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RE: When is weight distribution needed?

I'm not trying to stir the pot (well, ok - maybe a little) but my question is serious... In the old days the hitches/trucks required WD and Sway control for over 5k lbs... then we went to 2.5" hitches... Now my current truck has a 3" hitch... Here is my setup: 2019 F350 Dually Crew Cab Diesel 4x4 2021 Grand Design Momentum 28G travel trailer toy hauler Specs show my truck can HAUL (w/o weight distribution) 2100lbs on the hitch, trailer shows about 1400 lb tongue weight - maybe less when it's loaded (Toy Hauler)... 12k GVWR and 32' long... Truck has built in sway control... So my thoughts are to drop it on the ball and try it... Am I nuts? I have no issue getting a WD/SC hitch setup but it seems like an overkill in my situation... And they don't even make a 3" setup that I've found - only 2" or 2.5" and both would need sleeves/adapters to fit my hitch - which I was always told to not use an adapter with a WD hitch... Thoughts?Part of the human condition is that some are more particular than others. Observe the lashups you run across on the highway. On most days it is not hard to see some that would have most anyone on this forum shaking their head... Yet the person(s) operating these trainwrecks seem perfectly OK with them. So.... you will get a variety of opinions.... A few of which will agree with what you think. Whatever that may be, consider this: Do you want your dually lashup without WD to perform as well as a lesser TV with WD? If so then you will likely be satisfied without WD. If you want your lashup to be the best that it can be, then you want WD. It is a lot like seatbelts. You can drive a million miles and never need them, Or take a spin around the block, get in a wreck and be glad you had them. Fate is fickle and you never know when Mr Murphy will make an appearance. I have been towing with dually crewcab diesels since 2000. I can feel the difference in a 1 hole/link adjustment. I want my lashups to be the best that they can be. Not good enough. There have been a couple of times I was glad to have taken the time to dial it in the best it could be. It is your call as to what you are comfortable with. As for the do not use an adaptor with WD... That is an internet myth. Anyslop in the adaptor is eliminated when the WD bars are under tension. It will work fine
Huntindog 12/02/20 05:35pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford has released their 2021 towing guide

What does this mean?!?! In the tow guide right under the 150s ratings... Maximum payload and towing capabilities are for properly equipped vehicles with required equipment and a 150-lb. driver and passengerand vary based on cargo, vehicle configuration, accessories, option content and number of passengers. See label on door jamb for carrying capacity of a specific vehicle. Horsepower, torque, payload and towing are independent attributes and may not be achieved simultaneously. For additional information, see your Ford Dealer. Does this mean 300lbs is kept off that tire and payload rating sticker for 2021?!?! If you look at the slide in camper section of the F150, each vehicle configuration has it's payload number listed on the chart. But at the very front of that chart area, you will see what constitutes that determination. But you will also see that it doesn't assume how many people your hauling. So the final payload will be the number on the chart PLUS 150lbs for each and every seating position on the truck. That means an additional 900lbs for a bench seat truck. Just so long as you don't need that payload for the RV....IE: you NEED a driver, so what is the point of adding that in as payload?
Huntindog 11/29/20 05:11pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2019 Duramax Regen

I know that when my trucks were new, a regen happened pretty fast. It is said that is how they are programed.. So to me, it would follow that a reflash could cause the same behaviour.
Huntindog 11/22/20 06:12pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2008 Weekend Warrior CR3705 holding tanks plumbing

Do it before the valves fail, had one break once, pulled the handle out of the disk. Of course it was a black water tank that was FULL!That was a bad situation
Huntindog 11/20/20 05:17pm Toy Haulers
RE: Auxiliary tank - full or empty?

Having an empty or partially kinda like not having some tp stocked. You just never know when it may be needed. But, more importantly, a full tank virtually eliminates moisture accumulation! To each his/her own pertaining to a full tank stored for a lengthy time frame......follow the science! ;) memtbGotcha. Now I just gotta find a mask big enough for my aux tank.:B
Huntindog 11/20/20 05:14pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ram 2500 DEF fluid

As has been noted; DEF shelf life is something to be aware of, and consider when filling it. Shelf life drops like a rock as tempertures increase. At 100 degrees it is down to 6 months or so. Since I live in Phoenix AZ, and do not use my trucks as daily commuters, this is a real concern for me. Realize that it is not just the ambient air temperture to consider, but the actual DEF temperture!. When it is 115 in phoenix, and the truck is being driven, the DEF temps will be a lot hotter than 115! So I keep my DEF tank low. I put 2.5 gallons of fresh DEF in when the warning appears. If I have a trip coming up where I will need more, then I put more in at that time.
Huntindog 11/20/20 02:30am Tow Vehicles
RE: Pro trailer back up assist

I'm not going to watch a 30 minute video on the system. But I do have it on my Expedition MAX. I've set it up to work with both my boats. Only used it once - when I went out with a group of people, and no one was comfortable backing up the trailer to retrieve the boat at the launch ramp. The system worked well enough to have someone with limited experience successfully back down the boat ramp. Spend anytime at a boat ramp (or honestly a campground), and you quickly see there is a real need for a product like this. How many semis are on the road and they do not have backup assist. I often have to receive trucks at work... So I get to watch a lot of truck drivers back into the docks. It is amazing to me how many struggle with this.... Perhaps they should target the semi market for this "trinket"
Huntindog 11/16/20 04:12pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Generator use during travel

Lots of opinions here. But I have actually done this. Here are some facts. My first TT a 75 Prowler. I welded an extension onto rear frame rails. It was beefy. It had to be, as the small quiet inverter generators did not exist then. I wanted a quiet generator. The Honda ES3300 was my pick.... It was HEAVY at over 400#!!! I semi permanently mounted it on the rear rack I had fabricated along with a cover to protect it from weather. It had electric start, so I rigged up a switch to be able to start it from inside the TT. It worked great under tow, and camped. No issues at all... Well there was one big one. The weight I probably added 600#s to the rear. So I had to be sure to load the front heavy. With todays small Hondas, it would work even better. As an aside, I have also ran the furnace while under tow. No issues there either. Note: This was before the internet was invented, so information and misinformation (opinion) was not so easy to spread.
Huntindog 11/15/20 03:00pm Travel Trailers
RE: Suburban Furnace

Sail switch as good continuity when tested....The sail switch is the most common part to fail. It is also the cheapest. I once had one that tested good , but was really bad. When I finally figured out that it was failing intermittantly, I took it apart, and the insides were toast.... I now carry a spare. They can be had on ebay for about 7.00. If you are that far into it, just put a new one in while you are there.
Huntindog 11/09/20 04:42pm Travel Trailers
RE: PSI rating variables

Since this RV is for emergency use, a tire failure could be more than a inconveinient delay on a vacation. So get those tires replaced pronto.
Huntindog 11/01/20 01:42am Toy Haulers
RE: Grease gun/ grease recommendations

I just looked at the maintenence schedule on Dexters site. It states that annual inspection of the bearings is REQUIRED. Since an inspection means you gotta disasemble it..... You might as well hand pack them at that time....Which means that the EZ lube feature is worthless. All downsides and no upsides.
Huntindog 10/27/20 04:25am Travel Trailers
RE: Travel Trailer Rubber Roof Repair Options. Help needed ASAP

If you are looking to get thru the winter, and will not be moving it.... That opens up some options. I think I would go with a thick piece of plywood, Put a few coats of cheap (home Depot marks down missmatched colors a lot) paint on it to seal it. Lay that over the slide out and maybe a tarp over that. If the roof is in fact not leaking now, then this should work. It won't win any awards, but it is cheap and easy.
Huntindog 10/23/20 05:02pm Travel Trailers
RE: GM and Gearing

I guess for me i would rather be in the middle somewhere, as stated earlier, i do tow about 8 to 10 thousand miles per year out of the 12 to 15 that we use the truck for. just thinking that I don't mind the chugging along on the hills a bit as we are not pulling hills all the time. that is about the biggest advantage i have seen with the 4:10 over the 3:73. well, to all, thanks and any other comments will be appreciated So you have basically a new 2500HD with 4.10s. You tow a big trailer a lot of miles a year out west at altitude and big grades. You’re contemplating a few more hp, same number of gears and then saddling it with horrible gears for towing (which they don’t make so you’d have to change gear sets in a brand new truck), all for worse performance and worse mileage than you already have?? My comment is you’re not going to do appreciably better with ANY new gasser for your use and your propose plan is actually worse than your current vehicle. You are solidly in the realm of making good use of a diesel. Or at a minimum get a new Ford or Ram with a better trans, more power and deeper gears. I’m actually curious where your head is at. Think you’re going to save $ on gas for the few miles a year you drive bobtail, or just don’t understand the concept of gearing? Well, I guess I asked for it! my head is on my shoulders and not where some may think. No I am not Gear Savvy, so that is why I asked the question(s). I appreciated the knowledge and the input, I can afford the extra few dollars for gas, I am not a diesel person and so there ya have it. Thanks again for the input. I will do some further research before I buy the next truck. I am looking forward to it. Have a great rest of your day!!! Thanks again.What makes one a "Diesel person"? My wife and her side of the family once thought that they would never drive diesels.... Over the years as diesels changed, they became converts. Perhaps you should reconsider with an open mind. You presently are at the upper limits of what gas motors can do. A diesel is the only option to get appreciably better performance. IOW, it really isn't worth spending the money for a new gas powered truck, hoping/expecting better performance or fuel economy.... Now if you just want a new truck for the smell etc... That is a different story.
Huntindog 10/18/20 06:46pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Goodyear Endurance Tires VS Carlisle Trail HD Tires

all those clickies your posting are old and all repeat the same ST tire mfg misinformation...that LT tires are made for trucks only. And even make the comments they don't work for tires on a trailer. And some even have said LT tires don't come on trailers. Tireman9 blog has his opinion on the subject Its all there on if you have the time for a long search. Barry Smith (CapriRacer) has expressed his opinion on this and other rv websites and even on answering tire questions. A hint; don't look for certain wording like stronger sidewalls or strongest tire but rather their opinions on using a ST vs LT in a trailer position. Good read from member SeniorGNC on LT vs ST FMVSS tire testing vs ST tire mfg advertizing. This should be a sticky on any rv website ST vs LT FMVSS testing That is a great link and great info. Thanks for sharing.I searched for that old post the other day and came up empty... It is getting harder and harder to find. I remember reading that originally, and actually digging into all of the links. They no longer work as the govt. website has undergone changes. But I can vouch for the accuracy of the summary GNC wrote. With all of the charges of marketing for this or that tire, it is like politics. But these testing standards are not marketing. They are the actual test requirements the tires must meet in order to be sold in the US market.... Only then can the manufacturers market them.... With claims of features that are not tested for. Notice in the tests the stringent low pressure that the LT tire must pass! The ST tire has no such requirement. There is a reason that a ST tire must state on the sidewall that they are NOT for passenger vehicle use.... And a reason that LT tires are not required to state a similar restriction about trailer use on their sidewall. IOW, It is illegal to use a ST tire on a motor vehicle.... And perfectly legal to use an LT tire on a trailer.
Huntindog 10/11/20 06:40pm Travel Trailers
RE: Pine trees and slides ??

It really depends on where/when you camp. I have personally watched others struggle with them in high winds, and in situations where leaves etc. found their way under them. Though I have never seen this, I bet snow would be problematic as well. If you are a fair weather camper, who sets up for short weekend stays in wooded areas when high winds are unlikely,,,, then toppers make sense. The more of the factors I listed impact your style of camping, the less they make sense. Choose wisely. Now if they made toppers that one could choose to deploy or not based on prevailing conditions.... That would be a no brainer. I have never seen or heard of such a topper though.
Huntindog 10/06/20 07:12pm Travel Trailers
RE: Who all makes aluminum sided aluminum framed TT’s?

The two types are built quite differently. The smooth sided filon/fiberglass ones are basically glued or laminated together. The aluminum siding models are stapled to the wood studs. Aluminum studs do not retain staples very well. That is why it is not done.After reading another thread, I may not be so sold on smooth sided “fiberglass” trailers. I have noticed the delam and mirroring of the frame as well as the gelcoat coming off on many that are just a few years old. I guess the smooth look just appealed to me a lot more. I want as little wood as possible either way. I really liked Holiday House RV, but they like Airstream have very little exterior storage and no floorplan with recliners.
Huntindog 10/04/20 06:59pm Travel Trailers
RE: Trailer Life

here is a link www.AlinkForYouToReadThereAndNotHere.con/cause_why_bother_using_forum\dummies We need a sticky for people that like to give links instead of writing word things so all the linkies can go there and link to each other.Your link isn't clickable
Huntindog 09/14/20 01:41pm Travel Trailers
RE: Thought on suspension equalizers

On my last TT when I was doing some axle/spring upgrades... I looked at replacing the Equaflex with possibly the Dexter version. (They have both generally recieved good reviews here on the forum over the years) What I found is that they do not match up apples to apples. They had different weight ratings and different bushing spacing measurements. So throw price out the window, and choose the one that matches your measurements and weight requirements. In my case, that was the equaflex. With the axle upgrade, I needed a stronger model, and there was one thing that bothered me about the stock Equaflex it came with. The measurements allowed the spring eye to contact the frame when a large bump was encountered... A few so called experts told me that it was fine like that... Not in my book. I was able to solve that issue with the new stronger Equaflex... If I had chosen the Dexter, the issue would have remained.
Huntindog 09/11/20 09:46pm Travel Trailers
RE: Thought on suspension equalizers

Wondering if anyone has done an upgrade to their trailer suspension by adding an equalizer, such as a Lippert Equa-Flex Equalizer, and whether it was worth the time and $ to install? Thinking of doing this upgrade and wondering what others experience was like. It is a huge upgrade. Moryde also makes them. I won't have a trailer without them anymore.
Huntindog 09/10/20 04:52pm Travel Trailers
RE: Toy Hauler Axle Ratings

I'm not really sure I understand your concern. Are you thinking you'll overload the trailer and exceed the GVWR? OTOH, if you do hit the GVWR, you most likely will be over on an axle because both axles rarely weigh exactly the same, so one could be light and one heavy. I have a triple axle and I have a difference of over 500 lbs. between a couple tires. I am concerned about overloading the axles as you described. I feel there is not enough margin with 7K axles and 16.8K GVWR or even a little less than the GVWR. Tom On the Solitudes, Grand Design is now offering a factory upgrade to 8K axles and disc brakes (with LR H tires). You might check and see if the same option is available on the Momentums. RobIt is. I just got my 398M Three 8K axles/ Cooper LRH tires/ disc brakes. GVWR went from 20K to 21K (limited by the 21K pinbox) The brakes alone are well worth it.
Huntindog 09/09/20 04:22am Toy Haulers
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