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RE: Small Dicor

I keep all my sealant tube in the fridge in the garage. With the ends sealed off they last for years.
JIMNLIN 07/14/20 07:43am General RVing Issues
RE: Losing the camper for the fall

Good plan. WE had one member some years back that let his daughter and two friends use the TT for first year college. Daughter calls dad and say the black tank won't drain and the tank is full and stinking awful. Making a long story short....with three young women involved the tank was plugged with 40 lbs of womens sanitary napkins....gobs of wash cloth so the tank service guy says. Make sure daughter knows what goes in the tank with lots of water.....and what goes in the trash.
JIMNLIN 07/14/20 07:32am Travel Trailers
RE: Not RV, but we haven't had a good generator bashing lately.

I bought a new Generac 5500 Power Boss (8500 surge-5500 continuous) 10 hp Briggs in 2001. It sits in the garage when not used for months at a time. We had a storm roll through about 7 pm 6-11-'20. Temps were 94-96 before the storm. Electric went out and after about 2 hours the house was getting warm inside. Got the Generac out and as always its starts the first or 2nd the ceiling fans going. I've changed gas in the 5 gal tank twice a year since '01 and then run it 5 min or so. I also use Sta-bil.... even with 100 percent gas. The carb has never been ran dry. Its used maybe twice a year around my place running 110 power tools or 110 water pumps during drought seasons. Best 695 bucks I've spent.
JIMNLIN 07/13/20 07:25pm General RVing Issues
RE: Curt A25 Hitch

I would contact Curt 1-800 number and get the straight facts for that year model hitch...truck....and trailer.
JIMNLIN 07/13/20 06:46pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Tires

The XPS Ribs are a commercial grade all steel ply carcass tire. My truck tire dealer says their still available from Michelin. Many folks find a better cost with the Bridgestone R-238 LT E. Its also a commercial grade all steel ply carcass tire so you won't be down grading going with them. The R238 and XPS Ribs are the top of the heap in LT E tires for trailers.
JIMNLIN 07/13/20 06:44pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Calculating true payload capacity

Now try to explain all this and the importance of RAWR and GCWR and tire load ratings etc. to a sales person. Suddenly you realize they have no idea what they're talking about, just like RV sales people! They just want to make a sale. Pretty typical of regular vehicle sales folks. I've put several trucks in commercial service and always deal with a dealer ships commercial sales person(s). The ones I've delt with know if the customer is going to use the truck to pull a 15k or 25k GN trailer then the truck has to have enough rawr/tire load capacity to carry hitch loads safely/legally....and enough engine to do the job and the right drive train to last. That payload sticker is a GVWR based payload number. Most new folks to the trailering world may use that number to figure a weight for a truck camper or a GN/5th wheel hitch load which may overload the trucks RAWR (the lessor of a wheel/tire/rear spring pack/axle assy).
JIMNLIN 07/13/20 06:05am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tires

Definitely upgrade the load rating tires and always inflate to max PSI. That rating allows for heat. Under and over inflation leads to tire failure. Great advise for many reasons rvtiresafety....tire experts.....rv blogs on tires.... talks about. Like Michelin says; max performance... and max reliability... comes at max pressures. Now if the trailer was over tired severally then max pressures aren't needed.
JIMNLIN 07/13/20 05:29am Tech Issues
RE: Using camper transport service?

RV dealers have drivers who transport for them. Give then a call.
JIMNLIN 07/12/20 07:00am General RVing Issues
RE: Pet Peeves long road trip

I got my class D DL in '58......drove commercially for over a million miles in a several year period starting with a chauffeur's license....then a commercial chauffeur's license ....then grand fathered to a class A CDL during the change over. We've always lived rural so lots of highway 660-680 miles a week commute for many years. Agree with others about some drivers are clueless of how to drive safely. I see that when we get near a large city or in certain parts of town or a certain expressway or a major city street. One of my water district board members is a just retired state trooper. He says just in his 27 years, as a LEO working mostly traffic, the department says the last 10 years or so there has been a marked increase in fender bender accidents caused by mostly careless young female drivers in particular on/off ramp situations. They think they can turn their signals on and change lanes without looking. IMO from experience following to closely goes to that age gender also. Scare the hell out of me when you check the rear view mirror and all you see is the top of the car under your tail gate. Finally the car passes me and yep...there she is putting her lip stick on...or one of her hands stuck in a ear.
JIMNLIN 07/12/20 06:55am General RVing Issues
RE: Nissan Titan Cummins 5.0L

Several players regarding the HD demise. The Nissen XD weight specs put it in the same range as Fords F150 HDPP. I doubt Ford sells a lot of the HDPP F150s....but makes up profits with all the other F150 size trucks. Hell Ford markets the F150 with over a dozen GVWRs/5 different RAWRs. Not so with the Nissen HD. And it is a Japans truck which is a put off for some buyers. Its simply another good stout HD 1/2 ton truck. I don't think Japans truck mfgs want into the very competitive USA LDT market.
JIMNLIN 07/10/20 10:30am Tow Vehicles

Not really subjective. Wouldn’t have a DRW unless absolutely needed. Too difficult to park, drive off-road etc. Typical comment from someone who doesn't drive DRW daily. Tell me why a comparable DRW is harder to park than a SRW? Payload , stability and better braking are why you chose DRW over SRW seems to me that DRW trucks sort of stick out wider than SRW ones?????? bumpy Yeah...having owned several of both ...and made a living for several years with mostly DRW trucks they did not and will not go or park or load and unload in places I've had to sometimes get into. Even every day living. Brags like that tell me someone doesn't speak for all. A few year back 99 percent one ton drw trucks were running transport. Now its about 70/30 DRW vs SRW one tons....and even 3/4 tons according to one Transport company Q&A. Even commercial haulers (includes hot shot) more and more SRW truck/owners are showing up on those types of forums. The one ton DRW biggest advantage is payload.
JIMNLIN 07/10/20 10:07am Tow Vehicles
RE: Axle and Hub Question

They sent pictures indicating that there is some damage to the axle. Some heat marks. They recommend replacing the whole axle at a cost of $1,475. I am kind of in shock that the whole axle would need to be replaced - especially since we have hardly used it. Your insight and advice would be appreciated. Thanks. The blue does indicate heating however how do you know that axle stub in the picture is from your trailer. Axle stubs are heat treated steel. If a bearing is ran low or without grease it can run so hot the bearing galls to the race and can lock the wheel up .BTDT on equipment trailers. percent of the time its the smaller outer bearing that seizes and spins the race on the stub. The outer end is the weakest part of the stub so if the stub breaks 99 percent of the time its the small end. I would get a 2nd opinion if you don't know what to look for. 1400 bucks is what you pay when on the road long way from home and the mechanic has you by the......short hairs. If the stub got to hot it causes the stub to harden and can break. Without a actual physical exam and feel for galling no one can tell just from a picture how bad or good the stub is.
JIMNLIN 07/09/20 08:23pm Travel Trailers
RE: Anyone pull with a 2020 GMC 2500 standard box?

My son had a '02/'15/ chevy Damax short bed crew cab Z71 pulling a 29' 5th wheel BH trailer with a old '90s 16k Reese manual slider. The slide never worked as he never needs it. Its now on his '19 2500 GMC Dmax crew cab 4wd pulling a 34' BH. The old hitch still won't slide. Its mounted zero over the trucks rear axle. The new trailer was made for a short bed with the notched front corners.
JIMNLIN 07/09/20 06:54am Toy Haulers
RE: People sure are getting petty with their park reviews

Seems like its pandemic the last several years that folks want to bitzch/whine about I'm doing. Its become the American way.
JIMNLIN 07/08/20 09:26am General RVing Issues
RE: Replace OEM tires with 2 years life left?

X2 Most warranty blather from ST tire mfg website adds I've read say 3-5 years life before replacing. P and LT tire can have 7-8 years replacement. I'm not a big fan of any ST tire and with over 30 members having issues with Maxxis ST8008 I would chose a better tire brand or tire type. The Goodyear Endurance has been out around three years and is popular with RV trailer owners. Looks like your Cougar 310 RLS has around 12xxx lb GVWR = around 9500-9800 lbs on the axles. The trailer may have 5200 lb or 6000 lb axles. For those size axles on my various trailers I use LT235/85-16 E @ 3042 lbs per tire.....and on my '97 11400 lb actual weight rv 5er. I've ran two sets at 50k/6 years and 55k/7 years miles with no issues. I'm now around 25k miles on the 3rd set of Bridgestone R250 LT235/85-16 E commercial grade all steel ply carcass.
JIMNLIN 07/07/20 07:32pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Is a stabilizer jack for fifth wheel hitch worth the money?

As you said you saw in campgrounds many folks use them. I use one and I understand they only work to control side to side movement at the front of the trailer. For the rear I use BAL telescoping stabilizer jacks which eliminate rear side to side moving. I use a pair of adjustable chocks between the tires which eliminates fore and aft movement. Due to a med condition I have to have my trailer rock solid. Or as some folks do....go with the JTs or that type of product if your unit has the wiggles when some one moves or walks inside the trailer.
JIMNLIN 07/07/20 06:57pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Tow weight

Don't give up on the F150 'cause yours had the weakest numbers....if your a Ford fan. Fords F150 has over a dozen different GVWR ratings....4 different RAWR packages. Of course you know what your F150 numbers are. But from the top; #1. 7850 gvwr...4800 rawr....2500 lb in the bed payloads. #2. 7600 gvwr...4550 rawr... 2200 lb in the bed payloads #3. 7050 gvwr...4050 rawr... 1800 lb in the bed payloads #4. 6800 gvwr...3800 rawr...1500 lb in the bed payloads. #5 . yours And you can get any of them with the 3.5 ecoboost engine that has 375 hp and a butz kicking 470 lbs torque. And those that own them say they get 20s mpg out on the road not towing. Ram Of course the Ram with the 5.7 hemi 4wd crew cab 3.92 gears 8 speed tranny at 395 hp and 410 torque. The 2020 1500 has a 7100 gvwr and 4100 rawr with a 11k tow rating. No problems with the size trailer your looking at. Chevy/GMC... 1500 crew cab 4wd NHT tow package has the 6.2 engine at 420 hp and 460 torque with the 10 speed tranny 7300 gvwr and 4150 rawr. GM says up to 13400 lb tow rating. The same truck with the 5.3 v8 at 355hp and 383 torque 10 speed tranny won't have any issue with that size trailer. And of course the 3/4 ton....or one ton SRW and I'm surprised some one hasn't said you gotta' have a one ton DRW. Go shopping and drive all of them. LOL...we would love to spend your money :B. 1500 GM specs chevy ordering guide Fleet ford specs clicky link Ram body builders guide specs ram clicky link
JIMNLIN 07/07/20 06:46pm Travel Trailers
RE: Tow weight

Holy cow....looking at Fleet Ford specs shows a 2018 F150 SC 4wd... tiny 3.3 V-6 engine...6500 gvwr and really small 3350 rawr. Just sayin' but this truck will struggle severally trying maintain speed and pulling grades due to the small hp/torque 3.3 v-6. The biggest safety factor is those tiny 3350 rawr that will be carrying the load. A super crew F150 4wd rear axle may weigh in the 2300 lb range....1640 plus 2300 = 3940 lbs for close to a 600 lb overload on the rear axle. The weak link on the 3350 rawr can be the rear axle spring pack. That particular 3350 rawr is good for around 1000-1050 lb payload. AS other posters say that small 3.3 will struggle but may or may not be a issue with you. You may have to address upgrades to that tiny 3350 rawr....but is doable if done right. I see a better truck for towing in your near future.
JIMNLIN 07/07/20 07:52am Travel Trailers
RE: Tow weight

I do want a nice size trailer that we won’t put outgrow anytime soon, so my question it’s what is my max trailer weight? Would it be the 7400 lbs? So ideally, I would want my dry weight to be around 5000 to 6000 lbs? Thanks What is your trucks GVWR and its RAWR ?? Some F150 has some low RAWR numbers which is carrying most if not all the weight. Your 5k-6k dry weight sounds like a good plan for the F150. I've found its best to use dry weights and the trailers GVWR/CCC when making math numbers. That 7400 lbs tow rating seem a bit low for a F150 with almost 2000 lb payload. However for 1/2 ton trucks I wouldn't tow over Fords tow ratings.
JIMNLIN 07/06/20 09:54pm Travel Trailers
RE: I need new Tires

looking too, for 2019 373rbs just cause I don't want to tempt Westlakes, just did 3000 miles with them but :-) No one here mentioned Sailun's I'm real tempted to go with Sailun G rated.... thoughts?? You may have a Open Range 373RBS with a 15500 gvwr. Most likely has 7k axles and hopefully 110 psi rated wheels..... so the Sailun S637 ST235/80-16" G at 4008 lbs is a excellent choice. Your getting a top of the heap commercial grade all steel ply carcass tire.
JIMNLIN 07/06/20 09:45pm Fifth-Wheels
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