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RE: Grand Design Solitude

Seems that the original trailers were pretty good and the customer service was great and they fixed problem. Later on, the QC and service started to suffer. I do not know how things have gone since Winnebago bought them. Ken When a company is new it's easy to offer top notch service when there are only a few of them out there. Fast forward a few years when there are many times more units out there and the popularity grows the top notch service is almost always unsustainable. Often companies continue to reaps the rewards of past reputations - good or bad. Dan
Hammerboy 05/28/21 11:47am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Adding travel time to Google maps

Love Google maps, been using it for navigation for at least 5-6 years now. I still have a couple Garmins still on the shelf collecting dust. I like the live traffic, suggested detours when there is construction or accidents etc. Time seems accurate when driving solo but I also figure 50mph towing as well. Dan
Hammerboy 05/16/21 12:03pm Roads and Routes
RE: Iginuity at it best

My thought was going over dips and putting lift on the rear. I know if I were backing down my steep driveway to my barn I'm pretty sure the two factory axles would be off the ground. Dan
Hammerboy 05/15/21 06:33pm General RVing Issues
RE: Rv Park with Pine trees

Funny, we always avoid sites with pine trees as the sap gets all over the truck and trailer. Maybe all pines are not the same with dripping sap but whenever we parked under them it's usually a mess. Dan
Hammerboy 05/15/21 07:14am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
Iginuity at it best

If you are all wondering how to carry something on the back of your trailer, take some inspiration from this guy. I don't think it's something I would do but have to give him credit for trying. Not the best picture I could get but he added a third axle at the rear of the fifth wheel and has about a 6' platform. Dan
Hammerboy 05/15/21 06:57am General RVing Issues
RE: Forced out of your reservation

The sad part is that these so called YouTubers are making money off of their babbling. Very few have content worth watching. If there is an audience then there is nothing wrong with making money off YouTube. If you want to compare what is on TV and what they get paid, YouTubers deserve everything they make for the time and effort it takes to make and edit videos. Some small channels put a lot of time in and make little for their effort while other larger channels do well. I find YouTube more entertaining than the junk on Tv. Dan
Hammerboy 04/29/21 05:24am General RVing Issues
Forced out of your reservation

Here is a interesting video from a Youtuber I'm sure many of us have followed before. I know I was getting angrier as the video went on. I have to give him credit for handling it better than I would have. Dan Video
Hammerboy 04/27/21 09:33am General RVing Issues
RE: Bed liner - spray in

I had both Line X and Reflex spray in liners. I like the Reflex as its more grippy therefor keeps stuff from sliding around. Both are very durable. Dan
Hammerboy 03/25/21 09:27am Tow Vehicles
RE: RV At Dealer for 90 Days Now for An Awning Replacement!!!!!

I don't get why you need to leave your unit there for so long for something like that. I had my awning replaced (warranty) in a day a couple years ago. After they received the awning which took a couple weeks I set up a day with the dealer and dropped it off in the morning and picked it up in the evening. In fact I emailed my dealer photos of the awning that needed to be replaced so I didn't need to bring my unit down for them to look at. Easy peasey. Dan
Hammerboy 03/25/21 05:42am General RVing Issues
RE: '18 F150 with 5.5 box tow a 5th wheel ?

A person who has been rv'ing for nearly 20 years and has been on this forum for almost as long...seriously? Maybe this Rver has no experience with fifth wheels. We are not all experts. Dan
Hammerboy 03/25/21 05:36am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Loooow Inventory

I'm glad I got my truck when I did as well. According to blue book and what I see on Autotrader I can more than likely sell or trade in my truck for what I paid for it a year and a half ago. Of course if I did that I'd have to pay top dollar for something else lol. Dan
Hammerboy 03/24/21 06:34pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New Steps

What are all these limitations of solid steps? Aside from you can't be right up against something and use them? Our new 5th wheel came with solid fold down steps. The feet adjust to ground imperfections. So far they have been great. Years ago we had a truck camper with the accordion style steps. Nowhere near as stable. Perhaps the tork lift accordion stairs are better than what we had but we have no complaints on the solid steps and wouldn't hesitate to add them to a camper that doesn't have them. For those of us who store our Rv's inside such as in my case I wouldn't be able to open them in storage. That alone is a HUGE deal breaker for me. Plus I don't need to worry about getting dirt from my steps inside. No need to hose or brush the Torklift off especially in wet conditions as they are outside the rig. And a lot of times I just simply want to toss something inside the door quick which I can't with steps in the way. Those are some of the advantages of the Torklift. I see no advantages of the solid step style for my needs. If these limitations don't apply to you then they are great steps. Dan
Hammerboy 03/15/21 11:23am Fifth-Wheels
RE: New Steps

The Torklift accordian steps are much different then the Lippert Solid Step. The solid step is far more stable. Torklift is very solid as they rest on the ground. Plus they dont have the limitations the solid step style has. Dan
Hammerboy 03/14/21 06:41pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Keystone Rant

We had the same issue with our 2017 Forest River Wildcat with the laminated floor developing soft spots along with a couple cosmetic issues with the the outside fiberglass. Long story short they actually replaced our rig vs trying to repair it. Replacing a floor correctly is no easy task and am so thankful they offered to replace it. Our replacement is still technically a 2017 but has some positive changes that we like better such as an outdoor ref. and 16" wheels. They even threw in a 2nd AC unit which our first unit didn't have. I know our case is a rarity from what I always read but Forest River and our dealer treated us good getting this resolved. They even compensated us for any mods we made. One thing they did say was there was a batch that went thru that had bad adhesive and I got the impression it went back on the adhesive manufacturer. Dan
Hammerboy 03/13/21 06:26am General RVing Issues
RE: New Steps

I know these are not what you are looking at but give these a look if you haven't already. I put these on our rig and they are very stable and they store outside vs inside your rig. One of the reasons we chose this was when ours is in storage the other ones wouldn't have enough room to swing out without hitting the wall. The other reason is my wife didn't want to have to clean the steps all the time or have a chance that any dirt or mud from the steps to fall in our fifth wheel. Anyway these only took maybe a half hour to install and I imagine the others aren't to difficult either. I know some people have had issues with binding on the bottom of the door with the ones you are looking at. Torklift Dan
Hammerboy 03/10/21 04:30pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Chevrolet exits all ICE production by 2035

A lot of debate about electric going on here. I can imagine at the turn of century 120 years ago there were a lot of people sitting on their saddle or in thier buggy scoffing at these early gas powered machines. Not near as many buggies these days. Dan
Hammerboy 03/05/21 06:36pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Chevy Shake

There's a lot of stuff online about the Chevy shake, just Google it. Anyway I brought my current truck to the dealer 3 times for vibration/shaking issues soon after I purchased it at around 3k miles. They ended up replacing the tires and doing a road force balance on it and that cured the problem. Dan
Hammerboy 03/05/21 06:19pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Wonder if truck makers will start making 10001 # 1/2 tons.

There are many details that remain to be worked out---but, the writing certainly appears on the wall: day-to-day commuters looking to purchase a new vehicle in 15 years or so will probably have their choices limited solely to EV's. With that being said, got to wonder how manufacturers (and lawmakers) will address the production of *new*, recreational vehicles and TV's (specifically those with a GVWR >10k) in 15 years? EV’s are changing so fast right now. I very much doubt there will be a market for gasser cars or light duty trucks in 2035. Who’s going to want to buy a clunky, gutless, noisy, stinky, high maintenance, inconvenient, expensive to fuel gasser that you have to fuel at a gas station. Not everybody has the same driving needs, but we are pretty average and for our needs there isn’t anything a gasser can do that our EV can’t do better. What’s it going to be like after 15 more years of development. I’m sure there will still be a market for some applications of gas and diesel vehicles, but it’s going to be a different landscape. Any kid growing up in an EV household will never, not ever choose a gasser over electric. There would have to be a ton of improvements in gas vehicles before somebody went backwards, and I don’t see companies like ford or GM throwing lots of money at it when the writing is on the wall. All JMHO. I agree 100% with electric in the future. Who today wants a flip phone or a tube TV. Dan
Hammerboy 03/01/21 08:55am Tow Vehicles
RE: Article on Rivian Electric half ton. Charging network.

Reisender, Thanks for posting. I begin to wonder if gasoline stations may be hard to find in say ten years. Probably like phone booths in 25-30 years Dan
Hammerboy 02/27/21 01:49pm Tow Vehicles
RE: South Lake Michigan

I would guess you haven't visited our beaches in late May or June. You will find lots of swimmers. Maybe your thinking of Lake Superior Used to keep our boat on Lake Muskegon. Unless you are doing the polar bear plunge, not many swimming on the big lake that early. Heck of lot of people don't even launch their boats until the end of May. I remember as a kid at summer camp in June we would get a patch if we did the "Polar Bear plunge" in Lake Michigan every morning at 7am for the week. The counselors would walk around outside the cabins with their bullhorns yelling "Rise and shine it's Polar bear time!" I remember it being very cold. June the lake can be warm depending on if we have a hot spring but it is a little early on average for me anyway to jump in. Some days it can feel real warm and the next day the wind turns the water over and then it drops 20 degrees. Dan
Hammerboy 02/24/21 03:30pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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