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RE: Time to retire the 7.3 OBS?

As noted it is your choice really. But for around $5K you should be able to get EVERYTHING done, new exhaust bellow (always leak), new gaskets, possible new hpop, turbo cleanout etc. Find a good recommended independent shop, not a 'dealer' to work with. I have found a ford tech who does side jobs and he is reasonable and when last worked on my truck brought it up to all the latest tsb's that applied to it. Just saw tacoma (i know not same) but on used lot at $43K! dont know but that was pricey just for a name. Have seen used diesels for less but 'buying' used is really just getting a pig in a poke as you have no knowledge of its 'real' history. BIL has a friend who got a good deal on fairly new dodge/ram, ran good but soon was a nightmare. Guess it came out of texas and had been submerged in salt water or? and all electronics became toast, engine evidently had some water also in it, but it was a 'good deal'! Anyhow guy had to get rid of it and bought a suv of some sort. Bottom line is you know what you have and with a little searching can find someone to do a good job at reasonable cost to you. Interiors can be upgraded with new seats out of salvage yards etc again not all that expensive if you can do work yourself.
Hank85713 10/24/20 10:03am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tail light issues

most truck stops will have the LEDs you are looking for as they use surface mounts a lot.
Hank85713 10/22/20 12:09pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Lift

caution, tires need to be able to flex WITHOUT rubbing each other. 19.5's would probably require special wheels to allow and then would cause potential issues with the fender walls. Same thing could be true with larger 16's, I dont know if the new duallys have 17 or 18 inch wheels but maybe you can check and see fitment? Check with someplace like ARROW wheels they would be a good source for information.
Hank85713 10/12/20 12:12pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Window Tint

most windshields can have a tint strip of 4-6 inches across top. It does help some particularly van windshields which are fairly large. the cab windows can be tinted just not limo dark. The problem I have with limo dark 9is I cant see at night thru them (son has it). We have tinted all vehicles and it does last but as noted above if the job is not done well they may start to bubble and the tint will fade if its cheap stuff. Look around and get recommendations from some who have had them done and go there, just watch out for low prices as that is the biggest problem.
Hank85713 09/28/20 01:04pm Towing
RE: Vintage RV upgrades

If you decide to need a generator since you have no AC at all, rig one up on rear bumper and run a power cord to your power port. Run the house ac off the generator. On craigs list locally there are 'new' AC units pretty cheap, so you could add one fairly easy. Had one on the slide in camper we used to have again would need to wire it in but its not that difficult. We were at a rest area in the south when a guy pulled in with his TT, had the gen running so they could go into a COOL trailer when they stopped. Rigged one up on the TT we had but never had to use. Just food for thought.
Hank85713 09/16/20 12:10pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: TPMS for the alcoa wheels

Hank85713 09/11/20 02:48pm Class C Motorhomes
TPMS for the alcoa wheels

Has anyone installed a system in their alcoa wheels? If so what brand? A dealer tried to install in the wheel ones for me but said they would not let the tires go pat without messing them up. I told him to see if he could find another system and so far nothing. So if you have please advise. I bought longer stems but now cant find and you cant use screw on tps with extenders!
Hank85713 09/11/20 12:13pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: RV magazines

just got renewal notices in mail today for both magazines. Guess my reading will continue to decline as I said I do not like to read online stuff. Admin did you read the link you posted? "The company also announced the retirement of its legacy print publications Trailer Life and MotorHome magazines with the December 2020 issues to focus its energy on the new magazine and enhanced website. The respective websites of the legacy magazines will continue to provide valuable information to the individual segments of the RV lifestyle. will become a full lifestyle brand for the company focused on specific products and services for the towable enthusiast. will convert into a full motorhome marketplace showcasing products and services needed to enhance and protect the investment for the motorized RV consumer."
Hank85713 09/10/20 07:17pm Class C Motorhomes
RV magazines

Has anyone received or heard that both motor home and trailer life magazines are to be discontinued at end of year? Saw it on another site and they said that they would be replaced by RV magazine instead. Now if it is in the same format as the one they gave away in camp world a couple of years ago it will be a waste of time IMO. My latest magazines both have renewal offers so it seems kinda odd but it could be reality since many magazines just die it seems during a subscription run. My diesel mags went to online only but its kinda hard to read when in the throne room like most do. No I do not have a tablet, (I do but dont like them) and like to read liesurely. I could not find a place for general questions thus the asking here.
Hank85713 09/10/20 11:49am Class C Motorhomes
RE: 2020 Ford F350 weight

just go to a scale and weigh. The city dump may have one and it wont cost to have them weigh or just a couple of $$ same for a cat scale. My 04 weighs in at around 7500lbs (with tool box and misc stuff inside and 1/2 tank fuel).
Hank85713 08/31/20 12:50pm Tow Vehicles

when I had my TT I wanted a place to haul my generator. I got 2 of the bumper bolt on receivers and about 6 ft of 2inch tubing. Bolted the receiver to the frame and then bolted the tubes thru the bumper/sewer hose carrier to the tubes Was very solid. You could do same thing and bolt to the receiver hitch for the secondary bolts. Run some tube down to the 2 inch tubing and weld/bolt together rather then try and bolt to unknown strength material in a wall. Remember that they are using LIGHT materials in walls and the walls are generally luan wood covered with a layer of fiberglass!
Hank85713 08/31/20 12:44pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Manual Transmission Hyundai Accent as a toad?

what ever you do, have a charge line installed from the get go. All accessories OFF, LIGHTS OFF (drl) when key in accessory will illuminate and run down battery, dont ask how I found out :). Yes I also plan to tow my 94 ranger so I can carry a boat when the kids want to go fishing. Plan is to add a ladder rack and carry 12ft boat there. Got the base plate from a fellow here who sold his and didnt need them anymore. Just got a in cab brake system from a guy who didnt want it so just waiting for son in law to come help install everything. The new rangers supposedly can be towed 4 down with the auto trans, but configuring mine is much cheaper and since it will only have me and wife inside thats all the room we need!
Hank85713 08/24/20 08:20pm Dinghy Towing
RE: New to me--2014 Freelander 21QB rough ride

when we bought our B+ we took it on a quick trip. It handled atrociously and road hard. Turns out tires were aired too high, and rear airbags were empty. Tire shops would not let me air them and they did not have a air hose for a dually setup. The rig drifted left and right and was a PIA. Got it home aired up the tires to about 65 in front 70 rears took it out and still too hard. aired down 60 front and kept 70 in rears, aired up airbags to 50psi and again took it out. Much improved from high air settings. Ours weight 12500 or so empty. so probably around 13500 when loaded. we run empty black and gray tanks, full lp, and about 1/4 tank of water. air up air bags to 60 and ride is much better. You will need to experiment some to find best configuration. Can find it empty then modify when loaded. lots of folks have their own ideas, I just shared mine with you. dont spend $$ needlessly experiment first.
Hank85713 08/24/20 08:11pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Compressor, inflation chuck, and pressure gauge info needed

garmp, go to place like discount tires or ask at a tire shop where they have theirs checked and then let them air a tire with theirs and then yours. About only way to check without going to a lab for it. also ask at truck tire shops.
Hank85713 08/24/20 07:57pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Manual Transmission Hyundai Accent as a toad?

my 2013 elantra also only talks about emergency towing and we have towed it for about 20000 miles with no issues. The car weights about 2800lbs and has good performance. The smaller accent I have been told leaves much to be desired as far as performance goes. My son in laws mom had one and got ride of it as she was afraid she would get run over on the highway. Ours has 150HP direct injection and we get around 35+ when it is driven. Its not our daily driver as wife has an accord with automatic and I drive a ranger pu daily. So we have almost same towed miles on it as miles driven! Only issue we had was front cv joint went out but it was covered by warranty. So overall you need to see if the little car really is what you want and maybe compare with next size up. BTW the newer hyundai/kias are supposedly not towable and the 100000 mile warranty is also not transferable according to the local hyundai dealer if that is part of your thinking,
Hank85713 08/24/20 01:24pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Compressor, inflation chuck, and pressure gauge info needed

I got the hot dog one from HF (%39) and it works well, even use around the garage at times when too lazy to move to the larger one in the shed! Do need to buy the hose and connectors but they sell a kit for around 15$. Total cost for everything is around $60 when on sale. It is 120v but thats why you have a generator if need to use right? Also carry a 25 ft 14 gauge extension cord so can plug in and move all around the vehicle. the self coiling hoses are pretty good but prone to fail after a while. Mine has small crack have to replace with an inline connection, but bought the 25ft hose from HF just havent hooked it up yet. The reason for the hot dog style is that I can lay on side and fit in storage bay in slid out. Will go to about 125 PSI I think it is. I do recommend the snap on chuck so you dont have to hold it on the valve. As to pressure gauge, I got some from Camp world and a couple off amazon. They are digital ones with straight chuck feature ($25-35). The ducks head are a PIA to get to rear inside valves at times. I put the 4 inch solid extensions on the inner rears so that it is easier to reach and read/fill as needed.
Hank85713 08/24/20 01:12pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: '92 Coachman Chugs & Stalls Cold Gas to Fix - Another Way?

upgrade your ignition system with high out put coil and wires, may even need to go to a colder plug it will improve so much. Did this on my 89 F250 with an MSD ignition. yes there is a possibility of in tank fuel pump issue??
Hank85713 08/19/20 12:46pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Suggest a 'C'

although we dont have what you want we did see them made by Jayco when we looked. Believe they may still make all were 30+ ft in length. Take a look at their website to see if still available.
Hank85713 08/15/20 03:34pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Need help on front hitch on TV

is it possible to access the frame and have a welding shop put the receiver in and add the bike racks? Might have to 'customize' rear body work to do, but would be a better option I think.
Hank85713 08/15/20 10:36am Tow Vehicles
RE: Power boost for Ford 450 V10

not a power boost but banks has come out with a throttle assist that helps cure the 'sponge' response on new vehicles. my v10 has a lot of dead pedal and I have sent for more info. I wrote motor home to see if they had ever tested and they claimed to know nothing about the issue. 1 Guy called and asked for more info as he has the same issue. so its not that you need a power asssit you just need to be able to control what you got when you need it. There are several others who have come up with something so give the banks site a visit.
Hank85713 07/28/20 08:06pm Class C Motorhomes
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