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RE: Time for new tires?

Grit...appreciate your humor...ya got me good with that one !!! Good times! Adds a little levity to my otherwise serious day. All in fun Mr BenK.
Grit dog 01/28/20 11:09pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Help with water puddling on camper cover

Build a pitched “roof” frame out of pvc, tall enough to take up the slack with enough pitch that the water doesn’t get stuck up there? Put the cover over it.
Grit dog 01/28/20 09:07pm Truck Campers
RE: Forest River Lexington tire issue

^ And still smokin it this week apparently!
Grit dog 01/28/20 06:28pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Looking for revelstoke recommendations

Can't help on which campground to pick, but if you need company, I could use 2 weeks in Revy! I'll even cook for you! Have fun this summer!
Grit dog 01/28/20 06:26pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Travel Trailer Newb question RE: WDH

Why not? My Expedition had a switch in the passenger side foot well beside the fuse panel to turn it off. Just reach down and turn it off. Excellent. This thread isn't about Fords.
Grit dog 01/28/20 06:23pm Travel Trailers
RE: Travel Trailer Newb question RE: WDH

^You can’t just “turn off” the auto function. Horse hockey....mine you could Your what? I have an old Tahoe with autoride and you can't turn it off. I've been in a newer one and don't recall the ability to do it either. (But for reference, I just checked a 2016 owners manual and the magnetic ride leveling is totally automatic and not selectable). Furthermore, the springs, at least in the older ones were softer with autoride, basically making the air shocks a necessity with anything greater than a very light load, as the springs provide the softest ride with an empty vehicle and the air shocks take it from there. IE the vehicle is useless for hauling anything without the factory air system, replacement coils or aftermarket bags. What vehicle do you have that's user controllable? The same one as the OP?
Grit dog 01/28/20 06:22pm Travel Trailers
RE: 3x3" receiver hitch!

Truck camper folks will be happy as the extensions to get out from under the camper tend to need to be 3". True story. I've been running a 2' extension plus a long shank hitch sometimes on my stock 2" receiver on the old Dodge when towing with the camper. And while it's held fine, the greater ratings on 2.5" and the massive ratings on 3" receivers should eliminate the need for the truss systems on all but the heaviest trailers.
Grit dog 01/28/20 06:09pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 3x3" receiver hitch!

Rex, yes the 2.5 to 2” square adapters or similar. They’re not a good thing for heavy use. Is there a reason the manufacturer don’t mention that when providing them? I’ve had zero issues with mine but just curious. Idk. They may work well for occasional or light use. I don't personally have a truck with a 2.5' or 3" receiver, but all our HD pickups at work do, and I've seen quite a few bent hitch pins and holes wallowed out on the receivers. Not to mention them getting stuck (maybe more from rust than being an insert). This condition isn't exclusive to our fleet either, I've heard the same from others. Part of it may be towing trailers with pintle hitches. Those "slam" forward and back every time you brake or accelerate due to the slop in the pintle. That shock load may exaggerate or accelerate the wear and tear and bend the pins (which never happens when the proper size shank is in the receiver). I do know that it definitely takes the pin out of a virtually 100% shear load and applies a bending moment (1/4" or 1/2" long moment arm for 2.5 or 3" receiver necked down to 2") to the pin and it's not near as strong in bending as shear, before plastic deformation occurs.
Grit dog 01/28/20 06:07pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 3x3" receiver hitch!

Rex, yes the 2.5 to 2” square adapters or similar. They’re not a good thing for heavy use.
Grit dog 01/28/20 02:24pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 3x3" receiver hitch!

Great. A bigger adapter to dodge on the road when they forget to remove them. Yep! I picked up 2 last year laying in the road. At least they came out of someone’s hitch receiver. I’ve fought with a bunch of them rusted and or smushed in place, had to cut and pry out.
Grit dog 01/28/20 02:23pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Time for new tires?

^Theyre not usually the first thing to hit a
Grit dog 01/28/20 02:13pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Travel Trailer Newb question RE: WDH

^You can’t just “turn off” the auto function.
Grit dog 01/28/20 02:01pm Travel Trailers
RE: 2020 Mercedes Sprinter based RV's

You basically can’t find the wrong diesel unless you’re in Mexico or pull up to the off road pump. Regarding the emissions, there are literally millions of tier IV emissions engines in operation now, maybe 10s of millions. Yes you could have a problem but you’ll have a healthy warranty and a Triton motor could spit a spark plug too so buy what you want and don’t worry.
Grit dog 01/28/20 01:56pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Time for new tires?

Marty you’re screwed now, figuratively of course. Those dump truck tires probably fell apart while you slept last night after your statement above. Good point about the “other” causes of blowouts. The tire date stamp police on rvnet automatically go to the age of the tires , ever since someone glued them in on how to tell how old a tire is. (You’ve seen the threads on here from folks who select tires like donuts at the bakery and refuse the day old ones). Just like the recent thread in the C forum about the popped dually tire that did a bunch of damage. No one even knows why the tire blew, but it’s assumed due to age. In my measly 30 years of driving legally, the handful of flats I’ve had, not counting the GY marathon experience which has accounted for 3x the flats on only 3 trailers than ALL other vehicles combined....., I can account for road hazards or nails/screws for all but one flat. And that one was a blowout on an older tire on the back of a pickup. Of unknown history
Grit dog 01/28/20 11:45am Tow Vehicles
RE: 5.9 Cummins Diesel Towing capacity

I wouldn't worry too much about the towing capacity. I'd be more concerned about payload, tire, wheel, and axle ratings, and if you'll need some heavier springs or air bags. The extra 1,000 pounds isn't really a big deal. I would want the manual transmission in that truck. Dodge automatics were not the best and you'd only have 4 gears anyway. Dodge transmission was still going strong when I sold it (250,000+ miles)...They are junk. LOL. Routine maintenance is the key. I serviced my transmission every 50,000 miles. Full flush. Not suggesting they weren’t of at least average reliability. They just s uck for towing heavy. Not enough gears for the big C.
Grit dog 01/28/20 11:36am Tow Vehicles
RE: 5.9 Cummins Diesel Towing capacity

Billy, while you’re not super specific about the truck, the conditions, “what” overheated or what you considered overheating, the following general suggestions all apply. You’re towing heavy with an old truck and a modified one at that. Do all the required maintenance and repairs to make sure it’s in as good of shape mechanically as it was in its younger years. Especially the cooling system. Other than that not enough info. Speed, grade, egts, how hot did the engine get? Trans temp? What final drive ratio, what gear were you towing in ? Bypassing all the particular answers to the above questions, get your cooling system fixed before you actually overheat it and do some damage.
Grit dog 01/28/20 11:35am Tow Vehicles
RE: 5.9 Cummins Diesel Towing capacity

Yeah, get a newer truck with a higher towing capacity. Always so helpful....that will totally solve the problem. But will it create “another” problem??
Grit dog 01/28/20 11:30am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2013 chevy 1 ton dually

They’re tires, Continental is good quality afaik. Your truck won’t care. Use them if they’re the ones you want. (Didn’t read the link, but presuming they’re the right size and load rating, in case that was part of the rather vague question. )
Grit dog 01/28/20 11:27am Tow Vehicles
RE: Can I tow this and how will it feel?

Can’t say towing that trailer will “feel” as good as a few other things I can think of....(fill in the blanks, lol). But the van will handle the trailer absolutely fine and based on your sig line with the light pedal thing, I’m pretty certain you’ll find the power acceptable too. And try it with a full tank of water. $20 says neither you nor the van will be able to tell the difference.
Grit dog 01/28/20 11:24am Towing
RE: Mount “ditch spots” on tow hooks? / legality / clamps?

@schlep. That was my exact point, but it blew right past you. The ONLY time I’ve been hassled for lights was literally 30 years ago by a Cracker Jack box local deputy, who’s responsibility wasn’t to protect and serve the public. It was solely to fund the city’s (villages) revenue. If you haven’t had the pleasure of living in or near a “speed trap” town, you wouldn’t understand. Fwiw I give everyone every bit of respect they deserve, always have, and even some to those that don’t deserve it. But sometimes it just doesn’t matter, because you’re getting screwed regardless of how nice you are. And I wasn’t bragging about getting tickets, although I probably had enough traffic tickets by age 21 to paper a wall (most of them well deserved). I was pointing out the foolishness of worrying about having driving lights. The 5 ticket thing was a real revenue generator for this town. Even had their own city tow truck that the maint guy would show up in when he got the call from Barney. Then the city would tack on an exhorbitant tow bill of which they got 100% of the revenue for as well. The one time I got my 5 ticket string, I was actually 100% legal and not disobeying any traffic laws either. But somehow , even with a copy of the dmv paperwork, the officer couldn’t “ verify” with dispatch that my vehicle registration had recently changed. Well no sht Sherlock. The internet didn’t exist and the dmv wasn’t open for them to “call” on a Saturday afternoon. Good times. The best part was the look on Barney’s face when my defense attorney was also the county prosecutor that day and somehow the county “did not have any records of the alleged violations”!! I support ethical law enforcement all day long and twice on Sundays, lol, but it’s hard to get behind the crooked ones. Back to driving lights, who gives a f? They’re lights. Put them on, don’t put them on, doesn’t matter. Btw, do you feel guilty for removing the do not remove tag from a new pillow, or just live with it so as not to break the “law?”
Grit dog 01/28/20 11:20am General RVing Issues
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