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RE: A new way to tow a 5’er!

Pickup bed trailer with 6-8 lug axle = 6k-7k lbs with brakes/E tires and wheels. 5th wheel trailer has brakes and the tow vehicle has brakes. Its simply a poor man version of the high priced Automated Safety Hitch system.
JIMNLIN 01/19/20 06:35pm Towing
RE: Freightliner M2 106 Sport Chassis (tow weight)

Four different manual trannies and four different auto trannies. I would contact Freightliner with your trucks vin number. They can tell you how much weight the truck can tow.
JIMNLIN 01/16/20 05:35am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2018 RAM 2500 with Adventurer 910DB

GM back in the '60s era were using a trailing arm with coils. I had one and carried truck campers. I was very surprised when Ram announced the new coil spring 2500 truck. However those that use the coil spring 2500 truck don't seem to have any problem with loads in the bed like a GN trailer or 5th wheel trailer or a bumper pull unit. IB516 has said his 2500 coil spring truck carried his 5er with about the same sag as his previous 3500 SRW Ram/Dodge. The old GM trailing arm setup had the coils very far inboard. This allowed for a huge amount of body roll. If the rear shocks were bad and it started swaying it reminded me of a high speed bazz boat chine walking. The only way to stop it was brake and slow down quickly. GM did have a three leaf half spring set up for a overload/stabilizer set which stopped body roll. The spring set were cut in the middle (half spring). They bolted to the main frame rails behind the rear axle and contacted a pad on top of the axle tub out board from the coils. These were a option from GM. If I was in the OP position I would look for a TC with the lowest profile that would work for his needs......and not exceed RAWR...wheels/tires and rear spring pack capacities
JIMNLIN 01/15/20 08:27am Truck Campers
RE: Goodyear Endurance tires?

Lets be safe and follow the wheel mfg limits. Hard to do if there's no PSI spec stamped / marked on the wheel. Read my reply above on load numbers = psi numbers for a guide....or contact the wheel mfg.
JIMNLIN 01/15/20 07:59am Travel Trailers
RE: Carlisle Radial Trail HD tires?

I won't buy another Carlisle tire. I have heard that the newer tires are well liked and better quality that years ago. However, in the mid 90's I had a set of 4. After 1000 miles and two complete tread separations and damage to trailer (properly inflated) I attempted to get Carlisle to replace them and/or help with trailer repairs. They flat out said NO. Never again for me. I've switched to LT's such as Michelin XPS Ribs and never looked back. Yeah the old Carlisle Radial Trail were very problematic and prone to premature failure. However the OP ask about the new Carlisle HD which came out just before Goodyear came out with their new Endurance tire. Both are new and both seem to have shed their old image. No complaints so far on either one on NHTSA tire complaints website. Moving to a all steel ply carcass commercial grade XPS Rib LT E tire IMO was the best upgrade in tire for a trailer. All steel ply carcass tires are in a class all their own.
JIMNLIN 01/14/20 07:10pm Travel Trailers
RE: Goodyear Endurance tires?

I would not worry about the rims, the extra 15 psi will not cause an issue even if you can't find a PSI rating on the rim. I see advise like this on rv websites quite a bit. Having hauled for a living and being in the road 24/7 I've seen lots of split wheels and cracked valleys in the hauling industry caused by over pressure while carrying a load usually from mis reading or failure to look for the numbers. Tires and wheels both have a load limit and pressure limit for safety reasons. Lets be safe and follow the wheel mfg limits.
JIMNLIN 01/14/20 06:55pm Travel Trailers
RE: Goodyear Endurance tires?

No....go to the wheel for that information. It can be a sticker or stamped on the outside or backside or some time in the wheels valley...which means the tire will have to come off the rim. Rock mining...?? Those of us that travel gravel roads use that term. Some tread designs are bad about picking up gravel in the tread groves and depending on gravel type and size can work into the tire carcass. This creates a slow leak and will need fixing just like a leak from any small sharp object.
JIMNLIN 01/14/20 05:19am Travel Trailers
RE: Goodyear Endurance tires?

Most newer 6 lug 15" trailer wheels today are rated for 80 psi. Years past they ranged from 50 psi/65-70 psi and 80 psi. Check your wheels for a max pressure rating. If no psi then go by the load rating which is usually be a 2830 lbs for a load E at 80 psi....or a 2540 psi for a load D at 65 psi. Depending on actual wheel loads moving from a 15" D to a 15" E can be a good upgrade. That way you can still run the tire at max sidewall pressures for max stability...max long term service....and a cooler running tire.
JIMNLIN 01/13/20 08:29pm Travel Trailers
RE: Goodyear Marathon tires class action?

Hmmm the clicky is one and a half years old but its gonna be interesting where this type of lawsuit will go as Goodyear stopped their Marathon production about 2 years back. There replacements were Goodyear Endurance with their introduction date January 30 2017 according to Goodyear news release. Most likely thousand of the old Marathons are still on rv trailers/utility trailer/lawn service trailers and in warehouses back room shelves.
JIMNLIN 01/12/20 06:59pm General RVing Issues
RE: Double Towing Length Laws

And don't forget if you get stopped the deciding person will be the LEO who pulls you over. If he isn't familiar with the towing regulations then all bets are off. If the LEO is not familiar with the towing laws than how could he give me a ticket, if he or she tried to ticket me I will tell to call their supervisor to look up the law.. I checked on the 7 states and I am in the clear, 70 to 85 foot and no 5th wheel required in the middle. Most of the time a stop for any size and weight violations will be by a certified size and weight officer. If he's not certified then he can have his dispatch get one on scene in a hurry that will know the violation code and how its enforced. When I hauled I've had both happen more than once. Many times the way a code is worded like I mentioned above... a lay person has no idea how the code will be enforced. This is were the officer who is certified will make the correct call.
JIMNLIN 01/12/20 06:25pm Towing
RE: Double Towing Length Laws

Only CO and ND allow 4 vehicle combination for towing triples according to the clicky link. It would be interesting how ND and CO lists the trailer types (first to last) a truck pulling a semi trailer/trailer/trailer for example. A 4 vehicle combination is towing triples (three traiers). A 3 vehicle combination is towing doubles. (two trailers) And of course a 2 vehicle combination is tow vehicle pulling one trailer. I bring this up because when asking your state size and weight folks a question on towing combinations we need to give them the correct info the way DOT laws are written on combinations. Like the clicky says; **Chart is not intended as legal advice and does not provide all regulations on the subject. Direct specific questions to your legal counsel. RVIA assumes no responsibility for any inaccuracies or omissions.** Which is good advise as what RVIA has listed for my state (Oklahoma) isn't being enforced at this time. Terms used such as a Suburban pulling a 5th wheel trailer and only a 3/4 ton or more can be used to tow combinations. Oklahoma DOT folks have said the Suburban/Vans pulling a 5th wheel trailer is too vague. And of course there is no way a officer can determine what a 3/4 ton vehicle is. Call as I did and find out the skinny on combination towing in your state...or those you will be traveling through.
JIMNLIN 01/11/20 09:19pm Towing
RE: Dexter Nev-R-Adjust hub out-of-round

I check suspected out of round drums with a dial indicator with a mag base. I've had pulsating brakes that checked round. The problem was brake material displacement on the drums surface wasn't the same ....which caused the brake pedal to pulsate. Same with brake rotors. I've also had a new guy with his new brake shop set up on my trucks brake drums. I had checked these drums with my dial indicator and all were perfectly round When he started the machine on the first one the cutter only contacted half the drums brake surface . I had him shut the machine off. What we found was his machine used the the hubs chamfer to center the hub. The chamfer was turned off center at the factory. The chamfer did not locate anything but was for clearance only. I took the hubs and found =a shop that use the hubs centers for machining.
JIMNLIN 01/09/20 06:40am Towing
RE: Trailer Tire Speeding Rating??

Would I get anything more by going to an LT tire in the same size or assuming the rims can handle the extra pressure, moving up to a LR F or G tire? It's not my goal to fly down the road doing 80 but know 70 or so is safely doable in parts of the country where higher speeds are allowed. Trailer gross is 11,200, axles rated at 5200. My rims are the only unknown at this point. You will gain more miles of service plus a much better hiway tire for a road trailer that sees lots of miles. My trailer in sig weighs 11400 lb loaded for a extended stay sitting on 5200 lb axles. I use LT215/85-16 E at 2680 lbs X four = 10720 lbs. My 11400 lb trailer has 2240 lb hitch load which leaves around 9100 lbs on the axles......or about 2300 lbs per tire. Sooo... the LT 215/85-16 E have plenty of reserve capacity. I'm getting 7 years and 52000 to 55000 miles per set at any speeds and no issues The good old standby LT235/85-16 E at 3042 lbs capacity will give you 12168 lb capacity which is well above your trailer actual axle loads. I keep these on all my equipment trailers. Their good for any normal highway speed all day and all nite runs. All ST or LT E tires area rated at 80 psi so your current wheels will work fine. You don't need a 3500 lb rated tire and sure isn't any advantage of using a F or G class tire for that weight trailer (axle loads).
JIMNLIN 01/09/20 06:20am Tech Issues
RE: 6 gal electric hot water heater upgrade

Our first 5th wheel trailer was a new 1984 Aljo with a 6 gal water heater on LP only. I installed a Hott Rod element in the heater and wired a switch. It took around 35-40 min for hot water. We had the trailer for 8 years and no issues.
JIMNLIN 01/08/20 05:22am Travel Trailers
RE: Adhesive for Aluminum roof to plywood?

Having worked for 6 years in mobilhome mfg and then owned my own mobilehome/rv repair business and specializing in structures and exteriors for a while just about all roofs we saw and worked on had a fiber board of varius brands or luan type of plywood of various brand names across the roof ribs. This was some years back. Now we did find some older cheap brand rv's that was just aluminum roofing over roof ribs. Fiber boards and luan was shot down with staples and aluminum roofing was glue down to help prevent roof rumble. We still see some older mobiles with old tires laying around the roof... for that reason. Roof rumble did two things . The worst was noise on windy days and especially nites the aluminum actually flapped in the center if not glued down. This is where a fast setting glue is used. Never add screws on a roof covering except around roof fixtures and roof jacks and in molding around the edges. The less holes up there the less chance of a leak down the road. The second is like others have said aluminum constantly expands/contracts and if not glued down works the sealant till it isn't bonded anymore. Wind does this on a mobilehome. Same principle as the rv is pulled down the road at highway speeds. Another thing we found is aluminum roofing gets brittle with age (20+ years). Especially if the unit was left outside in the sun.
JIMNLIN 01/06/20 07:00am Travel Trailers
RE: Apple tree harvesting / Deer in my yard

Deer and feral hogs are severe pests around here. Hogs tear up my hay meadows and under my pecan trees and deer have ruined many shrubs and two of my blue spruce. I fenced my 40 acres so wondering hogs don't get in to grub my hay meadows or feed on acorns under my oaks or tear the ground up under pecan trees. I've been especially vigilant on eliminating deer and their problems the last 3-4 years. I made spots in my hog fence for coyotes to jump through. This also has been a big help in controlling deer populations. Deer have devastated both my neighbors gardens so they help with the deer and hog elimination process also. Two of my neighbors trap hogs. Neighbor on the south had 37 in her trap in november. She has a state permit to transport to a processor so she made some good Xmas money. Then there is a neighbor that feeds the deer apples and deer corn along with hogs. Kind'a like some people feeding gators in FL neighbor hoods.
JIMNLIN 01/05/20 05:34am Around the Campfire
RE: Larger 5th wheels in/on state and federal parks

It all depends on where you want to travel or camp as you found out. Many places where we travel or camp anything over 30' will not physically fit period. Plan your travels and places you want to travel and camp with the big boy.
JIMNLIN 01/05/20 04:57am Fifth-Wheels
RE: best 5th wheel

Best 5th wheel hitch is the one I own. Just like our trucks there is no best. I would look at Reese.....Anderson.....Curt...B&W....PullRite hitch systems for heavy trailers. Others have their favorites. For a small light weight 5er just about any brand will work.
JIMNLIN 01/04/20 09:31pm Towing
RE: Oil headed for 70 bucks s barrel. Here we go.

Why are we still selling our oil into the Global oil Cabal to set prices far above what they should be, when we are poducign much more than we can use an storage is lipping full around the Country and world. "Drill baby drill" for cheap fuel prices. We all should remember that bit of fantasy put out by big oil and their supporters. That theory doesn't work either. After all oil and fuel doesn't belong to us.
JIMNLIN 01/04/20 06:33am General RVing Issues
RE: What is going on with this roof?

When you get the structure back in good shape and the metal skins back on then is the to install windows....doors....roof jacks and fixtures. Simply reinstall them like OEM which is butyl tape first. I use a wooden tongue depressor or plastic putty knife and remove the excess squeezed out. Then is the time to Use a self leveling sealant over the screws and where the butyl squeezed out. Same butyl tape under the windows and doors flanges just like the everything on the roof. Using a sealant on a vertical surface is optional. My '97 31' 5th wheel trailer windows and doors have no secondary sealant ...just the butyl tape. No leaks....but I do my usual yearly check on everything. Most aluminum roofing in that era was seamless by then. If so and your adding a coat be sure and use white. I did this type work part time on mobilehomes and rvs back in the '60s and '70s. Todays sealants are amazing compared to tar and caulking that got rock hard back then.
JIMNLIN 01/03/20 07:15am Travel Trailers
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