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RE: Car Jacking

Forty two years ago my father in law drove down to Mazatlan. Can't remember exactly where, They parked their half ton pick up truck next to the house and it was stolen. We still talk about that. Guess we gotta be careful where we park.
Galvanizd 10/23/21 08:56am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Using Resources-the many members who live here full time

Bill, Was just looking at Rocky point and found this. Maybe it will help. Have not confirmed any of the phone numbers but might be a place to start
Galvanizd 10/18/21 07:09pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Using Resources-the many members who live here full time

Bill, I can't help with Rocky Point clinics except to say, english is widely spoken in Puerto Penasco. I'm sure some one will chime in with the info you're looking for. Not sure if you're aware but , Failing in that, Puerto Penasco is merely about 65 miles over the Us/Mexican border, which offers easy return to the US through the Lukeville Az crossing. Close bye, you have the cities/towns of Aho, Gila Bend, Casa Grande, Buckeye and finally Phoenix. You can make it a day trip and easily reach any of those cities and return the same day to Puerto Penasco. Phoenix obviously being a bit farther but doable. Just some alternatives
Galvanizd 10/18/21 12:33pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Travel insurance for Canadians

I do not live by the directive of an insurance company....thank god Agree How is your mexico caravan signup going? All US folks still or have you gotten any canadians signed up for Puerto Penasco?
Galvanizd 10/18/21 10:44am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Border

rocmoc Was that really in the article? I haven't read it. If it was ....and I have no reason to disbelieve you... wow, but that last line..... Mayo rkas ..... U.S.-Mexico border, where the federal government currently enforces strict asylum and entry restrictions amid record-high migration levels.
Galvanizd 10/12/21 03:32pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Looking for tips, suggestions on travel in Mexico?

Welcome to the forum. Well when you make it to the mainland side, make sure and stop off at Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point) on your way south. Good little spot to rest up for a few days along the beach front. We stay at tThe Reef Rv park when we go in February. You'll like it. You don't really need a caravan for Rocky Point , its only about 67 miles over the border, but I'm positive someone will give you info on caravans to Rocky Point. Others will chime in about stuff further south. A good crossing is at Lukeville AZ.
Galvanizd 09/15/21 10:18am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Border News

Crossed over to Mexico in February. We're planning to go again shortly. Over the years we've met some good people that traveled to Mexico and for whatever reason, actually liked our company and become lifelong friends. We got along so well with some of these people, that we've traveled to their homes in their country and they have traveled to our home. A lot of them came from different places in the world and we met them in Mexico. We sat on the beach, shared a drink and some food. Talked about life. Told stories about our past lives. Watched the sunset. Traveled to over 23 countries and lived in 2 of them . Mexico seems to be the one we go back to. Proximity? Maybe. Started losing some of these friends to the rigors of life. As we get older the number of friends we lose tends to accelerate . Maybe just my imagination . We plan.........God has his own plans. Just lost another friend to cancer. We won't see them in Mexico again but we'll remember the good times we had sitting on the beach, sharing our limited time with them. We plan to have many more good times with friends in mexico.
Galvanizd 08/27/21 10:52am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Border News

Thinking about heading to Mexico from the US sometime in October. Southbound border crossing usually not a problem through Lukeville, but we'll see how the weather is. Also planning a trip next February . Last February there seemed to be more mexican border guards but who knows. Mexican cops at the border town were out in force, so watch your speed.
Galvanizd 08/20/21 10:44am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: UK and Mexico

Not accepted by Canada either for travel there. Trust no one. Interesting concept.
Galvanizd 08/12/21 11:01am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: No shots...not getting in.

But wait there's more
Galvanizd 07/08/21 02:25pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Arco Norte Robbery

When I was in the military, I lived in different countries. We were told to only carry minimal amounts of money and not flash expensive items. We carried enough money that any robbers wouldn't get too upset at what little money we had but enough to get by for the day. Probably a good rule of thumb for here in the U. S. and when we travel to Mexico
Galvanizd 06/25/21 09:15am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Closed: Border opening

Canada can stay closed for as long as they want. I want the USA to end all land crossing restrictions on June 21st. Then our border cities can start to recover and Canadian RV'ers can escape Canada. Here here
Galvanizd 06/22/21 10:07am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Free Immunizations to Tourists

Crowe . Restrictions are largely in place. Check your own states rules. Live Free or Die. Merely saying , still not true, does not make it so. Vaccines. Definitely not so.. All one need do is to turn the tv on and President 46, who , along with his staff who have been received the vaccinations, still wearing masks and distancing. Not to mention state/city government restrictions. Travel to Alaska via Canada by Rv is another story. And lastly, because this forum is about Canada Alaska travel. My apologies to the OP for stray ing off the topic of Alaska.
Galvanizd 05/03/21 09:01am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Free Immunizations to Tourists

Galvanizd, that may hold true in Mexico but not here. Don't have to isolate unless you've been exposed, gyms are open, playgrounds are open, restaurants have indoor seating, we can travel by plane, train and automobile. Schools are open for in-person learning in many states and the crowd restrictions, etc., are being lifted. As far as the masks and vaccinations-that's just plain respect. Respect for others. It's an awesome concept. Haven't changed my profile. I'm in the US. Depending on where you currently are located. Nope. Not quite there yet. Do an internet search and check for yourself . Michigan. California, New Mexico, Colorado , hawaii (check the travel requirements for hawaii) Nevada and more, Canada for sure. Try getting on an airplane. Mandatory mask requirements. 50 per cent , 20 percent open etc. Not everything is open . I looked up New Hamshire. "Live Free or Die" is the state motto adopted in 1945. Here your state requirements. As far as masks , virtually useless, unless worn properly and sanitized, changed after each use., which people are not doing. But it looks good in case people might think you aren't following the rules . That "respect for others" phrase is getting worn out and used as a catch phrase. Not so much an awesome concept if you believe the vaccine is effective. Been awhile since I trusted governments that aren't following their own science. But that's me. You obviously have a different opinion and that's ok.
Galvanizd 05/02/21 06:39pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Free Immunizations to Tourists

Yup, just get that shot and carry your proof. Course you still can't travel, got to wear a mask, can't gather in crowds, have to isolate, can't use the gym, playground, schools....but yeah get vacinated. Interesting, reminds me of some countries I traveled to when i was in the military and some i just read about
Galvanizd 05/02/21 09:58am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: RV travel across Canada during these lockdown times

We have a RV rental company relocation deal from Toronto to Vancouver in a week or so which is technically a commercial delivery (I believe). We will have a company letter stating that. How that will be interpreted but any police stops I've no idea. Especially if we're not on a direct route to Vancouver. Just trying to figure what this journey will be like as more of the country closes down. I think we will have just lost some of our reservations to stay in some of the National Parks. Any thoughts gratefully appreciated. Also welcome to share any experiences if you're on the road in the next few+?? weeks. Here's one
Galvanizd 04/28/21 07:48am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: RV travel to Vancouver Island restricted

Interesting over in Ontario, it was starting to look like...........not Canada.
Galvanizd 04/20/21 08:57am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Deleting and Closing A Thread I think he's going to. What/who is going to stop him? Some fairly draconian measures already in place that at least some canadians seem to think are ok. Some appear to blame it on people not following rules? It appears that whatever's being done for the last year.......isn't working. So tighten it up some more.
Galvanizd 04/16/21 08:20am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Not a good thing, at all.... As long as we're talking about death .............Population 328.2 million, For the U.S. Here's 5 of 10 more things you can add to your numbers list........and this just for 2017 Below is about actual deaths, not cases. 1 Heart disease: Deaths in 2017: 647,457 Trusted Source Percentage of total deaths: 23.5% 2. Cancer Deaths in 2017: 599,108Trusted Source Percentage of total deaths: 21.3% 3. Unintentional injuries Deaths in 2017: 169,936Trusted Source Percentage of total deaths: 6% 4. Chronic lower respiratory disease Deaths in 2017: 160,201 Trusted Source Percentage of total deaths: 5.7% 5. Stroke and cerebrovascular diseases Deaths in 2017: 146,383Trusted Source Percentage of total deaths: 5.2% Canadian numbers are available. Boy, a lot for you to worry about in this world. Y'all be careful out there
Galvanizd 04/09/21 08:51am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Painting of RV

I just left Mexico last week . Spend a month and half there . Watched a lot of rv's get painted . They looked good. I've had mine painted in Mexico . Since you aren't going to Mexico. You might want to post this on another forum for a better answer since this once is about rving in mexico and south america. 20k, ouch. 2008 monaco, thats prolly more than have the value of your rv.
Galvanizd 03/16/21 07:06pm RVing in Mexico and South America
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