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RE: 72 ounce steak and potato and salad

Before we all get too full of ourselves and how "Manly" we are, The RECORD for eating the "Big Texan" is currently held by a 124 pound WOMAN named Molly Schuyler. Molly ate THREE of the 72 oz. steak meals in 20 minutes flat! She is a better man than I am. Tim
Healeyman 09/05/20 10:57am Around the Campfire
RE: Use Verizon IPhone hotspot with Dish Hopper for On Demand?

Dish keeps wanting me to hook to internet...I was wondering if I can use the WiFi hotspot from a phone to get on demand stuff. I have unlimited data so that wouldn’t be an issue. I have Dish and a Samsung S8+ android phone. I also have a grandfathered Verizon unlimited data plan. I installed the Dish Anywhere app on my phone and can access my home receiver including recorded content. I bought a $15 dongle from Amazon and use it with a long HDMI cable to pipe the phone video to the TV in the RV. It works great. Tim
Healeyman 08/08/20 09:35am Technology Corner
RE: 2018 coachman freelander 26ds flat towing

Looking at a Chevy Colorado at 4500 lbs. I worked for, and retired from, a very large Defense Contractor. One of our contracts was to design, build, and install electronic equipment into a handful of Blackhawk helicopters. Not having a real tug, for over a year we used a 2WD Jeep Cherokee belonging to the Maintenance Dept. to pull the 18,000 pound Blackwawks all over the flight line and in and out of the hangar. True, we were not out on the Interstate at 70 mph, but it worked for us. Another part of that same project was to design and build a HMMWV towed trailer and mounted 3 meter, fold-out, dish antenna system. The unique 5,000 pound trailer hitch had to be designed with a 250% safety factor. To prove the safety factor we loaded the HMMWV up to 12,500 pounds and had a crane lift the vehicle off the ground by the hitch. All 5 passed. I would bet that, for liability reasons, ALL vehicle mounted hitches and suspensions are built with some safety factor, probably at least 100%. Tim I've got my asbestos underpants on. Y'all flame away.
Healeyman 08/06/20 08:39pm Dinghy Towing
RE: 2018 coachman freelander 26ds flat towing

I would like to know what kind of vehicles are being towed by coachman freelanders. We have a Chevy Chassis 2013 Coachmen Freelander. We usually tow a 2-seater 2,500 pound Miata roadster. If we need 4-5 seats (read: grand children) we tow a 3,500 pound Chevy Equinox. What in the world would you tow that is over 5,000 pounds? Tim
Healeyman 08/06/20 06:23pm Dinghy Towing

On a totally sidenote, where are you on Cape Ann. My grandparents lived in Gloucester where my GF was principal of Gloucester High School. Later (1940-1965) they had houses on the water in Magnolia. I spent 14 summers of my youth there. Tim
Healeyman 07/02/20 01:42pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Bluetooth speaker for TV

My Sony TV ONLY has a digital fiber-optic audio output. I went to Amazon and bought THIS - It comes with a Fiber Optic cable. It gives me L and R audio output that I plugged into a Bose Radio that is located under the TV. The Bose has a remote control for adjustments from across the room. It works GREAT!!! Tim
Healeyman 06/30/20 02:34pm Technology Corner
RE: Rear view camera

Amazon has THIS for $50. It will Wi-Fi to your phone. I bought one on close-out a year ago for $30. It works GREAT! Tim
Healeyman 06/28/20 04:23pm Technology Corner
RE: Any good/cheap electric razor for camping?

Anyone have any ideas? Under $50 dollars if possible. Nearly ANY razor will work if you use it regularly, but during our recent "lockdown" I grew a beard for about 3 months. When I got to hating it enough, I decided to shave it off. My nearly-every-day razor is one of the 3 rotary head jobs and would do NOTHING towards getting rid of inch long hairs. I bought THIS from Amazon. It is the one that is seen on TV for $29.95. It is WONDERFUL!!! It takes off the growth down to about a 1-2 days length where my 3-head makes short work of it. It USB charges fast and I have used it 3-4 times and have not recharged it yet. Let it grow while you are gone and use THIS to take it off when you get back. I HIGHLY recommend it. also has a bunch of Electric Razors in the $25 range. Tim
Healeyman 06/26/20 12:11pm RV Lifestyle

WHAT? They told me to wear a mask!
Healeyman 06/06/20 02:11pm Around the Campfire
RE: Are the $25K lithium battery systems worth their cost?

To me, paying $25,000 for hi-tech batteries is a MUCH more expensive, but the same as paying $10 ea. for Nitrogen in your tires. Tim
Healeyman 05/01/20 11:35am Technology Corner
C 19

All, THIS (follow the link) is an EXCELLENT explanation of how this stuff propagates and WHY we need to "Social Distance" or stay home. Tim I won't make a new thread for this tid-bit. Why is the "social distance" 6 feet? As we all know, in cold weather we can "see our breath". We see our breath because the miniscule moisture/water droplets that are expelled from our lungs are warmer than the surrounding air. EACH of those droplets CAN contain C 19 Virus. When we stop seeing our breath it is because the droplets have cooled down to the ambient temperature. Our breath has NOT stopped propagating. Our exhale still moves forward and is starting downward (gravity). Our breath may still contain C 19. Tests have shown that by the time our exhale has moved about 4 feet, it has started to change direction and is not falling towards the ground. By 6 feet away, virtually ALL of the moisture droplets have dropped well below the level that other people will inhale them. Coughs and sneezes can expel/send droplets 20-25 FEET. Tim
Healeyman 03/22/20 12:39pm Around the Campfire
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