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RE: Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas and a happy New year! Guy
Guy Roan 12/23/21 05:47am General RVing Issues
RE: FL questions

Hello again all. Brining this thread back to life. We thought this trip was off and then suddenly it came back to life. We are heading south the week of 3/28-4/3. Pretty darn last minute! I am driving myself nuts google searching and looking at RV parks / campgrounds so I am hoping for a few specific suggestions or some more specific area suggestions. Sites are stil available at many RV parks but state parks are totally out. Shame because there are some great looking parks. So.. Here is what I am thinking. Centralized spot where we can easy take day trips to kayak and possibly see manatees and/or nature in general, go to a great beach ( perfect world our site would be on the beach), possibly a day trip to an Orlando park, possible day trip to Clearwater area to see a spring training game. With that said it looks like areas north west of Orlando have most except beaches. If we go to Atlantic side they have beaches but far away from the rest of my list. Are there any gulf beaches I am missing? Any awesome RV parks you ahve been to? HELP!!! ;-) Spending waaayyy to much time on google maps and the computer so all input is welcome. And yes, I am still considering a lot of what has already been written as well. Thanks again all! If you are coming from PA; figure two days coming and two days returning you are trying to fit in way too much for the time you'll have. Pick two of the items you have on your list and then aim for a RV park near them. You and your family will enjoy the trip a lot better than trying to fit it all in. From One who has experienced all that Florida has to offer over the past fifty five years , and still do now at age 85 ! Guy
Guy Roan 03/07/21 07:44am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Dicor lap sealant or Eternabond tape for new roof vent

If it was mine and the flange went down nice and smooth, I would use self leveling Dicor Guy
Guy Roan 03/03/21 04:09am General RVing Issues
RE: New post on bike carriers

Looks like it would work, the only information I did not see is whether there is an anti-sway wedge on the receiver shaft. On my Yakima swing away there is a wedge that expands the shaft when securing the rack in the receiver. This prevents the motion caused by the rack shaft being able to move around in the receiver. Maybe not so important mounted on a pickup. Dave Thanks, I don't think there is one, but I figure if there is any slop I can come up with a shim. I like that Yakima full swing double down hitch, but I just can't get myself to spring for that $570 when this one is less than half that and looks sturdy. Guy
Guy Roan 03/01/21 01:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: New post on bike carriers

Three bikes is a lot; we carry two and they bounce around on our front receiver of our Suburban. If you haven't yet bought the bikes I'd suggest looking into foldup bikes. We used Dahon's for years folded up in our sailboat. They are adjustable for almost any age group. Already have the bikes and have been carrying them for years on Yakima roof top carriers. They are light weight road bikes with 700 x 23 wheels. We would be laughed out of the senior games time trials if we showed up with fold up bikes Guy
Guy Roan 03/01/21 12:57pm General RVing Issues
RE: New post on bike carriers

If you use it on your RV, be sure it is RV rated. And more often than not with carriers you get what you pay for. Best off not to chince on these. MHO From my many years of rv'ing if it is "RV rated" then it must be cheap junk ! Guy
Guy Roan 03/01/21 06:30am General RVing Issues
RE: New post on bike carriers

Your main concern should be the bikes bouncing and swinging back there trying to break the bumper or other structure. I carry the bikes in the truck. The truck will be filled. I have a cap on the truck, but that will have kayaks on it. Guy
Guy Roan 02/28/21 05:20pm General RVing Issues
RE: New post on bike carriers

If you use it on your RV, be sure it is RV rated. And more often than not with carriers you get what you pay for. Best off not to chince on these. MHO I'll be using it on a truck Guy
Guy Roan 02/28/21 05:17pm General RVing Issues
RE: From our daily camping log:

Sounds like a nice trip. I don't kayak or even paddle any thing,but if I saw a gator blocking my way I would of turned around and been back the 7 miles in about a minute and a half. I we have paddled in and around them for the past thirty years and I have had a lot of experience with them. Any that are larger than eight feet I give them them the complete right of way and will keep a safe distance. Especially the ten and twelve foot males. If they are eight feet and smaller I'll make them move unless it is a mother with babies in which case I'll keep a safe distance. Also at any length even the smaller ones will defend themselves if they get cornered and don't have an escape route Guy
Guy Roan 02/28/21 02:02pm Around the Campfire
New post on bike carriers

I know there was another post here on receiver bike hitches, but since I am in the market for one that would carry three bikes and saw one on line that looked good I figured I would ask here if anyone had one like it and could comment It is by Advantage sports rack and it is called Glideaway 2 by Heininger Guy
Guy Roan 02/28/21 11:47am General RVing Issues
RE: Potentially dangerous mistake in March RV Magazine

That is the exact mistake I made many years ago as a newbie. I was on a grade and removed my safety chains and then unhitched with out chalking the wheels. If one of the maintenance workers wasn't right there to throw a block under a wheel. My trailer would have been down in a creek Guy
Guy Roan 02/28/21 09:35am General RVing Issues
From our daily camping log:

Tide was no good so we went up to the Everglades with the Kayaks (first time in the kayaks this year), and had a fun 7 mile paddle on the Nine mile Pond canoe trail. We had an interesting happening near the end of the trip when we came around a corner where the width of the trail was only about eight feet wide and there was an eight foot long gator directly across it blocking our way. Normally they sink down and hide in the depths but the depth was only about two feet and the water was crystal clear. We sat there, about six feet behind it waiting for it to move, but it just looked at us and stayed right where it was. I finally decided to force it's hand, (or mouth) and very slowly paddled forward. It got the message and turned in the same direction we were going and slowly lead the way. It would have made a neat video with the gator leading us with it's tail touching the bow of my kayak. Finally after about fifty feet it pulled over to the side, stopped and submerged so that we could go by. As I passed I was close enough to reach over and touch it's back, but naturally didn't. Then as Nanci came up and as she was passing over it, it raised it's head up and either hissed or got some air. -Probably letting us know we disturbed it's siesta. All and all it was a fun day Guy
Guy Roan 02/28/21 04:51am Around the Campfire
RE: No Pain, No Gain!

My VA center is in Asheville NC and my primary care doctor is the best one I have ever had in my life. He seems to actually care about my health Also the auditory and optical doctors are second to none Guy
Guy Roan 02/26/21 05:05pm Around the Campfire
RE: Reservation blues - UPDATED

I agree with DrewE. We have lots of spots that we favor in various state parks and try to get them when we reserve. For what it is worth: Before we book a site we almost always check to see if there is any problem backing into it with some one in the site opposite us. You can usually do this on Google earth, if the park can't tell you Guy
Guy Roan 02/20/21 12:09pm General RVing Issues
RE: Your worst nightmare

Speaking of outhouses: Quite a few years ago I used to do my bike training rides in a rural NC mountain road that ran along beside a river. In one place there was an old abandoned country church that had a old outhouse right beside it. On one ride I stopped to use it - got inside and closed the door which made it totally dark. I dropped my bike shorts and sat on the old wooden one holer and the next thing I heard was a loud buzzing. Needless to say all systems stopped and I made a bee line (no pun intended) for the outside. As I was exiting with only a couple of stings I happened to look up and right hanging from the underside of the roof was a humongous paper wasp globe. I finished my business on the outside behind the outhouse Guy
Guy Roan 02/20/21 09:02am Around the Campfire
RE: A little lighter subject to discuss

Lay the bike on its side. Remove air and take one side of tire off rim. Go around the rim and remove tube. Pump tube up to find then patch leak. Go around the rim reinstalling tube and tire. Fill with air. All done not taking wheel off bike. Front tire, just take the wheel off and fix flat. Not on a skinny tire bike-thank you ! I don't want to go bump, bump, bump down the road Guy
Guy Roan 02/20/21 04:43am Around the Campfire
RE: Heritage Glen 273rl.

We have A 27BHSS2Q and would replace it with the same if we needed to. This is our second which we had custom built. Our first was a complete lemon and we lucked out when it was totaled by hurricane Irma.( we had full insurance coverage) I strongly suggest you go over everything with a fine tooth comb and operate the tongue jack, the canopy, the slides, the stabilizers and the complete water system. Also if it is not too late, get it with 50 amps and two A/C unites rather than the 30 amp with just one. Hopefully on your model there is more counter space than on ours which has just about none I am handy and have added a lot of cabinets and shelving, replacing their flimsy ones. Overall; for the money, you can't go wrong Guy
Guy Roan 02/20/21 04:30am Travel Trailers
RE: Moderna vaccine (Personal experiences)

WE got the second shot (moderna) this morning. So far zero reaction for both of us - Not even a tender muscle like the regular flu shot Guy
Guy Roan 02/19/21 03:44pm Around the Campfire
RE: Winterizing the coffee maker

What the instructions with our new dishwasher it said to pour some pink stuff in the sump, turn it on for a few second and then immediately turn it off so it doesn't get pumped out. When ready to use it againjust run a few cycles of fresh water through it. Perhaps something similiar could be done for your coffee maker Guy
Guy Roan 02/19/21 03:35pm General RVing Issues
RE: 18 Feb 21 – Mars Rover “Perseverance” landing 1555 EST

I am waiting to see it come back and a bunch of little Martians jump out asking if any one could direct them to the local pub ! Guy
Guy Roan 02/18/21 05:13pm Around the Campfire
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