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RE: That Cummins, she’s just a ____ing machine!

2000# on the ball with no WD....... oh my.
Huntindog 05/18/21 01:55pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New and looking for a generator

Just because a generator will run your AC in your driveway doesn't mean it will when you are camping. Generators lose power as altitude increases AND as tempertures rise... To make it a triple whammy, ACs need MORE power as the temp rises. I have seen quite a few people frustrated at an event when their generator failed to run their AC when they needed it to.... They all said the same thing..... "It worked great at home when I tested it"
Huntindog 05/16/21 07:54pm Travel Trailers
RE: GM Spokesperson admits energy to charge cars comes from coal

Another false argument posed was the cost associated with shipping the EV batteries. What is the difference in costs associated with shipping a EV drivetrain (battery and motors) vs an ICE drivetrain (motor and transmission)? Don’t forget about the water consumed to produce the ethanol in a gal of gasoline; corn based ethanol production is a water intensive process. The arguments against something new is almost always about what’s wrong with the new and not about what the net change will be with the new replacing the current. Ethanol doesn't belong in the argument. The greenies forced that debacle on us, and once the farmers found out how profitable it is for them... It is now impossible to get rid of it, even though it never made any sense.
Huntindog 04/27/21 06:24pm Tow Vehicles
RE: different axel width

Dealer replaced the front axel today. Now have two new axels (matching set)for the price of one. I'm a happy camper today. Nice, name the dealer please, always good to give praise when a dealer goes above and beyond.It is a sad thing when a dealer does the right thing, and we all think it is above and beyond. Our expectations have sunk to a ridiculous low level.
Huntindog 04/27/21 02:53am Travel Trailers
RE: GM Spokesperson admits energy to charge cars comes from coal

Meanwhile China is building a coal plant every week. As if that pollution doesn't count. And we are pledging to cut ours in half.... Which we really do not pollute that much any more. In any endevour the first 90% is pretty easy and afordable... Getting that last 10% is extemely hard and costly. It would be much more effective to get China to match what we have already done. But that is not the way it is gonna go. Uh no. Per capita Canada and the US are still some of the worst pigs on the planet. The Chinese would have to get a lot worse before “catching up” to us. They pollute more because the have almost 4 times the population. Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan and Australia are still the top of the heap followed by the US and Canada. China is pretty far down the list."Do you beileve me or your lying eys?" I grew up in the days whre the sky wasn't blue, and the rivers were not safe. Seeing smoke come out of a cars exhaust was normal. It isn't like that here anymore. Not so for China. They were wearing masks long before Covid hit. One can find many so called studies supporting any point of view one wants..... I believe my eyes.
Huntindog 04/26/21 02:51am Tow Vehicles
RE: GM Spokesperson admits energy to charge cars comes from coal

Meanwhile China is building a coal plant every week. As if that pollution doesn't count. And we are pledging to cut ours in half.... Which we really do not pollute that much any more. In any endevour the first 90% is pretty easy and afordable... Getting that last 10% is extemely hard and costly. It would be much more effective to get China to match what we have already done. But that is not the way it is gonna go.
Huntindog 04/25/21 06:09pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Can I use this bearing?

Clean them up perfectly and examine them with an eyeloupe. Not something typically in the driveway toolbox. Just replace the bearings, grease properly and be sure not to over torque the axle nut when you re-install.They are very handy. Affordable too at Harbor Freight.. 3 or 4.00. for the set.
Huntindog 04/25/21 05:52pm Travel Trailers
RE: Can I use this bearing?

It got hot at some point. Clean them up perfectly and examine them with an eyeloupe. The problem with bearings that have been hot, is that it can mess up the heat treatment and make soft.
Huntindog 04/24/21 07:45pm Travel Trailers
RE: F 250 vs Ram 2500

Huntingdon How about 30-50k mike rebuilds in some of our cases! The Allison first auto tranny I got over 50k miles out of.i did get 150k in my C2500. But it was not pulling as often as most, and it had a sb V8 in front vs a BB. MartyI remember back in 1996, looking at a new Dodge. The salesman pointed out that the tranny would be good to 70K LOL.... He was actually using that as a selling point! Like many back then, I opted to get the manual tranny
Huntindog 04/24/21 12:59pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Looking for a new trailer

Thank you for additional advice and suggestions! Huntindog I didn’t look for the payload, but our intention is to stay well under the 6500 lbs with only 2 of us in the vehicle. We will not be carrying anything heavy, other than humans, in the SUV. OK. Just so you realize that the towing capacity is pretty much a marketing number. It is for certain lashup conditions, that a TT will not fit under. Generally because you run out of payload long before you can hit the tow rating
Huntindog 04/24/21 07:21am Travel Trailers
RE: F 250 vs Ram 2500

I remember how it was before GM brought the Allison to their 2500/3500 trucks. It was common to need a tranny rebuild before 100K... Many reports of around 70K. GM upped the standard, and enjoyed the tranny crown for a few years. That forced the others to step up. Of course being first has advantages. The Allison became the standard against which all of the others were judged.... That really grates on some of the OB fanboys.... What they are not giving credit is to the fact that if not for GM.... They would likely still be stuck with those old unreliable trannys. Enjoy your new trannys, and give the bashing a rest
Huntindog 04/24/21 04:25am Tow Vehicles
RE: Some questions on using solar.

Maybe if you asked real nice, the operators of the events you attend would hold them at a cooler location. :B LOL Obviously that is not a solution for you. Camping in an RV is all about tradeoffs. If you cannot stomach a genertor when the AC is needed, then the other choices are to spend a ton of $$$ on a solar system, or leave the RV at home and get a motel.
Huntindog 04/21/21 01:38pm Travel Trailers
RE: 18" Equal-i-zer Shank - Hitching with Tailgate Down?

I have the extended shank which gives me a couple inches of clearance from the electric jack. It appears that I could get away with most turns with the tailgate down. But not ALL turns. If you put the rear tires of the side by side on wood blocks, could you raise the tailgate say half way? They make adapters for that purpose. Don’t think the wood blocks would help. About half the tire sits on the tailgate. We’re thinking the 18” shank, the Jack-e-up, along with removing the propane tanks while we travel would work. A bit of an inconvenience to remove those items, but worth it to be able to take the sxs with us.Get some 2x6s long enough so that the front and rear tires can sit on them. Then strap it down real good.
Huntindog 04/20/21 02:59pm Travel Trailers
RE: Help with zirk fittings

Huntindog, you are "preaching to the choir", I am not a "fan" of it, and over the yrs have been a adamant opponent to them.. To me, it is a wasteful and useless "feature" and encourages folks to ignore the brakes that are hidden by the drum.. I would rather pull the drum and inspect/check/adjust the brakes on a regular basis. Axle manufacturers state that the brakes should be inspected/adjusted every 12K miles or once a yr which ever comes first, pretty much negating the usefulness of this system. However, there is an overwhelming insistence that having EZ lube is not only a necessity but a requirement on this forum. Along with the insistence is the "system" is not flawed nor possibly cause issues. I am taking a much more neutral approach to this "feature" now days and basically stating "use at your own risk" but at a min if you must use the feature, make an attempt to read and follow the instructions from the manufacturer before plugging that grease gun in to the axle.What I find interesting is that I have posted many times on this forum some longer write ups that go into great detail all of the failings of the EZLUBE system....Yet when I do a search for them, they do not come up. Only one post of mine, probably the first one from 2011 shows up.It was neutral on the subject, as I had not studied the system at that time.
Huntindog 04/20/21 02:57am Travel Trailers
RE: Help with zirk fittings

There is only one way to safely use the EZLUBE feature.... Install disc brakes. I have them on my Momentum. I have considered using them, since I can easily see the back of the seals for leakage. But I think I am going to go with oil bath hubs instead.
Huntindog 04/19/21 08:33pm Travel Trailers
RE: Help with zirk fittings

Following the instructions is no guarantee against greased brakes. Brand new seals can be easily damaged or nicked when installed. In fact there have been reports of the inner bearing grease hole doing just that when the drum is slid into place. It seems that the hole was/is (not sure if this has been addressed by the manufacturers) causing the seal damage from it's sharp edge. The fix was/is to carefully chamfer that edge with a dremel. Of course one cannot tell if the seal was damaged in this way without removing the drum to check it.... But then you have to reinstall it, chancing damage again. Of course it can be damaged even for those that do not use the EZLUBE feature.... But at least they will not be pumping grease against a damaged seal.
Huntindog 04/19/21 08:14pm Travel Trailers
RE: Help with zirk fittings

It is actually worse than some have stated. Dexter has a video on how this works.... But it only shows part of the story. The video shows a hub being greased until a dounut shaped ring of dirty grease exits.... Then they proclaim it finished. But wait a minute... That ring of dirty grease was from the outer bearing. The dirty grease from the inner bearing is still in the hub somewhere. Too purge that will require a LOT of pumping and almost a entire tube of grease for each wheel...until a second ring of dirty grease emerges, Everytime you do it. Leaving that dirty grease in there would mean that at some point, it will reach the outer bearing, unkown to you. Unless you have xray vision, you have no way of knowing just what is going on in there
Huntindog 04/19/21 04:38pm Travel Trailers
RE: Help with zirk fittings

Ok, so i have the ez lube axels or whatever they are called now. I will use them after i finish my break job. I really dont see how a normal hand pumped grease gun will push out the back seal. Hell, i have a hard enough time trying to pry out the rear seal with a hammer to repack them. The new seal is always tight goung in also. I can see if you re use an old seal, or dont put the seal in correctly that you might blow out the rear seal. But under normal operation. I cant see it happening. Now with that said, i would repack by hand every 5 years or so to check the bearings and races and such. But i plan on using the ez lubes for a few years for annual greasing after its set up.I think you are misunderstanding where the grease pushes thru. It does not normally push past the metal part of the seal. It goes past the rubber part. This is a common occurence. The axle manufacturers cover for themselves by stating that a YEARLY diassembly/inspection is requiered.... Definantly not the 5 years you are envisioning... Do you really want to only check your brakes every 5 years? Of course if you are pumping grease onto them.... They will never wear out.:E
Huntindog 04/18/21 06:50pm Travel Trailers
RE: Help with zirk fittings

Avoid the headaches. Just do not use the zerk fittings. A manual inspection is required anyway. So you may as well repack the bearings by hand then,
Huntindog 04/18/21 02:57am Travel Trailers
RE: Looking for a new trailer

Tow vehicle has tow capacity of 6500 lbs. Already realized that one of my choices is too heavy.What is it's payload on the sticker?
Huntindog 04/18/21 02:53am Travel Trailers
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