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RE: Ultimate payload monster?

For the most actual payload looks like a GM reg cab long bed 3500 DRW 6.6 diesel with those big 10500 rawr numbers are running in the 7500 lb in the bed payload. The same GM 3500 DRW with the 6.6 gazzer gets 7630 lb in the bed payload. These numbers come from GM weight calculator on their ordering guide website. Ford is close with 9900 rawr and Ram has 9720 rawr. I'd have no idea what the vehicle mfg payload stickers will say.
JIMNLIN 07/27/21 08:13pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tires and their pressures

Sounds like under pressure and/or over loaded tire issues. AS suggested drop by a set of CAT scales and get your trucks separate axle weights.
JIMNLIN 07/26/21 08:29pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Transitioning Class A to Super duty truck and Fifth Wheel

Generally folks come on the forum and tell us their trucks GVWR/GAWRs/gear ratio/which tranny/5.7 or 6.4 Hemi and the trailers GVWR/trailers CCC. Some folks like myself don't get a kick out of doing the all the searching and footwork and guessing about your trucks tow and haul capacities any more to give a good answer.
JIMNLIN 07/26/21 08:23pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Jacking up 5th wheel?

For just changing a flat tire on my rv trailers and other non rv trailers I use my old 12T Truckers Special shorty hyd jack under the axle next to the you bolt. The jack came with a axle tube cradle adapter. Just a few strokes and the tire is off the ground enough to remove the flat and install the spare. Its jacked fully loaded and empty trailers with 1750 lb axles up to 12k axles. The jack is old and is on its 3rd repack since the '70s era. Now if your asking about jacking the trailer with all the wheels off the ground then I use a couple of floor jacks and lots of cribbing under the trailer frame rails front to back.
JIMNLIN 07/25/21 02:10pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: New group of Newbies

Many of us were newbs before the we learned the hard way what works best for my needs and what didn't. This web doesn't have a very good "search feature" so..... Some questions are better answered by doing a google. The rv industry has had lots of feast and famine events over the years I've camped since the late '50s. The '70s/'80s era had huge jumps in inflation. Example; a new 9' 6" truck camper was 1350 bucks in '72 but the same exact truck camper in the early '80s went for 6800-7200 bucks. Prices never went down and I don't look for new rv prices to drop over a few hundred dollars....if any. Used units.....JMO will go at premium prices just like other years of ups and downs.
JIMNLIN 07/25/21 06:24am General RVing Issues
RE: Which tire do I buy?

Hi, I'd like to buy new tires with more weight carrying capacity for my truck to pull an 11,000lb 5th wheel. The ones that came with the 2018 Ram 2500 are size : LT275/70r18 125/122s. I'm not sure if that means they are E rated or D. The brand I'm looking to buy are from Westlake. the ones I have are Transforce and well worn. Thanks for your help. Your tires have a 3640 lb load rating and are a LT E. Plenty of tire for a 11k lb 5th wheel trailer. I've never used the Firestone Transforce on a truck but have used a couple of sets of LT235/85-16 E on my service trailers. They run around 40k-45k miles till the wear bars get close. Westlake LT and ST tires don't have a good rep on many different rv and non rv trailering websites. There are better LT E tires out here for your truck. Don't cheap out when tire replacement time comes. Driving style and city vs rural has a lot to do with how many miles of service a tire will last. I'm rural and can get 75k+ miles out of LT E on my trucks. I also air up (65 psi-70 psi rears) for when needed and air down when empty (65 psi frt-45 psi rears). My bil has used the same tire brand/type on his 2500/3500 trucks....lives in a big city....squares his corners....aggressive driving and never checks his tire pressures and is lucky to get 25k-28k miles before the tires shoulders are gone. I stick with major LT or P brands for my trucks. I don't have a favorite brand but lean towards a nice quiet all terrain on my 2wd/4wd trucks.
JIMNLIN 07/25/21 05:56am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Great Tow Capacity - Bad Payload Capacity... Increase PL?

Rams Body Builders guide shows the 2500 Mega cab has a 6000 rawr. This will be on your drivers side door post. The 6000 rawr on 3/4 ton Dodge Rams has been around for 25-30 years. The Mega Cab is a heavy beast. You have the truck so drop by a set of CAT scales and weigh your trucks front and rear axles separately. I've seen some Mega cab owners report 3100-3200 lb rear axle which leaves around 2800-2900 lb payload before exceeding a tire/wheel or rear spring pack. The axle is a 11.5" AAM with around 10800 lb rating from AAM. Dodge Ram derates it with smaller tires wheels and rear suspension. There are no 3/4 ton LDT that can handle a 16k lb 5th wheel RV trailer that can have 3200-3800 lbs of hitch weight alone. Add the hitch and other gear/people and your overloaded. Many mod their 3/4 or one ton srw trucks with rear leaf suspension with 19.5" tires/wheels. The 2500 Ram has rear coils but I'm not up on rear suspension help for coils. Others may know. I pull a '97 28RK 11400 lb 5th wheel trailer (31' 10" length) with my old '03 2500 Dodge/5.9 Cummins quad cab short bed. The truck has the same 6000 rawr and is well under all axle weight ratings and tow ratings. Your payload is a GVWR based payload. Some 3/4 ton trucks with high gvws may show a 3500-3600 lb payload sticker which over loads rear suspensions. Other trucks like yours with a low gvwr = low gvwr payload. I would be looking for a one ton drw for a 17 lb 5th wheel rv trailer.
JIMNLIN 07/24/21 09:18pm Tow Vehicles
RE: another scale thread

CAT scale numbers will be the ones you need. Fourth pass rear axle weight = 3586 lbs. First pass rear axle says 2772 lbs = 814 lbs for hitch and other gear in the bed and a % of weight in the back seat of the truck. That 2772 lbs first pass is a very heavy number for even the F150HDPP rear axle. Hell my 2500 Dodge/Cummins 2wd quad cab NV5600 short bed rear axle is just 108 lbs heavier. You must carry lots of "stuff" in the bed and back of the trucks cab.
JIMNLIN 07/23/21 08:20am Towing
RE: Tag axle for truck camper rigs

Around my area in the late '50s and '60s tags were in use with pickup trucks/truck camper combo's. A work buddy had one with his old 390ci (drop in) '68 ?? 1/2 ton Ford and a 9' 6" Fields truck camper. I don't remember the tags brand but he and his wife traveled all over western USA with the rig. He had pictures of traveling dirt/gravel roads north of Gunnison, CO to Taylor Park Lake and up to Tin Cup.
JIMNLIN 07/23/21 07:48am Truck Campers
RE: Saving the Clutch

My wife is a clutch slider with my Cummins/NV5600 tranny combo.....even with a empty truck. The Cummins has a zero throttle launch so no need to rev and slide the clutch when empty of backing my fully loaded 16k GN tri axle stock trailer around cattle pens/ crowded stock yards or hilly pastures. With a 6.29 or 5.63 : 1 ratio reverse/1st gear the Cummins will idle backing up a steep bank.
JIMNLIN 07/22/21 09:14pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Towing My Boat Behind My Fiver'

I double towed with a 2500 chevy....26' 5th wheel trailer....18' bass boat for eight years all over OK/TX/AR/MO/NM and southern CO. My combo length was 63'. I never kept up with the go fast crowd but never over 60 mph even on a interstate. A word of advise.....when inquiring with a state DOT you will travel through don't ask about their triple tow requirements as this tells the officer your needing info on pulling three trailers. For their purpose its a double tow.
JIMNLIN 07/22/21 08:50pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Speed limits

however....sometimes it's just easier to criticize. That says it all with todays anti-authority mind set. I have family and friends and neighbors in some type of law enforcement be it city PDs...state troopers....local SOs deputies. What some don't get is many times the officer may have to make backup call for lets say a search warrant or serve a legal paper or a arrest. These aren't a code red call so no red lights and sirens necessary but he/she has to get there at a certain time and may be slowed down by heavy traffic. If he/she runs red then the whole highway has to stop or pull over. I have no problems with a officer driving a bit faster. Doing so may save a life. I don't keep up with the faster drivers. I'm the guy in the right hand lane doing the speed limit wondering about why the type A folks have need for speed (10-20 mph over). Most tv news or press release about a pile up says the state troopers say speeders (conditions) are number one problems in these situations. JMO but I would like to see more traffic control to hand out more tickets to speeders...tailgaters....over aggressive type A types and those that stay in the passing lane. But mainly to take out those type A's that are shooting and killing others.
JIMNLIN 07/19/21 07:42am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tire covers

Another camper asked me if he could shoot my white tire covers with his IF gun. We both were sitting to get full afternoon sun. He found his black tire covers would go to 160 -165 degrees on the inside vs 105 inside my white tire covers. Outside temps were in the low 90s with full sun. The trailer was set up for a 45 day stay at a KOA. Other wise I don't carry the covers while on a trip/vacation. Of course we know that sun rays kills tires rubber on a sitting trailer (months at a time)......Heat also is a rubber killer. There are no trailer tires (ST) that recommend 7-10 years before replacing. Most say in the 3-5 years range.
JIMNLIN 07/19/21 06:43am General RVing Issues
RE: How many strokes?? more miles over a 5-6 year period than rvers pull their trailers its a moot point. However most never pull a hub to R&R the bearings/brakes on a annual schedule. Seal brand make no difference if the seal is pushed out of the hub from a grease gun. I do a annual R&R inspect on my rv and non rv trailers brakes/bearings/suspension.... from habit when I was on the road.
JIMNLIN 07/15/21 05:10am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 40’+ limitations?

My 31' 5th wheel trailer is too long in many places we like to camp. However as long as you stick to RV parks made for units that long you shouldn't notice any difference in 3 more feet. A text or a phone call to the campground ahead of time is what we do.
JIMNLIN 07/15/21 04:58am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Can I safely tow a Fuel 362 with 2020 2500HD 6.6

No doubt the 2500 won't have any problems pulling a 17000 lb trailer as it has the same 6.6 Dmax/Allison as the 3500 trucks. A 2500 truck problems like some are saying is those smaller 6600 rawr. Rawr (rear axle weight rating) is the lessor of the rear spring You have the truck so drop by a set of CAT scales weigh your trucks separate front and rear axle. Subtract rear axle scale weight from 6600 and this gives you how much load (pin weight/hitch/other gear in the bed) the truck can safely carry. ?Some folks upgrade their 3/4 or one ton srw trucks wheels/tires and rear suspension to carry the load. ?Looking at GM ordering guide gm ordering guide gives all the weight and tow specs for each GM truck configuration. It also has a weights calculator which gives the trucks actual gross weight and front and rear axle payloads for a specific configured truck which includes std and optional equipment. This is a holy bible if you will for GM LDT trucks specs. Weigh your trucks axles.
JIMNLIN 07/12/21 07:31pm Toy Haulers
RE: Finally made it to the Cat scales

The biggest issue with dumping grey tanks is water from the kitchen sink has all kinds of bacteria from rinsing/cleaning meat products/grease from washing pots/pans/dishes. I camped when most rvs came with short piece of garden hose drain the kitchen sink. Old campsites weren't a health place for kids to play in the dirt or around those old campsites that folks dumped grey water for 20-30 years.
JIMNLIN 07/11/21 07:11pm Truck Campers
RE: Finally made it to the Cat scales

Most pickup wheels aren’t rated for that much. Probably aren’t but stock tires for Fords are 3760 or were on my F350 SRW. Better to overload the wheel compared to overloading the wheel and tire. Having seen and had both happen its never a wise idea to over load either one. The bad part of one of my wheel over load was the wheel center broke out luckily while maneuvering around the loading yard. Once that happens the truck doesn't roll. A blown tire....the wheel still rolls.
JIMNLIN 07/11/21 12:18pm Truck Campers
RE: You never know when it might happen

My smallest flatbed is a 10k gvwr bumper pull car hauler. It comes with 6700 lb work load rated 3/8" grade 70 clevis type slip hook with a safety latch. I use 1/4"...5/16" and 3/8" grade 70 chains of various lengths and grade 70 grab hooks or slip hooks when felling/moving dead trees or moving something heavy around my place or chaining down my 7600 lb blue tractor/7' mower on a trailer.
JIMNLIN 07/11/21 07:08am Towing
RE: Finally made it to the Cat scales

The worst part is the rear axle is 7,300lbs which is 200 over GRAWR Its never a good idea to carry more weight than the tires/wheels rear spring pack is rated for. Upgrade tires and most likely a OEM wheel upgrade may be needed. Having pulled heavy GN trailers for a living for years and seen the results from my own and other operators who over loaded...over pressured a OEM wheel I'm blown away by opinions on rv websites that a tire/wheel can carry more weight than the mfg ratings. Granted they can do it for a while but the wheel at some point in time and miles of service....cracked and broken centers or valleys or split tire beads seats were the result of that folly.
JIMNLIN 07/09/21 12:09pm Truck Campers
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