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RE: Travelling from Nevada to Alaska in the Middle of Winter

Also, can you guys recommend a good jack that extends at least 26" or higher? The ameture I am just realised I do not have a jack for my camper should I have to change a tire. The beam that the jack goes on sits around 22" above the ground. You can lift it under the axle. No need for 2' plus of height and your truck jack will work. Bottle jacks are handy, with some boards under them, if needed. But there's other ways to lift for trailer tire change. The sand bags mentioned are a great idea, or enough boards to ramp up the good wheel to lift the flat one.
Grit dog 01/22/21 12:08pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Build my TV

Upgrading from a 27'TT to a 41' 5er. Obviously now also need to trade in my TV for something more capable. Relying on the collective wisdom of this group for guidance. I do not have any strong brand loyalty beyond american made -- concerned about driving experience, ride comfort, towing capacity for the quoted trailer, and reliability. Make your proposals. Pretty well set on a diesel, but convince me if I am wrong. Trailer is 40' UVW 14344 lbs And location Denver, CO. Lot's of off track discussion here, but bottom line, 1 ton SRW doable, DRW preferred based on size and weight combination. Ride comfort, all 3 brands are like sitting in a 400+ hp 1000 ft lb living room especially with the higher trim models. Gas v diesel, someone suggested gas would be ok. Based on your address and budget/taste, a gasser would be a horrible decision. Reliability? I won't go there and you can read all the pros and cons. Personally today, right now, I'd take a 2021 Duramax. Ram fixed the CP4 problem, so Ram 2nd, but not in favor of trans. 8 speed is on the near horizon. Ford, 3rd, well because of the CP4 and because I've talked too much sht about Ford over the years to buy one, although it will do a very fine job as well.
Grit dog 01/22/21 12:05pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing capacity vs max cargo weight rating

I'm not anti-dually, just pointing out there are some high payload tires out there. That particular tire is the "super single" option on a Sprinter. Expeditors often require to carry full size pallets, which do not fit between the dually wheel wells on a Sprinter / Transit. I considered that for my old 2nd gen, as a dually conversion probably cost more than the truck is worth... But it's a select example that isn't even a remote option for HD pickups. I'm with ya, though. Lots' of gotta have a dooley folks out there. Credit where it's due, duallys are MORE stable and greater carrying capacity. Just depends how over truck or not, or other considerations for the use of the vehicle enter into the equation or decision.
Grit dog 01/22/21 11:59am Tow Vehicles
RE: Supercharged 7.3 gasohol F-250 4x4 towing 15K trailer etc

Having ran huffers on a couple of old tech built for towing 454/460 one ton drw trucks in commercial service in the '70s heat was a engine killer. This is 40+ year newer tech but I would like to see a actual towing test up the IKe and see how the belt driven huffer and other mods deals with excess heat through the engine/tranny. See what actual temps are like working heavy rather than a drag race. I was wondering the same, was thinking that motor would really heat up from a long hard pull. With that much power it should easily complete a "full pull" with the 15K trailer up the Ike (60 mph the whole way) but could the cooling system exchange that much heat? And it would be fun to snicker at the abysmal mpg. Idk what all would need to be done with the cooling system (or maybe even internally, larger water jackets, etc) but this isn't 40 years ago and there are already vehicles putting down this much or more power and pickup trucks built to tow that are making just as much heat, so I'd say the cooling system is easily doable. BUT this truck isn't built to tow. It's not even on the radar as a real tow rig, nor would it likely be anytime in the foreseeable future. But you guys already know that. It must just be the irresistible need for antagonism speaking. It's a custom hot rod and a cool one at that...that will also tow well. Any new diesel will still eat this blown 7.3 for lunch, up a hill. He!!, I remember actually doing an Ike test, on the Ike, with my buddy who had just installed a TRD blower on his 5.7 Tundra. He was bragging about it having 500hp! (which in fairness "was" a big deal 10-15 years ago). Asked how much hp my truck had. It was a LB7 Duramax with just a tuner. Told him a little over 400hp. I was running level 4 which was supposedly a 120hp tune on the 300hp stock engine. I didn't want to scatter the trans on L 5 or 6. He said his 500hp tundra was going to wax the Chevy. He had a 2 place open sled trailer with 1 sled on it, so maybe 1500lbs total trailer. I had a 3 place enclosed with 2 sleds in it, so maybe 3000lbs total. We hit it both ways on our trip to ride that day. The long 7% stretch going up Eastbound from Silverthorne to the tunnel and the shorter Westbound steep area at the bottom of the climb Wet of Georgetown. My 400hp/800ftlb diesel left his 500/500 Tundra like a bad habit up the hill! And his truck was a TRD with 3.91 gears. I was running 3.73s in the Dirtymax. It's virtually the same comparison between the blown 7.3 and a new diesel pickup.
Grit dog 01/22/21 11:54am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2022 Ford Super Duty interior?

Why not buy a new 2021 Super Duty and then replace it when the 2023's come out? Because most people don’t subscribe to your “ it’s cheaper in the long run to buy a new truck every couple years” plan.
Grit dog 01/22/21 11:27am Tow Vehicles
RE: TFL Truck tests Ford Raptor vs Ram TRX towing on I-70

^Lol, ummm, no. Any toy hauler worthy of being able to haul a decent size rail and be to the standards of someone who will be “rock crawling” a $80k 700hp pickup, won’t be towable by a half ton. And only YouTube dooshes and multi millionaires are going to go beat up a 700hp hot rod truck rock crawling. And of them, only ones that are too dumb to realize that the TRX is a horrible platform for rock crawling will be actually doing that. Maybe someone has watched too many movies and YouTube videos
Grit dog 01/22/21 11:22am Tow Vehicles
RE: Helping a very new TC owner with a truck decision

not nessasarly true. you CAN get a 2500 that has a special package that will bring it close to the 3500 Steve ^ Somewhat correct, although it's still all fuzzy math with no meaningful physical changes to the vehicles themselves. (Although the Ford Camper package option still appears to add some spring capacity to F250s) Aside from that, it's all just numbers, no substance for the various ratings. And inconsistent in application. Example, F250, typical 10kgvw, but optional up to 10.8k or 10.9k, but only with the diesel. Yet the new F350 SRWs dont get above 11.3 or 11.5k, whereas Ram and GM have srws rated in the low 12k's. And I'm confident when I say none of the brands have meaningful changes that would make them more or less capable within the weights we're talking about, or at all really. That's why these discussions are so fun. and why some of us try to explain this, to keep folks who don't understand or, frankly, care from chasing their tails. It could be construed as a sales ploy by the mfgs to boost sales by people who "have" to upgrade their "wimpy" 10k gvw 3/4 ton to a "big strong" 11-12+k gvw 1 ton. Sale #1 "That F250 will haul anything!" Buyer has big grin on his face from the new truck smell. Buyer looks to use the truck for truck stuff and reads the door sticker and has doubts. Talks to dealer, dealer says "Oh no, I wish your almost new F250 could haul that, but alas, look at the payload....we'll give you a good trade in on this shiny new new F350 sittin over here and THEN you'll be safe!"
Grit dog 01/22/21 10:50am Truck Campers
RE: Truck Registration Weight

My experience when crossing the border from US to Canada is they really care about banned produce and meats. Driving throughout Alberta and BC however, we hardly ever saw RCMP and certainly were never bothered by law enforcement in the thousands of miles I've driven over the years. Same here, AND how much alkyhol you're importing or exporting. Got the 3rd degree about that once because I couldn't tell the US guard exactly how many leftover beers were in the cooler! The only hassle with vehicles was with a dealer loaner truck, that coincidentally I hade driven over and back twice prior in previous weeks and the 3rd time back into the US, I got the 20 questions and then yelled at for not having documentation in my name regarding the truck. Think they just stalled long enough to verify it wasn't stolen or something.
Grit dog 01/22/21 09:50am Truck Campers
RE: S&S camper lacks grey tank

Well, just like most things, a little common sense and not getting into an internet peeing match goes a long way. There is about a 0.00% chance that dumping some gray water actually hurts anything (common sense, remember, dumping it into your neighbors campsite will hurt their feelings understandably, because you're the idiot in this scenario). The rules are in place due to the Cousin Eddy factor, not unlike alot of rules or laws. Because there are alot of cousin eddys out there!
Grit dog 01/22/21 09:12am Truck Campers
RE: Pulling Long Travel Trailer to Glacier

I don’t have a TT, but pull an enclosed snomachine trailer overall length about 35’ wherever I need to. Most of the time into a snow storm and then up a forest road. Either you are comfortable towing it or not. New 1 ton diesel will be absolutely luxurious towing. Forget it’s back there until you turn a corner. Sounds like fun!
Grit dog 01/21/21 11:05pm Travel Trailers
RE: Truck Registration Weight

The only reason I'm interested in increasing the weight on the reg is chatter recently on this board that California and BC are requiring non commercial trucks into the weigh stations. Will probably never go to California again, but will pass through BC on the way up and back to Alaska the latter half of this year. Presuming your truck is fine as is registered in NY, you don't have to worry about other states' or countries registration laws. That would be like saying you cant drive your truck with camper with no license plate in a state that requires one. Stop over-thinking it from that respect. This forum, while providing good info alot of the time, incites more false theories and worries and just generally paranoid views on some of the strangest things. Heck, I drove through BC twice the same spring a few years ago, moving to AK. Once with a brand new F250, not in my name, paper tag stuck in the back window, loaded to the gills, rear suspension sagging pulling a trailer with a permanent license plate off of a different trailer I'd owned in the past in a different state. Even chatted with RCMP in the middle of nowhere. Pulled over to take a leak and he stopped to see if I was "ok." The following month, I had a 4500lb camper on the back of a 2500 with expired tags (just expired and didn't renew as I was moving to AK and not about to buy new tags just to buy new tags 2 weeks later) pulling a heavy trailer which I'd just bought and not yet registered, sporting the plate off my boat trailer that was left in the shop in WA. Neither the CDN or US border cared. Don't worry about what someone says about a place 3000miles from your home.
Grit dog 01/21/21 02:23pm Truck Campers
RE: Cab over Camper shell?

The op didn't ask anything about his truck buttt.Here we are..I have had three full sized truck campers on 1/2 ton trucks so I have an pretty good idea how they handle.. 1-1957 GMC 1/2 ton w 8ft Sturdi built overhead truck camper with re-arched springs..This worked good even pulling a two horse trailer loaded heavy. 2-Brand new 1976 Chevy Scottsdale 1/2 ton with brand new Security 8ft truck camper with coil spring overloads.. 3-1983 Chevy 1/2 ton with coil spring overloads and an older Security 8ft TC.. All worked great and were well taken care of and did not leak oil and there never was a braking issue.. List your experiences with a 1/2 ton and a full sized overhead TC.. Good luck to the op and his build... I wish I had any of those trucks today, in the shape they were when you put a camper on them. However my point was, the OPs truck is the equivalent of putting a camper on your ‘57 during Ronald Reagan’s second term or basically on your ‘83....a couple years ago. That was my point. I’ve been beating the tar out of half ton trucks daily for 25 years. Some things that would make hauling a little truck camper look like Sunday drive. But they’re newer trucks in good shape, not the 1990 Z71 that I had in college and sold a few years later with 200k miles on it, 25 years ago. I suppose it’s possible that the OPs truck has been sitting in grandpas garage nice and cherry and all maintenance items up to date. Or brought back from the condition that most 30 year old pickups are in and all solid and rebuilt and ready to rock. And if that’s the case, let er rip!
Grit dog 01/20/21 11:32pm Truck Campers
RE: Helping a very new TC owner with a truck decision

If I had to have a dually to haul that little camper around, I’d just stay in a hotel instead. On the upside, with a dually, you will at least be able to say you literally don’t even know it’s there unless you look in the mirrors!
Grit dog 01/20/21 11:02pm Truck Campers
RE: Crashed trailer

Strange how the box came completely off the chassis, mostly in one piece. Someone at the mfg forget to put the other 84 screws from the house to the frame? Almost like it skidded jack knifed, came to a sudden stop like it sits and the box slid off and tipped over. Probably unhooked the tow rig still rubber side down. Bad day for someone, but it looks like they probably made it out of the deal ok if the trailer is not tipped over. Trailer tongue/hitch doesn't look mangled up either. I think the only thing that tipped was the house falling off. Warranty work? lol
Grit dog 01/20/21 05:48pm Travel Trailers
RE: Crashed trailer

Sad to look at. The wife and I were headed out west next year but rethinking because of the winds. I'm a man of great empathy.....unless they were towing with a half ton. ?? That's a heck of a reason to not go exploring... Yes it gets windy, but I'd hazard a guess at equal chances of some sort of incident wherever you drive.
Grit dog 01/20/21 05:44pm Travel Trailers
RE: Helping a very new TC owner with a truck decision

Oh and don’t get a Ram 2500 for a TC. Seen you looking at the Ram 2500 payload chart. Remember coil springs = no bueno for TC.
Grit dog 01/20/21 04:31pm Truck Campers
RE: Helping a very new TC owner with a truck decision

^Youre basically on track, but stuck on the payload thing. 3/4 ton/250/2500 class 2 model trucks have artificially low payload ratings. So that part, you’re not tracking on. It’s confusing with all the people saying “you need a 1 ton”, but if you want actual verification, look at payload/gvws of new GM and Ford class 2 trucks. They’re offered with greater than 10klb gvws AND 10k gvw. But the truck is the same. This is not light duty vs heavy duty. Also diesels with less payload rating is the same concept. Where Diesel engines load the front axle more, campers load the rear axle. Again, real world payload IN the truck bed is relatively unaffected by lighter or heavier engine. That and I wouldn’t see a good case for helper springs and airbags. Pick one, not both. It’s all good.
Grit dog 01/20/21 04:30pm Truck Campers
RE: Travelling from Nevada to Alaska in the Middle of Winter

If you must use the ezlube... pump very slowly while the wheel is turning. I would just go. I don't like major maintenance right before a long trip. ^ This and it won't matter if it's a hand pump or pneumatic/electric gun. Either will push grease past the rear seal easily. Look at a cutaway pic of an EZ lube spindle. Spindle is gun drilled and then cross drilled at the rear bearing, so it deposits grease to the rear bearing (by the seal). In theory it pushes the grease forward throughout the cavity between the hub and spindle. In reality it can push out the back (seal) pretty easily. If you must use, I wouldn't put more than 10-20 squirts in the EZ lube and then force some grease through the front bearing from the front. Helps if the hubs/grease are warm and spinning wheel while pumping grease. Packing the bearings manually is not difficult, just messy. That said, I've had many trailers that I've never taken apart. I just hit them with a little grease once in a while. Front and back like explained above.
Grit dog 01/20/21 09:19am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Towing capacity vs max cargo weight rating

I can’t believe the lengths people will go to to avoid driving a DRW! How many years did you use that white 2nd Gen srw to tow the same 5ver?
Grit dog 01/20/21 09:07am Tow Vehicles
RE: That’s A Bunch Of Grass!

Just a bit of tail squat. :B Actually it looks good and I stand by my comment it may be at or within the RAWR. But to quote you....."How will it handle evasive maneuvers?" lol
Grit dog 01/20/21 09:04am Tow Vehicles
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