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RE: 3.42 gears for TC

Grit dog 05/26/22 08:14am Truck Campers
RE: 3.42 gears for TC

Thanks, the 18” wheels are standard and the 20” are a add on option. If I go with the 20’s it’s only for looks. I know I’ll sacrifice some MPG and some of the gear ratio. I’d love to have them if it’s not a huge trade off. What are you even talking about? Too much internet reading? Do you know that is the size of the rim, not the diameter of the tire? Hope the do gooders here who don’t know what they’re talking about don’t confuse you any more than you’ve already been confused.
Grit dog 05/26/22 07:50am Truck Campers
RE: 3.42 gears for TC

I know on the Ford side the new 10 speeds made the 7.3 gasser a very viable puller with either 3.73 or 4.30 (better suited for heavy). I always direct people to this very long thread on gearing on the 7.3: Lol, that guys an id10t in his explanation. And basically sounds like he lost a bar bet and is trying to talk his way out of it! Too many people acting like they know what they’re talking about, when they don’t…. No wonder people like the OP who (obviously) don’t know jack about vehicles can get confused so easily….
Grit dog 05/26/22 07:45am Truck Campers
RE: 7 pin cable

No, you’re tracking right. Replace the cable back to the j box if you need to. If no issue with the cable though, no reason to not just replace the plug if it has issues or serious corrosion. Fwiw, I’ve not had good luck with the pre-wired molded Plug pigtails. Have another one I installed a couple years ago that is shorting out somewhere in the molded together plug.
Grit dog 05/25/22 09:34pm Tech Issues
RE: 3.42 gears for TC

@LL8… You do realize that the truck(s) you’re talking about are rated to tow like 20klbs or more, right? A new Duramax won’t even work hard with a popup TC on it. An old diesel won’t either. Heck nearly any HD pickup gas or diesel from the last 20 years will haul your camper very competently.
Grit dog 05/25/22 09:26pm Truck Campers
RE: 3.42 gears for TC

Those 20's will also decrease ride comfort. Less sidewall. Negative.
Grit dog 05/25/22 09:21pm Truck Campers
RE: RVing with a HD Pick up in Ontario

@Jaxdad, yup sounds simple as pie. As evidenced by your fellow residents’ issues and reports here…
Grit dog 05/25/22 11:35am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Travel Trailer Towing Recommendations

OP did say "seat as many grandchildren as possible"...not that he NEEDED to fit all 10 kids all the time. Also, they haven't chimed in since page 2. :) Probably bought a suburban or Tahoe and enjoying the heated/cooled leather seats, adaptive cruise, auto climate control, passive and active accident avoidance features AND the convenience of 4wd when the need arises. All features that are basically non existent in a short bus!
Grit dog 05/25/22 11:20am Tow Vehicles
RE: Travel Trailer Towing Recommendations

"Need" 4wd? Idk, sometimes it's needed sometimes it's a luxury, sometimes its of no use (hence most 4wd vehicles have this little lever or switch to turn it off). I could live without alot of luxuries. We all could, but if you have the means? The best of both (if you have the means), 12-15 passenger capacity and 4x4 upfitted ($13k) putting it in the price range of a luxury SUV. Of course you don’t need the passenger capacity (like the OP); the OP may not need 4wd (like you) if they won’t be winter camping. Or leave their house in the winter either? Y’all are getting so far in the weeds on the van thing it ain’t even funny. Heck only one of Van Lives Matter members in this thread even owns a van (presumably, since the rest of y’all appear to be recollecting days gone by…) I’ve run them 4x4 vans. They’re cool. And yes used them to haul a bunch of people typically. N Slope oilfield work. Best of both worlds? Not hardly. Unless one’s propensity for a modern luxury vehicle is very low. (Again I appear to be the only one that still remembers the OP “wants” a luxury suv. But I’m young enough my CRS hasn’t really kicked in yet…)
Grit dog 05/25/22 11:17am Tow Vehicles
RE: RAM spare tire tool

^Oh fer fcks sake, guy asked about getting a spare tire tool and you’re arguing about whether the sky is blue….I’d say grow up but you’re probably both eligible for AARP and maybe SSI.
Grit dog 05/25/22 11:11am Tow Vehicles
RE: Beginning RVer: Is this Scenario Doable?

Grit dog, My line of credit loan is 3.45%. I guess things are different in USA. Unsecured line of credit for 3.5%? Yup must be different than the US. Cheaper than a car loan, which is a secured loan with collateral? Doesn’t compute.
Grit dog 05/25/22 10:59am Beginning RVing
RE: Fuel Availability

There's a lot of misunderstandings about how fuel deliveries are paid for. For starters, some of the locations are "company owned" or "salary operated". At those stores, the oil company owns the location and the station doesn't pay for the load. Some companies work on true consignment where the branded company delivers the load and then the dealer pays as they go (on terms, of course). These are rare, but Amoco used to be the main major company to do this. I don't know if they still do. In these cases, Amoco owns the oil until it's sold. Amoco can call the dealer at any time and change the cost, and then the dealer needs to change their price. In most cases, the dealers receive the load and then gets invoiced for it and they pay according to their terms. In no case does the dealer hand the driver a sack of doubloons to pay for the load of fuel. In my best Brandon voice…cmon man! Don’t go inserting fact and substance into a perfectly good sky is falling paranoia thread! Lol Cheers!
Grit dog 05/25/22 10:48am General RVing Issues
RE: Lowering / raising with manual jacks

Weather it’s for weather or not has no bearing. It IS a general rule of thumb , think idiot proof instructions for those who don’t understand things like center of gravity, for stability and not tipping over forward. Maybe reducing stress on front jack mounts. How much would it take to tip forward? Idk. Neither do you. Likely a lot. But imagine the proverbial idiot who unloads facing down a slope and then gets it nose low compared to the slope and …. Just like safety stickers on lawn mowers to not put your hand under the deck, don’t use your curling iron in the bathtub, and 1/2ton payload ratings! Lol.
Grit dog 05/25/22 10:43am Truck Campers
RE: Repair help needed - Broken frame from dragging jack

If you can truly fill the tubing with epoxy then yes most epoxies have a high enough shear strength to make good “threads” in. That is a good idea. I don’t totally understand your pics and don’t know about that particular epoxy but I would get some that is liquid/self leveling to ensure you get it “full”. I’ve repaired stripped out lag screw holes in boat hulls with epoxy or 3m 5200 on high stress areas like engine mounts and swim platforms. Your plan is solid. No pun intended lol
Grit dog 05/25/22 10:38am Truck Campers
RE: Newbie Ques for hitch selection

^Yes it does, although not likely sway will be an issue (it’s a figment of most RV TT owners imaginations). The greatest benefit will be weight distributing which you’ll likely want/need as passenger car rear suspensions are very soft and compliant compared to vehicles designed more for hauling and towing. It’ll keep your car from doing the Carolina squat!
Grit dog 05/25/22 10:30am Travel Trailers
RE: New truck! Got it!

Seems like the 1500's are getting so capable that going to a 2500 doesn't get you much. Lol. I see what you did there! Tryin to razzle up the rvnet weight cops I see…. But yeah, not even close to a HD chassis. Although the new 1500s are pretty stout for what they are.
Grit dog 05/25/22 07:09am Tow Vehicles
RE: Travel Trailer Towing Recommendations

Curious, what percentage of the time do people need to use 4wd in the winter to get around on the roads? How well would someone from WA know the winter road conditions (ability of WI Dot to plow) in WI or any where in the Great Lakes region? I drove a 3/4 ton company van back in the 90’s, through upstate NYS winters and never had a problem. I’ve used a lot of outhouses and wiped with leaves or my t shirt pocket before too. But I’d prefer a nice flush toilet and some Charmin. Same difference…
Grit dog 05/25/22 07:04am Tow Vehicles
RE: Newbie Ques for hitch selection

Also, any comments of this is a good rig or I’m making any rookie mistakes with this setup. Thanks in advance for taking the time. While not ideal, I'd still drag a little trailer like that with your rig, provided there are no fatal flaws in the towing ability, like @ktmfrs pointed out.
Grit dog 05/24/22 01:47pm Travel Trailers

I'll just leave this here for all the 500/5000 folks... Note this is from a 2019 GM truck owners manual, so ymmv... Vehicle Series Hitch Type Maximum Tongue Weight 1500 Weight-Carrying or Weight-Distributing 567 kg (1,250 lb) 2500/3500 Standard Box Weight-Carrying or Weight-Distributing 680 kg (1,500 lb) 2500/ 3500 Long Box Weight-Carrying or Weight-Distributing 907 kg (2,000 lb) PS, the hitches on a 2500 and 3500 from the factory are the same, 1500tw vs 2000tw is likely due to GVWR restrictions as this is for gassers which didn't get the GM 2500 "bump" in gvwr. Or the cliffs notes. 500lbs tw is NOWHERE near needing a wdh to save the hitch. Not even on a newer half ton. PPS, 5000lbs is the bumper ball limit.
Grit dog 05/24/22 12:15pm Towing
RE: Can You Swap Brake Controller Temporarily

I’ve got a 2013 Ram 1500 Big Horn with a tekonsha primus iq brake controller for out trailer that’s probably about 8,000 loaded. I was supposed to bring the trailer to a campground for my Dad to use but we just had a baby and I can’t get away long enough for a trip like that. We have a family friend who is going on this trip too and he’s got a newer 1500 but no brake controller. Is it an easy thing to just remove my brake controller from my truck, install it temporarily in his and then put it back in my truck once the trip is over? We had the rv dealer install the unit years ago so I’m not sure if it’s as simple as just unplugging it from mine and plugging it into his truck and then tidy up the slack wires. If the pigtail on your 2013 is the same as the one in the newer Ram, 99% chance it's plug n play. May still have to mount it in the truck so it can be tuned for level. Other options, good enough friend to swap trucks with? Wireless brake controllers are stupid easy, but will cost someone a couple hundo?
Grit dog 05/24/22 12:06pm Towing
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