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RE: Great Tow Capacity - Bad Payload Capacity... Increase PL?

The payload capacity is kind of a meaningless number on a sticker found on the door jam of your truck .... that can't be changed. If you want to increase the capability of your truck so it can handle a 3200 lb pin weight you'll have to upgrade your rear suspension. Install a set of air bags. This is the real answer from someone who knows and works trucks. The speculation from the rest of the peanut gallery (aka, the RVnet anti-airbag mafia (you know who you are, lol)) is just that...speculation.
Grit dog 07/27/21 08:24pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ultimate payload monster?

What do you think is the top payload rating among new one-ton trucks? All the advertising goes toward horsepower/torque and towing capacity, but what configuration is king of payload? Is this a trick question? Useable payload among all duallies is basically the same, with the nod going to reg cab trucks. By the sticker payload, again is not a function of who's badge is on the grille, but a 2wd dually stripped down gasser will have the most payload on paper and all of the big 3 are over 7klbs. However, put 7klbs in any stock dually bed and it will equally tank the @ss end into the Carolina squat. How much you wanna haul?? Or to be more succinct, basically the paper payload will be limited by the curb weight and gvw rating. With gvw rating being the same across the board, and likely the curb weights within a few hundred lbs of each other.
Grit dog 07/27/21 08:21pm Tow Vehicles
RE: To buy a generator or not...

Good plan. Sell the Onan and pocket the savings from not buying the Honda 2200 and see where you are at. That will really make the AC run well next week when he needs it....
Grit dog 07/27/21 08:12pm Truck Campers
RE: To buy a generator or not...

I get the noise thing, I do. But if you're camped where it's hot at night and there are other RVs, you will not have the only genny running an AC fired up. Plus, you're leaving in a week and a half and what are your options? 1. Buy a new 2k genny and hope that it runs the AC. 2. Buy a bigger genny for even more money and where the F do you store it (uses more gas too). 3. Fill your propane bottles and bring an extra 1 or 2 (we all seem to have a couple bottles laying around, if not ask your neighbors, you can probably procure 1 or 2 easily). Or just go get them filled if you need to. Convenient excuse for a quick road soda away from the runts.. 4. Add 200AH of LiFEpo4, more solar, DC-DC charger that you'll probably need to run that rattling powerstroke to recharge if you run the AC too long and don't have your $1000s of dollars of off grid gear all setup right and the weather gets too hot???? Seriously man, fill a couple bottles, go camping, exercise your generator. That's what it's for.
Grit dog 07/27/21 08:09pm Truck Campers
RE: Great Tow Capacity - Bad Payload Capacity... Increase PL?

1600lb payload vs 2700lb payload CTD vs V10... . Only CTD owners believe that the engine is the only item that matters in a truck. And that's why the trucks are substandard. The manufacture knows the type of customers that repeatedly buy their future spot welds because the only thing that matters is the CTD. LOL. Another stunner by Devo…. Do you ever tire of being an angry spiteful person? Guy was referring to the weight difference and you go off in a roundabout way about your sorry truck again.
Grit dog 07/27/21 03:53pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Great Tow Capacity - Bad Payload Capacity... Increase PL?

^It might be ok if you were actually right about what you’re talking about, but alas, you’re not. So in this case, it would be better to not say anything at all.
Grit dog 07/27/21 03:50pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Sit rep on “new” camper after first trip.

^Yes thank you. They get locked up.
Grit dog 07/27/21 03:44pm Toy Haulers
RE: Dingy towing

Shouldn't be an issue, but what's the tow rating on the moho? Or more specifically, what gears does it have? The drivetrain will have no issues other than being slow up big grades IF it's geared for towing. Buddy pulls a Wrangler, 24' enclosed or a wakeboat all over with an old V10 class A, 4 speed, 4.88s. 70-75mph down the highway. 7klb boat knocks him down to about 45mph up 4-5% grades, Jeep only slows him down a little.
Grit dog 07/27/21 11:16am Class C Motorhomes
RE: To buy a generator or not...

You have a built in generator and admittedly don’t need another generator at home. Did I simplify it enough to move on from this conundrum?
Grit dog 07/27/21 09:12am Truck Campers
RE: Tranny fluid change

2015 user guide simply says "Change automatic transmission fluid" or "Change automatic transmission fluid and filter(s)" then goes on to give intervals. I see nowhere partial fluid change. Common sense tells me it's better to change "ALL" fluid if possible. People do what you want and I shall also. Funny how it rubs some the wrong way when I suggest changing all if possible. Yes, you’re right, and yes you’re wrong… I too prefer the fluid replacement method getting all or nearly all the fluid out and replaced at once. However that is not how the maint intervals are called for on the Aisin. It’s basically half the fluid each time. Maybe no coincidence that the intervals seem about 2x as frequent as they would seem to be.
Grit dog 07/26/21 10:12am Tow Vehicles
RE: GM 6.6 gas

^Youch! They don’t even offer a 4.10 behind the gasser? That’s pathetic and enough reason to not buy one for real towing if they have effectively not improved the performance of the truck IMO.
Grit dog 07/26/21 08:45am Tow Vehicles
RE: Sit rep on “new” camper after first trip.

Ha funny, I need to go through the wife’s phone. She took about 6000 pics and videos I’m sure. The fire pics are hers. iPhone no bueno at night. That camper pic was at a NF campground in MT. Great place on Cabinet Gorge.
Grit dog 07/26/21 08:39am Toy Haulers
RE: parking on a slight driveway

Level as in within 3-6 degrees max on the fridge. Does not need to be perfectly level.
Grit dog 07/26/21 08:20am Travel Trailers
RE: Sit rep on “new” camper after first trip.

Watched a fire in MT. Cool and scary at the same time.
Grit dog 07/25/21 10:02pm Toy Haulers
RE: Sit rep on “new” camper after first trip. Lol. This is the only pic of the camper that isn’t in a parking lot behind the truck!
Grit dog 07/25/21 10:01pm Toy Haulers
RE: Still Having Problems With TC and Truck

Sounds like you need a new bed or a new truck. Makes sense why your mounts are failing, if the truck bed is all bent up and the camper slides to one side. Your problem is not normal, but the answer is obvious. No one knows what your truck has gone through but you probably do and sounds like you just used up your truck. Or at very least the truck bed. Is it rusted out or just a really hard life?
Grit dog 07/25/21 09:31pm Truck Campers
RE: Question about tires

^Sort of. If that’s the right pressure for the load. OTOH, I have tires on our current truck, that I couldn’t reasonably put enough weight on the truck to need to run them anywhere near max pressure.
Grit dog 07/25/21 12:12pm Towing
RE: GM 6.6 gas

I driven one bobtail and it was a nice truck. Bout what you’d expect. But if you’ve been truckin for 38 years, I believe you already know the answer. Your LML will still blow the doors off it, towing. And it is the least powerful worst trans of the big 3 gassers. And the Chevys are ugleeee!
Grit dog 07/25/21 12:02pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Great Tow Capacity - Bad Payload Capacity... Increase PL?

OP, if you don’t understand vehicles and their components and don’t wish to, just go get a dually like some think is “necessary.” If you want to keep your truck, I wouldn’t think twice about dropping any pin up to about 3,000lbs on it. The for and against banter will continue.
Grit dog 07/25/21 11:59am Tow Vehicles
RE: Sit rep on “new” camper after first trip.

Well our new to us 2017 camper ..... Love the stout springs and 16” wheels! I thought this was a post about a truck camper, until I saw the mention of springs and wheels. LOL Sounds like you have a trailer. Ha, yeah! Guess I call most all RVs “campers!” Also realized I didn’t take a single good camper pic….lol. Thanks for the USB port reccomendation. Hope the wiring is good still. Or at least pulls easily. I think its the port not wired because smelled like hot plastic not hot wires, lol.
Grit dog 07/25/21 11:41am Toy Haulers
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