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RE: Using my phone hotspot for the tv.

What antenna do you have? Do you have in the wall power supply (booster)? Does if light up? Make and model? What is make and model of TT? 2015 Work and PlayUltra by Forest river. Second owner. TV that came with it did not have a remote. It's a brand that I have not heard of. The antenna looks like a flying saucer on a short pole. I travel solo fishing and attending desert racing events. I would like to have some reception of some kind even if it were some local news channel. As far as movies,netflix etc that is not important. There is a booster switch behind the TV . I have no problem replacing the TV and the antenna on the roof if necessary. Satellite TV I have no interest in. So, what are my options. Having a TV is not a necessity but let's see whaat you guys come up with, thanks Why would you ask about "streaming" if you don't want movies, netflix ect then? Granted, some TV stations do stream their newscasts, but it often is delayed and you get old news hrs or even days old or you get incomplete "snippets" or "teasers".. Flying saucer antennas are "omni-directional" antennas and they work equally bad in all directions so for distance might work OK if you are high on top of a hill and no obstructions like trees and buildings between you and transmitter, it isn't raining, snowing and wind isn't blowing and you are less than 20 miles from the transmitter antenna.. Step up from the flying saucer is the venerable Winegard "batwing" antenna which is a bidirectional antenna and you have to turn the antenna to get best reception.. might get you perhaps 40 miles on a good day.. If you are farther than 40 miles from any transmitter, good luck.. If stations are 40+ miles then much, much bigger antenna which you will have to setup after you setup camp (6ft-8ft long) plus preamp on a tall mast with a antenna rotor is your friend. But, before you start changing/replacing and spending wads of cash, try camping with the existing setup and see if it works OK for your places of camping.. Just bring along a few of your favorite movies on DVD just in case the OTA doesn't work.
Gdetrailer 07/06/22 06:08pm Tech Issues
RE: Sequential use of small water jugs with pump

Sound like a RUBE GOLDBERG MACHINE to me.. "We normally like to keep things simple and do things the easy way, but we’re completely fascinated by Rube Goldberg machines. They require a level of skill and patience we doubt we’ll ever posses and they’re the ultimate expression of doing something just because you can, as the trademark of the machine is using complication to complete a simple task." Your overcomplicating a very simple task with electromechanical systems and possibly computers and software code for a task that can be done with a simple turn of a valve by hand. If you water jugs have valves, just turn on only a couple valves at one time. Once those are near empty, turn the valves off on the empties and open your next set of valves.. Now you are free to disconnect and refill the empties but still have a couple of jugs with water..
Gdetrailer 07/06/22 01:08pm Tech Issues
RE: Using my phone hotspot for the tv.

Was discussing with a few friends that my TT does not have reception on the TV. I no longer have a satellite carrier and don't know much about the antenna on my 2012 work and Play trailer. One person commented he purchased a smart Tv with roku and uses his phone as a hotspot. So, what amount of data would it use. What are the downsides of this. Antenna upgrade? thanks in advance. Data usage is the main downside. According to HERE you can expect to use 1 GB of data per hr at standard definition (SD 480i). For HD video (1080i) that rises to 3 GB per hr For UHD that rises to 7 GB per hr.. So, if you have a cheap data plan with say 10 GB per month you can stream 10 hrs at SD, 3.3 hrs at HD 1080i or 1.4 hrs at UHD.. While you can in general stream past the data limits and still have data, the downside is the data is throttled down to very low speeds which may or may not sufficient for SD streaming.. Choosing SD quality is often the most cost effective way to stream via cell hotspot but then now you have this ultra huge fancy Ultra High definition TV which is not going to ever show its full potential at SD quality video.. May as well bring a bunch of DVDs as those are SD 480i and save a ton of money on your cell bill.
Gdetrailer 07/06/22 12:59pm Tech Issues
RE: For those towing with Teslas. Super charger tips. Thanks

Found a "real world" EV truck towing comparison test.. Featuring F150 lightning (EV) towing vs GMC Sierra (Gas) towing HERE The video is a good real world comparison but does have several shameless plugs for their youtube channel sponsors you can forward through. Cliffs notes version of the video for those that don't wish to spend 24 minutes watching the video.. Setup- Both towing exact same 6K lb trailer at the same time on same route, speeds and conditions. Both battery and fuel tank are filled to 100% GMC has 24 gallon tank Lightning 282 miles non towing range with full charge, display estimated 160 miles towing the trailer selected with full charge. Ultimately had to cut trip severely short due to less range than originally estimated and no charging stations close enough on their route that they could make it to and had to turn around and backtrack to the nearest charger they could find. Vehicle power (acceleration performance) dropped to 90% at 9% battery left. Drove only 85.9 miles from 100% to 9% battery. Took 45 minutes to recharge from 9% to 75% or so battery charge (but hey, they guy did get to eat a takeout “chicken dinner”in their F150 Lightning).. :R GMC drove 155.8 mile 65 miles remaining using $5.39 Premium fuel per gallon took 17.371 gallons at $93.79, total fill up took only a few minutes. 8.9 MPG was the GMCs trip mileage and was able to complete the full trip without needing to refill (wow, that thing is a fuel hog for a ½ ton, I just averaged 10.1 MPG overall on a 1600 mile round trip towing a TT loaded to 6500 lbs with my 2020 F250 with 6.2 engine). Lightning charge cost $27 for the first charge, had to stop on the way back to recharge again since they did not wait for a 100% charge. They did not disclose total electric cost at the end of the video, but since they had to stop and recharge on the way back one can assume they spent close to another $27 for a total trip cost of $72.90 and spent a whopping 1.5 hrs sitting around waiting for the battery to charge.
Gdetrailer 07/06/22 11:33am Travel Trailers
RE: 2019 Kodiak water in wheel well

I've now owned 5 all purchased new including an Aerolite back a few years ago which was a sister to a Kodiak. Anyone who tells you X made by Y is better than K made by Z is mostly full of it, there are few exceptions if any in a mass produced RV. If you get upset about what was hidden behind the wheel skirt, never, I repeat NEVER, drop a coroplast underliner and take a good look at what's hidden in there. Seal the thing up, put it back together, and use it. There is a lot of truth packed into PBulter96 post. Mass assembly lines require some take and give, it is typically all about building a device or product as quick as possible to minimize costs and delivering it to the customer at a price point the masses are willing to pay all the while delivering the company enough profit to pay for materials, buildings, utilities, accountants, workers, sales people, taxes and yes, provide the owners of said company profit they can reinvest into the company and draw a paycheck for themselves. The take and give comes at the cost of QA, rarely does a company do 100% QA inspection, nope, most will use the sample method. Accept/fail is often done using statistics, ever hear of a "Bell Curve"? HERE " The term bell curve is used to describe the mathematical concept called normal distribution, sometimes referred to as Gaussian distribution. "Bell curve" refers to the bell shape that is created when a line is plotted using the data points for an item that meets the criteria of normal distribution. In a bell curve, the center contains the greatest number of a value and, therefore, it is the highest point on the arc of the line. This point is referred to the mean, but in simple terms, it is the highest number of occurrences of an element (in statistical terms, the mode). " A company sets certain QA goals and standards that the samples must pass which represent the upper and lower allowable limits. Anything that falls between the upper and lower limits pass. Anything falls outside upper and lower limits fails.. Data is gathered and a chart is assembled of that data.. The data will now show a representation that starts to look like a "bell".. The goal is to have everything inside that bell.. Too many units fall outside of that bell and the production line may be stopped and reworked to improve the outcome as rework cost the company time and money.. Worked 22 yrs in manufacturing high tech devices and lived by the QA departments bell curve data sets.. One of our statistics classes everyone had to take at the plant we sampled measured 100 out a box of 1000 coffee stirrers.. Interestingly enough very few of the samples were the exact same length even though those are manufactured with automated machines, there were many stirrers had deviations in length in mms and only a few that were the same length in mm.. RV manufacturers do tend to get a bad rap but consider that they build thousands of RVs off each assembly line every yr there are going to be many that slip through with no QA done at all.. OPs issue is more about building a RV faster, it was designed and built that way to save the builder a lot of time.. Tucking the sheet metal behind the trailer wall would most likely require a redesign of the production line to allow the side wall to terminate a bit lower and the wheel well metal depth would have to be altered..
Gdetrailer 07/06/22 07:27am Travel Trailers
RE: 2019 Kodiak water in wheel well

I decided the best option was to start by removing the spray foam. I needed to figure out if it was open or closed cell anyway (it's closed cell). So now I have a blank canvas except for the residue. Can I install eternabond tape over the spray foam residue or will that compromise the seal? Second, I'm assuming I'm going to have to pull the skirt back to get that area sealed. I don't like the idea of ignoring it but it looks like a royal pain to get it off. I can remove the screws, but I'm guessing the metal is sealed on with silicon. To reinstall, I'd assume I'll have to clean the silicon first. Just seems like opening a can of worms! If there's an easier way and I'm over complicating this, I'd appreciate experienced comments! Wheel well metal is installed incorrectly and sealing it permanently will be doubtful. That upturned sheet metal of the wheel well should actually be behind the outside wall. Having it behind the outside wall allows any moisture running down the outside wall is simply shed off. That is a very good example of poor design and/or assembly and the outside "skirt" just hides and serves as a means to hide the bad design/assembly.. Is there any way you can drop the wheel well enough to relocate behind the outside wall? If it is possible to relocate that metal you can use any caulking/sealant between the wall and the relocated metal.
Gdetrailer 07/05/22 03:46pm Travel Trailers
RE: No CD player in new coach

As mentioned, CDs are pretty much dead, even file formats like MP3 are now on their deathbed since most folks have moved to streaming everything instead of owning. I personally enjoy buying and owning physical media, it can't be deleted or removed from my own personal library unlike what does and can happen with the Internet. Since my last two vehicles no longer have CD drives I have fully converted to ripping all of my CDs to MP3 and putting everything on USB flash drives. Right now I have 6 GB of a 32 GB flash drive of music, that is over 2000 songs I have at my fingertips. It is like having a huge "jukebox" on a microchip. Many of the newer car stereos, they have removed physical analog inputs but they often now have BlueTooth capability, you can find some portable CD players that have BT transmitter built in. That may also be a viable method although very clunky (many yrs ago when CDs were new to the market, I used portable CD players via analog or FM transmitter, was clunky but worked). As far as ripping to MP3 goes, easy to do, most OS systems will have capability built in to the media player but there are lots of free software and apps which may make it easier to do. Getting MP3s to play in album order takes a bit of learning but once you understand why it is easy to get it to work. #1 Flash drive needs to be FAT32, not NTFS, FAT32 does have a size limitation which will be 32GB (FAT32 on larger drives can be done but requires some advanced trickery). USB flash drives larger than 32GB will come with exFAT (Extended FAT) which may or may not be compatible, I have not tried that on my car stereos as of yet. NTFS is not compatible with car stereos. #2 You want each album ripped in it's own folder, do not copy all the files to the "root" of the drive, it will jumble up the play order. #3 Play order will play numerical order first and alphabetical order after numerical. Files and folders named 1, 2, 3 will play before files and folders named A, B, C. #4 Some car stereos may play folders in DATE/TIME order they were copied to the USB drive which can play havoc and make you think you have gone insane when that happens. Not all do this but be aware of this. #5 When ripping to keep play order inline with album order you need to make sure the name has a consistent beginning to the file names. I found adding T (for track) and then 01 and increment the number takes care of 99% of the play order issues. So, the files will begin with T01, T02, T03 and so on and the title of the song after the T01, T02, T03.. Extremely important, you must include the 0.. Once you get to T10, the car stereo interprets T10 like it is the first track and all files beginning with T1 will play before all other files. Adding the 0 forces the stereo to play 01-09 first, then T10, T11, T12 and so on.. Its a computer order thing..
Gdetrailer 07/03/22 03:49pm Technology Corner
RE: No CD player in new coach

Two Travelers, The way easy way to get by would be to look up a remote (external) CD/DVD drive at a place that sells computers. The price will be from 25$us to whatever want to spend. If you don't have a place to land it, look for a USB extension cable at the same place. The entertainment radio in Chaumière was installed when she came to us. That was long before the current memory capacities so we carry copies of a small number of the CDs in our library. Matt External USB computer CD/DVD drives do not and will not work by plugging it into car stereo systems which have a USB port. So that recommendation is wrong. Car stereos with USB ports are looking for a file system format that is compatible with USB memory sticks/flash drives (AKA "thumb drives"). USB flash drives have a file system format that is the same as a hard drive. CD/DVDs has a completely incompatible raw file format and only a computer is able to interpret that format through the computer OS. For some select vehicle manufacturers and model yrs there is a company that makes special USB CD players that have firmware which interprets CD file format and converts it to emulate a USB flash drive plus specialized commands only found on CD players for Play, FF, RW, Stop and pause. The biggest downside of those specially built CD players is cost, last time I looked at them a couple of yrs ago they were running $150 and no guarantee that it would work in your next vehicle if you decided to replace your vehicle. For example, HERE is one specifically for 2019-2020 Ford with Sync versions 3.3 and 3.4 only.. It will only work within those model yrs and sync versions.
Gdetrailer 07/03/22 03:21pm Technology Corner
RE: best way to recover a roof

We just had our roof done by the folks at RV-Armor earlier this year - it costs a bit more, but it's one that has a lifetime warranty tied to the vehicle's VIN so it's transferable. It took a total of 3 days to complete the job, and they came out to where we were parked. Very happy with the results so far. Hi Alan, May I ask what size / type your RV is? What was the approximate cost? Be aware, "RV-Armor" is nothing more than another rolled on paint system.. See HERE "border=0" For Full-Size Image. While the offer a "lifetime" warranty, I am highly skeptical of any "lifetime" warranties.. Lifetime as in the person's lifetime? Lifetime as in the lifetime of the RV? Lifetime as in the lifetime of the company? The claim up to 30%-50% lower cost than a tear off and new roof material.. Sounds like a deal but the thought of paying half as much for a new roof for some rubberized paint splattered onto an old wornout and cracked roofing membrane doesn't really make for a good long lasting roof.. Adhesion and thickness of the coating is going to be a huge factor in whether it lasts a couple of yrs or 10 yrs.. Unless they apply multiple layers (coats)it will never have the thickness of the original wear layer and no matter what is done will never have the adhesion bond of the original wear layer. For short term ownership to make it look pretty for the next owner it might make financial sense since you could perhaps squeeze a few more bucks out of the novice newly minted RV owner.. But to me that would be untruthful and unethical..
Gdetrailer 07/03/22 01:38pm Tech Issues
RE: best way to recover a roof

First, I commend you for "doing the right thing", a complete re-roof ! It is the only way to know if there is damage to the roof deck and/or the supports. Any flexible roof covering has a life of about 10 years. UV (sunlight) is the enemy. Biannual washing and treatment with a UV protecting will help extend the life. EPDM or TPO are the only realistic options. TPO comes in different grades/thicknesses. TPO does require some special tools to weld the TPO. Washing, scrubbing, painting and such does not "extend" the life of a membrane roof. It can actually reduce the overall live by removing the wear (white) layer at a faster rate. Any soap or detergent strong enough to remove dirt will remove layers of the white wear layer, heck even the rain and snow remove microscopic particles of the wear layer. Painting the roof only covers and hides the fact that the roofs life is over.. Many "products" that claim to rejuvenate or prevent UV exposure must be water based to prevent damage to the membrane, guess what happens when the very first rain hits that product.. It runs right off and you must apply again when dry. Once the white wear layer is gone, the roof simply needs replaced anything short of replacement is a temporary bandaid that you must keep reapplying. Have owned cars with vinyl roofs and I know quite few folks who have convertible top roof cars and replacing the soft roofs is part of the life of ownership of those cars. Once it starts going, it is done and nothing short of replacing will fix that.
Gdetrailer 07/03/22 11:18am Tech Issues
RE: best way to recover a roof

Gdetrailer, Is your roof flat? Mine is curved. I like the aluminum idea. dougrainer, Redecking sounds expensive. But I do value your advice. My roof has the typicalRV slight curve so it is about 1 inch higher in the middle than the sides. It actually started out it's life with a aluminum roof, but the previous owner tragically shot thousands of little tiny air nails through the roof as they attempted a repair/remodel that was a epic fail. Moral of story, don't use powered nailers when remodeling a RV, you can't tell if you hit the narrow studs or blew through them.. 5 yrs ago I did entertain covering with aluminum roofing, but as with even the membrane roofs the issue became finding a place that was willing to order and have the capability of receiving over sized freight via semi trailer.. Basically has a shipping dock. I had neither a means to be at home at time of delivery or a shipping dock which would make life easier at the time. I was working at a place which has a shipping dock, but management frowned on having personal non business shipping hit the docks and working there for many yrs had to deal with a lot of materials that got lost on the dock or damaged on the dock.. Both aluminum rolls and roof membrane large enough to cover in one piece (too make for a seamless roof) requires truck shipping and consider that the roofing will mean at a minimum of 9ft wide roll I found that Peel and Stick to be a good compromise which allows for normal carrier shipping and handling. Right now, I would hate to see what a large one piece run of aluminum roofing would cost :E The Peel & Seal is designed to be applied to flat or pitched roofs, it works so well for us that when we needed our house reroofed, the roofers mentioned that our dormer had too small of pitch for shingles.. They recommended a "cousin" of the Peel & Seal which is a self stick black rubber/asphalt membrane system that is then covered with a second self stick membrane which has the roof gravel on.. The beauty of the self stick is there is no nails, screws or any fasteners needed to go through it. Has another benefit, it is "self healing" if one needs to run a screw or nail through it, the rubber/asphalt makes a water tight seal around the screw or nail. I have also used Peel & Stick as a "flashing" and seam sealer on my metal garage roof which started leaking at the seams in places.. I would prefer something a bit more lifetime permanent like one piece aluminum, but so far the Peel & Seal is working great for me.
Gdetrailer 07/03/22 11:04am Tech Issues
RE: Would this be a power converter issue??

Your air conditioner uses 12V too. I suspect your converter has failed or the battery has a shorted cell. How does an air conditioner use 12v? They are powered by 120v AC power and most thermostats are powered by little AA/AAA batteries. Most thermostats are not powered by AA or AAA batteries, and even when they are the HVAC is still controlled by 12VDC because the furnace doesn’t use AC power and the thermostat controls both. Not "ALL" RV A/C units are connected via a remote wall T stat.. More are manual controls built onto the roof mounted A/C unit than remote T stat..
Gdetrailer 07/02/22 09:00pm Tech Issues
RE: best way to recover a roof

OK, well, reroof with the same flexible membrane which you roll and glue down. I have tried various other things like FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Panels), rolled on rubber roof paints and BEDLINER.. ALL of the above were epic fails. The FRP worked for 5 yrs, then with the extreme temp changes it would buckle and then rip.. Rolled on rubber roof paints, lasted about 2 yrs then started wearing off to the point I could see the fibers in the FRP.. Bedliner, yeah fell for that also after scrubbing and grinding off the remainder of the rolled on rubber roof paints I rolled out a nice thick coat of bedliner.. Then topped it with a nice bright white paint.. Yep, it failed any place the fiberglass panels had cracked or ripped.. I tossed the white flag of surrender and started calling local RV shops to see if they would order a roll of RV roofing membrane.. None would order... However, one did give me a good idea for a new roof.. height=300 width=300 height=300 width=300 It is called "peel & seal" rubberized self adhesive aluminum faced roofing! Found HERE for $160 per roll. This is what one RV dealer shop uses and that is what they told me to use. The rolls are 36" wide and you overlap 6" and on a RV roof that means you place a strip at the sides of the roof and one strip right down the middle. I have a 26' TT and used 4 rolls in total.. The stuff is super, super sticky.., Roll out, peal the backing off and use hand roller to press it down well paying close attention to the overlap areas. Going on 5+ yrs now and no more roof leaks, not even where the FRP buckled and ripped. Installed mine right over top of the bedliner and the FRP but you can install it directly on wood decking. If your RV is worth it to you, please do not use bedliner or rubberized paints, that is a waste of time and money. Remove your existing roof membrane, replace any damaged wood decking found and then either buy purpose made RV roofing or try the self stick roof material with aluminum surface.. The aluminum surface protects the rubber from UV exposure.
Gdetrailer 07/02/22 12:56pm Tech Issues
RE: trailer suspension

OP, the suspension on nearly all bumper-pull RVs and 5th wheels is state of the art directly from the 1920's. VERY rudimentary. It's one of the major causes of tire failure. Just because it's been around a while, doesn't mean it's bad. Your heavy duty pickups all use leaf springs. I think only Dodge has tried coil springs on the 3/4 ton trucks (1 ton they still use leaf) and there are mixed thoughts on that use of more advanced technology. Typically failures can be traced to...road debris, overloading and/or low tire pressure. Do you have any documentation (not anecdotes) that leaf springs are the cause of tire failure? I've never heard that before. I think you're reading into my post a bit, so let me clarify. I never said leaf springs were "bad" or even the cause of tire failure, I said RV suspensions are very basic and rudimentary and that these overly-simplistic barely-meets-spec axels need as much attention and maintenance as the inside of the RV. Who checks them for alignment? No one. What you can find with regularity are examples of RV leaf springs and associated shackles failing. That 3/4 ton truck likely has progressive leaf springs (most do) and are very different from the ones on a TT which are usually a single or thin double, and are rarely progressive. Passenger vehicles will also have shocks and other links to help locate and dampen the axel. Absolutely true that overloading, improper inflation, and road debris cause tire failures. So does severe misalignment, which these axels are prone to, with many coming from Dexter (or insert other brands here) off by more than a few degrees. This is something that manifests itself more with a twin-axel setup but can still be an issue on a single. The worst part is that there are no adjustment points, and an axel that is off must be bent back into position. The out-of-position tire heats up and fails, and the owner storms off complaining about "china bombs." :R Your "reading" way to much into and over thinking this. No need for trailers to have "progressive spring rates", no need for any modern or exotic aftermarket gadgets or perceived upgrades. The main reason autos have progressive spring rates is solely for your behinds "comfort" in said vehicle. Absolutely no one is allowed to "ride" inside a bumper pull trailer so absolutely no need for "comfort" related suspension parts. The thing you are missing is OP may not have any substantial towing experience. They may be a bit over sensitive to the feel of their truck with a trailer attached. Some of what they could be feeling is normal, some could be not having proper TW and/or WD setup. No matter what supposed suspension upgrade you put under any trailer will alter the fact that the trailer is there behind you, there will be some changes that are simply normal and cannot be changed. OP may just need to verify that they do have 15% TW, that the trailer tongue is not looking into the sun and then check the WD settings. I have towed single axle and dual axle trailers, I prefer dual axles as they tend to tow a bit smoother. I wouldn't change any tires or suspension on the OPs trailer at this time, OP simply needs to get some towing time under their belt.. In the end, your Tow Vehicle will not feel the same when towing as it does not towing and that is normal.
Gdetrailer 07/01/22 02:19pm Travel Trailers
RE: Chromebook

There is a lot of partial information posted do far. I have been using Chromebooks for many years and Google Docs, Sheets and Slides are very good replacements for Word, Excel, and PPT. They will download .xlsx, .pdf, .csv etc. format so there are no issues not being able to access your documents. There is also a "work offline" mode to allow working with and saving your files without being connected to the internet. I should put a caveat up that I almost never use either Power Point or Slides, so that might not be as good as Docs or Sheets. Chromebook is an Android based OS which is also based on Linux.. Not exactly 100% substitute for a Windows based PC. In a pinch, a Chromebook can give some useful access to workaround substitute programs and if you have online access you can use the online web based MS Office suite.. But with some caveats and limitations.. But once again, it isn't not for everyone.. In the OPs case, if someone is giving you a Chromebook for free, try it, might work for you, might not.. But free is free. If you were buying one, doesn't make sense to pay $100-$200 for a Chromebook when for a bit more you get much more in a real OS.. A new basic Windows based laptop can be had for $300-$400 and doesn't have the limitations of Chromebook..
Gdetrailer 06/29/22 08:44pm Technology Corner
RE: Magic Chef Stove Burner repair or replace?

JB Weld is good to 500°F It wouldn't hurt to buff it down, seal it with JB Weld Metal and hit it with some high heat silver spray paint. What ya got to lose? You'll know in 10 seconds if that solved your problem :R Your life? :E Propane Flame Tempurature "In complete combustion with a blue-colored flame, the temperature of a propane flame is 3,596° F" Everything right around that flame will easily exceed 500 F.. Propane appliances are not the place to be cheap or experiment with.. All it takes is a slight leak of unlit propane to sink into the stove and build up until it reaches the lit burner and you and your camper may no longer be in one piece. Don't get me wrong, I am all for DIYing things but there are somethings best not done on the cheap or hillbilly style.
Gdetrailer 06/29/22 03:48pm Tech Issues
RE: Trailerlife portal down?

Cool! Adding index.cfm to my bookmark seems to fix and bring the trailerlife portal back to life! My bookmark did not have that but now it does. :) joerg68, Thank you!
Gdetrailer 06/29/22 02:18pm Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: Magic Chef Stove Burner repair or replace?

Try contacting Colaw for either new or good used replacement. Sounds and looks like it is rusting through. I'm wondering exactly how and where it is rusting, if the propane is escaping out the bottom and igniting is there some way to seal it? I wouldn't trust anything less that welding or brazing.. Glues, epoxy (JB Weld) or soldering will melt.. But, there may be another issue, the tops of the burner just might be aluminum or stainless steel and that is crimped together with the bottom.. Welding dissimilar metals can be tricky. The bottom part due to rust may be extremely thin and welding thin rusty metal is a challenge. With the amount of rust shown in your pix call it done with that part, for your safety it needs to be replaced. If no replacement can be sourced, then you may need to consider replacing the entire stove.. Yes, it will be expensive, but how much money is your and your families lives worth to you?
Gdetrailer 06/29/22 10:40am Tech Issues
RE: Renogy 20A dc to DC report

Hi All, I'll be "feeding" the unit with #8 wire. I have a choice of powering from the alternator, or powering from the starter battery (which is of course charged by the alternator), but only with the ignition key turned on. Doing the battery route would eliminate surge on the alternator, so I'm leaning in that direction. You are OVERTHINKING ! #10 wire is more than enough (I always recommend pre-tinned marine wire - no corrosion). You want an input that turns off when the key is off. Don't worry about surges. The charger will prevent that. 10 ga may be "heavy enough" for the amperage, but depending on the length of the run may not be "heavy enough" due to the resistance of the wire. When working with "12V" systems even a .1V can make a huge difference between working well and not working at all. This is one place where you just need to throw away the amperage capacity charts and start looking at the resistance per ft charts.. And while at it toss the "3% voltage drop rule", that only applies to 120V and higher, with "12V systems", 3% voltage drop is way too much loss.. Math.. 12.0V x .03 (that is 3%) = .36V loss... To get around that loss, one MUST do one of two items, shorten the run and/or use a much heavier gauge wire.. Shortening the run while cost effective may not be in the cards due to no good location exists to allow the items to be moved closer to the power source. 8 Ga in the case the OP is using is a good starting point, but it may still prove not heavy enough to minimize voltage drop to their batteries..
Gdetrailer 06/29/22 06:54am Tech Issues
RE: Trailerlife portal down?

As of this morning.. "border=0" For Full-Size Image. Looks like is being redirected to RV.COM which is also "Good Sam" and you can reach RVnet via that page but no more trailer life portal.. Another portal bites the dust and it was a good one, much more stable the RVnet.. Guess we need "taps" for an old faithful portal falling?
Gdetrailer 06/29/22 06:35am Forum Posting Help and Support
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