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RE: Will water lines freeze?

Depends on how you're heating the camper. If you're using the furnace and the lines are all in an enclosed underbelly, you should be good. If you're using space heaters/fireplace for heating, that heat will NOT go under the trailer. Remember to leave your cabinet doors open below sinks either way.
HappyKayakers 02/25/21 02:16pm Travel Trailers
RE: Can't bookmark sites anymore ?

Are you sure it didn't just default save to a group that you're not looking in?
HappyKayakers 02/22/21 11:50am Technology Corner
RE: Office 365 Questions

I'd be interested in hearing what the current file types are that you're having problems with. Are they actually docx? Or something else?
HappyKayakers 02/03/21 06:27am Technology Corner
RE: Tv's not receiving cable or antenna signal

Take that same cable and TV to a different site and test again. Assuming nobody else in the park is having problems, I would suspect the cable. Thanks for your reply. I have run channel searches on both tvs, for both antenna and cable, nothing. They do run through a splitter and the antenna booster. I even removed the antenna booster and checked the cables going into it. I also ran the cable from the campground directly into one tv, nothing.
HappyKayakers 01/20/21 03:58pm Technology Corner
RE: Mystery squeak found

Real glad I checked the pressure in the spare yesterday. While I had it off I noticed some tread separation. Had plenty of time to get a new spare before hitting the road this morning.
HappyKayakers 12/22/20 02:33pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Mystery squeak found

I'll be airing up the truck tires next Monday getting ready to travel. I'll check the spare pressure and cable then. Thanks to all for the tips.
HappyKayakers 12/16/20 03:23pm Tow Vehicles
Mystery squeak found

My '06 RAM is getting a little long in the tooth. Sometime in the last couple of months I started hearing a squeak coming from under the bed area whenever I got in or out of the truck or bumped against the bed. Today I crawled under with a can of spray lube to find the culprit. Sprayed and sprayed but the squeak remained. As I came around to the rear of the truck, I used the spare tire as leverage and noticed that it wasn't snug against the bottom of the bed. Cranked it back up and the squeak was gone. :S
HappyKayakers 12/15/20 02:18pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Cloning drives

Regardless of the problems, it's working great now and I learned a few new things along the way. I ran chkdsk, sfc and dism so many times on the source drive it was ridiculous. Sorry you had so many issues cloning your drive. I've used the free AOMEI to clone my HDs to SSD for many years, including the Dell desktop I'm using for this post. Never had any issues with clones or image backups. Though one should always check the integrity of the source drive for any errors, and effect repairs before cloning/backups as they can be transferred to the target drive.
HappyKayakers 12/15/20 03:42am Technology Corner
RE: Cloning drives

I used one of the tools in that list. It caused major headaches when trying to do a Windows system image. I documented the fix for that. cloning tools
HappyKayakers 12/14/20 04:47pm Technology Corner
Cloning drives

I haven't been in here for awhile so if this has been covered ad nauseum please disregard. I recently cloned an HDD to an SSD and encountered several problems. Just in case anyone else is considering this, you can check out my documentation for pitfalls/fixes.
HappyKayakers 12/14/20 12:37pm Technology Corner
RE: Sharing our location/travels with others

I'm pretty sure Google Maps has the means to do what you want.....but don't recall specifics on how to build it. In Google maps, you can just share your location with other gmail users. They will automatically see wherever your phone is.
HappyKayakers 11/07/20 05:58pm Full-time RVing
RE: How to Eternabond around pipes?

I would just get as close as I could with the Eternabond, then use lap sealant around the pipe, etc for the small areas that were missed
HappyKayakers 11/05/20 06:07pm Tech Issues
RE: New laptop?

Don’t know how to link this. Walmart has a Lenovo 3 11” celeron 4gb/32gb chromebook for $169. With a ChromeBook, you're basically doing everything online so a locally installed version of TaxAct probably won't work.
HappyKayakers 10/20/20 05:48pm Technology Corner
RE: toilet seal

Recently had the same problem with mine. Thetford Aqua Magic II. Had to turn off water, disconnect lines, remove toilet from floor flange. Flip toilet upside down, separate toilet in the middle and replace seal. Reverse steps. If you get the seal kit, also replace the floor seal at the same time. Depends on the model. On my Dometic with the China bowl, you just hold the pedal down to move the ball over and reach in and pull the seal out of the groove. Takes about 20 seconds if you're very slow. Other models might require some disassembly. Why did you have to remove it from the flange? I thought you could separate it while still bolted down. And I watched one video where no disassembly was required to replace the seal. I suppose a contortionist could've done it without removing but I'm not that limber. It's just too **** close to the wall.
HappyKayakers 10/13/20 10:16am Tech Issues
RE: toilet seal

Recently had the same problem with mine. Thetford Aqua Magic II. Had to turn off water, disconnect lines, remove toilet from floor flange. Flip toilet upside down, separate toilet in the middle and replace seal. Reverse steps. If you get the seal kit, also replace the floor seal at the same time.
HappyKayakers 10/12/20 04:24pm Tech Issues
RE: One night stays and black/grey tanks

HappyKayakers 09/30/20 12:24pm Beginning RVing
RE: One night stays and black/grey tanks

For one night stays where we're taking showers and doing dishes, I'll typically hook up the sewer hose and leave gray valves open. Unless the black is at least half full, it's just not worth the time and effort for me to dump and flush. It 'might' even help clean the sensors or break up TP by letting that stuff slosh around while going down the road.
HappyKayakers 09/30/20 12:22pm Beginning RVing
RE: Are My Tanks Really Empty?

Not sure what size tanks you have but 10 seconds isn't long. I had an issue with a previous 5er where the tank cutout got pushed in front of the drain pipe and restricted outflow. That may be your situation here. For the black tank - do you let it get full before dumping? I wait until the toilet burps before dumping. That allows plenty of water volume to help flush stuff out. The sensors will rarely be accurate after the first few uses.
HappyKayakers 09/29/20 04:36pm Tech Issues
RE: Preparing to Camp Host

You could also look at different options. There are a few good paying temp, seasonal jobs that could pay for your camping for the rest of the year, especially if both of you work. I'm talking about things like the sugar beet harvest and Amazon. A couple working 3 months at Amazon for peak season can definitely take the rest of the year off. This option avoids the worst parts of camp hosting.
HappyKayakers 09/13/20 02:19pm Workamping Forum
RE: Camping in sub freezing weather

When it's below freezing outside, keep cabinet doors open inside under your sinks so they can also get heat.
HappyKayakers 09/04/20 09:40pm Beginning RVing
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