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RE: Big Problem with Lance 1161 Slide (new thread)

Ok, its been 7 months and I finally started my Lance 1161 slide out repair. So this is a continuation of my original post. i’m finally over the hump so to speak, all the dismantling is complete and now I’m ready to have my fabricator do his magic, then I will install the new sub floor wing (surface under the slide out), install the new slide out seals, re install the slide system and slide-out and finally, skin repair. Here’s the update: I was finally able to get the camper into the shop I had arranged to rent on 5/14/2019. It took 3 months to coordinate it with the owners schedule and my own, but I finally had the date so I kept it and got my camper in there. The original plan was to put it inside, but his shop is quite busy and the weather was improving so I was fine putting it in the lot for now (or then). I also found the inside of the shop a bit smoggy as there’s automotive activity constantly going on and the ventilation isn’t so great, so after I got my camper in there, I decided it would be fine to do it in the yard. That was all a win / win as the shop space was a premium and because he was giving me such a good deal for SF Bay Area shop space and was generally cool about everything I didn’t even bother asking for a discount. Immediately after I got the camper in the shop the weather turned...! I mean this is California and its supposed to be dry, but no. Every time I had time off, the rain would show up for a week or so. uggghhh, delays, maybe inside the shop would have been better. To make matters worse, I have a life, not that that’s bad its just I have things to do as well. Work assignments, personal life, weddings, graduations, sailing classes (I’m getting all my ASA certs and captains license), so there she sat. I would come down and do what I could to peck around on her and then a good friend of mine, who happens to also have a 2003 1161 that had already been repaired and wasn’t in use offered it up as a loaner until mine was fixed. This changed everything...! I drove to Sacramento and picked her up. In exchanged I promised to do some overdue maintenance, fixes and upgrades to her, which I did right away..... So right before the next set of rains, I completely dicor re-sealed his and mine. I mean I went through it with a fine tooth comb. Every seal that was even in question got re calked. I had a couple cases of self leveling and non-leveling compound to work with so I was able to get the campers sealed before the onslaught of spring rains.... Having a backup camper was ideal. This allowed me to continue my lifestyle and keep spirits up as I was struggling to schedule in time to tear my camper apart. Oh, also, I installed some new wiring, fixed his LEDs,, install a new AC inverter, fix the wiring for the running lights and a few more other things. I really appreciated the loaner so I wanted to give back what I could, so thats all done - check...! Now for the good part. The last two weeks have been VERY productive. Today, 6/28 I have finally finished the dismantling part of this project, so I’m very satisfied but based on my schedule I will probably need another 3-4 weeks before I can finish the project or at least get out of the shop rental situation. Once the slide is back in, I can finish my touch ups in my parking storage. Anyway, there’s the update of the progress so far. My next post will show all the photos of the work so far, so you can see what’s involved if you attempt this yourself. I can’t say it was easy, but coming from someone who’s handy but never done any project like this before, its not all that bad. Sure there was lots of learning involved, but you just gotta keep moving forward. That was key to me. Its scary to start taking things apart, pulling out the slide, cutting out rotting wood, removing past repairs, etc. But I have to say today, I finally feel a sense of accomplishment and I’ve turned the corner. Ok, putting pics together for the next post. Stay tuned...! ~ Gypsy
GypsyJason 06/28/19 09:53pm Truck Campers
RE: Big Problem with Lance 1161 Slide (new thread)

I stand corrected and see that, sorry for the bad info. I hate spreading it. Says "lance lock" aluminum tubed framing. I can't believe that wont be a huge improvement over the wood only framing they've used in the past. I almost bought an 06 1191 for $13k Please post back any info you learn.
GypsyJason 11/28/18 05:05pm Truck Campers
RE: Big Problem with Lance 1161 Slide (new thread)

Hi Dale, Call Lance @ 661 949 3322. I think its extension 510 over there. They can give you the actual truth about the model you are looking at. They're actually VERY helpful. My understanding was alum framing started in 2008 but I could be wrong and wont be the first or last time, today...! I definitely would do that before buying any used camper. They can send you schematics and everything but should easily be able to answer if it has some or all aluminum framing. My memory says "some" alum starting in 2008, meaning that some parts of the camper were NOT using alum yet.... but - please correct me if you find out. Be careful and good luck...! Gypsy Jason PS - Google or Forum search "2007 Lance 1181 problems"
GypsyJason 11/28/18 03:50pm Truck Campers
RE: Big Problem with Lance 1161 Slide (new thread)

Thanks for the post Dale. Yep, I'm sure there is intrusion elsewhere. Looking at the photos of previous projects, I'm pretty sure I know where most of it would be. Good general idea is - Anywhere there is a penetration in the skin, is a potential leak point. I have worked out a deal with my fabricator to use his shop. Part of what is important for me is to learn along the way. Each time I go through some repair and do it myself I feel like a; the work is done better and b; I learn some great lessons making the next project easier. My confidence level notches up, so this suits me and he's a hell of a talented guy that builds custom hitches and such, he's done several welding projects for me and they've all come out great. There's a forklift and extra hands down there so getting the slide out should be easy. Electricity and access to the shop compressor is idea. Being able to rip into my camper there makes sense for me. I will attempt the wing and skirt rebuilds myself. I do have some carpentry experience. Sure there may be more, but the patient is in critical condition so I will just fix that first. I'm hoping to stop the bleeding here. Eventually, I may end up doing a complete rebuild but not until I have a place to do that myself and a newer unit I can use in the meantime. I spend probably 150 nites per year in my camper so I cannot be without one and I just sold my 880, so that's where I'm at. I have also worked out with a friend who has a a couple TCs to use his 2003 1161 while mines in the shop. His is sitting in a storage lot and being unused so I can't say how thankful I am for that offer. I will also go over his TC and give it some Dicor touchups and make sure he's sealed up for the winter. Not only will I have it there onsite as a mobile office / hotel room to stay in during the process but how cool is it to have pretty much the same camper to look at when i'm rebuilding one I've taken apart. So a big thank you to "Land Lubber" for the hookup on that. I will be documenting and posting my progress here. Hope it can help others and maybe I can learn from people here during the process. Its a new project for me, so I'm excited and scared at the same time. Worst case, I will put her pieces onto a trailer and bring it somewhere like Southend for help but that is the last resort. I really want to take a crack at this myself, so it seems worth a good college try. Right now I'm still in Vegas and the shop is in SF Bay area. So I will be taking the slow road there, via San Diego (for some work there) and then up to SF Bay. I estimate I will be able to get it into the shop by 12/15. I would like to have it working again by end of Jan. Things slow down at xmas time. Wish me luck and I will keep this thread open to document my progress. I depart Las Vegas on or around 12/2. I finished my contract out here but need to stick around and take care of a few things before I leave. BTW - I did get ahold of Chet. Its been hard to communicate over email and we tried setting up a phone call but because he says he's deaf it makes that difficult. It seems the main complaint was the installation of the slide out seals backwards which funneled water into his camper and soaked the carpeted slide out, the floor below and his main floor. He said there were a few other things as well. I guess that's a fair thing to be upset about, I'll post more if and when I speak with him. I also spoke with Mike over at Southend RV and asked about that. He admitted there have been mistakes in the past but everything is a learning experience and that they've fixed those issues. So.... I would contend if you really want a shop with experience in not just camper restoration but experience with our beloved 1161 side entry model, i haven't found it elsewhere. If your looking for a basic idea of the budget needed for a complete restore. It starts at about $25k. Its not cheap, but if your looking at a total loss vs rebuilding it vs the cost of a new one or a used one, it should be on the list to consider. You'll certainly end up with a better product than Lance was able to engineer. And YES - BTW Lance started using aluminum in 2008 but they said it took a few years till they really started making improvements so I would stick to 2012 or newer if your looking at the 1191 or 1181 models. And even then, I'm having some trust issues with Lance. Its not just them, they all have their issues. They want to get a product made as cheaply and light as possible. A problem 10 years out is certainly not a concern when the warranty is 1-2 years on structural. I'll also end this post saying that if you research into slide outs and water damage, its pretty much universal between TT, TC, and MH alike. There's an opening there and water finds its way in and damage follows. My next TC and even TH will probably be slide out free. I like the extra space they provide, but I can live without it and especially the hassles involved with having them in the first place - plus all that extra weight. Sure they're sexy but to me the price isn't worth the cost. Gypsy Jason
GypsyJason 11/28/18 02:57pm Truck Campers
RE: Big Problem with Lance 1161 Slide (new thread)

Remember, you can buy a big used, very good condition camper similar to yours for $10-15k. Factor that into how much you spend on a repair that should never need to be a repair in the first place. IE, even repaired, anyone looking for a camper like that would not pay anywhere near market value for it. This isn’t like you’re replacing the appliances. Structurally, it’s broken and unless you can do the repairs yourself, the cost will likely outweigh the benefit. Hi Grit Dog, So I'm currently in that space. I'm tempted to shop for a newer one and then put my baby in a place I can tear it apart and attempt the repair myself. Some of these rebuilds are above $20k or more. Also, I look at the complete rebuilds and I see a lot of work that didn't necessarily need to be done. I dont see the need to rebuild / restore it. Thanks for your post...! Gypsy Jason
GypsyJason 11/26/18 10:23am Truck Campers
RE: Big Problem with Lance 1161 Slide (new thread)

So there are several rebuilds on the LOA forum. Its taking quite a long time for me to read through it all, but once i'm done I will followup with Sleepy and find out why he's not happy with the rebuild. Its somewhat comforting that others are, so that gives me hope. So far, my thought is not to do a complete rebuild at this point. I definitely need a wing rebuild, probably skirt too. I'm looking at the extent of the photos about completely deskinning the camper and I just dont think I want to do that. I'm also thinking this is a skill I would like to learn. I've been RV-ing already for almost 30-years and while I've picked up some amazing skills along the way, working with these materials and this type of structural repair is intimidating. But, I do see myself continuing in this life style and if I had the ability to fix and re-skin my camper, well its comforting. Anyway, thanks a lot to everyone who posted, you've all really helped push me down the road I needed to go. I will continue in sponge mode just absorbing all I can and talking to everyone I can before making any type of decisions. Back to reading for now.... I will keep this thread updated as my project develops. If there's anyone else who wants to share in the meantime, please keep my reading list full. Happy holidays (and camping). Gypsy Jason
GypsyJason 11/24/18 10:04pm Truck Campers
RE: Big Problem with Lance 1161 Slide (new thread)

Ticki2 - I heard back from Sleepy. He said he spent a fortune on that repair (i wont say how much without his permission) and that he got a mess back, and that he would not have them do any work on a truck camper again. I will message Boatycall and see if his experience was similar, but I have to cross them off the list too. I do appreciate the info tho, got me to the next point on my journey. THANKS ! Gypsy Jason
GypsyJason 11/23/18 08:52am Truck Campers
RE: Big Problem with Lance 1161 Slide (new thread)

work2much - Yes the turnbuckle has a spring inside. My F450 is a cab and chassis, so I had to have everything fabricated for it including the tie downs. Nothing is available for it on the aftermarket. If I had only known that before I bought it. Re turnbuckles - Yes - They are at a steep angle, and I hadn't thought about that being a problem but this issue is definitely not because of that. There's been soft spots under that wing since I had it on my F350 for about 6-months, and the botched repairs have just made it worse. I have been keeping that one turnbuckle on the effected side, more slacked than usual and that babying seems to have kept it at bay for awhile. Its just this last trip was a little bouncy. downtheroad - that is within my range so I'll check them out. I was hoping to hear from other members who own this camper. I did thoroughly read the other thread about their repairs back in 08 and 06, so I will probably reach out directly to see how its going. ticki2 - I will check with them ad see, maybe its the same place downtheroad referred me to. I could definitely make the trip up there. I'm good with tools and such, but I lack the experience to effect a repair like this myself, so logically it would make more sense for me to just go back to work and get the money and pay someone else to do it right, but having been burned makes me want to make sure its done right and be part of that process. Ahhh, the life. When its great its great....when there's a big issue, its not so great, but its still a lot of fun..! Thank you everyone for feedback so far. I appreciate it...!
GypsyJason 11/22/18 11:20pm Truck Campers
Big Problem with Lance 1161 Slide (new thread)

Hi there, So there's another topic for pretty much the same issue, but since its about 8 years old it was closed, or I would be posting there. I purchased a Lance 1161, that appeared to have a repair under the slide out (3" aluminum angle under the slide out frame). I purchased the camper for what I thought was a good deal. Well, that fix turned out to be not so great, 6 months later - it started to twist sideways not allowing the slide to fully close; then it started sagging. I bought it from a private party who said he knew nothing of the repair. Next step; I shopped around (was in Northern CA at the time), and nobody really wanted to fix it. I went by Lance in Lancaster, and they quoted me $5-$7k, almost the price of the camper before I added some mods and a $2k solar system, ugh. I finally found a place in Sacramento that said this kind of repair was right up their alley and they scheduled me an appt for October of 2017 (this was around August). Took it in, said I wanted ALL the dry rot repaired (wing replacement) and that crappy angle replaced and fixed to the corners and re-covered so the slide would go all the way in. I also ordered them the slide modification that Lance sells. 3-weeks later after a few calls they said come get her. I went to pick her up and initially she looked great. Angle was gone, the camper was on its jacks and the slide opened and closed. On closer inpspection, they had not replaced the rotten wood under the wing. They also hadn't done the seals like I had asked, so before paying them they put 3 guys on the job to reseal. After that, I said I was still upset about the dry rot not being repaired. They asked if I wanted to leave it. NO WAY - So I loaded it on to my truck (after writing the check) and as soon as she touched down, sag was bag and the top of the slide popped open a couple inches...... Ughhh, an argument ensued and I ended up paying for their parts and there is botched repair number two. That lasted about 6 months and it started to separate at the corner and the sag got worse. I have not been able to find any reputable outfit that can repair my camper so I'm looking for advice. There's several members that effected their own repairs, so I'm wondering is that really the only option to fix it correctly....? Can anyone recommend a place to repair it...? I'm certainly willing to drive it wherever she needs to go to be fixed. I really love this camper, made her my own and if I can fix the slide out frame / wing, I'll keep her forever. Anyway, just finished a trip through Death Valley, I knew it would probably be her last adventure until the repair, so I'm ready. Just looking for some advice, paid help or referrals to a reputable repair place. Here's the latest pics, its getting pretty bad. So sad to look at these. Please post or PM - and Happy Thanksgiving....! Gypsy Jason Front to rear view: height=900 width=640 Drivers side view (slide): height=900 width=640
GypsyJason 11/22/18 02:32pm Truck Campers
RE: Photo Thread - Post a Photo of Your Truck Camper Here

2002 F-450 7.3L Diesel (The Unicorn) 2004 Lance 1161, 400W Solar / Victron, (The Beast) About 50 miles off road somewhere in Death Valley. Nov 20, 2018
GypsyJason 11/22/18 12:44pm Truck Campers
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