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RE: Sagging Slideout

I would go outside an check the gap at the top of the slide to the side wall when the slide is almost in. If it is greater that the bottom gap there is an adjustment on each end of the slide to correct that. Also check underneath the slide and look at the bottom of the slide to see if the rollers have worn a grove into the bottom of the slide. This will also cause your slide to sag.
Gjac 11/13/19 07:00am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Brake fluid change?

It took a bit of searching but I found this on page 45 of the "2004 Scheduled Maintenance Guide" for Ford vehicles. You don't have to do anything but put gas in your RV and drive it but if you want to do the right thing, you'll change that brake fluid as recommended and every other fluid at the recommended intervals. height=600 I think what happens is when we don't understand something completely we look for yes and no answers. Some never change fluids and never have a problem. However there is always a middle ground, where you can check your fluids. The first time I changed the brake fluid after about 30k miles and 8 years it was black and I was going to Alaska so I changed it. I felt better descending steep hills with fresh fluid. The transmission fluid at 30k miles was dark and had a lot of chips and debris in it when I drained and replaced all the fluid. Next time at 60 k there were less chips at 90k there were still some debris. If I saw no chips or debris(clutch material) I would have extended the interval. Now if I stayed on the east coast and never climbed mountains out west maybe I would not have had to change it as frequently as I did. Some people change hoses and belts every 5 years I check mine for cracks and leaks every year and have only replaced 2 belts that were cracked so for, hoses are all original. Life and travel all have some elements of risk and some of us are more conservative than others but there is always a middle ground.
Gjac 11/13/19 06:37am Tech Issues
RE: Strange house battery issue

Start with the basics first what does the 120v outlet read where you plug in? Plug in MH what is the output of your converter? Should be 13 plus volts or better. Next check the voltage across the pos and neg terminals of your battery, what does it read? Unplug MH and check voltage again the following day what does it read? Post these readings and you will find your problem.
Gjac 11/11/19 07:34pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Water Usage

I have 60 gals of FW and have come to the same conclusion as you have. I used to think it was the showers that used the most water also. 60 gals would last us 7 days if we were careful. When I started washing dishes outside from a 5 gal portable tank our FW tank lasted much longer. FW has always been the limiting factor for me not battery power and I dry camp almost 100% of the time now.
Gjac 11/10/19 04:15pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Brake fluid change?

I don't know how many on here remember honing the wheel cylinders for drum brakes back in the 60's with a honing tool inserted into an electric drill. When you removed the rubber ends and run your fingernail inside the cylinder you could feel where the ID of the steel had been etched away from the moisture. The depth of etched valleys were deep enough to cause the rubber seal to leak brake fluid all over the brakes, which to me is serious for a 20-30k lb MH coming down a steep hill. I don't change mine every 2 years, I have a Chevy chassis but have changed it probably 3-4 times over the last 15 years. What I do is jack up the front end and gravity drain the fluid starting in the rear the working my way to the front. I suck out the old fluid from the MC first with a turkey baster and add new fluid so only the lines have old fluid. When the fluid comes out clean I close the bleeder and open the next one. I can do this job myself and it does not take as long as it sounds.
Gjac 11/09/19 02:00pm Tech Issues
RE: Winterizing and sink sprayer hose

I had that problem last year because I forgot to blow the water out of the line. After reading these posts I think I will just unscrew the head also.
Gjac 11/09/19 08:57am General RVing Issues
RE: Seeking FHU site near Florida Springs for class A

Salt springs has hookups, You can scuba dive in Alexander springs or Juniper springs which is near by, easily ride with a tow car. I have only dived and camped in Alexander and Juniper springs but don't see why diving would not be allowed in Salt springs. Ginnie springs, devils den and Blue springs all allow scuba diving. There just don't want you to go into the cave system unless you have that certification.
Gjac 11/01/19 09:11pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Class A. Wheel size

I have driven in MH's with 22.5 and 19.5 tires but I could never tell the difference in ride. Friends that owned both said the same thing, but felt like the larger tire may provide some safety factor. I just test drove two identical Rav4's one with 19 in tires and one with 17 in tires again I could not feel any difference in ride. I bought the one with 17 in tires, it seemed to have a higher aspect ratio. I would not let the tire size be a determining factor.
Gjac 11/01/19 08:57pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Costs of things

I don't see anything on the market today that is compact, good on fuel and decent price, that I would be happy with. Now a heli home would be right up my alley. Thanks for posting this, I worked at Sikorsky for 30 years and the S-58T was one of my first jobs there, but I never knew Winnebago made a flying camper out of it. However it was quite a bit more expensive than Ron's camper. What I always thought would make a nice light camper was to use the airframe structure from the nose to the end of the cabin(minus the tail cone), and install wheels and an engine. There are a lot of old airframes that are no longer flight worthy but would be fine for the road.
Gjac 11/01/19 08:45pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: a paradox

That makes no sense to me. While RV's are popular in the PNW the number of people who own them are a small fraction of the overall population. Suspect the same applies to the rest of the country. I would not have guessed that Americans across the board spend more on RV's than housing and cars. As long as consumer confidence is high and people are spending money for discretionary items like rv's the economy should do well, if a trade deal is reached with China it should do better. His charts show a slow down from 2017 to 2019 which is not a good sign. If one in 10 American households buy an RV worth $100k on average maybe then the chart would make more sense.
Gjac 10/31/19 10:31am General RVing Issues
RE: Yes boys and girls, you REALLY need to carry a spare...

Many people I know don't carry a spare with 19.5 or 22.5 in tires because they are too heavy to change and some would argue too dangerous to change on the side of the highway. I carry a spare with a 3/4 in breaker bar with a steel tube that will extend to 3 ft with 6 point sockets to break the lug nuts. The 19.5 in tire has gotten heavier since I bought the MH 15 years ago but I can still change it. In 100k miles of travel thankfully I have never had to change a blown tire on the hiway. I picked up a large screw crossing the Canadian border but used a tire plug kit to fix it without removing the tire. I hit a large pot hole in a paved road in Alaska and bent the steel rim on both the MH and the tow car. I was able to straighten both rims with a large hammer without leaking any air and moved the bent rim to spare when I got home.
Gjac 10/31/19 09:55am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Smell and heat from rear wheel wells

The issue has been resolved. $1700 and change later. We had a mechanic replace all the rear brake components on both sides. This also included new seals, new brake fluid, etc. He checked the fronts and they were fine so we didnt do anything there. He also checked the tires, put in a new battery, and adjusted the airbags. I drove it 2 hours on Thursday. No smell, no heat, more power, excellent braking. Glad you got it fixed. Did the shop tell you what was actually wrong with your brakes, ie frozen calipers, or collapsed brake lines? Or at least a list of parts they replaced?
Gjac 10/31/19 09:30am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Costs of things

...this years average was 8.0 mpg as usual...Oh,we have a smaller class C. Thor Freedom Elite 22e E350 Triton V10 and there are just 2 of us.I have been looking at newer small Class B+ with the V10. But 8 mpg, ouch!We own a 2007 E350-V10 Phoenix Cruiser 2350 SEEN HERE. When not towing our Jeep Liberty, our "truely accurate" trip average is 10.5 mpg. That is significantly better than 8 mpg. Aerodynamics and cruising-speed seem to be most influential. The difference in fuel economy between Phoenix Cruisers, the shortest 21 foot model to the longest 31 foot model is different, but less dramatic than taller boxy conventional class_c's. With our rig traveling across the country, our practiced top speed hovers around 67-68 mph. A tall boxy "C" would go through gas a lot faster at those speeds. Towing our Jeep Liberty, our fuel economy drops by 1.3 mpg. But the fuel loss is more than recovered by driving the Liberty around at our destinations, and leaving the motor home at the camp site. So it's a win-win.Nice camper and thanks for the response! I try not to pay attention to my mpg, if I actually knew what it is I would probably not drive it. That cheap thing. But left Florida and noticed that I was filling up far too often even with a small tank. Something was definitely off, so I checked my MPG. I was getting 10mpg, did a few things and now the little Toyota is back up in the 13+ area. Most toy owners report avg between 12 and 14.Thank You! We owned THIS TOYOTA MIRAGE for 24 years. It had the 2.4L-L4 carbureted engine rated at 96hp (with CA emissions) with a close ratio 4-speed manual transmission. Oh my what a slug it was, but we loved it anyway. We special ordered it new in 1983 with no a/c of either kind and a frill-free chassis that did not even have power steering. We paid $12,255 for it back then. 57 mph was the sweet spot for optimal fuel economy. On one extended trip out west we actually broke 20 mpg averaged across the entire 6000 mile trip. We must have experienced more tail winds on that trip. It had a very small fuel tank. We quickly learned that we did not make time going faster because the fuel economy would drop by more than 25% when we pushed it. The time we made in speed, we lost in stopping more frequently. We sold that rig in 2007, replacing it with our special ordered 2007 Phoenix Cruiser. We wanted (and needed) a fully self contained and much more comfortable motor home in our later years. Ron,that Toyota Mirage is an interesting MH, looks like more room than a small TC but much better MPG. Is there anything equivalent today?
Gjac 10/31/19 09:25am Class C Motorhomes
RE: In-Depth RV Lithium Install & Wiring Film - Mike Mas

Nice video Mike, I have several questions. How much did this upgrade cost you? What would it cost if you did not do the work yourself? I noticed you upgraded most of your MH's wiring, but did not see an upgrade to thicker wires for the engines alternator, how many amps actually reach the batteries? You mentioned the batteries will run the AC for 6 hours, what would be the SOC after 6 hrs? How many years do you project the batteries to last before losing capacity?
Gjac 10/31/19 09:09am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Move to Motorhome

I am surprised no one mentioned one of the 24 ft Class C's with a full wall slide like the Chateau 24BL,24F or Leprechaun 240FS. It seems like the best of both worlds, a lot more room for camping when the slide is extended with a walk around Queen bed and a short MH to travel in. Some on here with that size don't use a tow car. Does anyone on here own a 24 ft with a full wall slide that can comment on the pros and cons?
Gjac 10/25/19 08:15am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Really scary incident tonight - almost lost my tow!

Coincidently, we are on our way back from Alaska towing a Ford Expdition with a Blue Ox base plate and a Ready Brute tow bar. We towed this rig about 35,000 miles in total with no problems. Saturday, we hooked up in the Badlands, SD and unhooked in Mitchel. I was shocked to find this when I unhooked. This is the "tab" which is inserted into the base plate to connect to the kunkle (not sure what the best term is for this part). I have found a place in Sioux Falls take can get them Wednesday (I'll get 2 so I'll have a spare). My wife flew home yesterday since i will be here for 10 days to hunt pheasants. Having 2 vehicles and 1 driver conplicates logistics. By the way, I also insert the pins from insude to outside so the pins don't ride against the cotterpin. I changed from the pins supplied which have a bent head as I found the bent heads round the hole in the kunkle. I use 1/2" bolts in which I drilled a hole for the cotterpin (and a big one). I noticed the same thing on my Demco tow plate, the center tang of the tow bar widened the receiver end of the tow plate. I would squeeze it parallel again with large vise grips. After a few hundred miles it would open up again. I did not want to work harden the steel and cause a failure so I added a 3/8 steel plate on either side for support which fixed the issue. I have towed the car about 100k miles with out further issues.
Gjac 10/25/19 07:47am Class C Motorhomes
RE: 2 Battery banks built from 6 volts

You got a lot of good ideas so far, but based on your setup and where you are camping I would stay with your original idea of putting the other two batteries in the truck bed and then tie them into the alternator charging system of your truck. I imagine you use the truck to site see around the area that you camp in so you will get a lot of charging in from your trucks alternator. You will not need to run your furnace with a buddy heater in a small TT so you will save a lot of battery power using it. I dry camp for a week with 2 6v GC batteries and never go below 50% SOC, but have minimal battery requirements. But after 7 days I am out of water, and wife has to do laundry so I have to move anyway. Besides lights and water pump what other requirements, will you have, TV,computer use, watching movies? The 2 batteries in the truck bed would be insurance that you never run out of battery power. How many gals of FW in your TT set up?
Gjac 10/22/19 09:16am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Coachmen entry latch

Trimark uses cheap pot metal for the striker bolt. I had one carved out of steel by someone who knows how. it's about 50 bucks to do it. I did the same for my basement. I had that one make he half a dozen so I have spares.. I've used a few of those spares so far. Yeah,I agree on the cheap pot metal thing.I thought about having one made out of steel myself but I couldn't see how you could actually get the new bolt installed without breaking the mechanism apart.Since you have done it,I would appreciate some info on this procedure.Maybe I could talk you into selling me one of those spare steel bolts..... I could not see how to install a new bolt either without breaking the mechanism so I put the broken bolt back inside the mechanism then spliced it with the steel backing plate.
Gjac 10/22/19 07:53am Tech Issues
RE: how to level a trailer

I think the refrigerator being level is critical so I set a bubble inside the refer and another near my jack setup. When the refer bubble is centered I adjust the bubble near the jack set up to read the same as the refer. Once set up this way I just use the one near the jacks, and refer is always level.
Gjac 10/21/19 05:31am Travel Trailers
RE: My 4th. Ford V10 Class A, but lacks power???

The 2020 should have he 362HP V-10 also. I know mine feels underpowered, but that is due to the drive by wire system. It doesn't give you full throttle opening. Next year a 5star tune will correct that. That would be 320 HP & 460 lbs torque. Richard He said in his profile that it is a Class C not A, that is why he said 305 HP. Although in his title he states 2020 Class A.
Gjac 10/20/19 11:42am Class A Motorhomes
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