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RE: What is your speed uphill?

Thank you for sharing this information. The reason for this question is that we ordered two trucks, a RAM 3500 DRW LB and an F350 DRW LB. The RAM came in first so we took it. The Ford is getting built. From the sound of responses, it sounds like either truck will do just fine. MC I don't think uphill towing performance would be a determining factor with those two trucks, both should perform about the same. The Ram probably has an advantage downhill with the exhaust brake and definitely has an advantage with the CP3 pump vs the CP4 pump that Ford continues to use. The Ford has a better transmission and is probably a more reliable truck minus the engine. They're both good options overall.
IdaD 03/15/22 11:38am Tow Vehicles
RE: Cooper AT3 XLT

I have no experience with these particular tires but in general I think Cooper makes a solid tire. In fact I've got Coopers on my wife's Pilot right now and they've held up and performed really well.
IdaD 03/04/22 11:32am Tow Vehicles
RE: Dually life? What about Ford 6.2L

The only realistic scenario in which I ever see buying a DRW would be if we someday decided to buy a pretty large truck camper. A SRW HD would be enough truck for any type of trailer I'd ever want to own. If you don't really need the extra rear axle capacity, a SRW truck is better in every other respect.
IdaD 03/01/22 11:59am Tow Vehicles
RE: Dually life? What about Ford 6.2L

Recently bought a new F350 4X4 single tire with 6.2 for $43K. No it doesn’t have the power of a diesel but also not $80K. Use it mainly to pull a heavy trailer(15,000+ lbs) locally so only getting 5-6 mpg and the 10 speed takes a little getting used to but it does the job. Gets down to how many miles/year you’ll be towing and you do not need a dually. And if you got a diesel F350 DRW in the same trim level as your gas DRW it would only be $10K more not $37K more. Geesh. After most folks buy a gas truck they have to justify not getting a diesel so suddenly the only way to get a diesel is in Platinum or Longhorn trim levels. $43k is a good price for a new F350 these days even in a gas rig, but that's going to be a pretty basic trim level.
IdaD 02/28/22 11:05am Tow Vehicles
RE: Air Bags

There are other options. Timbrens, SumoSprings, RAS. All will lessen sag, and no air lines needed, mostly install and forget. You can adjust the RAS to bring back a little unloaded rake and set it for various levels of weight help. I put Timbrens on my 2015 shortly after I bought it and they've been trouble free and help firm up the ride when I'm loaded heavy. I've been very happy with them. You can't beat the simplicity.
IdaD 02/28/22 11:01am Tow Vehicles
RE: towing with gm 6.6 gas

Gas HD towing any kind of heavy-ish high profile trailer is going to be single digits unless you only tow downhill with a tailwind.
IdaD 02/08/22 03:59pm Towing
RE: How's that 6.6 gas working for you?

I don't think a 7000 trailer dictates an HD truck. They'll do a better job for sure, but I would think a properly equipped half ton would work pretty well for that size trailer too. I think 12 mpg is a lot more realistic average to expect with a gas 6.6 in an HD truck.
IdaD 02/04/22 02:50pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Toyota Tundra vs Ford F150 Hybrid Fuel Economy Tests

Who buys a p/u for it's fuel economy? Fuel economy was among the reasons I opted for a diesel engine.
IdaD 02/01/22 02:19pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ram recall

The mystery is why the started using that turd in the first place.
IdaD 01/31/22 07:20am Tow Vehicles
RE: Looks like we got ourselves a Convoy

Well that's good news. I'm glad people are willing to stand up to the over reach of government. Agreed, we need this additional proof that people are stupid. As if there hasn't been enough evidence to establish that over the last few years.
IdaD 01/27/22 10:58am Around the Campfire
RE: 2022 Bronco Raptor Debut

Someone will inevitably take a brand new one and do a SFA conversion on it. A SAS is a big job. That's why it would have been really cool to have a from the factory Bronco with two solid axles rolling on 37s.
IdaD 01/26/22 02:26pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2022 Bronco Raptor Debut

Its obviously awesome, but could have been so much more awesome with a long travel solid front axle on it. Why not have the option? Long travel coil solid axle for the crawler guys. (The 12 people with more dollars than sense who will go thrash a new $70k suv, right off the showroom floor) And then have an IFS for everyone else , the 95% soccer mobile pavement pounders and the wanna be Baja racers. That would be cool! BTW, the price and popularity of Jeeps (wranglers) about makes me want to barf! I’ve quit, not giving back the stupid Jeeper wave when wanna be overland rock crawler guys give me the wave when I have the old CJ5 out. Now I just flip them the bird if they’re driving to the grocery store with their hi lift jack, matching fuel can, shovel with a painted handle, them plastic get unstuck boards and the other 10 grand worth of bolt on accessories! I’m an equal opportunity offender though. I dont jeeper wave at real jeepers either. Lol You need all that [email protected] bolted on to go overlanding. Otherwise you're just car camping.
IdaD 01/26/22 02:24pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2022 Bronco Raptor Debut

Its obviously awesome, but could have been so much more awesome with a long travel solid front axle on it.
IdaD 01/25/22 01:27pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Grand Wagoneer vs RAM 1500

Now that I do agree with - when's the last time we saw Gates and Bezos in a Rolls? Real success needs no symbol. Bezos literally just flew to space in what looked like a giant [email protected] He's way beyond a Rolls.
IdaD 01/20/22 02:46pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Grand Wagoneer vs RAM 1500

Are the more modest versions more in line with prices you'd expect for a Suburban or Expedition? $87k IS the "modest" The Grand Wagoneer isn’t made to compete with the Burb and the Expedition. It’s made to compete with the Escalade and Navigator, and is priced accordingly. The Wagoneer is designed to compete with the Burb and the Ex. There really isn’t a “base” model of either, they are all much better equipped at the lowest trim level, but when they are speced with similar options they are priced comparably. Yup, Cadillac, Lincoln,.....Jeep. Those 3 belong in the same basket, yessireee!! :h Have you looked at one? Or read any of the reviews? It sure doesn't sound like it. I'll save you some time. Here is a MotorTrend comparison where it bests the Escalade MotorTrend Vs Navigator AutoGuide Comparison It's still a Jeep (and yes, I've read several reviews). Like I said in an earlier post, to spend that much money on a vehicle it darn well better have a three-pointed star on the hood (and for that money, it certainly could). Sorry, everybody's taste is different. There's no right and no wrong. Just not a big Jeep fan (other than Wrangler's for beach driving, oh yes, and Renegades, just to make me chuckle). I don't think Cadillac and Lincoln mean much anymore in terms of being luxury brands to most folks. For the last decade plus they've mostly just been high trim level Chevy and Ford SUVs. I doubt being called a Jeep will hamper the GW at all in comparison.
IdaD 01/19/22 06:46am Tow Vehicles
RE: Grand Wagoneer vs RAM 1500

Are the more modest versions more in line with prices you'd expect for a Suburban or Expedition?
IdaD 01/18/22 08:27am Tow Vehicles
RE: Scan tool for Ram CTD

Standard scanner works fine on mine. It was probably about $40 or so. It has more than paid for itself and it has worked on our other vehicles as well.
IdaD 01/14/22 04:20pm Tow Vehicles
RE: The world of tow vehicles would be a better place if

In mkirsh's and others example re 25 vs SW35 series. Reality is the 25 need to be lightened up literally gvwr wise! Make it a true beefed up 6 or 8 lug 15 series. Back to more online with the first one I bought in 81, most recent 2000, 6000-6800 grawr, front 4000-5000. The ability to get the smaller motors like the eco boost, smaller diesels that GM and Dodge have. Make it so the 25 does not compete per say with a SW35. For me and my use, not towing much over 10-12k lbs, 3000-4000 lbs of payload. A truck in this axle wieght class will do that fine. I don't need or want the heavier frame etc that the current 25/35 series trucks wieght in at. I ran into a person at a fuel station. His crew cab short back d/a wieghed a 1000 lbs MORE than my 05 DW crew cab did! Don't get me wrong, I've always felt the DW 35's were under speed when I was first buying trucks in the 80's .nothing between a 10k gvw and a 20k. Now there is basically nothing between a 7500 and 11000 gvw truck. Maybe that truck is useless. But I'd bet there are lots of us in or have been in contraction, towing per DOT rules etc, that a beefed up version with the smaller motors better mpg empty etc would be better than the 15's we're driving. Grit and a few others probably fit this truck size as I do. Marty You're describing the Titan XD. It sold like a turd in a candy shop.
IdaD 01/14/22 02:48pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Curt BetterWeigh?

So, assuming this is marketed at happy homeowners who tow a trailer, how often would you actually use it? Do you guys weigh your setup before every trip to see if the wife snuck in too many cans of beans and put you over payload? Seems like 1 and done unless you’re overly ocd or change trailers. I've literally never run anything over a scale except at the county dump where they charge by weight. Never had any issues. I think I learned this skill of not really giving a $hit from growing up on a farm where we just made things work.
IdaD 01/14/22 01:30pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Price breaks on new Pickups?!

$3k off a $60-80k sticker price...whatever. No kidding, it doesn't even matter at that point. I need to upgrade the wife's ride at some point but I really want the market to cool off first. Maybe later this year.
IdaD 01/12/22 08:46am Tow Vehicles
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