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RE: Successful summer mods

Want to know if the fridge fans made a difference? Big or little difference?
HMS Beagle 08/26/20 10:08am Truck Campers
RE: Lithium batteries

Also a reminder that those batteries in the article were lithium ion cobalt, not lithium iron phosphate. Cobalt batteries have a much lower thermal runaway temperature, and a much more checkered history of safety compared to LiFPo4. Cobalt batteries are used in the 787 and most electric cars. The storage batteries being used in RVs are LiFePo4.
HMS Beagle 08/23/20 10:06am Truck Campers
RE: Engine repair / upgrade after road trip

In regards to smog, that is the great thing about the 7.3, although a smog test is required, it is mostly a visual inspection and none of what is being done will change the visual aspect of the truck unless you really know what you are looking at. The only real visual change will be the turbo but we are specifically going with one that looks very close to stock (isn't shiny) so you would have to know what it is to know what it is. Some 99 7.3s came with a catalytic converter, some didn't. It's a bit of a grey area on this truck and one of the reasons I opted for it over newer trucks. On my 6.7, they plug into the OBD port and check that the ECM hasn't been "tuned". I don't remember if they did that with my '99 7.3 or not. On a 7.3 there isn't that much as you say that would be a visual givaway. The usual "delete" on a 6.7 would be quite obvious visually.
HMS Beagle 08/13/20 07:29pm Truck Campers
RE: Taping Window on Cab Over

Find the 3M preservation tape (4811). Does not seem to harm finishes or leave much behind. More expensive than duct tape, but this is the kind of thing it is made for. Also, while you are in Canada stop at a hardware store (if they will let you) and get Varsol. Much better solvent than we can get here (in California, anyway).
HMS Beagle 08/12/20 03:33pm Truck Campers
RE: Engine repair / upgrade after road trip

You have a strategy to get through the biannual smog check? Used to be California didn't check diesels, that has changed.
HMS Beagle 08/12/20 10:44am Truck Campers
RE: F350 where do I jack from? / would this plan work?

A few people here saying you are only lifting 1/4 the weight. If you put the jack under the axle as close as you can get it to the tire, you will find it will lift a significant amount of weight off of the other tire as well. Particularly true on a dually. The jack is going to be about 1/4 of the track inboard, at best. That will increase the load on the jack by 33%. In addition there is roll stiffness in the suspension which will load the jack further, any anti-sway bar further still. If the wheel has 3000 lb load your jack may see 4000 or even 5000 lbs.
HMS Beagle 08/10/20 05:20pm Truck Campers
RE: Comprehensive mobile app for campsites/grounds/rules

The RVParky app shows all campgrounds. Private, state and Federal. Great App. RVParky definitely does not show all campgrounds, missing at least many of the forest service, BLM, power company, etc.
HMS Beagle 08/03/20 10:16pm Truck Campers
RE: What's changed about camping?

The reality is none of what you posted is really new! It isn't new - but it is getting worse. The only cure is to go further away from population, or off season. Off season is noticeably more crowded now than even 10 years ago. More population, and many more RVs, which have made camping accessible to people who really don't want to camp. If you are just going to watch TV all afternoon, do you really need to take up a campsite to do it?
HMS Beagle 08/02/20 08:01pm RV Lifestyle
RE: 3M 5200 Marine Sealant et al

Butyl is best used where the window is held in place by other mechanical means and can be removed so that the butyl can be replaced. If it is oozing out, the item was clamped too tightly. Butyl will ooze out due to movement and temperature change. It will continue to do so for years. On a boat I had it continued at age 15. Yes it can be removed and replaced. Buy why would I want to do that every few years? A LOT of experience with both materials has me using PU or PE sealants as I only want to do things once, not again and again. It isn't forever, but an expectation of 15 - 20 years isn't unreasonable. Butyl does work. Silicone does work. Marine PU or PE works much better, for much longer. Butyl and silicone are used in RVs because it is quicker, and cheaper.
HMS Beagle 07/13/20 02:43pm Truck Campers
RE: Back up camera using factory screen

For my Ford, I just bought a replacement camera from Ford, and printed a plastic mount to stick it on the camper. Again on the Ford, there is no known hack to turn on the rear view camera when in motion. The only hack available disables the GPS so that the truck doesn't think its moving, then it is possible to get the screen turned on (to an auxiliary video input), but your GPS doesn't work for the duration. I'd love to discover a solution for this as I tow a narrow trailer than cannot be seen while driving. Thus, their safety interlock is unsafe.
HMS Beagle 07/10/20 12:25pm Truck Campers
RE: 3M 5200 Marine Sealant et al

There are two reasons the 3M and equivalent Sika products are not used in the RV industry: cost and installation time (in other words, cost). No one would use the common RV products on a boat, and no one responsible uses silicone. Silicone lasts forever as a lump, but is a very poor adhesive, so it really only works when clamped between two rigid flanges. These conditions rarely exist on an RV, and the usual method of slathering it on the outside of a joint is pointless. It simply fails, collects dirt and water, and prevents resealing the joint properly. 5200 is as much an adhesive as a sealant, strength is around 700 psi so it is for things you want to mount permanently. It can be removed, but you will need to put some effort into it. There are now polyurethane debonders that help. 4200 is another polyurethane, with about 1/2 the adhesion of 5200 (300 psi). Both take days to cure, though both come in a "fast cure" formula that takes about 24 hours. This is one of the reasons they are not used in RV production. Both of these will yellow in the sun and eventually (years) degrade from UV exposure. 4000UV is a polyether, and is highly resistant to yellowing or degrading from UV. It is a bit stronger than 4200 but not as strong as 5200 (400 psi). It cures a little faster than the "fast cure" polyurethanes. This is the product I would use on an RV, unless the strength of 5200 was needed. Any of these is far better than typical RV sealants: better adhesion, more flexible, and retain flexibility longer. Properly done, a vent or window frame should be good for 15 - 20 years without attention. On boats 30 years to reseal hatches is not uncommon. I cannot understand the tolerance of RV owners to having to pour snake oil on the roof year after year. There are better ways. I personally don't like butyl tape. It doesn't harden, but it doesn't cure or stick to anything either. When it gets hot, it oozes out of the flange making a mess, and now it is gone when things cool again and you've got no pressure on the seal. I've seen many things sealed with butyl fail, including the shower skylight that I am right now fixing on my Bigfoot.
HMS Beagle 07/08/20 06:00pm Truck Campers
RE: Weatherproofing 04 Bigfoot

I think the only thing Bigfoot used on the sides is butyl tape under the flanges and silicone on top. So if there is some Hengs or other on side bits it was done aftermarket. I personally wouldn't use that stuff for anything but I'll admit I am way in the minority. The two halves of the shell have an overlap, the top overlapping the bottom. The trim piece covers the joint and also hides the screws. There is no feasible way to recaulk or improve this seam. However the screws can leak and eventually rot something. I don't know when the crossover was, but originally they used steel screws and then changed to SS screws. I would check yours to see which, if steel I'd go to the trouble of replacing them all with SS, sealing each one with a little PU sealant. The silicone normally spread around that trim does absolutely nothing except collect dirt and mold. Resealing windows is a lot of work, I'd do what Jim suggests to start with. Also good the clearance lights, they have very little flange sealing them and if the wiring hole was drilled a little bit off, you have leaks. The later models have a very sticky, stretchy sealant that you hate to disturb if it is still good, so it is a dilemma - disturb what may be good or leave it alone until it actually leaks.
HMS Beagle 06/15/20 10:12pm Truck Campers
RE: Truck flatbed and build for the camper

Looks good! I predict you will love the air ride. Any idea how much the flat bed weighs?
HMS Beagle 06/15/20 10:00pm Truck Campers
RE: removing silicone from Fiberglass

I don't think 3M adhesive remover will touch silicone. Nor does acetone, MEK, toluene, or lacquer thinner. You can scrape most of it off with a razor blade or other scraper. There are a few commercial products that claim to remove silicone, I've not found one that works well or quickly (including DSR-5). Permatex now has one out that I haven't tried. All of them work best if most of the silicone is scraped off first, and what is left is lightly abraided with a (soft) wire brush. This provides plenty of edges for the remover to work on and under. If you can arrange to soak it in gasoline, it causes the silicone to swell and eventually come loose. I've not tried coleman fuel but maybe that would be quicker. The gel coat used on a Bigfoot is similar to that used on boats. It is very solvent resistant and none of the above mentioned chemicals will cause it any harm. Some of them will cause harm to the decals and any plastic trim that they touch, so you want to be careful there. There are very few uses for silicone on an RV. Many other sealants perform better and cause fewer problems. If you try the Permatex and it works, please report back.
HMS Beagle 06/12/20 06:54pm Truck Campers
RE: Using batteries alone

I have 3 fuses back by the battery. The first one is a 30 amp and if you do anything it melts. The 30 amp must be feeding the panel. "If you do anything it melts" - like do what? If there is a short somewhere, just inserting the fuse will cause it to melt. Is that what happens, or do you have to operate something to blow the fuse?
HMS Beagle 06/04/20 01:24pm Truck Campers
RE: Using batteries alone

If the converter is causing problems, I would pull the fuse from the converter to the panel, or the wire if necessary. Then you should be able to charge the battery by any alternate means and use anything else in the camper. I forget exactly what it looked like on my 98 Bigfoot, but like my 2008 it is pretty simple. Shorting a fuse back by the battery suggest perhaps another problem rather than the converter and that may take more time to track down.
HMS Beagle 06/01/20 04:50pm Truck Campers
RE: Need help shedding 3/4 ton - Lithium Battery project

The Battleborn are expensive, but are guaranteed for a long time and have a good reputation. They have been torn down by reviewers and the internal construction - hidden from view - is sound. Not so much on some of the cheaper alternatives. You can do a much cheaper version using Calb prismatic cells, but you are now at your own risk implementing a BMS and the appropriate disconnects. Charging from the truck could be a major problem depending on the alternator and wiring. Lithiums will demand all the current available until right up to 100%. On boats with very large alternators and 3/0 wiring between them and the battery, it is not uncommon to fry the alternators very quickly, unless the regulator has a thermal limit. Most automotive alternators these days do have a thermal limit of sorts, but you will hit it very quickly with lithiums, unless there is another limiting component in the system (like the charge wiring). On life, you will get the best life if you do not "bang the corners", that is operate typically between about 10% and 90%. Unlike SLA, LFP would rather be in the middle of the charge range - though the figures I have seen show a relatively modest reduction in life. Also, LFP are not supposed to be charged below 32 deg, so you may need to be careful after a cold overnight soak.
HMS Beagle 05/13/20 12:29pm Truck Campers
RE: Rear Window Pass Through Boot

On my Ford, I just cut and glued some ordinary PU cushion foam. Made a rectangle surrounding the opening, had to make it a little wedge shaped to match the tilt of the cab back. Stick it in there as I am backing up, it is compressed between camper and cab. I intended to cover it with something but never did, it has held up for several years. Really serious cross wind gusts will begin to move it around at the top, so I stuck a couple of small aluminum angles on the overhang with VHB tape to trap it, solved that problem.
HMS Beagle 04/30/20 10:02am Truck Campers
RE: Car breaks down on a trip. What to do with your camper?

I was traveling back from Washington to California, left at 5 on Friday afternoon. Got on the freeway and got a 50 mile tickdown warning from the F350: "Engine will shut down in 48 miles" etc. I turned around at the next exit and drove back to the large Ford dealership in Burlington, knowing I'd probably have to wait until Monday to even talk to someone - it was now 5:30. There was still someone at the desk, and some service personnel. They hooked up the computer and said likely the NOx sensor - Could I bring it in early Saturday morning? And sure, you can camp right here in our lot. Saturday morning they took it in at 7:30, ran the required tests, had the new sensor in stock, replaced it, and I was on my way again by 10:30. I was sure I'd be there for a week: queue time for a service slot, diagnosis, wait for parts, etc. Covered by warrantee.
HMS Beagle 04/24/20 09:33am Truck Campers
RE: I built some stairs for my Bigfoot 10.4E

So I can! Most BB don't let you edit stuff that is 7 years old. If you go back to the beginning you can now see the pictures again.
HMS Beagle 04/23/20 11:36pm Truck Campers
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