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RE: I need a large 5th wheel but am I looking too large?

States can have a vehicle length law on the books and same for a combination max length. My state is 42' for a RV and 68' for a combination. I've yet to hear of anyone (rv folks) being pulled over for being over either max lengths. A '17 F350 DRW has a 9900 rawr that will carry all the hitch load and other gear in the bed. Many owners report around 3500 lb unladin rear axle weight (actaul weight depends on scaled axle weights). This leaves approx 6k-6.5k lbs for a in the bed payload. Your gonna' have close to a max loaded truck. Just for fodder.....Next truck up is the F450 cab/chassis with those big 11.5k-12k rawr numbers which will give you plenty of reserve load carrying capacity.
JIMNLIN 08/06/19 06:50pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: proper hook up procedure?

If your the type as some must be that lifts the trailer off the jacks as they back under the pin then they would need the trailer wheels blocked. With 3 different 5th wheel rv trailers and 4 different 5th wheel flatdecks I've never lifted the trailer off the jacks while backing under the pin. My trailer sits in the trailer shed also with no chocks. I use them in the camp ground on a extended stay or storms in the area when over nighting.
JIMNLIN 08/06/19 07:16am Fifth-Wheels
RE: New To TT game, need some help/advice/smacking

Your 2018 5.3 chevy 3.42 gears with the 6 or 8 speed tranny won't need any help with towing duties. I tow a 10k trailer with the wifes 2016 crew cab chevy 4wd 5.3 6 speed tranny. I use a Husky Centerline TS with 1200 lb bars. The newer 1500 trucks don't have much in common with the older 1500 trucks with 5.3 engine and 4 speed trannies. Get a good WD hitch and go enjoy the new camper of the wife's choice :B.
JIMNLIN 08/06/19 06:05am Travel Trailers
RE: Hitch choice

I have owned 5 RAM's two US Made and 3 Mexico. Many on the TDR would say their 2nd gen Mexi trucks were better built. I can't agree as all of mine have been great. The trucks made in either place are MOSTLY US Made components. My two US Made rAM's have over 400k each and are in great condition. Chinese Made Products are simply Made In China. Same can be said about made in china Reese hitches or any product made in china.....or your Ram made in Mexico. You like your made in Mexico Ram. Same for those that like their made in china hitch. Just be happy with your foreign made product.
JIMNLIN 08/05/19 08:11pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Hitch choice

Long live REESE, :B that is all this ole country boy ever used. The original US Made ones or recent years CHINESE Made units? And would it make a difference , like Sailun tires believe it or not there are standards to build too. The US is not the only country that builds quality products . Are you going to tell us now Reese is no good ?? Same with the older Dodge/Rams made in the USA vs the newer Rams made in Mexico. Same size shoe.
JIMNLIN 08/04/19 06:06pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th wheel lifting bracket

I've seen different home made devices like that one that lifted from the hitch jaws. One was made from schedule #40 blk pipe....another from a cut off axle shaft. My hitch plate has 1/2" holes at the ends. I use 1/2" eye bolts and made cables with slip hooks at both ends. Now I can lift it with a old come-a-long hanging from a truss rib in the tractor barn.
JIMNLIN 08/03/19 12:13pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Short Beds w/out Sliding Hitch

Depends on the truck brand. GM has the longest C/A (cab to axle) dimension than the Ram or Ford. My son had a '02 2500 chevy short bed....then a '15 2500 chevy short bed and now a '18 2500 chevy short bed with two different 5th wheel trailers and has no need for a sliding hitch. And as others with short bed trucks said the newer 5ers may have the rounded/notched front corners eliminating the need for a sliding hitch. Another player is hitch location. You get the max distance by placing the hitch with the pin zero over the trucks rear axle.
JIMNLIN 08/03/19 11:59am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Ford F-150 what do I need for towing?

I would make one correction; with a few caveats it's rated to tow 13,200 lbs. Such as it has to have the Heavy Duty Payload Package (HDPP), 157" WB, 20-inch wheels, to name a few. You have to check the Payload sticker on the door of the truck to be sure of what you are getting. Yeah the F150HDPP is the only F150 that can come close to towing certain types of 13k lb trailers. A F150 with the small 7050 gvwr and 3800 rawr simply doesn't have enopugh rear axle capacity to carry a hitch load from a 13k lb rv trailer. Tow means to carry and pull. Many F150 owners bit into the max tow option thinking it allows a f150 to tow the max. Don't get me wrong but the max tow option is worth the extra cost. All the max tow option is per Ford ; • 3.55 Electronic-locking rear-axle • 4-pin/7-pin wiring harness • 36 Gallon fuel tank • Auxiliary transmission oil cooler • Engine oil cooler • Class IV trailer hitch receiver • Pro Trailer Backup Assist with Tailgate LED • Smart Trailer Tow Connector (standard on LARIAT and higher) • Integrated Trailer Brake Controller • Upgraded front stabilizer bar • Upgraded rear bumper And of course the different cab and engine configurations. I'll list the top F150 for towing...starts with ...the 7850 GVWR and 4800 rawr good for up to 2500 lbs or so in the bed. down is a 7600 gvwr and 4550 rawr good for maybe 2200 lbs in the bed. ...then a 7050 gvwr with 4050 rwar good for around 1800 lbs in the bed. ...6800 gvwr and tiny 3800 rawr good for approx 1500 lb in the bed. All truck above can be had with the "max tow " option. And other F150 with smaller gvwr and rawrs....real grocery getters. Those yellow payload stickers are a GVWR based payload which may overload the rear axle. Some of it may have to be placed on the trucks front axle such as work trucks full overhead racks like we see on overhead door service trucks folks use.
JIMNLIN 08/02/19 07:22pm Travel Trailers
RE: reading transmission fluid dipstick

Yeah...its a common problem with todays new vehicles especially with the thin narrow sticks. Some times I wait for the fluid to drain out of the tube then stick it.
JIMNLIN 08/02/19 12:42pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Hitch choice

You won't need a one ton DRW to tow a pop up trailer. Same with 5th wheel hitches. There are several heavy 5th wheel rv type hitches out here and its been my experience one isn't needed for that lighter weight trailer. Now if your pulling heavy weight trailers then the heavier hitch systems may be required.
JIMNLIN 08/02/19 12:27pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Goodyear Marathon Class Action Suit

clicky link Thoughts ?? The Marathons are no longer in production and have replaced by Goodyears Endurance. Having used the Marathons on various rv and non rv trailers when they were made in the USA as far back as the '70 era makes me wonder why someone waited so long. Hell before they came out with the circle S remake Marathons in the late '90s.... they were worse back then as the later ones made in china.
JIMNLIN 08/02/19 08:53am Travel Trailers
RE: need new tires

The Endurance replaces the old Marathons. Tires cupping in the center of the tread can indicate a brake lock up event (flat spotting). My 10k car hauler had one brake that flat spotted a 16" E tire in several places around the tire which caused a bad vibration (empty trailer) to the truck. I use it as the spare know. OEM 6 ply would be a C load range. A load D would be a better choice. At 1.2 million miles pulling trailers with 14"/15"/16" and 17.5" tires I found out the hard way a trailer can be over tired. Thats why experts recommend a replacement tire with not over 15- 20 percent reserve capacity above the trailers axle ratings. That way the tire can be ran at max sidewall pressures for a cooler running and longer lasting tire. I'm not a fan of any ST tire because of my past experience with them however the Endurance....Carlisle HD....and the Provider ST tires seem to be the better choices when we look around the net at the many websites that use rv and non rv trailers. I have the Provider ST235/80-16 E on the 10k car hauler (5200 lb axles) I mentioned. Their DOT date code is 2610 and 2510 or 9 years old. The tread wear bars are starting to show so I just had Discount Tire mount four more. I'm sold on the Providers. Check them out.
JIMNLIN 08/02/19 08:30am Fifth-Wheels
RE: need new tires

They say, opinions are like belly buttons, everybody has one, right or wrong. What yours. :B
JIMNLIN 08/01/19 12:23pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Understanding GVWR and payload..

Is this right and is there a consensus of a number to subtract from GVWR/payload for the average RV/TC user like 1000# added to the dry weight of a TC seems to be the standard. Short answer is no as everyone loads their camper with different items...or amounts. You won't get a consensus on any thing where it come to weights on a rv forum. The only forums where everyone agrees is on a haulers forum where everyone agrees DOT method (example) ton SRW pickup trucks actual payload is all placed in the bed over the rear axle. A 7050 RAWR weighs 3060 lbs = 3990 lb payload. We don't get a consensus on DOTs method.....on any rv website.
JIMNLIN 07/31/19 12:32pm Truck Campers
RE: need new tires

(quote)Frankly, were I to go ahead and go to an E tire, I'd only drop them to 70, as I feel that you start to get into underinflation territory below that. Tire wear and contact patch suffer. Now, were I going onto the sand at Pismo, that'd be a whole nuther subject. (emoticon) Lyle (/quote) 70 psi would be better than 65 psi. Not knowing the trailers load per tire I would do some chalk line across the tread system to double check those minimum tire pressure chart numbers. Remember those numbers are a minimum and doesn't cover the needs of a tire on a trailer and the tires interply shear affects. Going from the D to a E tire has the advantage of a stiffer tire which at 80 psi its doing a better job of holding the tires plies together than at 65 psi when making those tight turns. Roger Marble (Tireman9) a actual tire engineer talks about shear forces in tires on trailers. If a person would spend about a week and read all he has written on this subject you will see the reasons experienced RVers and tire experts/trailer blogs/Goodyear tire/others all recommend max sidewall pressures....unless some one has severally over tired the trailer.
JIMNLIN 07/31/19 12:10pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: need new tires

And 50 psi on the minimum pressure chart gives you the same load rating as a C tire. You gain nothing by derating a 80 psi E rated tire to 65 psi D tire pressures. If folks would read rvtiresafety or Capriracer blogs on proper tire pressures/load range choices/tire size for trailers there would be no need to buy a E tire then derate pressures to 50 or 65 psi. From Goodyear RV tire website; Goodyear Tire and Rubber .... weighing RVs Special Considerations Unless trying to resolve poor ride quality problems with an RV trailer, it is recommended that trailer tires be inflated to the pressure indicated on the sidewall of the tire. Trailer tires experience significant lateral (side-to-side) loads due to vehicle sway from uneven roads or passing vehicles. Using the inflation pressure engraved on the sidewall will provide optimum load carrying capacity and minimize heat build-up
JIMNLIN 07/31/19 09:00am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Tow vehicle registration

Why would you want to? Good question as the OP is from Canada and may or may not require and GCW for registration purposes. Its not possible in Oklahoma to register a non commercial truck/trailer at a GCW. In fact we have no weight for registering our non commercial trucks.
JIMNLIN 07/29/19 01:11pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Who really cares about what forum a thread is in?

I came to in '03 with a haulers background towing trailers (non rv) so I'm interested in tow vehicle and trailers. And the truck camper forum as we had three truck campers I carried on my work trucks, before 5th wheel rv trailers hit the streets. I also follow a couple of haulers websites.....and agriculture websites mostly keeping up with equipment changes and advances. I'm a old guy so I follow what interests me.
JIMNLIN 07/29/19 06:38am General RVing Issues
RE: Ram 2500 rough ride question

The wife had her heart set on a new 2016 2500 Ram 6.4 with the coils which both of us though would ride smoother than my '03 2500 or my old beater '98 chevy 4wd long bed crew cab one ton DRW. After a 5 mile ride it busted hers and my expectation bubble. Returned to the small town dealership with a what happened question. The service and sales mgr both said this was the most asked question after a test drive on the new 2500. After reading IB516 thoughts on his 2500 with coils settled less than his previous 3500 SRW with the same 12k 5th wheel trailer I now understand the rough ride.
JIMNLIN 07/25/19 07:08am Tow Vehicles
RE: 6.4l 8 speed towing review

Lots of political spouting/posturing/rants/bilge for a thread about the new Rams 6.4l 8 speed towing review.
JIMNLIN 07/25/19 06:54am Tow Vehicles
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