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RE: Diminshed Value Claims

That's what I've been thinking. Reading thru the posts I don't recall anyone posting regarding pulling an RV history report that showed anything more that DMV activity. At least that is all that was shown for my coach. No service records, no dealer inspections, no warrant work, no Ford recall work, nothing. The report was from 2011. Has anything changed since? Carfax (and some others) now get direct reports from insurance companies, police and motor vehicles. That's why you'll see cars that show accidents that were reported through the state motor vehicles dept. Some states require a report to motor vehicles on all damages above a certain amount or under certain driver conditions. Police have always provided the reports but it was time consuming for the services to get everything. Now it's all automated so the can get it as it's finalized. RV's are another beast as there isn't enough data to support many DV claims. But as insurance companies and valuation companies issue reports where they dinged a person for a prior fixed accident, the lawyers gather those and build profiles and algorithms to make their case. If you had a vehicle history report from years ago and buy another one today, it is possible previously unreported information may show up. Just like the federal NMVTIS has added new reported items on vehicle titles.
ItsyRV 09/14/19 07:03pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Black tank line

How are you making sure the valves are closed? If you're having leakage, I would not rely just on the valve handle's location as an indicator. Do you do a water dump (pour a few gallons of water into the tank) after closing the valve to see if any leakage is occurring?
ItsyRV 09/14/19 04:02pm Tech Issues
RE: Diminshed Value Claims

And yes, two vehicles of equal quality, one accident free, the other with reported accident, the value of the accident free vehicle will be higher. Higher trade in, higher resale, etc.. For regular cars and trucks, diminished value is very easy to see. The very thing the insurance companies use to calculate values in total loss claims is the very thing that shows the diminished value of a car with and without an accident. In my case, we used some previously obtained valuation reports on total loss claims to get another $2,800 for diminished value after I got sideswiped. They paid for the repairs at the dealer and my rental, but they balked at the car being less valuable due to the stigma of the reported accident. The total loss valuation reports on similar cars clearly showed the insurance companies reduce the value of cars that were involved in accidents and they attached a dollar value to that deduction. I figured, if the insurance company and all the third party valuation companies use diminish value to reduce payout values due to a reported accident, why can't I use it also? It took a bit of pushing but they came around. Just about everyone I know who understands diminished value and demanded it from the insurance company, ultimately ended up with the money. Not surprised some states are finally telling insurance companies to pay up what they owe without having to have the customer fight you for it. My state does not require automatic diminished values but they do require the insurance company to pay the customers lawyers fees if they had to hire a lawyer to get the money they are owed.
ItsyRV 09/14/19 12:12pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: What do you leave behind when gone for the day?

Lots depends on the campground. In a monitored campground (private or organized government), I just leave the utility connections, what ever is on the table, chairs, etc, as each spot is supervised by the staff. In a non-monitored campground, I gauge the surroundings and may leave stuff or may pack most of it up; it all depends on the feel of the area and occupants. I do have a government issued "Do Not Enter" sign I use at federal, state, county or municipal campground and have never had anyone try and sneak into the spot. If anywhere but a quality RV campground, it comes down to your observation of the campgrounds and users. The regular method I see that seems to work the best is cones with a bight colored rope between them across the entrance. Not sure why that works so well, but it appears too.
ItsyRV 09/14/19 11:13am Beginning RVing
RE: Diminshed Value Claims

No. That’s why you inspect it thoroughly. What if the one without the accident wasn’t maintained properly. I would take the one properly repaired and maintained properly over the non accident one that wasn’t taken care of. You can’t just buy a car based on a history report. Like I said, you don't understand the meaning of diminished value. What you're talking about is standard valuations based on conditions which has nothing to do with a diminished value accident claim. You need to answer the question asked without throwing in conditions that have nothing to do with the subject. To make it easier, lets do it an even easier way: You go to a dealer and there are two identical new cars on the lot. Same make, model, year, trim, miles, options, color everything. The price tag on both are exactly the same. However, one of the two was involved in a lot accident (rolled off carrier into a barrier) but was repaired by that dealer in their collision center. Would you be willing to pay the exact same amount for the damaged (repaired) car that is being asked for the pristine unblemished car? That is the diminished value question.
ItsyRV 09/12/19 03:40pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Diminshed Value Claims

ST Lucie Appraisal. Yes, you are correct, opinions seem to be what you must gather. However, in the eyes of the insurance company you are dealing with for the claim, we at least have been told, "statistical" data presented is not sufficient....basically all opinions you gather and present are not enough to satisfy your claim. So if not acceptable, what is?? That is a major problem with RV's, you don;t have tons of data to obtain values the insurance company will accept (or accept without fighting you tooth and nail). You are also faced with recorded "sales" that often can jump tens of thousands just by geography, time of year, or even from used RV dealers right next to each other. This is why many say to use your own insurance as you have a contract with them and that contract spells out exactly what they must do for you. If it sets a standard for diminished value, they must abide by it. When dealing with the other party, they only have to do what the state regulators say them must do; often it's pretty weak protections at best. The other insurance company's duty is to save themselves money and protect their client. You are not their client so you have far less rights. Your insurance company has a duty to you, their client, to make it right so you have a while lot more rights and protections with your own company. From past experience, you'll need to get enough comps from wherever to either satisfy them or to satisfy a state regulator that you have done about all that is reasonably possible and hope they can intervene without you having to sue.
ItsyRV 09/12/19 02:06pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Diminshed Value Claims

Diminished value is a joke. So if I had an accident that damaged a front axle on a vehicle or a fender. And it was replaced with new? How is the vehicle worth any less? The vehicle is repaired to how it was before the accident. So how is it now worth less? The only way it would be worth less is if the repair wasn’t done properly and corners were cut. I don't think you understand the meaning of diminished value. Try this, you go looking for a vehicle. You find two of the exact same year, make, model, color, miles, etc., etc. They both drive and were maintained in same shape. Now, you pull a vehicle history report and notice that one has an adverse notation of "Accident - Front End - Major" showing. Are you saying you would not value the one without the accident higher and the one with the accident lower?
ItsyRV 09/12/19 01:54pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: RV Parking at Hovenweep National Monument

If it's just a day visit to the Monument, there is RV parking at the visitor's center. If you can't get a open spot (usually due to some inconsiderate passenger vehicle taking the entire spot) just go up past the Monument to the campground and use one of those spots since you won't be there very long. You can be a nice person and pay the $7 camping fee and consider it a donation.
ItsyRV 09/12/19 09:34am Roads and Routes
RE: salvage dealers

Salvage dealers pay very little for an RV that has little parts resale value. Depending on the condition, you may end up having to pay them a disposal or transport fee (if they come and get it). If the RV still has parts that can be resold, the value of the RV will go up. There is a huge RV salvage yard near this area and 75% of their business is parts resale to collision centers and RVrs looking for inexpensive parts for their own RV. The remainder is scrape recycling from what is leftover. They really don't take scrapes (RV's to messed up to be worth pulling parts) anymore and send you to some commercial garbage center. Even their unit yard either have newer insurance totaled RV's or very old ones with rare parts or newer ones that still have many good salable parts.
ItsyRV 09/12/19 09:17am Truck Campers
RE: Diminshed Value Claims

Was the original claim handled by your insurance company or did you go through the other driver's insurance company?
ItsyRV 09/11/19 10:49pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: RV Parking at Hovenweep National Monument

Which side do you want to stay, Utah or Colorado? Utah as the most emptiest campground and the Colorado side has the most activities.
ItsyRV 09/11/19 10:18pm Roads and Routes
RE: Back lights wire

Since you have a Winnebago manufactured RV, just go to their website and download the diagrams you need and use that. Winnebago does not keep their information secret, they specifically put it out there for all owners to do whatever research they need on their own. To get you started, here is the electrical section for all electrical systems. Pick the one you want (chassis, coach, entertainment system, etc) and follow the diagrams. 1995 Winnebago Brave / Itasca Sunrise F29RQ Wiring Diagram Book
ItsyRV 09/10/19 07:01pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Is this delamination? Something else?

Could be a run-in with a tree with an even worst attempt at trying to mellow it out.
ItsyRV 09/10/19 02:35pm Travel Trailers
RE: I 40 from Gallup to Albuquerque

So people pulled into the campground on the West side of Albuquerque a couple days ago and said they sat for over 3 hrs about 30 mile West of Alb because of an acident. Later saw on the news 4 people were killed. Just be careful in the construction zones Yep, multi hour delays or crawling at single digit MPH on side roads is common on some of the western roads; interstates included. Because of my size, I'm often able to retreat from a bad mess and head down back roads or trails. Or if necessary, just find some out of the way spot to hold up. I don't like being in the crowd as people have this belief that my bathroom and water tanks should becomes communal during a standstill.
ItsyRV 09/09/19 06:48pm Roads and Routes
RE: Black Water Tank Missing Capacity

Or, you're not actually emptying all the waste in the tank. There could be a small blockage built up at the valve "ScoobyBri Dam, the 174th wonder of the world" causing a reduction in new holding capacity.
ItsyRV 09/09/19 06:37pm Tech Issues
RE: Grand Canyon Early April

GC's weather is always in flux. Expect snow on the ground but not a lot of snow storms. But if that snow comes, it could be a road closing event. Rain is also likely. Because the weather is so unpredictable, plan for everything and hope for nothing. Remember, just this year there was snow falling on Memorial Day at the GC. Not enough to close the park, but enough to make one realize the weather at GC is way to unpredictable during the spring and fall transition periods. April 2018 was equally as weird with one day being in the 70's and the next dropped to the low 40's.
ItsyRV 09/09/19 06:27pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: looking for quick access bathroom advice

Where does she stand on the issue?
ItsyRV 09/07/19 08:56am RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: I 40 from Gallup to Albuquerque

I've driven it in the last 30 days and construction isn't bad in the spots they have it. The biggest problem is when an accident forces a closure. The side roads can get pretty clogged with very slow going. Couple that with typical western interstate entrance ramps located somewhere down the road over that mounting in the distance, well, having an RV can be your saving grace.
ItsyRV 09/07/19 08:51am Roads and Routes
RE: Where is the Converter/Charger!!! Aaargh!

Here's the link. Winnebago Resources Just go down to the right where the red Manuals and Diagram tabs are located. Start with the "Parts Catalog - Motorize" and get the one for your specific RV. You'll probably be able to zoom right in on where it's located based on the the diagram and your personal understanding of the layout and what cabinet is what and how it's shape corresponds to the diagrams.
ItsyRV 09/06/19 09:20pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: WFCO Circuit Breakers

Unless you bought a WFCO Power Center from a vendor who also sold you the breakers, they come without breakers. It's your RV manufacture who installed the breakers. That is why 4 RV's with the same PC could have different brands of breakers installed and why after electrical service, you could now have different brands in your PC.
ItsyRV 09/06/19 08:48pm Tech Issues
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