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RE: Dash AC not cold

I think the needle is actually called a schrader valve. When you say you see bubbles coming out of the Schrader valve that could be where your leak is coming from. You can tighten that valve with a tool. Some valve caps have that tool built in the top of the cap, either way these are $2 or less.
Gjac 07/27/21 01:00pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Iron air battery -- too heavy for RVs, but interesting

This could be a game changer for energy storage, and it sounds like it's not just pie in the sky. I think it's too heavy for RVs, but still interesting: Wall Street Journal article This is very interesting. I don't think it will be too heavy for RV's if you scale it down. Their web site says it is for energy storage and each battery is the size of a washing machine. However if you break that down there are 5 large cells that make up the main storage battery each equivalent to a Li battery in an electric car. Inside these cells are the equivalent of 10-20 individual cells. I think they can string 5 cells or so together to make a 12v battery for an RV. When you think about how it works converting iron to rust then back to iron during charging and discharging, it would not only be cheaper than Li ion but easier to produce, iron is much more abundant the Li and easier to recycle.
Gjac 07/24/21 09:54am General RVing Issues
RE: levelers

I'm the oddball. I have hydraulic levers and hardly ever use them. My next rv, I will be back to using wood and interior levels. Doing it that way has made lift easier for me. I don't even have to push a button now to level it. I installed two bubble levels, one on the dash for right to left and just above the passengers head for my front to rear level. Whenever I park, I adjust my position so I'm level, then I set up my campsite around that rv position. Since I did that I can find a level spot on most campsites and parking lots. I only use my levelers to test them , to see if they still work or not. I think Bob may be onto something. Most of us that responded about our levelers have much longer MH's 29-40 ft. His is a 24 ft MH. Being much shorter he can position the MH in a level spot easier that a longer MH. I wonder how many other people with 22-25ft MH's feel they need a leveling system? Maybe Bob is not an odd ball after all.
Gjac 07/24/21 09:14am Class C Motorhomes
RE: slide out issue on Cameo

Sounds to me you have a mechanical problem causing more load on your electrical motor causing it to shut down. As someone suggested if you help the slide by pushing it in or out and it works without stopping it is a mechanical issue. Mine would do the same as you described and I would adjust the potentiometer and all was well for several years. When it started to happen again I noticed that where the slide rolls in and out the rollers dug into the floor somewhat and created some resistance. I removed the groove in the floor by adding some sht metal over the groove and the slide came in again. Try adjusting the pot first then look at where the slides roll on the floor and any other mechanical parts for wear. Hope this helps.
Gjac 07/24/21 08:52am Tech Issues
RE: Onan 4000 generator cranks but won't start

I am guessing the "compression tester" screwed into spark plug hole. Sounds like it could be a stuck valve in open position. Most likely an exhaust valve. I agree with Bud, try the compression tester on your lawn mower and see what it reads, if zero and mower runs fine there is some thing wrong with your tester. How many hrs on your genset?
Gjac 07/24/21 08:07am Tech Issues
RE: Onan 4000 generator cranks but won't start

Try disconnecting the fuel line to the carburetor and crank engine and see if any fuel is coming out. It could be a loose fuel pickup line or a bad fuel pump not allowing gas to get to the carburetor.
Gjac 07/23/21 07:24am Tech Issues
RE: Walmart selling LiFePo4 batteries $539

I have bought stuff from Amazon, Ebay and The only problem was with a coil for my genset that I bought on Amazon from a 3rd party. The coil was bad right out of the box, after several emails from the seller telling me I ruined the coil and would not return my money, I called Amazon and my money was returned, but not without a lot of frustration. For my needs a $539 Li battery is still not cost effective. Maybe in a couple of years it might.
Gjac 07/22/21 11:52am Tech Issues
RE: levelers

Nobody mentioned HWH system yet. I am very happy with mine seeing it is 25 years old and still works. Seals and return springs are all original. I had to replace a Hyd line because it chaffed on the chassis frame and a control board because I left my window open and rain saturated the board.
Gjac 07/21/21 08:29am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Dometic issue

Would a cheaper solution to ARP be to install a Bimetal disc thermostat that shuts off at 200F and closes at 180F? These limit switches are used as a safety device in gas fired furnaces and cost less than $5.00. I am sure the ARP does more, but just wondering what others think. The average flue temp is around 275 to 350 degrees. Doug The Norcold recall trips at 700 degrees. I was using the temps that Otrfun posted, where he posted that normal temps were between 180-190F and ARP shuts down at 217F. What ever the correct temps maybe my question is wouldn't a cheaper solution to the ARP be a Bimetal disc thermostat?
Gjac 07/12/21 10:10am Tech Issues
RE: Dometic issue

Would a cheaper solution to ARP be to install a Bimetal disc thermostat that shuts off at 200F and closes at 180F? These limit switches are used as a safety device in gas fired furnaces and cost less than $5.00. I am sure the ARP does more, but just wondering what others think.
Gjac 07/11/21 11:32am Tech Issues
RE: Maintaining air pressure in your tires This is what I carry in the MH. My tires lose very little air over a year. But in the past on a few occasions over the last 15 years and 100k miles of travel I have had the cores leak very slightly. I put some soap and water on the valve stem and noticed a bubble every now and then, I would tighten them with the tool and see if the bubbles went away, and usually they did. On one occasion I had to remove the valve stem and insert a new one. For a $1.98 for the tool and 4 valve stems it is good to carry with you. If you notice you have to add air all the time check the valve stem with soap and water you may have to just tighten the valve stem.
Gjac 07/11/21 09:38am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Dead Batteries

Also not mentioned yet, is some battery chargers will drain the batteries if power goes off while they are connected. I had a battery maintainer from HF on my chassis battery and my son disconnected the power cord for his use and after a day of being disconnected my battery SOC was 11.8v. Recharged and all was good again. How long were your batteries without power? Days or weeks?
Gjac 07/11/21 09:03am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Roof and Slide Topper Cleaning

I know what you mean. I just recoated my roof with 2 coats of Rustoleum acrylic coating. After drying. stuff from my cedar trees fell on it and stained the new coating. After a month or so I got tired of looking at the stains so I got up on the roof and put car wash and warm water in a bucket and brushed the roof, let it set for 20 mins and then hosed it off. I usually put bleach in the water along with Ajax but because the coating was new I just used soap and water. I had to use a 1700 psi power washer to remove most of the stains and dirt, the hose did not do a good job. I wish I had another place to park it away from the trees.
Gjac 07/05/21 08:57am General RVing Issues
RE: Onan 4K generator

Are you getting 12v to the genset itself from your battery cables? Also there are usually three starting switches on on the dash one with all your other 12v switches usually above stove and one on the genset itself. Do you get no cranking with all three switches? If all three switches produce no cranking check your breakers on the genset and check to see if there is an inline fuse maybe near the battery.
Gjac 06/30/21 09:28am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Cleaning a very dirty awning

I found the best way is to make a solution of soap, water and bleach brush it on then roll the awning up and let the solution soak into the awning killing the the mold and dirt. After an hr or so open the awning and hose off the dirt and mold .
Gjac 06/30/21 09:24am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Filling the water tank at home

When I first bought the MH I stayed a month at Lake of the Woods in Ontario which draws its water from the bottom of the lake and was safe to drink. I had a canister filter and noticed after several weeks the water pressure was low. When I unscrewed the canister to check the filter it was loaded with a clear jelly like substance that was blocking the flow of water. I followed the plastic tube out to about 40 ft of water and dove down with my mask and saw a filter on the end of it but this stuff was still getting through. So I am glad I had the filter in the MH.
Gjac 06/28/21 08:42pm Tech Issues
RE: How old is too old?

Proverbs 23:7 says "For as a man thinks in his heart so is he." Said another way, Henry Ford used to tell his managers "If you think you can or if you think you can't your right." I just went camping up in the White Mtns of NH with my two GS's and hiked a Mtn that used to take me 1 hr and 15 mins to hike and now took 1 hr and 30 mins. My oldest GS who is 21 had a hard time and was behind me the 16 year old was ahead of me, but we all made it to the top. In my 40's and 50's I used to run the trail down, in my 70's now it was hard just to walk down with out my knees giving out and falling which I did several times. We all think and age differently and have to sometimes adjust. If you have a 40 ft DP or large 5th wheel now and feel uncomfortable driving it maybe a small trailer or Class C is a solution to keep you going longer.
Gjac 06/26/21 07:00am General RVing Issues
RE: 24 ft or less B+ with over head bed.

Check out the "Class C" motorhomes from Coachmen in both traditional C types with bunks over the cab and also B+ versions. They use the Ford E-350 chassis for some models and the Chevy 4500 for others so you have a choice of both as well as differing floor plans. What I particularly like is their use of compressor fridges and propane cooktops and ovens. The 4500 RVs also have a 4000W generator and very large fuel tanks. Yes, If you are referring to the Leprechaun and Freelander I like the large storage bays in the rear, 50 gals of FW, and the large gas tank. If the actual weight is close the the GAWR front and rear the Chevy would 4500 Chevy would have better weight distribution than the Ford 350. I don't know if anyone else has noticed the axel weight ratings of each chassis or have actual weights front and back for the 21QB models.
Gjac 06/25/21 09:28pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Time to replace batteries??

My 2008 Damon Astoria has been sitting plugged in since Oct 2019. My bad: didn’t check the water levels in the house batteries, and now it is well below the tops of the cells, and they won’t hold a charge. Can they be revived with water and a couple charge / discharge cycles, or are they toast? Batteries were installed 2015. Thanks in advance. Same thing happened to a friend of mine, he keeps his MH plugged in 24/7 and the water boiled out of his 4 6v GC batteries, tops of the plates were exposed. I added a gal of distilled water to his cells, equalized and desufated 5 years ago and he still has the same batteries. Try it and see if they come back. Another thing to think about is what kind of electrical loads are required for the way you camp. I just dry camp, I don't watch TV, listen to music or play on the internet so my loads are low compared to someone that has those requirements or makes coffee with an inverter etc. If you mostly go to FHU CG's you have even less electrical loads on your batteries. Let us know how you make out it won't cost you anything but time to try to recondition your batteries.
Gjac 06/25/21 05:12am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 24 ft or less B+ with over head bed.

Tail drag is less about overall ground clearance (which is pretty much the same for most class C's, since the lowest point is under the axle), but rather the departure angle--the maximum angle up from the bottom of the rear tires to the bumper without encountering anything. My motorhome has significantly more ground clearance than my car, but it is vastly more likely to scrape the tail end and more likely to be high-pointed by a railroad crossing or similar short, fairly steep little hill.. I should have been more specific when I mention GC I meant from the hitch where it drags to the ground. I notice some transition up from the rear wheel to the hitch while some start to transition half way then more abruptly to the hitch. It does not appear to be a problem on the sprinter chassis with a longer wheel base and less overhang.
Gjac 06/24/21 01:08pm Class C Motorhomes
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