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RE: Personal property ins.

Did you ask your current insurance company for the cost to increase or add additional coverage? Just like with a home, you may be able to get a musical instrument rider or addendum that increases (for a cost) the dollar amount they will cover. Unless they already told you they absolutely will not increase the dollar amount no matter what you pay, most standard policy limits are just routine but can be increased.
ItsyRV 09/10/20 11:34pm Full-time RVing
RE: Is my RV a Chevy Express 3500 or 4500?

What does the RPO sticker GM puts in the vehicle say for your unit? Also make sure the VIN on the RPO sticker matches the VIN on the dash. Don't decode from any VIN listed on any other paperwork (coach sticker, RV build sheet, etc) as only the dash and RPO VIN numbers are from the factory.
ItsyRV 09/04/20 11:17am Class C Motorhomes
RE: 1978 Chevy Itasca for $4800

It reads like they invested too much money into the chassis portion and had nothing left for the coach. Surprisingly, the chassis portion is not that complected to repair except finding parts can sometimes become a real PITA. So you can imagine the hassles with the coach portion. In looking at the pictures alone, I would not spend the money on that unit as I see potential money pits. I also question how much attention to basic proper care and maintenance has occurred in the last few years. As someone mentioned, she looks tired and I will add, a bit beat up.
ItsyRV 08/29/20 11:43pm General RVing Issues
RE: Will honda 2000 start a 15k BTU air conditioner?

I have a low profile a/c, but the only available unit is the regular coleman Are you looking for In-Stock Off-the-Shelf today or within the 10 day window? Buddy ordered one over this weekend and his email yesterday said delivery next week Friday.
ItsyRV 08/27/20 01:30pm Tech Issues
RE: Scottsdale in winter.......

She is in the Northern end of Scottsdale and has a WalMart nearby, but the freeway is right there with all it's sounds just waiting to ruin my sleep. I am from the quiet woods of oregon so it's going to be an experience I'm sure. You can not park an RV overnight in that WalMart (or any retail location) parking lot in Scottsdale. If you do, expect a nasty 1 am wakeup call from the police and if they are in a bad mood (you parked within eyesight of the many NO Overnight RV Parking signs) they will issue a ticket as well. Now, a bit of a local secret. Westword of Scottsdale has RV spots. If there are no shows going on while you are visiting, they rent the spots out like normal camping spots. It;s pretty basic as it;s scattered along the edges of parking lots or on the sides of arena or display buildings, but it's cheap and unknown. My friend comes down in the winter to visit but he always plans his visits during the Good Sam show so he gets a preferred packaged spot, discount rates and access to the show. Also as mentioned, you have McDowell Mountain, Cave Creek and Lake Pleasant regional parks through Maricopa County Parks dept. Reservations won't be taken until 6 months prior to the date so be ready to jump that first day to get the best sites.
ItsyRV 08/27/20 01:18pm Snowbirds
RE: Water refill when dry camping

I have one of those inexpensive fountain pumps with a solar panel. I drop the pump it into the water tank with a small piece of tub long enough to go into the RV fill tube. Put the panel in the sun and let it do its thing. Will it fill all 20 gallons in a minute or so? Nope, but it will do it within a few minutes all by itself while I'm doing something else at the campsite. When the water runs out, it shuts off automatically. As for the pump/tube FDA or NSF rating, there are probably worst things leeching from all the other sources that water came in contact with that the few seconds in the pump and the tube just isn't worth the worry.
ItsyRV 08/26/20 11:09pm General RVing Issues
RE: Scottsdale in winter.......

I think there is only one RV camping place remaining in Scottsdale and they usually are booked way in advance. You would do better checking Mesa, Apache Junction, northern areas of Phoenix or the west side as that's where many of them are located. You also have some Arizona State Parks and Maricopa County Regional Parks that have full/part service RV campgrounds, so check them out as well. But, since Scottsdale is about 35 miles top to bottom, where in Scottsdale will also be a factor on which areas to check.
ItsyRV 08/26/20 10:41pm Snowbirds
RE: Mt Graham {Arizona}...

Shhhhhhhhhhhhh. You're giving away all the resident secrets! That's what happened to Pioneer Pass; we use to use that as a hidden cool getaway from the heat until people discovered it. Now you go there and packed minivan day users are parked in the campsites. :( But, yeah those MT Graham campgrounds are an escape from the heat and fortunately, due to the switchbacks and tight maneuvering, it keeps many RVers from going up to the upper campgrounds. I went to Riggs Flat in July and the place was empty. If you can, push up higher to one of the other campgrounds (the roads are normally well maintained up to the telescope) and maintained up to the lake. It may appear scary but it's worth the trip. Again, no huge RV's to worry about except those stuck in a ditch or against the trees because they ignored the size rule. :)
ItsyRV 08/22/20 06:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: Mission View RV Park Tucson Arizona

Visited friends who stay there in January. As mentioned, it's an older style snowbird community that is transitioning from RV's to mobile home/park models. Seems to have everything onsite to stay and participate in that lifestyle. There's a casino nearby but otherwise, the area doesn't have the same visitor related services you find in other areas. The only concern I would make is that it appears they are heavy into the transition to permanent spots and many of the remaining "RV" sites have already been obtained by long term and time users. I would really be looking into making reservations as soon as possible.
ItsyRV 08/22/20 05:55pm Family Camping
RE: Grey Tank leaks

As mentioned, once you have the tank nice and clean and dry, take it to any shop that can do plastic welding and have them do a complete proper repair. Auto body shops all have the ability as well as plastic fabricators (some may, others won't). Even some mobile RV techs have the welders with them as many RV parts are plastic based. If you're adventitious, buy a plastic welding kit and give it a go. Who knows you may be able to recoup the cost doing mobile RV poopie tank repairs. :B
ItsyRV 08/19/20 03:04pm General RVing Issues
RE: Park Model Questions

As others have pointed out, Park Models are direct plumbed and wired. Now I have seen travel trailers being sold as "park models" more to try and make a travel trailer seem more respectable as a semi permanent housing unit.
ItsyRV 08/18/20 10:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: Chassis battery

If it just clicks but doesn't turn over the starter, probably a battery that has bit the dust. Has the RV been sitting unused for awhile?
ItsyRV 08/15/20 01:54pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: The Mogollon Rim {Arizona}...

are these off-grid boondocking sites full all week or just weekends? Depends on your size and ability to maneuver to the remote sites. Some of the places I go are empty most of the time, but I'm only 21 feet with high clearance.
ItsyRV 08/14/20 10:32pm General RVing Issues
RE: Weird noise! I know. I know but need help!

Sounds like metal on metal! Just to clarify, when you said it "it keeps same rhythm", do you mean in sync with speed or same rhythm regardless of speed?
ItsyRV 08/12/20 10:57am Tech Issues
RE: Closure: NB I-15 in AZ

So how did it work out? It was a 13 hour closure and when it reopened it was limited to a very slow one lane until the bridge inspector cleared the span for full traffic. Did you actually get stuck in parking lot roadway?
ItsyRV 08/09/20 08:00am Roads and Routes
RE: Closure: NB I-15 in AZ

There is only one available detour and DPS will start rerouting traffic over and around on the 91. If you're past that point, you'll have to do a turn around at black rock or if you're past even that point, wait until they clear the lanes and start reversing traffic. Although it's listed as a vehicle fire, it was actually a tanker truck accident with explosion and a wildfire in the canyon below. Not much remains of the tanker and ADOT needs to check the bridge before they open it up to traffic. At least it wasn't a train derailment with fire and bridge collapse like last month!
ItsyRV 08/08/20 05:43pm Roads and Routes
RE: 1996 itasca suncruiser 32' w/ ford 460

A very common misconception is that the chassis and engine are the big issues of any class A or C. That is just not the case. Couldn't agree more! I spend more time and energy, tightening screws, replacing cabinet struts, regluing a small piece of laminate, tacking a piece of trim backdown, replacing the fuel tank filler tube rubber connector, stove that's rattling, hatch lock that stopped working, squeak in dinette table, shower hook fell off, resealing fine gaps everywhere outside, reattaching a wire that worked it's way loose from years and miles of travel and so on and so forth, way before I have to even deal with any major chassis issue. If you add up all the time I spent in the last 2 years alone repairing minor age related issues, replacing tranny would have been faster, easier and less aggravating. Even a simple suspension repair could be an pain if age has caused other working parts to not play well with that one new part. When buying an older used RV, make sure you have both major inspections; a mechanic to go over the entire chassis portion and an RV tech to do the coach.
ItsyRV 08/06/20 12:44pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Help! Looking for a manual 1985 Chevy G30 Rockwood

Do a search for GM ST33085, that should be the GM Shop manual for the 1985 GM motorhome models. It will cover all the various chassis elements specific for the van bodies configured for motorhomes minus any of the coach parts. Example, on mine the manual show the rear taillights terminating at a plug behind the drivers seat. This is where Winnebago connected it to the coach's harness for the rear lights. To find out where it went from there, I need to use the Winnebago's wiring harness for my model. So, as others said, if you need the chassis manual (based on the actual chassis year not just the RV's year), any manual for and installed equipment like a/c refrigerator, converter, etc. If you're really lucky, you may also be able to find the actual coach manual.
ItsyRV 08/06/20 12:16pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: How does RV Insurance work? How to get around my Catch-22?

Hello, Hopefully there is a simple answer for this but I am scratching my head right now. I ran into a cyclical problem when I thought about trying to attain RV insurance and RV license. I can't buy or drive my RV without first getting RV insurance. I can't get RV insurance unless I have my RV license (I think??). And I can't get my RV license without first having an RV. if you're in a state that has an additional license/endorsement for that type of vehicle (yes, they exist even if many have never heard of it), there are usually services that provide vehicles for the test. If the license/endorsement is based on weight, truck drivings schools may have setups that can be used for that classification. It's often doesn't have to be a RV, just a vehicle with a trailer that meets the weight or length or whatever classification. Some RV dealers may also allow you to borrow the trailer you have purchased along with their driver with the license/endorsement to accompany you and have it covered by their dealer's insurance for the test. It's all based on the requirement for that license/endorsement so don't focus only on an RV, but what meets the requirements for the test.
ItsyRV 08/06/20 11:31am Beginning RVing
RE: Charging an Electric Vehicle

First check with your power company, local municipality, state or any other group to see if there are incentives, rebates or discounts to have a dedicated EV charging port installed at your home. A friend recently considered what you are thinking but found out the cost of an electrician to redo the existing outlet was the same as to install a brand new dedicated EV power port after the electric company's subsidy and municipal rebates.
ItsyRV 08/03/20 11:03am Tech Issues
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