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RE: Diesel Fuel for newer diesels

Wow, you're right. I checked the forum search and it goes back to October 2005. Almost 15 years. I was so much younger then :) 2005 huh? I can't remember back that far. I was much younger then also. I joined this forum in 2004 and was heading to mexico then. I wonder if it went on before then?
Galvanizd 01/22/20 09:35am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Diesel Fuel for newer diesels

Hey, I remember this same argument on this forum back in 2008 and then again in 2011. I see not much has changed in 2020. I asked this same question last year for a friend traveling to mexico and got mixed responses from these forum. I told my friend to check with the manufacture and get it in writing whatever the answer was. This only affects diesel rigs from NOB visiting Mexico. What is that? 1500 trucks total for a year? Mexican trucks have no problems with LSD. Yeah. This is a forum in the U.S. about Rving in Mexico and South America . Its supposed to provide information to visitors traveling to those countries reference rving. Mexican trucks having no problems in their own country, well thats just great. One would hope that would be the case. I told my friend,.....again, as we visit mexico this february to check with his manufacture and get it in writing , whatever the answer cause this forum has been debating this issue for years. I would say the same to the original poster.
Galvanizd 01/22/20 09:08am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Diesel Fuel for newer diesels

Hey, I remember this same argument on this forum back in 2008 and then again in 2011. I see not much has changed in 2020. I asked this same question last year for a friend traveling to mexico and got mixed responses from these forum. I told my friend to check with the manufacture and get it in writing whatever the answer was.
Galvanizd 01/21/20 07:05am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Great News, Pumping Real Diesel for 5 More Years

Naaah, its 11 years, says the article.
Galvanizd 01/14/20 09:16am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: CPAP and CBD oil

Anyone have issues with taking CBD oil or a CPAP into Mexico??? P CPAP ok. CBD? You are on your own with that one. US Federal government still regulates Interstate Commerce. Oh Mary ja wanna is legal ...... IN several states, but CBD across state lines is still a gray area. Probably not much to worry about, unless there is say, a traffic stop for say, speeding and they bring a doggy around, sniffing. The Mule. Taking anything across the Mehico international border, such as steaks, meat products, etc is illegal but I'm betting there some of us that go North and South across the US/Mexican border with just a little too much of the good tequila or a steak or two. I've lived in a couple of foreign countries and took no chances. Wife used to live in Mexico and I've been many times. We still take no chances, even when we travel to Rocky Point this Feb. So its not the possession stuff (especially for the OP in Oregon), its the taking it across state lines and international borders. Fed gubmint stuff To beat the dead cavallo a bit more, here is just one of many articles avail, if you're interested
Galvanizd 01/09/20 04:48pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Becoming a resident gets a lot harder after NY's

Not sure what all this has to do with rving in Mexico or South America but I'll bite. I wonder what the requirements are for other south american countries? Costa Rica in particular has some merit. Visited there a couple of times. Looks like it might be an option.
Galvanizd 12/29/19 11:19am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Watch for this rig in Mexico but do not approach
Galvanizd 11/03/19 12:48pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: That time of year

Never winterized any rv I've owned. W'll be in ours in January and February. Head south.
Galvanizd 11/02/19 11:04am Travel Trailers
RE: how to level a trailer

Find another spot?? You're kidding! And miss out on on that entertainment? ;) We view a really un-level spot as a challenge, a fun opportunity for stacking up a lot of rocks and Lego blocks, like this: "border=0" For Full-Size Image. After spending an hour attempting to get the trailer level, we can't move because we have sunk so much time and energy into trying to cope with a bad campsite. ;) This is an example of the "sunk cost fallacy," kind of like throwing good money after bad. There really is a time, as Galvanizd indicates, in which discretion is the wiser part of valor. That brought a smile. wow.
Galvanizd 10/31/19 09:58am Travel Trailers
RE: how to level a trailer

I level side to side using the LGTM system. Then I use the bathroom door for front to back. Depending on which way it swings, raise or lower the front jack. The, Looks Good To Me, system works fairly well for me. if its way off, usually find another camp spot.
Galvanizd 10/31/19 08:29am Travel Trailers
RE: Which WDH?

Ah, choice made by the OP. Rving is a leisure/ luxury endeavor . That said... Safety 1st. You paid a lot of money for your rv, you're supposed to enjoy it. Now the choice of which hitch? Cheap one? Expensive one? Cost of a hitch is certainly a consideration but its a one time purchase......unless you buy one that doesn't work for you or is unsafe. Trouble is most don't know , (some do) whats unsafe for their rig until they have a " white knuckle" experience or the Trooper asks "what happened". Here's more info; %^&^%$# computer. should work now.
Galvanizd 10/31/19 08:00am Travel Trailers
RE: Puerto Penasco RV Painting Services

Dirtboat, Just left Puerto Penasco last week. Been staying at the Reef Rv. You can get painting done at the Playa Bonita Rv park and others, but I only know about the Reef. I'v known Jesus and Carlos, father and son painters at the Reef for about 10 or 11 years. They are honest, hard working painters. You can negotiate a fair price from them and they require half of the agreed price up front and the rest upon completion. In 2010 I had a Monaco Dipl 40 ft with 3 slides. Jesus and Carlos painted my rv. They did an excellent job. They started basic prep work at my rv site and then moved to a more secluded spot to finish painting and gloss work. I had my towed vehicle (2004 Envoy) painted the next year. Again a fair price and good job. 5 years later, we downsized and sold my Class A. Th new owner commented on how good the paint job was. I will use Jesus and Carlos in the near future as my trailer decals start to go bad. Can't comment on price because every job and requirement is different on what you want done. My rv took about 4 days to complete. My SUV took about 2 days. As of last year, Jesus and Carlos have a designated spot in the park to paint rvs. If you go, the two are easy to find or Gus at the front desk can help you out. So finally, would I recommend them? Yes. Do they do a good job? Yes. Do they work out in the open? Yes. I saw no bad problems from painting out in the open. Was their work perfect? No but its hard to spot imperfections and my old rv still had a great paint job when I sold it, five years after it was painted. Hope this helps
Galvanizd 03/12/19 12:54am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Puerto Pensaco Report

The Eyesore. Its what I call that rock pile of a pier that they started about 8 years ago and never finished. It was supposed to be the Cruise ship port. They had a security guard there about 3 years ago and he's been gone. People are using it to fish off of. Not much has been done in those 3 years. People crossing back and forth on it daily. The latest date is Dece 7 2019 for it to get active. Not holding my breath. We watched it from the beginning. We even watched the Starting ceremony. All its done for me is ruin my view. Hopefully it will get done and they can use it to help the local economy.
Galvanizd 02/17/19 08:36am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Puerto Pensaco Report

The electrical boxes have been redone. Each space has 2, 30am and 2, 50 amp receptacles. two sewer hookup each side of the space and water. Only experienced high voltage once or twice so far. My Progressive EMS system handled that ok. No damage done. Water pressure to the rv has been pretty good lately. We always put water in our tank in case the pressure goes down. its done that twice since we've been here so its pretty much on par with what we've found in the US. Bring extra sewer hose, water hose and a power cord extension. That way you aren't limited in the manner you wish to park. Example; Class A's usually "nose in" towards the water for the view. You'll need more hookup lengths , sewer water, power to reach the pedestal. Trailers and 5th wheel, usual setup. Place is still about half empty but there are a lot of people out and about. 4 wheelers are climbing the nearby sand dunes regularly. Had great sunshine and clear skys yesterday. More expected today. The Wrecked at the Reef Restaurant ( about a 3 wood from our door step) was doing pretty good last night with a live band. That sea water is cold but there were a lot of people in it yesterday. The pelicans gave us a show yesterday diving for the millions of small fish (herring???) making a run for the open sea. We bar b que'd and drank coronas and tecate beer all afternoon. Propane (no wood fires allowed anymore) campfire in the late afternoon as the sun set. Pretty good day.
Galvanizd 02/17/19 08:15am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Puerto Pensaco Report

Dons 2346, hearing the same think about the Reef. This is Presidents day weekend, The Reef was almost full last year at this time. Not half ful l this year. There is supposed to be a couple of caravans coming next week. We'll see. The rest is just rumor. Last year it looked like things were "picking up" so of course they rates double
Galvanizd 02/16/19 08:11am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Puerto Pensaco Report

Right now the rates are $50.00 a night for beachfront near entrances. $40.00 a night for beach front $35.00 a night for 1 row back of beach front $25.00 for no beach front (not completely sure on that $25.00 but close) the rest is accurate as of today. If you book for the month, they give you 10% off. If you are staying more than a month, they want 1st and last month. All reservations require full payment in advance.
Galvanizd 02/16/19 08:07am RVing in Mexico and South America
Puerto Pensaco Report

Hey, I don't post on this board much anymore, for a couple good reasons, but I thought I would throw this out there for anybody heading this way to Rocky Point , Hello, Hello , Hello (echo) 15th year here in Rocky Point. At the Reef Rv park. We still love it. Been farther south. Don't need to go farther south. Lived in several foreign countries . We like it here. Southbound Border Guards were not bad. 100 yards south of the border, mexican marines are stopping a lot of rv's heading south. Cursory search in some cases, more thorough in others. (This was as of yesterday) Sonyota police are still active and taking traffic violation money from americans (DON'T SPEED) This was as of this week. Recent events on the news about the border .......we had no problem southbound. Wait at the border was about 30 seconds. We drove through without getting stopped 2 weeks ago. Bad news. The Reef rv park.has almost doubled its rates for prime spots. In some cases doubled. Name may be changing or at least what they call themselves. The park is half full (or half empty if you're that kinda person) , at least so far for the presidents day week end. My friends arrived 4 days ago without reservations and easily got a spot, so that option is open Good news. Sea lions and dolphins are out and some have reported seeing whales. Weather is a little overcast but not too bad. Been a little breezy. Heard it was raining in Phoenix. Fuel here is a bit pricey, but not much we can do about that. I think about 18 pesos or so a liter. Had dinner at El Capitan on top at the malecon, for Valentines Day. Food was good and reasonable. Margaritas were excellent. They take dollars here (and credit cards) and the last exchange rate for pesos I saw was around 18 pesos to the dollar. And finally, the shrimp are available, big and tasty. So if you're hesitant about traveling to Rocky Point.... Yes it is Mexico. About 64 miles or so over the border. If you would never ever travel to Mexico, the US. is better. GREAT. If you're thinking about traveling to Rocky Point ,pack up , come on down, its different, a little adventure and we like it.
Galvanizd 02/15/19 09:44am RVing in Mexico and South America
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