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RE: Real-life experience blocks to aid 6-point leveling system

If you camp on paved driveways with no slope, you won't need blocks. But we've needed them on several occasions when parked on dirt, in fields etc. We keep a storage bin full of them in our basement storage. We had a trip this year where we were on a site so unlevel, we ended up with the front jacks nearly retracted all the way, and our rear drive's side needing to extend all the way, plus some blocks under it.
JAC1982 09/18/20 11:28am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Shearing the sheep

We bought ours in mid-April. I had seen it at an RV show at the beginning of March and then we went to the dealer to talk numbers a week later but they didn't offer us a great deal, especially on our trade. Then about a week after that is when things started hitting the fan w/ Covid, and the stock market crashed. The salesman called us up and said they were basically panicking at the dealership and started renegotiating. We got a far better deal than we would have if we bought it a few weeks before, or waited until about May. Even Keystone threw in some cash to the deal to get us to where we wanted to be. And yup, we financed it. We can well afford it (DINKs under 40) and figure if everything really goes to hell, we'll sell our house (which has tons of equity) and live in the camper LOL! I'm a member of a few Montana groups on Facebook. What some people are trying to get for their used 2018/2019 units is insane.
JAC1982 09/17/20 02:50pm General RVing Issues
RE: Do most parks check/copy your ID? (Victims of ID theft)

Or the 18 year old sells the numbers & ID information to the deep web where people do pay for info and steal your identity.But in the end, who cares. That theft is not “identity stealing” it is just your credit card being compromised. Happens all the time and the credit card companies are getting pretty good at catching it. Of course we end up paying for what they miss via their fees to vendors, but it’s a small price to pay verses using cash and catching a Corona virus. :W They have the card and your home address information. They know what you drive, what type of RV you have, and know what you look like. They know your hair & eye color, possibly that of your spouse, and if you have children. By your ring they know if you are married. From the internet they can capture just about everywhere you've lived, your house value, along with the relatives in your home (and/or how many children you have). With that information, they can go to Facebook, know where you work (or where you have worked), if you have a degree or not, etc. They can pose as you, give fake names & registrations under your name, and in some cases even travel in different countries in your name. They attempt to get credit cards in your name, and most creditors start "locking stuff", pass fake checks in your name, etc. Insurance companies see the warnings on your credit. Trust me, there are very good reasons you'd rather people NOT know you or much about you. It's not just a credit card getting compromised. You can even get your bank account locked (of course until you go in and "prove yourself")... Locked over and over again. The worst part is they hang onto you... Then attempt as your spouse. One day your are "honest Dave" the next "suspicious ""Dave"" ". Anyway, yes, we have made it a policy NOT to "show" ID if we absolutely don't have to. I'm to the point where I won't show it even to check in or the card (especially if they want a copy). So it's great to hear most places simply just ask your name and check you in. :) Giving any more info and places you trade with, ID numbers etc is rough. Very scary indeed and quite posible for serious scammers to acomplish Thats why I have no FB :B Also never stay in CG, if I did Id pay cash or Debit Card They can only get that information from Facebook if you make it public. My profile is only set to show my picture and name, and any posts I choose to make public. A random person cannot figure out where I work, where I live, who I'm married to, where I went to school, who my friends are etc., because I've set the privacy settings to be that way.
JAC1982 09/15/20 01:45pm Beginning RVing
RE: Cold-ish weather camping

Well, we surived the Wyo-Nado as they're calling it. Somehow, we just had the high winds and cold temps on Monday night into Tuesday, but very little snow. 100 miles south and north of us got pounded with a ton of wet heavy snow. We found the onboard Onan LP generator is pretty hungry, so we ended up borrowing a Honda 2000 generator to keep us running electric-wise, to conserve our propane for the furnace. We also used the fireplace as a space heater as needed. We burned through our 4 30lb bottles in a little over 4 days. Thankfully it was warmer the other days and we had no shade, so the heat didn't need to be on during the day most of the days. We plan on getting our own small portable generator to supplement the Onan for situations just like this.
JAC1982 09/14/20 09:12am Fifth-Wheels
RE: trip to mt rushmore

Almost nothing is shut down in South Dakota. No mask mandates, and some businesses seem to be taking social distancing more serious than others. We were there in June. Visited Mt Rushmore on a Monday around dinner time and it was not busy at all. Had great meals at Desperado's in Hill City (close to where you are if you're staying at the Rushmore KOA), and at Mt Rushmore Brewery and Custer Wolf in Custer. Desperado's was operating business as usual, and it was very crowded for Sat night dinner, but not for a weekday lunch. The Custer restaurants had limited capacity and more space between tables. We went to Deadwood on a Tuesday and it was less crowded, and had a late lunch at Deadwood Social Club which is above Saloon 10. Had drinks at Saloon 10 but it started getting crowded around 5:00. If you like breweries and wineries, Miner Brewing/Prairie Berry Winery are next to each other outside of Hill City and have a huge outdoor area that's really nice and not crowded.
JAC1982 09/04/20 09:59am Roads and Routes
RE: Boat Rentals

Others beat me to it, but I was going to say, you think that's a lot, go check out what it costs to rent a side by side or even a quad. And a 4 seat RZR costs about 1/4 to 1/3 what a decent lower end ski/wakeboard boat costs new.
JAC1982 09/04/20 09:51am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Cold-ish weather camping

We are supposed to be in Estes Park, Co next Tuesday. The Weather Channel says a high of 31 and a low of 23 with 70% chance of snow. I may push it back a day. KSL Weather (Salt Lake), forecast says 89 today, 92 tomorrow then a high of 44 for Tuesday, low 27. That’s for my town in WY. After a record hot, dry August I’m ready for the first September snow. Since I’d never done it to the new 5’er, I loaded up my generator and compressor. Headed to the storage lot and blew out the plumbing, low pressure air, of course. Learned a few more things about the new camper. We’re hoping the summer camping crowds will be gone after Labor Day. Looking forward to the September and October boondocks trips. The new 5’er needs a cold weather test ;) Being in SW WY you're probably familiar with where we are going, the Upper Green. I use the app on my phone and pull up the weather for Cora and it's now saying on Tuesday a high of 48 and a low of 19! I guess we will get to test out the tank heaters after all. I'll take cooler weather like this over it being hot any day though. We've had enough of that this year. May skip the RZR riding that day though. Rest of the week looks gorgeous!
JAC1982 09/04/20 09:38am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Cold-ish weather camping

We are supposed to be in Estes Park, Co next Tuesday. The Weather Channel says a high of 31 and a low of 23 with 70% chance of snow. I may push it back a day. Yup and the day before it's going to be nearly 100. That's Rocky Mountain weather for ya! It will be warmer up in WY where we are going than down here at home!
JAC1982 09/04/20 09:32am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Teaching Your Spouse How to Pull a Trailer

Also from what I know about towing, a small utility trailer is pretty much the worst thing ever to back up :) Almost but my vote goes to one of these behind a lawn tractor. Worst thing ever to back up. With that you just unhook it and move it manually haha!
JAC1982 09/03/20 12:13pm Towing
RE: Fuzion for sale cheap in Lake Charles??

Is anyone else uncomfortable with this thread? I feel bad for both of these owners and it feels tasteless to be chuckling at their damage and speculating over what they should or shouldn't have done. I'm with you. It's gross.
JAC1982 09/03/20 10:31am Toy Haulers
RE: Teaching Your Spouse How to Pull a Trailer

Wife here. I'd probably learn best if you just took me to an empty lot and stood back and let me just figure it out unless I'm about to crash into something. Also from what I know about towing, a small utility trailer is pretty much the worst thing ever to back up :)
JAC1982 09/02/20 11:47am Towing
RE: Fuzion for sale cheap in Lake Charles??

Yes, both very sad. The first one is on wheels, and could have been moved with as much advance notice as was given. The second one's another story. Or they live in the trailer full time and don't actually have a tow vehicle for it. There's a lot of stationary full timers like that. Or this was their seasonal spot, and they couldn't get back down there to take the trailer out. Lots of reasons why the trailer was there.
JAC1982 09/02/20 11:13am Toy Haulers
RE: Wheelchairs and Toy Haulers

We saw an RV that had been retrofitted to have an electric chair lift on the outside of it while camping earlier this year, it was placed where the door normally would be. The lift folded up so it wouldn't be sticking out too much while on the road. Perhaps something like that, with a bumper pull toyhauler would work nicely? One that does not have a separate garage area (since those usually have a threshold that you'd have to navigate over) Many toyhaulers of that variety have open wall space available to cut in.
JAC1982 09/02/20 11:07am Toy Haulers
RE: Poor workmanship -- Entry Level VS Higher Price ????

We've had a few less things fall off on our initial few trips with our Montana High Country than we did with our Impact Toyhauler, and our warranty repair list is shorter (taking it in after our last trip here next week). I'd consider the Montana HC a step above the Impact in terms of "levels". Not sure if that's any indication. Could be ours was on the assembly line on the right day, and not on a Friday afternoon before a holiday weekend.
JAC1982 09/02/20 11:01am General RVing Issues
RE: Question about exiting in an emergency

What about putting some glow in the dark tape on the deadbolt so you can see it better?
JAC1982 09/01/20 12:10pm General RVing Issues
RE: What's Your "Theme"?

If "dog hair" is a theme, then YES. We absolutely have a theme. LOL, ditto! The central vac comes in real handy. But no, no theme, one of the reasons I liked our trailer is that it came with a lot of the colors etc. that I already like. There isn't a lot of wall space to hang things, and even then, they'd probably fall off at some point. Only thing I switched out was the bed comforter as the one that came with it, while I liked the look, says "dry clean only". That definitely won't work.
JAC1982 09/01/20 12:07pm General RVing Issues
RE: New rig for boondocking?

what does a patio accomplish when you have a million acres of the Great OUtdoors? The patio is one of the main things I miss about our toy hauler. It was perfect so the dogs could "be outside" without having to be on a lead and we didn't have to worry about them getting into ant piles or all muddy if it had rained. To the OP, we boondock fairly often and find our height is more of a detriment than our length. We are 13'5" tall. Also our sewer clean out hangs kind of low so we have to keep an eye on that.
JAC1982 08/31/20 02:41pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Cold-ish weather camping

JAC1982, It’s 32 F in Pinedale right now, probably a little cooler up at the lakes. So, for those not familiar with our temperatures.....we can and often do go below freezing any month of the year! It only got down to 44 at our home this morning.....but, it was a very welcome, nice, cool morning! I don’t see us getting in the pool today! ;) memtb That sounds fine to me. I think it's pretty cool all over the Rockies today. I think Mother Nature knew we were installing a whole house fan today at our house, so decided to make it so we don't need to use it today LOL! We eventually will have a second home out in Barger (technically a Boulder address) so the cold weather doesn't keep us away! Husband grew up in Rock Springs and now his dad lives in Pinedale too. If we're going to be freezing cold, at least we'll have a view of the mountains up there :)
JAC1982 08/31/20 02:32pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: CA’s Big Basin Redwood State Park...

How sad :(
JAC1982 08/28/20 12:26pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: What to do with my hitch

We leave ours in these days as we only use the big truck for towing. It has a bed cover on it. But, in years past, we've taken it out and set it on one of those cheap furniture dollies from Harbor Freight so we can move it around the garage easily if needed.
JAC1982 08/28/20 12:20pm Fifth-Wheels
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