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RE: Upgraded my tow vehicle, do I still need a WDH?

First off as has already been said, using WDH generally increases the reciever rating. Having said that.. A properly setup WD hitch will always result in a better tow. I am not talking about a normal non eventfull tow... But one in which murhpys law strikes. We have had a couple of those occur to us...But since I am absolutly anal, spending a lot of time on getting the setup perfect.... Everything worked out fine. Otherwise, I probably would have been one of those posters writing about what went wrong for no reason. I have what many consider to be an overkill lashup. A one ton dually crew cab diesel towing a 11,500 GVW TT. Burt I can feel the difference in a one hole adjustment in my EQUALIZER WD adjustment. In one incident at night in a new to us area, I was napping, while DW was driving at night. I awoke to her saying oh F oh F. I saw us in a sweeping turn with a speed limit sign of 25 and a glance at what I could see of the speedometer more than double that. we survived as the setup was perfect, The TV/TT act as one unit. Not jacknifing or any other untoward results. The lashup just howled all of the tires equally. It seems that the GPS road program had put her in the wrong lane and directed her onto a clover leaf turnoff... Yeah I know many will critisize this, but in a strange location... It can happen to anyone.. Whether using GPS or not. The point is that is that sometimes, things go wrong. That is when a properly set up WD system can save your bacon. It was gratifying to hear DW tell me afterwards that " You have this setup perfect, it did exactly what it needed to do"
Huntindog 12/11/19 08:03pm Travel Trailers
RE: Old propane tanks on new RVs

I bought my present TT in 2010. The tanks were made in 2008. During the economic crash. Sales crashed, many RV companies folded. That meant that a lot of tanks that had been produced, had no RV to go on... I understood why my tanks were 2 years old, and I got great deal on the TT, so I was good with it.... But expired tanks on a new TT... That is over the line.... But not noticing it for for 2 years... That is too long to expect any dealer to remedy the situation... If it really is one. It would be to easy for those tanks to have been switched somehow while in the owners possesion. But as has already been decided by the OP... This isn't an issue worth fighting over. It is cheap and easy to fix, and then go camping.
Huntindog 12/11/19 05:16pm Travel Trailers
RE: Why Tesla's are bad at towing!

What do you propose?Continue with petrol tax and any shortfall can come from other taxation including income or sales tax. Road taxes alone are insufficient anyway.... So we will need to lean on sales and income taxes anyway. What do you propose? Ban EVs and double the gas tax? (see article)But under your propposal, the EV crowd would still not pay their fair share. Like a true liberal, you want to use more of other peoples money.... Suresales and income taxes will hit more people... But you want to still keep the petrol tax, which you will NOT contribute to at all. Personally, I see the roads benefiting everyone. So EVERYONE should pay. Doesn't matter whether you drive a car at all. You live in a society that only functions because of roads. food, services, electricity etc. are all possible because roads exist. So dump the petriol tax, and institute a person tax. Everyone pays a fee for the roads. Nobody gets a free ride.
Huntindog 12/09/19 01:35am Tow Vehicles
RE: Why Tesla's are bad at towing!

Because they are taxing me to fund a rebate for you to buy want to buy one, fine...if the company survives, great...but when you make me pay for it, I get say.Really? What line on your 1040 relates to the EV surcharge? BTW any tax credit to Tesla Buyers ENDS December 31, 2019. The bottom line where the total tax is listed is where the hogs come to the trough. Hopefully the rebates come to an end and then taxes are collected to fund the highways.Yes, they get rebates, often get cheaper plates(depends on state) do not pay highway use taxes, and get to use the carpool lanes anytime. As usual, those at the trough do not see anything wrong with this. It is real easy to be liberal with other peoples money. Sure is, just ask the Defense Dept. I only speakn English. The defense dept. sees to it that I do not have to learn another language. I like our defense dept. You should too.
Huntindog 12/08/19 12:36pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Why Tesla's are bad at towing!

Because they are taxing me to fund a rebate for you to buy want to buy one, fine...if the company survives, great...but when you make me pay for it, I get say.Really? What line on your 1040 relates to the EV surcharge? BTW any tax credit to Tesla Buyers ENDS December 31, 2019. The bottom line where the total tax is listed is where the hogs come to the trough. Hopefully the rebates come to an end and then taxes are collected to fund the highways.Yes, they get rebates, often get cheaper plates(depends on state) do not pay highway use taxes, and get to use the carpool lanes anytime. As usual, those at the trough do not see anything wrong with this. It is real easy to be liberal with other peoples money.
Huntindog 12/08/19 01:36am Tow Vehicles
RE: Old propane tanks on new RVs

Huntindog 12/08/19 01:29am Travel Trailers
RE: Why Tesla's are bad at towing!

I think it makes sense to have the power for electric vehicles embedded in the roadways to keep the batteries charged as the vehicles drive along the road... kind of like trolley busses. LOL how many millions of miles of roadway are there in the US? Aha! There are about 4,071,000 miles of road, changing all the time of course. And figuring a conservative $100,000 a mile to electrify that would be $4,000,000,000, that 4 Trillion bucks plus operating and maintenance costs. And that does not include all the dirt an gravel roads that we like so much out west. Not to mention the fact that wireless charging is very inefficient and wastes a lot of energy. There is also the factor of voltage drop over long distances.I have thought about this alot. You would not need to wire every road. Start with the interstates, then the seconday highways and major roads. The beauty of is that with the car being constantly charged while driving, then the on board battery can be a lot smaller, as it would only be needed in residential areas. Cars could be cheaper and more efficient, and the nasty stuff in batteries would be lessened. If we ever get to 100% EV use, there will be some crashes,,, and a crash could turn into a hazmat situation real easy when two huge battery packs run into one another.
Huntindog 12/05/19 02:32pm Tow Vehicles
RE: exchanging propane cylinder that came with TT

To me, turning in a defective tank is the same as lying and cheating.It's not. Those tanks are thoroughly inspected and certified, and they expect to get some junk. It is not a problem. They have the ability to fix and recertify tanks in house. It costs them much less than you or I would pay to have it done. I work for a major grocery chain that does the exchanges. I often deal with the reps from the propane company. And we have dicussed this very subject. For liability reasons they inspect every tank, every time. Any tank that fails, goes into the fixit dept.
Huntindog 12/05/19 02:20pm Travel Trailers
RE: exchanging propane cylinder that came with TT

When I last had a tank go bad, the replacement had a different height collar on it. So I needed to buy two in order for them to mount on the tougue tightened down properly. This was with 30s but, I have 6 extra 20s that I bring along for extended cold weather trips, and the collars on them vary as well. Not a big deal for me, as I just remove the 30s when I set up camp, and set the 20s in the tray. I use the 20s first, so I can have the 30s mounted in place for the trip home. So that is the only potential problem I see with your plan.
Huntindog 12/05/19 08:20am Travel Trailers
RE: Installing rear wireless camera

My brother just did this on his camper. He did not want to drill any holes. So we hatched a plan to replace is center clearance light with the camera. He got a 1" thick peice of white cutting board (cheap on ebay) and made an adaptor. It attaches to the camper using the existing screw holes, and the camera attaches to the adaptor. A hole in the center is to run the clearance light wiring to the camera. It looks factory, and works great.
Huntindog 12/02/19 04:39pm Travel Trailers
RE: And the smokey glass stove cover is no more

99.00 is not that bad.
Huntindog 12/02/19 01:35am Travel Trailers
RE: Have our trucks got too much power yet?

You've been listening to Daryle? He got the idea for the song from me!:B
Huntindog 12/01/19 05:08pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Have our trucks got too much power yet?

Commercial trucks things can be viable because they do 50-100k miles per year so even very small per mile improvements can be justified. RV's...might average a couple thousand miles per year. But even with trucks, freeway driving, there isn't a huge savings from going the hybrid route (even in mountains). Where hybrids shine is stop and go busses, garbage trucks, UPS trucks but those have wildly different use patterns compared to the typical RV. Keep in mind, once you get a diesel up in the 50-90% of max power range, you don't see a lot of difference in efficiency over that range, so there isn't a lot to gain. If your right (and you're probably not far off) that the typical RV is only used 2k miles per year that means about 90% of a typical pick up's miles are spent without a trailer in tow. Even when the trailer is in tow only about 110 hp is required for cruising down the highway so we end up buying a 475 hp engine that gets employed for 1% of its life. The rest of the time a 220 to 300 hp engine would work just fine. In spite of that I agree with you that there might not be enough savings to warrant the the cost of electric drive trailer axles .... depends what they will cost. Enjoy life. Drive it like you stole it. There is not thing as too much power, its like a girl to pretty or too much money. or too much fun.
Huntindog 12/01/19 12:44pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Buying travel trailer by phone w/o visiting dealership?

Bought my tt 600+ miles away saving around $3000. Had some minor warranty work local dealers were unwilling to do. Keep in mind local dealers are not obligated to do your warranty work if not purchased from them. Somewhat OT, but the reason don't like doing warranty work is that the factory makes it a PITA for the dealer. Any significant repair must be preapproved by the factory, and there is often a wait for parts. The customer wants to go camping, so now they have a guy calling wanting to know what the holdup is. Also, they will get paid what the factory deems sufficient regardless of the time spent... it's not like taking your Ford or Chevy in for warranty work.That wasn't my experience. When I bought my Sabre (a Forest River Company) in 2010 in Sylvania Ohio. After doing the paperwork, the power jack had a problem. It was a different brand than the Atwood I had on my previous TT, so I asked them if I could upgrade to another Atwood if I paid the difference. They agreed. They did not have what I wanted in stock, so they set me up with a hand crank jack for the trip home, and said they would ship the Atwood to me. We stopped off to tour the factory, then headed back to Phoenix. at our first nights camp, we were outside looking it over, and noticed a problem with the fridge. I immeadiatly thought we were going to have to return to the selling dealer.. Gave them a call. and they wanted to know our route home, so they could set up the service for us enroute. IIRC, it was in Springfield IL. When we arrived, this dealer had an open bay reserved for us. Two techs got right to work, and we were back on the road in 30 minutes! It really felt like a NASCAR pit stop. 3 days later we made it home, and the Atwood jack arrived 6 hours later.
Huntindog 12/01/19 12:39pm Travel Trailers
RE: Buying travel trailer by phone w/o visiting dealership?

I am simply amazed and often shocked at just how much effort folks put into finding "the ideal" RV for a special layout or a special deal. Its a RV folks, basically a SHELTER from weather, a place to lay your head for the night, sometimes a place to cook a meal inside and sometimes a place to get out of the rain, snow, heat, cold.. I would not ever consider driving 100 miles or even 50 miles for a RV, they are a commodity, they are cheaply made for a cheap audience, they are readily available pretty much anywhere you can drive to within 50 miles one way for most folks. Dealerships are everywhere, used ones all over the place also.. Most folks do not keep a RV for long, often suffering from the "super size mentality.. Kind of reminds me of a friend of mine, spent 4 yrs designing the perfect home then finding a builder then having his "dream house" built.. Spent $50K on the ideal 1/2 acre lot in just the right neighborhood and $450K on the house.. 5yrs down the road and ended up in a divorce, lost the house to now ex and kids.. Now lives in a $400 per month shoe box apartment and has another 10 yrs to pay of the mortgage on the ex wifes house.. Find a RV that you can live with that is close at hand and move on.. Folks put way to much effort into a mobile shoe box..Well,,,, I spend a LOT of time in my TT. Probably over 2 monthes every year. I looked for about 2 years to find what I wanted for our 3rd TT... And, was not impressed enough with what I was seeing to sell #2, for a new one not much different than what I already had. Then one night on the web, I found it. My present TT. Setup with two 42 gallon black tanks and two 42 gallon grey tanks. A heated underbelly, with the dump valves heated as well. 3 TVs, and a larger fridge. This was what I had been looking for. With this TT I can now boondock in remote locations for longer periods, in style. I have never been sorry I made the purchase. And I got a really good deal on it to boot. Sold my ten year old #2 on the first day for more than half of what I paid for it new...Had two backup buyers for it as well. That money made a huge dent in the price of the new one. But hey, as I always say.... It is your money, your choice. Conversely.. It is my money and my choice.
Huntindog 11/30/19 05:42pm Travel Trailers
RE: Buying travel trailer by phone w/o visiting dealership?

I bought the TT in my signature from All American Coach in Sylvania Ohio. It was a very good transaction. There were a couple of things that needed taken care of. A support strut for the bed had popped off it's pin. Fixed immeadiatly. And a bigger problem with the special order jack I had requested. It had arrived with a defective light switch, and they couldn't get one locally. They had already ordered a replacement jack, but it wouldn't arrive in time for my return trip back tho Phoenix AZ the next day. So it was agreed that the new jack would be shipped to me with a return label for the defective one. When hitching up, the jack locked up in the extended position as it was on it's way down. At this point I had little faith in that brand of jack, and asked if I could swap it for a Atwood, as my last one was still working at 10 years of age. I would pay the price difference (around 60.00) and it would be shipped to me. They put a hand crank jack on it to get me home. The new jack arrived at my home about 6 hours after I did! A totally fair solution to a unexpected problem. So yes I would do it again. I saved around 10K and had a great experience, and got to see a lot of the country.
Huntindog 11/30/19 12:45pm Travel Trailers
RE: Deep Cycle Battery???

I took possession of my 2012 funfinder on Nov 15, 2011. The trailer has a AGM "marine starting battery". It's been charged by the much maligned WFCO converter/charger. The battery is still in there, and still holds a charge. My WFCO must be the "only" (LOL) good WFCO in existence, as I have seen it charge at over 14V, also it drops to 13.2 to 13.0 after about a day or day and half. 13.6 is it's mid-level. If the battery is not run down a whole lot, it simply starts out it's charge cycle at 13.6. Here I am, 8 years on, I'm happy with that. As others have said, your discharge strategy needs to be smart. Do some reading on what parasitic draws you may have, and address those if needed. EDIT: I put one of those little voltminder gadgets in the trailer to keep an eye on battery voltage. It plugs in to the 12 cig lighter power port.Mine is stuck at 13.6. I really don't care about the boost mode that much. But it will not go into float/13.2 ever. In AZ, it boils the water away in the summer. I no longer use it for that.
Huntindog 11/29/19 04:02pm Travel Trailers
RE: Adding air bags: can that increase payload capacity?

There was a time when 3/4, 1 ton srw. and 1 ton drw shared most all of their components. It was easier for the manufacturer to build them when this was so. That mean't that it was pretty easy to do some swapping of parts to upgrade a truck to a higher capability model (the sticker of course never changes) Nowadays with just in time supplies to the plant, this may not always be the case. With everything computerized, a part that may save the manufacturer 50 cents can easily be supplied just in time for that 3/4 ton in production vs. the 1 ton version . I think it can still be done, but one has to be more careful about it. Even to the point of studying part numbers to see where they differ.
Huntindog 11/29/19 05:55am Tow Vehicles
RE: Deep Cycle Battery???

I read here very often that the WFCO charger dries out regular flooded batteries(FLA) which results in exposed plates and permanent damage or destruction. Is there any situation where the WFCO's 13.6V could cause an AGM to vent and dry out? I don't see how a WFCO could dry out any battery as it rarely if ever bulk charges at it's claimed 14.4 volt bulk charge voltage :BThis depends on where you live. In Phoenix AZ, my WFCO will dry out golf cart 6 volt batteries as 13.6 V (where it seems to always be) is too much when the tempertures get over 110 pretty often. In Ontario...probably not a problem.
Huntindog 11/29/19 05:36am Travel Trailers
RE: Routing Solar Wiring from Roof to Pass Through Storage

This idea may or may not help you: When I installed my Winegard Traveler satellite dis, the instructions said to route the wiring thru a hole I was to put in the roof... It had some sort of plastic cover to install over it. I wasn't too keen on that idea. So I opted to run the wires to the back of the TT (only about 4') and down the roof ladder. All the way to the bottom, then thru the underbelly to where I wanted to come up thru the floor with them. It worked great, and will not ever be a roof leak issue.
Huntindog 11/28/19 12:25pm Travel Trailers
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