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RE: Dogs

Good grif..... someone downsize there huge picture...I never did find the other side of the pic. Anywayz we are old time campers so we enjoyed many dog free years (late '40s/'50s/'60s) camping/fishing in a state or many COE lakes/rivers camp grounds. We don't camp much anymore mainly for the doggy reason.
JIMNLIN 07/15/19 07:39pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tow Vehicle Tire Pressure

I keep the wifes '16 1500 chevy crew cab short bed with P255/75-17 at 38psi in front towing a 10k trailer or empty. The door tag also says 35 psi all around. ...and the rears at max sidewall 44 psi when towing and 32 psi when empty. The tires have 45k+ miles now and should make another 10k before I retire them before hard winter sets in. I use the chalk line method on all my trucks to find the best ride and best long term wear for each truck (1500 chevy....2500 Dodge/Cummmins....and a '98 3500 DRW crew cab 4wd 454 gazz hogg.
JIMNLIN 07/14/19 07:15pm Travel Trailers
RE: need new tires

Just wondering why I never hear anyone or read any article about firestone st tires. Hard to give a recommendation without knowing what size/load range tires are OEM vs what size/load range your wanting. Firestone hasn't made a ST (special trailer) tire since the late '70s. The Firestone Transforce HT makes a excellent trailer tire and has been around for 18- 20 years unlike the Endurance that has a couple of years of service. At 3042 lbs capacity the Firestone Transforse HT have worked great in all those years on trailers with 5.2k and 6k axles. And 16" LT235/85-16 E commercial grade all steel ply carcass Bridgestone R-238 are just like Michelin XPS Ribs. LT tires on trailers isn't any thing new. Hell we used LT and P tires before the tire industry gave us the infamous ST tire. For a trailer that is used a few time here and there like you say the Provider ST or Endurance ST or Carlisle HD ST tire should serve you well unless your trailer has 7k-8k axles. Then a 16" load G all steel ply carcass like the Sailun S637 ST @4080 lbs and 4400 lbs, is tops with haulers and RV trailer owners
JIMNLIN 07/14/19 07:00pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: A poll: What does 2 blinks of the left signal mean to you?

Two left blinks? I would hesitate to do any passing as I would always assume the vehicle is still thinking of changing lanes or pulling out to pass. Another minute or two and I might make a cautious move. Probably the best idea. The 2-3 blink system was never meant to just jump out and pass without first making the necessary decision to make the pass safely. Generally we flashed the left turn signal 2-3 blinks to a fellow driver thats following you but hung up behind a slower vehicle. And we also used the brake light flash to warn that other driver its not safe to pass yet. And some drivers like the OP mentioned "may" have been trying to be the nice guy and give a OK from his view out front that its ok to pass.....but its entirely up to any driver back there that saw the blinks to pass safely.
JIMNLIN 07/12/19 08:32pm General RVing Issues
RE: A poll: What does 2 blinks of the left signal mean to you?

My reading comprehension is excellent. Maybe better than yours, since you didn't answer my question of why I would need a signal to pass when I can clearly see around you and know it is clear to pass. A simple answer please with no insulting, and unnecessary, verbiage. Apparently your comprehension isn't as good as you seem to think. I could give several scenarios but you seem to be the type that just wants to argue. If you don't feel the need to observe or comprehend the driver your following out front signals/intent thats fine.
JIMNLIN 07/12/19 08:17pm General RVing Issues

made in china ST tires now days does not equate to them all being junk although just a few years back they were problematic. Several ST made in china brands have dispelled that myth. Time changes just as same ST tire brands/sizes/load ranges.
JIMNLIN 07/12/19 09:08am Tech Issues
RE: A poll: What does 2 blinks of the left signal mean to you?

And why would they need you to tell them it was safe to pass that "typical old farmer going to town at 40 mph on a 65 mph hiway" unless they couldn't see past you? Basically you're telling them it's all clear and no traffic coming so they can go around both you and the old farmer. Where does the brain usage come into effect? They either believe you or they don't. I used to, now I don't. Good grief..... where is your reading comprehension. Your blathering(s) just answered your brain usage question. If you were a experienced hauler you would know of many reasons it takes a brain to know how to safely pass another vehicle when some one your following gives you a signal.
JIMNLIN 07/12/19 09:01am General RVing Issues
RE: Level trailer

There is no generic answer for several reasons. The bigger reasons can be length from the jack being weighed to the first axle....and number of axles....and even the length of the equalizer bars (distance between the tires).
JIMNLIN 07/11/19 02:51pm Towing
RE: Disconnect load before stopping generator?

Its best long term to cut the load and then shut the gen set down. I never unplug cords from my gen set. ...unless moving to the next job.
JIMNLIN 07/11/19 02:38pm Tech Issues

Hercules tires has been around this area anywayz mostly small town dealers/feed stores/grain elevator farm and ranch country. I ran some of their 15" and 16" and 16.5" off road MT type tires on my 4wd trucks getting into job sites. No issues. I see on other RV forums and haulers forums and agriculture forums the 16" load G Hercules H-901 has became popular with heavy trailer owners. The H-901 is a commercial grade all steel ply carcass and come as a LT or ST. Their best suited for trailers with 7k-8k axles.
JIMNLIN 07/11/19 02:32pm Tech Issues
RE: A poll: What does 2 blinks of the left signal mean to you?

Some of the comments are funny. The left turn blinkers were never meant for the person following to jump out and pass without first looking for themselves. The driver in front who flashed his/her left blinkers leaves that decision up to the person wanting to pass. And we even used the left blinker to encourage a tailgater to get off my bumper go on around. As I said earlier I did it years back when I was on the road 24/7.... and had it done to me thankfully. It was considered common courtesy. In fact when even today if I'm with other vehicles on a trip I flash the left blinker to those that are following me its ok to pass when we come upon the typical old farmer going to town at 40 mph on a 65 mph hiway. Most are smart enough to use their brain to make that safe pass decision. Others ??
JIMNLIN 07/11/19 07:00am General RVing Issues
RE: Chevy 1500HD vs. 2500

The door tag posted says it all about the '00-'06 1500 HD 6.0 engine 4L80 tranny . Mention the 1500 HD and some uninformed members say it can't pull anything but a small TT or popup. Now the newer 1500 GMs come with a NHT package at 7600 gvwr and 4300 rawr with the 5.3 or 6.2 engines 6/8 speed trannies. The newest year models may have the new 10 speed trannies. There was a 2500 LD at 7200 gvwr and 4900 rawr 350 engine and 4L60 tranny 9.5" 4.10 axle. I had one and worked great for 234k mile before giving it to my 16 year old GS. Then later the 2500HD came out with the larger AAM 11.5" rear axles. Heavier built truck all around for the Dmax.
JIMNLIN 07/10/19 08:50pm Tow Vehicles
RE: A poll: What does 2 blinks of the left signal mean to you?

Years ago ('70s/80s) when I was on the road pulling for a living it was understood 2-3 left blinks meant from my view up front its clear to pass. This was a necessary as most roads were 2 lanes I wouldn't do it today. Lots of drivers don't know how or are scared to pass on a 2 lane they just tail gate. Young females are the worst.
JIMNLIN 07/09/19 08:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: How are Power King tires?

Dang. Guess I will keep as a spare. Good idea. With 25 towmaster st tire complaints on complaints website and all types of trailering forums around the net they have a poor service record. My current '97 trailer came OEM with the old style 225/75-15 D Carlisle ST radials. Dumped them on CL and went with 16" LT E tires. I kept the OEM Carlisle as a spare till a few years ago when large sidewall and tread cracks made it unusable. The tire had never been on the ground and still had new tire tits all around. They make good spares if you have quality tires on the ground.
JIMNLIN 07/09/19 07:36pm Travel Trailers
RE: Towstar STR Tires?

Some of the better ST tires on the road are made in china such as the commercial grade S637 Sailuns or the Provider ST tires. Agree there are some very cheap made/bad quality ST C/D/E load range tires being sold today.
JIMNLIN 07/09/19 06:49am General RVing Issues
RE: Upgrading wheel size

ST205/75-14 C at 1760 lbs = 7040 lb capacity. I'd bet your 7700 lbs is a estimate and not a actual scaled weight. Looks like the 205/75 tires are close to being maxed out. Your choice on going with a 14" load D which would give tires on the trailer a bit more needed reserve capacity. Now you don't want to get silly and go with 2800-3000 lb + rated tires on a 7k lb road trailer . For my use having several cargo trailers used as job site tool trailers/boat trailers that came with 14" tires ...I sold the 14" tires and wheels then moved up to 15" sizes. The cargo trailers were pulled over rough roads getting to worksites so taller tires made things ride a bit easier inside the trailer.
JIMNLIN 07/08/19 06:35am Travel Trailers
RE: Endurance failure

I wouldn't be too concerned about a couple of reports about any tire. Now when we see the same issues across the trailering world (rv and non RV) on a regular basis like we've seen in the past then its time to look for a better tire. Or the tire had a event with a curb or obstacle and severally bruised the tires carcass.
JIMNLIN 07/06/19 09:02pm Travel Trailers
RE: Spare Tire Rack Failure - Third trip out with new RV.

Good reminder. Pretty common problem over the years. My last trailer had LT235/85-16 E. The spare was a bolt (clamp around) on the bumper tube. To keep someone from borrowing the spare and keep it attached to the tube bumper I use a security chain through the wheel and around the tube...just in case the nuts work loose... or someone with a wrench plays a bad trick.
JIMNLIN 07/06/19 08:46pm Travel Trailers
RE: Need Tires - Planning Ahead for Travel Trailer Purchase

I doubt your GM OEM 1/2 ton wheels are rated for those higher pressures. Better check before over inflating them. I would run them at 55-60 psi when towing and 35 psi when not towing with no more axle load than you have.. My 2500 Dodge/Cummins has the same size Michelin LTX AS LT265/70-17 E and is a much heavier truck than your 1500. This truck front axle weighs 4220-4280 lbs under the Cummins. I found 65 psi works best empty or loaded. The trucks rear weighs 2860 lbs empty and anywhere from 5200-6000 lbs loaded depending on which trailer I'm using. I found 45 psi when empty and 70 when towing works out best for this combo. Once you get the tires mounted drop by a set of scales and weigh your trucks front and rear axles separately....then figure how much psi you need in them.
JIMNLIN 07/06/19 03:01pm Towing
RE: Wheelbase questions

I could blind fold folks and let them ride in both....they won't tell much if any difference if both had the same std equipment/options/suspensions (2wd vs 4wd). Now back when short bed trucks had 118"-122" wheelbase and long beds had 132"-136" wheel base then we had big differences in ride quality.
JIMNLIN 07/06/19 08:12am Tow Vehicles
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