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RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

This isn't really related to "electric" vehicles, but... Speaking of how high pickup trucks are. It would be interesting if a vehicle manufacturer came out with a pickup truck with some sort of collapsible sides. Dodges (Ram) have the tool box bed (which I think is great), what about instead somehow having the side drop down 6 or more inches? Also, it would be interesting if a manufacturer came out with a "low rider" truck... just take all the spacers out from underneath that they use to lift the trucks. Unfortunately I don't think it would sell enough to make it worthwhile. But I can dream! I have long thought that pickups should be offered with reduced bedrail height for fifth wheels and slide in campers. The higher the bedrails the higher front room of a fifth wheel has to be to clear them.
Groover 01/24/20 08:54am Tow Vehicles
RE: Would I ever be happy towing with a half ton truck

Hence why I do not trust tow specs from manufactures. Even the new everybody is supposed to meet tow specs, are too easy to meet in some ways. A min 12%grade pull in first gear! I can name multiple roads steeper than this that one would stall out on! Min speed of 40mph on a 5% freeway grade, 35moh if over 15000gvwr truck. Some on here would poop bricks going that slow. If I can't go up a 30% grade and start on a 30% grade I poop bricks. Know what ratings mean, how they effect you, and reduce accordingly! Narty I'm guessing most people will never pull their camper up a 30% grade. Shiners post about doing away with the old 1/2-3/4-1ton ratings is spot on. Nothing fits those molds anymore. The axle and weight ratings are really where it's at to figure out what meets your needs. I know that I am towing at the limit for my truck but the only places that I have used 4wd low range were paved roads getting to peoples houses. So how steep of hill you will climb may depend on your neighborhood.
Groover 01/24/20 08:51am Tow Vehicles
RE: disk brake questions

Just for reference going from drum to electric over hydraulic disks on my equipment trailer with 2 7K axles was a $1,500 option from the factory. I would expect aftermarket to be a $1,000 more.
Groover 01/24/20 06:38am Towing
RE: Coast on the uphills accelerate on the downhills

Have you thought about cleaning the existing transmission cooler and radiator? Even though you can't see it there may be a surprising amount of dirt lodged in them.
Groover 01/23/20 11:58am Towing
RE: Would I ever be happy towing with a half ton truck

The problem with the question is that trucks are evolving and every category is getting more capable. My 2016 F150 tows better than my 1991 F250 or my 2003 E350. And the new F150s tow better than my 2016 model. Asking whether you could ever be happy with one depends a lot on the year model and how it is equipped.
Groover 01/23/20 08:36am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford 7.3 vs GM 6.6 fuel economy TFL video

Not only more miles in operation but the vast majority of rv folks don't have a IKE to pull.....anytime. Thats a big reason their mpg tests are flawed and not indicative of actual mpg overall of any vehicle....IMO. Do a 66 mile mpg test run in normal terrain may have a much different out come. These tests were done on more level ground, not on the Ike. Agreed.... but the wind itself can make a big impact. My trucks highway fuel mileage on flat ground can range from 17 -22 mpg depending on wind speed and direction. Also there’s a video on utube that a guy got 19 mpg from a 7.3 driving 22 miles which is bs. At least terrain repeats consistently and is valid in any comparison. Wind does not. A 30mph headwind can double your fuel consumption. Even side winds reduce fuel economy, especially if you are pulling a trailer. They did comment about the wind while driving the Ford and fuel economy changed dramatically when they turned around. It certainly appears to me that the accuracy of this test was literally blown away.
Groover 01/23/20 08:29am Tow Vehicles
RE: Would I ever be happy towing with a half ton truck

It's all opinion... RGAWR is the main spec I look for in my decision for a truck and that is one of the Laws of Physics Haven't looked it up in a couple of years or so, but half tons top out at around 4,800 lb RGAWR, that hasn't changed much for decades. Not enough truck for my main TV...edit2...4.8K is the top end rating...most half ton RGAWR's are in the 3,xxx lb range...bell curve has low 3K's to 4.8K as top dog. My preference is for 6K or more RGAWR Yes, newer half ton's are rated to tow much more than before, but, IMHO there is more to it than MTWR...RGAWR is more important The OEM'S designed everything around the RGAWR and rude quality is high on these buyers "have to have" list Why more half ton owners discuss or have after market rear axle helper springs and higher class tires Nothing wring with that. It's a personal choice thing...just understand that adding higher spring & tire capacity does NOT increase RGAWR...that is a Law of Physics Sure, the OEM'S have design margins and note that by increasing spring rates e as t into those margins... belts There was a time that they were not mandatory. Ditto other things like TPMS, safety glass, ABS, etc, etc, etc... Until too many were maimed or killed. So they became OPTIONAL Till folks continued to be maimed or DOT made them then make them either employed without human interaction...or madding buzzers that went off after you used them If the government can show that a device will more than pay for itself through safety, not only for the purchaser but also the world at large, then it should be mandated. But mandates that do not help the world at large and/or personal freedom should be seriously questioned. Requiring the use of seat belts is one of those. I am in favor of having seat belts in cars and I wear mine religiously but I don't believe that the government should have any say in whether or when I (or other occupants of the car) actually wear it. That is getting too invasive of personal freedom and I value freedom very highly. I don't want to live in a nanny state. We all know anyway that the best way to reduce deaths is to slow down some. If the police showed as much zeal in reigning in drivers that are a menace to society as they do for ticketing people not wearing seat belts a lot of wrecks could be avoided altogether. Those that do happen would be much less dangerous. Some things that would not cost much or infringe on freedom would be requiring all cars to come with DRLs(daytime running lights), automatic headlights including high/low beam), automatic wipers and lights on when the wipers are on. The bottom line for me is this, the government should protect me from you and you from me but not me from myself. We all have a right to freedom even if that means allowing for some stupid behavior.
Groover 01/23/20 08:23am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

I don't understand the statement about service in MI. I frequently see a Tesla "service van" on my drive in to work in the morning. If it's not servicing Tesla, then what's it doing? I'm also curious about titling out of state. I can buy any other new vehicle across state line and if I understand correctly, it doesn't get titled in the other state first. The original article I think appeared in mlive... and they are like the CNN of mi news, lot of made up stuff.Not sure NADA can stop the van. It is the permanent retail and service outlets that run foul of the current law. Correct. It is the direct sales that are tied up. I think most are probably purchasing in Chicago but only a guess. The direct sales restrictions need to be corrected. Tesla is making progress. They can now sell in Michigan but the consumer has to title the vehicle first in another state then transfer it to Michigan. At best this is a bunch of unnecessary paperwork and fees but that is better than it has been. It used to be illegal in most places for anybody other than a licensed mortician to sell caskets but that has been fixed by federal law and can save the purchaser thousands of dollars. It may take a federal law to fix the car sales issue as well. It also used to be illegal to pump your own gasoline and now almost everyone does. We all need to stay on our governments to represent all of us, not just the campaign donors. Michigan Tesla sales
Groover 01/22/20 09:26pm Tow Vehicles
RE: GM wants to improve trailer brakes

I have disc brakes on my heaviest trailer. Electric over hydraulic brakes work much better than electric drums in my experience. It cost me $1,500 for the option but every time I tow that trailer I feel that it was money well spent. I ran several red lights with the old unreliable brakes and literally feared for my life when towing heavy. I think that my life(and yours too) is worth the $1,500. The real problem is that most people I know look at trailer brakes as something they don't really need and a wasted expense. I have been towing long enough that I can think of several cases where trailer brakes saved me and had too many close calls related to brakes not doing what was needed.
Groover 01/22/20 02:01pm Towing
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

Tesla is not the second most valuable car company on the planet. The 10 most valuable car companies in the world. Toyota Motor Corp. ( TM): $211 billion. Tesla (TSLA): $106 billion Volkswagen AG (VOW.DE): $80 billion. General Motors (GM): $52 billion. Daimler AG (DAI.DE): $49 billion. Honda Motor Co. ( HMC) $42 billion. BMW (BMW.DE) (BMW.MI): $42 billion. Ford Motor Co. ( F): $36 billion. I finally sold my GM stock yesterday. After holding it for 5 years all that I have to show for it is the dividends. No, I did not buy TESLA. I am not quite as optimistic as some people but I do plan to buy one in about a year. ? Wish you'd post links. Even Teslarati says differently. 3rd most valuable. Very possible for it to jump to 2nd. Also very possible for it (although unlikely) to come crashing all down. :P click There are numerous articles on this but here is one from this morning: Bloomberg Tesla value "While Musk’s skeptics are dubious that Tesla should be worth more than a carmaker that sold almost 30 times as many vehicles last year, Volkswagen’s own Herbert Diess isn’t so dismissive. He’s been arguably the most vocal CEO among traditional carmakers to praise Tesla and point to its role in a radical shakeup of the more than century-old auto industry." As I said, I am not confident enough in it to invest my savings but on the other hand stock price now is based on what you think it will be worth in the future. Right enough people believe that Tesla has more potential than anyone else to create that price. A number of things could bring it down but a lot of good news has been coming out lately.
Groover 01/22/20 01:48pm Tow Vehicles
GM wants to improve trailer brakes

GM ebrake development As one who takes trailer brakes seriously that brings joy to my heart. I like the idea of stopping in the same distance with a trailer as you do without one.
Groover 01/22/20 11:54am Towing
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

Tesla is not the second most valuable car company on the planet. The 10 most valuable car companies in the world. Toyota Motor Corp. ( TM): $211 billion. Tesla (TSLA): $106 billion Volkswagen AG (VOW.DE): $80 billion. General Motors (GM): $52 billion. Daimler AG (DAI.DE): $49 billion. Honda Motor Co. ( HMC) $42 billion. BMW (BMW.DE) (BMW.MI): $42 billion. Ford Motor Co. ( F): $36 billion. I finally sold my GM stock yesterday. After holding it for 5 years all that I have to show for it is the dividends. No, I did not buy TESLA. I am not quite as optimistic as some people but I do plan to buy one in about a year.
Groover 01/22/20 11:45am Tow Vehicles
RE: Turning your truck like a skid steer

Interesting. GMC Hurrican Turn It will be interesting to see what limitations GMC puts on theirs. From what I have heard the Rivian will be limited to doing its "tank turn" off road only. Good traction would likely break things.
Groover 01/21/20 07:42pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford 7.3 vs GM 6.6 fuel economy TFL video

I think when Ford said that the 7.3L was more efficient, they meant versus the the 6.8L V-10 this engine replaced and not the smaller 6.2L. I would like to see it tested against all of the gas engines in the class including the 6.2 Ford and Ram's 2500 gasser.
Groover 01/21/20 02:52pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Cruise testing, I would be uncomfortable

The new cruise being tested will not have a steering wheel or pedals for the gas and brake. I just don't think I would be comfortable in such a vehicle. For me it would be the lack of being in control. Did you teach your kids to drive? How was that experience?
Groover 01/21/20 02:45pm Tow Vehicles
Ford 7.3 vs GM 6.6 fuel economy TFL video

TFL just posted this video. For your entertainment. Spoiler alert, Ford lost. Ford 7.3 vs Chevy 6.6 Honestly, I consider the test to be invalid and don't know why they bothered to post it. Apparently the trucks were tested on different days and even TFL commented about the wind. At the turn around point the Ford was getting 7.3mpg but after driving back into the wind the mileage had dropped down around 5mpg. Driving into the wind does far more damage to fuel economy than the gain you get from driving with the wind. The trucks need to be tested under similar conditions or they are wasting everyone's time. I concede that I do prefer Fords but this comparison was ridiculous.
Groover 01/21/20 11:43am Tow Vehicles
RE: Another Tesla problem

Like all manufacturers Tesla needs to stay of top of issues with their vehicles and I am sure that they have some but customers seem to have very high opinions of them in spite of some bad press. CR finds Tesla has highest owner loyalty experian finds high Tesla loyalty I think that I would rather buy a product that has happy customers than one that does not.
Groover 01/18/20 05:10pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Chevy's I4 2.7 turbo engine

why buy a truck if it can't pull anything? Next they will try to sell you a 5 1/2 foot bed. I am trying to figure out if you are serious or trying to make a joke. If you are serious you need to drive some of these small engines, they pull amazingly well. And, the dealers tell me that most buyers want a 5 1/2ft bed on a half ton. I had to special order my truck to get the 6 1/2ft bed.
Groover 01/16/20 07:32am Tow Vehicles
RE: New truck batteries

My 2014 Ram 3500 Cummins is starting a little slower now days and I know it's time to replace the original batteries. I have been using Walmart batteries for years and have had fairly good results. I decided to check at Sam's to see what they have and the Duracell brand is what they carry. After some reading it seems they have a good rating and I can get the AMG version for only a little more than the flooded cell. I am not looking to put Optima's or any super high dollar batteries in. Are any of you running the Duracell and if so what do you think about it? I can't tell you how good it is yet but I found out that the local Kenworth dealer sells commercial truck batteries for $75 after exchange. That is what is going into my diesel next.
Groover 01/15/20 11:36am Tow Vehicles
RE: Chevy's I4 2.7 turbo engine

The two that I referred to are 2wd and I believe that the op's is also. That is good for one or two miles per gallon. And driving habits can make a lot difference. My son's truck is a 4x4, double cab. Then that is pretty good mileage for the truck. I really would like to see a direct comparison between the two engines to get a more precise comparison. I haven't found one yet.
Groover 01/15/20 06:45am Tow Vehicles
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