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RE: Samlex Inverter Power Draw Question

This link will be for the "inards" of the LIon Safari batteries, then to the side of the page will be links to the "tests" he did with the batteries. They appear to be as advertised, it might be worth while to view all of them to gain confidence with the brand and how they'll perform or atleast "should" perform. He didn't have all these videos the last time I viewed his channel and watch them all yesterday. ;):W
Itinerant1 07/10/21 10:16am Tech Issues
RE: Samlex Inverter Power Draw Question

I've watched Ray from "Love your rv" on YouTube awhile ago showing/ using the LIon Safari battery, it looked like a decent battery with a bms protecting the battery. If you haven't seen his channel using the Safari batteries check it out. Once you have your system dailed in to your liking, lfp batteries really are a set it and forget battery. I'm a fulltime rv'er that mostly boondocks that use lfp everyday for over 5 years now with solar as my charger 99% of the time, even if I'm on pedestal power. I have 2 displays, 1 for the Magnum equipment and 1 for the GBS system, that is where I get the #s in my recorded data. The flat voltage of lfp is nice and as you might have noticed ability to still use high draw appliances at low SOC is nice, plus having the option to use lfp in a PSOC fo long periods with the occasional full charge to reset or resynce your capacity meter to the batteries.
Itinerant1 07/09/21 05:27pm Tech Issues
RE: Samlex Inverter Power Draw Question

EMD360 what brand of lfp batteries are you using? Don't they have low temp protection, which will stop charging till the cells get above 32F but still allow you to use the batteries? Your #s look ok in the 1st post except for the SOC taking a dive. Here are some recorded #s from my system in April of using microwave, air conditioner and other misc items at different SOC's to give an idea. I do have solar which does help during the day.
Itinerant1 07/09/21 07:54am Tech Issues
RE: Solar panels vs shade cloth

I think the entire trailer contributes to heat or cold felt. Solar panels are made to produce power and never gave a thought to them shading or help cool the trailer until I turn the A/C on then they're contributing to the power to run the A/C. ;)
Itinerant1 07/03/21 03:29pm Tech Issues
RE: Solar panels vs shade cloth

Just a follow up. It's 97f ambient, rv roof is showing 97f, top of solar panel 101f, rv roof under solar panel is 104f and that's 4" of space so not much cooling going on.
Itinerant1 07/03/21 02:19pm Tech Issues
RE: Solar panels vs shade cloth

Nothing scientific here 80f outside ambient with barely a breeze, using the infrared thermometer just hit these spots. 89.9f on the rv roof, 93.2f on top of panel, 94 on roof under the panel. There is 2" space between bottom aluminum edging around the panel to rv roof and another 2" space from the bottom edging to underside of panel. Edit: producing 55a, 749w at 10:00 I'll catch a reading later in the day when it's hot. Looks like this. The sun is out and suppose to be a warm one today near 95f.
Itinerant1 07/03/21 09:33am Tech Issues
RE: Bigfoot leveling pump leak

Hyd cyclinder seal might need repacking if it's the leg that lifts/ lowers. You have checked to make sure all hose connections are tight?
Itinerant1 06/27/21 07:35am Tech Issues
RE: Yamaha 2000iS and softstart with AC?

Agreed, that’s quite a system you have Sir, and a good real world testimony about the advantages of having a hybrid type inverter. 3 tons If you're going with a pass through inverter/ charger the hybrids are really nice and the upcharge really isn't that bad in the big scheme of glamping. Plus offers many options for different situations you might be camping or mooch docking in. :)
Itinerant1 06/27/21 07:30am Tech Issues
RE: Yamaha 2000iS and softstart with AC?

When using either Honda generator I turn the "eco" mode off. MNRon have you tried turning the fan on only for a couple of minutes when first using the A/C for the generator & Magnum to sync up, then switch over to A/C. Before adding the microair I would do that and it did help to prevent the Magnum from faulting. What A/C unit and size is it? What elevation?
Itinerant1 06/26/21 07:26am Tech Issues
RE: Yamaha 2000iS and softstart with AC?

How are you seeing a 400a draw, are you catching the locked rotor draw? When I run the A/C off of batteries I can see 190a draw for a second as the microair slowly spools up.
Itinerant1 06/25/21 08:52pm Tech Issues
RE: Yamaha 2000iS and softstart with AC?

No. When using the eu2200i I'll set the loadshare 15a, if using the eu2000i loadshare will be 13a. These are the setting I've used with the me-arc50 since day 1 over 5 years ago. Favorites (can be changed to personal taste) F1_ Bat amps - PT  ADC (present be produced) F2_ AC output - 121 VAC/ 60.0 HZ F3_ AC input - Amps= 15a (adjustable with incoming power) F4_ Load amps - 0 amps AC F5_ AC Amps - -2 amps CRTL 01_ AC in Control - Auto Connect 02_ CHG Control - Multi Stage 03_ Gen Control - Off 04_ PT Control • a_ PT Chg CTRL 1 - Multi Stage • b_ PT Aux Relay - Control= Disengage • c_ PT Alarm - Control= Off • d_ PT Mppt Ctrl - 15 min sweep METER Inverting_ DC (present time reading) 01 DC Meters • a_ DC volts (present time reading) • b_ DC amps (present time reading) 02 AC Meters • a_ AC output (present time reading) • b_ Load amps (present time reading) • c_ Input AC (present time reading) • d_ Inv/ Chg amps (present time reading) • e_ Input AC1 (present time reading) SET UP 01 System Set up • a_ Set Clock • b_ Screen set up (press select) _ Brightness (50%),  Contrast (100%),  Power save (1 min) • c_ Temp select - Fahrenheit • d_ Max charge- Amps 200 adc • e _ Link PT Chg - setting - yes 02 Inverting/ Inverter set up • a_ Search watts - Off • b_ LBCO setting - 12.0 vdc • c_ AC In time - 6:00am-6:00pm • d_ AC In VDC - 11.O-14.1 vdc • e_ AC In SOC - 80%-100% SOC • f_ Power up - Always off SET UP INVERTING 03 Charger Set up • a_ AC Input - Amp= (can be set to available shore power/ generator incoming power) • b_ VAC Drop out - 80 VAC • c_ Battery type - Custom (with in here absorb voltage can be adjusted) • d_ Absorb done - Time= 0.1 hrs (minimum, can't be turned off) • e_ Max charge - Rate= 100% • f_ Max charge - Time= 12.0 hrs • g_ Final charge - Stage= Multi • h_ EQ Reminder - Days= Off 04 AGS SET UP - No AGS Present 05 BMK SET UP - No BMK Present 06 PT SET UP (Magnum pt controller follows Magnum inverter settings) • a_ Battery Type - Linked • b_ Absorb Done - Linked • c_ Maxed Charge - Rate= 100% • d_ Max Charge - Time= 12.0 hrs • e_ Bulk Start (press select) - select Bulk Start, Daily / sun up= yes - set Bulk Start, Volts= 12.0 - set Bulk Start, SOC= 80% • f _ PT Aux Relay - 10.0 to 14.0 • g_ PT Alarm - 10.0 to 14.0 • h_ Power Save PT - Display= 15 min TECH 01 Temperatures (press select_ scroll) - Inv BTS (present time reading) - Inv TFMER  (present time reading) - Inv FET'S  (present time reading) - AGS Sensor 0ff - ACLD Temp 32f - PT BTS  (present time reading) - PT Inductor  (present time reading) 02 Versions (press select_ scroll) - Inverter: 1.2 - Remote: 4.0 - AGS: 0.0 - Router: 0.0 - ACLD: 0.0 - PT: 1.1 03 Inv Model - MSH3012H (3000w hybrid) 04 Fault History 05 Set up pin 06 Ext Control - No ext control 07 Show all - Menus= No 08 Load Defaults The following parameters are for programming the ME-ARC Version 4 advanced control. Setup 02B LBCO Setting: Volts = 12.0 Setup 03C Battery Type: = Custom Set Absorb Volts: = 14.1v or  14.2v (depending on season) Set Float Volts: = 13.6 Set EQ Volts: = 14.1 Set EQ Done Time: = 0.1 Setup 03D Absorb Done Time: = 0.1 (minimum) Setup 03E Max Charge Rate: = 100% Setup 03G Final Charge Stage: = Float
Itinerant1 06/25/21 06:42pm Tech Issues
RE: Yamaha 2000iS and softstart with AC?

I use the eu2200i with the Magnum 3012 hybrid inverter running a Carrier Air V 15k air conditioner with a Micro-air EasyStart™ 364 Soft Starter that I added. Before adding the easy start it was hit or miss if the Magnum would fault since adding it hasn't been a problem even at 6,000' elevation.
Itinerant1 06/25/21 04:30pm Tech Issues
RE: Honda 2200i Experts??

I just used my eu2200i the other day for extended air conditioning time, my incoming voltage will read from 119-121vac but always settles at 120vac. I see these readings from the Magnum remote display.
Itinerant1 06/20/21 09:45am Tech Issues
RE: why i call Li fussy

After I typed it I was wondering if it was a "dry" cold being more northern.
Itinerant1 06/15/21 04:15pm Tech Issues
RE: why i call Li fussy

I couldn't imagine the condensation from extreme cold to warming temps inside the trailer.
Itinerant1 06/15/21 11:51am Tech Issues
RE: Fun with solar and Renogy MPPT 30 Li (kind of)

Temp comp should be off not needed with lfp.
Itinerant1 06/12/21 07:48pm Tech Issues
RE: Hybrid inverter

time2roll this is exactly what I am doing, the 15A cord goes in to the generator which powers the inverter and the load sharing happen automatically and I don’t have to do anything? Thanks Frank. I have this inverter and use it everyday. You need to adjust your incoming load share. I have both a Honda eu2000i and eu2200i. Elevation will play a factor also. On my system I have 1,280w solar also, if I'm going to run my 15k A/C for long periods of time I'll set the incoming ac to 15a, the generator is power the A/C or the first 15a and solar picks up the balance of the draw if there is tv, humidifier, laptops and if the batteries need charging the balance of power being produced goes to them. On occasion if I'm going to need to put a charge into the batteries I set the incoming ac to 15a and that will charge at 100a or whatever the balnce that isn't being used by loads running, this is with the eu2000i if using the eu2200i I could set it at 18a if I wanted. You can experiment with the incoming ac by turning the nob that adjusts the incoming amps, start at 10a for instance, listen to the the generator noise, as you adjust up or down amps on the display you will here the generator either idle up or down.
Itinerant1 06/12/21 07:42pm Tech Issues
RE: Hybrid inverter

Just hit the charger button on the remote to turn off charging.
Itinerant1 06/12/21 05:10pm Tech Issues
RE: Soft start for ac

The soft start may not allow you to run from a single Honda 2000. at sea level our honda 2000 consistently starts our coleman Mach III while in eco mode. The AC has the micro air easy start installed. Above about 4,000ft the 2000 is marginal, but the 2200 is fine all the way up to at least 7,000ft. But make sure any other high loads are off, like make sure batteries are near full charge, etc. With the 2,000 you won't be able to run much else other then the AC X2 on being able to run a 15k A/C unit with the micro-air easy start with no problems as stated above with either the eu2000i or eu2200i generator. Also, adding a micro-air easy start is not rocket science even for a beginner, between their instruction and all of the you tube videos it can be accomplished. ;)
Itinerant1 06/10/21 09:32am Tech Issues
RE: Controller puzzle - Float for LFP on solar (long post)

All the info out there with LFP and still "new" comers wanting to Neuter the cells.
Itinerant1 05/23/21 09:12am Tech Issues
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