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RE: Do you always need an RV Park ? .....

In the summer out West we dry camp 5-6 days/week and travel and resupply on the weekends without reservations. Yes, the past 2 summers have been busier than normal… fortunately the newbies need reservations and FHU while we like Public CGs that don’t take reservations. In 20 years of doing it this way I can only think of 2 times this has not worked out…2 summers ago in Moab. Dispersed camping in 100 degrees running the generator 24 hours didn’t add up so 4 hours later we were in Grand Mesa, CO with frost the next morning.
Ivylog 10/16/21 02:17pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Any 80mph PLUS - class Aers still on here ?

At the bottom of a hill where I can see way ahead I’ll occasionally let it get above 80 instead of putting the brakes on. Two summers ago headed east across Kansas I had a 30+ mph tailwind and got passed by a Prevost at 75… my usual is 65.
Ivylog 10/11/21 05:09pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: What is too hot

I use a IR temp gun on the side of my tires near the tread… easiest place to temp the inside dual and highest temp I’ve seen is 140. Not sure of the relationship of the temp at a valve stem and the side of the tire. Have read that you should start worrying at 180 but 150 would worry me based on many years of checking.
Ivylog 10/09/21 08:58am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Lithium cost keep dropping!

Thanks for the graph above^^^ explains a lot. So, do you under size the AH and draw them down more than 80% so when you replace the price will be even lower? Searched AliExpress and found 8-280AH cells for $358…560AH of batteries for probably $500…90 cents/AH. Today I searched again and found 8-310AH cells for $346. Add $84 for 2 BMS (200A is big enough) and $50 in cables… 620AH for $580…91 cents making them as cheap as lead/acid but probably 5X the life. Probably fraud at that price. You will never receive them. Even the 310 is a deception. The real spec on EVE and CATL is 302 or 304 but often test initially at 310 but it is not the rating. AliExpress is a swap meet inside a dumpster fire. Easy to get burned on buying junk. If you are not paying close to $100 per cell for these 280-310 they probably have issues. Got confirmation that they’ve been shipped. Time will tell.
Ivylog 10/08/21 06:59pm Tech Issues
RE: Air compressors

I fill my DP tires to 110 using the engine compressor. Increased the cut out pressure to 130 and have a gauge at the air chuck. Have found letting the engine idle works better and start adding air when the pressure gets to 110 and usually tops the tire up before getting to 130 and unloads.
Ivylog 10/07/21 06:31pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: How to build a LiFePo4 battery bank.

I just paid $350 for 8-280AH cells and $370 for 8-310AH cells. Almost too good of a price. Please update when you get them. I agree but I’ve gotten confirmation of them being shipped.
Ivylog 10/07/21 06:16pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: How to build a LiFePo4 battery bank.

I just paid $350 for 8-280AH cells and $370 for 8-310AH cells. Will build 2 12V batteries out of each group of 8 cells. Bought 4 200A BMS for $240 plus probably $100 in cables and parts… works out to 90 cents/AH plus probably 20 hours of my time. Doubt the cells will be grade A so I may only have 1100 AH pushing my price to $1/AH…OH well, I can live with that as 9 months ago I thought I’d done well building 600AH for $1200. Not worried about charge them below freezing as rarely am I in freezing weather. If needing to charge…turn off the chargers (solar included) and run the generator, putting an electric heater in the outside battery area until the cells are above freezing and then charge.
Ivylog 10/06/21 07:05pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Battery Problem

A deep cycle group 31 battery will have 120 -130 amp hours which is probably 60% of 2 golf cart batteries BUT most AGMs are dual purpose with only 100 AH so 50% is correct.
Ivylog 10/06/21 06:09pm Tech Issues
RE: Lithium Batteries

Since your rig is stored in Florida probably as a Snowbird option it doesn’t sound like you do any dry camping so no need for an expensive lithium battery. I would opt for a AGM …no water needed and no corrosion. You do need a 3 stage charger or you’ll be buying a battery every year. If you dry camp and are a little bit handy, building your own Lithiums is a option. Nine months ago I thought I had done a good job of building 600 AH of lithium‘s for $1200…$2/AH. Just bought 620 AH of cells for $370. Add $120 for 2 BMS and $50 for cables and lugs plus 10 hours of my time…less than $1/AH which is cheaper than lead/acid and 5X the life. Yes, they are not likely to be grade A cells so probably only 300 AH, not 310. About like only getting it charged to 90% with your current charger…close enough.
Ivylog 10/06/21 05:47pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Is GasBuddy any use at all now??

iPhone still works the same. With a 800 mile range and many trips West I pretty well know where I’ll be getting fuel…usually Sam’sClub in KC or Lincoln, NE. Laramie, WY consistently has the cheapest diesel in the West.
Ivylog 10/04/21 05:09pm Technology Corner
RE: Lithium cost keep dropping!

In another forum I mentioned earlier this year I’d built 600AH of Lithium batteries for $1200 plus 15 hours of my time making them price competitive to AGMs but 2-3X the life…$2/AH. Searched AliExpress and found 8-280AH cells for $358…560AH of batteries for probably $500…90 cents/AH. Today I searched again and found 8-310AH cells for $346. Add $84 for 2 BMS (200A is big enough) and $50 in cables… 620AH for $580…91 cents making them as cheap as lead/acid but probably 5X the life.
Ivylog 10/03/21 11:04am Tech Issues
RE: Tires - The 10 Year Rule

If they had not sat for 2 years…had been used regularly I probably would have gone a couple more years on the rear, but not after sitting that long at that age. Went 10 years on the rear (7 on the fronts) on previous DP and I then put them on the back of my 10 wheel dump truck. Just ordered 6 new tires for the rear…replaced the front 5 year old cracking Michelin’s when I bought the rig 3 years ago. Cracks on rear are getting big enough so replacing at 8 years.
Ivylog 09/23/21 06:39pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Class A Low Bridge Accident

Unfortunately they are probably old enough to have multiplied.
Ivylog 09/22/21 07:12am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Battle Born BB8D

For what it’s worth… I recently built 6, 100AH Lithium batteries for $1200 and probably 15 hours of my time. Paid $900 for the cells, $200 for 6 BMSs, and $100 in cables and connectors.
Ivylog 09/21/21 06:59pm Tech Issues
RE: Used class a ?

I made the mistake of starting with a 36’ DP because it would be hard to find sites big enough in Public CGs with anything longer. Didn’t take long to learn that’s BS so traded for a 40’. Recently went from 42’ to 45’ and during the summer we stay mainly in Public CGs without reservations … it’s not that hard as long as you do not show up Friday when the working folks go camping. Buy more DP than you think you need…ONE TIME! The one dg posted is a well built rig at a good price… don’t right it off. As the saying goes….. you can lead them to the water But…….
Ivylog 09/21/21 06:43pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Steering stabilizers

I removed the S-T-+ until I could make it adjustable on the fly. With power steer the blowout help is more advertising than protection. Spend your money on rear tracbars.
Ivylog 09/20/21 12:21pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Replace water pump in a 300 cummins c series

You were correct…dumb question!
Ivylog 09/20/21 12:09pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tow hall mode

“ First keep loading up your transmission and sooner or later maybe a repair or number to a brake jobs.” Increasing the RPMs and locking the torque converter up is not going to hurt the tranny. In my F350, I use it around town even when empty… saves on the brakes. Guess I’m old school as I manually downshift my cars, mostly in hilly or for curves instead of using the brakes getting 100,000+ miles out of the brakes. Never had to rebuild a tranny and we live in the mountains.
Ivylog 09/20/21 12:06pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Anyone use a solar TPMS?

Just bought that unit on Ebay for $19.50 but using it on my truck… not sure how far it will transmit but for my price, why not? It has a power plug IF the battery needed extra charging.
Ivylog 09/12/21 06:08am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Class As in cold weather?

“ Class A diesel units are going to have some version of Aquahot diesel fired baseboard heat”… only higher end units will have A Hot which is great for cold weather and once you’ve had it, you will not go back. About like having a DP, you’ll never go back to a 5er.
Ivylog 09/12/21 06:01am Class A Motorhomes
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