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RE: Need Suspension Mods

Buzzcut1, Hit the local dump scale today. Mind you, they use the scale to charge contractors for dumping. Front: 4440 Rear: 7540 Total: 12000 Curb weight of the exact truck on nada guides says curb weight is 6600. Not sure how accurate that is but even if it was 7k, that'd mean the camper was nearly 5k. We know your F350 SRW weighs much more than 6600 lbs. However thats not the important number for carrying a heavy TC unless your state requires some kind of weight for registration purposes. The '17 F350 has a 7320 RAWR. RAWR = the lessor of a tire/wheel and rear spring pack. 18"-20" tires can be upgraded for more load capacity however OEM Ford wheel have a 3590 lb load rating according to Fleet Ford specs so your truck will need higher rated wheels. And of course the rear spring pack will need help also. Lots of different options out here in that area....some good some not so good for carrying a top heavy TC. That 4331 payload sticker is a gvwr based sticker (front and rear axle) and cannot all go in the bed of the truck over the rear axle. CAT scale axle weights show many one ton SRW trucks empty rear axles can weigh in the 3300-3400 lbs range. Simple math say 3400 lbs less the trucks 7230 rawr = around 3800 lbs max weight. I 'spect that 7540 rear axle weight is darn close....yer overloaded on tires and wheels. I see higher rated tire/wheel combo and a better overload system for the back of that SRW truck.
JIMNLIN 09/17/20 07:07am Truck Campers

I've ran D tires on smaller equipment/cargo trailer carrying close to max axle loads and on hot 100+ temp days psi went to the 72-75 ranges. Sound like you need a real TPM system for full size trailers.
JIMNLIN 09/17/20 06:23am Travel Trailers
RE: 5.3 vs 6.2

I did the same thing in '03 when I had a ....never mind that won't help the OP looking for more towing performance pulling a 25' TT. He doesn't need more load carrying capacity from a 3/4 ton truck for that size trailer. OP your '09 5.3 1500 is down on towing power compared to the later model 1500 5.3 engines and especially the 6.2 engine. Drive both if your looking at new trucks. Also the NHT option is GM max tow option. Gives the truck a bit more GVWR/RAWR and the lower gear ratio for towing duties. Actual final drive ratio depends on year models if your looking at used trucks.
JIMNLIN 09/16/20 08:38pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Andersen and 6'4" Ram

OP, back on topic. I talked with a man at a campground a couple of years ago with a new, high end, Ram and a new Montana High Country trailer. He wasn't too happy, his cab was dented and his rear window was gone and taped over with plastic. His Andersen hitch in the rear position was allowing his pin box to bite chunks out of his tailgate so he reversed the adapter. He happily towed for many miles until he lost focus on a tight back up combined with a driveway dip. The Montana does indeed have rounded corners but the trailer slopes forward from the overhang. When he went into the driveway dip the trailer leaned forward and took out his window. His dented cab was near the roof. You may want to keep this in mind. Look at the Blue Ox Super Ride instead. It will hinge rearward when you need it. I agree, if you blindly back up ,and not pay attention you are going to get into trouble. That was my concern with the pinbox being to close to the tailgate . If I would have had time on that first tow with the new fifth wheel I would of trimmed the corners on the pinbox , instead as said I reversed the adapter. I have no issues with it reversed . The combination of the pinbox placement on the fifth wheel ,and the rounded corners I don't plan on reversing it or doing anything with the pinbox . I too have a driveway with a dip , and a street that is a bit too narrow to be able to back in gradual . I have to crank it pretty tight ,but still not a problem. Good points. Where the hitch was located in the bed ... how the back of the pin box was shaped... length of the pin box... pin box location ...are all unknowns. Apparently most Andersen users as you don't have these issue.
JIMNLIN 09/16/20 12:07pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Half ton towing

jeeper....Straight answer would be if your F150 has enough rawr. A 7k dry weight which grows to 8500 lbs, maybe more, = 1600-1800 lb pin weight. Add 200 lbs for hitch/rails/etc......the truck has maybe 2000 lb siting on the rear axle. Now load the cab with all the people and other gear. JMO if your truck has the 4550 rawr then your looking for around 2200-2300 lb payload on the rear axle. That size trailer will max out its load carrying capacity. Ford markets the F150HDPP that comes with a 4800 rawr. Those numbers can give you a 2400-2500 lb rear axle payload and would be a good choice for under 10k 5th wheel trailers.
JIMNLIN 09/16/20 06:25am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5.3 vs 6.2

6.32 vs 5.3 = apples vs oranges. Later model '14 and up 5.3 have 355 hp 383 torque. The 6.2 in 1500 GM trucks has 420 hp and 460 torque. My wife has the new 5.3 in a 2016 1500 crew cab chevy 6 speed. I just came off a 318 mile (round trip) pulling a 10k car hauler with 9460 lbs on the trailers axles. Now it not up to my 2500 Dodge/Cummins performance but it hands down does a much better job pulling the same trailer combo on the same trip with her older '06 1500 5.3 chevy crew cab 4l60e. No comparo.
JIMNLIN 09/15/20 12:41pm Tow Vehicles
RE: TT tire pressure - sticker or tire PSI?

If you buy new D (65 psi) tires and keep the E as a spare I would run the E at 65 psi if its ever put on the ground. Its not a good idea to use a 65 psi tire on one end of a axle and a 80 psi tire on the other end. This will lead to flat spotting as the 80 psi tire won't have the same braking traction especially hard braking events. The harder tire has less traction causing that brake to lock up first causing flat spots in the tread about the size of your hand.
JIMNLIN 09/15/20 12:29pm Travel Trailers
RE: Andersen and 6'4" Ram

Looking at a Ram. Can anyone comment that has an Andersen hitch with the 6' box? What kind of clearance are you getting between the cab and tailgate. What's the orientation of the pin adapter? Thanks Repost the question that was hijacked by the usual X&X brand crowd. :Z Hang in for awhile spud as more will drop by and give you their experiences with both products. Hopefully not . Why not ?? ...spud is the OP and was asking about a short bed Ram truck and the Andersen hitch.... so I mentioned them as both products....just trying to help spud find his answers by keeping the thread on topic.
JIMNLIN 09/15/20 12:08pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Andersen and 6'4" Ram

Looking at a Ram. Can anyone comment that has an Andersen hitch with the 6' box? What kind of clearance are you getting between the cab and tailgate. What's the orientation of the pin adapter? Thanks Repost the question that was hijacked by the usual X&X brand crowd. :Z Hang in for awhile spud as more will drop by and give you their experiences with both products.
JIMNLIN 09/14/20 07:24pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: tire pressure

do you run the max pressure in your tires as written on the sidewall? I have the Endurance, and it states 80# psi. Seems to me you need to take the outside temperature into consideration. I an reluctant to inflate to 80 psi and go on the road when it's 90% out. Then it becomes a guessing game, what psi at 90, at 75, at 45 degrees. 8200lb 5er. The sidewall does read, max pressure, so should you put less due to the temp? Or let the pressure go well over the 80 because of the heat? pressure for long service life/mileage for tires on a trailer depends on OEM axle capacity along with actual scaled axle weights. However if no scaled axle weights then use the trailers OEM axle size numbers with maybe 10-15 percent max reserve capacity mostly to help eliminate side stress internal issues when tire on a multiaxle trailer side scrubs going around corners or tight backing maneuvers. If the Endurance are the OEM size and load range then use max sidewall pressures. If the trailer is over tired (D to E) then use Goodyears minimum tire pressure/load charts and add 10-15 psi to that number at a minimum. I've found tires with lots of service life/old tires can rupture from over pressure vs a new tire. Tires like that has lots of bruises = weak spots....and lots of stories to tell.
JIMNLIN 09/13/20 09:17am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Food for thought

So then who was polk sallet (salad) Annie? And what's a polk? Actually, it's poke, it's a plant that grows wild, it's cooked much like collard greens, there are specific methods for cooking it that can be found on youtube. The wife uses pork bacon when cooking poke I could be eating a pork salad. Poke is good for folks my mother always told us kids.
JIMNLIN 09/12/20 05:41am Around the Campfire
RE: Fed up with tire blow outs!!!

A common missed thing about multiple blowouts on tandem axle rigs usually starts with minimal tire capacity. When one blows out, all the weight is instantly transferred to the one remaining tire. Which is now grossly overloaded. "Grossly overloaded".....This is a common statement we see on mostly rv websites. There is a small amount of transferred weight but not enough for a gross overload. If the tire that lost its pressure and has been ran flat long enough it will shred from rolling on the pavement... and can slap/beat the other tire with steel tread belts causing cuts/bruises which can lead to issues down the road. If the operator hasn't paid attention in his mirrors or running at nite and can't see in his mirrors the flat tire can run long enough to grind the tires sidewall away as its rolling all the way down to and including the trailer wheels rim which will also grind down, as its rolling, and on down to the wheel centers. With no load on the ruined wheel then the good tire is taking all the flat tires load. When I was pulling for a living I've seen this happen mostly at nite with aluminum wheels. They won't throw a spark shower like steel wheels so the driver can miss the event that he would have seen in daylite.
JIMNLIN 09/11/20 12:41pm Travel Trailers
RE: 5th week hitches

Better off posting this in the 5th wheel forum. 5th wheel hitches are not all universal. PullRite Supergilde auto sliding hitch has a capture attached plate. This doesn't allow a std 5th wheel hitch to hook up with the pin. And some 5th wheel trailers may be set up with the Andersen or PullRites GN ball type hitch. Most likely if you have a std pin type hitch and your friends trailer has the std 5th wheel rv type pin box then it should hook up.
JIMNLIN 09/10/20 12:09pm Travel Trailers
RE: Dually towing TT

Bringing the trailer home, I did not really notice any sway. Just a little "tracking" on road grooves. Thanks New tires can have tread squirm issues for several hundred miles till their broke in. We have had members in the past report tracking issue that came from wrong tire/wheel installed from the factory. The were were too narrow for the tires tread width which balloon the tires causing them to ride on the center of the tread. Some years back when the trailer came with bias ply tires the trailer wouldn't track the trucks radial tires. I doubt rv trailers today come with old tech bias ply tires. I use a 2500 Dodge/Cummins 3500 DRW crew cab chevy pulling a 10k and 12k bumper pull trailers. No issues without a WD hitch. I do use a Husky Centerline TS weight distribution hitch on a 1500 chevy where its badly needed.
JIMNLIN 09/09/20 09:06am Travel Trailers
RE: Fed up with tire blow outs!!!

All 3 tires did not blow at the same time. The first to go was the driver side rear. This weekend the passenger side rear blew on my way to the campground. On my way home the passenger side front went. Each time I heard the tire pop I pulled over immediately. Same scenario from others/myself who had multiple "blowouts" using low cost ST tires like the blowmax or just old tires. When one blows out or a tread delam with loss of air usually the others will come pretty quick some where down the road. On a multi axle trailer like yours, with equalizer bars, having a flat on one tire will not overload the next one in line. The flat tire is still carrying weight through the equalizer bar. If the flat is ran long enough the tire is quickly worn away down to the rim and its started to grind away. Steel wheels make a beautiful spark shower at nite. What usually goes down is the good tire next to the one that is shredding get cut/bruised from steel belts as the sling about at 60 mph. Some where down the road it may give you grief. If the 14" Endurance are on back order I would go with the Providers from Taskmaster or the Carlisle HD I mentioned in a reply above. Just like the Endurance both are the new gen higher speed rated ST tires. I've pulled work trailers over a million miles. Through trial and error I've learned trailers can be over tired. Always went back to choosing a tire with 10-15 percent capacity above the trailers OEM axle ratings. Many folks like to go with a good brand E tire when replacing cheap OEM C tires then claim the E was superior. A better quality OEM C tire does the same thing. Don't get hung up on the thinking a D or E tire is needed..... a better quality OEM C tire will work just fine if they have plenty of capacity.
JIMNLIN 09/09/20 08:42am Travel Trailers
RE: Question about tires

I think Tireman9 has been banned because he has commercial adds ?? in his profile which is a big loss for all members. Other websites have no issues with him. They are XL (extra load) tires, not LT I wish we had more of the XL (51 psi) P tire sizes available for 1/2 ton truck/smaller trailer use.
JIMNLIN 09/08/20 07:13pm Towing
RE: I've Rediscovered Butter

For years we got our fresh milk from our neighbors dairy. They ran mostly Holstein and Jersey milkers. We churned our own butter in a gallon jar from their Jersey cows. We lived 1/4 mile from them and they called and would tell us they had warm fresh milk for churning. The gallon jar was about 25-30 percent butter fat and boy did it make wonderful butter. Their both gone now. The kids sold all the dairy equipment. The land was divided between all 5 kids. That was in 1988. Now we have to buy store bought butter. Buts its better than the fake stuff.
JIMNLIN 09/08/20 08:11am Around the Campfire
RE: MH Manufacturer of Choice - Poll

MH = motor home MH = mobilehome Must be a which is best poll. You can ask that type question on several truck/tractor/boat/sewing machine/ whatever forums and get answers all over the place.
JIMNLIN 09/08/20 07:50am General RVing Issues
RE: Is a Gas 3/4 Truck and Pop-up Camper Safe in Colorado?

In the '70s we safely carried a 8' 6" truck camper in CO/NM/UT/WY/MT mountains on a 1500 chevy 4.10 gears with a 185hp and 295 torque 5.7 gas engine. Todays much hogher HP/Torque gas engines are a huge improvement with towing a trailer or just carrying a TC in the bed in the mountains or in high winds conditions out here on the plains. The only truck I (totaled) wrecked from air pressure loss was a one ton DRW Ford in my hauling business. Best I could tell was the outside tire went first overloading the inside tire. It was nite time and on a curvy road with no shoulders and no blowout noise. The GN trailer brakes kept the rig from jack knifing but I couldn't follow the curve in the road so in the rocky ditch we went. The truck suspension engine/tranny was all but ripped off the truck. The full loaded trailers axles were ripped loose one side and both vehicles were a loss. Theoretically a one ton DRW on paper would seem to be more stable when a rear tire is lost. But it doesn't always happen the way it looks on paper. And of course don't forget a blowout can happen on the front of any vehicle.
JIMNLIN 09/08/20 06:43am Truck Campers
RE: Should l or not

I wouldn't do the top of the slides. Each times they move in and out the rubber seal at the top slides over the surface. Unlike the roof where noting slides over its surface. I would 1-800 your product mfg for their input.
JIMNLIN 09/08/20 06:14am Fifth-Wheels
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