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RE: Battery Bank - wire for 12v, 24v, or 48v?

Sounds like a great project!
GordonThree 07/16/19 02:55pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Battery Bank - wire for 12v, 24v, or 48v?

48 volt. The higher the voltage the better. It will give the most margin between "full" and "empty". With the lithium batteries, does that reasoning still stand? The drop-off for lithium is sharp with very little in the middle of charged vs. not. Yes, applicable to any technology. On lithium you can't rely on voltage as an accurate state of charge indication, because of that flat discharge line. However having more margin is still a positive. Counting amps out vs amps in is even more important, IMHO. --- Higher voltage also lends itself to more efficient conversion inside the inverter. Instead of having to amplify a 12v source with a gain of 10x to get 120v output, a 48v source only needs to be amplified 2.5x (this is over simplified but works as a demonstration). The amplification (boost) causes heat in the inverters's transformer and switches (transistors). The less work they have to do, the less heat they generate.
GordonThree 07/16/19 02:39pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Battery Bank - wire for 12v, 24v, or 48v?

48 volt. The higher the voltage the better. It will give the most margin between "full" and "empty". It also greatly reduces cable complexity and voltage drop losses. A DC-DC converter is super easy, get one with a read-out on it so you can dial in a nice stable 13.5 volt output and leave it. Something like this unit: DROK Install it in your distribution panel, rip out the old 12v converter.
GordonThree 07/16/19 02:07pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Securing batteries in forward compartment (Security)

Take them with you?
GordonThree 07/15/19 07:18am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Dehumidifier ?

My only concern with using the electric heater and AirCon together is the amperage draw if both kick on at the same time. That can easily exceed your 30amp system. This isn't a big concern on 30 amp, or even 20 amp service. My 90 pint Frigidaire uses around 300 watts with the compressor running. When I use the space heater method, I set the heater to low, and the usage is about 600 watts. If you were overloading your 30 amp running A/C and a compressor D/H, maybe there was something wrong with one or both units. Also could be a supply issue, maybe low shore power voltage?
GordonThree 07/14/19 03:39pm Travel Trailers
RE: Cracked Water Filter - Freeze?

I hang hose and in-line filter to completely drain out the water before storing. x2 ... even without the risk of freezing, I wouldn't want to store water inside a hose with it closed up. There's plenty of "things" in the hose and filter already, and giving them water to breed in... yikes
GordonThree 07/14/19 01:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: This is why we can't have nice things.

A few bad apples... I'd be perfectly OK with all the federal lands to go to a lottery system for access. The idea of federal management is to preserve and protect the land, not turn it into a tourist mecca.
GordonThree 07/14/19 09:52am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: circle tour around lake huron

Subscribed ... this sounds interesting! What route are you looking at? Does it include Ontario highway 6 and the ferry?
GordonThree 07/14/19 09:46am Roads and Routes
RE: Dehumidifier ?

Most of us carry an electric heater. The OP, so long as voltage is monitored, can try the heater. I suspect it will work wonderfully. x2 easiest solution. For the folks that think something is wrong or have never seen this, you're either camping in a bigger rig, or a hotter / drier climate.
GordonThree 07/14/19 09:43am Travel Trailers
RE: Dehumidifier ?

Yes I have the same problem with my camper. The factory spec is a 8000 btu side wall AC for my small cabin size. But my unit has an upgraded 13500 btu unit. So unless it's VERY HOT outside, it quickly cools the cabin before it can dehumidify it. Two fixes I've found. 1. Compressor dehumidifier, I bought a 90 pint Frigidaire unit. Works great and fast. OR 2. Small space heater set on medium. Keeps the air warm a bit longer so the AC can draw off the moisture. If I'm on generator I'll run the dehumidifier it works better and faster, and takes less power. If camping with included electric, I'll run the heater.
GordonThree 07/13/19 08:22pm Travel Trailers
RE: We've been spammed good today

GordonThree 07/12/19 04:56pm Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: Connecting to the internet

Nearly all of the time, it's not a weak connection that's the problem. The problem is an overloaded service. Try using the "free" wifi really early in the morning, I'll wager it works a lot better while your camping neighbors are still sleeping.
GordonThree 07/11/19 07:00pm Technology Corner
Disconnect load before stopping generator?

The topic says it all. This is in the rule book for several brands of generators. Its not in the book for my Yamaha, but Champion and Predator both mention it. So my question is... lets say you run out of gas. The generator's going to stop, with the load connected. Is it ruined at this point? Will the sky start falling? Shouldn't the computer controlling the digital inverter be smart enough to see the engine is failing and disconnect the load? I mean, it should only take a millisecond or two which is ages for a computer to sense the engine rpm are dropping and disconnect the load. What happens exactly that they're concerned about?
GordonThree 07/11/19 01:25pm Tech Issues
RE: The Best Quality 200-Amp Solenoid I Have Yet Seen

The eBay listing was shipped from China, not the Amazon.
GordonThree 07/11/19 03:46am Tech Issues
RE: Tracfone users on ATT Towers Pay attention

Something else to look at if ATT is your preferred tower choice... Google FI. An MVNO using ATT, Sprint and T-Mobile towers. A few friends at work have it, they indicate being happy with the coverage, and this is a rural area.
GordonThree 07/10/19 08:28pm Technology Corner
RE: The Best Quality 200-Amp Solenoid I Have Yet Seen

I still don't understand why one would re-import a Trombetta from China, seems a good way to get scammed with a nock-off.
GordonThree 07/10/19 08:25pm Tech Issues
RE: What gauge wire do I use

OK, 6 guage it is and yes this is a lot more expensive than I imagined. Before I spend this kind of money, what are the odds I would draw so much power that 6 is required. In other words, would normal everyday rv use require 6 gauge wire or would 8 be fine. Thanks again. 8 or 10 would be fine, but do it right, do it once... if you go with 6/3 (4 wires), you can technically upgrade to a 50 amp socket at the end of it, if you get a bigger trailer sometime down the road. or two 30 amp sockets, if you want to add a spot for a guest. Even if you dont see a bigger rig in the future, the heavier the wire, the better everything will work at the end of it. If you want to run your rooftop air, the electric hot water and say microwave at the same time, the heavier the wire the better.
GordonThree 07/10/19 08:23pm Tech Issues
RE: Tracfone users on ATT Towers Pay attention

Do you have any source links to share?
GordonThree 07/10/19 06:08pm Technology Corner
RE: What gauge wire do I use

6/3 or heavier for the future.
GordonThree 07/10/19 06:06pm Tech Issues
RE: The Best Quality 200-Amp Solenoid I Have Yet Seen

This one? Trombetta Bear at Amazon 225 amp rating, cont. duty, made in USA. I like the plastic guard between the terminals, prevent excitement when working with live cables.
GordonThree 07/10/19 02:19pm Tech Issues
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