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RE: Ironwood NM?

All federal recreation areas within designated geographical lines of the border are now required to post notices of potential border crosser. Many portions of this "wall" are actually far less imposing than what you see on TV. Do not confuse the public released images of some massive solid structure with the reality of what is actually being build away from public eyes. Additionally, don't let fear mongering dictate where you go less you miss a whole lot of this country. You have a greater chance of being killed on the streets of Dallas than you do coming in contact with an illegal while boondocking for a year along the border.
ItsyRV 01/23/20 01:54pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Quartzsite accommodations ??

Yes, they have a couple of places, just don't expect much.
ItsyRV 01/21/20 10:22pm General RVing Issues
RE: Kirkland motor oil

For a long time I have read about many grades of synthetic oils. I would speculate Kirkland is at the low end of the list. Still going to meet specifications and provide long life of your engine. As I pointed out earlier, Kirkland's full synthetic oil is the same as Amazon Basic full synthetic. There have been several test done on Amazon's oil (been out longer than Costco's label) so you just need to look at those comparison test to see where it stands. As also mentioned, Project Farm's YouTube channel has at least two side by side test of Amazon's oil compared to other top premium oils. If you like what you see for Amazon's, you'll also like Kirkland's.
ItsyRV 01/21/20 10:15pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Sewer Pipe Question

If the water is contaminated with bio or viral organism, those filters may not do anything. But, if your getting water from an approved source, it may be nothing more than some contaminant that got in and found a nice spot to take up residence. Could be a crevice, on a seal, in some nook or cranny and no mater how many times you poke and brush, it's little offsprings are surviving. The solution is regular toilet bowl cleaner with a disinfectant that's allowed to get into all the spots some microscopic left over bio-mutant-icky is lingering and kill it. There are also those RV black tank chemicals that also have a bowl cleaner built in, but you really want the stuff you use to stay around long enough to do the job. Just filling a bowl with cleaner and flushing it down doesn't ensure it's got into all the spots on it's way to the black tank.
ItsyRV 01/20/20 11:59am General RVing Issues
RE: Kirkland motor oil

Although the ambulance chasers are using the marketing of "obsolete" oil next to current standards as deceptive, in NM they did test the oils and discover the emissions control systems on many modern vehicles using the obsolete oil did cause problems with the emissions controls and may have damaged certain sensors. The long term effects are not know simply because there is no way to go back and test what had happen as nobody can say for sure what they sued last year or the year before. So, it's all based on what can be tested now.
ItsyRV 01/20/20 09:24am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Sewer Pipe Question

When flushing my toilet, I glanced down the pipe and saw some kind of off white gel like substance growing on the pipe. I took a stick and then a brush and scraped it off. Now about a month later, same thing. Any ideas what it may be or what is causing it? It could be Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis which is very common in drains but often so small it goes unnoticed since it's usually out of sight. Removal is simply by cleaning or using one of the commercial biofilm removers. But since you mentioned it reoccurring in only a month, either you have or are using some polluted/contaminated water in the RV or someone using the toilet is on certain RX's that are known to promote DGGE if it comes into contact with bad water. Since you mentioned it was only in the toilet, that rules out the more common causes as it's far more common in regular bathroom sink drains. I would start with testing the water to see how grungy it really is.
ItsyRV 01/20/20 09:07am General RVing Issues
RE: Kirkland motor oil

Oil is oil is oil. Ignorance is bliss (so they say at least) until you have a lubrication related failure. Then you'll change your tune.... as your wallet gets emptied.Show me any documentation that the use of one oil over another, with regular oil and filter changes, caused any engine failures. You're right, there aren't any. Well there was the more recent issue with oil sold at cheapo places that did cause engine problems. The courts have agreed to combine all the various lawsuit all over the US into one class action from one major retailer who sold that junk. Although oil may be oil, SA or SB rated oil should not be used in vehicles manufactured after the 60's but it's still being sold at stores all overt the US to ignorant people.
ItsyRV 01/18/20 08:42am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2006 winnebago adventure fresh water drain valve leaking

Interesting; the build diagram shows a ball valve but it's located under the coach so there is probably a rod pushing and pulling the valve. Inside the compartment, it also shows a "T" handle (typical waste tank drain handle) for the fresh water tank drain. So, I'll assume it is a "T" handle with rod pushing and pulling the ball valve open and close. So it could be a dirty stuck valve or it could be a rod that isn't traveling all the way to properly close the valve. Someone is going to have to get under the RV and do some maintenance.
ItsyRV 01/18/20 08:21am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Zoning Law

How do I find out what the local laws are. My goggle fu cant find out which number to call and los angeles is a big city im sure ill be transferred around. not even sure what im supoosed to be googling at this point. nobody else has looked into this? You go to municode and enter Los Angeles County, California. Go to Title 22 which is Zoning. But, before spend time on this, you need to know what is the Zoning Designation for your property. If you don't know how your property is zoned, you're just wasting time for nothing. If it;s still too complicated, hire a professional to do all the research. Be aware that although there are many RV's on private property and on the streets of CA, that doesn't mean it's accepted. Many of those street RV's get towed everyday. Many private property owners are hit with code violation everyday. Everyday some neighbor get fed up with RV living in their neighborhood and rat their neighbors out. It comes down to how lucky you think you'll be.
ItsyRV 01/16/20 10:18pm General RVing Issues
RE: Kirkland motor oil

Kirkland's synthetic oil suppose to be the same oil as packaged for Amazon Basic synthetic oil. Project Farm did a test on Amazon's oil. If you like the results, either will do. Project Farm YouTube
ItsyRV 01/16/20 09:55pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Quartzsite and....eggs

I always liked that Albertson's. Kind of like an oasis in the desert! Dale and for another "oasis in the desert" there is the county's Mayflower County Park just a couple miles north of Blyth on the Colorado River, What makes this a gem is it's green grass, shade trees, quiet, cool and not very crowded. Electric and water at all sites (common dump station). Often, they have so few prior reservations that they will just tell you to pick a spot, any spot not reserved. Mayflower
ItsyRV 01/16/20 08:27am General RVing Issues
RE: Zoning Law

Depending on your actual Zoning designation. Most of the straight "R" designations in your county does not allow for RV use outside of a "temporary" use. Staying in the RV on your property over the weekend appears to be acceptable, but longer and you may be in violation of Zoning, Building and Fire codes. However, your local AHJ will be the proper source. Usually, if it's behind a fence, out of sight, you may get away with it, but it only takes one neighbor to make the call and you could have trouble. So, keep your neighbors happy!
ItsyRV 01/16/20 08:00am General RVing Issues
RE: Dually Valve Stems

For those with the stems in the rim, how do you handle tire rotation? An RV owner who rotates his tires ????? I didn't think such an animal existed. Really folks.....for the 95% or so of owners who do NOT rotate their tires.....just put a short, straight stem on your outside dual and be done with it. Simple, cheap and easy. :) I guess I'm a rare breed. It seems like a really cheap cost to get them inspected and rotated. Because of that, I never understood why a person would install a valve in the rim that was tire position specific since it would no longer serve it's purpose when tire is moved to another location. But, if rotating tires isn't something most RVers do, guess that answers my question.
ItsyRV 01/15/20 09:17pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Quartzsite and....eggs

You can pop over the line to CA they have some "Big chain" type stores there. Albertson's as I recall from when I was there (That was about a decade ago however). Yep, it's still there and only 22 miles from the show right off 1-10. Opens early, closes late. Easy round trip.
ItsyRV 01/15/20 09:05pm General RVing Issues
RE: Dually Valve Stems

For those with the stems in the rim, how do you handle tire rotation?
ItsyRV 01/14/20 09:55pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Verizon 5g as hotspot if anyone has it yet

But doesn't your tinfoil hat stop that? Where do you find tinfoil these days anyway? Walmart! Tin Foil Hat They also sell it for your pets... Tin Foil Cat Hat And for the fashionable women, try this: Tin Foil Shower Cap for Women Just proves my point, the first is mylar which is aluminized plastic, and the last one is aluminum foil. Maybe aluminum doesn't block the harmful brain waves like the real tinfoil used to do? You're wrong! Just saw on TV between the ads for New Medicare Advantage Plans and Final Expense Life Insurance that a law firm has discovered that the makers of tin foil knew that their product did not prevent alien energy signals from space from entering your brains causing humans to engage in high risk activities like buying As Seen On TV products. They claim these manufactures knew that aluminized products were able to prevent this risky behavior but hid the facts from the public. That they made millions off of spreading wacky conspiracy theories of alien invasions ( "V" and Alien Nation were propaganda pieces they produced) so as to increase the use and sale of tin foil product. Further they claim that is you or anyone you knew, known, know or may have known or could possible one day know or just wish you known or not known, who have used tin foil since 3500 BC to present and and suffered brain poops from alien encounters, you may be entitled to substantial monetary award and damages. They ask that you call to learn the facts, get a free brochure and a private case evaluation. Just text 5GISWORTHTHEMONEY to 9999999*1. Now off to Walmart, BOGO on reynolds wrap!
ItsyRV 01/14/20 03:46pm Technology Corner
RE: Verizon 5g as hotspot if anyone has it yet

But doesn't your tinfoil hat stop that? Where do you find tinfoil these days anyway? Walmart! Tin Foil Hat They also sell it for your pets... Tin Foil Cat Hat And for the fashionable women, try this: Tin Foil Shower Cap for Women
ItsyRV 01/13/20 11:15am Technology Corner
RE: Verizon 5g as hotspot if anyone has it yet

But that's not stopping people from going all ga-ga over 5G although most have no idea what it all means in real life.
ItsyRV 01/13/20 08:55am Technology Corner
RE: EPass Extra thoughts

It's generally worth your time to compare the various fees and policies; some charge monthly or annual fees, maybe only under some circumstances, and/or offer special discount programs in their states, and they also vary somewhat in how or what balance they require one to carry in the account, how and whether they charge for transponders, and other such details. Totally agree. Not every member charges the exact same fees or offer the same payment options and methods.
ItsyRV 01/13/20 08:10am Roads and Routes
RE: Free Streaming on Android

Like others, I watch Pluto at home. You can go to their website and look at the channel grouping and lineup to get a picture of what's showing. On some devices, you can actually get the standard Pluto scheduled channels as well as the ability to watch the movies they have on your own schedule.
ItsyRV 01/13/20 07:55am Technology Corner
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