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RE: Drill motor for stabilizers

I converted my Rigid impact driver to a gas powered tool using a 2 stroke weed eater motor. The battery version was just too slow. Apparently it's pretty popular as I usually get the one finger salute when leaving.I am saving up for the V8 conversion kit. Gona put a blower on it and run nitro methane with open exhaust. I figure the faster I get those jacks to move, the less chance of anoying someone.:B
Huntindog 05/21/22 01:04pm Travel Trailers
RE: Drill motor for stabilizers

Odd how some will rationalize annoying behavior as OK because it's less annoying than other more annoying behaviors. :hA true story: My brother was on a scouting trip and needed a quick throwdown camp for the night. He drove off the highway on a dirt road across a sagebrush flat a few miles and was having dinner when a car appeared on the horizon. it got closer and closer, stopping about 50 feet away, and the fella started setting up camp. My brother walked over to him wearing his sidearm, and told him "If I wanted neighbors, I would not have camped here". The fella left in a hurry. The point is, that if you want to camp near others... You gotta understand that someone will annoy you....Just as you are sure to annoy someone as well.
Huntindog 05/20/22 05:40pm Travel Trailers
RE: Drill motor for stabilizers

The next person I hear using an impact on their stabilizers im throwing their impact in the garbage or in a lake! :B Please use a cordless drill!This attitude is why I do not use campgrounds. Cram a bunch of people together with no elbow room, and someone will have an issue about something with another. I hate camping around people.... I have to put up with their BS in the city... I will NOT do it when camping. If I can see another camper, they are too close.
Huntindog 05/20/22 05:24pm Travel Trailers
RE: Can 19 Silverado 1500 pull 23rslw jayco with just a ball

When I first started Rving over 30 years ago, there was no internet, and info was not so easy to get. So I had some seat of the pants lessons, that almost soiled said pants. In my experience most trouble can be avoided by keeping the speed WAYYYYY down. No highways. and under 30 MPH!! Sway for me started at about 40-45 MPH, and is scary beyond words. So I would advise getting a proper hitch setup, or limping it home on side roads. Your 2 hour trip should grow to 4 hours.... A REAL word of caution. When I had my sway event, it felt fine, up to the point that it was NOT. There was no warning at all. The trailer brake controller saved my bacon.... YOU NEED one of those!
Huntindog 05/18/22 08:13pm Travel Trailers
RE: Ford stops taking orders on the lightening

When using a EV to tow an RV, it only works if you are not going very far, AND there is a plug in available when camped. Forget about boondocking. I think many people at least want the capability of being able to do that on occasion. I don’t know. We have been out 4 times this year. All were dry camping. No services. All within a couple hours. But nothing stopping us from going further. We are headed for Quebec from BC. An 8 week 11000 kilometre round trip tour.I used to dog trial with a fella that camped on a cot.... No tent or shelter of any kind. Most of the time he seemed real happy. And then there are people towing with totally inadaquete lashups....You see them on the highway with their TT dancing all over the road... They seem happy as well. I guess there is no accounting for expectation levels.
Huntindog 04/30/22 05:58pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford stops taking orders on the lightening

When using a EV to tow an RV, it only works if you are not going very far, AND there is a plug in available when camped. Forget about boondocking. I think many people at least want the capability of being able to do that on occasion.
Huntindog 04/30/22 04:37pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford stops taking orders on the lightening

TFL's Ike Gaunlet test of the Rivian pulling a small trailer exposed the poor performance of the batteries capacity which the take away was electric trucks are not ready to replace ICE trucks anytime soon.For the narrow specific use of towing a large frontal area trailer up hills and long distance, Yes. Plenty never tow anything ever.Ummmm we are on the TOWING FORUM RIGHT? I am sure there is another forum somewhere to talk about commuter/grocery getter vehicles.
Huntindog 04/30/22 10:15am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford stops taking orders on the lightening

JRscooby wrote: "But my point of mentioning my old training is to point out that training is not a big issue. Likely anybody that retires out of shop will be replaced by a younger person that has been trained on the EV." Your making my point. Do we have to wait for the current mehanics to retire? Can we train the current mechnics or do we need to find a new generation of EV capable mechanics? How long will the mechanic turnover take? How will the lack of trained mechanics impact the roll out of EV's by legacy ICE car builders? In short does Ford have enough trained staff in place to handle the F-150 lightning roll out? Hopefully they have more EV mechanics than diesel mechanics. None of my local dealerships have enough knowledgeable diesel mechanics,hopefully they will do better with EV.I don' know about that....We have been told repeatadly that EVs have fewer parts, and thus assembly is easier/cheaper, and there is less to go wrong.... So they are much more reliable... It almost sounds like the old commercial for Maytag, and their repairmen having nothing to do.....
Huntindog 04/29/22 07:35am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford stops taking orders on the lightening

For those that missed out... I have a limited number of reservations. I might be willing to share my good fortune.. Obviously some details would need to be worked out.:B:R :p
Huntindog 04/27/22 04:58pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing a 40’ weekend warrior 4005 flt.

2022 Crew Cab, Standard Bed 4WD, 6.6L Duramax Turbo-Diesel V8 engine: Max GCWR = 29,700 Single, Dual 40,000 Max Conventional Trailering 20,000 Single, 20,000 Dual Max Payload 5,343 Single, 6,838 Dual GVWR 12,100 Single, 14,000 Dual Rear Gross Axle Weight Rating 7,250 Single, 10,500 Dual You DO NOT NEED A DUALLY to safely, comfortably, or any other matter tow that trailer!!!!!!!!!!Those are brochure ratings. Real world will be a lot less.... I know as I have a Silverado 3500 dually....Yes he should get a dually. Weekend Warriors are some of the heaviest out there.
Huntindog 04/23/22 06:36pm Toy Haulers
RE: Electrical wiring question for Wolf Pup 2018 16BHS

Just so you know, depleting your camper battery continually, to a low state of charge, will use up it's overall life quickly.He has probably already damaged it, as he stated it was pretty lame
Huntindog 04/20/22 07:42pm Travel Trailers
RE: GM buying back 6.6L Duramax

Please explain the colon spacing in the murder of many many big grin emojis. :BIt's secret.... If you were allowed to know it, you wouldn't ask.:B
Huntindog 04/20/22 02:23pm Tow Vehicles
RE: GM buying back 6.6L Duramax

Anyone know why GM is buying back late model 6.6L Duramax's ? Yes. But for you to know, you will need to apply for a job at GM and show up for work. :B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B::B:B:B:B::B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B::B::B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B::B:B:B:B::B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B::B::B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B::B:B:B:B::B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B::B::B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B::B:B:B:B::B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B::B::B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B::B:B:B:B::B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B::B::B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B::B:B:B:B::B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B::B::B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B::B:B:B:B::B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B::B::B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B::B:B:B:B::B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B:B::B:
Huntindog 04/19/22 05:50pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Roof problem?

Has anyone else noticed that it has been over a week and the OP has not been back???? I do not see anything sinister here. He has recieved some advice, and now he has a roof to fix.
Huntindog 04/19/22 03:12am Travel Trailers
RE: Putty or butyl tape?

Butyl is far superior to putty. I have had the pleasure of removing dried up cracked leak prone putty more than once, Once butyl is used, it is no longer going to be a problem. There is a trick to working with it. Keep it in the refridgerator. I hve a spare fridge for my butyl and other non food items that are better kept cold
Huntindog 04/13/22 06:26pm Travel Trailers
RE: Roof problem?

Hoping to get an opinion on a roof issue. In a couple spots on my roof it looks like what appears to be the top of staples pushing up from under the rubber of the roof,not the sharp part but the top of them making the roof pushed up higher in those spots. Just looking for thoughts about it should I leave it alone or maybe try to push them back into place. Don't want any holes in the roof thanks.pushing them back in will risk damaging the membrane, and they will just back out again anyway. You can monitor the situation for trouble or slit the roof now to remove them and patch it with eternabond or dicor.
Huntindog 04/10/22 04:51pm Travel Trailers
RE: What load capacity should a ladder have for A/Cs?

When I installed the Winegard Traveler on my Momentum, I considered all of the things that could go wrong trying to get it on the roof.... And decided to look into hiring a crane. It was cheaper than I thought. 100.00 cash, and they put it right where I wanted it. Nothing got broke, and nobody got hurt.... And being a Sat. morning, all of my neighbors got a show.
Huntindog 04/10/22 04:45pm Travel Trailers
RE: New 16" trailer wheels

My Nash 26X TT has 16" wheels on it and I want a few more spares. I'm running ST235/80R16 load range G tires on it rated for rated for 3,750#. I seem to remember for this type of load, stronger wheels are required and they are supposed to have certain markings stamped on the inside of them. Is my memory correct and what should be stamped on them? Bill I looked at a 26X in the past, IIRCC it is not very heavy... What are your weights?
Huntindog 04/10/22 04:37pm Travel Trailers
RE: Not a good week for Ford

Under normal conditions, Manufacterers and dealers love recalls. Especially cheap easy fixes like software updates. It means that the consumer has to go to the dealer.... And while he/she is there looks at shiney new vehicles. A lot of sales happen because of it... Sometimes I think recalls are planned for that. It would be easy to do.. Oh snap! there goes my conspiracy side of me again... In todays market, it would be stupid to do it, as they have little to sell.:B YMMV. After 30 years in the automobile business, I can never recollect an owner buying a new vehicle while his was in the shop for a recall, however, I can remember many times where a new vehicle was sold as a result of a customer's vehicle being in the body shop, even for something relatively minor. Funny how that works. Oh it is a real thing. I have read newspaper articles about it, complete with interviews of dealers. I also frequent a lot of automobile boards, and have read of forum members that have done it as well..... In normal times, dealers love floor traffic... In fact when I was having warranty work done on my last truck, the waiting room was in the showroom.. And you could count on a visit from a salesperson like clockwork when sitting there. That and all of the money spent advertising, promotions etc... They know that a lot of people can be convinced to buy, if they can get them in the dealership.. By any means possible. It works, or they wouldn't do it.
Huntindog 04/09/22 11:18am Tow Vehicles
RE: Not a good week for Ford

Huntindog 04/09/22 11:16am Tow Vehicles
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