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RE: Tire Advice

Goodyear Marathon or Goodyear Endurance? What part blew out? Separating tread? Sidewall failure? Any chance of road hazard ran it low on air? The Endurance came out in 2017. He says the tires may have been 3 years old.
JIMNLIN 06/05/23 12:43pm Travel Trailers
RE: When impatience hurts!

its always amazing how many folks see the same vid and make completely different observations. RV driver just messed up big time. Probably shouldn't be driving period making a dumb move like that. Glad no other drivers nearby were hurt .
JIMNLIN 06/02/23 06:50am General RVing Issues
RE: How screwed am I ? Boneheaded jacking mistake

I would leave it alone and not worry about it. But if you want to try to repair I would use a big channel-lock or adjustable wrench and bend it back. You could also try just a hammer and some careful pounding. X2 if the looks bothers you.
JIMNLIN 06/02/23 06:38am Travel Trailers
RE: F250 upgrades

coming from the commercial side of LTL hauling with LDTs we never see lawsuits/overload tickets regarding exceeding a truck mfg gvwr or gvwr based payloads. Were not talking HDT class 8 trucks or dump trucks here. I've always found it odd why its just the rv world where this supposedly can happen and that theory is pushed by some that have no clue (no working experience) what weights are used in a civil lawsuit or how it all works. But being a opinion based forum/website the gvwr theory rages on....its made good laugh fodder on haulers websites that I frequent (past and present). Fords F350 srw and GM 3500 srw has many different gvwr packages. GM 3500 srw has entered the same practice with multi gvwr packages. Just choose the 10000 package for tax purposes if needed or choose the same truck with a higher 11k-12k gvwr. GM now offers 15 different gvwr packages in their 2500 trucks ranging from 10k up to 11550 lbs. Some with just 50 lb increments. Choose a 2500 GM truck of your choice with a 10k or a 11550 gvwr. Of course a 10k gvwr 350/3500 srw will have a low gvwr payload stickers...and the same 12400 gvwr truck will have a higher gvwr based payload sticker number. Some keep pushing the same old tired civil lawsuit/over mfg gvwr non sense. The OP can add a thicker blocks which will raise the trucks rear a bit. With the soft rear suspensions today air bags or adding a spring or other aftermarket rear suspension upgrades can work.
JIMNLIN 05/29/23 09:02am Tow Vehicles
RE: Goodyear Endurance is 5 years too old?

My Goodyear Endurance tires just turned 5 years old. Some sources say tires age out at 5 and others say 6. The price of these tires has gone up 50% since I bought them. I’d love to squeeze another year out of them but not if it’s too risky. Thoughts? Depends on several factors. Some are.... Are the tires a commercial grade steel carcass tire. Their good for 8+ years and 50k-60k miles of service. Not so much poly carcass tires. Have they been protected from the sun while not in use. Lots of rv trailers may make 3-4 trips a year with low miles of service. Tires need to be used so how many miles do those tire have in those 5 years. Have they had the proper care in those 5 derated per minimum load pressure charts..... Bounced over curbs/rocks/etc.
JIMNLIN 05/17/23 07:29am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 2019 coleman 264RL tire pressure?

were talking narrow tread tires on trailers and chalk line tests work great for those who know how to use it for this application. Before the net finding a minimum pressure/load chart when needed was next to impossible or impossible. Is the chalk line "THE" answer ? Of course not but just another tool that tells us some times the folly of using a minimum pressure/load chart for tires on a trailer..... or rv website psi recommendations based on owning a couple of trailers wasn't the best idea.
JIMNLIN 05/09/23 06:11am Travel Trailers
RE: looking for help sealing a roof

I wouldn't think a 2018 would need the whole roof to be resealed. Maybe a few spots may need attention with a dab of quality self leveling sealant.
JIMNLIN 05/08/23 08:16pm Travel Trailers
RE: Tire pressures Roger has many articles on reasons for sidewall tire pressures for trailers vs a truck or a MH. **What we discovered after the overnight computer run, was that in simply S turns (similar to seen in the video) the belts on a multi axle trailer were developing 24% higher internal shear forces than the tires on the truck pulling the trailer.** Now if the rv trailer owner did something silly like and over tired the trailer such as mounting a load G tire on 6k/5.2k axle then max sidewall pressure will be too much. Then those minimum pressure/load charts plus another 10-15 percent would work best. Tireman9 tire blog covers many aspects of tires for rvs. And more important the reasons tires on trailers with close spaced axle work in a more severe environment than tires at the front/rear corner on a tow vehicle/MH. Good read for education purposes from a tire engineer perspective.
JIMNLIN 05/08/23 08:12pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 2019 coleman 264RL tire pressure?

- ST205/75/R15 - LH-001 (Maybe a Model# ?) - 8PR 107/102L Load Range D - Max Load Dual 850kg (1870lbs) at 450KPa (65PSI) COLD It is a dual axle travel trailer, 6150lbs dry weight. I'll probably try 65psi. 65 psi is the best idea for a cooler longer lasting tire. Those minimum pressures for the load charts work best for cars/trucks/suvs with tires at the front and rear corners. Your tandem axle trailer tires are set close spaced and towards the center of the vehicle. They side scrub on every turn. Higher pressures helps hold the tires carcass and tread belts together as the tire side scrub on turns. JFY...the "max load dual" indicates the tire capacity when used in a dual position as in dual on a truck (side by side). Your trailer is a tandem axle and uses the higher 2040 lb tire capacity at the same 65 psi. check out Tireman9 As a actual tire engineer he has the knowledge and experience to explain why different tire pressures are used our trucks vs our trailers. Day of reading on tires for our different rv type vehicles.
JIMNLIN 05/03/23 07:13am Travel Trailers
RE: Suggestion for trip to desert southwest

more great trout fishin' on the Taylor river and Taylor Lake by Gunnison, CO. Lots to look at in that part of Colorado.
JIMNLIN 05/02/23 07:48pm Truck Campers
RE: Tire pressures

We just put on 4 new Goodyear Endurance tires on the 5th wheel. The tire says to run at 80psi and that is what the tire company put in them. The label on the 5th wheel says to run 65psi in the tires. Which should we follow? One of us says the label recommendation and the other says the tire recommendation. What say you? Please advise! Goodyear tire knows about tires on trailers and offer best advice . Special Considerations ***Unless trying to resolve poor ride quality problems with an RV trailer, it is recommended that trailer tires be inflated to the pressure indicated on the sidewall of the tire. Trailer tires experience significant lateral (side-to-side) loads due to vehicle sway from uneven roads or passing vehicles. Using the inflation pressure engraved on the sidewall will provide optimum load carrying capacity and minimize heat build-up.*** Most likely the 65 psi on the tire placard was for a OEM load D tire (65 psi). Unlike tire placards on a truck...most modern trailer tire placards recommend max sidewall pressures for the OEM tire size and load range on the placard. Tires on a trailer operate in a much more severe service (side scrubbing) on every turn as Goodyear mentions. Sounds like the Endurance are a tire uprate to a load E at 80 psi. I would run them at 80 psi but watch the center on the tread for wearing faster (over inflation issue). When a trailer is over tired you can run a chalk line test. Run a chalk line across the tread...then drive in a straight line till the chalk line starts to wear off. You want the same wear across the entire tread for best long term wear/service life/braking on wet pavement/etc.
JIMNLIN 05/01/23 10:14am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Washing the exterior of our TT

I never use a detergent soap on my trailers/truck campers/cars/tractors/boats as it removes wax. My nephew has a automotive detail business. His advice is never use a detergent on any surface that needs waxing from a long term lasting perspective. Reason being there are plenty of better products on the market for washing these types of surfaces. I keep cars/trucks/boats/tractors/rv trailers for years. I use car wash products on My old '97 5th wheel trailer and it still looks new. I have used simple green twice cleaning the trailers rubber roof which ran down the sides of the unit. The trailer was due to a wax job anyway so no issues.
JIMNLIN 04/30/23 09:24am Travel Trailers
RE: Tires again.

Like I said no non road hazard failures, honestly that is really amazing.. Weak list I have to say. Bubbles in one tires sidewalls and another tire wearing out of round is a tire issue not a road hazard. You asked for one so you got just one. I've found other Endurance complaints in a quick 2 min google, However google any tire and we can find non road hazard type complaints. There is no perfect tire. Just some have a better/longer work history than others.
JIMNLIN 04/25/23 10:29am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Tires again.

If don't like tire issues get the ENDURANCE. Simply do an ENDURANCE tire failure search. I challenge you too find one that is not a road hazard failure. One individual in this post used to say they were not on the market long enough. Well they have been out since early 2017. Now he won't mention them. Let's look at reality. Your 14k GVWR 5er should have a MINIMUM of 15% pin. That leaves 11,900# on the four tires now split that by 4 that is 3,000#. The ENDURANCE 235/85 16 at 80psi is rated for 3,640#. The next size 255/85 16 is rated for 4,080. Both tires ratings are at 80psi. Another bonus is they are rated at 87mph. So a little truth in lending with facts goes a long ways. Here is some facts just for you. Your brag about no issues with Endurance started when they came out in 2017 and as with any new tire it takes a few years to get a accurate idea how there going to work long term. And like any new tire they've had a few issues showing up on NHTSA complaints website. Here is one Endurance tire issue for your reading pleasure: #1... IRV2 ***You can think about getting Goodyear Endurance, but you won't be able to get them! We have them on our fifth wheel, after 3 years we just put on our 2nd set. One brand new tire has a matching inside and outside bubble on sidewall. Sure they'll warranty it, they just can't get another tire, anywhere!! Not the first time we've had tire problems, another one was replaced because it was wearing oval, out of round!! Will be going in another direction when these wear out... Sent from my moto e (XT2052DL) using iRV2 - RV Forum mobile app*** I've got more Endurance complaints from a couple of rv websites however its a moot point as any new tire it takes a few years for them to come out. I would say and have said... no more complaints than is on the net the Endurance makes a good tire for most rv trailer owners. The Endurance ST255/85-16 has a wide tread width and requires a 7" min wide wheel for best long term reliability. Not the best idea for 6"-6.5" wide wheels for a tire/wheel load carrying duties.
JIMNLIN 04/25/23 07:47am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Tires again.

Looking at used '06 Challenger 34 TBH on the net shows a 14000 gvwr and ST 235/80-16 E tires (3600 lbs capacity) and 7k axles. I don't know of any 16" Michelin tires with 3500 lbs + capacity for a trailer with 7k axles. The only tires I would recommend for 7k axles is the Sailun S637 ST235/80-16" load G/110 psi at 4080 capacity. This would require 110 psi rated wheels. Or Goodyears G614 RST made in the USA comes in a LT235/85-16" load G at 3750 lbs at 110 psi. Both tires are all steel ply commercial grade carcass made for regional service trailers. Both work great on rv trailers.
JIMNLIN 04/24/23 12:37pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: LT tires for 5th

so when looking to switch if my tires I have now are 235/80R16.. what size of LT tire should I be looking for since that size is exclusive to st tires. Your ST235/80-16 probably is a load E and may have 3400-3600 lbs capacity. As mentioned several times a same size ST won't have the same capacity as a LT235/85-16 E at 3042 lbs capacity. However if your trailer has 5.2k or 6k axles then the LT235/85-16 E or the LT245/75-16 E both have 3042 lbs capacity have always been a good replacement. The LT 235/85 is around 31.7" tall vs the LT245/75 @ 30.7". Also as noted if your trailer has 7k axles then a 16" LT E won't work. ST E have stiffer sidewalls than same size/load range LT E is simply internet myth. And of course a 16" Sailun S637 load G has a much stiffer sidewall then a 16" LT load E. Goodyears G614 LT235/85-16 load G is about the same weight as the Sailun and same stiff sidewall. ST and LT both have the same bead unseating resistance tests/strength tests per FMVSS 571. Both pas those tests.
JIMNLIN 04/22/23 07:53pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: LT tires for 5th

I see Bridgestone still has the 16" Duravis lines on their websites. For years the LT 16" R-250 was used but a upgrade brought out the 16" LT R-238 designation as its replacement.
JIMNLIN 04/22/23 06:25am Fifth-Wheels
RE: LT tires for 5th

I've ran nothing but LT tires on all my rv trailers and GN trailers in commercial service starting in the early '80s. For trailers with 6k or 5.2k axles the Michelin XPS Ribs and Bridgestone R-238 are a commercial grade all steel carcass tire. The LT235/85-16 E @ 3042 lbs 80 psi in above brands gives a tandem axle trailer 12168 lbs capacity. Your trailer in sig shows to have a 12250 gvwr ....less 2500 lb hitch weight on the truck leaves around 2500 lbs on each tire. Plenty of reserve capacity per tire. LT poly carcass tires I've used in a LT235/85-16 E are; Cooper Discoverer HT-3 BFG Commercial T/A 2 Firestone Transforce HT2. Tires above are recommended by their mfg for trailer service per email/1-800 to me. For trailers with 7k-8k axles the all steel carcass commercial class Sailun S637 in a ST235/85-16 load G 110 psi at 4400 lbs per tire capacity are top shelf.
JIMNLIN 04/20/23 01:12pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Tires on a 5th wheel and aggravation

This is not a request for help, rather an experience to share. Your story sound like many other other rv website members over the years with issues from low quality ST tires. More so some years back. We have some very good ST tires made in China on the market now unlike 10-20 years ago when all ST tires were called may pops and all were made in the USA. Not many 16" LT tire sizes and higher load ranges for 7k-8k axles on the market. Goodyear G614 RST in a LT235/85-16 G at 3750 lbs. Hercules H-901 LT 235/85-16 G @ 3750 lbs capacity. Sailun S637 235/75-17.5" load H @ 6005 lbs. """"""""""""245/70-17.5" load H @ 6005 lbs.These are a all position tire for commercial trucks and trailers. They work great on RV trucks and trailers. All above are a commercial grade all steel ply carcass.
JIMNLIN 04/18/23 08:21pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Tree Pruning

I need to do some tree pruning right infront of my garage to park my RV home. I am looking for suggestions which type of chainsaw should I buy? I cut and sell firewood with a gas Stihl/24" bar. I'm 80+ now and the saw is too heavy for me to use as a pruner or trimming limbs off after the tree is down. I have 7-8 DeWalt battery operated tools so buying a 20V DeWalt chainsaw tree pruner..12" bar has been a god send for me for pruning duties for limbs up to 8" dia or so. Its light weight. If you use a ladder don't cut a limb that is heavy enough to knock the ladder out from under you. Small limbs are ok...just use good sense around a chainsaw and be safe.
JIMNLIN 04/13/23 07:52pm Truck Campers
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