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Honda CRV weights

Looking at down sizing from a 2013 4 dr Wrangler to a 2013 Honda CRV. I cannot find the curb weight of the CRV. We have a gasser now and want to reduce the weight we tow but still have room for a small mobility scooter and wheel chair in the back of the CRV. Also, since the CRV is much lower in the front than the Jeep, what works to lower the Blue Ox towbar closer to the height of the of the CRV connections. We are towing with a 2016 Newmar Canyon Star 3911 (handicap)
Horsedoc 09/18/20 06:27am Dinghy Towing
RE: Portable Wind Turbine as a power supplement?

Go with conventional, tried and true equipment. You will spend a pile of money on an idea that is just an idea.
Horsedoc 09/18/20 05:59am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Idle Jeep Wrangler while towing?

I don't know if it is recommended or not but I do know that I accidently left ours running all the way from Hiawassee, Ga to Athens, Ga. Got interrupted by some long winded guy as we were getting ready to leave and just forgot it. With the engine running for a couple or three hours I was worried but nothing noticeable found. The Brake buddy sure did stop quick several times. Lucky I had put the transfer case in neutral I guess.
Horsedoc 09/16/20 12:43pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Wolves as Pets

This appeared in a local message board several years ago. Likely not exactly right. Gray Wolf in Great Smoky Mountains United States Department of Interior and authorities of The Great Smokey Mountains National Park just announced the re-introduction of the Gray Wolf into the GSMNP. Similar to efforts in the Yellowstone National Parks, this re-introduction is in response to portions of the park being overrun with feral hogs. Wolves in Yellowstone have significantly lowered the elk population there, allowing meadows and grazing height shrubs and lower limbs to regenerate. The feral hogs in GSMNP are running rampant in their breeding, producing up to three litters per year with up possibilities of a dozen piglets in each litter. Their continuous ‘rooting’ and searching for food has caused tremendous damages inside the park, according to park authorities. The grouse and wild turkeys in the park nest on the ground and the most recent count of wild turkey population showed only about 10 percent of the turkey population found in past years. These hogs feed, not only on nuts from the hardwood trees but roots and stems on succulents in the lower areas around the numerous streams inside the park. This damage to the ground and ground cover will then erode when heavy rains, common in the park, occur. Runoff soil and sediments then damage the fisheries of the brown and rainbow trout throughout the park. The Brown Trout are endangered in the park at present and with this constant bombardment of soil and sediment in their natural habitat makes the survival of any fry questionable. It is projected the introduction of the Gray Wolf into the park will lower the feral hog population to the point that trapping by contract trappers and natural die-off will allow the park to recover. Also announced was the addition of eight additional Bull Elk to supplement the elk population. It is believed the feces of these animals will help fertilize areas damaged by the feral hogs.
Horsedoc 09/14/20 09:08am Around the Campfire
RE: Food for thought

editable? ;)
Horsedoc 09/10/20 06:30am Around the Campfire
RE: What is best AC unit for Tent Camping?

Squad tents had the canvas sleeve that fitted around the cooling unit. I think the modern version even has a distribution sleeve down the top center of the tent. Haven't been in one in years but close your eyes and you can still smell them.
Horsedoc 09/08/20 10:23am Tent Camping
RE: How to get rid of soap streaks after washing a TT?

If you have streaks from soap, they you are waiting to long to rinse. Wash in sections ad rinse thoroughly. The old rubber roofs were usually the reason for white streaks. If it is white water stains from hard water, then an acid rinse. Mix vinegar with water and do a test area to see if that will remove it. Blue Beacon does a mild acid rinse but it will take all the wax from the side. I don't use them anymore for obvious reasons. A complete and thorough wax job is expensive but that will likely solve your white streak problems
Horsedoc 09/08/20 07:43am General RVing Issues
RE: Turning pivot points for 40’ RV class A

Practice and just do it. Trying to put markers on windshields and such is going to get you on trouble if you rely on this kind of thing. All corners are not 90 degrees, some are greater and some are less. Ramps on and off 4 lane limited access roads are good places to practice this. Exit right, turn left and the turn left again heading the other direction.
Horsedoc 09/08/20 07:07am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Scenic Routes/Places to See in WY, ID, MT, SD & E. CO

Spearfish SD., west of Rapid City has a great city park that is ideal for either a few days in the area, or just overnighting. You can drive south up Spearfish Canyon in Lead for some really beautiful scenery (some of the winder scenes from "Dances with Wolves" were filmed there) or go on into Deadwood and donate a few bucks to the casinos.
Horsedoc 09/06/20 09:08am Roads and Routes
RE: Dish Network receiver question

Good question. We dropped Direct for the same reason and have two Wallys for the house. The guy from Dish said there was no use in having another account for the MH and just take one of the Wallys out of the house and use it when we travel. Interestingly enough, the places we have stayed either have cable or strong wifi and we have not used it yet. I'm sure they will have a good word for you if you give them a call.
Horsedoc 09/02/20 05:31pm Technology Corner
RE: 30 foot run of sewer hose--downhill?

beaker has a good point. You don't want the water outrunning the load it is carrying
Horsedoc 08/31/20 07:18am General RVing Issues
RE: Forty Foot Gasser

We have a '16 Newmar Canyon Star 3911. It does fine but we liked our previous DP better as far as ride and noise goes. We had to have the handicap/wheelchair ramp for us to continue RVing
Horsedoc 08/28/20 07:00am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Camping in North Ga. with tubing or rafting?

I don't know of any that offer both camping and rafting/camping. Toad is right about Helen - there is the Chattahoochee River there with lots of both. Closest CG that I know is back toward Cleveland, Yonah Mountain CG. Maybe drive your towed and park it at the take-out area (lots of parking) and ride the bus back to the starting point?
Horsedoc 08/24/20 02:12pm Family Camping
RE: Surge Protector, Do I need one???

Obviously you don't 'need' one after all these years, but it can save you tons of trouble and money if something goes bad with the power at your site. We have a portable 50 amp Progressive that we have had for years. It is portable because we didn't want to leave it on a MH if we traded or up graded. Over the years we have run into only a few instances where it actually saved us. Once when it would not pass power because of low voltage on one leg of the post. The CG owner swore nothing was wrong but did agree to another site. Turns out the receptacle was burned on one side and not getting contact. Saved a potential problem with a lightning strike near a state park and the PG50 shut the power off when the CG power surged. In a short time it re-set and we were back in business. Did it save us from disaster or was there even a potential for disaster? I certainly thought there was and slept better knowing it worked.
Horsedoc 08/17/20 06:12am Tech Issues
RE: Painful just to look at lol

I bet he has a much fun as most of us do when he is camping. He is using what he had at hand.
Horsedoc 08/17/20 05:38am General RVing Issues
RE: gas millage

I would be pleased to get 8. '16, 40' Canyon Star with 4 dr Jeep hard top
Horsedoc 08/17/20 05:28am Class A Motorhomes
RE: atlanta traffic

anybody familiar with 92/140 and finding our way to 124.. Not sure about with map i am looking at. Multi-lane roads with lots of traffic and numerous traffic signals. NE metro Atlanta area is where a lot of the new money lives and even around to the Stone Mtn area is crowded further east and south. You will get tired of stopping and going if you are towing in that area and will irritate some other drivers (most are in a hurry)
Horsedoc 08/16/20 09:46am Roads and Routes
RE: New England Travel

Which amendment covers 'right to travel'? I guess I missed that one
Horsedoc 08/16/20 09:33am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: atlanta traffic

Atlanta traffic can be a **** shoot. We see it flowing well and then 'something' will happen and it nearly or does stop. Sunday mornings are usually the best times for straight through travel. I-285 on the north side at I-85 north can get jammed but more likely in the morning and evening rush. I might chance a straight thru if the weather is good during say, 10am to 3pm week days
Horsedoc 08/15/20 08:44am Roads and Routes
RE: Caution

Not clear on what happened exactly. Is it not your responsibility to make sure your air brake cylinder is adjusted correctly? Or am I missing something?
Horsedoc 08/08/20 12:33pm Dinghy Towing
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