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RE: E rated tire with max psi of 65?

Where are all the tire engineers when you need them? My wag is that these tires are designed as onroad/offroad, so even though e-rated, a lesser max pressure is best for the hybrid use, that the tread and sidewalls are designed for. JMO, but I'd not use a wider tire, than what the rim is designed for. Jerry So here I am. It's a long story why some E Load Range tires have a max pressure of 65 psi, but it deals with the burst pressure - ergo larger sized tires will have the lower pressure. It has nothing to do with onroad/offroad. This is not unique to E Load range tires. And just to assure some folks: The burst pressure of a tire is many times the max pressure. Tires do NOT burst based solely on the pressure. They will burst if they hit an object hard enough, regardless of the actual pressure in the tire. They'll also burst if cut deep enough to cut cords! One of our hundreds of tire engineers showed up! Thanks for chiming in. While you SAY burst pressure the reason, then add that burst is many times the max pressure, it would seem that 80 psi rather than 65 psi, would not cause burst. I disagree with the off/road design, as provided in OPs link, not being a factor. In my experience with off/road motorcycles and the oem tires, they are designed to use lower pressure. Not sure if CapriRacer has off/road experience, or schooled knowledge of this particular tire, or just making a wag of his own? Google, our modern day TE may have best answer, for anyone wanting to search! ;) Jerry No, Capri is knowledgeable and correct. And real world, Burbs tires aired up a bit over max, while not the healthiest for tread wear maybe, likely handled better than at 65psi. I’m no tire engineer, just a dumb gear head civil engineer who has been thrashing light duty trucks for a lot of years in construction. And as part of that, when I have a new 1/2 ton with piddly P or XL tires and am hauling heavy trailers, I’ll air up the 44 or 50 psi rear tires about 10 psi or so over max and enjoy the better handling aspects of a stiffer tire with the load. That said, I do understand buddy pressure anecdotally and realize that there’s an increased chance of a blowout from a road hazard.
Grit dog 12/02/20 09:25am Tow Vehicles
RE: E rated tire with max psi of 65?

^Agree, from a functional standpoint. However the real lesson in this thread is all the nay sayers that bemoan those “hooligans” with their big loud ill proportioned tires and how they “must” be horrible for doing truck stuff like towing and hauling big loads and are a danger to themselves and society....... can now pipe down. We now have a real world review from a real person hauling a real camper who isn’t beating his chest about how cool his brodozer is, but rather now realizes that big tires aren’t the horrific doom n gloom that is generally portrayed here! (And to top it off, they’re on too narrow of rims, and still do just fine!) These are things that some of us already know and others refuse to believe.
Grit dog 12/02/20 09:20am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2021 Ram 3500 H.O.

Its all about advertising. A big hp/torque/tow rating draws certain types of owners. Could be a die hard brand thing of some who has to have the biggest in his brand. Or others who have to have any brand that has the biggest specs. Seems like the comment "but will it stop it" is part of rv cul;ture. Towing at these weights (30k lbs+) is for commercial purposes. These type trailers can have dual tandem or dual tri axles with 14k-16k lb axle ratings. In this type of work, just like same trucks pulling a rv, the trucks brakes stops the truck and the trailers brakes stops the trailer. If they don't work that way then get them fixed (any size combo). LDT size trucks brakes were never designed/engineered to stop the trailer (tow ratings). Couldn’t have said it better myself. And the same “Will it stop the trailer” comments are usually from the same folks who question towing more than a radio flyer wagon with a half ton and talk about how the bigger “ratings” are safer and how so much better it is to be at a smaller % of your ratings. The big 3 are doing exactly this, placating the keyboard engineers....and at the same time pushing marketing numbers AND keeping all the folks who really use their trucks and been hauling 25-30k loads of hay for years with a big block Ford Highboy interested in Their new truck. What’s comical, is generally those that question things like ratings the most and profess their “worldly” knowledge about towing, are the same people who get a chubby because they actually have a camper with a trailer hitch and can do manly “truck things” once in a while.
Grit dog 12/02/20 09:13am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2021 Ram 3500 H.O.

Rumor is that that Ram may be switching to a 10-speed Allison. That could make more difference than the additional horses and torque. newbesttrucks 2021 Ram Would be likely just an ill informed rumor, I think. Unless maaaybe they are going to continue offering the SO and HO engines with different transmissions. The ZF Powerline 8 speed has been in testing in these trucks for years now. However good marketing if they do offer both, IMO. I hat was the old adage? Perfect drivetrain = Cummins with an Allison backing it up. (Note, the new “Allison” 10 speeds in the Duramax trucks is about 99% marketing and 1% approval to use the Alli badging )
Grit dog 12/02/20 09:06am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2021 Ram 3500 H.O.

^Aaaaaand here we go again!
Grit dog 12/02/20 09:00am Tow Vehicles
RE: Happijac rear bumper mounts

Etrailer flat out lied to me Or maybe they were just misinformed. I called three different times and spoke to three different people. Unlikely that all three were misinformed. I’m sure they would have preferred to sell you tie downs, since their business is.....selling stuff.
Grit dog 12/02/20 08:55am Truck Campers
RE: 2021 Ram 3500 H.O.

1075! Yea baby! Ram has been strangely silent about the Powerline 8 speed. Once that is in place Ram will be truly competitive or class leading IMO. And fwiw, I have it on good order that the Powerline will start going in the Rams sometime in 2021.
Grit dog 12/01/20 10:51pm Tow Vehicles
RE: First Winter drive on TOYO AT3's

If they wear as well and last as long as AT2s then they are spectacular tires. And presumably they’re better!
Grit dog 12/01/20 10:35pm Tow Vehicles
RE: E rated tire with max psi of 65?

Well Burb, you’ve seemed to defy the “logic” of the rvnet patriarchs, lol! Yes the big tires are generally max rated at 65psi. Not to worry. More air volume and particularly more width, holds more weight at the same pressure as a smaller tire. To maximize tire life though, especially with the narrow rims ballooning the tread a bit, make sure you’re running the lowest safe pressure that you can stand handling wise, when empty. The Ram we just got sits on 37s and the (very expensive) tires don’t have many miles on them, but the PO ran the pressure too high for the load. He was running 65F/60R And even though the tires are on 12” wide rims and should run as flat as they possibly can, the centers of the treads were wore down 3 to 4 32nds rear and 2/32 front while the edges of the tread is still virtually new. I’ve got them aired down to a little under 50F and 35R to even out the treadwear. Tired a bit lower but it drove a bit mushy.
Grit dog 12/01/20 10:33pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Dodge 1999 3500 Lamarie dually

^ Well that’s good to hear and appears that you are making a much more informed decision than I had assumed. If you’re comfortable with the mechanical condition, then that’s the most important part of the equation. Good luck if you purchase it.
Grit dog 12/01/20 10:09pm Truck Campers
RE: Auxiliary tank - full or empty?

Having an empty or partially kinda like not having some tp stocked. You just never know when it may be needed. But, more importantly, a full tank virtually eliminates moisture accumulation! To each his/her own pertaining to a full tank stored for a lengthy time frame......follow the science! ;) memtb Diesel, yes. It lasts longer. Gas, I never fill up seasonal vehicles or toys for storage. In fact the opposite. Of course mine aren’t stored in the rain under a pine tree so any condensation is minimized.
Grit dog 12/01/20 09:13am Tow Vehicles
RE: Traction Control Fault

^What he said.
Grit dog 12/01/20 09:08am Tow Vehicles
RE: Dump Station Observations

I too share in the amusement of dump station follies and boat launches! Except, no I’m not installing my own sewer hookup for the few times a year I could haul my full tanks home. What about all the times you’re not near home? OP, you’re right, some folks have no clue with simple tasks. Gives you a good idea of the average intelligence level of society. My fave recent boat ramp story was this last year Mother’s Day. First hot weather here in Seattle and 2 months into the Rona nonsense, our gubner actually “allowed” lakes to be open. He actually closed boat ramps in the cold spring weather due to Rona. .... no comment for this thread. Everyone who had a boat, whether it ran or not was at the lake. This launch has like 10 ramps and when we got there (late), people were parking up to a mile away. Lucked out and got a close up spot as someone was leaving. Yay! End of day, ramps are PACKED. 2 lanes into 1, 1/4 mile long of boat trailers. Problem was, majority of the boat drivers were also the trailer backers so most boats were sitting until their rig made it through the line. Therefore only 2 or 3 ramps actively loading boats at any time. And they were slow. Only 1 tow rig swamped and getting towed out at this point though! Finally got to the front of the line. Our 16 yo and couple other kids had the boat out of the mess, in a holding pattern waiting for me. Moms and other kids left in other vehicle to go procure dinner. I waited a few minutes. No open slots all but 2 boats are waiting for their trailer back in line. I called son and said I’m pulling in center between opposite docks get ready drive boat on. Backed in hopped out. Hollered at a couple people to get their boats sucked into the docks, turn their board racks in etc. Couple people actually cussed me and my kid out for “cutting in line”. Friggin tools! Was only doing what they weren’t skilled enough to. Boy stuffed it right on the trailer. His friend winched and latched it and we were out of the water in less than a minute. Life is hard, but it’s even harder if you’re stupid I guess!
Grit dog 12/01/20 08:55am General RVing Issues
RE: Are TT or 5vr Toy hauler handling better with trike loaded?

KD, I’ve never owned a toy hauler, but from what I know about the physics of trailer length, tongue weight, axle placement, load placement from hauling many other kinds of trailers, I’d say you’re partly right that something as heavy as a trike will affect the handling some. But first, TT toy haulers are designed tongue heavy when empty so there is tongue weight to balance against large loads aft of the axles. That’s good for tongue weight but with the distance the load is behind TT axles, that load will be inclined to accentuate wiggling side to side or even sway. (Literal tail wag the dog). A 5ver will generally control this better due to its design, mainly hitch design and axle placement. That said I’ve seen plenty of TT toyhaulers driving straight down the road so I’m sure it’s not prohibitive.
Grit dog 12/01/20 08:35am Beginning RVing
RE: Auxiliary tank - full or empty?

We get jacked for fuel out here. At least Durb is on the right side of the state! Couple days ago, the Cenex (on of the cheaper places around here was $2.69 for on road diesel and $2.11 for farm fuel.
Grit dog 11/30/20 11:05pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Supporting camper with cinder blocks??

I used to put our AF camper on horses with plywood under, during storage periods, with only light pressure on the jacks. Then I didn’t once, then we camped in it, off the truck ( no supports), then I realized it doesn’t need anything under it, unless you want to increase the stability of it when the jacks are fairly extended. However I’m sure it’s less stress on the jack mounting points to support it under the floor.
Grit dog 11/30/20 10:38pm Truck Campers
RE: Toad Service ??

Do a little google search. Looks like you need a scanner to register the battery, but you can replace it and it will be fine until you register it. Oil change? Bout the same as the Zippy Lubes charge for my 1/2 ton or car. But yeah you could do it yourself for probably $40 if you were inclined or able. First time getting an oil change priced out or?? Cars are expensive to keep up if the owners aren’t willing or able to do basic functions and services to them.
Grit dog 11/30/20 05:14pm General RVing Issues
RE: Ford has released their 2021 towing guide

What does this mean?!?! In the tow guide right under the 150s ratings... Maximum payload and towing capabilities are for properly equipped vehicles with required equipment and a 150-lb. driver and passengerand vary based on cargo, vehicle configuration, accessories, option content and number of passengers. See label on door jamb for carrying capacity of a specific vehicle. Horsepower, torque, payload and towing are independent attributes and may not be achieved simultaneously. For additional information, see your Ford Dealer. Does this mean 300lbs is kept off that tire and payload rating sticker for 2021?!?! If you look at the slide in camper section of the F150, each vehicle configuration has it's payload number listed on the chart. But at the very front of that chart area, you will see what constitutes that determination. But you will also see that it doesn't assume how many people your hauling. So the final payload will be the number on the chart PLUS 150lbs for each and every seating position on the truck. That means an additional 900lbs for a bench seat truck. Nope, wrong. Unless I forgot how to read. Accounts for 2 - 150lb occupants, not 6. But who cares? If one is predisposed to adding up every ounce of “cargo” and thinks the payload number is that magical, then.... you be you.
Grit dog 11/30/20 11:08am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2021 Chevy Tahoe with 3.0 Diesel

Electronic injection 6.5 TDs in passenger vehicles were 215/440, so more than y’all are giving them credit for. But still not more power than any of the new 3litre diesels. Back when forced induction OEM engines were rare, the 6.5 TD was pretty peppy. Had enough boost that you could actually feel it. I never really towed much with them, actually just bought a couple randomly to flip for a profit to folks who wanted a “turbo diesel” and didn’t know what they were getting into.... They were nice to drive though.
Grit dog 11/30/20 11:03am Tow Vehicles
RE: Strange advice

What is even strange-er is the 3 pages of speculation about some random 4th hand info, situation or question that no one has a clue about in the first place....
Grit dog 11/30/20 10:32am General RVing Issues
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