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RE: Bugs...

Dang dutch, what a saga. Reminds me of, we moved to AZ bout 15 years ago. Brand new house in a new subdivision in a soon to not be agricultural area. Our place backed up to a cotton field the spring we moved in. They didn't plant the fall (or whatever season) crop and the field sat bare and all of a sudden us and everyone else had an invasion of cotton bugs or whatever they were. I'm talking literally millions? marching up n over the block wall fences. They stormed the house. Would fall out of the fixtures in the ceilings, like while you slept.... Every morning turn on the fart fan in the bathroom and it sounded like an air popcorn popper! I sprayed about 1000% the recommended amount of industrial pesticide on both sides of the block fence. 1/3 would die on the back side and more on the front side. There were piles of them at the bottom of the fence! That kept the majority out of the house. Other neighbors paid big $ for exterminators ( I heard 4 figures out of some of the folks) some just got inundated. Couple folks actually moved out. It was freakin crazy for a couple months. The next season there was only a few of them. The we moved....
Grit dog 09/16/19 06:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: Off-Roading Tractor Trailer

Wow. At least he handled it right. Hammer down and yank that trailer straight!
Grit dog 09/16/19 06:02pm Truck Campers
RE: Roll over

A travel trailer is not a camper?
Grit dog 09/16/19 03:01pm Travel Trailers
RE: Ford aluminum trucks

Delete delete delete....nice cleanup job mods!
Grit dog 09/16/19 02:59pm Truck Campers
RE: 5.9 Cummins Diesel Towing capacity

^ Correct, a modified valve body and a lock up switch are required for any more than 3rd and 4th gear lockup. Seeing you have 3.55 gears as well, stock 03 power and 47re trans ratios are not a very good combo power or gearing wise for heavier towing. When towing, I'd run the smallest tires you can put on it with adequate capacity. Like 245 75 16s, re-gearing is expensive. Power is low, so gears or a tune are the easiest power solutions for moderately more power. If your tans is built a little bit, tow tune will do wonders, for 1/4 the cost of gears. Synopsis for towing 12k+ high profile like a boss and not getting killed on the uphill runs. -Tune -Built trans -VB and lockup switch -Little tires Add an exhaust brake, only if you have a manual lock up switch and only in the gears that it will lock in. Bottom line, assuming your trans is stout enough to handle a little power and e brake, you have some work to do to get it to tow anything like a newer truck. Only about $1200 in parts for a cheap tuner and a VB/switch if you do the work yourself, otherwise closer to $2k. Exh brake, $1200 diy, over $1500 installed. Tires...however much they cost.
Grit dog 09/16/19 02:56pm Tow Vehicles
RE: How long is too long to be extended

Advice about hitch extensions will go from “never, you’ll kill someone” to “you’re fine” on here. My 2c is the weakest potential link in hitch extensions is the larger bending moment it puts on the receiver. From a practical standpoint, I run effectively a 2’ extension on my OE 2007 Dodge hitch. Class IV I believe, with around 6-800lbs tongue weight and 6000lb trailer. Thousands of miles doing this with no ill effects and no bent receiver. Just for comparison.
Grit dog 09/16/19 10:48am Towing
RE: New trailer came off hitch!!

^No, I never do that, but your process could be replaced with simply bending down and looking at the hitch to see that it’s set all the way down, if you want verification.
Grit dog 09/16/19 10:41am Beginning RVing
RE: Vent fans and a/c at the same time

Seems like a simple enough experiment that takes about 10 minutes to try...
Grit dog 09/16/19 10:35am General RVing Issues
RE: How long is too long to be extended

With that little trailer it would likely be ok, but why? Are you worried about Jack knifing your trailer into the truck too?
Grit dog 09/16/19 01:27am Towing
RE: What do you leave behind when gone for the day?

Mother in law or a kid seem to be good choices depending on the day.
Grit dog 09/16/19 01:17am Beginning RVing
RE: New trailer came off hitch!!

mobeewann, my man!
Grit dog 09/16/19 01:16am Beginning RVing
RE: New trailer came off hitch!!

Either it's a spring latch and really mis adjusted or the hitch was sitting on top of the ball.
Grit dog 09/16/19 01:15am Beginning RVing
RE: 2020 GMC HD in the Wild

Saw a new Chebby high country in the wild yesterday. I may have to retract a few of my ugly duckling comments. It was really decent looking imo. But the HCs don’t have the griswold headlights. Mirrors were still funky but I think our brains have all been trained that the double arm aka ford and gm towing mirrors for the last 10-15 years look “right.”
Grit dog 09/15/19 07:08pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 5.9 Cummins Diesel Towing capacity

You need to add a controller or lockup switch so 2nd will lockup. Your heat is from running in 2nd unlocked. ^ This. Aside from the 4 speed autos being the absolute Achilles heel of Cummins powered trucks in the early 2000s, they weren’t even good at being 4 speeds from the factory. Get a VB or switch or whatever locks up 2nd gear and it will help a bunch. Sounds like the rest of the trans is built and setup good already.
Grit dog 09/15/19 07:04pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2021 Jeep Wagoneer

So Chrysler will finally have a full size suv for the first time since the Ramcharger? That’s cool, but it’s not like the market is lacking in that segment with Ford, the GM triplets and Yoda and Nissan twins. There’s enough 1/2 ton SUVs already for every soccer mom with $60-70k from coast to coast. Maybe if they enhanced the market a bit and made one that was tougher and more capable as a truck it would be really cool. (Like Trailboss ish with a factory lift, big drivetrain and leave 50% of the expensive douchy options off of it, like heated leather and 27” touch screens and mirrors that cost 3 car payments if you smash one) Otherwise it’s another fender bender at the mall because the triple pumpkin spice latte was blocking the view of the backup camera and proximity sensors! Lol If FCA wanted to actually cornerthe market on something, offer something that no one else does. A real 3/4 - 1 ton suv with a big boy diesel in it. Until then the Gwag is another luxury super station wagon that you have to push the panic button on the key fob to find in the Fred Meyers parking lot amidst the sea of lookalikes.
Grit dog 09/15/19 06:56pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2021 Jeep Wagoneer

I was like weird my browser history redirected to Bakes marine! Did you cook the shower pump in your ski boat? Just winterized mine.
Grit dog 09/15/19 06:43pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Do you use a cargo trailer?

Tandems for the above reason(s) mentioned. Single axle if getting into tight areas or easy ability to turn around is important. For camping if you are doing dispersed camping and getting up into the back country or tight or rugged areas with it, I think single axle deck over axle (snowmobile trailer basically) is the best for that application. High ground clearance and ease of turning around or moving it by hand if not loaded too heavy.
Grit dog 09/15/19 06:40pm General RVing Issues
RE: Do you use a cargo trailer?

Yes, for multiple purposes over the years. Just for personal use: Tool Van Mobile garage/shop Moving household Sno machines, bikes, atvs. Camping trips for extra gear. “Camper” for hunting trips. Have had several from Single axle 6x14 and 8x12 v nose, basic 7x18-20’ tandem axle to 8x32’ v nose currently. Looking to downsize now because I only haul 3 sno machines. Along with a few utility/flat bed trailers over the years. Different trailers for different needs. They retain their value extremely well, so theyre easy to change out if a different need arises....and very handy.
Grit dog 09/15/19 06:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: Ford aluminum trucks

Don't doubt that the new(er) aluminum alloy truck beds can handle a load. Why wouldn't they? It's not like ford designed a bed that can't be used for stuff without falling apart. I'm sure it's fine. However just like millions of other people, I've used, seen and been around 1000s of trucks used as trucks and generally they hold up to the use they see. That said, there is a limit, be it ultimate load, or fatigue over time. Have seen and destroyed tailgates, bed sides, cracks around mounting bolts, but typically old construction trucks that see more use and abuse in a year than most of us could even think about putting on a personal truck. Ford beds are fine, as are the rest. What people don't consider or admit typically is the conditions that surround or precede a "random failure". I.E. "I was just driving down the road and ______ broke, bent, snapped, stopped running, etc.". Most of the time you don't get the Paul Harvey version. (The rest of the story ) Annual welding on the Dodge? Mmmmkay, whatever. Our old Dodge has been hauling a heavy truck camper off and on for 6 years now. Idk probably 30-40k miles including a trip up n back on the (in) famous Alcan and all over the state of AK for a summer. Yes the frost heaves are worse way up north. Couple X country trips, plenty of poorly maintained forest roads, etc. And like most, I'm sure, the bed has dents in several locations from the camper. Creased the front of the bed slightly, dented the rear of the bed floor on both sides. Looks like every other truck bed out there. To the OP, but a Ford, buy a Dodge or Chevy. They'll all haul a truck camper, if it fits.
Grit dog 09/15/19 10:00am Truck Campers
RE: Ford aluminum trucks

Just put over 8000 miles this summer for total about 30k. Aluminium bed shaves about 900 lb from the rear, so my 6000 lb camper goes without any modifications. I only add Sulastic hangers for empty ride comfort. That's a phenomenal weight reduction for the aluminum bed! Considering a normal steel 8' bed weighs maybe 400lbs, maybe 500lbs tops with dually fenders, having a truck bed that weighs negative 400lbs is awesome!
Grit dog 09/14/19 02:03pm Truck Campers
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