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RE: Axle and Hub Question

Your spindle looks fine. I would replace the bearings with Timkens and go camping..... But first tell CW to take a hike.
Huntindog 07/09/20 07:31pm Travel Trailers
RE: Axle and Hub Question

Axles are pretty cheap. The last bare axle I bought was about 130.00... Now that is for a bare axle, but it isn't all that hare to do, and since you are already into the bearings, it is not that much more labor. If it is beyond your skillset.... Look for a better price.
Huntindog 07/09/20 03:38pm Travel Trailers
Moving on up

We have had 3 TTs since about 1992. A 75 Prowler, a 2001 Wilderness, and a 2010 Palomino Sabre. Got the text today that our new Grand Design Momentum 398M 5th wheel toyhauler has been built. It is going to the paint shop for the full body paint application which takes 2 weeks, and then it goes to my dealer. So I will likely be moving on to the TH/5th wheel forums. I suppose I will still check in on this forum often though as it has become sort of an online home. We had a LOT of fun with our TTs over the years, and are excited about the next chapter. Making memories is what RVing is all about. Take a look at the pic in my signature. My wifes 2006 record book Archery bull elk A 6x7 with 55" main beams and a 42.5" inside spread. We skinned it at night in front of our 2001 Wilderness.
Huntindog 07/08/20 03:31pm Travel Trailers
RE: GM HD Trucks Many with AWD instead of 4WD

My new truck has 4 choices: Auto/AWD, 2WD,4Hi,4 Low
Huntindog 07/08/20 01:47pm Tow Vehicles
RE: DEF how old is too old?

I have an opened jug of DEF dated July 2019. Can't tell if that is a manufactured date or an expiration date. Any ideas? Or should I just breakdown, dump it and buy a fresh jug? IMO the risk reward ratio is not good $10 worth of def vs a huge repair bill if it goes bad in the tank
Huntindog 07/07/20 01:42pm Tow Vehicles
RE: I need new Tires

Thank you so much for the information and I look forward to some new safer tires on the trailer. I don't want to change the size of the rims...but let me look at what you all recommended and the cost if I did move to 16's.When I made the jump to LTs in 2006, I put my old tires/rims on craigs list. Got 150.00 within a couple of hours. Lots of landscapers always looking for trailer tires with rims. That can help defray the cost of making the jump. I have never looked back. One thing to be aware of though, 16s usually require 6 lug drums. You likely have those anyway on a 5ver though. It is the TTs that can go either way. One thing is for sure though... Going to 16s opens up a huge array of tires to choose from.
Huntindog 07/03/20 11:50pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Wheel Bearing Repack

My results don't vary, same as yours, using the Dexter seals , now around $9 ea. Last time I bought them they were less then that. Dexter axles are made in the US, I suspect so does the seals, will have to check next time . Also a double lip seal, and have never had any grease get by them, but then again I don't blindly pump grease into those easy lube bearings either . I never use that feature. I suspect thats where some get into trouble with blowing grease past the seals .FWIW, if the sealing surface of the shaft isn't damaged, you're not going to "blow grease past the seals" if you follow the instructions. IMO the EZ Lube feature isn't really needed, but it only causes trouble when there are other issues.The problem is that unless one has xray vision, one cannot tell if there are "other" issues.
Huntindog 06/28/20 01:40pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Waterproofing the 1/8" thick exposed plywood

I had to remove my propane tank on my 2006 5th Wheel yesterday. Same idea, open to the outside air underneath. I see the exact same setup that you have in your picture. However, after 14 years, it looks exactly the same, no rot, no degradation to the material. Not sure, but it sounds like you are fixing a problem that doesn't exist.Depends on how often one tows in nasty weather. I'd wager most here are fair weather campers. I am not. Just about always I am going somewhere on a specific date for a reason. And we just take whatever mother nature thows at us in stride... In fact when I am hunting I love nasty weather. It sends most everyone else home. Hunting is great with less people in the woods. I will look my new Momentum 398 over closely when it arrives.
Huntindog 06/26/20 01:32pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Bed slide "flange" problems

That is what I think happens. The pinion gear tooth rides up over the rack tooth at the end of travel. I'll accept anyone else's explanation. The point is that the system stops when the slide is fully extended. There could be a built in ratchet that relieves the end of travel stress. It is not motor stall. The noticeable clunk is a giveaway that it is a mechanical separation of the motor and the slide. Am I the only one who has a system like this? Jeff What I am getting at is that there should be a mechanical stop, and it should be adjustable. It should mechanically stop just as the flange touches the wall. There should little to no pressure on the flange. As for your slides mechanics... I do not know, There are quite a few different ones out there
Huntindog 06/25/20 11:11am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Bed slide "flange" problems

This as far as I know is rack and pinion. As the slide extends it hits the top and then the bottom/sides are pushed out until the pinion slips on the rack with a very noticeable clunk. My main slides are like this and they behave the same.How does the pinion "slip" on the rack?
Huntindog 06/24/20 12:31pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Wheel Bearing Repack

I just got an estimate from the local Goodyear dealer for $275 including seals. He is old school and honest. If they're Chinese bearings, I'll have him replace them with Timkens if they're available. JK Just updating my own post. I had it done and it was $437. $165 labor, and $272 for double lip seals from NAPA. I hope you meant Bearings AND seals. That is a ton of money just for seals
Huntindog 06/23/20 06:05pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Waterproofing the 1/8" thick exposed plywood

Don't stop at just the edge. fill the gap between the wood and what appears to be metal tubing. This is why I thought a spray on product would work better... Gravity is gonna fight you trying to get it into the crevices
Huntindog 06/23/20 05:07pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Wheel Bearing Repack

Costs me about $155 for two axles in the Wichita, KS area.That is cheap. Too cheap. That would be a price I would expect from a grease gun job.
Huntindog 06/23/20 12:27pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Bed slide "flange" problems

The slides I have had all had mechanical stops in the mechanisms... They did not rely on the inside trim as yous appears to be doing. Look for such a stop.It should be adjustable.
Huntindog 06/23/20 09:31am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Waterproofing the 1/8" thick exposed plywood

Ouch. That is not good. I think the best way is to have it and rthe surounding area sprayed with bedliner. Next best would be the DIY bedliner in a can. I have done a wood floor in a cargo trailer with it, and it worked great,,, But since you are working upside down, I think it would be hard to do a good job. Perhaps they make that stuff in a spray can now? Whatever you do, wear PPE! eyes, and breathing protection!
Huntindog 06/23/20 09:26am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Tire Question- truck tires or ST

I will add this. Been towing for over 20 years without a blow-out but witnessed a few in are party. Trust me your trailer tires at max psi cold. I'm willing to bet most blowouts are caused by heat buildup. The culprit being low tire pressure. When shopping for LT tires, be aware of load ratings.Yes be aware, but....... The ratings really are not that far apart. IIRC, size for size, an ST will have 10% more capacity. The big problem is the the tires the manufacturers spec, usually leave no little to no margin. So one needs to go up in load rating or size, or both. Not a big deal and easily done in most cases. Some will have a harder time, but all can be upgraded if one is willing. About now is when someone usually chimes in with veiled legal ramifications of straying away from what the sticker on the TT states... Well.. Look at all of the jacked up trucks with big tires on the road... they are straying away from their stickers too. And to the detriment of their trucks performance in many cases. The mods I am suggesting for TT tires are not that extreme... In fact nobody even notices that they have been done. The performance has been increased a whole bunch. The choice is yours. Just don't let a sticker keep you hand cuffed to poor quality tires.... Unless you are OK with it.
Huntindog 06/23/20 08:58am Travel Trailers
RE: Used Diesel Truck Miles: How many is too many

If the ONLY reason you're switching trucks is for better MPGs you'll need to drive around the world 7X before it would make sense financially. I get it that a diesel would tow better but you can buy a lot of gas for the amount you'll pay to change trucks. I have the same truck and same 3.73 gears and am looking at re-gearing to 4.56 which should help a lot.There is another reason besides financial to want better MPGs. Fueling up while towing especially in an area one is not familiar with is a pain. For some reason the fuel tanks in the gas trucks are the same size as the diesels. So making the switch increases the range a lot.
Huntindog 06/21/20 06:25pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Slide Topper Awnings Will Not Fit

Barney seems like a reasonably intelligent person.
Huntindog 06/21/20 09:58am Travel Trailers
RE: Do small 5th wheel toy haulers tow well?

How does it tow without the SxS in it? It would be interesting to test it just to make sure that your problem really is weight distribution. You should weigh the tongue with and without the SxS loaded, just to verify that your problem is from the low tongue weight. If that's the case, then you should be able to adjust the height and angle of your hitch to compensate Wrong. A WD hich does not or cannot fix low TW! None of them will. Some how, some way (other than WD) the TW must be fixed. Proper TW is the cornerstone to achieving a good towing lashup. Then adding the WD hitch of your choice will make it even better.
Huntindog 06/20/20 10:56am Toy Haulers
RE: Wheel Bearing Repack

I know some recommended doing it myself, but it really is a messy PITA, in my opinion. Instead, I took it to a recommended RV repair facility nearby. They told me I needed all new backing plates and hubs (drums), for $2,300. Tried to tell me the seals failed. I went and looked. The insides have a lot of brake dust, not grease. The bearings have not been serviced since new, so I knew they had not been over-greased. The shoes could stand to be replaced but are not glazed or greasy, nor are the drums. The wires on one of the four magnets are broken. Of course, the backing plates are Dexter Never-adjust so they're expensive at $250-325 a pair if I buy them, but it's not needed. I told them to put it back together; I'll do the dirty work myself. A can of brake cleaner ($6), four pair of shoes ($120), four seals ($50), and a pair of magnets ($40). So, for $216, plus the minimum one hour labor ($125), maybe two, that they'll charge when I pick it up, I get to do the messy work myself, grrrr.I read somewhere that the never adjust brakes were not able to get parts for them... Gotta buy the entire assembly. That may be why you got such a high price.
Huntindog 06/19/20 02:10pm Fifth-Wheels
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