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RE: Any Advantage to Lithium with Bluetooth?

Agree, LFP’s have proven to be quite tolerant to a wide variety of discharge and charge strategies, and single voltage charging is quite simple all the while skipping the nail biting frequency for a full charge…Kinda funny for those who recall all the fact-less boogieman fictions that were being actively pushed in the not so distant past - lol… 3 tons I can think back when they were coming on the scene and it was a novelty with a lot of nay sayers with wild end of the world predictions because they didn't understand them, plus confusing the chemistries up. I'm glad I took an early leap and seemed to get lucky with my charging regime which seems to be working so far. Right now just about packed up for a dump station run and relocation to another boondock location. SOC after breakfast microwave, coffeemaker was 53%, suns contributing some now to charging, turned the air conditioner on to cool the rig down before the move. SOC 55% inverting 12.7v -129a. Amazing after 7 plus years that the 500ah bank is still supplying good power in all conditions and DODs. With my control displays at easy reach or viewing bluetooth personally would be of no benefit. The system now is something just runs in the background quietly.
Itinerant1 08/23/23 11:15am Tech Issues
RE: AA and AAA Rechargeable Batteries

I just use the rechargeable Energizer AA & AAA got them at Wally World. I've had them for years now. I only use rechargeable in everything that takes these batteries, computer mouse, wall clock, flashlights, thermometers, walkie-talkies. Originally I was using the 4 place charger that came with these but it charged them so fast it was cooking the batteries and shortening their cycles so switched to this charger that does many different sizes plus adjust the charging input. Zanflare C4 LCD Display Speedy Universal Smart Battery Charger,Battery Capacity Analyzer for Rechargeable Batteries.
Itinerant1 08/22/23 05:09am Tech Issues
RE: Any Advantage to Lithium with Bluetooth?

Just curious if the batteries are working with the predetermined settings in the sealed box why would you want to experiment with them? easy cycle life. if I can change the top and bottom from 0 to 100% to 10 to 90% that can take your average LfP from 3500 cycles to 4500 to 5000. then if you operate in the top 3rd of that you can go even higher. If I knew I could get into a battery like a chins I may have bought them instead of making my own just to be lazy, but I use the settings in my Bluetooth quite a bit. I have 3 profiles on my phone for setting the BMS, I have a storage routine where the BMS will only charge the cells to 65% of the capacity then won't recharge until they drop below 30% as well my cold temp cut off is bumped up to 3C to be safe. I have a "getting ready to go camping" setting where it sets the bottom at 10%, puts the cold temp cut off back to 1C and charges to 100%. then I have a "camping" setup where the only difference is I lower the top to 90%. I can limit the battery as I have a 10-day capacity without the solar and unlimited time with the solar, so I decided to make the battery last a bit longer and sacrifice about 2 days' worth of capacity. The batteries are top balanced and topped right up whenever I leave the house on a camping trip. So basically, cycle life, and the ability to be over cautious on some of your safety settings is the reason. Ok, thanks for the info. Seems like alot of work but then you have different needs and colder weather. As far as cycle life why worry about do you really think your going to use it up? I bet more folks will kill their batteries hen pecking them. Right now I've done 2,502 days (boondocking) of 2,686 days since install. I'm somewhere over 1,000 full cycles and that's 7 years 4 months. A seasonal camper the batteries should last along time. I guess living off mine fulltime with solar one set of settings. Charge to 14.1v (my 100% SOC), float 13.6, if they get full great and if not tomorrows another day solar might fill the tank. Still use whatever in the 5th wheel including the air conditioner.
Itinerant1 08/21/23 08:12pm Tech Issues
RE: Any Advantage to Lithium with Bluetooth?

Just curious if the batteries are working with the predetermined settings in the sealed box why would you want to experiment with them?
Itinerant1 08/20/23 10:14am Tech Issues
RE: Lithium Battery Upgrade

There is no possible financial advantage to putting Li in your coach as a replacement for a more affordable option like lead acid (not my favorite, but cheap) or AGM (my favorite but a bit more expensive). If you are expecting the World to come to an end and you plan to survive this by having an RV that can support you without any grid of any kind, then maybe the few thousand extra dollars would make some sense. The OP asked if it was a worthwhile upgrade not if there was a financial advantage. What a drama post with an end of the world comment or exaggerated price for lfp batteries. You're not feeling a litte insecure with the dead lead batteries? So many have tasted the sweet nectar of lfp chemistry enjoying the steady voltage being supplied while operating high draw appliances.
Itinerant1 06/10/23 09:43pm Tech Issues
RE: LFP life cycle link:

Over 2,400+ partial cycles of 35-45% dod at various soc after 7 years and not noticing any loss or low voltages at high draw appliances on my lfp bank. There's approximately 900 or so full cycles so there should be alot of life in the battery bank. Time will tell. Absorb 14.1v, float 13.6v inverter on 24/7.
Itinerant1 05/26/23 08:58am Tech Issues
RE: What happens when you overfill tanks.....

As mentioned when the black tank is getting near full it will burp when you flush.
Itinerant1 05/22/23 05:40pm Tech Issues
RE: Carrier air v to advent a/c w/ harness

Thanks for the info if my Carrier needs replacement.
Itinerant1 05/10/23 05:31am Tech Issues
RE: Micro Air

Cptnvideo - as 3Tons said, better than I did, my Magnum sees the genny as a defective power source because of the milliseconds of voltage droop when it becomes loaded. I have started the ACs on batteries and hoped the genny would take over. Unfortunately the Magnum takes a few second ms to qualify the new source, then when it tries to bring it in the genny voltage drops instantaneously and the Magnum kicks it out. If I run into this next time I might try limiting genny power to 15A, or 10A etc to see if that allows it to provide most of the power without significantly dropping. We’ll see. 3Tons - thanks, I’ve thought about just putting a Magnum bypass in to allow direct running of AC from genny. I think your solution is more elegant. Still I haven’t given up with futzing with current hardware instead of adding more…. Frankly not sure if I had spent more on a Honda I might not have been aware of this idiosyncrasy. Not sure if I’ll keep messing around or maybe make a hardware change… I set my incoming to 18a when using my eu2200i generator and have no problem using it when needed for long run air conditioner time, I do not set it to eco mode on the generator. If you're getting the fault light and it's kicking your generator off try running just your fan on the ac unit for a minute or 2 then turn it over to air conditioner. 2 years ago when I was in SD and couldn't leave we had a hot spell that I would run the air conditioner off of solar/ batteries starting around 10am for 2-3 hours when the batteries got down to a SOC of 40% range I would switch over to the eu2200i generator. It will run for 4 hours + on a tank running the air conditioner. During that time the batteries would get fully charged at some point dependingon the sun. Once the batteries were fully charged by solar I would turn off the generator and run the air conditioner from solar/ batteries again for another 3-4 hours. By then it was getting cooler outside and air conditioner wasn't needed. This was a 2 week event off and on. Most the time now were just using solar/ batteries and if it gets that hot we run to somewhere cooler if possible or just do what I posted above. I'm over 7 years now on my setup with lfp batteries living fulltime off of them boondocking all of it mostly. Nov 4th or 5th of 2021 was the last time we were hooked to a power pole for a couple days traveling. Just amazing the punishment these lfp batteries can take. Edit: I should note that I turn the charger off on the me-arc while using the generator for the air conditioner. Any charging of the batteries is coming from solar that isn't being used in load support. Also the front compartment is opened for fresh air because long heavy load runs will produce some heat from the inverter, you don't want to add the extra heat to the batteries if they're in the same area. I'll see cell temps rise to 93-95f and settle back to low 80s depending on the ambient temps for the evening. My Me-Arc settings for the system.... Favorites (can be changed to personal taste) F1_ Bat amps - PT ADC (present be produced) F2_ AC output - 121 VAC/ 60.0 HZ F3_ AC input - Amps= 15a (adjustable with incoming power) F4_ Load amps - 0 amps AC F5_ AC Amps - -2 amps CRTL 01_ AC in Control - Auto Connect 02_ CHG Control - Multi Stage 03_ Gen Control - Off 04_ PT Control • a_ PT Chg CTRL 1 - Multi Stage • b_ PT Aux Relay - Control= Disengage • c_ PT Alarm - Control= Off • d_ PT Mppt Ctrl - 15 min sweep METER Inverting_ DC (present time reading) 01 DC Meters • a_ DC volts (present time reading) • b_ DC amps (present time reading) 02 AC Meters • a_ AC output (present time reading) • b_ Load amps (present time reading) • c_ Input AC (present time reading) • d_ Inv/ Chg amps (present time reading) • e_ Input AC1 (present time reading) SET UP 01 System Set up • a_ Set Clock • b_ Screen set up (press select) _ Brightness (50%), Contrast (100%), Power save (1 min) • c_ Temp select - Fahrenheit • d_ Max charge- Amps 200 adc • e _ Link PT Chg - setting - yes 02 Inverting/ Inverter set up • a_ Search watts - Off • b_ LBCO setting - 12.0 vdc • c_ AC In time - 6:00am-6:00pm • d_ AC In VDC - 11.O-14.1 vdc • e_ AC In SOC - 80%-100% SOC • f_ Power up - Always off SET UP INVERTING 03 Charger Set up • a_ AC Input - Amp= (can be set to available shore power/ generator incoming power) • b_ VAC Drop out - 80 VAC • c_ Battery type - Custom (with in here absorb voltage can be adjusted) • d_ Absorb done - Time= 0.1 hrs (minimum, can't be turned off) • e_ Max charge - Rate= 100% • f_ Max charge - Time= 12.0 hrs • g_ Final charge - Stage= Multi • h_ EQ Reminder - Days= Off 04 AGS SET UP - No AGS Present 05 BMK SET UP - No BMK Present 06 PT SET UP (Magnum pt controller follows Magnum inverter settings) • a_ Battery Type - Linked • b_ Absorb Done - Linked • c_ Maxed Charge - Rate= 100% • d_ Max Charge - Time= 12.0 hrs • e_ Bulk Start (press select) - select Bulk Start, Daily / sun up= yes - set Bulk Start, Volts= 12.0 - set Bulk Start, SOC= 80% • f _ PT Aux Relay - 10.0 to 14.0 • g_ PT Alarm - 10.0 to 14.0 • h_ Power Save PT - Display= 15 min TECH 01 Temperatures (press select_ scroll) - Inv BTS (present time reading) - Inv TFMER (present time reading) - Inv FET'S (present time reading) - AGS Sensor 0ff - ACLD Temp 32f - PT BTS (present time reading) - PT Inductor (present time reading) 02 Versions (press select_ scroll) - Inverter: 1.2 - Remote: 4.0 - AGS: 0.0 - Router: 0.0 - ACLD: 0.0 - PT: 1.1 03 Inv Model - MSH3012H (3000w hybrid) 04 Fault History 05 Set up pin 06 Ext Control - No ext control 07 Show all - Menus= No 08 Load Defaults The following parameters are for programming the ME-ARC Version 4 advanced control. Setup 02B LBCO Setting: Volts = 12.0v Setup 03C Battery Type: = Custom Set Absorb Volts: = 14.1v Set Float Volts: = 13.6v Set EQ Volts: = 14.1v Set EQ Done Time: = 0.1 Setup 03D Absorb Done Time: = 0.1 (minimum) Setup 03E Max Charge Rate: = 100% Setup 03G Final Charge Stage: = Float
Itinerant1 04/20/23 05:44pm Tech Issues
RE: Micro Air

Hi, just looking for input from people that have them on their effectiveness. I am thinking of getting a portable genny for the 5th wheel for those times that I need an AC and don't have power. I have a 15000BTU dometic AC, and I must figure out what size genny I need also. As some of you know I personally hate the noise they make, so it must be quiet and really won't be used for anything else as my solar can do everything else. the other issue I have is there has only been 4 days in the last 5 years of camping where I needed an AC when I was boondocking, so I am really torn weather I need a genny or just see what it would take to be able to run on solar, but I think it's too tall of an order for solar. Back in July of 2020 I added the Micro-Air Easy Start 364 (ASY-364-X20-IP) to the Carrier Air V 15k air conditioning unit (low profile) on my Cameo. I can run it off of the EU2200i and not only that I have run it off of just the solar/ batteries, granted if it's run like this long enough the generator will need to charge the batteries but for short term use of a lunch stop or just a 2-3 hours to cool things down some no big deal. If it's going to be "HOT" it's time to move anyways. I have a Magnum Hybrid 3,000w inverter/ charger unit so I can adjust the incoming current and load share it with the solar. When I was in a campground hooked up to 50a service and completed the 5 learning cycles. It was interesting to watch the Magnum Me-arc display in the ac input screen, the air conditioner fan would run for a couple minutes then I could see 3-4a load coming in for 60 +/- seconds then quickly climb to roughly 18-20a then settle at 14a. Looking at the service manual the locked rotor amps for the low profile high capacity is 59.0a now best I can tell since the easy start install it appears to be 18-20a. While still plugged into the pedestal I turned the load share down 15a, 10a, 5a and turning the air conditioner off for a couple minutes between each lowering and at no time did the ac unit stumble or did a red fault light show on the me-arc. Then I disconnected the the power from the pedestal and connected it to the eu2200i generator setting the ac input load support to 15a and 10a, same results no red fault light on the me-arc and no "overload" or stumble on the generator. Also I'm in tree cover/ overcast so little to no solar was helping. Tried the 15k A/C unit from just batteries with hardly any solar contributing to see if the fault light would show on the Me-Arc display from the hybrid inverter, no fault light and no stumble in the A/C at anytime. Initially turning it on the fan started and after 30 seconds the compressor started to spool up slowly, I could see the amps slowly climbing and max somewhere in the 190a + range before settling down to 94a. So if I just use my minimum loads and the sun is shinning the solar panels will cover roughly 60-75a of the A/C load, balance from batteries would be 30ah +/- (6% SoC be depleted per hour). I use the air-conditioner quite often in the evening if I want to cool things off some while boondocking. Used at elevation from 3000-7000. Just my hands on experience.
Itinerant1 04/15/23 07:42pm Tech Issues
RE: Big Foot Levelers stuck

Have you tried put it in manual mode and try retracting them individually or extending them individually? I'm sure you did but did you try the emergency retract button?
Itinerant1 03/21/23 10:56am Tech Issues
RE: Aqua Magic Style 2 - bowl leaks down

Be careful when you purchase "plumber's grease". It could be a petroleum product or it could be silicone. Only use silicone products because petroleum will react with the seal and ruin it. Good point. The particular kind that I've been using Oatey faucet and valve grease which is comprised of silicone oil (polydimethylsiloxane) in combination with silicone grease.
Itinerant1 02/13/23 03:40pm Tech Issues
RE: Aqua Magic Style 2 - bowl leaks down

Put some plumbers grease on the seal, it will help with the ball movement and sealing or atleast with mine.
Itinerant1 02/13/23 05:41am Tech Issues
RE: Harvesting Solar

No too crowded for me but on blm. Not a soul around.
Itinerant1 02/12/23 02:10pm Tech Issues
RE: Harvesting Solar

I won't mention I could go back 6 years now. I doesn't seem right if I don't record now. I might have an issue. :(
Itinerant1 02/12/23 01:59pm Tech Issues
RE: Harvesting Solar

Everyday it's getting better for production. ;)
Itinerant1 02/12/23 01:50pm Tech Issues
RE: Harvesting Solar

I only have 1,280w solar flat mounted and 500ah batteries and been boondocking all the time. My last hookup was 11/5/21 and live very well on that using everything in the 5th wheel even this tiime of the year. We're in roughly the same area as you. We dont have an electric fridge and use propane for hot water. Beginning of January was the last time generator was used for a hold over charge. You learn to live in a psoc for awhile. A few #s from beginning of month.
Itinerant1 02/12/23 12:47pm Tech Issues
RE: Effect of no absorption on LiFePo4?

And we all gotta go through a little experience with something new before learning or knowing what to expect and how to deal with or maintain it. My response above is for the RV power “experts” if you will, who can’t seem to not go down rabbit holes. Kindly sensing your frustration, consider (in the interest of a somewhat wider info-seeking audience…) that one man’s rabbit hole might very well be another man’s ‘go to’… Admittedly, I sometimes provide the ugly details, but mostly to help dampen the ‘recurring, made-up’ LFP mis-information from growing recurring legs (as has happened on LFP ad nauseam - a seasoned pattern of nuisance thread misdirects by interlopers) JMHO… 3 tons - Guilty as Charged There have been many times in these LFP threads that I start to write a respone then delete it. You seem to handle the misinfo well that gets posted. It just seems even with so much real life experience of almost 7 years living off of LFP/ solar and over 2,200+ partial cycles of 35-45% DOD equalling 175-225ah daily from a 500ah battery bank so many new folks or non user know more. More power to them. I'll stick to what's been working. ;)
Itinerant1 01/27/23 06:40am Tech Issues
RE: solar awning

I think solar awning is not quite correct. The web site pictures do not suggest that the panels are flexible. width=375 Looking at the add pictures again it appears that it folds accordion style and goes in the box/ holder on the roof edge.
Itinerant1 12/18/22 03:19pm Tech Issues
RE: solar awning

I always want my solar production under tree cover. Make for a nice advertisement picture though, warm fuzzy feeling and green energy. I'd be skeptical about longterm life of the in and out of the solar awning.
Itinerant1 12/18/22 12:27pm Tech Issues
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