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RE: Slideout Mechanism

I also have the cable system that is 25 years old and when I compare it to all the other systems in the RV it has been trouble free. It never failed stuck open or closed. If it ever stopped working it came with a manual crank that takes about a min or less to crank open or closed.
Gjac 02/04/20 07:18am Travel Trailers
RE: RV for Central America Trip

I understand what you want to do and the need to stay small. I would look at the same size C with a full wall slide like the Leprechaun 240FS just to give you some more room when camping for the night or days on end. Also I would look at a short Class A like the Vegas 25.6. You will have limited storage and FW in these short units. A TT in the same size will give you much more storage and FW when you consider the bed of the truck.
Gjac 01/24/20 08:18am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Electric Slides Motor

Is your slide working now? If you are still having the problem check your slide manual, you may have a pot that you can adjust that will increase or decrease the sensitivity of when the slide moves or stops. As mine got older I had to adjust mine so it would not shut off before it was fully extended. I tried lubing the rollers and bars but that did not help. Adjusting the pot fixed the problem.
Gjac 01/23/20 12:17pm Tech Issues
RE: What would cause this on a slide out?

In the last picture you posted you can see on the bottom left the adjustment bolts. From the pictures I don't see any noticeable damage and may just need adjusting. Have the dealer adjust it for you. If it comes in and is uniform top and bottom negotiate a price. I just adjusted mine which was out side to side and top to bottom. Took me a half day because it was the first time doing it. The dealer would take much less time.
Gjac 01/23/20 11:15am Travel Trailers
RE: firewall, black expanding foam

I used the expanding foam when I had to remove some and get to wires that need fixing. Used regular caulk to fill small pass thru holes through fire wall. As firflie mentioned that small amount of caulk or foam is not going to affect a fire in the front eng compartment. I have a fire extinguisher up front just in case.
Gjac 01/23/20 10:28am Class A Motorhomes
RE: What is a good camp stove to buy now days?

I like the size of the old Coleman stoves fits nicely in my outside basement storage. I have 3 of them the oldest I bought in 1971. Easy to work on and easy to get parts. After years of cleaning them and replacing parts I found that running some acetone in with the unleaded gas does a good job of cleaning the system. When ever the flame looks too yellow or pulses I add some acetone to the tank and it is good for several seasons. I don't want one with legs either.
Gjac 01/22/20 10:33am Beginning RVing
RE: Why are my batteries water overflowing during charging?

Constant what? Constant current or constant voltage? For How long do you employ this 'constant' charger when you employ it? Number of total cycles accumulated in those 12 years, in your estimation? Average State of discharge, when you do cycle them? I got an estimated 1200+ deep cycles over a 6 year timespan with my most recent AGM, and easily a 100 of those were to 30% or below state of charge, but the average depth of discharge was in likely the 60 to 65% state of charge range. Prompt high amp recharges to full from their most depleted state, are what i credit to that impressive, in my opinion, lifespan. If you've found a great formula/charging products for exceptional lifespan of Budget GC-2's, then please share how you did so. Constant voltage overnight to 2 days, hard to guess on cycles, ave maybe 60-90 days a year only once below 50% SOC. I rarely camp more than 7 days in one spot(one or twice per year) which will bring the SOC down to 50%. Most trips are 1-3 days in one spot ave SOC before charge may be 70-80%. I have a 180 amp alternator that provides some charge while traveling between CG's. No solar. I maintain the 2 Sam's Club "Budget" batteries with a B&D 40 amp charger when it says ful I float the batteries with my 950 Magnatec converter/charger. I don't know why people call these battery boilers it never charged more that 13.6 v and now charges at 13.2 v. The "smart" charger to me does not fully charge the batteries the float after the charger says ful gives me two more days of dry camping, which to me is a more complete charge. I also equalize several times a year and run a desulfate cycle also. Finally I do not keep the MH plugged in when not in use just recharge when SOC reaches 80 %. Over the winter when I don't go south I fully charge and equalize and leave batteries alone until spring. I know most batteries die from sufation but leaving the MH plugged in all the time also sheds lead from the plates. There is probably a happy medium but I don't know how to check for it.
Gjac 01/20/20 12:35pm Tech Issues
RE: Camping in Minnesota

I don't remember the mosquito's along Lake Superior north shore being bad that time of year. Gooseberry SP is a nice stop along the north shore, similar to the UP along Lake Superior if you like that. If you are going to the Badlands I would also stop at Custer state park, Wind Cave and or Jewel Cave also. Wind Cave has a CG and is a lot easier to get a campsite especially during the middle of the week in Aug and you can visit all the other sites I mention from there. In September as you know the kids are back in school so finding camp sites at the NP's and SP's are a lot easier. Being a school teacher you might find a trip to Mt Rushmore interesting also. Good luck on your trip.
Gjac 01/20/20 11:53am Travel Trailers
RE: Why are my batteries water overflowing during charging?

I dry camp 95% of the time.Congratulations. 13 years on a set dry camping is darn good...almost unheard of. I think it all comes down to maintenance. I don't keep them plugged, just fully charge after camping and then unplug and let them sit until they reach 80% SOC, then recharge. I use a constant charger to do that.
Gjac 01/20/20 10:47am Tech Issues
RE: Ford Starting /House Charging Question UPDATE Test

I think most MH's connect the house and chassis batteries together when key is on. To prove it if you are charging your house batteries at home turn key to on position and you should see charging voltage on your chassis battery.
Gjac 01/19/20 06:09am Tech Issues
RE: Why are my batteries water overflowing during charging?

my 2 6V CG Sams Club batteries now in their 13 year and still working fine with better maintenance.Dry camp much? I dry camp 95% of the time. When travailing cross country Every 7 days I will stop at a FHU CG to recharge batteries fully and do laundry and fill water tanks. Locally in the NE I will dry camp for a week and recharge when I get home. In 7 days of dry camping batteries are at 50% SOC and I am out of water.
Gjac 01/19/20 06:02am Tech Issues
RE: Why are my batteries water overflowing during charging?

Two things not mentioned is when you over fill, the acid coming out causes corrosion on your terminals and tied down supports. It can eat threw the steel supports and corroded terminals reduce or stop amp flow. My 2 6v GC batteries are not on a slide, difficult to see the water level and I tended to over fill mine. The other issue is all that acid and stuff can accumulate over time, become slightly conductive and add to the self discharge of the batteries. When my old Shumacher charger died I bought the B&D 40 amp charger and really like how it charges and maintains the batteries (Equalizing and desulfating function). I ruined my first set of Trojans after 4 years by not understanding some basic things. my 2 6V CG Sams Club batteries now in their 13 year and still working fine with better maintenance.
Gjac 01/17/20 07:43am Tech Issues
RE: Front suspention

1.25 and 58.000. I saw a springs for $360 pair with 6000lbs. Your MH is short probably lighter than many of us that installed the HD Henderson springs.You already ordered the air bags, they will increase your ride height. I would try them first seeing you already paid for them. You really need to know what your front axle weighs, a spring that is too stiff will put a lot more pressure on that upper A arm than it was designed to take, which is only stamped steel and over time can cause fatigue cracks in that arm. Also how are you checking how level your MH sits ?
Gjac 01/15/20 08:42pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Front suspention

How much less than 1.5 ins are they? 1.25 in or.5 in? How many miles on the MH? I would either use the HD springs or the bags not both.
Gjac 01/15/20 11:05am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Front suspention

Check your ride height first before changing anything. Just measure the gap between the upper A arm and the stop right below it you should have about 1.5 ins or more. If the A Arm is resting on the bumper stop with no space in between I would replace them with new HD springs. If you have some space you may get away with just adding new air bags. How many miles are on the MH? The bags will only add another 500 Lbs capacity when fully inflated. As others have said new shocks won't increase the ride height.
Gjac 01/13/20 07:29am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2020 Class'C' E-450 Ford V10 lacks power?

For a brand new 2020 MH I doubt there is anything wrong with it. A 31 ft class C is probably heavier especially if it has more slides than your previous V-10's. If you had a older 31 ft Class A you would have had almost 60 more HP compared to your newer MH. HP to weight ratio determines the performance. MH magazine sometimes posts 40-60 MPH times of the various new MH's. To check to see if anything is wrong with yours just see how many secs it takes you to go from 40-60 MPH and compare it to what the specs say. My guess if you are between 12-16 secs there is nothing wrong with your MH. Give yourself sometime in it before you make any modifications if you are still not happy with the performance once the warranty is over there are a number of things you can do.
Gjac 01/07/20 08:51am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Battery life cycle counter

I think as others have said battery life is more that cycles of charging. I think most batteries die from sulfation from insufficient charging, at the other end of the spectrum is plate shedding from over charging which does not get talked about on here often. For this reason I don't keep mine plugged in all the time but recharge in shallow cycles 10-20% but equalize and desulfate several times a year.Overcharging is certainly a factor. From many posts it appears to me that over/under charging is mainly a result of inexpensive chargers. Of course they cost less and are great for the salesman to point out what a great battery charger this fantastic rig has... I am not sure how it works exactly, the lower the voltage the less the chemical reaction and the less plate shedding occurs, having said that any amount of charging produces a chemical reaction and lead is shredded from the plates. If you charge your batteries when they are at 80% SOC 6V GC batteries should be good for 4000 cycles if you charge when they are fully discharged about 700 cycles and at 50% SOC maybe about 1600 cycles. So you can see it is not linear function, the knee of the curve is between 50-60% SOC. I dry camp 90% of the time so I can't fully charge until I have an electric site or come home. I guess the real question is which will make the battery last longer shallow charge SOC cycles, an automatic battery float charger, or a constant float charger of 13.2-13.6 v set on a timer. There are a lot of other variables like temperature and the algorithms that these various "smart chargers" use.
Gjac 01/01/20 12:53pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery life cycle counter

I think as others have said battery life is more that cycles of charging. I think most batteries die from sulfation from insufficient charging, at the other end of the spectrum is plate shedding from over charging which does not get talked about on here often. For this reason I don't keep mine plugged in all the time but recharge in shallow cycles 10-20% but equalize and desulfate several times a year.
Gjac 01/01/20 08:46am Tech Issues
RE: Kwikee Stairs failure rate

Mine are 24 years old also and were bent when I bought the MH in 2004. I straighten them out and used the MH for another couple of years and noticed they were always springy when I stepped on them. After checking I found a small dia screw that held the steps to the MH was sheared off, installed a larger dia screw and all was good again for a few more years until magnetic switch was loose in the lower door which I fixed. About 8 years ago the steps failed to retract. I went through all the tests on the Kwikee web site and determined it was the controller. I was told they no longer sold just the controller for a step that old and had to buy a whole new step assy. After some investigation I removed the control board from its case and saw one of the two relays was burned out. They control the in and out function of the steps. I think by not waiting for the steps to full extend when leaving the MH caused the relay to overheat from my weight while steps were still extending and burn the contacts. I replaced the relay for $3 and all was well again. I think for a 24 year old system they held up well.
Gjac 01/01/20 08:26am General RVing Issues
RE: Neat little fresh water in an ABS pipe idea

Another variation on that theme that I use is a 3.5 gal black plastic lawn or weed killer spray bottle that you pump up with air pressure. I camp once a year at a beach for a week where there is no FW, so swimming, snorkeling, clamming and and rinsing sand off your feet before entering the MH several times a day can use a lot of FW just to rinse off. The pressurized spray uses very little water, I just leave it in the sun and it keeps it warm all day.
Gjac 12/28/19 09:21am Tech Issues
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