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RE: - free vpn

The Mozilla Corp also offers a free "VPN" built into the mobile version of Firefox
GordonThree 09/26/19 11:53am Technology Corner
RE: - free vpn

Just a different group collecting your data. And they cap your usage as well, so they can sell a paid tier. I use Nord when I need to be incognito to "the man", it costs a few cents per day and has been very fast. Just my 5¢
GordonThree 09/26/19 06:22am Technology Corner
RE: Micro Air Soft Start for AC

you might want to try one from this guy. his web sight is under construction but he sells on eBay under applianceandair name. they are about a 1/4 of the cost of a micro air. I have one for my ac and it works perfect. Jay D. It's not at all like the MicroAire unit. The thing on eBay is just a time delay that lets the compressor spin up first and then turns on the blower motor. The MicroAire uses a digital processor to measure and limit compressor startup current, making it easier for a small generator to spool up the load.
GordonThree 09/21/19 06:43am General RVing Issues
RE: App for fuel / generator storage?

Why not just out it on your phone calendar? I use it to track all our appointments. Yes, easy peasy.
GordonThree 09/14/19 06:16pm Tech Issues
RE: incandescent bulb works correctly LED does not

Those use a tiny rechargable battery or a super capacitor. The led takes so little power it can run for a while on a very small reserve.
GordonThree 09/13/19 02:09pm Tech Issues
RE: incandescent bulb works correctly LED does not

I think we lost the OP, this will remain an unsolved mystery.
GordonThree 09/13/19 11:03am Tech Issues
RE: Replace RV headlamps

Don't fall for the brighter is safer lie either. Flooding everything in front of the RV with light adds extra information to process and also diminishing response from the rod receptors in your eyes responsible for night vision. Do you have a fancy gps, or always on phone screen, maybe the dash lights set for maximum brightness or camera monitor always on? All of these diminish visibility at night by interfering with rod receptors. Just something else to consider.
GordonThree 09/13/19 08:31am Class A Motorhomes
RE: incandescent bulb works correctly LED does not

Sounds like what a motion detector does. They rely on a cold incandescent to "leak" a milliamp or two just to power the electronics. Not enough to light a filament but sometimes enough for LED.
GordonThree 09/12/19 09:45pm Tech Issues
RE: Keep blowing capacitor inside converter

Welcome to the forums! The problem has nothing to do with surges. Something called "ripple voltage" is killing the capacitor. Replace with same uF rating but at voltage rating of 50 VDC or 65 VDC. Make sure you get a capacitor rated for at least 85°C as well, 105°C is better. Nichicon, Panasonic, Murata, Sanyo, some of my favorite brands for such things. It's a sign your converter is failing, something wrong with the power supply circuit putting out dirty current.
GordonThree 09/12/19 01:46pm Tech Issues
RE: Predator 3500 - surge capability while in eco mode?

Check the instructions. In my Yamaha manual in expressly states not to use Eco mode when operating compressors. Hopefully the HF manual addresses the issue.
GordonThree 09/08/19 04:47pm Tech Issues
RE: Main power extension cord now a must for me

Thx, I knew what he was saying. Problem is, if you're plugged into one and there's no switch to select between them, the other will be hot and present an electrocution danger. That's why I asked. Scott I was thinking the same thing, sounds dangerous. Of course, locking covers maybe?
GordonThree 09/07/19 08:52pm Tech Issues
RE: Main power extension cord now a must for me

Mainly a problem I've run into a private campgrounds. I carry an extra 50 feet now as two 25ft cords.
GordonThree 09/07/19 12:44pm Tech Issues
RE: AT&T just came out with a deal on cells that work in mexico

That is a good deal for light usage. I've been on AT&T Everything Plus for six months now, after more than a decade with Verizon. Been very happy with them. Unlimited talk, text and data in US, CA and MX
GordonThree 09/07/19 12:39pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Well it is made of Carbonfibre

Pretty cool. I'll put one on my list of things to buy when I win the lottery. Have to go to OZ to get one. Freight back would be a bugger. Maybe leave it down under and explore there... Then ship it over to Middle Earth and explore some more. Have to be a decent sized jackpot :B
GordonThree 09/07/19 07:11am Travel Trailers
RE: Well it is made of Carbonfibre

Pretty cool. I'll put one on my list of things to buy when I win the lottery.
GordonThree 09/06/19 05:09pm Travel Trailers
RE: Low temperature LI battery

When did Tesla switch to iron phosphate batteries?
GordonThree 09/04/19 03:00pm Tech Issues
RE: Too spicy!

The monthly is just based on the most optimistic financing I could find, not the dealers' number. Everything is in the high 60s low 70s, after incentives mid 50s. So the incentives are good, price seems much higher.
GordonThree 09/03/19 01:36pm Tow Vehicles
Too spicy!

Seems to be the wrong time for truck buying around my parts. They want $800+ a month for the 19 tradesman with a diesel and little else. Even the leases are insulting.
GordonThree 09/03/19 01:01pm Tow Vehicles

Here in the Willamatte valley of Oregon we have good camping weather well into fall and sometimes beyond. Oregon state parks are extremely popular in the fall with it being a challenge to find a spot. Despite data from their own web site proving this Oregon State Parks refuses to keep parks or loops open longer thus turning away revenue and camping opportunities to all. Milo Mciver campground closes October 31 yet reservation data shows high interest. Champoeg state campground closes A loop though usage is shown to be high through October. They just do not care. Very frustrating Many Michigan State parks do the same. I doubt it's as simple as turning away revenue. Much of the park labor is contracted minimum wage grunts. They get paid for part time labor, no benefits. The contract length is controlled outside of the park. Many are students who return to school in the fall. Extending those contracts would probably be something that had to happen system wide rather than per park. Running the park with only the remaining full time employees means closing loops to avoid stretching human resources too thin. That's my theory at least.
GordonThree 09/03/19 11:52am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Low temperature LI battery

Knowing how RVs are made, I doubt it would make any difference where a lithium cobalt battery catches fire. For lead acid, keeping them segmented off so not to breathe sulfuric acid vapor makes sense. Failure mode on an iron phosphate battery is fairly benign. You don't get an impressive fire from them. The electrolyte is not flammable. Also the energy density is too low. Don't confuse iron phosphate technology with lithium cobalt. As for discounting small electronics as harmless, plenty of vehicles and even homes have been destroyed by a fire from small lithium cobalt batteries.
GordonThree 09/03/19 03:47am Tech Issues
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