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RE: Help with a value please! Looking to purchase...

I googled it and THIS is the first site that I looked at. NOT good news for your seller.
Healeyman 09/14/19 12:07pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Towing a Miata ND

Tim Thanks for your post and the info on the model years. Are you saying that Mazda didn't produce a Miata in 1999? Yes... That is what I was saying, BUT I was wrong. There was no 1998 Production Year. What cars were produced were sold as 1999s. Tim
Healeyman 09/07/19 11:21am Dinghy Towing
RE: 12 VDC Power at Rear Connector

Thanks all, I was wrong. It is NOT the center pin that is 12VDC. It is blade 4. The center pin is the reverse lights. My dinky phone screen wouldn't let me correctly see where the arrow pointed. I, of course, will check it with a DVM just to be sure. Tim
Healeyman 09/06/19 01:22pm Class C Motorhomes
12 VDC Power at Rear Connector

Hi, Do any of you know if the 12VDC CENTER pin on the rear towed/trailer plug-in connector is Switched with the ignition or is it always Hot? RV is a Coachemen Leprechaun. Ford chassis Thanks, Tim
Healeyman 09/06/19 11:07am Class C Motorhomes
RE: 2019 Coachman Freelander 26DS

I would really appreciate any remarks information or advice regarding this RV. Bill, Upfront, I don't have any experience with that specific RV, but I owned a 2014 Coachmen 28QB (3 years - 25K Miles) and now have a 2013 Coachmen 29QB (2 years - 20K miles). Both on a Chevy 4500 Chassis. As was said, this is an entry level coach with corresponding quality. I have made a few mods to each one that improved the "livability" for us. I have NOT had any house construction or Chev chassis issues and would buy either one again. Please PM me if I can help any more. Tim
Healeyman 09/06/19 10:56am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Towing a Miata ND

>>>Forgive my ignorance but (what) is a Miata ND? There are 4 generations of Miatas: NA = 1989-1998 (No 1999 year) NB = 2000-2006 NC = 2007-2015 ND = 2016-2019 >>>I heard of some folks who towed one with a 5 speed manual though, and they had all kinds of transmission problems Ed, I towed a 2000 5-speed over 35,000 miles and have two friends who have towed 5-speeds over 50,000 and 60,000, miles with no issues. In the past 12 years, I have been in contact with more than 100 NA & NB 5-speed owners who are flat towing their cars. I have never heard of anyone with a transmission problem. IF you know of someone who has had a 5-speed problem, I would like to get in touch with them. Tim
Healeyman 09/05/19 04:43pm Dinghy Towing
Peggy's Cove, NS

'Tis a BEAUTIFUL morning at Peggy's Cove. Click the box (lower right) to make it full screen.
Healeyman 08/30/19 08:40am Around the Campfire
RE: Camera facing front for lowing branches - anyone use.?

THAT would probably help HERE Or HERE OR even HERE
Healeyman 08/30/19 08:15am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Towing a Miata ND

Well... I didn't hear from anybody so I bit the bullet and (personally) installed a Roadmaster base plate on a 6-speed 2019 Miata ND over the weekend. Now... We'll go-a-tow and see if anything breaks. Tim
Healeyman 08/26/19 07:38pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Towing a Miata ND

Tim did you try sending them a PM? I don't know who they are. I have searched my past PMs (here) and didn't see the reference to them that I was looking for. My personal Email client crashed last April and I lost all of my personal Email messages dating back to 2012. I had an Email folder for them, but that is now gone. Tim
Healeyman 08/14/19 11:43am Dinghy Towing
RE: Towing a Miata ND

What are the chances that they will read this post? I'd say that the chances are pretty good. YOU read it. While waiting I would do a Google search or get on a Miata forum or contact the manufacturer. Already did that B4 I came here. Google and the Manufacturer don't tow one so they don't know the answers. Tim
Healeyman 08/13/19 07:49pm Dinghy Towing
Towing a Miata ND

I think there are at least TWO Miata ND owners here who RV tow their cars. IF so, would you please PM me? I've got a couple of questions. Thanks, Tim
Healeyman 08/12/19 03:54pm Dinghy Towing
RE: RV Weather Station

any thoughts on how to protect it in between set ups? When transporting my RV sensor, in the "basement" of the RV, I sandwich the sensor unit between 2 old FOAM RUBBER bed pillows within an old (60s-70s) Samsonite, hard side, overnighter size, suitcase. I could drop it off a building and not hurt it. I remove the 4 AA cells unless the sensor is actually on the pole. The home sensor does not leave the pole in the back yard. Tim
Healeyman 07/30/19 12:53pm Technology Corner
RE: RV Weather Station

Looking for recommendations for a RV weather station (wind speed, temp, barometer). I have TWO Acu Rite systems which I bought on Amazon. The 5 sensor array for the home unit is mounted 14 feet over a 6 foot fence so as to get the sensor up into "clean" air for accurate readings. The home unit has a Wi-Fi connection so that I can see the Home weather on my phone while on the road. The sensor array for the RV unit is mounted 8 feet above the roof for the same reason. The sensor array does NOT stay up when travelling. In my opinion, it is not a good idea to mount the sensor array on a telescoping "flag" pole. The weight of the array will cause the pole to collapse. The link between both sensor arrays and their display is wireless. The sensor array uses 4 AA batteries. I've had the home unit for about 3 years and the RV unit for about 2 years. Battery life seems to be about 9 - 12 months. Each unit has its own display, here is the information that it shows. The display can be plug-in or battery (6 ea. AA). The display is actually rectangular, but the angle of the picture makes it look funny. PM me if you want or need any additional information. Tim
Healeyman 07/30/19 07:38am Technology Corner
RE: Low power home UPS

I'm looking for a UPS device I can plug into my home router that has just enough power/smarts to send an email or SMS message before it dies and another one when power is restored. I just checked, Dallas (were I live) and found 5 of them for sale. Priced $50 - $150. Check out your local craigslist. I have had one in-line since the 90s. If/When the power goes out, mine will power the laptop for 2-3 hours and a string of LED lights (probably) for months. Tim
Healeyman 07/28/19 01:09pm Technology Corner
RE: Towing a 2011 Equinox

They also make an easy fuse disconnect switch if needed. Ava, I already have the RV-to-Towed set up configured so that a relay automatically opens the fuse path when the lighting umbilical is plugged in. With the Equinox, no matter the key position, the lighter/power port is DISABLED when the fuse 32 circuit is opened or the fuse pulled. I NEED the power port to be operational to power the Brake System. I was planning to attach the charge line to the HOUSE battery with a power relay between the RV and Equinox batteries. The power relay would be pulled in by the alternator output. That way the alternator would charge both/batteries only when the engine is running and the Equinox would NOT draw from the house battery when the engine is NOT running. For example, if we stop for the night and do not unhook the Equinox, the batteries will be separated and a load on either end would not draw down both batteries. Tim
Healeyman 05/28/19 06:44pm Dinghy Towing
Towing a 2011 Equinox

I infrequently tow a 2011 Equinox. Because we are heading to Colorado, I am adding an Aux Brake system. I am adding a charge line from the RV. Am I correct in presuming that the Equinox towing set-up will be the same EXCEPT that I to NOT have to pull fuse 32? Thanks.
Healeyman 05/28/19 09:24am Dinghy Towing
RE: Mozilla Thunderbird & Win 10

Mozilla Thunderbird & Win 10 - UPDATE I want to thank all of you for your comments and suggestions. I downloaded the new version of Thunderbird Portable and set up a client for me and for my wife. Thunderbird Portable is a stand alone Email Client and does not intermesh with Windows. It can also be resident on and run from an external hard or thumb drive for use anywhere. I have been able to recall all Emails (100 for me, 248 for my wife) since last April 12, the storage cutoff date on the Verizon Email server. I am now working to link up the new Thunderbird with our old contact list and our sent and received data files. Thanks again. I'm gaining on it. Tim
Healeyman 05/23/19 10:40am Technology Corner
Mozilla Thunderbird & Win 10

While out RVing over the weekend (Saturday at 11:03 AM CDT) HP laptop Win 10 did an update while I was away from the rig. Whatever the "upgrade" was it TOTALLY FUBARed my Thunderbird Portable Email client. I cannot tell if the Win 10 upgrade just broke all of the links or if it also scrambled the settings and/or deleted a bunch of files. I find Tbird folders and files on the HD, but none of the apps or .exe will execute. Between my wife and me, we had every Email (+ attachments) sent or received since 2012. Now we cannot access over 50K historical Emails nor ~300 contacts addresses. We also cannot send nor receive Email. Anybody out there know anything about Thunderbird? Tim
Healeyman 05/21/19 01:52pm Technology Corner
RE: Towing PT cruiser

I would say that IF you can find a base plate (Roadmaster/Blue Ox) it is undoubtedly flat towable. I have seen several PTs being flat towed but I don't know any details or requirements. I flat tow a Miata that EVERYBODY says will self destroy, but Roadmaster has base plates and I have now towed 3 of them over 100,000 miles with no issues. Tim
Healeyman 04/07/19 11:09am Dinghy Towing
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