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RE: Trailer Life

here is a link www.AlinkForYouToReadThereAndNotHere.con/cause_why_bother_using_forum\dummies We need a sticky for people that like to give links instead of writing word things so all the linkies can go there and link to each other.Your link isn't clickable
Huntindog 09/14/20 01:41pm Travel Trailers
RE: Thought on suspension equalizers

On my last TT when I was doing some axle/spring upgrades... I looked at replacing the Equaflex with possibly the Dexter version. (They have both generally recieved good reviews here on the forum over the years) What I found is that they do not match up apples to apples. They had different weight ratings and different bushing spacing measurements. So throw price out the window, and choose the one that matches your measurements and weight requirements. In my case, that was the equaflex. With the axle upgrade, I needed a stronger model, and there was one thing that bothered me about the stock Equaflex it came with. The measurements allowed the spring eye to contact the frame when a large bump was encountered... A few so called experts told me that it was fine like that... Not in my book. I was able to solve that issue with the new stronger Equaflex... If I had chosen the Dexter, the issue would have remained.
Huntindog 09/11/20 09:46pm Travel Trailers
RE: Thought on suspension equalizers

Wondering if anyone has done an upgrade to their trailer suspension by adding an equalizer, such as a Lippert Equa-Flex Equalizer, and whether it was worth the time and $ to install? Thinking of doing this upgrade and wondering what others experience was like. It is a huge upgrade. Moryde also makes them. I won't have a trailer without them anymore.
Huntindog 09/10/20 04:52pm Travel Trailers
RE: Toy Hauler Axle Ratings

I'm not really sure I understand your concern. Are you thinking you'll overload the trailer and exceed the GVWR? OTOH, if you do hit the GVWR, you most likely will be over on an axle because both axles rarely weigh exactly the same, so one could be light and one heavy. I have a triple axle and I have a difference of over 500 lbs. between a couple tires. I am concerned about overloading the axles as you described. I feel there is not enough margin with 7K axles and 16.8K GVWR or even a little less than the GVWR. Tom On the Solitudes, Grand Design is now offering a factory upgrade to 8K axles and disc brakes (with LR H tires). You might check and see if the same option is available on the Momentums. RobIt is. I just got my 398M Three 8K axles/ Cooper LRH tires/ disc brakes. GVWR went from 20K to 21K (limited by the 21K pinbox) The brakes alone are well worth it.
Huntindog 09/09/20 04:22am Toy Haulers
RE: Fed up with tire blow outs!!!

I continue to find these threads hilarious. Always the care of the tires is blamed by the "blame it on the owner crowd". Check your tire pressure every moorning, and inspect the tires at every stop. Don't drive too fast. Don't hit anything. Watch out for potholes. Really if we all treated our commuter vehicle tires this carefully, we would never get to work. The answer is getting better tires. Do what ever it takes to get LTs on your TT and never look back. PM me if you want some advise on how to do it right.
Huntindog 09/07/20 05:23pm Travel Trailers
RE: Newbie trailer owner, quite confused

It is a good idea to turn off the breaker to the receptacle you are pluging into. The reason is that if it is live, it will arc a little everytime you plug in. After awhile this arcing will damage both the power cord and the receptacle. That is the only breaker that you need to turn off to prevent this. Welcome to the RV world.. Have fun.
Huntindog 09/05/20 02:09pm Travel Trailers
RE: Dually towing TT

Since I am towing a TT with my dually, I am posting here rather than the tow vehicle forum. Since 2004, I have only towed a "bumper pull" when pulling my utility trailer. Aside from that, I have been towing a 5er or goose neck horse trailer. We have just bought a 29ft TT with dry weight just under 4200#. Not concerned about weight distribution, but... ...for those towing with a dually, do you use sway control? Bringing the trailer home, I did not really notice any sway. Just a little "tracking" on road grooves. Thanks EDIT: Clarification...pulling home, the trailer was tracking a little bit, which I attributed to ruts/grooves in the lanes. Do those that use a dually to tow a TT, do you use a sway bar or any type of sway control hitch?I have towed TTs with a CC diesel dually since 2001. I always used WD with sway control. I am very picky about my setup... Having it dialed in the best it can be, can pay off once in awhile when things go horribly wrong. My TTs were heavier than yours, but I could tell the difference of a one washer adjustment on my EQUALIZER.... Many may not feel the difference, but I am picky. With a TT as light as yours, I may forgo the WD especially if it is a diesel, but would use a friction sway control for sure... It is kind of like seat belts... You don't need them until you do.
Huntindog 09/04/20 06:49pm Travel Trailers
RE: Buying from out of state

One thing to look at is when you bring it home to regester it you may have to pay the difference in tax This depends on whether or not there is a reciprocracity agreement beween the two states involved. I havn't found it to a deal breaker when I have done it.
Huntindog 08/26/20 06:35pm Travel Trailers
RE: What's this 2015 4200 HD Cylone worth?

We purchased a similar unit at the same timeframe and paid $65k for the brand new unitI am betting you did NOT get FBP for that price. OP: The Nada link that was posted is for the BASE unit without any options.... For YOUR value, go to the NADA sight and "build" the unit to spec. Some here think that used RVs are wothless... I have done very well selling mine. I just got 15K for my last TT a couple of weeks ago. I paid a little over 24K brand new in 2009. In 1999 I paid 15.5K for the previous TT. Got 8500 in 2009 for it. Both Tts sold to the first person that looked at them.
Huntindog 08/26/20 03:12am Toy Haulers
RE: sneak peek

That thing is so big you cant get it all in one photo! What’s the reluctor wheel looking deal? Wheel speed sensors and ABS?I did not notice that until I posted the pic Gonna have to take another look at it
Huntindog 08/24/20 06:50pm Travel Trailers
RE: increasing tongue weight

Ain't nothing magical about 10% vs 12%-13%. Depends on the design of the trailer. In Europe, trailers are generally designed to carry 8% or so on the tongue. So I say, if it tow's straight, nobody cares what the tongue weight is. Leave it alone. Don't fix what ain't broke. I will wager that you have never experienced sway caused by low TW. I have. It is not an experience I wish to repeat, or one that I think anyone else should. I was very lucky.
Huntindog 08/23/20 08:17pm Travel Trailers
RE: increasing tongue weight

Hey everyone, not new to forum, but new to posting. Usually lurk in background and soak up knowledge. I tried a search but didnt find anything, but i would like to increase my tongue weight. According to cat scale numbers i`m right at 10%. Would like to bump up to 12-13%. Feel like it would ride better. I've moved everything i can to front of camper, water tank is at rear of camper, do adding water is out. I have a rear slide on camper, so i have extra weight back there. Is there a direct corelation between adding weight and increasing tongue weight? Ie adding one hundred pounds to front of camper increases tongue weight by 100 lbs? Or is it more of a percentage? Or dependent on weight location? Anyway, what are some feasable ways of adding some weight? Thanks I too would want more than the minimum TW. My reasoning is simple, yet many miss this: A TT is different than most other trailers. The weight distribution is constantly changing in the course of a trip.Things get consumed/used and either disappear (propane) or move (food, water, waste, etc. Being right at the minimum depending on YOUR usage and YOUR TTs layout could have YOUR TT end up with a lighter TW at some point... Possibly too light.
Huntindog 08/23/20 01:20pm Travel Trailers
RE: F450 vs Ram 3500 DRW tow vehicle

You can have a normal bed put on a Ram 4500 or 5500. I checked into this when I was shopping for my current truck. It has been done, but....... The bed needs to be stretched about 10". That is a totally custom mod, which equals EXPENSIVE. I did see some pics online, and it looked good, but IIRC, the company that was doing them folded.
Huntindog 08/22/20 07:25pm Tow Vehicles
RE: sneak peek Ready to take her home. First night in front of our house 3.5" axle tubes! I like this pic. The back side of the disc brake rotor. I can inspect the seal just by crawling under it,,,, no disassembly needed! As JIMNLIN stated: I do LIKE the brakes. Disc brakes are an incredible upgrade. This lashup will pin one against the seatbelts HARD!! The truck took the pin weight real well. Barely dropped 1/4" at most. We have been busy moving in, and getting my old TT sold. Which once again, the first person to look at it bought it. Did well on the price too. We paid a little over 24K out the door in 2009, and got 15K 11 years later. We have done real well on selling all 3 of our previous TTs.... I guess all of the upkeep I put into them shows up against the competition out there.
Huntindog 08/21/20 07:32pm Travel Trailers
RE: use generator/inverter to charge batteries and power trailer

Cord is toast. Thanks for the advice. It started out as a quick fix and ended up as “normal”. I promise to be good from now on. Great! Would you believe that one of my titles at work is that of "Safety Coordinator?" Most of the time it entails a lot of paperwork/computerwork, and persuading nicely of better ways to work safe.... Once in awhile though, something really dangerous is sighted by my radar, and I need to be VERY direct in order to get my point across quickly. This was one of those times. Often, this direct approach is initially met with anger/denial, but later turns into appreciation. Glad you took it well. Be safe out there.
Huntindog 08/19/20 06:54pm Travel Trailers
RE: use generator/inverter to charge batteries and power trailer

This might sound dumb, but...... I don't have an adaptor to go from 110 at the generator to the 30 amp connection at the trailer, so I changed the female end on an extension chord to male and just plug it into the gfci socket on the outside of the trailer. Does the trailer know that power is not coming from the shore power line or not, and does the converter care at all? What you have done is made what is called a "suicide cord" A very bad idea. Destroy it before someone gets hurt. Do not fool around with electricity. Standard types of plugs, cables, etc. are made for a reason.... To keep everyone safe. Do not "invent" a different way of doing it.
Huntindog 08/19/20 02:49am Travel Trailers
RE: Is it possible to finance a $23K trailer for 180 months?

As stated above , making extra payments is wrong , you make a payment and also enclose a check and a note stating you are making a " payment on the principal " also . That is the way it was done in the good old days.... Some of those things were not all that good... So they got changed for the better. Prepaying on a loan is one of those things.
Huntindog 08/18/20 06:43pm Travel Trailers
RE: Winegard trav'ler question

Thankyou to those that tried to help. Google finally came thru. I now have the original manual, a part # for the discontinued cable, and a source with part #s for the items needed to make a cable.
Huntindog 08/15/20 04:06am Technology Corner
RE: Winegard trav'ler question

DO you have a photograph of the connector. Odds are you can either 1: make a matching connector or 2: find one on the market. Then make up your own cable.Did you read my entire post? Making the cable is not a problem. Knowing what the 4 wires in it do, and what position they have in the connector is the info I need. Each wire is for a different kind of trigger source. Guessing and putting 12V into a wire that is supposed to sense a ground, would probably be a bad thing. Trial and error won't work. I gotta know for sure.
Huntindog 08/14/20 10:24am Technology Corner
RE: Winegard trav'ler question

I highly recommend you skip the cable and depend upon your own good sense to ensure you don't leave your site without visually checking the antenna. The antenna takes a little while to stow and driving off too soon could still have the antenna up while you begin driving. Also, its possible for the controller to shut down with a loss of 120V power so if you didn't check to see if the controller is powered up before driving off, no control signal from the cable will allow the antenna to stow as there is no power going to the antenna. Sorry to ramble on but I have discouraged the use of this cable for years and stand by that position today. There are simply too many things that could go wrong to make it a worthwhile option. I apologize that I did not answer your question.I had this option for 11 years, and yes it saved my bacon once. As those of us who are not perfect know, it only takes once to make an expensive mistake. And yes, the controller will shut down, as it needs 120.... That is what an inverter (whole house) is for. Yes I suppose, the inverter could die at the same time I had a brain fart and forgot to stow it..... The odds are against that though.
Huntindog 08/14/20 10:19am Technology Corner
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