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RE: US/Canada border still closed.

We do need an easement through BC and Yukon to access our own state of Alaska. Perhaps a high speed, vehicle-carrying rail system would suffice. Residents of the US can still travel to and from Alaska through Canada so long as the travel is essential. Canada defined essential as Alaskan residents traveling to and from Alaska, US residents traveling to and from Alaska for employment/business, US residents traveling to and from Alaska for approved non leisure travel, and those with Canadian citizenship. Basically, if you just want to travel through Canada on leisure travel, forget it. Your option for leisure travel to and from Alaska is the ferry.
ItsyRV 07/14/20 10:02am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Class B title question????

Just so you're not chasing wild ferrets, in AZ there is no such thing as a "REBUILT TITLE". You have a Salvage title or a Restored salvage title. A Restored salvage title in AZ means the vehicle was restored to roadworthy use and can be registered and insured. It only applies to the chassis portion of an RV and not to any of the coach components as they are not part of state or federal vehicle safety/roadworthy requirements. So, if the title says "Rebuilt", it's fake. "RESTORED" must be on the title to make it legitimate.
ItsyRV 07/06/20 06:05pm Tech Issues
RE: Class B title question????

If the AZ MVD title states "RESTORED", the vehicle was inspected by AZ DOT and is roadworthy to state and federal standards. What triggered the original Salvage tile and subsequent "RESTORED" could be just about anything. The key is the "RESTORED" label indicates it is roadworthy to all standards. If it states anything else without the word "RESTORED", it could be a hunking pig of a wreck with pretty makeup on it.
ItsyRV 07/06/20 02:07pm Tech Issues
RE: Stay on your own side....

What's not mentioned is their ability to enter Canada will now be restricted. Under a US Canadian agreement, they can be allowed limited travel to and from Alaska but that will be at a very specific entry port, usually the shortest route from US to US. They won't be able to travel leisurely or visit Canada anymore. Knew someone who had a problem and they restricted his entry to a specific port of entry to eliminate any unnecessary travel through Canada.
ItsyRV 07/06/20 02:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: Gas Buddy 25 cents off ??

Why do they say "up to"? For the same reason sales flyers say up to 50% OFF* or Hotels advertise as low as $59.97* a night, or Free Shipping*. It's the "*" that is important. Gas Buddy offers different discounts based on where you are in the program, or how much gasoline you bought, or which station you're using. In some cases, you won't even know the discount until after the transaction is completed. I use a program that offers up to $1.50 off per gallon on gas. But to get that I have to use a specific rewards card, have a minimum number of rewards credits, use their credit card at their affiliate stations. Otherwise it's less. Many will see the $1.50 off and consider signing up. Wouldn't get as many if it said average savings of only $0.40 per gallon. Nope, UP TO numbers sounds so much better.
ItsyRV 06/23/20 11:19pm Beginning RVing
RE: Class C’s with lots of windows

As a practical matter, small RV's have smaller real estate available for windows. Take the surface area of a small RV and start subtracting for bathrooms, storage, refrigerators, beds, dinette, sink cabinets, overhead storage bins, stove, door, structural framing, etc and you end up with not that much space for windows. At times, the amount of window square footage really isn't as critical as the amount of light coming in or the view itself. A smaller window overlooking the river, mountain and tress is more fulfilling than a large picture window looking out at someones black tank hose and RV side.
ItsyRV 06/21/20 08:30pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Hey 160 from Cortez CO to Hwy 89 Flagstaff?

The roads are fine except as you mentioned, they could be a bit lonely although they are reasonably well traveled. Fuel is available but, the Navajo Nation has suffered the state's worst Covid-19 outbreak. You could run into curtailed hours or temporarily closed businesses. Pretty much everything along I-40 is operating normally so that may be the best route to avoid anxiety. Just to add, you'll also be traveling during wildfire season (already upon us) so always check routes and designations for closures or restrictions.
ItsyRV 06/21/20 07:58pm Roads and Routes
RE: Do most parks check/copy your ID? (Victims of ID theft)

The only time I had ID checked was at certain government parks or where age certain amenities require age or identity verification (discount, choice spots, drinking age thingy, etc). Never had it checked at private campgrounds. When an ID was needed, I use my gov't CAC and that's usually enough.
ItsyRV 06/20/20 11:44pm Beginning RVing
RE: iPads Sold Out

Don't forget the huge curtailing of manufacturing in many regions that supply components used in products we buy. nay of the items showing up today were started being manufactured at the beginning of the year and just now can be assembled with all the parts. Some factories are working on orders from March let alone current demand.
ItsyRV 06/11/20 02:43pm Technology Corner
RE: removing silicone from Fiberglass

There is a product called DSR-5 that is used to remove cured silicone on vehicles. Not sure about it's availability where you are. It penetrates the cured silicone and acts to break apart the adhesive molecules but won't harm anything else. Note, although people say ti can work on other adhesives, it was designed specifically for silicone.
ItsyRV 06/11/20 02:36pm Truck Campers
RE: Insulating paint

It's just standard ceramic roof coatings. Any roofing product distribution supplier will carry one or more brands. Lowes use to carry one but low sales (can't compete with reflective roof coating in cost) relegated it to online ordering.
ItsyRV 06/02/20 04:43pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: 1999 Minnie Winnie: is the roof and cabover one piece?

The seam should be right where the box meets the cab-over portion. There is usually on those units a forward slant where the box roof meets the cab-over roof with that transition point the seam. Unless someone worked on the roof and did their own thing, the roof transition strip between the box and cab-over should be there.
ItsyRV 05/29/20 11:12pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Shipping on Purchases at Camping World

Everything I ordered from CW that stated free shipping was shipped free, be it shipped from their distribution warehouse or dropped shipped from the manufacture.
ItsyRV 05/15/20 09:39am Good Sam Club
RE: I Have One Chance

If you want her to come away with a good feeling and agree to do it more often, plan everything around her likes and desires. Forget what you want in an RV trip, you need to convince her it's enjoyable. Find out what will make her happy and do them. You can always do what you want once she's on board with RVing. Let her be the boss of this trip otherwise it may be the last RV trip you take together.
ItsyRV 05/12/20 11:56pm Snowbirds
RE: Rear View Camera vs Backup Camera

The term is used interchangeably. A backup camera can be a rear view camera and a rear view camera can be a backup camera. There are some more suited for use as a standard rear view camera while others may have features that makes them more suited for use as a backup camera. To make a camera/monitor a backup camera, they are usually hooked to the backup lights for power. To make them a rear view system, it's hooked to a power source that is active all the time. If you want that rear view feel, get a monitor that is based on a rear view mirror.
ItsyRV 05/12/20 11:26pm Beginning RVing
RE: Driving 89A (Arizona) from Bitter springs to Fredonia ?

It is only 17 miles longer to go through Page. Why would anyone go through Page to get from Bitter Springs to Jacob Lake? You'll just be double backing on the same route to get right back where you were before.
ItsyRV 05/04/20 12:40pm Roads and Routes
RE: Rest Areas in Az, CA

As of this weekend, all rest stops on I-10 (CA and AZ) were open. Some may have had "visitor centers" temporarily closed, but not the "Rest Stop" itself.
ItsyRV 05/04/20 09:00am Roads and Routes
RE: Driving 89A (Arizona) from Bitter springs to Fredonia ?

By southwest standards, it's an interstate highway. You won't have any problems except for slow driving tourist.
ItsyRV 05/04/20 08:55am Roads and Routes
RE: Costco GC2 batteries changed?

You guys think for most people the extra cost of a trojan is worth it? Because its never going to see thousands of cycles on a golf cart. Majority of people camp with hookups. Would think you really have to boondock a lot or maybe even live in your trailer off the grid for a premium battery to be worth it. As it relates to the specifics of this topic, the reports do not support your thinking. The newer batteries (as opposed to the older brand) they are selling appears to fail quite often and quickly. Even though you have a one year warranty, that's based on the original purchase. So if the battery fails in 7 months, you get a new battery, but if that battery also fails in 7 months, you're past the warranty so no new batteries for you. Factor in the inconvenience of a failed battery and usually at the most inopportune time, I would rather spend more for one that is not prone to premature failing over savings a few dollars and having to drag myself to the store when I could be a hundred miles elsewhere relaxing.
ItsyRV 04/30/20 09:46pm Tech Issues
RE: Lordburg NM to Happy Jack AZ

For me they are just ordinary western roads with nothing to worry about. But, you'll need to make a decision. Lordsburg to Safford, Safford to Globe is actually downhill. It may appear you're climbing but that's only because the change to lower elevations isn't as intense as hill climbing appears, so you think your going up most of the way. Now from Globe to Payson is a much steeper climb in elevation for a much shorter distance. You'll have to be ready to make some uphill climbs. You'll also encounter some disgruntle drivers if they are trying to move faster than you can climb the hills; just ignore us. Afterwards Payson to Happy Jack is decent. Overall they are normal RV routes so it's been done by many before so don't be surprised if you find yourself behind a few slower RV's.
ItsyRV 04/28/20 01:24pm Roads and Routes
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