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RE: I got the shakes

I think he means Equal which is a powder,very common for truck tires. Why would you suspect U joints if you did not have this problem before the tire change?
Gjac 09/16/19 11:24am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Slide Out Making Banging Sound

For what it is worth I have that banging noise on mine and it is an electric system with cables and pulleys. I found 3 rollers underneath that support the floor, over the years the rollers wore grooves in the floor. I flattened grooves with a hammer and block of wood and noise was lessened. I suspect the noise was coming from the rollers wandering out side of groove when extending or retracting.
Gjac 09/16/19 07:36am Fifth-Wheels
RE: E350 trickle charge

It depends on the wiring size. Most cigarette lighter sockets have very thin wiring going to the battery. On mine I could not run my laptop from it so I installed a another socket with thicker wiring directly to the battery I can now run my laptop and charge the chassis battery with a 5 amp charger. The socket is live all the time so the key does not have to be on the charge the chassis battery.
Gjac 09/16/19 07:23am Class C Motorhomes
RE: I got the shakes

What actually shakes? Is it the steering wheel that you feel shaking or does the shaking come from the floor as noticing shaking in the seat? If coming from your seat it is more likely an out of round tire and you won't fix this by balancing the tire. Have someone follow you in your tow car and watch your tires on a smooth hiway and see if they are bouncing up and down. That would indicate an out of round tire. Also as Ron said, jack tires off of the ground one at a time and spin by hand with a wood board underneath and measure the distance from the OD of the tire to the flat board. Is it an 1/8 in or more? If so see if the tire has been seated properly sometimes just rotating and reinstalling will fix this problem. If not the only other way to fix an out of round tire is the true the tire where they actually shave some rubber off of the high spots to make it round again. If the ride was good before the new tires I would not change any other suspension parts but focus on getting the tires right.
Gjac 09/16/19 06:54am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Onan Generator Cranking Amps

If the starting has not gotten more sluggish over time I would back your tow car next to your genset and with jumper cables hook your starter up directly and see if that makes a difference in how it cranks. If no difference I would suspect the starter, if better I would look first at the cable ends for corrosion especially inside the cable ends(under the shrink wrap). If that looks ok what gauge wire is used from house batteries to starter? The longer the wire the thicker it should be. If ok you know from the tow car test a starting battery will work as someone else already posted.
Gjac 09/13/19 08:33pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: apps

I use the old Copilot app I bought for $6.99 years ago that is RV specific (avoids low bridges and propane restricted tunnels) the data is downloaded to your phone so no cell service is required. Also use Waze to check my route before starting the trip and to check on traffic. Generally when you have no cell service(Waze won't work) there is no traffic to worry about anyways. I would not buy another Garmin GPS that had to be updated and costs $400 when these app's do the same thing and will not have to be replaced do to a dead battery etc and are updated automatically.
Gjac 09/13/19 06:46am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Onan Generator Cranking Amps

Has this problem always existed or is it a recent issue?
Gjac 09/13/19 06:10am Class A Motorhomes
RE: TC vs Small 5th wheel

TTs and fifth wheels rock a lot more. Not sure how stiff your spring are but I had a 35ft Jayco front living room that had no stabilizer jacks in the rear..The most stable RV I have ever had, especially in the wind,setup..Can't imagine a TC 13-14 ft high being more stable and I have a DRW with a baby TC on it.. We all want to say our currant RV/TC is the best and there is not any way to compare unless you own or have owned all that you are comparing..Watching the neighbor setup, not knowing his level of experience isn't a comparison. The op asked about small Fifth wheels/Travel Trailers versus a Truck camper... "Is a small 5th wheel or TT much more difficult to back into a site and level? Have any of you owed both a short 5th wheel and a TC that can comment on any advantages or disadvantages of each setup? I dry camp 95% of the time so water capacity is important I have 60 gals now which last me 7 days.' 1-It depends on the site but on average not im my opinion. 2-It depends on short..My FW measured 35 ft stem to sturn,some label that length as a 30ft or smaller..I had a 26ft labeled TT that measured 30 ft front to rear and a pickup can measure 22-23 feet bumper to bumper..Like a 26.5' Jayco RLDS is going to measure 26.5 bumper to tongue..Not likely. 3-I also dry camp 99.5% of the time and in my opinion the Outdoors RV "Mountain Series" is the best boondocker made..Very large water tanks/Built in gen set/ready for 4-6-volt batteries/solar and a suspension made for off road....They have my attention for the next RV.. Don't get me wrong..I love my TC but it has it's faults as every RV has..Water capacity is one as well as room..If it wasn't for traveling the backcountry of Idaho needing the ability to turn around anywhere,I would have a small TT or FW.. Seems I am always going down a dead end road.(laffin). I just looked at the Outdoor RV Mountain series RKS. 80 gals of FW, 16in GC 80 gals Grey 40 black and it looks like it is well insulated. I can't tell if it is 30 ft or 27 ft but looks like a nice rig to boondock in. Not many Class A's have that much FW.
Gjac 09/08/19 09:32pm Truck Campers
RE: Heat exchanger type water heater?

The main advantage that I see is it is effectively another radiator which would supply extra cooling on long hill climbs especially when you are at max load or have an older engine with some partially clogged tubes.
Gjac 09/08/19 02:59pm Truck Campers
RE: TC vs Small 5th wheel

All interesting comments. Sounds like set up and leveling is about the same except if you have a stable lift setup. Some have posted that a TC can get into remote sites better than a TT or small 5th wheel because of GC. I read some on here where people flip their axles on a TT to get greater GC and see where some off road TT's come with greater GC. Wouldn't the height of a TC create more of an issue on forest roads than lower profile units? I prefer these sites but have several roof tears and two cracks A/C covers on my Class A that is 11 ft 6 ins tall backing into these sites. Typically what is the height of an average TC compared to a TT or small 5th wheel? Also I would be interested if the higher CG of a TC is more of an issue on these back roads or on windy mountainous roads?
Gjac 09/08/19 08:35am Truck Campers
RE: Trailer Battery runs down

As BFL13 said first find out how big the draw is. What I would do is to disconnect the positive cable and set your HF multimeter to 10 amps and read the amp draw between the pos cable end and the pos terminal on the battery. Is it more than one amp? If more than 2-3 amps something is left on. Pull each 12v fuse one at a time to see which one reduces the amp draw then you will know which circuit is the problem. If your amp draw is less than an amp say .2-.5 amps and your battery goes dead quickly I would suspect a bad battery.
Gjac 09/07/19 09:41am Tech Issues
RE: TC vs Small 5th wheel

Kayteg1, your drw was kind of required. Not cheap and counts as “part” of your RV. You'r are right, having never owned a truck I was shocked at the cost of some of these HD DRW trucks. The way I look at it if you need the truck for work or for carrying a lot of stuff paying $70k or more for a truck may make sense. But for the average retired homeowner maybe not.
Gjac 09/06/19 01:43pm Truck Campers
RE: TC vs Small 5th wheel

We like a TC for the ability to get off the beaten path. Many of the places we have been I wouldn't try and get a trailer into. Usually for reasons of high ground clearance. Our TC has large tank capacities 65/51/32 which allows for over a week of dry camping, large shower, queen bed, comfortable seating and lots of storage (for a TC). It does require a big truck though. Large multi slide campers start to blur the lines a little between super short 5th wheels and TC's. If we were going std campground type camping or desert BLM fire roads only we would go with a 5th wheel, and maybe will one day. I have researched short 5th wheels and find very little under 30' that is premium quality. In 24 to 28 foot range you usually find their ultra light economy "1/2 ton" campers. You are right short ones are hard to find. The only ones I found 24-25 Ft with a slide were the Allen 212 RLS,Rockwood 2441WS,KZ SportsmenS231 RK,and Forrest River Flagstaff 524. I have not seen any to compare quality but several members liked the Allen 212 RLS.
Gjac 09/06/19 01:27pm Truck Campers
RE: TC vs Small 5th wheel

Starting with a homemade popup trailer in 1966, we have owned/traveled in/with every RV type made. We bought the Outfitter TC in 2004 while we still had the Class C MH, and recently completed a 7822 mile month long trip in it. The MH was replaced with an Idle Time 24' fifth wheel a couple of years ago which will be our choice for a Smokey Mountain trip next month. For us much depends upon whether we will be "travel camping" or "sitting still camping" as in how we plan to spend the majority of our time. The idle time 24 ft 5th is what I was considering. It has enough interior space with the slide and light enough to be towed with the Ford 150. Having owned both is this 5th wheel much more difficult to travel with say cross country staying only a night or two in each location? Does the high CG of the TC around corners feel less stable than you 24 ft idle time? Said another way is towing your small 5th wheel on the hwy any different than hauling your TC?
Gjac 09/05/19 07:32am Truck Campers
RE: Ford 460 motorhome running hot

Glad you got the timing straitened out. 200 F on a flat and 220 on a hill sounds normal to me for an older 460. I would do several things to reduce the heat. Remove your thermostat and put it into a pan of water and see if it opens a 1/4 inch or so. I have seen several new ones only open 1/8 inch. You can use a good chemical flush in your radiator and drain before you remove the thermostat then reinstall the housing and flush the radiator from the lower hose using a garden hose. Without the thermostat in the way you will flush the whole system and see a lot of mineral deposits come out the drain. Also you can check you radiator before and after the flush with a IR gun in a grid pattern every 2 -3 inchs from top to bottom. When radiators clog they seem to clog in the middle and much colder readings would indicate a clogged section. You should see a delta T of 40-50 degrees F from top to bottom on a functioning radiator. There is a viscous fluid inside the fan clutch and if it leaks out it will not engage the fan. Look for leakage on the clutch also clean the spring in the center of the clutch on a 1988 it is probably covered with dirt which insulates the bi metal spring which controls the fluid into the clutch as the air temp rises. The fan blade should spin by hand with some resistance. There are other things to try but try these things first and let us know how you make out.
Gjac 09/04/19 09:01am Tech Issues
RE: Generator keeps shutting off

Try opening the genset door and see if it shuts off after 30 mins. If it still shuts off immediately disconnect the fuel pump line to the carb and see if it is still pumping fuel. If your fuel pump is working when hot restart the engine and when it shuts off immediately check for spark a failing coil will sometimes not produce spark when it gets hot. It could also be one of the sensors but if you try these 3 things and report back you will solve the issue.
Gjac 09/04/19 08:19am Tech Issues
TC vs Small 5th wheel

In researching smaller rv's the TC's TT's and short 5th wheels seem to have some advantages over larger RV's. Having never owned any of these, what I have surmised from this forum is if you want a TC with some storage and FW capacity a larger TC with a slide or two is required which would require a DRW truck. In looking at short 5th wheels say 24 ft I see more storage and more FW that can be towed with a SRW truck. In addition I see more storage in the bed of the truck for FW and other stuff. Some have said the CG was much higher in a TC making it top heavy around corners. You have to exit the truck to access the the camper section in both of these. Is a small 5th wheel or TT much more difficult to back into a site and level? Have any of you owed both a short 5th wheel and a TC that can comment on any advantages or disadvantages of each setup? I dry camp 95% of the time so water capacity is important I have 60 gals now which last me 7 days.
Gjac 09/04/19 07:43am Truck Campers
RE: Need to buy replacement battery

GPL 31T sounds like a Lifeline AGM battery and is available for about $330 from most dealers. Yes, that is the battery I need to replace . I was just hoping for better pricing. I had no idea these barriers cost $300+. If you want a less expensive option I would go with 2 6v Sam's Club golf cart batteries wired in series to make 12v's. I don't think you will find a better deal for cost per amp hr. These have thicker plates than the marine batteries and will last longer with deeper discharges. You can buy 2 for less than $200.
Gjac 09/04/19 06:57am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Bought a coffee boiler what is it?

A coffee boiler is just any pot that you can boil water and add the coffee grounds sometimes referred to as cowboy coffee or boy scout coffee. The longer you boil it the stronger it tastes. What I do when camping with lot of people is after the grounds and water come to a boil is to stir the grounds with a lighted hickory stick the charcoal of the stick adds a nice flavor to the coffee. This is just poured through a metal strainer before serving. Isn't there also something about throwing a "handful" (1/4 cup maybe?) of cold water into the coffee pot when it is done to help settle the floating coffee grounds? I've never done Cowboy Coffee. I have never tried that, not sure how that would work but I use a strainer anyways.
Gjac 09/03/19 03:56pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: For Standard Gear, What's your ladder of choice?

I used the skinny part of an old broken step ladder and two stand off's from an old boat ladder that I attached to the top part of the step ladder section. It is 6 or 7 ft long and 1 1/2 in thick so I am able to store it in one of my pass through storage bays.
Gjac 09/03/19 03:13pm Class A Motorhomes
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