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RE: Ford V10 Winterize/additive?

We have a wheelchair van that we no longer use. It has been left sitting for 6 months over two winters with temps down to 30 below. I just put Stabil in the tank and no problem when I started it in the spring. I also took it for a drive last week to flush the engine with fresh gasoline and exercise the tires.
Harvey51 09/13/19 09:47pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: E350 trickle charge

check the owner manual, some you can change the position of the fuse so the lighter is powered all the time Good idea! The first thing I did with our new 1992 GM van was to move the wire going to power windows to an always on fuse. My family really appreciated being able to open and close windows without running the engine, particularly when camping in it. Of course everything electrical is trickier to modify now.
Harvey51 09/13/19 09:35pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: E350 gas cap

I missed the Ford dealer due to it being closed on Labour Day but would have driven back to the city another day had I not found one at the towing place. The CarlD one looks way too short but you never know unless you try it. It looks similar to the ones on Amazon
Harvey51 09/06/19 08:54am Class C Motorhomes
E350 gas cap

The original gas cap on our Ford E350 gradually failed to seal. For a few years a bit of grease on the seal kept the Check Engine light out but finally it made the check engine light always on and useless. Original gas cap I bought a new one at Greg’s, a local auto parts place but it caused the check engine light, too. And the replacement didn’t have the groove to fit the plastic part that holds the cap when unscrewed. So I set it on the bumper while getting gas ... and of course it soon got lost. I bought another one at Canadian Tire and it worked well (no light) but had no groove so I lost it, too. I went back to Canadian Tire with VIN and got a cap that did not fit. It had threads on it instead of the smooth original and just would not tighten. Back to Greg’s and their part system offered the same thing with the threads. What to do? Some busy body must have changed the parts listings in the last 6 months! No alternative parts store within an hour’s drive so I went to a friend who owns a towing business for advice. We took a walk in his wreck storage lot and he found a wrecked Ford truck that had an exact copy of my original gas cap, which he gave me. Of course I gave him twice the price of the useless ones at the parts stores. If you have a Ford, I suggest you take good care of your gas cap and/or buy a spare while you still have the original - I think I saw the correct cap on the store wrack but didn’t have my original with me to be sure. Keep a photo of it, anyway.
Harvey51 09/04/19 02:29pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Incandescent bulbs work, LED do NOT work

I had an experience with a home AC fixture having the same problem. A seniors forum acquaintance had bought a new LED fixture to replace an old incandescent one at the foot of the basement stairs. My first thought was that the new LED was defective. I brought a cord with me, hooked The LED light up to the cord and plugged it in - worked perfectly. Next I checked the voltage on the black to white wires coming out of the electrical box in the ceiling - 120 volts. Hooked up the fixture - No light. Took it down and by some fortunate accident I was a bit rough on the black wire and it pulled out of a wire nut connected it to the black wire from the breaker box. I tossed the pigtail wire and connected the wire from the LED fixture to the service wire with the same wire nut and the LED light worked perfectly. Just a loose connection problem.
Harvey51 09/04/19 09:43am Tech Issues
RE: Tilting Solar Panel

The physics of solar energy is that the voltage (energy per charge) is determined by the colour of the photons hitting the molecules in the panel. V = hf where h is Planck’s constant and f the frequency of the light which determines the colour. Angle has no effect on the voltage. Each photon hits one electron transferring its energy to the electron. Angle does affect the current or number of photons that hit the panel, determining the number of electrons carrying solar energy.
Harvey51 08/30/19 09:54pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery’s not charging

It will need to be at least 14 volts to push a significant charging current into the battery. A DC clampmeter is the tool of choice to measure the charging current in amps. Multiply by the number of hours charging at that current to get the charging energy in amp-hours and compare with the rated energy capacity of the battery.
Harvey51 08/30/19 09:44pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Hooking up backup camera in 1984 Vanguard

Just use a bare wire wound on each battery terminal to connect power to camera and monitor. It isn’t very complicated - just 12 volts to camera and monitor and a coax cable from camera to monitor. I chose to use power from the motorhome house (propane detector circuit) via a switch on the driver’s seat so I can use it while driving - very handy when pulling a trailer with kayaks and seeing wildlife without scaring it when camping. I mounted the camera at the top of the rear window, aimed at an angle so I can see the hitch and kayaks - very handy when hooking up and the angle provides a lot more distance sense than a camera mounted on the license plate. I can easily back up to half a foot from a post. The system I’m using supports both coax and wireless connection from camera to monitor. I use the coax in the motorhome but have installed another one in our 1992 van using wireless. Easier to install but I was a bit shocked this week when my friend who also has a DIY backup camera parked near our van. I had left the switch on and he got the view from my camera instead of his when he shifted out of reverse so no power to his camera.
Harvey51 08/29/19 11:00pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Wireless Battery Voltage Meter

I’ve managed just fine with monitoring volts only for 9 years. Looking for something wireless for my new rig. I tried voltage for one year and killed my batteries. The problem was that when driving, engine charging made the voltage on the batteries well over 12.6 volts and it stayed that way for hours after stopping. They call it surface charge. I thought the batteries were getting fully charged from the engine until the furnace failed to work in the morning. I bought new batteries and read a lot here so I knew the voltage method is only accurate several hours after all charging has ceased. I wanted to know the per cent of full charge all the time so I bought a $25 battery monitor from China via Ebay. It doesn’t have a remote display but I’m very happy with it after about 5 years. The display is conveniently mounted in the house. I recently bought one of the monitors with remote display but I’m so happy with the basic one with shunt for current measurement that I haven’t installed the remote monitor using a Hall Effect sensor described in posts above. I may use the remote one for our car which has a parasytic current draw problem.
Harvey51 08/29/19 10:26pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: British Columbia, Canada

We took the Coquihalla highway southbound in March on our way to Vancouver Island. It snowed fairly heavily and driving was a little tough with few places to get off for a rest until we were nearly to highway 3 at the south end. Behold there was a nice, friendly private campsite where we had a quiet night and good showers in the morning. On a back road toward Hope we saw the entrance to a park with historic railway tunnels. Unfortunately it was still closed for winter. Canyon Provincial Park We continued to the coast (fill up with fuel in Hope before high lower mainland prices) and had a nice time on Vancouver Island - no snow and wading in the ocean was pleasant. The whale watching boat in the west coast made me very sick so I couldn’t drive for a day and the narrow, winding highway eastward was tough for DW to drive.
Harvey51 08/29/19 09:43pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Hydraulic jack

I like the jack MDK linked in the second post. It has a nice wide top for stability. The one that came with our class C had a top the size of a dollar coin. I welded a better top on but am a bit worried my weld might break.
Harvey51 08/29/19 09:15pm Tech Issues
RE: Batteries drained to dead, what is nominal drain on truck?

Our 2018 Highlander SUV drew 500 mA when we brought it home in winter. Toyota mechanic said that was normal. Then I discovered that turning the headlights off instead of auto reduced it to 250. In the spring it went down to 100 mA. Any ideas why so much, other than Toyota has too many engineers working on features that use electricity? I put a battery post disconnect on it in case it goes high again in winter.
Harvey51 08/29/19 08:09pm Tech Issues
RE: Ford v10 serpentine belt replacement

I took our 2004 E350 to the most popular auto repair place in our town with population 1000. That shop is so popular I had to wait for 2 months to get the belt changed. $100 Canadian.
Harvey51 08/27/19 06:37pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Will GFCI work with items without equipment ground

Would it be fair to suggest that the safety ground system is a waste of copper when all circuits are GFCI protected? If the cost of copper and electrician labour keeps rising it may become cheaper to go with GFCI breakers instead of ground wiring.
Harvey51 08/21/19 03:50pm Tech Issues
RE: capital one credit card

I’m surprised to learn Capital One is a real credit card. I keep getting one in our post office box a couple of times a year. Our small Canadian town doesn’t have delivery to the house.
Harvey51 08/21/19 03:29pm Beginning RVing
RE: Class c overhead marker lights/lens

I found nearly exact replacements (slightly different colour) at Princess Auto for about $3. LED On the front, a long ladder over the engine compartment worked surprisingly well. Use something to prevent the wires from falling into the inside after cutting them off the old light. When I went back to the discount auto store to get some red ones, the price was $9. Ouch.
Harvey51 08/21/19 03:15pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: New Meter on order

There is no interval between checks; there is no way to measure the state of charge instantaneously. The monitor must continuously measure the current and calculate how many amp hours go in and out from the current and time. The amp hour calculations must be done every second or so because the amp hour display makes no sudden changes. I haven’t installed my Hall effect meter yet; I’m really writing about my cheep shunt based battery monitor and assuming it functions the same way except for the method of measuring current. I would expect no jumps in amp hour display from the Hall effect monitor, too.
Harvey51 08/18/19 11:09pm Tech Issues
RE: What size battery charger???

What does 18 amp mean? If it is the current drawn from the battery when in use, it needs to be multiplied by the time in hours it is in use per day to get the energy used in amp-hours. Then you could look for a charger that delivers that amount of energy in the time it will be charging the battery. If the charging time is ten times as long as the lifting time then the charger needs one tenth of the 18 amps.
Harvey51 08/18/19 10:16pm Tech Issues
RE: Class C with only overhead bed

We bought a 20 foot former rental Canadian Adventurer, made by Adventurer Manufacturing Limited headquartered in British Columbia with manufacturing in Yakima, Washington and dealerships across Canada. We have enjoyed our small class C for 11 years now.
Harvey51 08/18/19 09:30am Class C Motorhomes
RE: LED's for marker lights

i also bought new LED marker lights on sale at a local auto store called Princess Auto for 2 or 3 dollars. Easy to install and I think they are more waterproof.
Harvey51 08/18/19 12:08am Class C Motorhomes
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