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RE: Any Apple gurus?

Just a quick update to close the loop. I was finally able to get the answer to one of my security questions and the system let me in far enough to reset all my security questions. BTW, it would NOT allow me to use the same answer to all questions. I removed that unknown device that I originally got the email about and will probably just delete the account this weekend.
HappyKayakers 07/09/21 10:45am Technology Corner
RE: Any Apple gurus?

I take it you checked the email address to make sure it was a legitimate address for Apple. If you can't access the account, due to the security questions, it makes me question the validity of the email completely. The validity of the email is NOT in question. I brought up the source view for the email and everything pointed to an domain. After I reset my password and signed in, I saw that same device connected to my iCloud account. I also provided a screen shot of the email to Apple support. They didn't blink an eye. There just comes a point that you need to provide additional verification to accomplish some actions (like deleting the account). "border=0"
HappyKayakers 07/05/21 04:01pm Technology Corner
RE: Any Apple gurus?

Since you don't own any Apple stuff chances are good that you don't have any important information stored in the cloud. Just tell Apple to delete your account completely. I already tried that with Apple support this morning. They wouldn't delete it for me. They did provide links for me to delete it, which all failed due to the security questions. Catch 22.
HappyKayakers 07/05/21 01:23pm Technology Corner
RE: Any Apple gurus?

Did you click a link in the message you received? Are you sure it was a legit message? Do you remember storing any data on the cloud? What about just letting it die a slow death? If you ever need to have an iCloud account you can try starting a new one. No, I didn't follow any links in the email. So far, it looks 100% legit. Didn't store anything in iCloud. Probably just created the account to troubleshoot a problem for a user. If someone else is using it, or trying to use it, I'd rather delete it now.
HappyKayakers 07/05/21 01:22pm Technology Corner
Any Apple gurus?

Apparently, at some point in the distant past, I created an iCloud account, probably while working tech support. I've never owned an Apple product. This morning I get an email saying my account had been accessed from an iMac 27. I immediately went through the Forgot password and Reset password process from my PC. Chatted with Apple support for about 30 minutes and they couldn't help. The big problem now is that I can't do anything other than sign in because I can't remember the EXACT answers to my security questions. Ideally, I'd like to just delete the account but can't get past the security questions hurdle. Any fresh attempts will have to wait a day or two since I failed enough times to trigger a lockout. Any suggestions on how to do this? FYI, I was able to see the expiration date on the CC associated with the account was 2013 so that's not a major concern at the moment.
HappyKayakers 07/05/21 11:51am Technology Corner
RE: Electrical question

By all means, do the right thing.....but I would suggest doing it via email so you have a trail. If you get an outrageous bill in the future it will show your actions and intent.
HappyKayakers 06/30/21 10:42am General RVing Issues
RE: It’s that time again.

Funky Town - Lips Inc
HappyKayakers 06/13/21 06:41pm RV Lifestyle
RE: LP or electric on a meter

I found this link several years ago. Can't vouch for the figures but it looked like someone did their homework.
HappyKayakers 05/24/21 10:19am General RVing Issues
RE: Adjusting self adjusting brakes

Haven't heard back from OP, whether talking truck or trailer. His truck is new enough that it will have 4 wheel disc so the answer is trailer. Not necessarily. My truck has 4 wheel disc brakes but the emergency brakes are drum and have the self adjusters on them.
HappyKayakers 05/22/21 07:56pm Tech Issues
RE: Adjusting self adjusting brakes

Maybe they put it on backwards at the factory. The only reason I'm suggesting this is because I just did some work on my wheels (replacing lugs) and while I was pounding in the lugs I accidentally clipped the emergency brakes. A spring and the self adjuster fell off. When I put those parts back on, the self adjuster was backwards and I had to reinstall the next day.
HappyKayakers 05/22/21 06:53am Tech Issues
Trip planning tool

Beware of trusting the Good Sam online trip planning tool. I'm getting ready to travel again and plotted a route. I specifically input 14 ft as my height so it would not route me through a 13'6" rock tunnel that I used on my way in. Guess what? It routed me that way anyway.
HappyKayakers 05/21/21 07:26pm Good Sam Club
RE: Insect prevention in black tank

Google 'drain flies' for lots of suggestions. In the interim, I would fill the toilet bowl about half full before flushing to limit the time the valve is open. You may not have to replace that seal. The last time this happened to me, I opted to replace also but could have gotten by with brushing the old, dried out plumber's grease from the original seal, applying new grease and reassembling.
HappyKayakers 05/21/21 07:22pm Travel Trailers
RE: Microsoft Outlook 2016 ???

Have you tried this?
HappyKayakers 05/12/21 06:50pm Technology Corner
RE: Calling RAM 3500 owners

Thanks for the input folks. Still waiting for the new lugs and nuts to arrive. Since the mechanic is just across the street, I'll give it a shot myself. My big concern was getting the drum/rotor combo off. If that's really not necessary, so much the better. If it is necessary and I can't get it off, I'll just throw the wheel back on and drive it across the street.
HappyKayakers 05/11/21 05:23pm Tow Vehicles
Calling RAM 3500 owners

I recently replaced tires on my 2006 RAM 3500 SRW. Seems like the tech over torqued the lug nuts. I got a local shop to break all the lug nuts for me and retorqued to 135 ft/lbs. I needed to remove the rear wheels to replace mud flaps (long story). Trying to remove 1 lug nut was very difficult and snapped the lug. I suspect the same will happen on another lug on that same wheel. Only 1 mechanic in town and he's not sure when he can get to me. I ordered new lugs and lug nuts from Amazon. Looked on YouTube and found 1 video of someone replacing the lug on my model but he didn't start recording until he was well into the job. So, here's my question. Looking at the pic. Do the 8 small nuts on the center hub need to be removed to get the drum/disk combo off? Any other advice welcome. Sorry, having probs inserting pic. Here's a link to it:
HappyKayakers 05/10/21 02:33pm Tow Vehicles
RE: voting and driver license issues with full time

I believe it is going to be harder to vote in areas withered large numbers of full timers register. The local election officials rightly take a dim view of those voters, especially when it comes to local issues. There is something wrong with people who never step foot in town or county voting on bond issues, county elected officials, school boards etc. A crackdown wouldn’t surprise me. IMHO, it's unfortunate that our country requires us to be a state citizen, instead of a citizen-at-large. I insist on participating in national level elections but really couldn't care less about local issues at my commercial mail forwarder county.
HappyKayakers 05/07/21 08:09pm Full-time RVing
RE: voting and driver license issues with full time

FL domicile fulltimer here. I use SBI. Yes, we had issues with addresses for voting. County election office wouldn't accept the PMBs. SBI resolved the issue by having us use the physical address for a marina they're affiliated with. We only use that address for voting. I haven't heard of any commercial mail forwarding services in south FL. Before you commit to them, find out the address they'll issue you and ask if they've had any issues with voter registration. Then check with the county elections office. As far as your DL goes, FL DMV treats us as homeless. They're supposed to require information on your RV listed as address on your DL. Not all DMV offices are up to speed on this requirement.
HappyKayakers 05/06/21 09:31pm Full-time RVing
RE: Dealing with campground reservations

I recently traveled from the RGV to southern UT. I made a res for my first stop and rolled the dice after that. Stayed at a free RV park in Littlefield TX, a casino RV park in NM and a trading post RV park in AZ. Each had plenty of spaces available when I arrived in early afternoon. If I had done longer driving days the story might have been different.
HappyKayakers 05/06/21 09:24pm Roads and Routes
RE: Volunteer camphost needed

May want to look at that again. We volunteer 8 months per year and always with state or federal agencies. These are not bartering arrangements. Look under IRS rules for volunteer regulations and you will find something different when volunteering with a non-profit. If you're trading work for a site with a profit oriented business that is bartering and taxable income. We have received a stipend from federal agencies and that is a reportable income. Can't find anything on the IRS site suggesting this and I've come across a few private websites that say the rules are no different. Do you have a link to the IRS rules you speak of? Of course, for most people looking to work camp to save (ie: barter) for a site, they aren't making enough for the IRS to care to chase them down. More an issue of flying under the radar as opposed to being strictly within the rules. Check IRS Pub 15-B, partially quoted below: Lodging on Your Business Premises You can exclude the value of lodging you furnish to an employee from the employee's wages if it meets the following tests. • It is furnished on your business premises. • It is furnished for your convenience. • The employee must accept it as a condition of employment. Many campgrounds/RV parks get into hot water with the IRS when they have workampers and locals doing the same job. That negates the conditions listed above.
HappyKayakers 05/03/21 04:29pm Workamping Forum
RE: Looking for feedback on restricted workamper options

Go with option 1. Many RVers don't want to spend an entire season someplace. I'm currently working a gig where RVs have to be moved after 30 days so the owners offer 1 month workamping gigs. Worked out just right for me.
HappyKayakers 05/03/21 04:23pm Workamping Forum
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