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RE: New Truck and 5th wheel

I found and spread sheet online and if I put the # in right for the Ram I should have about 1400lb. available for payload the truck won't have anything in it for weight. The ram has a payload of 4330 lb. There is no Ram 3500 srw that can carry 4330 lbs in the bed as payload without blowing its 7000 RAWR number. That the fallacy of using newer truck high gvwr based payloads to assume a in the bed payload such as pin weight and other gear/stuff the rear axle will carry. These size trucks rear axle can weigh in the 3200-3400 lb range. Now add 4330 lb of payload in the bed = around 7700 lbs for a 700 lb overload. Time for 19.5" tires and wheels and air bags/etc with that payload. OP keep in mind that 4330 payload number is a gvwr based payload which comes from the trucks front and rear axles. About the most the 3500 srw can carry in the bed will be around 3500-3800 lbs depending on cab selections....wheel base selections. Your starting with a 14k dry weight trailer. Now add 1200-1500 lbs of "stuff" and your looking at maybe a 15.5k lb trailer....maybe more depending on how much necessary junk :B you want to carry. Your gonna' be close to max if you load lite.
JIMNLIN 09/16/19 06:12am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Pulling with 1/2 ton

You obviously missed the point of the video, or simply did not watch it. The person in the video has a ton of experience towing many different rigs. He’s simply saying you can tow heavier with a 1/2 ton, but he wouldn’t do it himself. BTW...I would NEVER tow a 10K trailer with a 1/2, thats insane. Your mistakin'. I watched the vid and he just like you missed my point of the using the right F150 or any 1/2 ton truck for a 10k trailer. Nothing insane about using and staying within a trucks specs. You and he make up my point about some folks not using the truck makers body service websites for the trucks actual mechanical and weight specs especially Fleet Ford and the F150.
JIMNLIN 09/15/19 06:57am Travel Trailers
RE: Would appreciate the groups thoughts on tandem axle issue

The pic from the rear its obvious the rear axle camber bow is the wrong way for what ever reasons. I would contact the rv dealer and see how quick they can replace that axle. Or check with area big rig trailers repair shops and let them have a look at it. They can rebend the axle tubes back into proper wheel alignment specs or replace the axle assy for you. Its harder than some are saying And yes I've change several on the road or at the truck yard. You tube vids can give you a idea of the equipment involved and tools needed.
JIMNLIN 09/15/19 06:35am Travel Trailers
RE: What else does your truck do?

Well years back when we were TC users my trucks also had to pull heavy GN stock registered GN flatdeck trailers/GN/bumper pull enclosed trailers.....boat trailers.....haul hay.....deliver firewood.....normal farm and ranch stuff and loan them the kids/family because they didn't have a truck. My trucks did and still do double and triple duties although we don't have a TC at this time. Q#2...Having owned three different TC years ago I still look in on the TC forum to keep up with changes which are many. Most TC owners over here have a much better grasp of a trucks actual capabilities per mfg mechanical specs and understand how to find and read the vehicle mfg website sources that show the mechanical sameness or differences in each size truck. JMO but the 5th wheel and TT forums have the most payload sticker weight cop types mainly because many are newbs and have never owned a truck before so they bit into the payload sticker or trucks gross weight minus gvwr = payload numbers.....and completely ignore the fact that the new higher gvwr payload sticker numbers, in many cases, will and has exceeded a tire/wheel load or rear suspension ratings.
JIMNLIN 09/14/19 07:05am Truck Campers
RE: Would appreciate the groups thoughts on tandem axle issue

Hard to say without looking. However its under warranty so call the dealer and get it back to them. One tire on one side worn like that sound like the axle stub (usually where the axle stub is welded to the axle tubes) was bent like happens as the trailer is drug around a corner and impacts a curb as its side scrubs. Doing so can take the end of the axle out of toe and camber at that end only. Or the tire was a run flat or at low pressures causing high heat and the tread cap came off.
JIMNLIN 09/13/19 06:13pm Travel Trailers
RE: GM recall 2014-2018

I just had the Vacuum pump replaced last month in the wifes 2016 1500 chevy 5.3 6L80e tranny under warranty. Since new it had the brakes disappear such as making a stop and go 2-3 point turn around in a parking lots. The brake pedal goes hard and won't stop. Driving at road speeds was no problem. Guess I'll drop by my area GM dealer and see about the reprogram.
JIMNLIN 09/13/19 07:58am Tow Vehicles
RE: Pulling with 1/2 ton

Most you tubes, like the clicky, I've seen are from new folks to the trailering world or maybe owned a couple of RVs and tried towing it with a 10 years old and older std duty 1/2 ton truck like my wifes previous '06 1500 chevy 4l60e and a low power 5.3....or like I see in some folks sig with a F150 with a tow package... any engine with a 6800-7050 gvwr and tiny 3800 rawr. These trucks aren't the best selections for towing even their rated tow ratings. These type folks in you tubes seem to lump all 1/2 ton trucks in the same mold because their trucks they chose didn't do well towing a certain size trailer. One half ton truck have more different GVWR and RAWR than any truck on the road. So when someone jumps up and says a 1/2 ton truck should stick with a 6k trailer I say bull dust. Need to stop watching you tubes/reading magazine specs and read the truck makers body builders weight specs and tow ratings on their respective websites for actual numbers specific to their model trucks options and std equipment. Over the years 1/2 ton trucks have had GVWRs up to 8600 lbs and 6000 rawr numbers. These truck sit mostly on 3/4 and one ton SRW frames. Lots of '00-'06 1500HD GM trucks 8600 gvwr and 6000 rawr 6.0 engines 4l80 trannies out here doing its rated job of pulling 10k TT or 5th wheel trailers. Now days its GMs NHT package with the 6.2 engine at 420hp/460 torque 7600 gvwr and 4300 rawr that get the bigger numbers. Same with Fords F150 with GVWRs from 6200 lbs up to 8200 lbs smaller 4800 rawr on down to 3200 lb rawr. Nite and day differences. Many F150 owners bit into the "max tow" option which has nothing to do with getting a F150 with the max payload or the maximum tow ratings. Or they bit into the 2800-3200 lb gvwr based payload debacle. Choose the right F150 gvwr/rawr packages for towing those 10k trailers.
JIMNLIN 09/13/19 06:27am Travel Trailers
RE: How do you really judge TV adequacy anymore?

You make a valid point Bert when we read all of your reply and not just part of it: Quote; Bert says; ** Larger / Heavier frames, brake components, suspension components, drive-line components, a completely different transmission, full floaters, etc. All of that stuff is night and day different. If anyone believes a 1500 truck is just as capable because it has the same or more payload as a 2500 truck, or based any other number like tow ratings, or has some super duper package, they're living in Fantasyland**. Some folks always bit into the F150HDPP can actually carry 3100-3300 lb payload on tiny 4800 rawr. Payload stickers are based on GVWR numbers with no respect to the fact payloads in the rv world will be placed in the bed or hanging off the rear bumper. This can overload the trucks RAWR especially the 3000 lb + F150 payloads.
JIMNLIN 09/11/19 12:56pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tires, again!

My 5th wheel is 10 years old and needing some tires. Presently have Michelin xps rib, 245/75 R16. Not sure how long I'm keeping it. Was thinking of getting the Bridgestone Duravis R250, but it looks like they are no longer made. Looking at the GY Endurance ST or the BFG Commercial TA AS2 for replacement, as they are both about the same price. I'm hesitant to go back to ST tires, as I had wear issues on the original Tow Max. No issues at all on the Michelins. What do you all think? Anyone using the BFGs? Thanks! There are no Load E ST tires that can even come close to comparing to the commercial grade all steel ply carcass tire like the XPS Rib or the Bridgestone R-238 LT E tires for 6k axle and smaller. The Endurance is popular but hasn't been out long enough to have a long term service record yet. Nothing like the XPS Rib tires. I've used the BFG Commercial T/A 2 on my trailer with no issues. However due to pricing I went with the Firestone Transforce Ht tires. Check out the Bridgestone R-238 which replaces the R-250s. Pricing is a bit easier than the XPS Ribs. I see no reason at all to go with a load G tire (4080-4400 lbs capacity) like the Sailuns that work best for heavy trailers with 7k-8k axles.
JIMNLIN 09/11/19 12:06pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: smaller pull behind - single axle VS tandem axle ??

On a smaller pull behind, such as a 18-20ft, whats the advantage of a tandem axle versus a single axle? I could write a book on advantages for a tandem axle advantages over any single axle on a 18'-20' trailer. Having pulled both for a living you could not pay me double contract wages to pull a single axle trailer. JMHO
JIMNLIN 09/09/19 06:06am Travel Trailers
RE: Goodyear Endurance long term review.

'm thankful I have never developed a case of Brandichosis. Thank you Jesus, Thank you Lord. :B Lets hope you don't either.
JIMNLIN 09/08/19 06:50pm General RVing Issues
RE: Service, landing gear down, or while still hooked to truck?

I never leave the truck hooked to the trailer while I'm working on it. While doing brake work or just changing a flat while my rv trailer....bumper pull trailers....stock trailers....GN equipment trailers....cargo trailers sits on the concrete pad in front of my garage I use a hyd floor jack under the axle tube next to the U bolt on a std leaf suspension and lift just enough to remove the wheel. Nothing gets stressed...bent...crushed....twisted by doing so. Out on the road or sitting in a campsite I use my trusty old 12T shorty hyd jack 1978 Trucker Special with a 10" X 10" base in place of the floor jack doing the same.
JIMNLIN 09/08/19 06:07am Fifth-Wheels
RE: For those that have had a blowout when towing

Had two blow outs on our 02 Alumascape when the fifth wheel was two years old or so. Didn't know about date codes then. Goodyear Wrangler LT truck tires in 16 in rim size. One took off part of the plastic skirt over the wheel arch and metal brace. The other4 loosened up the brace and left strips of rubber every where but little damage. Goodyear store replaced both. I had to pay some amount. Just lucky it didn't wreck us. In the late '90s and early/mid '00 the Wrangler HT came OEM on some RV trailers and had issues like the Marathons and the G614. I'm no fan of a Goodyear tire because of the way they refused tire warranties on several of my road trailers. They sell me the tire with a warranty and refused to honor anymore because of the rate I was applying for warranty on the Marathons. However to their credit they redid the Wrangler HT and since has made a good tire for trailer use. Any LT tire can fail. But non have failed at the rate ST E/D/C tires have. In my business flat tires on our trailers is no big control issues other than possible damage to the trailer. Many folks while on the road at nite don't even know they have a run flat or a blow out on the trailer.
JIMNLIN 09/07/19 09:06pm General RVing Issues
RE: Ford F-350 Towing Spec

Does this mean that since their OEM fifth wheel hitch is rated at 18k this is the limit? The limit is on the hitch rating and yes it can be a legal issue. Gooseneck rating is 20700 seeming to mean they can tow more. B&W makes a hitch meant for the OEM puck system that is rated at 20k. If I use that am I legal to tow a 20k trailer? Its not illegal to tow over the mfg suggested tow rating. However other legal issues are at play on a one ton SRW truck towing a 20k 5th wheel trailer. First off a 20k 5th wheel rv trailer may have 4000-4500 lb of hitch weight. These trucks rear axle has a 7000-7230 RAWR and can weigh in the 3200-3400 lb range. Now add 4000 lb hitch load....200 lb hitch.....more lbs for people and gear in the truck. You've severally over loaded the trucks 7000-7230 rawr. RAWR is the lessor of the OEM spring pack. The truck will need some heavy duty mods to carry a load from a 20000 lb 5th wheel rv trailer. Tow rating aren't just for rv trailers but all types. A 20k tri axle GN flat deck trailer or a stock trailer can be loaded so as not to overload the trucks RAWR. Short answer is a one ton SRW won't be legal to tow a 20000 lb rv trailer. Insurance ?? As others say they will pay just like drunk drivers....speeders....crack users....dumb azz pot smokers or old folks or dumb blonds. But may drop you after you receive that payment.
JIMNLIN 09/06/19 07:53pm Towing
RE: For those that have had a blowout when towing

With 5 trailers on the road and 28 tires on the ground I've had actual blowouts...split wheel beads leading to run flats.... lots of tire run flats and even complete tread loss but the carcass still held air. From lightweight trailers to heavy trailers when the tire goes flat I can feel a tugging motion in the rig. I've seen beautiful spark shows on nite runs when the tire shreds till the steel wheel meet the pavement. When you put 60k-80k miles a year on trailers your gonna' have tire or wheel issues sooner or later.
JIMNLIN 09/06/19 07:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: Goodyear Endurance long term review.

Maybe "flat spot" wasn't the best choice of words. There's a spot roughly the size of my hand where the tread is worn more than the rest of the tire that caught my attention. Out of round....Yes, I had the tire off the ground a little and it "grabbed" the concrete just a little in one spot when I spun it, nothing major. I guess this is a hot topic here lately, I don't get on here much anymore. I just felt like I've probably got more miles on mine than most so I thought I'd share my experience with them as they are still new in the market. A flat spot or worn spot on the tires thread is typical for a brake lock up. It can happen on wet or dry pavement. Looking at that spot the rubber isn't smooth but has tiny grind marks as the rubber is ground away. I have a LT235/85-16 E on one of my trailer with 4 flat spots in various spots caused by a blow grease seal soaking that shoe. I've yet to see a LT or P or ST tire that didn't grab the surface in a small spot first some where around the tread especially if its been sitting. I wouldn't call the Endurance a hot topic other than its a new tire on the market for over two years now. One person in particular said the Endurance has a flawless service record when it was only out a little over a year. Many folks have been around the industry knows it takes several years and many miles of service to say if the tire is going to be a good one...or bad one. Your post is a good sign for the Endurance. There should be more input from TT/5th wheel rv trailer owners in 2-3 more years as the tire runs out of service time and replacements starts.
JIMNLIN 09/06/19 12:04pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tires

I have always ran LT tires on my trailers. If you go over to the Montana Forums they recommend the Sailun's The 16" Sailun S637 load G were first sold as a LT tire for regional service trucks and trailers. To save money on high tariff costs on P and LT tires, Sailun rebadged the LT tire to a ST. I have a set of 6 Sailun load G 16" LT on my 36' 16k triaxle GN stock trailer. Sailun S637 in a 16" or 17.5" is one of the best choices out here for heavy 5th wheel or GN trailers with 7k-8k axles.
JIMNLIN 09/05/19 07:56pm Travel Trailers
RE: Goodyear Endurance long term review.

Well folks we have it. GY ENDURANCE at 2.5 years was not long enough time to be considered as a good tire. BUT NOW at 2 years 7 months its officially a “WINNER” Noting official about one owners good or bad experience about any tire. However what we have been telling you its years and miles of service that determines any tires service record. Now some one has reported good miles of service for a ST tire. JMO .... I would bet in the next couple of years when more Endurance owner tires time out there will be far fewer issues reported like the Marathons.
JIMNLIN 09/05/19 07:40pm General RVing Issues
RE: Goodyear Endurance long term review.

The OP uses the trailer a lot of miles per year very unlike most camping trailers and can get 25k miles out of a set which is about normal for ST class tires as they have only around 8 or 9/32" of tread depth. If he would go with good recommended LT tire with enough load capacity he could expect 50k-60k miles a set which is about what we get out of a LT tire on our commercial road trailers which can have a 15 to 16/32" of tread depth. In the hauling business... or folks that wear tires out on their trailers in a couple of years it will pay to dump any brand ST tire and go with a good recommended LT tire. Flat spot across the tread most likely is from a brake lockup which can happen even to a commercial grade all steel ply carcass tire like the Bridgestone R-238 LT tire. I would say Goodyear has a winner with the new Endurance. The Endurance like any ST load E/D/C work better for rv folks whose trailers sits much of the year and times out before wearing out.
JIMNLIN 09/05/19 12:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: Multiple Tire Blowouts

I have 6000# GAWR vehicle certified axles. I use ST235/80R16 LRE tires inflated to 80 PSI which provides 520# in load capacity reserves per tire. I replace them every three years. Ouch...thats gotta' hurt. This is the biggest reason I don't use ST tires on my RV trailers. Hell I couldn't afford them. I've used LT235/85-16 E tires on several trailers with 6k axles and replace them when they reach 50k-55k miles or 7-8 years which ever comes first. Anywayz the legalistic sounding opinions were hearing from Cal can be read over and over ad nauseam by searching FastEagle on this website (and other rv websites). Don't feed the troll.
JIMNLIN 09/05/19 06:37am Travel Trailers
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