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RE: tire time

Buy a LT (truck) tire instead of a ST (trailer} tire. sorry Im of the opinion LT tires are for trucks not trailers that are subjected to the huge sidewall flexing. mind you I wouldnt mind trying some sort of tire with low rolling friction to see if it makes a difference on milage... Actually LT and P tires can and are operated in a trailer position many years before usa tire mfg came out with a ST tire. ST and LT both have to pass a "bead unseating testing" per the FMVSS 571 which has showns no difference. The LT vs ST has been settled 10-12 years ago mostly from lay persons and actual usage. One of our better informed members (SeniorGNC) complied those testing procedures and results in this ST vs LT testing. Bead unseating (sidewall strength) testing shows no difference between a ST or LT.
JIMNLIN 09/26/22 08:30am Fifth-Wheels
RE: tire time

The Carlisle HD is the new gen ST tire from them. With 10/32" of tread depth vs Endurance 8/32" of tread depth this will give you more miles of service. Many rvers don't go by mileage anyways but just age so tread depth doesn't mean much to those like one poster says his trailers tires were 6 years old with 5k miles on them I see the HDs are more popular for this reason on a couple cargo/enclosed trailer forums where some say their getting 35k-38k miles of trouble free service from the HDs. This type trailers are usually work around big city construction types....not doing long hauls across country. How can we tell if the ST tire brand is bad ? Two ways I've used. One is check out NHTSA tire complaints website for the brand your having issues with. And when your have blowouts/run flats/tread delams on a brand xyz tire on work trailers/rv trailer.....then use the same tire maintenance program with a different brand/type tire and don't have any more issues.
JIMNLIN 09/25/22 03:54pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Alcohol Detection Systems in All New Vehicles

With states allowing recreational drugs (marijuana/weed voted in by druggies) driving while impaired will be even worse than it is now. Show me the data to prove this. We live in enough of a nanny state. If the goal is to truly save lives then I propose a complete ban on alcohol and cars. We need to stop the issue at it's roots rather than just treating symptoms. Why do we have the need to be drunk/high all the time? Just use google news and follow news from Colorado if your interested in how making drugs legal has made even more problems with impaired driving (and other crime). Why do we have to be drunk/high all the time ?? Good question....seems to be the culture way too many Americans are in now. My generation grew up with alcohol impaired drivers being a big problem. Drug generation came along and drug impaired drivers has made it even worse. Data ? Just google news and be informed. I don't go along with the we live in nanny state bilge where drugs and alcohol are concerned.
JIMNLIN 09/25/22 03:00pm Around the Campfire
RE: Alcohol Detection Systems in All New Vehicles

To prevent alcohol and other drug-impaired driving crashes, the NTSB has called for in-vehicle alcohol detection technology, the lowering of the blood alcohol concentration limit to .05 g/dL or lower, alcohol ignition-interlock devices for people convicted of driving while intoxicated and recommended that regulators develop a standard of practice to improve drug toxicology testing. The NTSB has also called for a comprehensive strategy to eliminate speeding-related crashes that combines traditional measures like enforcement and regulation with new technological advances like speed limiters and intelligent speed adaptation technology. Sounds like good sense technology IMO. Helps in eliminating drunk drivers....eliminating druggies from driving.... and eliminates speeders. With states allowing recreational drugs (marijuana/weed voted in by druggies) driving while impaired will be even worse than it is now. Seems to be a lot of anti gov/anti authority threads started by those types lately on this website. Sign of the times I reckon.
JIMNLIN 09/24/22 09:11pm Around the Campfire
RE: Two blow outs in one day

Two blow outs in one day. Boy that brought back some bad memories from long ago when I was on the road. But that was common for ST C/D/E class tires in road work with trailers running 24/7. Five trailers on the road with two spares on each trailer and 28 tires on the ground with ruined tire on just about every other trip one has to rethink the type of tires he's using. I moved all my trailers with 5.2k-6k axles to 16" LT E tires. No more issues and no more hauling around two spares. With the newer gen 16" ST load G commercial grade all steel ply carcass tires hitting the streets was a god send for trailers with 7k-8k axles. Trailers with 10k-12k axles a good heavy duty ST 17.5" all steel ply carcass tires made for a long term super grade tire for that type of work. I apply the same tire tech for my different RV trailers I've owned over the years.
JIMNLIN 09/24/22 08:37pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: tire time

Depends on what your trailers OEM axle ratings are. For 5.2k-6k axle I use a good all season tread 16" LT235/85-16 E at 3042 lbs per tire. Michelin XPS Ribs and Bridgestone R238 are a commercial grade all steel ply carcass tire and are tops for those size axles For My triaxle GN stock trailer with 7k axles I use Sailun S637 ST235/80-16 load G tire at max sidewall. In a heavy tire like a load G I personally wouldn't use any pressure less than 90 psi. Those are a very heavy stiff commercial grade tire and like all commercial grade tires they can run hot with lower pressures. What ever tire that lasted 39 years I would stick with that brand...:B
JIMNLIN 09/24/22 08:17pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Moving spots at RV park ? about weight distribution

For that small trailer moving a few campsite down there is no need for the bars or even to have a the WD system hitched up for that short move.
JIMNLIN 09/19/22 12:40pm Travel Trailers
RE: Upgrade to 5th wheel

OK, so the rear GAWR is 6340 and the RAW is 2840. So, it appears the 12000 for the loaded trailer would be OK, but would I be pushing to the limit? AS another poster says the truck will have a 3500 lb in the bed payload (6340 minus 2840 = 3500 lbs over the rear axle. I assume the 2840 lb number is a actual scaled weight. Just stay under rawr that way your legal from a dot ticket nor will you face any civil lawsuit for exceeding a gvwr/payload sticker. Some rv folks like to scare others with civil lawsuit theory for exceeding a gvwr payload sticker. Short bed truck ? Depends on trailers front corner profile...and placement of the hitch in the bed. Newer trailers have a notched/rounded front corners made for short bed trucks and eliminates the need for a sliding hitch. Also pin placement zero over the trucks rear axle will help make more cab to trailer front cap distance while turning.
JIMNLIN 09/17/22 02:05pm Towing
RE: Diesel Ram Owner Forced to Scrap Truck !

Heard all the same whining from anti gov peoples about the mean old govnmt mandated clean air/better fuel mileage back in the '70s/80s that resulted in doing away with the old gazz guzzling carbureted heavy pollution engines resulting in computer/FI engines that burn much cleaner. Fed vehicle pollution rules are rules and there for good reasons. The Ram owner as other law breakers found out the hard way not following (any) rules can be costly.
JIMNLIN 09/16/22 09:08am Tow Vehicles
RE: Best Hitch

When hitching up, we visually look to see if the jaws are closed on the king pin and check to see if we can see that the bottom flange of the king pin is below the jaws. We then check to see if the locking arm is in the 8 o'clock position (which locks the jaws around the kng pin). If all that is correct, I simply don't see a reason for the pull test. Am I missing something? Other 5th wheel rv owners say they may do both or just a tug test or as you just a visual. I come from the commercial side (the sky is falling crowd) of trucking where we do both from a safety perspective and mandatory company safety policies. A good tug test is number one and then get out and do a good visual as a secondary safety procedure. If anyone prefers to use one or the other safety procedures correctly or both all means do it. No one will think less of you for doing so.
JIMNLIN 09/15/22 07:31pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Do you know what brand/model this bed camper is?

I can't help with the mfg although as one reply said knowing the brand or mfg name won't be of any help with construction blue prints/or any tech info. It is a slide in truck camper of that late '50s/'60s era. I had a new '67 48" tall slide in with the interior layout just like it on a '67 chevy. Exterior was a bit different with double doors on the rear. The mfg of the one I had went out of business around '80. Later models came with 5' then 6' and 6' 6" ceiling heights till finally the TC industry gave us a 6'+ tall slide in with a over the cab bed.
JIMNLIN 09/15/22 12:18pm Truck Campers
RE: Axle Bearing Service - Dos and Dont's???

Is the Lucas Red n Tacky considered a very good grease or average run of the mill? I was wanting Timken, but it is not readily available. Its great stuff along with Redline synthetic grease. I use both in caulking tube size for all my trucks/rv and non rv trailers/cars/tractors/FEL and its implements. All my trailers bearing had one or the other.
JIMNLIN 09/15/22 06:23am Travel Trailers
RE: Tire Recall

The tires are a large lugs and voids LT off road mud terrains (MT) tire. They show many sizes but just one size is in the recall.
JIMNLIN 09/14/22 08:27pm Tow Vehicles
RE: help moving a 5th wheel about 20 feet in Orlando

is this a straight fore or aft move ?? side move ?? 90 degree move ?
JIMNLIN 09/14/22 08:09pm Towing
RE: How to re-caulk RV trailer roof?

When applying a self leveling roof sealant over OEM sealant don't make a dam to stop the roof from draining. Big blobs across a area can cause pooling (lake effect) up there ...that ain't good. If the OEM sealant isn't loose I leave it as is. My old '97 32' 5er still has OEM sealant (80-90 percent) in most spots on the rubber roof material. There are some good self leveling sealant brands out here for resealing those loose spots.
JIMNLIN 09/14/22 08:03pm Travel Trailers
RE: Best Hitch

JIMNLIN 100% disagree! It is MUCH easier to identify a "high hitch" with 1" thick jaws than say CURT with thin 1/2" jaws. Set the kingpin on top of the B&W closed jaws and the apace between plates will be 1/2" larger than the CURT making it MUCH easier to identify as high hitched. Maybe I misunderstood what you said??? You did or I didn't make it plain. The top of a 1/2" or 3/4" or 1" or 1.25" thick jaw is just below the pins top shoulder. Look at a picture of a 2" size 5th wheel pin and we can see what I'm saying. All 2" 5th wheel pins use the same dimensions for the top shoulder If you have ever seen a high hitch you would know the gap isn't constant all around. Usually all the gap if any is in the rear and not easily seen from the drivers seat. Just one reason professional big rig drivers do a tug test...then get out of their rig and do a visual looking to see the jaws are around the 2" dia part of the pin and closed.
JIMNLIN 09/14/22 12:35pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Best Hitch

With mw B&W I never do a tug test. With the B&W you can clearly see if the jaws are around the pin. As thick as the jaws are if you are high hitched it would be easy to tell. Its easy to "see" if the jaws are around the pin with any hitch brand. Jaw thickness has zero to do with high hitching issues with a SAF Holland hitch or a Fontaine OTR hitch or any rv brand 5th wheel hitch. The pin has a upper flange (or shoulder). The top shoulder/flange on 5th wheel pins are the same thickness The jaws close just below the pins upper flange/shoulder so the distance from the top plate to the top of the hitch jaws can be the same regardless of jaw thickness. A weak pull test may not pull the pin off the top of the jaws for several turns around a corner....but a visual from behind the hitch will tell the operator if the jaws are around the pin and closed.
JIMNLIN 09/14/22 07:13am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Solitude leaning to one side.

Sometimes when the trailers leaf spring suspension is lifted off the ground the equalizer bar side links can flip causing this issue. Leaf springs can settle over times especially when carrying loads at max or close to max. A big rig trailer repair shop near you can find your trailers suspension issues and offer a fix.
JIMNLIN 09/06/22 05:19am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Recaulking the camper

My 32' 5th wheel trailer/rubber roof is a '98 model. I do a quick roof sealant/roof fixtures R&R as needed in the spring and in the fall just before I winterize for its 5-6 months winter sleep. The roof sealant did great till '08 when sealant around the bath room skylight started coming loose in one 10" long piece (no leaks). I pulled all that was loose and used self leveling Dicor in those spots. Years later the front cap/roof sealant showed small cracking. Removed what was loose and more Dicor self leveling sealant in those spots. Thats all I've ever done to the roof sealant since the unit was new.
JIMNLIN 09/05/22 12:53pm Truck Campers
RE: 5th Wheel vs. Gooseneck

Depends what is meant by a gooseneck in the bed. More than one style of GN type hook ups out here for a 5th wheel type rv trailer.. Need more onfo on what the sales guy was talking about.
JIMNLIN 09/04/22 07:41pm Fifth-Wheels
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