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RE: Electric Slides Motor

The rack and pinion slide on our Jayco tripped its self resetting breaking a couple of times when the trailer was fairly new. I applied some slide seal spray lube on the seals and some dry spray lube on the racks. Hasn’t tripped since.
Hannibal 01/21/20 06:45pm Tech Issues
RE: Carlisle Radial Trail HD tires?

I got seven years out of a set of radial Carlisles back in the ‘90’s. I run bias ply Carlisles on my boat trailer. Based on my own experience with them, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy them again.
Hannibal 01/16/20 07:23am Travel Trailers
RE: Coast on the uphills accelerate on the downhills

I just remembered my 2003 Cummins Ram with its 47RE transmission came new with a stuck closed torque converter anti drain back valve in the trans cooler line. This caused overheating in the trans. I assume GM uses a similar setup.
Hannibal 01/07/20 06:46am Towing
RE: Coast on the uphills accelerate on the downhills

That’s odd. When I drive our Prius, I set cruise control and let it rip. Same with the truck and trailer.
Hannibal 01/07/20 06:30am Towing
RE: exchanging propane cylinder that came with TT

Hi. My name is Hannibal, and I've traded in a propane tank with a bad valve. :(
Hannibal 12/08/19 04:26pm Travel Trailers
RE: it the trailer or the truck?

I forgot to mention, in our latest truck, a short bed F250, I installed a second set of bed rails 12” aft of the truck’s axle for short tows and cab clearance. I felt a little more road irregularities but no chucking. I eventually started towing longer distances with no ill effects. Just a FWIW on what might or might not be causing the chucking.
Hannibal 12/03/19 06:21am Towing
RE: it the trailer or the truck?

One of our 5th wheels was a 32’ rear kitchen at 10,440 lbs and 1900 on the pin. It chucked pretty good on less than perfect highways. I contributed it to the weight aft of the trailer’s axles with its rear kitchen. Our other two mid kitchen, rear living 5th wheels didn’t chuck at all. All were towed on a Reese 15k Classic non tilt, non slide in four different 3/4 ton trucks. Now, back to a 32.5’ travel trailer, the ride is smooth and quiet. A little sway with passing box trucks is the only negative. I don’t use sway control.
Hannibal 12/03/19 06:06am Towing
RE: Is this forum going to get fixed???

We're sorry. An error has occurred. We are unable to process your request due to an error with our site. If you receive this message again, we may be experiencing some system difficulties. An email has been sent to our development staff to diagnose the problem. Once again, we apologize for this inconvenience. Been seeing this a lot recently.
Hannibal 10/18/19 02:13pm Travel Trailers
RE: Wood or Aluminum Frame?

We went back to stick and tin to avoid delamination. Problem solved.
Hannibal 09/26/19 06:40am Travel Trailers
RE: Weight distribution systems, which one is best?

I've used one like THIS, ($450±) plus a $100 friction sway bar for about 20 years and 10,000 miles. It's set up correctly and it does the job. That’s the one I use as well but with no sway control. Very easy to set up and use.
Hannibal 09/23/19 05:32am Towing
RE: Roll over

The window size in the rear of the TT make me wonder if it’s a rear kitchen as well. Rear kitchens are way too easy to load heavy aft of the axles. Considering the low percentage of tongue weight from the manufacturer to make them half ton towable to begin with, it takes very little weight aft of the axles to make it unsafe.
Hannibal 09/17/19 06:50am Travel Trailers
RE: Roll over

So to answer some questions, he has broken ribs, but that was from the airbags hitting him. He girlfriend has broken wrists..I guess a good endorsement for Dodge Ram 1500's... As for what happened, he did have anti sway, but yes, it was a LARGE trailer. I suspected he was overweight, but I can't confirm. So he was on the highway, and the trailer started swaying and he couldn't recover, and it flipped. That is all the information I got from his brother. Zooming in, it looks like a Blue Ox hitch. Glad it wasn’t any worse. Hope they heal up and recover quickly.
Hannibal 09/15/19 08:18am Travel Trailers
RE: Roll over

Glad they're going to be ok.
Hannibal 09/09/19 06:37pm Travel Trailers
RE: How to deal with grease on ball of receiver

I wipe mine off and store the hitch and bars in the pass through storage. Then a little dab of marine grease with each use. It doesn’t take much grease at all. A toothpaste size dab and finger it around the ball is plenty. Cleaning rags last a long time.
Hannibal 08/29/19 06:33pm Towing
RE: Slideout Sticking

At Camping World or Amazon, you can find slide seal spray lube and dry gear lube if you have a rack and pinion slide mechanism. I use both on mine two or three times a year. I learned about this when ours got sticky years ago on a previous rv.
Hannibal 08/29/19 06:13pm Travel Trailers
RE: Removing debris from slide out

With our previous 5th wheel, I carried a five foot ladder to stand on and hose off the slide. Our current TT has a ladder so I climb up onto the roof to hose it off. It gives me good opportunity to inspect the roof as well. I could stand on the ground and hose it off but leaves often don’t like to give up their spot wet or dry.
Hannibal 08/26/19 04:39pm Travel Trailers
RE: Medical marijuana

I have been suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. My doc put me on Xanax. It may sound strange, but it makes me have the worst hangover. Thats why I take CBD oil (more info on site). It calms all my nerves down. Allows me to stay calm and well organized. So you'll never know until you give it a try I was on Xanax for three months during some surgeries eight years ago. Worked great at first. Then I started having interdose withdrawals. I stopped taking it when it was time to go back to work. The absolute worst withdrawals like I was in shock and panic. At three weeks out my DW took me to the ER with chest pains. ER doc had first hand experience with it as well. Said do not take another and I should have tapered off. Quitting cold turkey can kill you. It took a good 18 months to gradually get back to normal. Hard to believe Benzodiazepines are legal. Even harder to believe it's prescribed for PTSD. That's insane. MJ? It sure makes me sleep good and no hangover, side affects or addiction. A Florida MMJ card isn't valid in other states. Roll the dice quietly. Like any other drug, especially alcohol, no it's not safe to drive while under the influence.
Hannibal 08/10/19 06:19pm Travel Trailers
RE: Equal-izer Hitch Bars

Stiffer bars put more stress on the A frame to chassis point of the trailer as well. Picture if the bars didn't give at all. The A frame would have to. Unless it's built like a tank, you might be posting one day of a broken or bent A frame. I prefer no weight distribution but I'm over the weight limit for non WD. So I'm using as little as I can to pull the front of the TV about half way back to unloaded height. Tows like a champ.
Hannibal 08/10/19 05:39pm Travel Trailers
RE: Hitch Setup Question

My 2010 F250 sits about 2" lower than unloaded in the rear with our 900~lb tongue weight. About 3" lower without the WD bars attached. Perfect in my humble opinion. If you need something to bother you, think about the stress the WD bars put on the trailer's A frame. It's already carrying the load of the tongue weight. Then we pull down on the A frame with tremendous force with the bars adding greatly to the stress on the A frame to chassis point. Maybe more than doubling the load. I don't know the calculation or how to measure it. I prefer to use as little WD as is necessary to bring the front of the TV about halfway down to it's unloaded height.
Hannibal 08/10/19 05:28pm Towing
RE: Crash in Australia (tongue weight). Video.

That or he got up to the speed that sway became a problem while passing the camera guy.
Hannibal 08/07/19 09:55am Towing
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