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RE: F250 tire brand/model recs

Uh ohh, somebody needs a hug!! Oh contraire, couch prophet! Width means a lot on dry or wet pavement, but on snow, oh no, I can't get up the hill! Yeah, the 350 is for the 4wd, since the weight of the drivetrain reduces the load capacity for tc's. I was asking about peoples experience with brands, and not asking for a snarky lecture when the bran obviously did not work today! Oh, and by the way, I use Uncle Ben's rice! Ha
Frank Mehaffey 02/18/19 06:57pm Truck Campers
RE: F250 tire brand/model recs

Where to begin.........Wheel size in snow does make a difference when you have 2wd. Probably with a 4wd too. You get more penetration to the pavement with a smaller footprint. I found that out with my original 99' F250. Put a wider tire on, thinking that might help in the snow, and had worse traction for the drive wheels than with the original tires. I put 4-5 tube sand bags in my bed in the winter. The OP, me, is certainly open to hearing what everybody posts. I just don't have to agree with the nay sayers say about 17" wheels. I have driven about 400,000 miles with 17" tires in the last 20 years, and if you drive conservatively, which I do, you will not have a blowout unless you have a crappy tire. Would it be better to have a 12-14 ply for potholes, yup, can't argue there. When I have my next truck in 2 years, I will be getting a 350, for the 4wd, and it will probably have 18" on it. I won't refuse them! I have an aggressive tread with my winters, with the rears studded. But the aggressive tread is pretty much what the tires were when I bought all 3 of my F250's. At 80 lbs., my 17" rear tires have never felt mushy or with noticeable sway, and visibly have never seemed overloaded. I check tire temperature about once a day when I have the camper on, and it has seemed fine. Thanks for all the input about tire sizing and especially about comparing brands. I am NOT dangerously overloading my tires, I am at or just under the load limit when I bring EVERYTHING, clubs, bikes, 1/2 water tank, and as long as I check pressure, replace when the tread wears or sides crack, don't drive like I am on a track, I will stick with the 17", which have all worked well for me. The mike is dropped!
Frank Mehaffey 02/18/19 12:43pm Truck Campers
RE: F250 tire brand/model recs

I have weighed my truck, camper on. I am about about 500 lbs under my truck rating. In 20 years of F250's with camper suspension upgrades, we have had no problems with the 10 ply tires at 80 lbs. in all sorts of driving conditions. If I had a Lance or something with slide outs, or a fiberglass shell, I would go in a different direction with a 350, but with our LivinLite, we are fine.
Frank Mehaffey 02/18/19 06:11am Truck Campers
RE: F250 tire brand/model recs

One concern I have is over just doing 18" on the rear axel, and 17" on the front. I would have to go to all 4 corners being 18", and I would lose some of the traction in the winter with the larger wheels and tires. At that point, the $ is also starting to get a little too pricey. I have had 17's forever, and am not doing any off road camping, and have had no problems. We are at 10K fully loaded, and I am comfortable with the 10 ply rating and load rating. I was wondering if there were any experiences with Cooper vs. Michelin vs. Goodyear.
Frank Mehaffey 02/18/19 05:31am Truck Campers
F250 tire brand/model recs

I am going to get 4 new all season tires for my 2012 F250, 8', extended cab, 2WD when the snow goes away. I have studded snow tires for the winter, which I love. Anyway, I have 245/75R 17E, and would be interested in any recommendations and experiences with the various brands. I have been getting Cooper's for awhile, for no particular reason outside of my dealer having them. I am not concerned about saving a buck on getting a less expensive brand, but on getting the best overall tire for a 3000 lb. camper carrying truck. Thanks for any help.
Frank Mehaffey 02/17/19 07:00am Truck Campers
RE: Truck mounted air compressor

I have a 2012 F250. We installed air bags when we got our new 2013 camper, without a compressor. I kept a tire inflator under the back seat witch was fine in warm weather. So last year I had a compressor installed on the passenger side of the engine compartment, just in back of the battery. Keeps things cleaner and easier to service or change if necessary. Mounted the gage under the steering column, to the right, just under the passenger airbag cut off key switch. Parts and labor were about $1000 for a single system. It was too expensive with a dual system. I am not crazy about the fragility of the connections into the bags and to the junction where the air splits to both sides, but we have had no problems so far. We have a 3000 lb. 10' camper and keep the bags at 75 lbs. Having the compressor makes things easier, but was not a big problem except for snow or salt or ice was on the 2 inflation points.
Frank Mehaffey 02/13/19 03:38pm Truck Campers
RE: Bilstein Shocks

I think that the Bilstein 4600 are very good shocks. I have a F250 2WD longbed, and replaced all corners when the truck turned 100K just on general principal. The thing is, empty or loaded (10,000 lbs), the truck reacts exactly the same as the Ford OP shocks. I wonder who makes HD shocks for the major manufacturers?
Frank Mehaffey 02/10/19 02:46pm Truck Campers
RE: No 12 volt charge power at 7 way plug.

Does the F350 have the camper package which includes the relay installed for that plug to have the 12v working?
Frank Mehaffey 01/23/19 04:50am Truck Campers
RE: Importance of Camper Package on new DRW truck

I have had 3 F250's since 1999, with the camper package on all. With the weight of all campers, for a 250, I think, the camper package stiffer front springs is pretty vital for better control and adds a rear stabilizer. For a 350 or 450, if it is available, it is a fairly cheap accessory package, and also contains the 7 pin plug and associated relay in the under hood elec. box for charging. I would not assume that the front springs were beefed up, unless I had that in writing. I'd rather have stiffer, stronger suspension than take a chance on needing more. Bouncing bad! Adding a Hillwig rear stabilizer bar costs A LOT of $ if you add it on later.
Frank Mehaffey 01/17/19 03:56pm Truck Campers
a delicate, yet pertinent question concerning rv toilets

When I purchased our first house, I noticed that the bathroom toilet was........small in width and length, compared to the apartment we had lived in. Hmmm, I thought, that was interesting. Upon doing some research at Home Depot and discovered that there were several "sizes" of bowls, we upgraded to a larger more comfortable seating area. Think of Fenway Park bleachers compared to box seats at Yankee Stadium. Well, I have noticed as I have gotten older and a tad more settled, that using our new TC toilet requires a more thoughtful "launch angle" and have often wondered if the RV toilet industry has an equivalent "big boy" version which would not require a WW2 bomb site for efficient and a more confident, how do I say it.....drop. I did a quick look online, and did not see a super duty version. Anyone out there know of one?
Frank Mehaffey 01/02/19 04:31pm Truck Campers
RE: charging of 2 camper batteries with truck alternator?

Ford won't even commit to printing the alternator output in volts or amps. And they won't say what the charging module's output is, or what it does, and if it is heavy duty enough to do what it is sold as being capable of. What is the point of having a camper option, which has no rated capacity to charge a camper? I do have a heavy duty alternator in my truck as an option. As for not knowing what I expect, I have stated several times in this posts topic, what I wanted to know. I certainly don't think that having a question not answered is understandable. If they can't answer because of legal implications, then they could JUST SAY THAT. When you don't get any answer, and you are a customer of any product, if you are satisfied with that lack of concern when your company probably spend millions on a consumer response department that does not respond to a question, not a complaint, what do you do? When the whole 80's quality control of a certain car company infuriated owners by refusing to repair or honor warranties, consumer protection laws or lemon laws saw a massive uptick. I am not asking for a lot, or complaining about the product, I just wanted to know what the specs were of what they built.
Frank Mehaffey 12/19/18 02:21pm Truck Campers
RE: charging of 2 camper batteries with truck alternator?

Well, I said that I would contact Ford, which I have done at least 5 times with emails and with telephone calls. I was contacted about a month ago by someone who told me that I had a "case number" about my charging questions, and that someone would get in touch with me in the next 2 days. And that person was in the electrical division of Ford, and would answer my questions. More than a few people have said that I was probably not going to hear from Ford. I did, but with no specific information forthcoming from my requests. Most of the replies to my original post on this site, have been variations on a theme, in the different ways to bypass the 7 pin 12 volt connection, and when the weather is warmer, I will select one of them, and purchase the necessary parts and smart charger to more confidently charge from my truck alternator. For the first time in almost 20 years, I have been absolutely disgusted with my contact with FMC customer relations over this issue. Not my local dealer, or the product which I have purchased 3 times since 1999. But with the disregard over management not giving information to owners of Ford Super Duty products. We will be purchasing a new 350 4WD super cab, probably in 1-2 years, and I will be considering GM and Ram for the first time. But I will not buy one, from any of the 3 manufacturers who will not tell me, or offer to show me, the charging capability of their truck for a camper. ENOUGH of the treatment of customers who spend a kazillion dollars on a tow vehicle or truck for their TC. This has been a real learning experience for me, and I am not really mad, just very disappointed in Ford. Thank you to everyone who has read my op, and made constructive and informative suggestions and given their experience.
Frank Mehaffey 12/18/18 02:22pm Truck Campers
RE: Finished reading all 54 TC forum pages

Truck camper manufacturers discussing camper weight, are like government legislators who are testifying in front of a congressional panel! Misrepresent, stretch reality, or when pushed into a corner, lie your a-- off.
Frank Mehaffey 12/10/18 02:05pm Truck Campers
RE: ? for F 250 owners - options mods etc on custom ordered 2019

We are on our 3d F250, gas, 2wd, long bed with super cab and camper package. All were base model. Only accessory was cruise, which we don't use when moving with camper. The bench seats all have the fold down center arm rest. We have a load rating of 10,000 lbs total, truck + camper, which is about what we run when camper is loaded. Also have air bags, which helps with bed height and stability. Our next truck will be a F350 because of the stronger suspension and axle and wheel/tires. 19 years of F250 with various campers, we have never had a problem with a 2900 lb camper (loaded for a trip) and towing and 1700 lb. boat. Never had felt unsure. That being said, if I get a 4wd, it takes too much load capacity from 250, which is why I will get a 350.
Frank Mehaffey 12/09/18 09:48am Truck Campers
RE: Dually valve stem extenders; which one?

Another suggestion. Buy a tire stem pressure switch tool and replacement valves. Advance Auto had a kit, with the tool and several valves. I have used the metal tire extensions for my air bags. My dealer installed them in the wheel wells, so I put them from the well to the inside of the pick up box. In 2-3 years I have needed to replace several of the tiny valves. It is easy to do.
Frank Mehaffey 11/29/18 04:32pm Truck Campers
RE: "Sorry, we do not take those any longer..."

Up in the northeast, there are several ways to describe a milkshake with ice cream. Some just say milkshake, thick or thin, and down on the Cape, we called them frappe's. I think that there are also regional labels for campgrounds. For seasoned campers, this is already something we understand, and have our own lists. If you don't like to read long, boring posts, leave now! For me, I think of an RV "resort ' as an upper level place, sort of like the Mt. Washington Resort version of camping with larger, more prestigious units, like the ones I read about in Arizona, kinda like The Villages for the big units. With the outside furniture already supplied for you, and a higher level of amenities. If I can't stay there, I don't feel bad. My wife and I camped several times in Quebec, urban camping, and at a campground in Sandusky, Ohio. Both had the campers about 4-5' away from each other, all asphalt. Had full hookups, but intended for people going to the amusement park, and only at their sites for sleeping and breakfast. Ok, but not were we go for a restful vacation. When I think of a "normal" really nice, campground, I think of places like Cherry Hill RV resort, close to DC. Normal size campsites, full hookups, nice shower, hot tub and pool, well kept up laundry, great store, bus stop into DC. Very well kept up, nobody turned away. When I think of a nice campground to stay, while on the road, I think of Savanna Oaks, off I95, Pedro's campground at South of the Border, Timberlane Campground in NJ off of the NJ Turnpike. Basically, nice places to stay going from point a to point b. Not too expensive, not a lot of amenities outside of great bathrooms. We don't stay at a lot of state run parks, because I REALLY enjoy using our own bathroom, and having full hookups. Nothing personal, just not into them as a destination. We also stay at some rest areas/gas/food areas on the Northway in NY while going N or S, for 3/4 of a night, while coming home. The best two campgrounds that my wife and I love to go to are at kinda opposite poles. Number 1 is Long Island Bridge Campground in Moultonboro, NH. We are about 100' from Lake Winniepauskee and have a medium size, full hookup site with a great view of the lake. They have a mixture of elec. only sites, right on the lake, about 1/2 seasonal sites around the campground, a tent area and wooded sites with water and electric, and very well taken care of bath and laundry buildings. The other is Fort Wilderness at Disney World. Immaculate sites, everything paved, but not like it is urban, at least to us. Feels like a Disney out in the woods movie set.We only go to walk and bike around the campground, go golfing and to the baseball park during spring training, and have it as a great home base, while we go to other areas off site. They take EVERYTHING, and allow doggies. In 35 years of camping there, never a bad experience. Of course we pay for it, but the NH campground is, to us, just as good if not better. We have also stayed at places with plugged up toilets, noisy neighbors, toilet paper on the site where people emptied their tanks, nobody at the office, badly taken care of sites, etc. Some of those had really pretty ads on line and in Woodals. Live and learn while on the road. Truck campers, along with class B's and other smaller units, can get ourselves into places where campers with serious money, could not get into, and are made to be moded so that you can camp without the problem of finding hookups. But that being said, we can all fit into the overwhelming majority of campgrounds idea of a nice camper. Who is to say that an Avion TC is not a great camper. Would you keep a 1960 Thunderbird out of a parking lot? Big rig, big $$ resorts, ok, I get it. But if a normal campground doesn't want us, they are using unfounded stereotypes of TC people, and losing $. If you don't want tubs or clotheslines, leaving the camper on, just say that, but don't assume that I will take a bath in the bed of my truck or empty the tanks like cousin Eddie in Christmas Vacation. If a normal, private campground does not want TC's, it is their loss. As long as it doesn't have cedar shakes or duct tape, I have never heard anyone complain about ours. I won't get mad, but the owners have a pretty limited and misplaced understanding of our rigs.
Frank Mehaffey 11/17/18 07:42am Truck Campers
RE: "Sorry, we do not take those any longer..."

Well, some of my best friends are truck campers........The attitude of an RV resort, which caters to the large Prevost type, not wanting a small camper, I sort of get, but still the perception of a TC owner being messy around their site, compared to a different "type" of camper, is insulting and inaccurate. There is a "resort" around Williston, FL that would not take us several years ago. Williston is not exactly the Mecca of Florida, it is a small town and well away from a lot. You could bring in a small tow behind, but not a TC. IMO Riva sort of encouraged this perception, ignoring TC's place in the marketplace, until recently. Perhaps they can "educate" some of the campgrounds that don't allow certain types. If any KOA's did not allow TC's, I would discontinue my membership. To me, an RV resort is different than an RV campground, but glamping, while making more $ for the camping industry, is not where camping came from, and restricting TC's in a normal campground is like those businesses shooting themselves in the foot. Nuff said.
Frank Mehaffey 11/16/18 03:45pm Truck Campers
RE: charging of 2 camper batteries with truck alternator?

I give up. I just watched the video from the Australian charging guru. He scares me. Trying to figure out anything definitive from everyones opinion and experience, is like debating the finer points of Biblical interpretations, and arguing with the archbishops. Even Ford is vague and somewhat confusing. I feel like I need a nicoderm patch for electrical interpretations. So, I am not going to look at this tread anymore!!!!! I can't take it. Goodbye cruel world.....I am an analog guy in a digital world on this topic. So, I am going to consult CTEK about what I should get for the truck, purchase a solar charger of some kind when I have the $$, and not try to develop my own canon of anything electrical. I don't know how variable valve timing works, I just want it to work without trying to understand it. I want to thank everyone for all of our ideas and successes with charging systems. Pretty much, if it works for you, you are all set.
Frank Mehaffey 10/20/18 07:01am Truck Campers
RE: charging of 2 camper batteries with truck alternator?

I put the 3 trucks in to let Ford know that I have bought 3 of their products. Sometimes, companies need a reminder that brand loyalty does exist, and that customers can ask for more details on how a system works. If they blow me off again, that means I go to a "higher power" at Ford to get an intelligent answer of a reasonable question. I'm retired, and while I drink my coffee in the am, I can pester. I suspect a lot of posters have that same ability and opportunity!
Frank Mehaffey 10/17/18 07:18am Truck Campers
RE: charging of 2 camper batteries with truck alternator?

This is what I sent to Ford. Perhaps some other people on this forum should ask Ford wtf goes on. Thank you for getting back to me about this issue. One problem with the explanation is that I have 14.13 V coming out of the power in the 7 pin output. Wherever you got the information about my question is not accurate. I can't see how 10 V should come out of the alternator. There are a lot of people in the RV community that need a straight answer to how the control module in a Ford camper package supplies power to the campers connected by a 7 pin connection. Many camper power afficianado's install smart camper battery chargers to their alternators which combine a solar power system and the output of the alternator, or run a direct line from the truck battery to the camper battery. In a recent camper forum, there are over 60 replies to my original post about asking what is going on in charging systems. What I would like to know from Ford is what the voltage and amp values should be coming out of the 7 pin 12V to the camper battery....1. when the camper battery is just being maintained, when it has a full charge 2. when the battery is 20% depleted, what should be going to the camper battery 3. If the battery is 50% or more discharged, what is going to the camper battery from the 7 pin connection. What does the control module installed in a Ford Super Duty actually camper package do? There should be a definitive answer or general explanation of the parameters of the electrical power going into the camper battery from the control module. Could someone please forward this to an electrical engineer at Ford. I appreciate the communication from Ford CRC, but feel that there needs to be better communication and explanations to the customers who purchase a Super Duty with a camper package. Frank Mehaffey St. Albans, VT 1999 F250 with camper package 2006 F250 with camper package 2012 F250 with camper package
Frank Mehaffey 10/16/18 08:02pm Truck Campers
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