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RE: Leaky waterhose

There are two spot for common leaks. The first is the threaded connection to another threaded connection. The second is where the hose itself meets up with the metal/plastic end connector. The solution is based on which point has the leak.
ItsyRV 07/11/19 09:22pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: slow drain of freshwater tank

If this is just a straight full gravity drain, you can try and shoot some water from a hose backwards into the line. Maybe even a shot of compressed air. There are commercial fresh water tank cleaners that uses relatively safe compounds to remove algae and sludge from the tank and lines.
ItsyRV 07/10/19 02:51pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Air conditioner shroud

First look through all your paperwork to see if there is any manufactures build sheet that identify the actual AC unit installed. Sometimes the sheet is attached to the inside of a cabinet or door, so look around. If that fails, you can always go to the unit and remove the shroud. On the AC unit is an identification plate with all the info for that unit (make, model, amps, etc.). I strongly suggest if you reach this point to take a picture of that plate and keep it for future reference. As for where to get a replacement, just about any RV supply house or center can get a generic, general or specific shroud to replace the one you have. many generic and general shrouds are designed to fit multiple models across several manufactures. Before ordering the shroud, make sure you understand the installation as different shrouds can use different methods. Some may be identified as fitting your unit but with a bit of research it could show that some slight alterations need to be made to fit exactly. And you always have the option of taking it into a place and have them look and make recommendations. They may have several shrouds and can tell you which is easy for you to install yourself or if modifications can be a bear. It doesn't hurt to at least get a quote.
ItsyRV 07/10/19 02:38pm Tech Issues
RE: Cable TV surge protection

Do most folks use an in-line surge protector on their cable tv coax cable? If so, where are you connecting it to ground? I made mine using a standard coax cable in-line surge protector. It hooks up to the campground's cable connection using the attached 6" coax cable with a standard coax cable hooking to the other end. I had attached a short 18" bonding cable with an alligator clip to the ground screw. The alligator clip just attaches to the electric or water ground clamp at your spot. The coax cable surge protector (not to be mistaken for a ordinary grounding connector) was about $25 and the bonding cable was $5 from a welder who didn't need it.
ItsyRV 06/17/19 07:24pm Tech Issues
RE: Fuel economy and additives

WOW. an RV full of info. would moving up the octane to 89 help or would that just add more cost for 50 gal. I am using 87. Your engine was designed to perform best at a certain octane. Using a higher octane doesn't improve anything. Read the owner's manual and use the octane rating they state. Using a lower octane could cause engine damage.
ItsyRV 06/12/19 10:21am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Fuel economy and additives

I fully agree with rgatijnet1 that additives mostly just clean the fuel system and a cleaner fuel system can improve gas mileage, but not so much it will be that noticeable. However, too much of some fuel additives will have the opposite effect of lowering gas mileage until the excess amount is used up. The only additive that will improve engine performance immediately is octane booster but only if you're using a lower octane than the engine requires. If the engine calls for 92 octane and you're using 89, octane booster will help. But if the engine calls for 89 and you're using 89, octane booster won;t do anything and may do harm not good.
ItsyRV 06/12/19 08:01am Class A Motorhomes
RE: AZ to NV, UT, ID, WY, CO and NM

Before Grand Junction, you may want to consider exploring the Dinosaur Scenic Byway through Colorado and Utah, hitting Vernal (KOA if you desire) as the next stop. I would next continue on the loop back around to Moab (again another KOA). From Moab you can head east to Grand Junction, down to Cortez or Grants (both have KOAs). From there I would try and make a drive through (if not done already) of Painted/Petrified before heading over to Meteor Crater. (Don't forget to go standing on the corner in Winslow Arizona.....)
ItsyRV 06/11/19 11:22pm Roads and Routes
RE: 86 between Ajo and Tucson AZ

Its a decent route for RV's looking to avoid the 8 & 10 to get to Tucson. Just a small maintained road with not much to see or do.
ItsyRV 06/04/19 10:15am Roads and Routes
RE: Glo-Brite Lens 122R

Contact an RV salvage yard as they may be your best bet for lenses. I know the one by me has bins of lenses and lens/base combos. I also think they ship parts (your expense) anywhere.
ItsyRV 06/03/19 04:57pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: $$$ to maintain and repair?

I have never had a problem finding a part (except original decals) for my Winnebago and it's over 25 years old. If the Winnebago dealer doesn't have it they can usually special order it. Most times the reason parts can't be found using the original part number is because the part was updated and even though it still fits your specific coach, the part number will be different. A dealer with smart people in the parts dept can easily look up the cross reference on their system and find out what new part number will work. You also have outside Forest City Iowa that I;m told buys up dealer excess or aged away inventory. You would not belive the obsolete parts they have available (original decals also). Since they have a whole lot of stuff, calling them is the best option. They are not Winnebago so sometime people get confuse and think they are just another dealer so they don't check with them. And, if your lucky to be in an area with a regional RV salvage/insurance yard, you can pick parts off their yard stock or shop inside for what they already pulled for resale. The local one by me always seem to have things and they tend to know what parts work with what. You do have to be quick as many RV repair places love to yank used parts from insurance totaled RV's and bill for new. Seems they get RV's in almost every day and Winnebago's are common with many newer upgraded parts already on them. So, there really isn't a reason not to have access to parts and often it's just a matter of knowing what "part" you need, not so much the original part number.
ItsyRV 06/03/19 04:47pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Red Winnebago gel coat oxidation

Just remember, a heavy compound could just be providing a quick appearance satisfaction while permanently damaging the finish.
ItsyRV 06/02/19 09:54am Travel Trailers
RE: Maxxair Vent Covers

As a general rule, all 14 X 14 vent fan covers will fit any 14 X 14 vent fan. What does cause confusion is the mounting method as some covers were designed to utilize the built in attachment point of a specific group of vent fans so you are not screwing or mounting anything else to the roof or vent fan flange. But as for size and opening clearances, pretty much all 14 X 14's are universal.
ItsyRV 06/02/19 09:40am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Motorhome side mirror replacement/repair

If you can't justify $670 for a replacement, odds are a $300 plus price to re-chrome will be a deal breaker as well. Good news, many shops simply use Spaz-Stix mirror chrome and charge you a hundred or so per piece to do it. You can probably pick up a can for under $20 and do the mirrors yourself. Only word of caution, follow the directions to a tee! Don't skimp, skip steps or rush through it if you want excellent results. There probably are videos on YouTube showing you this and other similar products so you can decide yourself. I have seen this product used and I think it does a great job.
ItsyRV 06/01/19 11:31am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Cofair Quick Roof vs Eternabond?

I'm generally not brand conscious, but until someone puts up proof, or we see a lot of posts by people successfully using other products, I'll stick with Eternabond. But, many really have no idea if it really was Eternabond or not. They bought tape or had it applied by someone else and never looked at the package. Look on You-Tube for RV roof videos and see how many "Pros" and DIYers are talking using Eternabond tape on the seams when in the background, it a package of Quick Roof. As already mentioned, the term Eternabond is often used like Vasoline or BandAid.
ItsyRV 05/30/19 12:49pm General RVing Issues
RE: TV breakdown 2 days into trip

Wouldn't be surprised if during some other fix the belt was moved off a pulley and was riding the edge. This is another common reason belts fail, they get sliced and when the pulley edge rides the slice, it cause the belt to slide further ripping it apart. While at it, check the hoses especially at the clamp locations.
ItsyRV 05/30/19 12:39pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tap into my 30 amp Dryer outlet for an RV outlet???

Normally, tract homes are wired for both the 120 volt (washer and gas dryer controls) and with a 240 volt outlet for an electric dryer. The dryer outlet may not be visible on a casual glance if all the vent ducts, power cords and water lines are obscuring the view. When that happens, people may think the 30 amp double pole breaker is separately feeding the upper and lower outlets of the 120 volt box when that 120 volt box is on its own 20 amp circuit and has nothing to do with the 240 outlet. So, a picture is worth a thousand words.
ItsyRV 05/30/19 12:36pm Travel Trailers
RE: Cofair Quick Roof vs Eternabond?

Royal Adhesives manufactures Eternabond as a roofing product. It is not specific to the RV industry. It's manufactured in commercial rolls and sheets. There are secondary marketing companies that may buy the product in bulk and repackage it under another name in more useful and manageable products for the RV market. Eternabond is a single jack-of-all-trades product for sealing non granulated roofs. In the world of RV roof material, consider Eternabond the "duct tape" of roof repair tapes. Cofair, like Royal, manufactures adhesive products but geared towards specific industries. That is why a product like Quick-Roof is packaged for RV use AND for different types of roof material. The Quick-Roof product labeled for RV use will come in a couple of different formulas designed for use on a specific grouping of roof material. That is why you may find one for EDPM another for TPO and another for metal roofs. Although they are almost the same and will work just fine regardless of the roof material, the adhesives will just work better on the materiel it was optimally designed to adhere too. If you were to grab Eternabond, Quick-Roof and even Flex-Tape, in the end they all work similarly and are close cousins. Often times the decision comes down to who did the best marketing to convince you their product is better. I know people who swear by Eternabond only to discover the product used was actually Quick-Roof.
ItsyRV 05/29/19 03:26pm General RVing Issues
RE: Red Winnebago gel coat oxidation

No easy answer and you may need a paint specialist to look at the unit to see exactly what is the issue. There could be some form of reaction between the cover and the finish. More common when the covers are treated or washed with detergents and not completely rinsed. This could be the reason for spotty oxidization. It could also be from certain bug and spot removers were used and not completely rinsed from the surface before coming in contact with a cover that touches the surface fro extended periods. It could be the unit's surface was scoured by a compound or machine use that caused physical surface damage that the wax is not able to protect. And, it could be a problem with the paint itself, akin to when you see those cars with badly faded and worn surfaces despite being taken care of. Many possibilities, so a pro may be needed to physically inspect the surface.
ItsyRV 05/27/19 09:08pm Travel Trailers
RE: Big falling rock CO 145 closed

I guess they didn't have the chain-link fencing installed in this location. A chain link fence would have been no match for that hunk-o-rock. Before they blast those rocks away, expect a delay as they examine and inspect the rock face (where the boulders came from) to ensure another chunk is not waiting to squish what's below. Just like a distance explosion could trigger an avalanche during snow season, so it can trigger a rock slide; highly unlikely but they probably don't want an Oslo on their hands.
ItsyRV 05/27/19 12:38pm Roads and Routes
RE: Travel Trailer License Plate Necessary?

The state we live in does not require a license plate to be displayed on a travel trailer. We have it registered and have a plate inside the camper. We are camping in other states this summer - CO, KS, AR, MO, NM, TX. We are wondering if those states require the plate to be installed on the travel trailer? Do you mean a physical metal/plastic plate like on a motorized vehicle or something akin to the trailer registration "Sticker" like Minnesota issues for trailers under 3,000 GVW?
ItsyRV 05/27/19 12:29pm Travel Trailers
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