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RE: Dicor lap sealant or Eternabond tape for new roof vent

My 24 years old 32' 5er has had nothing but Dicor added when the OEM sealant needed help or replacing. The trailer was 4 year old when a crack formed in the skylite over the bed. I replaced it with a vent. I used the grey butyl tape like OEM first. Removed the squeeze out butyl then added Dicor over the scr heads and joint. Haven't touched it since. I helped a neighbor replace Eternabond on his roof (around two skylites) that some newb had poorly applied. I would never add Eternabond over screw heads. Its a bitzh to remove even when poorly applied. Having worked on RV and mobilehome mostly roof mfg/repair previously I would never add Eternabond over screw heads. Great stuff for hole repair or repairing long tears in roofing material.
JIMNLIN 03/03/21 08:55am General RVing Issues
RE: ram 2500 vs 3500

I assume your asking 2500 vs 3500 SRW. Dodge/Ram Body Builders Guide shows the frame rails (2500/3500 SRW) are the same even with the coil spring 2500 truck (same cab and bed) back to the coil spring area. The rear of the frames rails are modded and have componentry added for the rear coil suspension setup. The front axles are the same on both trucks. Brakes ?? Dodge/Ram body builder guide doesn't give us much info on brakes sizes but Dodge/Ram dealer mechanics and behind counter sales say they have the same parts numbers. Rear axle assy is the same 11.5" AAM on the 2500/3500 SRW. One member (IB516) says this about his 2500 coil spring Ram; "I hooked a 14k 5er to my coil sprung 2500 and it sat level. I regularly towed a 12k 5er with no issues. In fact, the 2014 2500 with coils sagged less with the same 5er than my 2007 3500 SRW did with Torklift Stableloads installed."
JIMNLIN 03/03/21 08:28am Fifth-Wheels
RE: DOT Endurance Test for ST Tires NOT same for LT Tires

LT may very well be great for going down the road but they dont handle the twisting stresses as good as ST tires. This comes under fake news.....or ST tire propaganda perpetuated for years by Carlisle tire adds and later on by tire chain stores especially Discount Tire stores and newb trailering bloggers. Ever watch a Ford truck with the old solid front axle make a sharp steer around a corner with the tire roll over on the outside edge of the tread. Like Barney mentioned in the first reply is ST tires were designed for trailer use only. I've noticed this leads some to the mis assumption that some how they were superior in certain performance to LT tires.
JIMNLIN 03/03/21 07:58am Towing
RE: Changing Tires

The trailer is much more solid sitting on the landing jacks. Less shake. When I was on the road and had to change a ruined tire the truck/trailer wiggles big time when a semi blast by at 70-80 mph out on the road. Thats why I bought (years ago) a 12t shorty Truckers Special HYD bottle jack. It slides under the axle tube next to the U bolt. The jack has a slip on axle tube cradle so no axle slipping of the jack when the bow wave blasts hits the truck/trailer. Now if I'm servicing all the axles then I park the trailer on the concrete pad in front of the garage and un hook the truck. Gotta' have the truck to chase parts or a tire.
JIMNLIN 03/02/21 06:32pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: DOT Endurance Test for ST Tires NOT same for LT Tires

I only wish there were a selection of LRD or LRE LT tires in 15" to choose from. AFAIK there is only 1 I am aware of, a 15" for sprinter vans. LRC not an issue in 15"LT, but LRD or E another story. Now if you already have 16" rims, much easier task. Yeah years back we had handfuls of 14"/15" LT in C/D and some E tires for 1/2 ton size vehicles. Sometime in the '80s 1/2 ton size vehicles started going away with 15" wheel sizes (bigger brakes). Looking at a RMA info letter on their web 2-3 years back says in a few more years even 16" LT and P tires will follow 14"/15" into history. Lets all hope the ST tire industry can keep upgrading their C/D/E tire quality. Timmo mentioned his Goodyear Wrangler on his trailer which is a excellent upgrade but he didn't say what size....just the brand/line name. Goodyear Wrangler HT comes in LT235/75-15 C load range at 1980 lbs. Several other domestic tire makers did have that size/load range. Goodyear did have a LT215/85-15 load D at 2095 lbs capacity in the Wrangler HT. Both are a good choice if the capacity works for the axle capacity. Maxxis in a UE-168 is their commercial LT tire and shows 14" and 15" LT tires sizes in D and E. Check them out. My Maxxis dealer turned into a Cooper tire dealer so I haven't kept up on Maxxis offerings.
JIMNLIN 03/01/21 07:10pm Towing
RE: DOT Endurance Test for ST Tires NOT same for LT Tires

ST vs LT and P tire testing per the 571 FMVSS on this web is old old news. Its already been cussed/discussed to the hilt some years ('00s early teens) back so nothing new as its still the same testing procedures per 571 specs. Way back in '09 a member seniorGNC posted this from 49 CFR 571 tires testing requirement in 5 areas for LT vs ST tire testing. seniorGNC good read presentation
JIMNLIN 03/01/21 08:05am Towing
RE: Fuel mileage

Exactly. My mileage and power all dropped coming home from FL. Guess you would just deal with it and drive on with fuel prices escalating? Took it in and it was more than just the filters. $160 fixed it though. When I was on the road towing for a living we watched our mpg every tank. Every truck had a clip board and a pencil on a string for figuring mpgs/other needs. This was years before the computer in trucks. Today I watch mostly EGTs and boost levels on the Cummins/ Westach but still check every other tank mpgs. My vehicles fuel mpgs is important to me....for several reasons already talked about.
JIMNLIN 03/01/21 06:48am Fifth-Wheels
RE: How Important is Garage Storage?

All my cars and trucks have always had a garage. All my trailers (rv and non rv) are stored in a tractor shed or the trailer shed. My '97 32' 5th wheel rv trailer has sat in a trailer shed for all but one year and looks like new. I tend to keep equipment a long time so its important to me from a dollar value and exterior maintenance issue to keep it covered. I see many folks have a 2-3 car garage full of junk but leave their vehicles outside 24/7. The sun will runeth all things over time
JIMNLIN 02/27/21 05:55am Travel Trailers
RE: Good Year buying out Cooper tires

I've used Coopers for years mostly on trailer with 5.2k and 6k axles. Cooper like other USA tire makers has many lines of P/LT/AT/MS/HT tires so having issue with one line of any brand tire doesn't mean all lines within that brand are bad. For years Coopers commercial grade in a 16" LT E HT was the SRM II. Good for 40k-60k on my trailers. These were discontinued several years back and now Cooper's newest commercial grade is a Discoverer HT 3 in the same size/load range all season tread.....still get the same miles and same trouble free service.
JIMNLIN 02/26/21 06:48pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ram 2500 only carries 2300 lbs.

The 2018 Mega Cab 6.7 4wd has a 6500 rawr ....empty rear axle can weigh around 150 more lbs than a 6.7 4wd crew cab rear axle so not much to worry about. Both can have 3000+ lb in the bed payloads to work with. Numbers like this is a moot point if the OP truck sags too much and he's looking for more suspension to help with a sag issue.
JIMNLIN 02/26/21 08:00am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Ram 2500 only carries 2300 lbs.

Yes they'll pay up to the limits of your policy. It's the follow on Civil Suit by those Lawyers that advertise on the Tele getting Millions for their clients.Show me a link to any such suit for an RV accident that has been filed and won. The are no such suits - it’s all internet hogwash. It always amassed me how only rv folks get sued for exceeding a gver or gvwr based payload but out here in the hauling world of DOT and insurance using the same trucks we don't get sued for exceeding a gvwr or gvwr based payload that caused a wreck with injury. Now if were over truck or trailer axle/tire load rating and it caused a wreck with injury then it can go civil suit and a whole bunch of DOT actions that can ruin our lively hood. Anywayz.... 2500 Rams can have a 6000/6200/6500 rawr which carries the load in the bed (not a gvwr number). I would recommend weighing your truck front and rear axle weights separately and determine your truck models real world in the bed payload. If the truck rear suspension sags too much then look at coil spring help. Keep in mind RAWR is the lessor of a wheel/tire/rear springs and the axle assy. Watch wheel/tire load ratings. Safety wise don't exceed tires or wheel load ratings.
JIMNLIN 02/25/21 08:25pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Tire Replacement Question

I would never use a RV dealer to buy and mount tires on any trailer...or wheel barrow. Most tire stores in suburbia aren't set up for a vehicle pulling a trailer nor do they have enough trailering customers to offer good advise. When I was pulling for a living I did all my trailers tire service with mostly Goodyear truck tire stores. They know a hell of a lot more about best tires for a trailer than the type stores I mentioned above. Plus they have enough room and proper equipment for servicing trailers. Both small towns near me (10k -20k population) have 2-3 tire stores each and do all the truck and trailer service in their area. Drive by anytime and their mounting tires on some type of trailer. You can always buy tires of your choice off the net ( or many others) and let a area tire dealer that has the equipment mount them for you.
JIMNLIN 02/23/21 06:40am Travel Trailers
RE: Help! Nu Wa manual desperately needed Try their forums. I have't looked in on it in a year or so.
JIMNLIN 02/23/21 06:19am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Yoko Geolander GO15 A/T LT Tires ... Any good.??

hmmm.. this is the 5th wheel trailer forum. I don't klnow of any 17" trailer wheels but if your asking about your tow truck we have a tow vehicle forum where you will get more input for your tires.
JIMNLIN 02/22/21 06:06am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Light Japanese Trucks used as Tow Vehicles here

The Fuso, a lowly 161 hp. But, it's meant for efficiency in commercial use, not high performance recreation. Recreation demands "fun factor". Look at boats - an offshore sports fisher can run 1500 hp, all to catch 3 tunas. A commercial trawler with a 25,000 lbs salmon hold may run a 90hp Perkins. LOL.... then the bass boat crowd with 300 hp...21' bass boats running 90 mph to catch a 6 lb bass. Seriously tho LTL size trucking industry in the USA uses the newer gen one ton DRW trucks pulling at 35k-38k GCW and carrying 6500-7000 in the bed payloads. Moving up to a 450/4500 diesels cab/chassis can give the hauler a 8000-8500 lb on a custom haulers bed payload and 45k+ GCW. Or a 550/5500 diesels cab/chassis for 50k plus GCW and over 10k on the bed payloads. No need for a Japans trucks here in the USA to pull a RV trailer or a commercial trailer. We see very few Japans trucks around here but the few in operation are mostly fleet trucks.
JIMNLIN 02/21/21 06:16am Tow Vehicles
RE: Sway Question

The problem is I keep getting different information about sway depending where I look or who I ask. My salesman, for example, told us that the difference between a 28 ft and a 33 ft would not make any difference with sway. Can that be right? I AS you have surly discovered by now their are many reasons a combo can have sway... so no one fix works on all combinations. Other expy owners who are pulling the same length trailer can have input for you so check with trailer brand forums also. One of the worst bumper pull sway incidents I've seen when I was on the road was a one ton DRW truck pulling what looked like a 25-28' TT. We could guess till the cows came in why the combo was swaying. Some ideas expressed here can add to a sway issue so use proper equipment and hit the road for a short run and see how the combo is working. Then make changes.
JIMNLIN 02/21/21 05:53am Towing
RE: oh joy...........

Good looking truck Marty. The wifes same white '16 1500 4wd crew cab short bed truck (5' 8") with 5.3 6 speed 3.42 gears replaced her older same configuration '06 model. Nite and day different. The '16 is so much quieter on the road or just idling. Her '16 5.3 with 355hp/383 torque has a heck of lot more torque in the lower rpms than her old '06 5.3 engine. We prefer driving it over a 2010 Impala on short or long trips. AS your equipment I can load my 7240 lb blue tractor on my 10k car hauler (bumper pull) to get any hitch load needed. Barney talked me into a Husky Centerline TS WD hitch with 1200 lb bars for this size/high CG load. This tractor has 14/9-28" rear tires and sits tall on the trailer. Pulling nothing but GN trailers I was surprised how it cut trailer over steer. Only problem was pogo sticking even with new Bilsteins. A call to etrailer for their input on stiffening up the rear springs with this load. They suggested the black Sumo springs. Cured the pogo sticking and a easy install.
JIMNLIN 02/20/21 07:48am Tow Vehicles
RE: 5th wheel tire review

I found information about the Bridgestone R500HD. I had 5 installed, my weight on the axles is correct for these tires. I had rig weighted when I was going on a trip with all loaded. These are commercial rated tires for work vehicles. Good tread for a trailer tire. The R500 Bridgestones LT E at 3042 lbs per tire have been around for years and have always been one of the better choices for rv trailers and commercial work trailers with 5.2k and 6k axles. Commercial haulers find with a LT tire we don't need a huge amount of reserve capacity like ST E tires require. If you do a lot of road miles per year you will find more miles of service with a LT E with 14 to 16/32nds of tread depth than any ST E tire like a Endurance with just 9/32nds tread depth. Big deal for those of us that see high miles of road service. Keep those R500 Bridgestones pumped to the max for max service
JIMNLIN 02/20/21 06:05am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Chevy vs Arctic Fox. Can It Tow It...Safely?

welcome to the forum. Most rv folks newbs to towing trailers have no idea how much load a truck can carry safely or how much weight it can safely tow (pull). So they say get a DRW/diesel. Anywayz you already have the '20 3500 SRW LB 4wd 6.6 gasser. The truck won't have any issues towing/starting/stopping/handling a 13xxx lb gvwr 5th wheel rv trailer especially for what your doing with it. Looks like a good combo.
JIMNLIN 02/18/21 07:13pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Nascar Follies

I turned the tv on to my local Fox race channel and all I heard was Bubba this...Bubba that. Switched the channel to a nature program. Switched back over to Fox later and saw two laps of the usual race parade before the smash up. Watched replays and then Fox goes back into their Bubba this and Bubba that mode. Soooo disgusted with Nascar....nothing changed from last year. Guess they finished the race but I doubt this old man who was a big NASCAR fan will not watch this season either.
JIMNLIN 02/15/21 06:51am Around the Campfire
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