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RE: Water damage under shower.

Can you tell where the leak is coming from? You need to do that first before you do any repair.
Gjac 03/22/20 06:05am Travel Trailers
RE: Fiberglass Repair Help

From the photos you posted it is hard to tell if the crack is in the gel coat or goes all the way through the laminate. If you are not getting water on the inside it is probably just cracking in the gel coat and not through the laminate itself. If you worked at Boeing in the NDI area you know that Boeing uses prepreg materials for their layups and the resin to cloth ratio is controlled very tightly in the prepegging process. With a wet layup that boats and RV manufactures use there is little control and is pretty much left up to the laminator how much gelcoat to apply. When gelcote is applied too thick which usually happens in tight radius areas shown in you photos, it has a tendency crack in the heat from the sun because of the different rates of thermal expansion between pure resin and the laminate underneath. Pure resin (gelcote) expands much more than the laminate. Looking at the black area the black paint absorbs the heat from the sun much more than the white areas which tends to reflect the suns heat. I imagine the cab sees a lot of movement especially on rough roads which adds to the problem to cause stress cracks in those radius areas. If you are not getting water on the inside I would not do any repairs until after your trip. When you return I would sand the surface cracks off the black areas and paint them white. For the long stress cracks(again if not through the laminate) I would sand that area down to remove the excess resin then go to a marine store and have them mix you a gelcoat to match your color (there are many different shades of white) and screed that over the sanded area just enough to cover the fibers, the thinner the better. I would not drill any holes through the laminate to stop the cracks from spreading the FG cross plys will resist crack propagation,you would only do that in metal and pure resin structures like thermoplastics. Hope this helps and try to enjoy your trip.
Gjac 03/21/20 10:29am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Hand-powered chainsaw -- for emergency use

Here is a link to the product mentioned by Fisherman, above: Pocket chain saw I have one similar to this one, I used it for backpacking when I was younger. It works good and rolls up and fits in a round container about 4 ins in dia. It is thinner and lighter weight than a chainsaw blade. It definitely works, not quite as fast as a bow saw but takes up a lot less space in a backpack. I now camp in a class A and have more storage and have an electric chainsaw.
Gjac 03/19/20 05:49am General RVing Issues
RE: Impact of Coronavirus on Parks?

Florida may turn out to be a safer place to live because of the warmer weather. The virus thrives in the cooler weather but becomes less contagious in the warm weather.
Gjac 03/16/20 08:41pm RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Tiny Crack in Shower

First determine if the crack is just in the gel coat or does it go through the laminate. Also is the shower surround reinforced FG or a thermoplastic? The repair will be different based on your answers. If the crack is through the laminate I would drill a #40 hole at the end of the crack to keep it growing before you do any repair.
Gjac 03/06/20 02:08pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Glacier National Park Info

10-15 years ago GNP was easy to find a campsite, 3 years ago when I went we got there early before noon and the web site and sign out front said full we were able to get one site. For YSNP there are always the NFS CG's in west yellow stone to stay in like Bakers Hole CG and that is easier to find a site. If you stay off site go into the park in late afternoon and drive the wild life loop in the northern part of the park you have a greater chance of seeing animals late afternoon until dusk. We saw about 2 grizzlies and 4 black bears one was a cinnamon black bear at that time. Both parks have good fishing caught a huge cutthroat trout in Yellow stone lake and many smaller ones in GNP along with a 22 in lake trout in a stream also. No fishing licence is required in GNP.
Gjac 02/28/20 01:17pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Problems locating repair shops for Motorhomes.

It is hard enough finding a shop when you are home, it is even harder when something happens on the road out west in a state like MT, when there is low population and fewer truck repair shops to support that population. In the summer when most MH's are on the road and the population doubles or triples with all the tourists even if and when you can find a truck repair shop you may wait a long time to get the MH back especially if it is in a accident with substantial damage or repair work to be done. Their first priority is to truckers not RVers. You have a much better chance if you have a breakdown near a city or highly populated area than breaking down in a more remote area.
Gjac 02/28/20 10:37am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Don't Camp at Walmart

I camped in Rock Hound state park in Deming NM in the article he referenced. It was hard enough during the day to find the CG, the later you check in the fewer sites available. As a traveler not familiar with the area I would not want to find a camp site at night in that CG or any remote state park. It is a very nice CG but even when we checked in during daylight hours there were no regular sites available so they put us in a picnic site. After rolling off my jacks in an unlevel SP Camp site and scraping my compartment door on a tree stump after dark that I could not see. I found that Walmart's after dark is a much safer alternative for a quick over night, especially when its been raining all day and unpaved CG's are muddy. The parking lots are always level, well lit and have security patrolling at night. You buy your groceries, refuel and are ready to go in the morning. My preference during the day is a NFS,NP,SP, COE or BLM land if out west CG if they are not more than 20 miles of of my intended route. After dark WM's are usually within 5 miles of the hiway and are the best alternative.
Gjac 02/26/20 08:37am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: what glue for rubber to metal

I like Shoe Goo(sold in any Walmart) as a general adhesive to fix just about anything in the RV. It was originally made to bond to rubber soles of shoes but it will bond rubber to metal also. It remains somewhat ductile after curing and is difficult to peel or knock off. Epoxy is a more brittle bond and is much easier to peel. Surface prep is important with any adhesive. Abrading the mating surfaces and then solvent wiping is very important.
Gjac 02/26/20 07:06am Tech Issues
RE: Filtering Gasoline from Tranfer Tank

I have a series of Coleman gas stoves and lanterns that I have been using for 50 years or so. They all have filters to use before pouring into the tanks. I have used these filters on more than one occasion to siphon gas from gas tanks then into a 5 gal or 1 gal containers. I should try the shaker type siphon because I have never quite mastered the vacuum technique without getting gas in my mouth.
Gjac 02/25/20 02:45pm Tech Issues
RE: which size drinking water hose?

As others have said it does not make a difference in pressure or volume. What I find is the smaller dia hose kinks less, rolls up easier and takes up less space in my water compartment.
Gjac 02/25/20 08:22am Beginning RVing
RE: Best gadget buy in a long long long time

I have a Saws All(reciprocating saw) for home use, it works fine but can't compete with a chainsaw for cutting logs. I take an electric chain saw with me when camping. More than once I had to clear a road where a large tree had fallen across it especially early in the season. It works fast at the campsite to cut firewood. I am always looking for ways to exercise my genset without just running it under load for an hr each month and find using this chain saw helps to eliminate this exercise.
Gjac 02/25/20 08:05am General RVing Issues
RE: Newbies RVers

Every unit is a compromise. From what you described in your OP you will be doing more traveling than camping in one spot, so a smaller unit is better. Things to consider is how much stuff you want to bring with you, bikes, fishing gear, rafts or kayaks etc. Most NP's are dry camping along with NFS, SP's, COE, and BLM CG's. Smaller Class A'B's and C's have minimal storage and FW capacity (30-40 gals). I traveled in an 33 ft A and a small tow car for those reasons. Having said that knowing what I know now I would seriously look at a small TT with one slide out 18-24ft. Have have 50-60 gals of FW, and 2000 lbs or more CCC and can be pulled with a 1/2 ton truck. The ORV creek side has 78 gals of FW which is more than my A which has 60 gals. Once you set up camp you have the truck to explore with with out having to break camp. The full truck bed can be used to store your stuff. You lose this storage with a 5th wheel and a truck camper.The truck can also be used as a second vehicle when your not camping which will be most of the time if you are still working. Good luck in your search.
Gjac 02/23/20 10:09am Beginning RVing
RE: Built in Trickle charger on AC unit

When you say trickle charger on your AC unit are you referring to a small solar charger? If so the easy way to answer your question is to check voltage across your pos and neg terminals with switch off and on when the sun is out.
Gjac 02/23/20 09:26am Beginning RVing
RE: rv door lock assembly - best quality brand to buy?

Whichever brand you decide to buy make sure the latch itself is steel and not a zinc alloy(pot metal) these break quite often. Trimark door assy's are known for this. I understand that now make one with a steel latch. I have had three of these fail since 2004 before I figured out why.
Gjac 02/22/20 01:13pm Travel Trailers
RE: Motorhome rocks excessively while driving down the highway

Is this your first Class A? How a MH rides is very subjective especially if this is you first experience driving one. They drive much different than a car or PU truck. The CG is much higher. When I first bought mine it was a white knuckle ride home. I joined and many were saying the same thing about the P-30 chassis, so I was convinced it needed some improvement. However after several trips and I became used to driving it somehow the handling problems disappeared. Give yourself some time driving it before you throw a lot of money to try to improve the ride. Certainly check all the sway bushings,front end ride height, weight distribution(each tire such carry aprox the same weight) etc. After you have 4 or 5 trips do the CHF and I think you will enjoy your new MH.
Gjac 02/21/20 10:04am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Shower drain clog.

I made a tool to clean my drains by wrapping a bicycle tire tube around the male end of a short piece of hose. I connect the female end to my garden hose. The tire tube end fits into the drain and seals the ID to form a tight fit. I hold it in place and someone turns on the hose, this will blast the clog and soap scum buildup out of the drain.
Gjac 02/17/20 09:09am Fifth-Wheels
RE: water inlet with check valve

This might help. check valve Very good post.
Gjac 02/17/20 08:55am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Battery Maintenance

Another option is to fully charge the batteries before winter storage and disconnect the negative cable. A good fully charged battery will last until spring. Batteries self discharge at a much slower rate during cold weather.
Gjac 02/17/20 08:48am Fifth-Wheels
RE: pp space heater in a rv

Everyone has a different tolerance level for risk from non vented propane heaters. I use it to heat the bathroom up so my wife can take a shower at night and not be cold. I run it when we eat inside. I don't run it at night or the RV furnace. I use the RV furnace to warm up the MH in the morning then the Buddy heater to maintain the temperature for breakfast. The furnace and Buddy heater stay of until we return to the MH. My 2 6v GC batteries easily last 3 days without using the genset to recharge. This is for Oct-Nov camping in the White Mts in NH, Temps fall below freezing at night and generally warm up above freezing during the day. Hmmm .... why don't you run the furnace to heat the entire rig so your wife can both take a shower in a warm bathroom and then step into a warmed rig? You certainly have the battery capacity to do it that way. We do that ... but our small Class C holds over 60 lbs. of propane when full (18 gallon water-weight tank). The point I was trying to make in my post was for those that were afraid to use a Buddy heater is that you can use it intermittently during waking hrs and not run it all night while you are sleeping. To answer your question when I open the bath room door it closes off the bath and bed room which is less the 1/2 the volume of the MH. The Buddy Heater heats this area just fine. We then go to bed and are good until morning.
Gjac 02/15/20 09:05pm Class C Motorhomes
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