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RE: PRICE DROPS coming on new GM small diesels

Had a read on the GM engine and it looks really interesting. One thing did give me a pause. The belt for the variable flow oil pump has to be changed every 150,000 miles. Changing it requires removing the transmission as well as the transfer case on 4WD's. Might be an issue for high mileage drivers. I wonder how many gallons of gasoline you could buy for the cost of that operation? The way some people on here are about maintenance they would change it every 30,000 miles because they know that the factory maintenance intervals are excessively far apart.
Groover 09/18/20 04:07pm Tow Vehicles
RE: GM 6.6 gas

Ford's 10R80 transmission was a joint venture between Ford and GM. It is a light duty transmission used in vehicles like the F150 and Mustang. It is not an HD transmission that would be suitable in the HD trucks.Thanks for the clarification. I suspect that the 10R140 used in Super Duty trucks is closely related to the 10R80, just scaled up for the extra torque. I don't understand why GM took so long to do the same thing.
Groover 09/18/20 06:23am Tow Vehicles
RE: Dodge 1500b van

I assume this is around a 90's vintage maybe? Those automatic transmissions were not the best. Dodge has never been known for good automatics. Your statement is a little too reaching. Mopar had the best 3 speed RWD transmissions on the road but started having trouble with 4 speed and FWD transmissions around 1980. At one time my family had 4 Chrysler Newports for trailer pulling. They did as well as or better than any truck on the road at the time and we never had transmission any issues. I will never forget the time shortly after I started driving when I heard some strange noises coming out from under the hood of my 1967 Plymouth and thought that it was the transmission. I took it to a transmission shop and the owner refused to come out look at the car. He made the statement "Chrysler transmissions don't fail, I make my living off of GM." He was correct, it turned out to be the alternator.
Groover 09/18/20 06:14am Tow Vehicles
RE: GM 6.6 gas

Is there something wrong with the Allison transmission in GM pickups? Other than it doesn't have 4 overdrive speeds mostly useless for towing? Other than the gasser trucks haven’t had the Allison option since the 8.1L days, nothing is wrong with the Allison. GM calls Allison: "We need more speeds... consumers want speeds!" Allison: "Why?" GM: "Because Ford has more speeds..." Allison: "But Ford uses 140 cubic inch engines..." Allison does not build transmissions for GM. GM licensed the name for marketing reasons. I have an actual Allison 6 speed in my motorhome. I really wish that it had one or two more gears. You do not notice the gear spacing much when lightly loaded but as you allude to it is much more important when heavily loaded. Most people buying a 3/4 ton or up expect to load it heavily at times. My motorhome is always heavy.
Groover 09/15/20 09:24am Tow Vehicles
RE: GM 6.6 gas

I remember when the old power glide automatic only had 2 speeds. My family had a '63 and a '67 BelAir. The '63 had the 230 6 cylinder. It didn't have enough torque to use a third gear anyway so we really didn't notice the absence of a gear very much. The '67 had the 283 and always sounded like it needed to shift again but it was reliable and held up for quite a few miles. Then we got a '70 Impala with a 350 and a 3 speed transmission. Compared with the '67 it was bigger, more powerful, better to drive and gave better fuel economy. I inherited it in 1980 and drove it for 22 years. I only got rid of it then because I inherited a newer vehicle. If you think that a 2 speed transmission was lacking my father used to talk about the '53 Buick with a single speed transmission but two torque converters. Buick Dynaflow
Groover 09/13/20 06:13am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2020 F450 owners

Assuming that you are looking at the pickup version of the F450 with a crew cab the factory specs are 0.6" higher in 4wd and 2.3" higher in the 2wd versions.Ford super-duty truck specs "Anxiously waiting for responses. Thought of the F450 for a 3 slide truck camper." The F450 turns sharper due to having the wider front end but in the pickup version it actually is rated to carry less. The pickup version is tailored for trailer pulling, not for weight carrying. So it is a toss-up as to which one would be better suited for a slide in. If you want to go with a flat bed all of that changes. You can see the details here: 2020 Ford towing guide
Groover 09/11/20 11:57am Tow Vehicles
RE: GM 6.6 gas

I would love to know what GM was thinking by not using the 10 speed in the 6.6 gas HD. Maybe supply issues? Whatever the reason it is costing them sales. The 6 may be ok, but the 10 speed would be better. The 10 speed provides 4 more opportunities for the truck to run in its power band, it would likely make the 6.6 feel more powerful. I would like to test drive one myself just to see what its about. The 10 speed transmission certainly helped Ford get the power to the ground. Ford 10 speed vs 6 speed drag race
Groover 09/11/20 06:49am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford 7.3 v8

I have about 13,000 miles on my 7.3, I’m averaging 14 miles to the gallon combination 30 % highway 70% city driving, Driving a 24 mile stretch of a straight level 2 Lane Rd. I can average 16.2 at 57 miles an hour in 10th gear, Pulling an 8 1/2 foot wide 16 foot 6‘6“ inside height enclosed car hauler trailer @‘70 mph was 9.8, I have a 14 foot dump trailer that is rated at 15,500 GVWR, the truck has no problem pulling this trailer @ it’s gross weight, That sounds like quite a bit of improvement in mileage over my 1991 460 and my 2003 V10, with more power in torque to boot.
Groover 09/10/20 06:10am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford 7.3 v8

Ford invented the V8, nearly 90 years ago and have been making V8s ever since. Not true, see this. OK, so it has been around 116 years. I think that the patent has long since expired. RV video clicky.
Groover 09/04/20 03:40pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford 7.3 v8

I have no hate for Ford or their 7.3 gas engine, Nearly every in depth article compares how the 7.3 as a very close copy of the LS. The LS has been out for many years I doubt there are many patients that are still active. The LS works and I dont blame them for building their version of it. The point I was making is that it wasnt a technological marvel in creating it. I think I have been pretty consistent, other than the 6.0 Diesel discussions, I really keep to myself on these types of discussions. Ford invented the V8, nearly 90 years ago and have been making V8s ever since. We see all the time that technology limitations and design goals push designers to very similar products. The main things that I have heard about the 7.3 is that it is designed to be very robust to survive in medium duty applications and that it has a unique combustion chamber that promotes efficiency over power. That sounds like it is just what is needed in a motorhome.
Groover 09/04/20 06:39am Tow Vehicles
RE: Pre 2008 Ford Super Duty

Can't get the pictures to post correctly. Did you try the instructions here? the hardest part generally is finding these instructions. That was a little difficult. I had to download it to my computer to use those instructions. I find that it generally helps to open RV.NET in two or more totally independent windows.
Groover 09/01/20 05:07pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

A while back there was some discussion about the need for recycling lithium-ion batteries. It has been slow to take off, partly because few have been scrapped so far but progress is being made. They are starting with cell phone batteries that are more available with plans to move on to vehicle batteries. Tesla co-founded tackles battery recycling I hope that this link works, it is from the Wall Street Journal and they sometimes restrict viewing their articles.
Groover 08/29/20 10:42am Tow Vehicles
RE: F450 vs Ram 3500 DRW tow vehicle

"Tests have been conducted on Agricultural tractors by Nebraska Tractor Tests and have shown that when 1/2 of rated HP is needed a tractor will burn nearly 30% less fuel running the engine at 80% rated engine rpm vs running at full rated rpm." The main efficiency advantage in slowing down a diesel comes from the fact that it takes time to inject the fuel into cylinder. Fuel injected after the piston has moved very far down does not get the opportunity to push the piston as hard or as far, resulting in torque loss. So basically, if you are operating near the dropoff in the torque curve there can be real efficiency gains from reducing rpm. Full rated RPM is typically near the dropoff in torque. After you are well away from dropoff there is not so much to be gained as a partially loaded diesel not have to such air past a throttle plate like a gas engine does. Not that there isn't a gain, it just isn't nearly as significant.
Groover 08/27/20 06:27am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tailgate

I have heard of dealers losing 20 in one night. I think that had a lot to do with locks becoming more common.
Groover 08/23/20 12:48pm Tow Vehicles
RE: F150 20 inch wheels vs 18 inch

"Doesn't seem like a Big mystery to me. 20" wheels mean you can pull more, doesn't mean you can carry more. Like I said, I'll run out of payload long before I hit max trailer." You can get 17" tires on an F250 that are rated to both pull and haul more. As I said earlier, for towing I would rather have 18" LT tires than 20" P series. I would like to see the reasoning on why Ford likes LT tires on Super Duty trucks but not F150 other than ride quality.
Groover 08/21/20 04:58pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Next Gen Raptor to have more power than Ram TRX

Well, the Hellcat Redeye is 797 HP. And the 6.2 in the Demon is 840 HP. So FCA is already well positioned to respond if needed. I love competition. Hard to believe that 707 HP might not be "enough". :) My father used to like to tell about people's reactions when the first 5hp outboard boat motor was introduced. That was a "racing motor" with no application in the real world. Now you can buy a recreational boat with five 627hp outboards. Shortly after WWII the bakery he worked at got a delivery truck with 100hp and that was sooo much better than the older trucks with only 90hp. Now any gas truck is considered under powered for real towing. Apparently you can never got enough power for some people.
Groover 08/21/20 08:01am Tow Vehicles
RE: F150 20 inch wheels vs 18 inch

Can you tell us what the other upgrades are? I haven't seem anything about them. It actually seems to generate a lot of confusion. If you look on the towing guides it will state that the max tow capacity is only possible with 20" wheels, but it does not say any more than that. This leads many to believe it is based solely on the smaller sidewall leading to less flex. This was my impression as well, and my clueless dealer told me no different when I purchased. It is not until you dig into the order guide that you see a bit more. There is a small note under the "Max Trailer Tow Package" line that says, Note: Max GCWR/Max Tow only achieved on SuperCrew® equipped with 20” Wheels. These trucks will also come equipped with max springs, steering gear and upgraded stabilizer bar for this configuration. While I don't need the max tow rating, and have no issues with power, these adds would have been a nice boon to truck stability had I done enough homework to understand before buying. They had the truck I wanted with both the 20's and the 18's. I didn't want to spend a thousand bucks on aesthetics, so I didn't. If I knew then... That is interesting. Are the max springs as sturdy as what comes with HDPP or is that a different category? Why do you need stronger steering when the directions for setting up a weight distributing hitch tell you to unload the front end? Even a 5th wheel would add minimal weight to the front. Why would the weight applied to a trailer hitch (typically below the tailgate) require a beefed stabilizer bar? When I added air bags to my truck to help managed tongue weight I first made the airbags independent but didn't like the ride from the reduced articulation so I re-plumbed the bags to be on the same channel and allow articulation. The last two sound like they would be useful on a slide-in camper but not for trailer towing. I could really see a use for LT tires though. And they are not available from the factory in 20" for the F150.
Groover 08/21/20 07:50am Tow Vehicles
RE: F150 20 inch wheels vs 18 inch

I would special order and get the HDPP package. Actually, that's what I did do, to me, its worth the wait. I rented a cheap car while I waited. Best decision I ever made, got exactly what I wanted and nothing I didn't need. P.S. The HDPP package doesn't include with 20" wheels. For some reason the most towing that you get with HDPP crew cab 4WD is 11,300lbs while a similar truck without HDPP and 20" tires is rated for 12,700lbs. Just in case that matters to you. That is really odd to me for a variety of reasons.I don't know didn't look that up. You get more payload with the HDPP. Basically because you get a beefier frame. I'm more concerned about payload. I'll never get to max trailer before I run out of payload. I could see the two trucks have the same GCWR if they are drivetrain limited but the max GCWR is 18,600lbs without HDPP and drops to 17,100lbs with HDPP. What is in the HDPP that leads Ford to reduce GCWR? That is the real mystery to me.
Groover 08/21/20 07:31am Tow Vehicles
RE: V10 4R100 lost power on a mountain

I'm going with a fuel pump failing. Your losing fuel pressure. When that happens you can get the symptoms you describe! That or trash blocking the fuel intake. When you shut down the trash may float away, restoring flow and power. But, it will be back!
Groover 08/21/20 07:18am Tow Vehicles
RE: F150 20 inch wheels vs 18 inch

I would special order and get the HDPP package. Actually, that's what I did do, to me, its worth the wait. I rented a cheap car while I waited. Best decision I ever made, got exactly what I wanted and nothing I didn't need. P.S. The HDPP package doesn't include with 20" wheels. For some reason the most towing that you get with HDPP crew cab 4WD is 11,300lbs while a similar truck without HDPP and 20" tires is rated for 12,700lbs. Just in case that matters to you. That is really odd to me for a variety of reasons.
Groover 08/20/20 03:07pm Tow Vehicles
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