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RE: Sleep apnea

There's another sleep apnea treatment that doesn't require a machine. Not sure if it's of interest or covered by insurance yet. I have an 87 year old friend of 60 years who, after many years on a CPAP, is on his 2nd month of using the Inspire. He LOVES it!!! He turns it on when he goes to bed and it shuts itself off 8 hours later (or he can shut it off sooner). The basic hardware & surgery is in the $35,000 - $45,000 range without insurance. My wife is still learning to get along with her CPAP. She is now using a BiPAP and next week will try an APAP. She was having 40+ episodes per hour, she has never been down to 6. I have yet to get a straight answer as to what constitutes an "episode". Tim
Healeyman 08/29/22 12:34pm Around the Campfire
RE: Jump Statt Battery Pack

Wow, whata weird around about way to try to put power to your toad…. Grit dog, What would YOU do? Tim
Healeyman 07/31/22 04:05pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Jump Statt Battery Pack

I'd like to thank you all for your inputs. In addition to options 1 & 2 above, I have come up with option 3. Option 3 = BOTH. I will go ahead and use the fused and diode charge line that I already have installed. AND I will buy a 20 AMP Li battery, fabricate the input and output cables, and house all of it in a small plastic (Harbor Freight) toolbox for portability. I find that I can build a more powerful battery power supply system that will do exactly what I want for slightly less than I paid for the Jump-Pack (which I have already returned). Thanks again, Tim
Healeyman 07/30/22 03:38pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Windows 11 ..headaches..

But I want to use the computers internal built in speakers as well as an amplifier connected to the audio line out jack. I would guess that all computers work the same way. At least on my desktop, 2 laptops, and tablet. The audio is either in OR out. The switchover is mechanical, not electrical. The act of plugging in changes the audio output from in to out. On one of my laptops, when pushing in a headphone plug, there is a place where BOTH will operate at the same time. The audio output socket has mechanical contacts that are "make before break". In other words, the audio outputs are BOTH made (make) before one (inside) is break (switched over). Using an external speaker or headphones, SLOWLY push in the plug and see if there is a point where both will be on at the same time. It works for me. Good luck. Tim
Healeyman 07/29/22 02:42pm Technology Corner
RE: Windows 11 ..headaches..

THIS should do it.,aps,707&sr=8-2-spons&psc=1 Plug the splitter into the computer audio jack. That will send the audio signal to BOTH output jacks. Plug a speaker set into each output jack. OOPS! wa8yxm had the splitter first. Tim
Healeyman 07/29/22 11:51am Technology Corner
RE: Jump Statt Battery Pack

I did run our BrakeBuddy with it for a day due to a skechy battery in the Jeep. Seemed to work fine. Gary Gary, Thanks for your answer. Please read my response above. I think that I will just get a larger capacity LI battery and LI specific charger and make some cables. Then I'll fab a small toolbox size case to house it all. I feel naked without a spare battery on hand. Tim
Healeyman 07/28/22 12:04pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Jump Statt Battery Pack

If you are trying to power a brake system that lays dormant until you engage the brakes, then no, these packs won't work. toedtoes, Thank you so much for your informed answer. It seems that few people and none of my car buddies have any experience with, or knowledge of, these Jump-Packs. Yes, what I quoted from you (above) is exactly what I wanted to do. After playing with it a bit more, I can agree with what you have said. I have a couple of options: 1) I already have a charge line from the RV to the towed car. While I have not tried it yet, that will probably keep the towed battery charged. 2) After chatting with a local LI battery supplier, I can buy a much larger LI battery and a LI specific charger MUCH cheaper than this Jump-Pack cost. I already have the materials, tools, and knowledge to fabricate all of the needed cables. For over 50 years, until the last few years, I have always had an extra battery "on the shelf", just for emergencies. I'll probably go with option 2 Thanks again, Tim
Healeyman 07/28/22 12:00pm Dinghy Towing
Jump Statt Battery Pack

Hi All, I wanted to use a LI Jump-Start Pack more as a battery power supply to power my in-car brake system, than as an engine starter. My issue with the one I just bought is that the 12 VDC Power Port (cigarette lighter) output will not Turn ON and STAY hot unless the ON button is repeatedly pushed. It turns off after a few minutes. The heavy battery cables will not become hot unless a small, residual, voltage is detected. This (rather expennsive) unit won't light a bulb or spin a motor at all. It seems to need to be able to sense some electrical power to enable the voltage outputs to energize. Is this the way they ALL work? Maybe I should just buy a LI battery and fabricate the needed charge & output cables. Tim
Healeyman 07/28/22 09:26am Dinghy Towing
Vintage Gas Prices

Some years ago, I was talking about gas prices with my mom (born in 1912). It was a lot more where she lived in SoCal than in Texas. I reminded her that when I started driving (mid-1950's), gas was normally $0.25 - 0.27 a gallon but the cheapest I had ever paid was $0.15 during a "gas war". She told me that when she started driving (Early 1930's), she paid $0.07 a gallon. WHAT is the cheapest that you remember ever paying for a gallon of gas? Tim
Healeyman 07/02/22 01:06pm Around the Campfire
RE: Catelitic Convertor protect?

I have a friend who put down a BIG pile of gravel under the Cat Converter where he parks his RV. He then covered the gravel with a 4 bags of Sack-Crete concrete and wet it all down. They may still steal his Cat, but they are going to have to work for it. Tim
Healeyman 04/16/22 10:25am Class C Motorhomes
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