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RE: Any 1st time pickup TC out there to give their thoughts

Well, you have the rig to haul most any TC you would like to. Camping solo, pretty much any TC is big enough for 1 person. That said, features vary by model and mfg and while we camp with 4 people and a slide out is a bonus just for space, you may not need that and can get a comparable non slide for less $ than a slide out. The other features I honed in on were tank size. If you're boon docking, more water capacity is better, fridge size. Not much room for coolers so it's a great convenience to have all the cold good in the fridge and a separate freezer. Generator is a must for us. Pros and cons with built in vs separate. Noise in the camper, ease of service and propane use being the downsides for me with a built in unit. Location, as you may be aware, TCs are pretty scarce on the east coast, maybe an excuse for a road trip! As for care, I'd pretty much only look at older TCs that I could reasonably ascertain had been stored under roof or at least a cover for most of their life. Good luck in your search, their dime a dozen out here, alot to choose from. If you can't find what you want back east, might have to take a road trip!
Grit dog 11/12/19 08:58am Truck Campers
RE: New Ford 7.3 V8

^Yeah GM is still sucking wind in the gas HD truck engines, even with the new 6.6. Maybe they'll be under rated, hopefully. As to old engines, what about 351M Ford big blocks, 360 GM truck motors and old 360 Chrysler big blocks. LS7 is a really big small block too.....
Grit dog 11/11/19 09:24pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Removal of 10 year old trailer ugly decal pictures

Thank for letting us know. How much effort with the grafx stuff? I've always been a fan of heat gun and razor for crusty old decals. Eraser wheel for tough double sided tape. I've got a bunch to remove on the TC if I get time. Quicker the better!
Grit dog 11/11/19 09:11pm General RVing Issues
RE: Parking on a slope

Grit dog, you got me! I have a steep driveway and it seemed to me that a 30-60-90 triangle would lie nicely along the hypotenuse with the other long side being level. This discussion has told me two things: I don't need to worry about the fridge 'cause it's off and I need to learn a lot more about the difference between 30º and a 30% grade. Thanks for everyone's responses! Ian Right on bud! Cheers! Hey just remember, a 45deg angle is a 100% slope. So 1deg is just over 2%.
Grit dog 11/11/19 01:31pm General RVing Issues
RE: Signing a power of attorney for bank when selling your RV

I have never heard of such a thing. I would talk to your bank and see what they say. With power of attorney what would keep them from taking everything you have? You can give limited or situational power of attorney, if you were unaware. Wife and I have done it multiple times, buying homes. One of us would not be present at the signing, so we did a 1 time POA before hand.
Grit dog 11/11/19 01:26pm General RVing Issues
RE: F450 maneuverability question

Still trying to figure whether I want a tow beast f450 or just get another crewcab shortbed but diesel powered since I only tow my 15,000 fifthwheel 2-4000 miles a year. Also nervous about Purchasing 2020 with new engine and 10 speed. In a perfect world, I think the 10 speed is the cats ass. I just get nervous about having problems when traveling and I prefer reliability. The down side is 2019 nicely equipped superduty’s are getting scarce around here. I wouldn't be too skeered of the new 7.3/10 speed combo, but still understand no first year vehicles. Your original post was based on [email protected] fuel range (is it the range or mileage you don't like? Guessing range since you dont tow much, the mileage hit isn't big. Getting a new short bed gasser will not fix that one bit. Long bed, yes, because you can get the 48gal tank. And you said the other issue is the truck fells like it's "just enough." Just enough what? Power or ability to handle the load? Getting a new style srw 350 won't up the ability to handle a load significantly, IMO, still a srw truck. Power? I'm guessing, since you mention swapping to diesel, will obviously be about 100% better with a diesel, but still fuel little tank if you go short bed. With the infrequent, low mile towing you do, a F450 seems completely overkill, but they are sharp looking rigs!
Grit dog 11/11/19 09:47am Tow Vehicles
RE: Parking on a slope

Beat me to it. I doubt you could stop the rig from rolling downhill with that kind of slope. Ya, I think the OP either meant to say 30% grade which is also really steep to park on or just knows he has a steep driveway and guessed at how steep. If it really was 30deg, if the overall length of the rig is 50', that's a 25' rise in grade tip to tail.
Grit dog 11/11/19 09:33am General RVing Issues
RE: Signing a power of attorney for bank when selling your RV

Does seem strange. Assuming SE Financial is a legit bank, if you don't want to tank the deal right away, you could always "inquire" about the process at another branch and see if they give you the same story. Might be someone doesn't know what they are doing, might be a real policy although I've sold items that the buyer was taking a loan and never have encountered that. I can say with certainty, there are sometimes corporate processes that we don't understand, but may be ok.
Grit dog 11/11/19 09:17am General RVing Issues
RE: Parking on a slope

30deg slope? That’s like almost a 70% grade. Is it really that steep? Doesn’t seem plausible. If you’re comfortable parking the truck on it, it won’t hurt anything in the camper if you can get it there that I can think of. That’s awful dang steep though. I’d have someone throw chalk blocks while you’re still in the truck on the brakes though. Wouldn’t want any of that pressure on the transmission.
Grit dog 11/10/19 07:41pm General RVing Issues
RE: Pick up for TC

^Good call on checking for rust, but that's the beauty of the truck the OP is talking about. Said never driven in winter and oil coated. Since we haven't heard back from him, hopefully he's out doin burnouts in his new camper hauler!
Grit dog 11/10/19 12:32pm Truck Campers
RE: Sticker shock

Some of the other comments....while the hourly rate or flat rate for labor seems excessive (of course businesses will charge wha the market will bear), until one understands the cost of running a business, any business that has full time employees, stick n bricks shop, high $ equipment and high risk activities, you won't understand why the mechanic "only" gets $30 of that $150/hour rate. Oh and the $30 wage is more like $50 cost to the company. Of course I can do work cheaper in my garage at home, and do. My "shop" is not a business expense, my tools are plenary compared to most shops therefore not as efficient and my overhead expense is basically limited to the cost of beer and, well, that's about it!
Grit dog 11/10/19 11:27am Tow Vehicles
RE: Sticker shock

^ Gotta agree with Lynmoor on this one. I try to steer clear of dealer service and repairs but have to say the majority of dealer visits have resulted in shoddy work or other issues, like 2 months and 3 attempts to get a transmission repaired correctly. The one guarantee though is you can be rest assured that you'll pay considerably more for the shoddy work than you'd pay for the work to be done at any non dealer repair shop! To counter that, though, I did have 2 great dealership experiences about 19 years ago within weeks of each other. Had a new truck with a bad rear gear setup. Smoked one axle at a few hundred miles off the lot. Dealer stepped up and rented us a box van as a loaner as the truck was towing a cargo trailer to be loaded up for moving household. Same truck, completly new 3rd member, did the same thing a few weeks later, different state, 1000 mi from home and 1000mi from destination. They worked late Fri night trying to get me back on the road, searched the next day for a 1 way rental with a trailer receiver (none available). Rented me a van, gave me a 100k extended warranty for my troubles and bought a 1 way plane ticket for me to come back and retrieve the teuck after it was repaired! Wish I could say as much for most of the rest of my experiences.
Grit dog 11/10/19 11:21am Tow Vehicles
RE: Lance 1121 compatibility

Thank you for responding so fast. That is really unfortunate. What is the largest we could fit. The slide out seemed nice since we also really would like to bring our dog. Weight wise, you'll be limited by what you're willing to do for upgrades on the truck and what you're comfortable with. I've got a 4klb + shortbed camper riding in a shortbed Ram 2500 with airbags, sway bar and good tires. I'm fine with it. Some aren't. Some won't go past the rated payload sticker on the truck which limits to mostly pop up campers and very light hard side campers. Certainly not slide outs. Length wise, you're limited to a max of 8-9', or campers that are designed to be on short bed trucks. Several mfgs make short bed capable campers with slide outs.
Grit dog 11/10/19 11:09am Truck Campers
RE: Lance 1121 compatibility

Yup no go there.
Grit dog 11/10/19 07:14am Truck Campers
RE: Pick up for TC

Have ya bought that beauty yet?
Grit dog 11/09/19 11:39am Truck Campers
RE: Be careful out there. There are some bad people

Some of you either drink too much or don’t have enough wraps of tinfoil on yer noggin....
Grit dog 11/08/19 10:00am General RVing Issues
RE: diesel rebate

Uhhh no.
Grit dog 11/08/19 09:57am Tow Vehicles
RE: Pick up for TC

Also, we had several 2nd gen dishes back in the day. I felt the build quality was on par with the other mfgs.
Grit dog 11/08/19 09:56am Truck Campers
RE: Pick up for TC

^ So you’re more mechanically saavy than you let on in the first post. That’s awesome. Joes communication message is spot on. Regarding the trucks. You DONT want a Powerstroke from 03.5-10. Period. The 5.4 F250 is a reliable platform and decently reliable engine. Could spit a plug r 2, but I’ve been around 100s of those trucks beat up daily in heavy construction work and they are good. But it’ll be gutless compared to most other alternatives. The 6.7 Cummins is a good decision IMO, IF you’re willing to delete the emissions. Honestly, though for simplicity, that truck in the picture is literally the simplest, easiest to work on, reasonably priced repair parts truck out there. Plus, it’ll pull like a train with just a wee bit of tuning. Completely off topic, but this is an example of the resale of a 2wd vs a 4wd for all the folks that argue about how Much more 4x4s set you back. The current owner of that truck in the picture could have sold that truck 5x already for twice the money if it was a 4x4. 2wd trucks truly are bargains.
Grit dog 11/08/19 09:56am Truck Campers
RE: Filling Propane While Traveling

Yes there's literally multiple places that fill bottles in virtually every town. Not like propane use is more popular in some places and not in others.
Grit dog 11/07/19 11:39pm Travel Trailers
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