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RE: Sierra 2500 fifth wheel hitch - factory prep vs aftermarket

Depends on the trailers front corner profile. Newer trailers have the rounded/notched from corners made for short bed trucks. Also GM trucks C/A (cab to axle) is longer and many owners find a std hitch works fine even with older trailers. My son pulls a 34' rear bunk model with a 2015 chevy and now a 2018 2500 GMC crew cab Z71 Dmax/A with a non sliding hitch. Several top quality rv type std 5th wheel hitches out here. And two light weight (40-60 lbs) 5th wheel hitch systems like the Andersen or look alike PullRite SuperLite series. They all have websites so do your home work on what you want.
JIMNLIN 03/28/20 11:55am Tow Vehicles
RE: Sierra 2500 fifth wheel hitch - factory prep vs aftermarket

I'd prefer to buy my friend's vehicle, as I know it has been very well cared for (and it's an easy transaction), but not if I'm making a big sacrifice in terms of towing/convenience/utility. All three of my trucks have bed rails. Having hauled for a living their no big deal to me as far as using the bed for other things. Everyone has their isn't better than the other. Of course GM may say their system is the best or strongest. Just keep in mind these type products have ratings. No doubt the friends truck is a heck of a buy and you could look for weeks...months and never find one like it. I would go with a dealer installed system after first looking on that products website for their rating numbers.
JIMNLIN 03/28/20 06:29am Tow Vehicles
RE: trailer lift kit

2" longer shackles raised my trailer 2" (wheel well clearances) so I could use 16" tires. Doing so raised the trailers rear bumper 2.5". Trailer was 31' 10" long
JIMNLIN 03/27/20 06:17pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Can You Pass Through States with Stay at Home Orders?

Looks kike some folks don't get it and probably never will. COVID-19 crosses political lines every where.
JIMNLIN 03/27/20 05:28am General RVing Issues
RE: Stewards Volunteers are no longer allowed

Okay, I am not sure what this is all about, but I like to keep public lands open to, well, the public! Is this about allowing motorized vehicles on federal lands? You got it. Check out their website and also a google on the subject. And read some of the comments from petition signers in the clicky. This will give you more input on the issues. We don't have to own a Toy hauler to discuss both sides of this issue as this affect us all ..not just me. It would be interesting hearing why this action was taken.......from the department.
JIMNLIN 03/24/20 08:39am Toy Haulers
RE: Xchocks question

My BAL adjustable chocks (2) locks all four tires. Dropped the Cummins/NV5600 tranny in 1st gear and slide all four trailer tires....on a tug test bet. I've seen others forget a plastic/wood chock usually on the passenger side of vehicle (MH...TT...truck...trailer). You can hear the engine spool up more than normal then watch the vehicles tires roll up and over the blocks.
JIMNLIN 03/23/20 06:51am Travel Trailers
RE: Is a tandem axle cargo trailer worth the extra $ over single

Is a tandem axle cargo trailer worth the extra $ over single A single axle trailer works fine if its loaded the same way each time. When I had my construction business running multistates I bought two single axle cargo trailers for my job site tool trailers. These trailers never got loaded back up the same way causing too much hitch load or not enough. All my other drivers would rather pull one our heavy GN flatdeck trailers (empty or loaded) that one of our unbalanced single axle bumper pull cargo trailers. My equipment trailer mfg talked me into moving up to tandem axle bumper pull cargo trailers with two 3500 lb axle braking. Far superior ride for our 1/2...3/ ton DRW trucks plus much increased braking performance. Many first time trailer buyers (non rv) don't buy enough trailer. They forget that the trailers weight takes away from the trailers payload. The 7k gvwr trailer (tandem 3500 lb axles) may weigh 1800 lbs which leaves around 5800 lbs of payload capacity before exceeding the trailers axle ratings. Something to think about for carrying your crafts.
JIMNLIN 03/23/20 06:01am Towing
RE: You can buy S637 tires here, but install: HAHAHAHA

When I was on the road pulling for a living and had a tire issue the first place I looked for was a truck tire shop or later on in time a Discount Tire shop. As a last resort were down on a city street corner mom and pop shops....and of course Walmart tire shop at the bottom of the chain.
JIMNLIN 03/21/20 06:39am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Trying to decide which way to go on fifth wheel hitch

I read the wedge can loosen up. I see someone has said you have to have the correct wedge so maybe that was the problem. The other problem of the pivot point being behind the axle causing sway was in an advertisement for a slider hitch so not sure what to believe on that. Haven’t had a chance to talk to any real people yet about it I definitely want the extra clearance all the time so that if I need to make a tight turn) I don’t forget to look if the trailer is going to hit the truck. I never pay attention to what one person or a another brand hitch makers says about another product or how it will pull. There are several top of the line rv type 5th wheel hitches on the market like the PullRite....heavier Reese hitches....same with the Kurt hitch which is a favorite with those that tow for a living.....B&W is another good hitch for rv work....Demco hitch systems....and of course the new gen hitch like the Andersen and PullRites Superlite system . One hitch isn't superior over all others. As one poster says most newer 5th wheel trailers made for short bed trucks and have the rounded/notched front corners that eliminates the need for a sliding hitch or pin box systems like the one your looking at. This is a area where the owners has to do the leg work. In other words there is no generic answer for which hitch is best or works best.
JIMNLIN 03/21/20 06:06am Fifth-Wheels
RE: What size of fifth wheel to accomidate my 3/4 truck...

The clicky is a fact sheet and not a enforceable weight code. There are 3-4 versions floating around RV websites but they all say the same thing down towards the bottom of the fact sheet they all say quote... BC info sheet **Information on this Info sheet is subject to change without notice. In the event of conflict with this Info Sheet and the Motor Vehicle Act and Regulations, the Acts and Regulations shall apply** Now go to BC MVA Regulations for actual code wording and proper registration numbers for any size vehicle.
JIMNLIN 03/20/20 06:30pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Should we be going?

With this virus you shouldn't behave as though you may become infected. You should behave as though you are infected and could infect others. This is a slippery virus and symptoms manifest after you actually have it and are contagious. And it's very contagious. Kinda' what some Italians on the street are saying in interviews now. Their wishing now they had taken the virus more seriously. Just watched the POTUS medical people in the noon briefing say COVID-19 virus is three times as contagious as the flu bug.
JIMNLIN 03/20/20 01:17pm RV Lifestyle
RE: What size of fifth wheel to accomidate my 3/4 truck...

So If I were a resident of BC with my 14k DRW that has a SAE rated RAWR of 9,750# and I loaded it to that and didn't add a single pound to my front axle weight of 5,250# bringing my actual loaded weight to 15k what would happen??? Nothing according to IBC motor vehicle act if you had 15k GVWR registration; Maximum gross weight for axles **7.16 (1) A person must not, without an overload permit, drive or operate on a highway a vehicle loaded or configured so that (a) the gross weight on an axle exceeds the manufacturer's rated capacity for that axle or for the brake or suspension system with which the axle is equipped, ...** And of course we know in BC you may register your truck at a GVWR which can be the sum of the vehicle mfg axle ratings or the vehicle mfg GVWR. Most rv folks are assuming BC GVWR registration has to be the door sticker GVWR number.
JIMNLIN 03/20/20 12:41pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: What size of fifth wheel to accomidate my 3/4 truck...

Looking at BC motor vehicle transport act regs on weighing of vehicles says quote; (snipped for length) **(4) The gross weight of any vehicle or combination of vehicles shall be the sum of the individual gross axle weights of all the axles of the vehicle or combination of vehicles.** We also know from other members from BC say that their trucks have to have a "GVWR" for registration which can be the truck mfg GVWR or the sum of the GAWRs as the trucks registered GVWR. I have a '03 2500 Dodge/Cummins NV5600 tranny 3.73 gears QC short bed 6000 RAWR and pull a 11400 gross weight 5th wheel trailer. The truck has a 13250 lb tow rating. I also pull a 16k GN triaxle (non rv) trailer that can be loaded so I don't exceed the trucks 6000 RAWR. Both trailers pull like a dream. The loaded triaxle (7k axles) actually panic stop quicker than the 5th wheel rv tandem axle (5200 lb axles) trailer. I'm under all the trucks GAWRs. My state has no weights for registration on a non commercial vehicle.
JIMNLIN 03/19/20 11:55am Fifth-Wheels
RE: New Truck - Is My Math Right?

If it helps, I also weighed the truck yesterday at a CAT scale. I filled it full of gas and weighed it with me outside of the truck. Here is the actual truck weight: Steer Axle: 3060 lbs Drive Axle: 2240 lbs This is all you need to figure how much weight any truck can safely carry. Your math (3350 minus 2240 lbs = 1110 lbs is your trucks rear axle payload. Your F150 has a very small 3350 RAWR Was the 2240 lb with everyone and gear in the truck ?? If not don't try and estimate the trucks numbers when you can load it up road ready and then weigh and use those numbers. It may surprise you how occupants in the cab affects axle weights different than you may think. People's weight in the front seat won't all go on a trucks front axle. The 3350 GAWR is the smallest of any 1/2 ton trucks out here. The F150 does have around 12-13 different GVWR numbers and ; 3800 RAWR 4050 RAWR 4550 RAWR 4800 RAWR (HDPP) As you see your looking at a very small TT vs higher rated F150s. My biggest concern at this point is "how do I estimate which RVs have a trailer hitch weight I can support?" I know this will be an estimate, but I want to be careful I don't overload my truck from the start. Is 14% of the trailers GVWR a safe assumption for purchasing? Or any other advice to estimate this? I use the trailer mfg dry gross weight numbers...CCC numbers...GVWR numbers. For a trailer that size your not going to carry much like some one with a 30-35' TT or 5th wheel trailer. A 4000 GVWR trailer may have a 2800 lb dry weight. Now add 700-800 lbs in the trailer = maybe 3500-3600 lbs gross weight. Using a 10 percent hitch weigh = maybe 360 lbs. These are estimates so I use that type of math for a 5k-6k gvwr trailer. AS the trailer gets bigger we tend to carry more necessary Junk :B
JIMNLIN 03/18/20 12:14pm Travel Trailers
RE: Help a Newbie Spot Check His Math

Your question a common one on a rv forum and always gets lots of ideas and opinions. Looks like your using brochure numbers however the truck GVWR and FAWR/RAWR from the drivers side door post sticker and is all thats needed to figure a safe in the bed payload. Our pickups carry weight which is limited by the truck FAWR/RAWR and in particular the rear axle as its carrying all of a trailer hitch load plus other gear in the bed. Load it up with people/gear/WD hitch/etc and drop by a set of scales and weigh the front and rear axles separately. Your trucks rear axle may weigh in the 2100-2200 lb range (estimate). Next look at the trucks certification placard on the drivers side door post and find its RAWR. Simply subtract the scaled rear axle number from that RAWR number. Use that as its payload. Never exceed a RAWR number ie;...tire/rear suspension/rear axle assy/wheel rating. Scaled axle weight numbers cab be used along with measurement when setting up a WD hitch system. The reason I'm using the trucks RAWR is in many cases using the mfg GVWR based payload can and have overloaded the trucks RAWR number. 620 lbs of guests?? Usually guest are visiting in the trailer or are they riding in the truck. Fill the truck with water at the campsite ?? IMO you mean the camper ??
JIMNLIN 03/18/20 07:42am Travel Trailers
RE: What kind of RPM's do you get? What about MPG?

Some folks use their trucks onboard DIC and report that as a mpg number. Which in my experience is ALWAYS high. It's high on all the vehicles I've driven with a DIC. I have a spreadsheet that I use to track fuel MPG. I record the DIC reading too. It's always about 1-1.5 mpg high on my current truck. Same with the 5-6 new vehicles I've had with a DIC. However my '03 2500 Dodge/Cummins NV5600 3.73 gears 2wd QC short bed with 330k miles for what ever reason has always ran up to 1.5 mpgs less than pencil numbers. I'm the type that resets at maybe tank number 6-8 after refilling. I know some reset on every refill. When I hauled years back it was with one ton DRW and 460/454 carbureted engines and 4-6 mpgs was common at 55 mph. And that was pulling mostly under 26k-28k gross combined. Blows me away at what some haulers are operating at 35k-38k declared gross combined and 9-11 mpgs is today with a one ton DRW....and doing it 7 days a week for 300k-400k miles (teams). Times have changes
JIMNLIN 03/17/20 01:15pm Towing
RE: Spring has sprung....

Still waiting on spring to sprung around here.
JIMNLIN 03/17/20 05:54am Truck Campers
RE: 255rlds wilderness advantage

Is yours hyd or gear operated. The Wilderness I had some years back had hydraulic operated slides.
JIMNLIN 03/16/20 11:37am Fifth-Wheels
RE: What kind of RPM's do you get? What about MPG?

Many folks use a single tank refill as their mpgs. And some even short fill the tank so they can report high mpgs.....or use a older gazz station with a slopped driveway so the tank will short fill. Some folks use their trucks onboard DIC and report that as a mpg number. Also where one lives and travel on trips makes a difference. When we head to the Rockies its a 650 mile east to west straight run on US-412 from where I live in eastern OK on out to Raton, NM. And from around 720' in elevation at home to around 7000' at Raton,NM. We've pulled it many many times with the rig or a car or just the truck. Going up will show poor mpgs vs coming back much as 4-5 mpg differences depending on winds. The winds blows hard in the plain states much of the time. Prevailing wind are south to north. Many trees out here grow with their tops bent to the north. I've got some fantastic single tank mpgs going north on I-35 or other major US north/south highways. Average on several tank refills also eliminate those best tank figures. I prefer a mpg average for three tanks (pencil numbers) at a minimum. More refills the better for a average mpgs. Eliminates those best or worst single tank refill numbers.
JIMNLIN 03/16/20 06:44am Towing
RE: fifth wheel gas stops

And the OP has a super truck that gets 12 mpg towing, better than my diesel and vastly better than the common 6-7 mpg normally reported and at 65 to 70 mph too. :B :B ...or close to twice the mpgs anyone on the planet with a 6.2 gasser pulling a 10500 lb 32' long 5th wheel trailer at 65-70 mph. :R . I think the OP will in time and with more experience forget about his/her hangups on how/when and where to refuel the gas tow vehicle.
JIMNLIN 03/15/20 06:43am Fifth-Wheels
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