CAT scale visit to see what our normal empty weight is? Thanks to everyone who has tried to help teach me a little more. I'm trying to make our first and most expensive move be the "right" one for us, and it is confusing when it's your first time down this path. I really do appreciate the help and patience for answer questions that you've probably answered 100 times. Thanks! Steve
FootSoldier 06/19/21 10:33am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Understanding towing weights?

This is getting crazy. Everywhere I look, you get different numbers. What the heck?
FootSoldier 06/17/21 09:09pm Fifth-Wheels
Understanding towing weights?

I appreciate everyone's patience. I'm reading a lot and trying to get a good understanding of what shouldn't be as confusing as I think it is subject. LOL! When I started this process, I was looking at a 3/4 ton diesel 4x4 SB truck, thinking I have seen lots of people running up and down the highway pulling rigs much larger than what we're looking at. Now, I am starting to think there's a lot of rigs overloaded out there on the roads. Just working from manufacturer published numbers for both the truck and trailer, so I can get into the right ballpark. The truck; 3/4 ton crew cab, SB, 4x4, diesel, max hitch 18.5k, GCWR 27.5k, but only 3553 max payload. The trailer; 34' fifth wheel, GVWR 13k, curb weight 10.2k, dry hitch 1960. Assuming they're telling the truth, I thought I'd be fine. But, with encouragement from here and scratching a little deeper I saw a different picture. Truck payload 3563 max. Add 5th wheel hitch, 36 gal fuel, 2 people, and the trailer tongue weight and you have 29k on-board just like that. That only leaves 663lbs for anything else to be carried on the truck. And what if like others here have said, the tongue weight listed is off by just 10%? Add a small generator, ice chest, small emergency tool bag, and now your at full tilt max rated payload of the truck. Forget about that over-sized 60 gal replacement fuel tank, I can't carry another 24 gal of fuel, +168lbs. Does this look like I'm finally getting this right? Looks like everything is going to turn on the truck rated max payload number? None of the GVRW, GCWR, tow capacity is really going to come into play, because the first lowest limiting factor is going to be payload? Patience for a newby please?
FootSoldier 06/17/21 08:29pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Moving to a 5th Wheel

I'm pushing 67 this year and am always looking for something really new and revolutionary in the RV industry. Sadly I have not found anything that is a fit for me that is better what I have. As far as my fiver, I'm in a Rockwood Signature Ultralight 8288SS, and it is simple to set up solo with no problem whatsoever. One of the biggest advantages of that particular unit for me is that it has dual opposing slides which makes the inside of the rig really large and spacious feeling. The opposing slides in a rear living arrangement is the most important thing for me these days - large windows for view in the parks I favor, which are mostly backing up to the water on the coastline. As to truck, I'm using a 6.7L 3500 Cummins (not that truck brand matters), but I'm fond of having a large heavy powerful truck (way overkill for my 8k dry trailer). I barely feel the rig behind me and average a reasonable 12mpg. I guess the take home lesson is that everyone will have their own idea of the "perfect" truck/rig combination. Ask yourself the important questions like internal trailer space including layout (many of the rigs we see have the television 90 degrees from the seats which makes for a sore neck at the end of the day), comfort towing without experiencing semi blow-by, etc. Thanks for sharing! We won't be full-timing and I need to be able to get the truck into the garage. I also don't want to drive a DRW rig all the time I'm not towing. The garage and personal preference is pushing me toward the SB. Hoping to get a little bit of fuel mileage with it, is making me lean to the 3/4 ton. This is all far from cut and dried. If I had more garage, I might consider more truck.
FootSoldier 06/14/21 11:28pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Moving to a 5th Wheel

Similar boat, sold our TT this spring. Ordered an Arctic Fox 27-5L and F350D crew cab, 8' bed Good call on the 8' bed. ;) I was looking at how far my 6.5 bed was sticking out into the aisle in a crowded parking lot, questioning 8' bed. Capacity isn't an issue, but that extra space will be good for loading more junk in the bed. Lets just hope I get it some day :( 5er is definitely coming sooner than the truck. No reason to compromise unless you have a short garage. ;) Bingo! My problem exactly. The short bed crew cab is going to be a squeeze, and I'd rather have the extra cab, than extra bed.
FootSoldier 06/13/21 08:14pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Moving to a 5th Wheel

I've been reading and trying to get on top of all the important aspects of our consideration, and I've been trying to keep my head because some of the 5th wheel trailers out there are so beautiful and easy to fall in love with. LOL! Think we've solved the storage problem and will be able to keep the unit here at the house. We're going to build a covered parking spot out 30' or so feet from the house. I really want to be able to garage park the truck and that is going to limit me to a crew cab/short bed truck. As to weight rating, that's what I need to know that I understand correctly? Right now, my leading contenders for a truck/trailer combination is posted at 12,995 lbs GVWR for the trailer and the truck is listed at 11,300 lbs GVWR, with a GCWR capacity of 27,500. If I am correctly understanding, the total GCW of the rig would be 24,295 and be 3,205 lbs under the max rating of the truck. My question; is running at 89% of GVCW rating too close to the safety line? I would greatly prefer to own the 3/4 ton truck and have the trailer be under 35', both of the leading contenders meet those preferences. As for love, the KZ Durango 301RLT has really caught my eye. Not too big, not too fancy, not too expensive, and just plain beautiful in my eyes. LOL! Maybe I'm already hooked?
FootSoldier 06/12/21 09:24am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Chasing down gas leak?

A friend had a gas leak in his B and bought this leak detector. Said it took him no time to find the leak and it was so small that soapy water ran off before it could bubble. He only new it had a leak because he forgot to turn off at the tank when he put it away for the Winter. I have the same one on order from amazon now. I'll be leaving in the trailer as part of the regular gear.
FootSoldier 06/09/21 08:02pm Tech Issues
RE: Chasing down gas leak?

I ordered up a gas sniffer tool to help see if I can locate it. I'll give the hoses a tug in that process.
FootSoldier 06/09/21 01:17pm Tech Issues
Chasing down gas leak?

We spent a week camping in our 23SS Roo earlier this month and I noticed a faint smell of gas a couple times while sitting under the awning. Gas fridge is on that side, but I could never find any smell I thought was coming from it. The Hot water heater is on the other side and I became convinced the smell was coming from there. After we got home, I spent parts of two days spraying every fitting related to the fridge or water heater and all those under trailer with soapy water two or three times. Never found any bubbles. Finally, I decided that the water heater gas valve had to be the culprit, so I ordered a replacement and installed it yesterday. Doing my checks today, I found that when the gas is turned on at the bottles, the faint gas smell comes back near the WH. Fittings are tight, soapy water doesn't show any leaks, it is a very faint smell, but it's there. Turn the gas bottles off, smell is gone. Any other ideas where I should be looking?
FootSoldier 06/09/21 09:00am Tech Issues
RE: Moving to a 5th Wheel

An automated leveling system is a must have for me. Having enough storage so that I don't have to haul a pickup bed full of the extras is highly desirable. Pull in, unhook the trailer, let the unit level itself, extend slides and awning, roll out a camp carpet outside, set up two chairs and a small table. Done outside. Inside, it's all set up. In our little hybrid; unhook trailer, level it, set jacks, fold out tent ends, then unload the truck. Generator, gas, wood, carpet, water, ladder. Then go inside; extend slide and awning, erect tent ends, move bed mattresses to beds, set up table. The setting up was always easier than the packing up. Not a terrible hassle, just more than I want to do if we are going to move around much. That, and there is no pull over and go lay down for a quick nap or meal prep. I was originally really attracted to the motor driven options. Then I could tow my Jeep. Besides the expense of having to own and maintain another running gear, I don't have any good storage options at home. I want whatever we buy to at least be covered under a shade structure. We live in the desert and the critters are hell on vehicle wiring when parked outside. The thought of finding $1000s of damage to a motorhome is not attractive at all. The 5th wheel approach would represent a lesser upfront investment, get us into plenty of room and I'd still have a nice truck to use, and storing here at home would be much less concerning, considering that a trailer has so much less external wiring to be damaged. It just seems like trailers are like homes, they're all built as cheaply as possible. So far, based on floor plan and package, I still like the Rockwood Ultra Lites. Under $50k and I'm convinced a 3/4 ton diesel would tow it fine. That counts too, because it would be a considerable project to get a 1 ton long bed into my garage. LOL! I have looked at $80k and up trailers and they are amazing, but I can't see under the skin, so I am skeptical that we would get anything more than prettier finishes. Am I close, or am I missing a bunch here? Thanks all for trying to help!
FootSoldier 06/08/21 08:02pm Fifth-Wheels
Moving to a 5th Wheel

The wife and I are looking down the road a little at a time when neither of us will have to go to work. The thought is to buy a new/newer 3/4 ton diesel truck to pull a 5th wheel trailer. We won't be full-timers, but there's a lot of this great country we want to go see. I'm thinking 33-34' max, with a budget of $60k max for the trailer. We don't need luxury, but we do want convenience. We've been camping in a Rockwood Roo 23SS since 2013. We love the little trailer, but I am nearing 69 and don't want a workout just setting up camp. Like everyone else, I want our $$ to go toward quality and am trying to figure out if there are brands we should head toward or brands we should head away from? Or, are they really all the same in our price range? At the moment, based on pics and floor plans, I lean toward the Rockwood Ultra Lite 2881S at 33'. I prefer no slides on the door side and the biggest awning we can get. What about buying something? Where's the best places to search? We bought our 23SS online and had it delivered from Ohio for $2-3k less than we could buy it locally. Please chime in and help educate me? Thanks for any help!
FootSoldier 06/07/21 09:55pm Fifth-Wheels
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