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RE: Alaska - 2023

Our trip to Alaska in 2006 was fantastic. I thought the journey from Ct to Alaska was just as good as Alaska itself. You have to stop somewhere to sleep anyway so sleeping and visiting the national parks in the lower 48 was great, especially early in the season with little to no crowds. First park we hit was RMNP, took our bikes to the top of the highest road in the US, trail ridge road and there was still 6 feet of snow at the top and the road blocked off to cars but we road our bikes another 5 miles or so up the hill then coasted 17 miles all downhill back to the CG. Still snow in Yellowstone no problem getting into any CG with no reservations in early May, then up to Glacier Caught a doz trout in Pray Lake in Two Medicine Lake CG. Caught cutthroat trout outside CG and a 20 in Lake trout at Indian falls. No license required in the park. Banff, Jasper and the other Canadian parks were all beautiful caught Lake trout along the way and a 7 lb Lake trout in Kulane NP just before entering Alaska. Stayed between 1 to 3 days at the CG's on the way up. We drove on every road in Alaska saw all the sites that you have heard about already. Not mentioned yet was a trip to MCcarthy to visit an old copper mine, walked on a glacier there which was memorable. Took the top of the world hwy to Dawson City in the Yukon. The couple we went with did not fish so I fished whenever we stopped caught a lot of rainbow trout, grayling and Dolly Varden along the way. I missed all the Salmon runs along the way however I caught a large King while fishing for rainbows. The only regrets I had was not staying in Denali NP itself, however I took my bike in and saw more animals than I did with the bus tour. Stopped in Hyder on the way back and saw a lot of bears. It was a great trip had no reservations in 3 mos that we were gone. However, by the time it was over my wife was anxious to get back home so she drove a good portion of the way home. The trip cost about $10,000 and gas was about 1/2 the cost. I would love to go back but my wife is happy with just memories of the trip.
Gjac 09/27/22 08:38am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Norcold on Inverter

I installed a 1000 watt inverter to run my refer off my 2 6v GC batteries years ago. It will work but the only problem it puts a lot of strain on your alternator as Wolf said. After several trips running the refer on battery power I burned out my alternator. Think about stopping for gas or lunch or being stuck in traffic and the alternator working overtime to replenish the battery bank. To me it is not worth it for the small amount of propane saved.
Gjac 09/27/22 06:27am Class A Motorhomes
RE: HWH 210 series HYD pump motor not working

I just heard back from HWH from a call I placed on Aug 2nd, inquiring about my pump motor, today is Sept 23. Almost 8 weeks response time. They used to have very good and responsive customer service. Not sure what is going on today.
Gjac 09/23/22 10:53am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Steps acting up again

Start with what make of steps you have. If Kwickee they have a good online trouble shooting section. For you to have the motor and the control module replaced twice in 5 years something is not right. Is the light on under the steps?
Gjac 09/16/22 02:48pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Front grill filter

udidwht, Which MH did you put the screen on your Chevy or the Westfalia? How many miles have you driven with it on? Have you taken it over the continental divide coming east yet?
Gjac 09/15/22 05:34pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Frozen levelers

If they are HWH jacks, the shafts can be cleaned and lubed. If they are the kick down jacks when she said they can't be retracted maybe she meant the shafts won't go back into the cylinder which is a common problem for those jacks, they can kick up, but the shaft is stuck extended. I have a left front jack that won't retract at times. I extend is slightly, then spray it with silicone or WD-40 and work the foot back and forth and the springs will then retract it fully. There is a seal inside that keeps the shaft lubricated once it is retracted. The shaft is SS so I doubt that they are badly rusted. Whenever I leave mine extended for an extended length of time, I have this problem. Once I do this procedure the jack is good for several years as long as I don't forget and leave it extended over the winter. The inner seal probably needs replacing because the jacks are 27 years old and I still have the original springs. If you can get the jacks to work by what I described that vintage Workhorse with 340 HP and the allision transmission is a nice combination. Good Luck.
Gjac 09/01/22 10:06am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Will this work

I know Fords F150, they set it up to do this and actually have an upgrade that puts some 120v outlets in the bed. The question is does your toyota have a 120v outlet or if not, does the 12v come from the big battery bank. Most propulsion battery banks are not 12v, so it wouldn't surprise me if the big battery bank is at a higher voltage and the 12v outlet is pulling off the small battery. I do not have a 120v outlet only a 12v outlet. The traction/propulsion battery is a little over 200 v which in turn supplies voltage to the 12 v battery which in turn is connected to the 12v outlet.
Gjac 09/01/22 09:29am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Will this work

Are you certain the hybrids HV battery powers the 12 accessory outlet? It would seem simpler for the manufacturer to power that from the 55 AH 12 volt starting battery. The way it works is the engine turns the electric motor which charges the HV battery and the HV battery then charges/maintains the 12V acc battery. The 12V acc battery is not a starting battery the HV battery starts the engine.
Gjac 08/30/22 07:24pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Will this work

My Ford hybrid has a 120 volt outlet that I can use when the motor is idling. This is large enough to power most refrigerators. Are you sure that your Toyota does not have a 120 volt outlet that you can use. Much easier than rigging up anything else. Mine only has a 12v plug in the rear. I could hard wire an inverter directly to the battery there but for once a year think it would be easier to just use jumper cables to the MH which already has a 230 AH battery backup system and an inverter. Do you have the Ford Escape?
Gjac 08/30/22 07:18am Class A Motorhomes
Will this work

Last year my genset stopped working in my MH. I rarely used it anyway except to exercise it. However, I did use it whenever we had a power outage due to a storm to keep my refrigerators cold. I have gas hot water and a wood burning stove for heat if outage happens in the winter months so the only thing, I need power for is the refrigerators. I was thinking about buying a small generator then after reading several threads about Jackery's or making your own Li battery backup systems. It started me thinking about what I already have at home to make something that I would only use once a year or less. I have a 2019 Toyota Rav4 Hybrid car, a MH with 2 6v GC batteries with a 1000-watt MSW inverter already in place. The hybrid has a large HV traction battery and a small accessary battery 55 AH's. The large battery starts the ice engine, which then charges the traction battery from 20% SOC to 80% SOC then shuts off. So, my thought was to just back up my hybrid to MH and jump the hybrid 12v accessory battery to the house batteries, plug an extension cord into the inverter and connect it to my refer. The car has an 8.8KWH generator and when the HV (201V) traction battery gets low the engine will start to recharge the HV battery and supply voltage to the 12v accessory battery. The devil is usually in the details, so am I missing anything?
Gjac 08/29/22 03:47pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Fridge won't stay lit

I ordered a new burner assembly which includes the orifice and the burner. Of course it is different and won't go on my propane line because the end is different. So, I ordered a new line ; which I know it going to be different; because I can't get the original one and even if I did it would have the wrong end on it. When the new line comes I will try and find someone that can either bend it to fit with a tubing bender or, more then likely, I will have to cut both lines and splice them in the middle with a chunk of hose and two clamps. (Sigh) I had this same issue when I changed mine, I had to cut one end off and reflare the tube end with a new fitting. The tube is Al and is easily bent by hand.
Gjac 08/27/22 07:49am General RVing Issues
RE: no noise generators

Op said "Just wondering if this is a possible solution to running a generator, it may not run the A/C very long but up here we can get by without that and the microwave, and run the fridge on propane, just need the lights and electronics pumps, fans and maybe some music for a 3 day weekend. perhaps the tv for a movie on a rainy day." For what you are looking to do 2 6v GC batteries will be more than enough for a 3-day weekend. There is no need for Li batteries or these expensive portable units. I camp for a week like what you described, and my 230 AH batteries are at 50% SOC without any genset recharging. This has been an interesting thread with a lot of good information because many on here have greater energy requirements than you do. For what you are looking to do 2 6V Sam's Club golf cart batteries for about $200 will be a lot cheaper than these portable Li units with a lot less AH's.
Gjac 08/24/22 09:58am Tech Issues
RE: 1991 P30 454 intermittent surging, power loss

You say it bogs down when accelerating at low speeds, what does it do at high speeds? It this problem only at low speed? when engine is hot? Does it run better when engine is cool? Does it run fine once you get above a certain speed? Have you checked the timing yet? Base timing should be 4 degrees BTDC, 454's run better when timing is advanced to 9 degrees. It almost sounds like you're not getting advance when you accelerate if your problem is ignition or you're not getting fuel flow from the fuel pump if it is a fuel issue. Your pressure could be fine but if you don't have the correct flow rate, it can cause hesitation. There is a spec for this, x number of units per min. If you pump is original think about how many gals it had to pump at 8 mpg verses your car at 30 mpg over 58k miles.
Gjac 08/24/22 05:39am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Fridge won't stay lit

Check the slots on the burner tube, when they rust out they get wider changing the air to propane ratio. When mine started to pop I noticed that by putting a flat blade screwdriver tip over the rusted slots the popping would cease. So, I made a slider out of sht metal like on a WH burner tube where I could adjust the air to propane volume and that solved the problem. I was in Quartzite when the problem occurred. I changed to a new burner tube when I got home and that fixed it permanently.
Gjac 08/23/22 07:19am General RVing Issues
RE: Who has removed bell cranks?

Gjac 08/23/22 06:38am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 1991 P30 454 intermittent surging, power loss

Is the check engine light on, if so I'd borrow a code reader and start there. If not, new plugs and wires would be on my list first. No code reader for an OBD1 system which he has on a 91 454. Just generic codes by shorting two wires in the ODD1 connector and counting flashes.
Gjac 08/17/22 09:49am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 1991 P30 454 intermittent surging, power loss

It could be a fuel problem or ignition problem. To further narrow down your issue I would wait until dark remove the doghouse and start the engine. If you see arching from the ignition wires to the engine block that is where you are losing power. The 454 generates a lot of heat especially if your exhaust manifolds are leaking and can ruin ignition wires fairly quickly. Do you hear a ticking sound at idle coming from the exhaust manifolds? I have had both fuel and ignition problems causing your symptoms one was wires the other a failing fuel pump.
Gjac 08/17/22 09:44am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Side door latch/lock won't close without assist...

Pot metal is just a Zinc alloy and is very brittle and beaks easily especially with constant door slamming. My MH is a 1996 so mine has broken several times. Instead of buying a new one that may or may not be steel I just made a steel splice that joined the two broken pieces together so far after 5 or 6 years it is still holding up. Yes, a magnet will stick to steel but not to the Zinc alloy.
Gjac 08/13/22 09:11am Tech Issues
RE: HWH 210 series HYD pump motor not working

Update. I never heard back from HWH after emailing them. Called several RV places for parts numbers they called HWH but they wanted an AP number which I did not have. So I took the motor apart to see if anything looked bad. Brushes looked good there was continuity between the positive brushes and the positive post. The inside cap was rusted so I cleaned that up and got continuity between the negative brushes and the outside end cap. The motor is internally grounded. Also got continuity between each end cap and the bolts that hold the motor together. Hooked the battery to it and nothing. A guy who rebuilds motors called me back several days later and in two days he fixed it. He ended up putting a bolt through the negative plate inside the motor to the outside so I could externally ground the motor to the frame. $101 later my jacks work again. Still can’t figure out why the internal ground path did not work. I noticed most of the replacement motors had this external ground stud so you can ground to the frame.
Gjac 08/12/22 03:14pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: HWH 210 series HYD pump motor not working

1. The ONLY place you will find the correct part is HWH. 2. There is an AP number on the existing pump/reservoir. Can you read and get that number? 3. The BEST way to contac HWH is (retail customer) is by E mail. They respond to Emails quicker. Phone calls are reserved for Service Centers. I e mail them all the time and get a response within 48 hours with the Part Numbers I need. I only call when I have a Technical problem. But as a Service Center, I get thru. 4. E mail them with the AP number and tell them you need either a RAP number for the motor and if the motor is obsolete, the RAP number for the replacement Tank/Reservoir/Motor assbly. Make sure you state Year model and that it is a 200 series system. Doug [email protected] Thanks Doug, the placard where the number should be is wiped clean so no AP number is there, but I did email them with the 210 series and year of the MH, hopefully they will be able to give me a replacement motor part number.
Gjac 08/07/22 11:03am Class A Motorhomes
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