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RE: 22.5 wheels

You might need new longer studs on the rear drums or rotors. Aluminum wheels are much thicker than steel ones.
Hikerdogs 08/28/21 06:48am Class A Motorhomes
RE: tow dolly brakes

We used a RoadMaster 2000-1 for around 20,000 miles towing a Buick LeSabre. We liked the electric brakes because they would hold when stopped going uphill while the surge brakes won't. If you have a motorhome built on a Ford chassis a brake controller is a plug and play device. We used a Tekonsha P2 controller. The P2 for all intents and purposes has been replaced by the P3. Also the 2000-1 dolly is no longer manufactured. It was a great dolly, in fact the one we purchased in 2001 is still being used by a friend to this day. I think their demise was mainly due to cost. Shortly before they were phased out the retail price was in the $3,700.00 range. There are a lot of dollies on the market for a lot less money' RoadMaster currently makes a dolly with a swivel plate. The original 2000-1 had steerable wheels that would follow in the tracks of the rear wheels on the motorhome. Tweety's still offers the original model for a little over $3,800.00. As an FYI we stopped using the dolly in about 2005. It seemed pointless to tow the Buick half way across the country, then park it in the campground when we rented a jeep for off roading. Often times the Buick got 20 miles or less on the odometer over the course of a 2 week trip. In 2005 we purchased a Jeep Wrangler that we still tow 4 down today.
Hikerdogs 07/27/21 08:50am Dinghy Towing
RE: Fuel for Gassers

I've checked the mileage religiously on our 2001 Adventurer and our 2013 Adventurer. It's hard to put an exact number to the mileage difference due to the number of variables involved, but with both motorhomes we've consistently gotten 1 mph or more traveling the same routes when using the non ethanol regular. Given mileage is usually between 7 mpg and 8 mpg depending on the route traveled. An additional 1 mpg with non ethanol makes it cost effective to use it when available.
Hikerdogs 07/27/21 08:31am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Fuel for Gassers

If you're looking to improve fuel mileage non ethanol regular (87 octane) is the way to go. As mentioned the ethanol does nothing in that regard except lower the mileage by the amount of ethanol in the fuel. With a 10% blend you can expect a 10% poorer mileage than with non ethanol unleaded. It's a bit amusing that the non ethanol regular gasoline is most available in Iowa, the state that produces the most ethanol in the country. Non ethanol regular wasn't even available in neighboring Wisconsin until about 5 years ago. Even now it's not available at most stations. It's more easily found in rural areas and those catering to "recreational vehicles". In this case recreational vehicles refers to ATV's and marine inboard and outboard motors.
Hikerdogs 07/25/21 06:18am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Gen leaking fuel

A little research seems to reveal that the 39' models were only available as diesel pushers. Here are links to Bounder brochures for 2001. Diesel Powered: Gas Powered:
Hikerdogs 06/10/21 07:49am Class A Motorhomes
RE: How long to build Class A Gas motorhome

During a "normal" year it usually takes about 4 months from the time the unit is ordered to the time it's delivered. That makes the assumptions chassis are available when ordered, body and systems parts are available to the body builder, and they have a full compliment of employees to build it. Over the last year due to Covid we've seen a shortage of parts to build the chassis, a shortage of parts for the body builders, a shortage of employees, and an unusually large number of orders. All things combined I would venture to guess 6 months between ordering and delivery would be the shortest time span to expect. Talking to our local Ford truck dealer I was informed they are getting about 1/3 of the units they order in a timely manner (3 to 4 months) many models are backordered with no definite delivery time.
Hikerdogs 06/09/21 09:47am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Gen leaking fuel

Does your generator have a single fuel filter or 2 filters? Our 2001 Adventurer originally came with 1 fuel filter at the pump, and a second screwed into the carb. Onan later eliminated the one at the carb because after it was replaced a few times the threads would often start to leak. They came out with a fitting that would replace the filter and remain in place permanently. Later models came only with a single filter at the pump.
Hikerdogs 06/09/21 09:38am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Wanting to install Ceiling Fan in Bedroom

We installed one in our 2001 Adventurer and ordered one from the factory in our 2013 Adventurer. In the 2001 I centered it over the bed in the bedroom. No additional bracing was required, and power was extended from the original 12 volt overhead light. The original light had a switch on the wall so I replaced the light with one that had a built in switch. The switch on the wall would put power to both units and the light could be turned on independently from the built in switch. Be sure to locate the fan so that it can be run with the slides in ( our 2001 didn't have a slide) and the cabinet doors can be opened without interfering. I would also suggest getting one with a remote control rather than a pull chain. That way the fan can be turned on or off and speeds can be changed without getting out of bed. It will also minimize strain on the mounts induced by constantly pulling on a chain. I installed the fan in our 2001 in early 2002. We put over 12 years and 110,000 miles on the unit before trading it in on the 2013. It was still quiet and working fine when the motorhome was traded in.
Hikerdogs 05/20/21 06:58am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Rochelle, IL

Thanks for the great suggestions. We'll check them all out. We have a few months to figure this out, so I'm sure one of them will work. Thanks again for taking the time to help us. Tracy
Hikerdogs 05/19/21 04:18am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
Rochelle, IL

Hi Everyone, We'll be visiting friends in Rochelle, Illinois from Oct 22-24. Because we have two dogs, we'd like to take the Winnebago and camp somewhere close to the city. Can anyone recommend a place near Rochelle? I don't know of any campgrounds in the area and if there are some, perhaps they would be closed for the season anyway. We just need a place to park where can we can use the generator occasionally. I've heard the airport has camping for the skydivers. Does anyone know if it is available for others to use? Or, is there a fairgrounds or open space nearby where we could park for two nights? Are any of you railfans that have driven down to Rochelle to watch the trains? If so, where did you camp? Thanks for any help you can give us. Tracy
Hikerdogs 05/18/21 12:05pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Need advice for Rochester, MN

Thanks for great ideas. I never thought of the dog park. I know there is one south of downtown that we have been to before. I'll check out the Nature Center, too. Sounds interesting. I really appreciate you taking the time to help me out. Thanks again. Tracy
Hikerdogs 11/25/20 06:37am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
Need advice for Rochester, MN

When we travel to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, we always stay at Autumn Woods RV Park. In December, my husband has an appointment for just an X-ray so we're thinking that we'll take the car for a day trip and leave the RV in Madison, WI. Because we'll have the dogs with us, I'm looking for a place, like a city or county park, that will be open in December where I can wait in the car for a couple hours while my husband has his appointments. Can you recommend a park what will be open and the roads plowed? Thanks. Tracy
Hikerdogs 11/24/20 06:10am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: A three cylinder Bronco.....a THREE cylinder Bronco???

Have you actually driven one to experience the performance or lack of it? Earlier this year I was looking for something to replace a 2010 Ford Expedition. The only engine choice in the 2020 Expedition was a 3.5 liter V6. I couldn't believe it would have any power or torque compared to the 5.4 liter V8 in the 2010 model. After a short drive I was amazed. The 3.5 has twin turbos and far out performs the older 5.4 in all around performance, acceleration, and fuel economy.
Hikerdogs 10/25/20 09:17am Dinghy Towing
RE: Ford V10 vs Chevy Gas

2005 and up is fine for the v-10. Lots of power. Loves to be fueled up. I've done 3 sets of rear brakes in 120,000 miles--and I'm light footed on them. Apparently not as light footed as you could be. We put over 110,000 miles on our 2001 Adventurer and did one brake job at 75,000. We currently have over 50,000 miles on our 2013 Adventurer and the brakes are well over 50%.
Hikerdogs 10/25/20 09:03am Class A Motorhomes
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