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RE: RV decision

“Structural issues” are not a concern in general on any RV unless it’s sustained some damage Water or otherwise. Wiring plumbing and components are mostly similar across most rv brands and models. Buy one that isn’t on the verge of being overloaded due to being under designed and one that feels like the interior hard pieces are pretty solid. And the box end of a class A or C is the same basically as the box and what’s in it on any trailer frame. You sound like you’re getting paralysis by analysis here. Also buying used is a good indication of overall fit/quality. If it’s been towed around 1, 2, 5 or 10 years and has held together chances are it will keep holding together.
Grit dog 06/04/23 09:42am Travel Trailers
RE: Retile

This is where math comes in handy…. Or do the logical thing and put down snap lock flooring.
Grit dog 06/04/23 09:37am Class A Motorhomes
RE: F150 5.0 V8 or V6 Twin Turbo

What bandwagon!
Grit dog 06/03/23 02:02pm Tow Vehicles
RE: What is the lowest voltage you have seen?

Grit dog 06/03/23 01:54pm Tech Issues
RE: Tire Advice

If you’re on a budget then you should look at the mfg dates on the tires for free and see if they’re really only 3 years old. And if they are, and haven’t been constantly beat by the sun in the desert or some equally as destructive treatment, then buy one tire to replace the blowout. And I’d buy an E rated tire because, why not?
Grit dog 06/02/23 10:36pm Travel Trailers
RE: F150 5.0 V8 or V6 Twin Turbo

And don’t just fixate on the engine and/or engine issues. That’s only 1 of several components that are/can/will require attention in a high miles vehicle. In the over 150k category, virtually anything can be or is worn out or near the end of its service life. As much as I think the 5.0 and eco boost are both generally great engines with a solid drive train behind them, I’d take a 100k mile Triton engine in a cheaper older truck over a 160-170k mile newer powertrain in a newer truck. Especially if it’s not a tow rig. Also laughable wherever you heard the 5.0 was “under powered”. Even the early versions (paired with std 6 speed vs 4 speed on Triton trucks) will absolutely embarrass any NA 5.4 truck.
Grit dog 06/02/23 03:11am Tow Vehicles
RE: Roosevelt Lake {NE of Phoenix} is full...

new dams/res make good sense . the people in charge have none. Not to be political, but have you ever worked at building a pond? When the ground is wet, you can't work it. It takes time to do the work. Even after decide where to put it, and how to pay for it. Been around an old pond that no longer has enough in-flow to keep it full? Huh?
Grit dog 06/02/23 02:57am General RVing Issues
RE: Mystery leak

^Sure seems that the effect would be exactly opposite. Like it is for any other vehicle in motion…. Air pressure is lower outside the vehicle due to air speed compared to inside the vehicle.
Grit dog 06/02/23 02:54am Travel Trailers
RE: F150 5.0 V8 or V6 Twin Turbo

High miles = stay away from high tech. Get a 5.0 slap new cam phasers in it and drive it like a rental…. Save the twin turbo rigs for someone with more money or less brains.
Grit dog 06/01/23 08:24pm Tow Vehicles
RE: F150 5.0 V8 or V6 Twin Turbo

Thanks for the replies, good info. Another question - I know it's subjective, but how many miles are too many on these trucks? I wanted to stay in the sub 140k range, but many I am seeing have 160-170k miles. Is that too many? All three motors have more than enough power for anything you’d want to do. But if you’re looking at buying something with over 150k miles, and your budget doesn’t support lower miles, you should be looking at something older with lower miles, or be a decent shadetree unless maybe it’s a local driver low use vehicle. Like a 3rd vehicle per se. Otherwise, there’s a lot of rigs out there with 200k plus miles on them. How do you deal with repairs keeping up a high mile rig? Is a new engine or trans a grand or 2 and a weekend plus beer or is it a $5-10k “oh sht” moment?
Grit dog 06/01/23 08:22pm Tow Vehicles
RE: towing with a Tesla

OMG this thread is off the charts funny! Love it!
Grit dog 06/01/23 07:58am Tow Vehicles
RE: tow with all wheel drive?

^Fair enough. Except the Op didn’t appear to even remotely be asking if certain models were prone to issues. (Which would certainly include other components besides the t case, reliability.). Probably looking at one with lifter issues anyway, lol. All good anyways.
Grit dog 06/01/23 07:55am Tow Vehicles
RE: New to RVing and In Need Of Advice! :)

^Yup. What he’s saying in theory makes sense for those who don’t really know what they don’t really know what they want or not….lol. For the rest of us with not only budgets but also the ability to make reasonably sound decisions about what kinda camper we will reasonably have for however long, it sounds just silly. But I know plenty of people who cycle through campers then trucks then camper then truck…. that Lantleys advice makes sense for. Those that can’t make up their minds and those that generally end up spending a lot of money to “upgrade” repeatedly. So if the shoe fits I suppose
Grit dog 06/01/23 07:48am Beginning RVing
RE: Mystery leak

It only leaks at seams and holes. Don’t have to guess too much. And it’s likely any of the seams on the front cap, clearance lights or side seams nearby. If the walls and roof don’t show any damage, don’t go exploring. And floors are easier to fix than walls or roofs.
Grit dog 06/01/23 07:38am Travel Trailers
RE: Trailer rental

Years ago I did something similar-With a friend drove my F250 from So. Calif. to Md. Bought a good used enclosed trailer from a Dlr there-with a rear ramp and side entrance door-loaded it up with furniture, etc., pulled it back to So Calif. Unloaded it and sold the trailer-within a week-and actually made money on re-selling it. I’ve done that but selling in WA when I returned. WA has probably the highest prices on trailers short of Alaska so that would be a tough deal to buy one here and not lose money selling it. OP do you need larger trailer than Uhaul rents? As that is the cheap obvious choice. If you need something bigger (you said utility trailer but maybe mean a cargo trailer?) may look at renting it locally so you can return it. I’m not aware of any other 1 way trailer rentals besides Uhaul.
Grit dog 05/31/23 10:50pm Toy Haulers
RE: Protection

Unless the camper is not very valuable at all, I wouldn’t store mine outside in the off season without a cover. And sun does as much or more damage than rain and snow.
Grit dog 05/31/23 04:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: Protection

While a roof is easier than a cover a cover does a good job. There are places in this country I’d say a cover wouldn’t last long and could also scuff from flapping in the wind, but Indiana isnt one of those places unless there’s a tornaado or may be it’s stored on top of a big hill with no trees. The 2 winters I’ve used a cover, the rv didn’t even need washed in the spring.
Grit dog 05/31/23 04:45pm General RVing Issues
RE: F250 upgrades

I am going to through in a totally different consideration if you decide to add airbags. You can choose between having both bags on the same air line or separate air lines. Separate air lines add stability for high center of gravity loads like some 5th wheels. They can also facilitate hitching up to a 5th wheel on uneven ground by twisting the truck to match the alignment of the camper. On the other hand, when riding empty or with a low CG load a single line allows for more articulation of the rear axle which gives a smoother ride helps avoid getting stuck on uneven ground. Correct, although generally no air is needed where articulation would be needed. Never really a better reason to plumb both bags together although there are some scenarios where it is not worse. OP is in a diffenrt frame of thought though. Not this level of detail.
Grit dog 05/30/23 07:27am Tow Vehicles
RE: So tell me about your perfect couples travel trailer

Look at small/med size toyhaulers. They’re everything you describe wanting. Heavier chassis than comparable TT. Open space. Plenty of seating/seating room. You got plenty of truck to tow it. They track better than a lot of TTs (when not hauling heavy toys). No sway or wdh needed because they have a lot of tongue weight (may need a new hitch in the truck) Even though you’re more full hookup, they generally have bigger tanks. Plenty of them in the $15k range for older ones in good shape. Quality wise? Good luck. Just find one that everything works and don’t leak.
Grit dog 05/30/23 07:21am Travel Trailers
RE: F250 upgrades

^Well assuming you got the camper package or something on yours. OP is complaining about too much squat. So regardless he’s looking to shore that up…I think. The regular old F250 company trucks I had, a 2012 and then a 2015 had a compliant initial spring rate. They’d stiffen up pretty good with real weight on them, but that first couple inches of suspension travel was built for comfort.
Grit dog 05/29/23 10:17pm Tow Vehicles
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