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RE: Towing a 2011 Equinox

They also make an easy fuse disconnect switch if needed. Ava, I already have the RV-to-Towed set up configured so that a relay automatically opens the fuse path when the lighting umbilical is plugged in. With the Equinox, no matter the key position, the lighter/power port is DISABLED when the fuse 32 circuit is opened or the fuse pulled. I NEED the power port to be operational to power the Brake System. I was planning to attach the charge line to the HOUSE battery with a power relay between the RV and Equinox batteries. The power relay would be pulled in by the alternator output. That way the alternator would charge both/batteries only when the engine is running and the Equinox would NOT draw from the house battery when the engine is NOT running. For example, if we stop for the night and do not unhook the Equinox, the batteries will be separated and a load on either end would not draw down both batteries. Tim
Healeyman 05/28/19 06:44pm Dinghy Towing
Towing a 2011 Equinox

I infrequently tow a 2011 Equinox. Because we are heading to Colorado, I am adding an Aux Brake system. I am adding a charge line from the RV. Am I correct in presuming that the Equinox towing set-up will be the same EXCEPT that I to NOT have to pull fuse 32? Thanks.
Healeyman 05/28/19 09:24am Dinghy Towing
RE: Mozilla Thunderbird & Win 10

Mozilla Thunderbird & Win 10 - UPDATE I want to thank all of you for your comments and suggestions. I downloaded the new version of Thunderbird Portable and set up a client for me and for my wife. Thunderbird Portable is a stand alone Email Client and does not intermesh with Windows. It can also be resident on and run from an external hard or thumb drive for use anywhere. I have been able to recall all Emails (100 for me, 248 for my wife) since last April 12, the storage cutoff date on the Verizon Email server. I am now working to link up the new Thunderbird with our old contact list and our sent and received data files. Thanks again. I'm gaining on it. Tim
Healeyman 05/23/19 10:40am Technology Corner
Mozilla Thunderbird & Win 10

While out RVing over the weekend (Saturday at 11:03 AM CDT) HP laptop Win 10 did an update while I was away from the rig. Whatever the "upgrade" was it TOTALLY FUBARed my Thunderbird Portable Email client. I cannot tell if the Win 10 upgrade just broke all of the links or if it also scrambled the settings and/or deleted a bunch of files. I find Tbird folders and files on the HD, but none of the apps or .exe will execute. Between my wife and me, we had every Email (+ attachments) sent or received since 2012. Now we cannot access over 50K historical Emails nor ~300 contacts addresses. We also cannot send nor receive Email. Anybody out there know anything about Thunderbird? Tim
Healeyman 05/21/19 01:52pm Technology Corner
RE: Towing PT cruiser

I would say that IF you can find a base plate (Roadmaster/Blue Ox) it is undoubtedly flat towable. I have seen several PTs being flat towed but I don't know any details or requirements. I flat tow a Miata that EVERYBODY says will self destroy, but Roadmaster has base plates and I have now towed 3 of them over 100,000 miles with no issues. Tim
Healeyman 04/07/19 11:09am Dinghy Towing
RE: Thor Freedom elite axxera can radio not working.

Basically, EVERYTHING in front of the drivers & passenger seat backs works from a CHASSIS battery which is under the vehicle hood. EVERYTHING behind the drivers and passenger seat backs works off of a HOUSE battery which us usually found under the step in the entry way. There is probably a big rubber latch on the front of one of the steps. The round power switch by the door switches on and off the HOUSE battery and those things on the indicator panel. That switch has nothing to do with the VEHICLE systems. Your in-dash radio and camera system will be powered by the VEHICLE power system. I cannot tell you what the problem is, but if the radio doesn't light up you probably have a total radio power failure (nothing works) it is most probably a fuse, either in the CHASSIS fuse box or in-line in the dash behind the radio. It also may be a bad ground between the vehicle chassis and the radio itself. You will probably have to take it to an RV dealer or RV repair place. If the radio DOES light up, the problem is probably a menu setting. On my Coachmen Freelander, except in Reverse, I have to press a button to activate the rear camera. I hope I have helped. Sorry I couldn't have helped more. Tim
Healeyman 03/23/19 01:00pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: tow a mini?

An update -- i began towing my mini in 2017 and it does great Thanks for the update, but just curious... After your original post with many favorable responses (including mine), why did it take two years for you to start towing your mini? Tim
Healeyman 03/11/19 11:48am Dinghy Towing
RE: Bra for toad

Has anyone used a bra on their toad?... What are the pros & cons? I had one on my first towed. What a PITA!!!! A LOT of the small pieces of sand and gravel would be dropped on the hood between the bra and the windshield. Then, when out of the wind, they would migrate forward and get UNDER the bra and abrade the painted surface. I ended up having to find a car wash every day or two and pressure wash the grit out of the fabric on the under side of the bra. After a couple weeks of THAT, I took it off. I ended up giving it away (with a warning). I didn't see any Pros. Others may have different experiences. Tim
Healeyman 02/12/19 09:03am Dinghy Towing
As Seen On TV Orange Pans

My wife and I are trying to follow the KETO eating regime (I hate to call it a "diet"). As such, we've been eating a lot of eggs: Scrambled, Omlets, Over easy & hard, etc. I got tired of having to lubricate our old Teflon "skillets", so I bought a couple of those Orange Pans, you know, the ones you see on TV. But Wait!!! Yeah, those. We are also using them for other things when cooking. They are GREAT! As advertised, NOTHING sticks to them. There are 2 stainless rivets that hold the handle on. What they don't tell you is that EVERYTHING sticks to THEM! Plus, if the rivet head is not seated tightly against the orange coating on the inside of the pan, food gets UNDER the rivet head and is almost impossible to get the residue out. A thin, sharp, fingernail will usually do it, but it ain't easy. I don't know why they couldn't have orange coated the rivets too? Tim
Healeyman 02/04/19 11:20am Around the Campfire
RE: TV antenna splitter

HERE ya' go. Tim
Healeyman 01/07/19 09:28am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Terrain, Equinox, Envoy, Traverse

Contemplating a MH and a puddle jumper for the boss. Just your take on these vehicles for towing behind a MH. Thanks in advance, Jeff Jeff, Last year, my wife inherited her mothers 4-cylinder, 2011 Chev Equinox with only 12,000 miles on it. Truly a "little old lady on Sunday" car. I installed a Roadmaster base plate in a couple of hours. We now tow it behind our class C. We pull out fuse 32 and put it in neutral and go. We've pulled it about 10,000 trouble free miles. Tim
Healeyman 12/17/18 11:20am Dinghy Towing
RE: Another Difference Between Men and Women

we both tried the "underpants foot toss" last night. We both about fell on our butts, but we did get them mostly in the basket... :) Congrats Dutch to you and yours. NOW you can start moving the basket farther away... Like to another room. :B Tim
Healeyman 10/31/18 04:19pm Around the Campfire
RE: Another Difference Between Men and Women

Custom intake manifold ? Well, Yes and No. The Volvo had 2 SUs, each serving 2 cylinders with a small blalance Tube between them. The carbs required "balancing" so that each set of 2 cylinders ran with the same fuel/air ratio. With MY 4 carb set-up, each of the 4 carbs dumps into a common plenum. Each carb sees the its share of the plenum vacuum and adjusts the fuel/air accordingly. No balancing required. The planum is bolted onto a single-plane, 4-barrel, Edelbrock manifold for fuel distribution. The tricky part was not the carburetion, but the 4 speed Automatic OverDrive (AOD) transmission. The trans has a cable that must be pulled in unison with the carburetor linkage. This cable tells the transmission what is happening with the engine. There is a stainless steel shaft that runs front-to-back through the plenium. On the back of the plenum, there is an ideltical round pulley that pulls the cable as the throttle opens. There is also a throttle position sensor (TPS) that tells the computer how to set the spark advance. It works very well. Tim
Healeyman 10/31/18 10:32am Around the Campfire
RE: Another Difference Between Men and Women

I always thought it would be nice to have a small block Chevy V8 or Ford 302 installed in either a PV544 or a Volvo 122. A 5 or 6 speed manual transmission, up rated cooling, suspension, brakes too. My first "Real" car (one I made payments on) was a 1959 Volvo 544. In the mid-60s, I worked with a guy who drag raced an A-Altered coupe with a multi-carb flathead. His tow car was a Volvo 544 with a '57 Chev 270 HP engine. His Chevy/Volvo was actually a LOT faster than his drag car. Ah, Those were the days.......... Tim
Healeyman 10/31/18 10:15am Around the Campfire
RE: Another Difference Between Men and Women

Had a 1963 red AH Mk 3000 a long time ago - in the '70s - wish I still had it ... Monkey, Yeah... I hear that a LOT!!! what year is that green one? It is a 1959 100-6, BUT it's not "your" Healey. Look HERE I still have it and drive it often. Tim
Healeyman 10/30/18 02:51pm Around the Campfire
Another Difference Between Men and Women

My wife told me that she has never let her underwear slide down her leg, twirled it around her toe, and launched it across the room into the laundry hamper. HOW could she NOT have ever done that??? Tim
Healeyman 10/30/18 11:42am Around the Campfire
RE: RV Fireplace

So Tim, I assume that couch pulls out into a bed, since you're going to be sleeping on it.:B Nope... The cat sleeps on it. We have a class C with a bed in the back. Tim
Healeyman 10/19/18 04:45pm RV Lifestyle
RE: RV Fireplace

We have this one at home. It has a heater and plays fireplace "crackles". Tim
Healeyman 10/19/18 04:44pm RV Lifestyle
RV Fireplace

This topic has been moved to another forum. You can read it here: 29768462
Healeyman 10/19/18 12:44pm Around the Campfire
RV Fireplace

COLD and Rainy here in Oklahoma. The wife said that she'd like to have a fireplace here in the RV. So.... I got her a "Netflix on the Laptop". The KItty likes it too.... Tim width=800
Healeyman 10/19/18 12:44pm RV Lifestyle
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