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RE: It is no wonder

Yeah I've been a member since '03 and have used several different portals. Guess who/what ever is responsible for the captcha krapz has trouble remembering who is dead and who is alive......or doesn't care. I also post in 7-8 different forums on that makes a difference.
JIMNLIN 12/05/19 07:31pm General RVing Issues
RE: Weight capacity for 2019 Ram 1500

this is off the 2020 ford f150 site. Maximum payload 3270 lbs with the 5.oh further down in doc it showed the f150 with a truck camper loaded. Most folks know this but for those that don't.......The 3270 lb payload on the F150 is another folly of using a gvwr based payload then think it all can be placed in the bed over the trucks rear axle. Many F150 owners report a 2200-2400 lb rear axle weight (4800 rawr) for their trucks. Now add 3270 lbs in the bed as a truck camper = 5400-5600 lbs for a 600-800 lb overload. If the F150 had the big overhead rack that sat on the trucks front frame rails and back of the trucks bed/frame then a 3.2k payload is possible. This point was brought up by F50HDPP owners who bothered to weigh their trucks axles before and after and then posting their findings.
JIMNLIN 12/05/19 06:31am Truck Campers
RE: Required hitch for 6 3/4' bed

I just traded my 8' long bed truck and bought one with a 6 3/4' bed. Can I use the same hitch or do I need s sliding hitch? You can use the same hitch but just be aware of a cab strike depending on your combo. No info on your combo so we have no idea if a slider is needed or not. Many GM short bed owners find a sliding hitch isn't needed as GM has the longest C/A (cab to rear axle) dimension. Other posters have brought up the point about some trailer have the notched/rounded front corners for towing with short bed trucks. I use nothing but short bed trucks for towing RV trailers. I would recommend installing the hitch with the pin zero over the trucks rear axle. That way you get the trailer the farthest possible from trailer/truck cab contact. If you find the trailer can contact the trucks cab then sell the hitch on craigslist and by a hitch type that doesn't allow that contact.
JIMNLIN 12/05/19 05:58am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Can my truck tow this?

So, it'll be a white knuckle drive then? I'm just trying to prevent any damage to the truck or trailer. I use the wifes '16 1500 chevy crew cab short bed 5.3 engine at 355 hp/383 torque with the 6l80E tranny and 3.42 axles to pull my 10k car hauler with 9460 lb on the trailers axles and 3450 lbs on the trucks rear axle. The truck also has a 9400 lb tow rating. I've towed for a living so I know what white knuckle means to me. This truck is maxed out in pulling performance and load carrying performance but I don't find it a white knuckle experience me anywayz. IMO you won't like towing that size trailer on a all day road trips in high head wind or areas with lots of steep hills that require 3500-4500 rpm constantly to maintain slow traffic speed.
JIMNLIN 12/02/19 07:33pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Bent Kingpin?

Like others have said, frame issue. Just a side note, it will help when explaining to others if you know the correct terminology. Your "Pin Box" is moving up into the front of the trailer. The "King Pin" is just the part that latches into the hitch. Good luck with the fix. Good point. Its rare a pin can be bent but it does happen with heavy OTR rigs and aggressive operators. Its also rare the pin box is bent on a rv trailer. What not rare at all is the sub frame where the pin box is attached to the trailer frame gives way for various reasons . I had this issue with my current trailer in '03 and its not a Lippert made frame. The fix was normal and was done under a extended warranty plan. The dealer dropped the filon under side. Then added bracing/modifications/type and size structural materials to my satisfaction and recommendations. Buttoned up the filon under belly. That was in '03 and 130k-140k miles ago and no issues.
JIMNLIN 12/02/19 06:09am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Weight capacity for 2019 Ram 1500

The TC weighs 1280 lb. Now load the TC all up and now its maybe 1800-2000 lbs. Now add people and other gear stuff you carry in the truck. Now the truck may have well over 2k+ lbs on the rear axle. A 1500 Ram truck has a 4100 rawr and the rear axle may weigh in the 2400-2500 lb range leaving the truck with approx 1600 lb in the bed payload. IMO a lighter weight truck camper is needed especially for the 1500 Rams soft coil spring rear suspension.
JIMNLIN 12/01/19 08:07am Truck Campers
RE: Adding air bags: can that increase payload capacity?

Actual rear axle weights depends on several stds and options....age of truck but many who have weighed their late model one ton DRW trucks weigh in the 3500 lb range as it comes from the factory. Then some folks rig their trucks like they want it with aftermarket products and then weigh the axles. It can be quite a difference. I've bought several LDT's (mostly one ton drw) and put them in commercial service pulling heavy equipment trailers/etc. I always loaded things up and made a trip or two and then decide if air bags or other type of rear suspension help is needed. Some trucks needed help and others didn't all depending on year models... bed or wheelbase lengths.... 2wd or 4wd/etc/etc.
JIMNLIN 12/01/19 07:09am Tow Vehicles
RE: All in good humor, not pointed at anybody

IMO depends on the information being needed. I've been around many years before the net as probably most on the website. The net is fantastic for those of us seeking mechanical info on say a hydro tranny R&R on a certain brand compact tractor. We instantly get the tranny mfg specs with parts and assy pictures/etc....all the info needed for the proper R&R. As a mechanic type the net with this type of information has saved me some big bucks on certain products. Now other type of info needed such as blah blah others have said and will say, info on that subject needs to be filtered.
JIMNLIN 11/30/19 07:02am Around the Campfire
RE: Adding air bags: can that increase payload capacity?

Short bed trucks will have a bit more payload than a long bed when both have the same cab/engine/tranny/etc configurations. The 2019 RAM towing chart I linked above does not support that statement. Looking at mfg GVWR based payloads your probably right ...however if you had read the rest of my reply it deals with actual payloads based on the trucks RAWR as its carrying all the weight in the trucks bed. Most long bed trucks rear axles can weigh from 70-120 lbs more than the same short bed giving the short bed a bit more payload. I'm talking same trucks with the same cab/drivetrain/std and option packages. Legal weight opinions on a RV website are a hoot.
JIMNLIN 11/29/19 05:01am Tow Vehicles
RE: Adding air bags: can that increase payload capacity?

Do the long bed versions of 1 ton pickups typically have higher payload capacity than the short bed trucks do? I've seen some 2019 RAM 3500 short bed trucks with around 4,100 lbs payload capacity - wondering it the long beds might add a bit more? Short bed trucks will have a bit more payload than a long bed when both have the same cab/engine/tranny/etc configurations. There is no 350/3500 SRW that has enough RAWR to carry 4100 lbs in the bed. That 4100 lbs is a gvwr based payload and will overload the truck 7000 lb- 7230 lb RAWR when its all placed in the bed. RAWR is the lessor of a wheel...tire... or rear spring pack rating. A one ton SRW (any brand) empty rear axle may weigh in the 3300-3500 lb range. Using the Rams 7000 RAWR = around 3500 lbs in the bed payload. If your looking to carry 4000 lbs in the bed in any one ton SRW your gonna' need to mod the trucks rear suspension and upgrade to 19.5 " tires and wheels as truck camper owners have.
JIMNLIN 11/28/19 06:30am Tow Vehicles
RE: Stabil or Seafoam for long term gas can storage?

I've used nothing but red Sta-bil since E-10 hit the streets around here. I don't use anything in the cars/trucks as we drive lots of miles per month in both. My 2001 5500-8500 surge gen set has had nothing but E-10 and red Sta-bil. In the winter months I keep four 5 gal gas cans full and ready with Sta-bil. However non of my gas sets over maybe 3-4 months in the winter season. I also have a 2011 60" zero turn and a 1992 Cub Cadet mowers that mow about 5 acres per week in warm season. During winter months their not used and set with nothing but Sta-bil and E-10 or reg gazz if I think about it. Same with my pressure washer....two chainsaws....string trimmer.
JIMNLIN 11/28/19 06:11am Tech Issues
RE: Mens' belts left or right

:C :B
JIMNLIN 11/27/19 06:25am Around the Campfire
RE: Upgraded F150 tires to E

I've went with a D or E tires on a couple of 1/2 ton trucks....but always went back to P tires mainly because of higher costs and loss of mpgs. I never saw any better tow/hauling/handling advantages over the OEM P tires with a 44 psi or 51 psi ratings. Now years ago passenger tires were rated up to 32 psi so a LT C was a good choice. I use the wifes '16 1500 chevy 4wd crew cab short bed pulling a 10k car hauler (8820-9460 lbs on the trailers axles) with blue tractor/loader/BB with a cab.... 11' 10" tall. No issues at all with the 17" OEM P tires 31.2" diameter at 44 psi even in 35-38 mph side winds.
JIMNLIN 11/26/19 07:02am Towing
RE: do you do this

I'm thru taking the fiver out for the winter. Probably won't go out again for 5 months at least. Do you raise your rv so the weight is off the tires? I never have in the past, but at the price of tires today, I'm thinking I'll start. And do you put a pair of jack stands under each axle? I've read that this might ever so slightly bend the axle when left for months. So where would you put the stand not to do damage? This was more common years ago when RV trailers were smaller/lighter gross weight. Many folks also removed their wheels and stored them some where out of the elements. Some also jack some weight off the tires. We lived in a 31' 5er for 7 months one winter while our house was being built. I leveled the trailer (6" slope in 25') and took frame to ground measurements at all 4 corners. Made cribbing from RR ties and 2" X 4"/etc placed under the main frame rails so the trailer was 2" higher. This took most of the weight off the tires. I never liked the idea of a RV trailer sitting with jacks under the axles. Not because it does any damage to the axles but JMO some type of cribbing under the frame rails lessons the chance of a wind pushing the trailer off the jacks. Several ways to store tires on/off a trailer. My 11k lb 5th wheel RV trailer sits 1 1/2" crusher run for 5 months or so on 2" X 6" boards inside a trailer shed. I keep the tires at max sidewall pressures and jack each wheel 2-3 times a winter and rotate each one 90 degrees so it sits on a different spot. Takes all of 6-8 min. I've ran nothing but LT tires on my various RV trailers over the years. There good for 6-8 years or 50k-55k miles whichever comes first. When my equipment trailers sit they have no load. They sit in the tractor barn out of the sun on same type crusher run/wood and always at max psi 24/7 365 days a year.
JIMNLIN 11/24/19 06:56am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Help and Advice on a badly placed 5th wheel

***The physics of a well oiled sanded board seem sound. If it slides well it's not going to bend the jacks. I'm going to go with this method.*** This was OP last post. However after snarky comments I would bet he moved on to a friendlier website. He's gone through a hurricane which has left him and his in a bad situation all around. At some point mods/adm IMO should close a thread like this where the OP doesn't respond, as it seems the longer one is open the nastier comments are made in many cases.
JIMNLIN 11/23/19 06:32am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Union Pacific Big Boy

Several you tubes popped up yesterday evening of 4014 in snow. I bet the engineer ED Dickinson was glad as it cut down on the crowds lining the track. I saw where he had to shut the train down some where in TX because morons standing on the rails. You can hear ED making short continuous blasts on the whistle in many you tubes trying to get idiots of the rails. Ed was engineer on the 844 steam engine last year on a run from Cheyenne to Denver and back. One woman was killed at a small town north of Denver. She was standing next to the rails and didn't get back. The rails are just 4'- 8.5" wide but these engines are 12' + wide.
JIMNLIN 11/23/19 06:10am Around the Campfire
RE: Mens' belts left or right

Depending on my early morning position....I start my belt counter clock wise looking down.....or clock wise looking up. :@ I'm older now so its less complicated gettin' in my Big Smith bibs.
JIMNLIN 11/22/19 07:02pm Around the Campfire
RE: Union Pacific Big Boy

I'm a rail fan. Big Boy came up through eastern OK on their way back to Cheyenne on their southwest tour. Heavy equipment has always intrigued me especially after working a short time at Unit Rig in Tulsa making 200 ton dumps back in '73/'74. I made Claremore OK a hour early for Big Boys scheduled lube stop . Good grief...had to park down town a half mile away and still couldn't get. UP Engineer Ed Dickinson and crew has done a tremendous job taking the 600 ton 4-8-8-4 beast apart and making it new again. Luckily their were a few old timers around that did this in the '40s/50s and early '60s era to give advice.
JIMNLIN 11/21/19 06:09am Around the Campfire
RE: Nascar Follies

You call it the most boring race in history but admittedly only watched 20 laps? read the rest of my post. It didn't take the whole race for me to decide it was gonna' be boring watching 4-5 screens on 4 drivers. Now if I had known what what Flatbroke found on the regular NBC channel I might have replied differently.
JIMNLIN 11/19/19 06:38pm Around the Campfire
RE: Large dog

Most dog owners thinks their pets or the breed are nice and friendly. Not so. Those type of pet owners are very naive. Some pit bull owners swear how nice their pet is towards humans of all ages. These are in the "very naive" category. Many pets are untrained how to behave around strangers...other pets and show aggression. Most pet owners simply aren't trained themselves on how to train a big or small dog breed. Wanna' know how the breed stacks up overall as a biter. Google is full of that type info from many sources and hundreds of pages.. like this one. OTHER DOG BREEDS THAT CAUSE FATALITIES After pit bulls, there are a number of other dog breeds that caused fatalities between 2005 and 2016: Rottweilers – 11 percent German shepherds – 3.8 percent American bulldog – 3.6 percent Mixed breeds – 3.3 percent Mastiff/Bullmastiff – 3.1 percent Husky – 3.1 percent Unknown, unreleased, or a combination – 7.3 percent. OP.....stand your ground on choosing a non aggressive pet.
JIMNLIN 11/19/19 06:37am General RVing Issues
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