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RE: HWY 6 to 191 SE Utah

We were on hiway 6 from I-70 to Salt Lake just last week. Some 4 lanes but some 2 lane with plenty of passing lanes. A bit of construction delay around Price area. 191 takes off from I-70 down through Moab and to Monticello where 491 goes to Cortz, Colorado. Guess I've never been to Cortz AZ
JIMNLIN 11/03/22 07:40pm Travel Trailers
RE: Dealers lots are filling up

Dealers lots here in my part of the state are still few if any new models of the brand they carry. Most lots are still 75 percent empty. However go by a Ford dealers lot and we see used Ford/GM Ram/and even Toyoto trucks.Same with a GM dealer. These are small town dealers...not being around a big city things maybe different for those dealers.
JIMNLIN 10/30/22 06:07am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ooops, not a wolf....

This world is made up of all type of people. In 1959 I had a chance to take out a mountain lion in central OK on my grandpappy's place....but their was no good reason why I should. Yeah, I'm a hunter....for food.
JIMNLIN 10/29/22 07:16pm Around the Campfire
RE: Blow outs and tires

I dumped ST tires (C/D/E) years ago when pulling non rv trailers for a living. Too many ruined tires and down time on the side of the road changing tires or waiting for a small town tire store to open. We also carried two spares per trailer and some times ran out of tires. For my trailers with tandem/triaxle 5.2k and 6k axles...or 10k-11k tandem dual axles I use a LT235/85-16" E @ 3042 lbs capacity. Check out the Bridgestone R238 commercial grade all steel ply carcass same as the old tried and true Michelin XPS Ribs. I have poly carcass LT 16" E on my 11400 lb 5th wheel trailer and get in the 50k-55k miles before tread wear bars just start showing. On other trailers with 7k-8k axles the commercial grade all steel ply carcass Sailun S637 in a ST235/85-16 load G at 4400 lbs capacity. I have a set of these on a 36' triaxle GN stock trailer. Tires have around 35k miles now and going on 7 years old. Using the tires above we don't have tire problems anymore nor do we need a lot of reserve capacity above the trailers axle ratings as some rv folks tend to do using ST C/D/E tires.
JIMNLIN 10/27/22 07:10pm Toy Haulers
RE: New to traveling

Welcome to the forum.. If your going with a 1500 GM product pulling a trailer be sure and get the NHT package (tow package). It comes with the higher rated gvwr and rawr numbers. A 2014 and up 1500 gm you also can choose between the 5.3 engine at 355 hp/383 torque or the 6.2 engine at 420 hp/460 torque. Both can come with the NHT package. The 6.2 engine can tow GMs 1500 trucks tow ratings with ease. Older engine were down on power levels. And also be aware of some GMs engines AFM/valve train (cylinder deactivation issues) with the 5.3 and 6.2 engines prior to 2021-22 ?? models. Google has lots on this subject. My wifes has a '16 1500 chevy 4wd crew cab short bed 5.3 engine 6 speed tranny 3.42 gears (not the NHT package). IMO a 6k-6.5k wet weight trailer would be the max I would want to pull around the country with the 5.3 engine. The 6.2 engine can handle a 7k-7.5k lb trailer. Good luck on the hunt.
JIMNLIN 10/26/22 06:23am Travel Trailers
RE: Dicor sealant on my fifth wheel

I keep all my rv and non rv sealants in the fridge. They last for years with the open end plugged your favorite way.
JIMNLIN 10/24/22 01:01pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: One Tire Worn Out

I’ve got one of the tires in my TT that is worn almost bald. The other 3 are fine. I’m guessing it is out of alignment/bent. Can this be fixed without replacing the axle?? It’s been 4 years for it to wear out. Should I just replace the tires for and go another 4 years. I’m probably gonna trade in the next year or so. Easy fix for a big rig trailer repair shop. If the wear is across the tread its most likely a toe in/toe out issue. If the tires tread has worn on one side it can be a axle camber issue. Easy fix for for a big rig shop as they simply bend the end of the axle tube back to specs.
JIMNLIN 10/24/22 08:17am Travel Trailers
RE: Will I regret this truck?

My main concern is will I regret not getting a dually. If I must have a dually the plan to buy a 5th wheeler will probably be scrapped. Depends on how much loaded pin weight a 33'-35' trailer has. The 6.7 diesel will have no problems pulling those size trailer....but the truck rawr which carries the load is limited. Match the size truck you need to estimated hitch weight from its gvwr not a length number. 33'-35' rv trailers loaded hitch weight vary greatly in trailers this length. As MFL and ford truck guy points out some 5th wheel trailer that size may have too much hitch weight plus other stuff in the trucks bed and rear of the cab may over load a F350 SRW 7250 rawr/tires/wheels and rear suspension. The most weigh a 7250 rawr F350 srw can carry will be in the 3600-3800 lb range depending on truck options. Choose a lighter gvwr trailer and the F350 srw will be good to go.
JIMNLIN 10/24/22 08:03am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Likely to regret

We tried a class 8 tractor pulling GN trailers up to 22000 gvwr getting into work sites and loading yard off pavement situations..... made for LDT size trucks. Similar situation to where rv trailers go. The HDT was too much overkill for that type of work our LDT's did with ease. Will a HDT work for you ?? Depends on how and where you want to camp or travel. You have the HDT so try 'er out first. It may work for the places you want to go.
JIMNLIN 10/24/22 07:41am Fifth-Wheels
RE: heavier trailer tires and fuel economy

I think a lot of people are making a mountian over a mole hill when it comes to rough rides. it will be a minimal difference at best. Lots of myth about tires on trailers gets started on rv forums in particular. Usually from newbs that has their first trailer ever or just something some one read that sounded like it made good sense...but in didn't work out that way when actual experience was applied. One newb had 16" E ties on his 2500 tow truck. His trailers hitch weight required all 80 psi for the load. He said if a tire with 80 psi blew out on the back of the truck it would launch the back of the truck off the he was only going to use 60-65 psi. I don't think we convinced him this wouldn't happen. And some apply their tire tech knowledge about tires on cars/suvs/our pickup trucks/etc..... to good tire tech knowledge in a trailer position. Apples vs pickles.'ll like those heavier commercial grade tires for that 16k GN flatdeck trailer.
JIMNLIN 10/15/22 07:16am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Correct Sealant for Windows, Marker Lights, Rain Gutter, ?

Its not just rv folks that found out by actual experience pure silicone didn't bond well when used as a sealant. That depends on the class silicone used. GE has three different class of silicone sealants for exterior use.(doors and windows) a all purpose class 25... a advanced all purpose class 35 with 5X stronger adhesion... a supreme silicone class 50 with 7X stronger adhesion... Probably why some silicone users had no adhesion issues and others did. I'm sure other silicone brands are about the same as GE. Lots of info on the net from rv forums/boating repair shops/construction trades/etc about wrong class of silicone lack of adhesion issues.
JIMNLIN 10/13/22 08:08am Travel Trailers
RE: Correct Sealant for Windows, Marker Lights, Rain Gutter, ?

I've learned this non sense from the pros that do the job for a living on rv another website. (rv brand website) Those pros recommended using sealants made for rvs. Actually silicone residue is a major problem depending on type of silicone and how its blended. Silicone comes in acetoxy or a neutral cure form. Acetoxy can leave a acetic acid residue which can cause bonding issues when used on certain materials. Its a fast curing product and smells like vinegar. The neutral cure silicone leave no residue and has no odor and bonds well with different materials ...but does take longer to cure. Other RV related sealants can have there own non silicone/siliconized blends so long term performance may vary. So yeah that tube of 100 percent silicone from Lowes that smells like vinegar isn't the best idea for a rv sealing or resealing job.
JIMNLIN 10/12/22 08:11pm Travel Trailers
RE: heavier trailer tires and fuel economy

Interesting. Thanks. These are on my gooseneck trailer. GVWR =16k but it came with 12 ply tires. Not sure what psi the rims are rated for but I ran 80psi in the old tires. One of my non rv trailers is a 38' triaxle stock trailer with 7k axles. I had the trailer mfg derate its gvwr from 21k to 16K for tax and registration purposes. It came with ST235/85 16 G @4400 lb capacity cheap brand ST tires ( Hi Run brand ??) I was aware they had a bad rep doing that type work so I had 6 Sailun S637 ST235/80-16 load G at 4080 lbs capacity ready when my trailer dealer called and said your trailers in. He did the change out for free. Sold the maypops on CL for more than the trailer mfg sold them for which helped pay most of the cost of those commercial grade all steel carcass 16" Sailun S637. I keep tires on all my commercial trailers and rv trailers tires at max sidewall 24/7. Heavy tires rob horse power as any racer/commercial hauler knows. However in my hauling business those heavy tires at max sidewall pressures are worth the extra weight in long term service and higher miles of service. A RV trailer are no different.
JIMNLIN 10/12/22 12:14pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: heavier trailer tires and fuel economy

It matters with tires on a trailer also and can be even more so depending on how much pressure is used in the heavier duty tire. Some rv folks tend to over tire their trailer like this rv trailer owner found out. ***Senior Member Joined: 10/22/2011 View Profile When it came time for me to replace our tires, I researched many different ways to go. I wound up purchasing 17.5" J rated medium duty truck tires and wheels. When all done and said, it was $5.00 per wheel and tire combo more than just replaceing the 16" tires. This tire and wheel combo is good for 6005 pounds each. Using the inflation chart to get the pressure for the load, I inflated to 80 psi which was good for 4500 pounds per tire. With the first tow with these tires to Kansas City, I have made this trip to the speedway several times before, I was down almost 2 mpg both ways. The tires were 20*-25* hotter than the truck, which I have never experienced before. I inflated them to the side wall pressure, 125 psi for max load, before our trip to Florida. Now the tires run 5*-10* cooler than the truck and my fuel mileage is back where it used to be. I have always run max pressure up until I installed these tires, with what I have experienced, I will continue to run what the side wall indicates.*** One poster mentioned LT tires for a 10000 lb trailer. Its been my experience best idea for trailers with 5.2k and 6k axles/16" wheels and 16" LT tires recommended by the tire mfg for trailer use.
JIMNLIN 10/12/22 06:13am Fifth-Wheels
RE: TIRES,,,,,need 4

Thanks to all for your advise and suggestions. maybe wait a month and see what goes on sale for black friday or buy 3 and get one free deal... will still check for any more advise... TY While your waiting spend some time on website and look at each 20" LT tire mfg different AT type tread designs. Some have large lugs and voids....others may look more like a AS tire. Were rural out here where we live with mostly gravel roads and some oil/chipped. On the wifes 1500 4wd chevy crew cab I keep a nice quiet set of Bridgstone LTH AS (Discount tire) on it. I also have a set of Goodyear Duratrac AT. The Duratracs tread looks more like a MT type tread. I use them mostly in the winter (snow/mud) or if I have a job where the AS won't go. Lots of different AT tread designs to choose from. Smaller lugs and voids normally gets you better miles of service vs larger lugs/ always depends on driving habits and city vs rural.
JIMNLIN 10/05/22 08:06pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 5th wheel & Half-ton TV Thoughts

Thanks for everyone’s response…between my recommendations and what he found here he decided to go with a TT for now…but is already looking at a 3/4 ton upgrade to his truck for pulling the new TT as well as preparing for the 5er down there road. Remind him that all 3/4 ton trucks aren't the same. And gas or diesel or used trucks. A 2500 GM model with the 11550 gvwr and 6600 rawr gets him around 3400-3500 lb in the bed payload for carrying a 5th wheel hitch and the trailers hitch weight. Fords F250 10800 gvwr...and 6340 rawr with the camper package or heavy service pack give has the same suspension as the std duty F350 srw. These truck can easily handle 3200 -3300 lb payload Ram 2500 come with a 10000 gvwr and depending on year models can have a 6000-6200-6500 rawr. The 6500 rawr came in the mid teens will give the best payload. If he is looking at 13k-14k lb 5th wheel trailer then a one ton srw would be a better choice. Which brings up another issues as some one ton srw trucks have the same gvwr/rawr packages as the higher rated 3/4 ton trucks.
JIMNLIN 10/04/22 07:36am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Ian destruction

My son lives near Deland. His electric went off thur nite and back on sunday evening. We stayed in contact by texts although he had periods of no cell satellite service. He has 17 acres with no structure damage but lots of tree damage. Gotta' feel for those that lost everything and a loved one.
JIMNLIN 10/03/22 07:29am General RVing Issues
RE: 5th wheel & Half-ton TV Thoughts

Hello all, I have a friend who has a F150 who is currently towing a 30ft bumper pull trailer who is looking to move up to a 5th wheel. I am concerned that while the dealership says he'll be fine that he'll have clearance issues with his small 5'5" bed (his F150 is a crew cab). He has already upgraded his tires and suspension so handling the pin weight (he's looking at the lighter halfton 5th wheels with pin weights around 1400lbs). If anyone has any thoughts or experience when it comes to clearance issues and hitches it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks LOL...anytime a 1/2 ton truck is mentioned for pulling a "light weight" 5th wheel trailer with 1400 lb pin weight the no it can do it crowd shows up with the infamous "no 1/2 ton can tow a 5th wheel trailer nonsense" Has your question about your clearance concerns for a buddies F150 5' 5" short bed been addressed ?? There are hitch solution=s out here just for that combo.
JIMNLIN 10/02/22 07:04am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Time for new tires already?

I ran the OEM Michelin LT265/70-17 E LTX AS on my '03 2500 Dodge/ Cummins for 113k miles before they finally wore down close to the wear bars. The tire had hard rubber with very poor traction on any wet/frozen surface. The same OEM Michelins in a 16" LT E on a new '01 2500 Dodge/Cummins lasted 84k miles close to the wear bars. Went with a Bridgestone Revo at that time. Huge gain in traction. Ran them for 68k miles till they made too much noise for my use. I'm rural out here with lots of highway miles with very little city miles. I'm a conservative driver and don't square my corner turns like I see many LDTs/cars/suv drivers do. I've always got over 60k mile out of light truck tires on 3/4 and one ton LDTs even the ones I had in service (hiway). I still use Bridgestone or Cooper AT type tires on my LDTs.
JIMNLIN 10/01/22 06:47am Tow Vehicles
RE: Load Range F Tires

So now I'm on eBay and I'm wondering if I should go to F rated tires. I think G rated tires are way overboard for this application. 10,000 lbs, including the trailer, is the rare maximum these tires will ever have to carry. Not to mention the price of Gs are far more expensive. But I have two questions. 1. Your thinking on G load tires are correct for that size trailer. If the F tires are a commercial grade all steel ply carcass then they also don't work the best with lower tire pressures. 2. If the trailer was in long haul service derating the tires pressure is never a good idea for several reasons. However with your trailers part time operation and the F are a known quality tire then they will work better than your trailers OEM maypops. Depending on how many miles of service your wanting you will get more miles out of a tire with thicker tread depths. Those F may have 14-16/32nds of tread depths good for 60k-80k miles of service. Thin tread depth tires (8/32-10/32nds) won't make that kind of service. I have a 20' 10k car hauler/5.2k axles/16" wheels that has about the same working conditions as yours. This trailers duty is carrying my 7680 lb blue tractor/implements out to occasional job sites for you. Gross axle loads run 8840 lbs to 9280 lbs depending on tractor implements. The OEM tires were Provider ST235/80 -16 E at 3520 lbs per tire. Ran the first set for around 38-39k miles and 9 years. Lots of tread left but didn't want any tire issues on the road so bought a 2nd set from Discount tire. Their a poly carcass tire...I keep all my trailers tires (load C/D/E/G) at max sidewall 24/7. The Providers first came out on commercial trailers showing up on haulers forums in the '10 era and are one of the first new gen higher speed rated ST class tires.
JIMNLIN 09/29/22 07:15am General RVing Issues
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