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RE: 2020 chevy trail boss

Grand son has a 5.3 in GMC Sierra. Seems to be under powered! Another pretty broad, vague, statement...
Grit dog 10/25/21 01:23pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Recommend a good RV Cover for 28-29' TT?

Don't covers help grow mold and mildew? I was always under the impression you want to leave you vents and a window open to help with air circulation. m I wrong in thinking this? You're not wrong if the cover is trapping moisture or impermeable. But, yes, in general, you're wrong, most all of the commercially available covers since, idk when, are breathable.
Grit dog 10/25/21 01:14pm Travel Trailers
RE: Recommend a good RV Cover for 28-29' TT?

I got an ADCO Aquashed cover recently for our new camper. Quality appears to be very good. It's kept the rain off, **** near every day for the last few weeks, just as advertised. The material (the soft waffle weave pattern stuff) is the same as every car/rv cover of the same material type, regardless of brand, IMO. From 30+ years ago, when someone thought that material would be good for a camping tent (it's not) until now. The one big difference, IMO, is if you're stowing it where it will get a significant amount of snow on it, ice sticks to the soft weave material. During a Merry Christmas meltdown up in AK, couple feet of snow turned into a couple inches of ice on top of our old camper/cover and huge icicles down the side that ultimately ripped the cover a bit. Dealing with alot of snow and freeze thaw, I threw a plastic tarp over the top of the soft cover. Made snow removal super easy and eliminated the big icicles.
Grit dog 10/25/21 01:10pm Travel Trailers
RE: Purchase hesitation after deposit, 2 questions

Ok, I'm getting a bit nervous. Let me ask this tho. How much would a 29' trailer cost to re-roof. This is almost 10 years old anyway. More than it is worth to buy the trailer unless they knock at least 50% off the price.... Furthermore, if it actually does need a new roof membrane, and it's 8? years old, then it is a steaming pile that has not been cared for and you don't want it anyway. Question is, how do you know or why do you suspect it needs new roofing? Regardless of the answer why, it does not seem in your best interest to buy a project unless the price is right and you're a DIY guy. That said, there's alot of knowledge here. A couple pics and some specific questions, I bet you can get some answers to your concerns. On the upside, it's getting close to winter, camper prices should be better and IMO, I see ALOT of campers for sale and dealer lots fairly well stocked (unlike the empty car lots everywhere still) if ya gots to pass on this one..
Grit dog 10/25/21 01:00pm Travel Trailers
RE: 2020 chevy trail boss

Large truck for small engine. specs Imagine specs What do you mean large truck for small engine?
Grit dog 10/25/21 09:43am Tow Vehicles
RE: Mildew pre treatment

A cover will defeat the advantages of having the roof vent and a window open for cross ventilation. Not unless the cover is made from plastic or rubber and sealed up tight. Air circulation is key. And if there are specific areas that are known to mildew, I'd suggest direct air movement as close as possible to those areas.
Grit dog 10/25/21 09:09am Beginning RVing
RE: Loading generator

@ Bobbo and Dutch, I understand the concept, but real world, the concern is virtually none. Examples, just the recent ones with my own generators, 7kw backup power for the house. It's probably 15 years old? Runs when the power goes out. Sometimes, several times a year, during the rainy periods. Sometimes sits for a year or more. Honda 2k, hadn't used it in like 2 years and used only during summer trips occasionally. Just fired it up a couple weeks ago to use it briefly. No issue. Our "new" camper, 4+ years old. Onan genny had a total of 8 hours on it as of this spring when we bought it. Owner hadn't camped in it or used the generator since 2018. Somehow it fired up and ran ok on the 4 year old gas in the tank...and no issues with the generator, generating. Is it better to use it than let it sit indefinitely? Absolutely, I believe so. Not unlike any other ICE powered anything. But if one takes the right care (draining fuel or treating fuel, run carb dry if possible, etc) then no harm will come to the generator by sitting over the winter. Also, OP is in NY. It may not be a good idea to heat up the camper in the middle of winter. Or may be more effort than it's worth. If you heat up a camper covered in snow, once you start melting the snow, you kinda need to get rid of all of it, so it doesn't turn to ice.
Grit dog 10/25/21 09:02am Beginning RVing
RE: 2020 chevy trail boss

That trailer is a good match for that truck. I have a 5.3/10speed Trail Boss. Pulled our 6000lb boat super capably this summer, other than you’re deep in the throttle up the hills. 22’ boat trailer, truck drove like nothing was behind it save for watching g the gas gauge drop a lot quicker. In fact our 18 year old pulled the boat about 1000 miles this summer. First time he’d towed anything. He thought it pulled great and didn’t even phase him. Only comment was I’d leave him up the grades pulling the toyhauler unless he floored it! Light tongue weight and not too long, truck will handle that trailer just fine.
Grit dog 10/24/21 10:16pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Loading generator

Nothing will go wrong with the generator if you don’t put a load on it this winter or next. Main reason to run it is to run some gas through it and keep the carb from gumming up. Sounds like you have it all ready for winter!
Grit dog 10/24/21 08:36pm Beginning RVing
RE: 2021 Ford Bronco

^Weird, cause I view JGCs as Grampa-mobiles. So the tailgating sphincters must be of the same generation as the person complaining about them in the post above! Lol You wouldn't view them that way in SC. The roads are full of them during commuting times, and you see a lot of soccer moms driving them, always in a hurry to pass you then stop at the next red light. Grampa-mobiles here are Ram pickups, because they're cheap. That’s great. So the soccer moms are the tailgating sphincters now? Point was, is what does tailgating have to do with a specific vehicle model? That sounded ridiculous. You can single out a demographic as being tailgating sphincters but not a vehicle. Vehicles don’t tailgate, drivers do…. And yet totally off topic of the off topic discussion already ongoing…
Grit dog 10/24/21 12:55pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2002 silverado 1500

150k is not bad if the truck is in great mechanical shape. I wouldn’t hesitate to pull your trailer. I would not want to pull much more, comfortably, though with that truck. By comfortably, I mean power/trans/gearing. Chassis is ok for a larger longer trailer within reason, but 20 year old power and trans is not ideal to pull everywhere at the speed limits. Let er rip with the trailer you have though!
Grit dog 10/24/21 12:49pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 5th wheel tailgate

Lol is right! That silly Swiss Army knife tailgate is basically only good for fat people who couldn’t otherwise get themselves up into a truck bed. And for auto body shop repairs apparently…. It’s a bummer if one can’t option out that thing even on high optioned trucks.
Grit dog 10/24/21 12:42pm Towing
RE: Anybody else have bad issues with RV Value Mart?

Their comment "Sold As Is" is a Red Flag. Do you feel Lucky? It could be a good deal with only minor work required or it could just turn into a "Money Pit On Wheels". Go look at it if close enough and maybe bring along an RVing friend for another set of eyes. Red flag? It’s 15 years old. Advertising it with any sort of warranty would actually be a red flag! Lol. That said, the original question is a bit silly. If you’re interested in buying a used (vehicle/ RV/etc), why wouldn’t you make your best initial assessment and go look at it in person? It is not for sale on Amazon and this is not an issue that the internet can help you with. If it’s a solid candidate verify in person.
Grit dog 10/24/21 12:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: Potential Pop-Up TC.....Thoughts on a Hallmark Guanella?

I don’t know what to believe on asking / selling prices anymore. But $15k for an old, in need of work, pop up TC sounds absolutely ridiculous to me. Considering that price is almost half of what I paid for the toyhauler in my sig, in brand new condition just this past spring.
Grit dog 10/24/21 11:57am Truck Campers
RE: Does the State of TN title truck campers?

TC reg/title requirements are often confusing as are other ohvs/trailers/boats etc, in some states. Some states will title something but not require registration, or vice versa. But generally if you have a license plate there is or should be a title. I couldn’t find succinct information regarding TN but did you have a license plate and register it annually? According to internet info both are technically required for a TC. PS, not beyond the capabilities of the dmv or bank to be totally wrong, so I can understand the confusion.
Grit dog 10/24/21 11:54am Truck Campers
RE: Protection from freezing

We just bought this unit so there’s going to be a learning curve. That’s what I thought but I wanted to get more input. We will be plugging in but sure if holding tank heater will work. Thank You Looks like the regulars are off the track here discussing the finer points of tank heater wattage….no surprise. Your question is very vague, other than you’re letting the audience try to figure out how cold it might be based on your description of travel route. Understanding that you don’t know how cold you can operate your rig, still try to ask questions objectively. And as no one yet has come by and said “I have that model and we ______ down to _____ degrees with no issue.” , I’d suggest figuring out how your camper operates prior to the trip and then have some contingency plans and extra materials. No one can predict the weather 2 months ahead. Living on the I40 corridor for many years right in the middle of your route, I can tell you it could be 60 degrees or 0 degrees on Christmas. And while lows in the 20s at night and above freezing during the day likely won’t require much if any extra effort, 0 at night and 30 during the day most certainly will. Easier thing to do is learn how to do a quick winterization. And if it be gettin too cold, just winterize up the fresh water side and keep a little pink or blue juice for the tank(s) and flushing.
Grit dog 10/24/21 11:30am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Best place in Wichita Kansas Area for E450 alignment

Good to hear! Sounds like you found the right place!
Grit dog 10/23/21 09:56am Class C Motorhomes
RE: 2021 Ford Bronco

^Weird, cause I view JGCs as Grampa-mobiles. So the tailgating sphincters must be of the same generation as the person complaining about them in the post above! Lol
Grit dog 10/23/21 09:53am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2022 GMC Sierra Reveal

^Tough to look past 500+ and 1000 + from the factory. Although all of the big 3 have some ridiculous pulling power now.
Grit dog 10/23/21 09:49am Tow Vehicles
RE: Hello

Ahhhh, MT, Gods Country! The Alaska of the lower 48! Some day…..I will live there….hopefully!
Grit dog 10/23/21 09:45am Tow Vehicles
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