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RE: Possibly upgrading from TT to Class A

Thanks 3 dog nights, I haven't figured out the Sq Ft difference yet as I haven't seen the MH in person yet. Really won't make too much difference to me, 80% of the time it will be just me. My DW doesn't camp much. I'm retired, she is not. I want to take a trip to VA to visit kids/grandkids that I only see once a year and FL to visit a daughter/grandson and brother I haven't seen in almost 20 years and a MH will be much easier to maneuver on narrow streets and park in the driveways. Who knows, the MH may turn out to have too much wrong with it to buy after I check it out. Pictures always look better than seeing it in person. malexander, thanks for your input.
George3037 08/16/19 01:08pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Possibly upgrading from TT to Class A

Be careful what you wish for. We "upgraded" from a 40' 5ver to a 38' MH. Wanted to get rid of the Duelly, crew cab and just tow our jeep. Found everything we wanted and made the switch. Worst mistake we ever made. MH just can not compare to the living space of the 5ver. If all of your travels are 1 or 2 nights and moving on, might work for you. Our trips are 3-6 weeks in one spot. What was different about the living space between your 5'er and MH? The MH I'm going to look at has two slides, like my TT, and is 4' longer. Also has way more basement storage than TT. All areas of MH can be used with slides in or out. TT could only be used to eat, use bathroom, shower or sleep with slides in (LR is not usable with slides in). MH is shorter (36') compared to almost 60' of truck and TT. Not sure what the downside would be. Thanks for your input.
George3037 08/16/19 06:54am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Possibly upgrading from TT to Class A

Since you mentioned the roof satellite receiver for TV, be aware that unless the current owners have upgraded it someplace along the line that it will probably not be usable without replacing the whole unit as we found out. But, it seems that we find acceptable OTA TV about 97% of the time and therefore get along fine without satellite TV. Bill Thanks Bill. I don't have any satellite subscriptions and would only use OTA TV anyway.
George3037 08/15/19 05:57am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Possibly upgrading from TT to Class A

I had great results having Brazels retune my 8.1L engine ECM for the Western mountains. There was an immediate increase in HP and performance and the transmission down shifted a lot less. It did not increase my gas mileage altho Brazels can tune for a little bit better mileage. Good to know. I had a programmer in a previous diesel truck set for towing that increased HP/TQ and gave an extra 2MPG. Gas engines don't usually respond that favorable for the cost of the tune.
George3037 08/14/19 04:28pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Possibly upgrading from TT to Class A

Thanks for both your input. I am a retired mechanic so know what to look and listen for mechanically. I've also owned 4 TT's over the past 40 years and have a good knowledge of them too. I was figuring MPG would be around 6-8 not towing. If purchased I don't expect to tow a car so I'd be happy to see 8 MPG or better. Title is free and clear of liens and if I buy would not need to finance. Owner has all service records.
George3037 08/14/19 03:38pm Class A Motorhomes
Possibly upgrading from TT to Class A

Considering upgrading from a 32' TT w/ 2 slides to a Class A Allegro Bay 35DA MH. I have found what seems to be a good deal on a 2002 Tiffin Allegro Bay model 35DA. Selling price is under NADA low retail. Owner is local to me (under 80 miles away) and has sent me many pics and original dealer invoice with options. It is built on the workhorse chassis and has the 8.1 Vortec and Allison, 5500W Onan gen set, leveling jacks, dome sat. dish plus orig. batwing ant, new HW heater, only 60K miles, LR and BR slides. Claims to have no roof leaks. Owner is currently on vacation with his new MH and I'll be going to look at it next week. I'll be checking all inside and out functions to make sure everything works. Check for any soft floors etc. Also checking all fluids, belts, hoses, antifreeze, tires, looking for leaks underneath. Anyone have a MH with the workhorse chassis w/8.1 and Allison? Anything I should be aware of or look for.
George3037 08/14/19 02:26pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Generator / Invertor

Is the 3500 significantly quieter than the 2000 model? Can't speak on the 2000 noise level as I've never seen one in use. The HF site claims the 2000 has a 65db noise level and the 3500 has a 57db noise level. I don't know at what distance they measured but I did measure my 3500 noise level at 25' and it was under 57db at load (A/C was on) and quieter than my neighbors Honda 3000 at the same distance. Weight of the 2000 is listed as 47# (empty). 3500 listed at 99.2# (empty). Mine with fuel and oil weighs 117#.
George3037 07/18/19 01:43pm Travel Trailers
RE: Generator / Invertor

I use the Predator 3500 and it runs the entire TT including AC and microwave, lights, fridge etc. Very happy so far.
George3037 07/15/19 02:11pm Travel Trailers
RE: Generator

I have the 3500 Predator. Fairly new with only 19 hours. I did the break in oil change at 5 hours and put synthetic oil in. Runs very quiet. At full load it is quieter than neighbors Honda by about 2db at 25'. I use it with my TT and it runs the entire TT including a 13,500 AC. I also have a Champion #76533 3800 / 4750W dual fuel genny. It is almost 10db louder than the Predator at 25' but still tolerable. I bought these electric start gennies because I can't use pull start due to rotator cuff injury. I use electric winch in the garage to lift them into the pickup bed and run them from there.
George3037 07/06/19 08:09am Tech Issues
RE: Cant identify my TT online to find out dry weight

Have you checked inside all of your cabinets. Usually a build sticker is placed inside one of the cabinets that lists all the specs and appliances on the trailer. For TT's I only see one 28'er listed in the NADA guide, an LE series M26-BHSS listed at 5740lb. dry weight. Maybe Forest River can help you with info based on VIN number.
George3037 06/15/19 05:40pm Travel Trailers
RE: Selling an RV with a lien

Thank you for the quick response. That is exactly my concern. Forgive my ignorance, but how exactly does a bank to bank transaction work? Let’s say we agree on a price and shake hands on the deal. Sounds like I provide the buyer with my bank info and loan # and he has his bank send the money to my bank? What protects the buyer from transferring the $ to pay off my loan and then never seeing me again? Do we meet at his bank to initiate the transfer and then go to my bank to get the documents releasing the lien? That is the part that I am struggling with. I sold a truck with a lien a few years ago. The lien was held by my credit union where I also have my checking account. The buyer and I agreed on a price. He made arrangements with his bank (signed paperwork ahead of time) and we met at my credit union to close the deal. My credit union agent did the paperwork, called the buyers bank with all the details and made the transaction into my account. My CU then satisfied their lien from my acct. and sent the lien release and title to the buyers bank. Copies of all paperwork given to both parties. Buyer got new title from his bank with their lien on it. I later received some overpaid interest in my acct. since the transaction paid off my lien early. Banks do this stuff daily so its not rocket science. Whole transaction in CU took about an hour or so.
George3037 06/05/19 01:48pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Can I Get Away With a Quick Brake Job in a Campground?

Not sure where you are in upstate NY but if you are near me you are more than welcome to use my driveway to do your brakes. I have a garage full of tools, jacks, stands and air tools to use and I'll help if you like.
George3037 05/30/19 04:36pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Travel Trailer License Plate Necessary?

Why would your state give you a plate when you registered the trailer if they didn't want you to install it on the trailer.
George3037 05/27/19 10:26am Travel Trailers
RE: Class A high speed chase

that’s a Class A MH. It was
George3037 05/22/19 11:12am RV Lifestyle
RE: Please help choose a Truck and Toy Hauler

Once you pack your supplies and put your toys inside all of the TT's you mention will probably be at or over the tow limits of your current vehicle. I would suggest the 3/4T you mentioned. I have a 2016 2500HD CC 6.0 std bed with 4.10 gears and a WD hitch (which I suggest you consider buying). It will tow anything mentioned without a problem. My TT has a GVWR of 11,170 and I have no problem towing. The 3/4T will have far better suspension, brakes, handling, higher tow capacity than maxing out a 1/2T. I like the factory integrated brake controller too. As far as the TT, the choice will be up to you as to what floor plan you like best. Happy shopping.
George3037 05/21/19 10:28am Toy Haulers

Not sure about your MH but most trucks come pre wired for 12V power to the 7 pin plug. The lead is usually next to but not connected to the battery or in some cases is connected but a relay is missing (not plugged in) to complete the circuit. Check for a wire hanging near the MH battery with an eyelet. It also could be connected but the fuse not plugged in. It may be mentioned in the MH operator manual re: the 7 pin plug. The manual should describe the fuse block and its location.
George3037 05/17/19 11:48am Class A Motorhomes
RE: New You Tube Harbor Freight Inverter Generator noise Test

I thought it was a decent test. Holy mackerel that Generac is/was loud! I was impressed by the Predator. To anyone who owns one... How long have you had it? Related - how is their longevity? And... how is the weight when it comes to moving it around? When we borrowed a Honda 2000 the ease of moving it around was fantastic. I've had my Predator 3500 for about 2 years now. It is very quiet. I measured 56db at 25' with several db apps I downloaded. Unsure of longevity yet as I don't know anyone who's had one longer than me. With a full tank of gas mine weighs 117 lbs. That's a lot more than a Honda 2000 but also it is a 3500 Watt. It runs my entire TT including the 13,500 A/C. Predator takes 2 people to lift into my high pickup bed. Very tough to pick up that weight over waist high when alone. When I'm home I use an electric winch in the garage.
George3037 05/17/19 07:46am Tech Issues
RE: adding fireplace

My TT is 30A and came with the fireplace option. I've been driveway camping the past couple weeks and run the fireplace at night. We've still had some nights where temps drop into the high 30's and the furnace comes on occasionally to assist the fireplace but not as much as it would without. I can see by my EMS-HW30C that amp draw varies between 10-16A depending on other devices I have turned on. I am plugged into a 30A pedestal. If the OP's trailer is connected to a 15 or 20A pedestal he may trip a breaker at times but I have not on my 30A dedicated circuit.
George3037 05/08/19 01:33pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Build-my-own 30-amp extension cord

I found that nine out of ten times after parking the TT in the perfect spot the original 25' 30A cord that came with my TT always seemed to be 5-10' short of reaching the pedestal. I searched online and found a 50' 30A cord with male and female ends for $75. Now if needed I can use my original 25' cord as an extension.
George3037 05/06/19 03:48pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Firefox disables add-ons

I'm also using FF 66.0.3 and no problems here (yet). All add-ons are working fine and not disabled. Saw this post earlier but checked and waited to post till now to see if add-ons disabled by themselves. They have not been disabled.
George3037 05/04/19 11:49am Technology Corner
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